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From: edwin@inforamp.net (Edwin )
Newsgroups: comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.strategic
Subject: DUNGEON KEEPER: ## Ultimate Comments/Hints/Suggestions List ##
Date: 2 Aug 1997 20:03:45 GMT

DUNGEON KEEPER Comments/Suggestions List v1.0

o  Goes beyond traditional Real-Time Strategy Mold
o  Creatures with unique traits and personalities that you must learn how
   to control rather than blindly serve
o  Creatures also have noteworthy habits such as how they sleep in their
   lairs, how they go about eating chickens in the Hatchery, how they react
   to being slapped, how they celebrate when they increased their Skill or
   researched new spell, and how they die.
o  Ability to join battle as an upfront participant then leave creature to 
   fight based on their own personalities (fantastic flexibility)
o  Mixes both humour and violence 

COMMENT ON CREATURES (Pros: Greater variety and numbers)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    (Cons: Chaotic by nature)

IMP - regular worker force but train them above Skill 3 then they can
      utilize the SPEED UP spell to work wickely fast! Unfortunately these
      little buggers tend to get into trouble by laying down your territory
      into enemy squares even when you arent looking. Catching them before
      they do will save you alot of Imps especially if you trained them
      above Skill 3 for they are not much more resistant to damage at
      higher skills. 
      Skills: [1] Dig/Claim [2] Attack [3] Speed Monster [4] Teleport

FLY - Excellent fast scout and semi-useful at Anti-Imp hunting. Otherwise,
      training them above Skill 3 serves little. I might also say how
      amazing first-person looks when you use the FLY!  
      Skills: [1] Attack  [2] Sight of Evil

BETTLE - Basically good as a starting fighter at the beginning solo levels
         but useless even at Skill 10.  Yet another excellent first-person
         Skills: [1] Attack

DEMON SPAWN - Cute little fellow and fairly good in close combat but again
              more of a starting fighter that can easily be overwhelmed.
              Of extra note: If you continue to train a Demon Spawn 
              beyond Skill 10 they will eventually change into a Dragon
              (by that time, however, you'd probably have won the game)
              Skills: [1] Attack [2] Red Bomb [3] Squeel Bomb
SPIDER - Supposedly great fighters but are only useful on less aggressive
         levels. Even at Skill 10 they dont last long. One comment about
         the first-person view: its incorrect! Spiders do not have a single
         lens but upwards of five distinct eyes. I doubt this would have
         been difficult to implement considering how well the FLY was
         imitated. Ensure they are seperated from FLIES as Spiders just
         love them flying beasties for appetizers.
         Skills: [1] Attack  [2] Slow  [3] Web Hold

TROLL - Entry level Green-skinned Mace-weilding Fighter who while not too
        bright they are nasty in numbers. Quite respectable in capacity
        when above Skill 5. Attracted by large Workshops.
        Skills: [1] Attack [2] Speed Monster [3] Flame
WARLOCK - Specialists in Long Range Magical death! These magic users come
          with an impressive offensive package that when executed above
          Skill 4 is extremely useful! Deploy these fellows 2-3 square
          away from a major battle and they are lethal! Attracted by large
          Libraries upon which they tend to occupy quite extensively
          during their tenure. You'll find, however, that all this great
          baggage comes with a price: they can get angry and easily desert. 
          Skills: [1] Attack [2] Fireball [3] Heal [4] Meteor 
                  [5] Invisibility [6] Red Bomb [7] Sight of Evil
                  [8] Tempest [9] Word of Power

ORC - My personal fav! Purplish warriors with both Hammer and Shield in
      hand when trained above Skill 5 they are incredibly devestating in
      numbers! Above Skill 7 they are brillant fighters. Also want to note
      how cute their little walks are. Attracted by a large Training Room
      and a Barracks.
      Skills: [1] Attack [2] Speed Monster [3] Protection [4] Heal

DRAGON - Fire-Breathing, slow, expensive, normally easy to attract into
         dungeon (they like large treasure and lair rooms!) but quite
         useful above Skill 3 since they can heal themselves and above
         Skill 6 they have that wicked Meteor Spell (similar to Warlock's
         advanced fireball spell) which does good radial damage as well as
         a niffy Glass-breaking Nova Spell.
         Skills: [1] Flame [2] Heal [3] Squeel Bomb [4] Meteor 
                 [5] Word of Power

BILE DEMON  - Farts, Stink Bombs, Excellent Close-Combat Fighters but slow,
              very useful above Skill 4.  If I have 4-8 of these slow
              moving titans all above Skill 5 they are practically
              unstoppable! Attracted by a huge Lair and Hatchery!
              Skills: [1] Attack [2] Breath of Poison [3] Fart of Death
                      [4] Squeel Bomb

DARK MISTRESS - Other than the ORC, she has to be my other fav! Seems to be
                attracted by a large Torture Room which she seems to visit
                many times for regular beatings :o Her funny yells when
                fighting are quite memorable but train her above
                Skill 7 and you get a nice surprise: Lightning attack which
                is an excellent Anti-Imp weapon let alone effective
                Skills: [1] Attack [2] Lightning [3] Speed Monster
                        [4] Fire Lightning [5] Teleport

TENTACLE - What looks like a single sharp green claw with four feet
           actually fights best on water. Train them above Skill 5 and they
           are quite effective regardless of terrain.
           Requires a large Lair, Temple and a level with water to attract
           Skills: [1] Attack [2] Freeze

HELL HOUND - Two headed canine with speed as its upfront asset. Above
             Skill 5 it breaths fire like the Dragon but because they are
             difficult to attract their usefullness is diminished. Of note,
             their first-person view is all grey and looks quite rad.
             Attracted by a large Scavenger Room.
             Skills: [1] Attack [2] Speed Monster [3] Flame

VAMPIRE - Probably the more undervalued creature because you firstly have to
          research a GraveYard then pile enough dead carcasses into it to
          resurret one of them! I say 'undervalued' as though upfront they
          look less than powerful they are extremely fantastic as close
          combat Fighters! Train them above Skill 5 and they are a formitable
          warrior. They tend to hang around the Scavenger Room for awhile
          and have an inheritant issue with WARLOCKS (can't count the times
          I've had to break these two up from ripping each other apart!).
          Again, their first-person view is very kuel: dark redish where
          everything is painted in an erie drab - quite effective!
          Skills: [1] Attack [2] Fly [3] Slow [4] Teleport [5] Heal 
                  [6] Fire Lightning [7] Protection [8] Tempest

GHOST - Like the Vampire in some way this 'Floating Spirit' is also
        'undervalued'. Created by the death of a tortured enemy creature or
        hero they make an excellent but expendable fighting force. You can
        normally rack up a large Ghost army depending if you favour
        stunning your enemies, dragging their bodies to the Prison, then
        placing a few prisoners into the Torture chamber. An advantage to
        taking this extra effort is the Skill level of the tortured enemy
        is retained in the resulting ghost although a Ghost above Skill
        8 unfortunately has that useless Tempest Spell. Ghost tend to
        congregate around a Temple although I usually ignore their calls
        for a larger temple. Of special note: their first-person view is
        perhaps the most amazing and original sight you have seen! Although
        the view is real kuel it regretably has a massive framerate hit!
        Further note: Throw Ghosts in your Library - apparently they love
        Skills: [1] Attack [2] Invisiblity [3] Reflect [4] Tempest 
                [5] Fire Lightning

SKELETON - The third creature in a row who is somewhat 'undervalued' these
           are created when HEROES die when left long enough in your
           prison. Throw them back into Prison and they supposedly train
           faster. Its sorta a tossup whether its best to have Ghosts or
           Skeletons but since Ghosts are created in the Torture chamber
           while also giving you the chance to convert an enemy creature
           or sometimes providing gold when a torture victim dies it
           normally makes sense to create Ghosts. Skeletons make a cheap
           but effective fighting force but train them above Skill 7 and
           they'll have use of a Lightning Spell.
           Skills: [1] Attack [2] Protection [3] Lightning

HORNED REAPER - The rarest and most dominable creature in the dungeon with
                a temper twice its size!! So difficult to attract he is even
                more challenging to control his ego. Some people have 
                referred to the Reaper as a "she" although I can't fathom
                why as there are no such distinguishing features. This is
                perhaps the only creature that doesnt need to be trained
                since even at Skill 1 he is very deadly. HORNED REAPERS
                can be lured into your dungeon by sacrificing a BILE 
                DEMON, a DARK MISTRESS, and a TROLL in the Temple.
                Generally, if you have trained all your upper level 
                creatures (ie. Dragons, Bile Demons, etc) to above Skill 
                5 then you will have no need to have the Horned Reaper 
                since their more trouble when they lose control and go 
                nuts. However, I have found that if the HORNED REAPER 
                does get mad throw them beside a 'large' temple! He will 
                eventually be content although it is probably best to 
                build an entirely separate Lair, Training Room, Hatchery,
                and Temple for him first so he is secluded and no threat
                to any of your creatures) 
                Skills: [1] Attack [2] Speed Monster

COMMENT ON HEROES (Pros: Greater Abiltity and Discipline)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    (Cons: Less variety)

TUNNELLER - Similar to Imp in every facet. Would be nice to either
            choose an Imp or Tunneller to be my main work force
            with both having their own abilities. 
            Skills: [1] Attack [2] Protection

DWARF [Mountain Dwarf] - First level fighters and thus somewhat fragile.
                         Skills: [1] Attack [2] Protection

ARCHER - Long-Range Marksmen but poor close-combat fighters 
         Skills: [1] Attack [2] Arrows [3] Red Bomb [4] Speed Monster

THIEF - Another entry level fighter but slightly better than DWARF.
        Skills: [1] Attack [2] Speed Monster

BARBARIAN - Intermediate level fighter slightly beneath the GIANT's 
            Skills: [1] Attack [2] Protection

GIANT - Advanced large-hammer carrying close-combat fighter (basically
        a walking tank and perhaps equal in strength to the LORD OF 
        THE LAND!!)
        Skills: [1] Attack [2] Speed Monster

FAIRY - Agile, fast, spellcasting platform but weak as a close-combat
        fighter. Very dangerous in numbers and from a distance.
        Skills: [1] Attack [2] Fire Lightning [3] Lightning [4] Heal 
                [5] Invisible [6] Red Bomb [7] Reflect [8] Meteor 
                [9] Freeze

MONK - Excellent fighter and magic user
       Skills: [1] Attack [2] Heal [3] Protection [4] Slow [5] Red Bomb 
               [6] Fire Lightning

SAMURAI [Ninja] - Outstanding 'all-in-one' warrior with deadly close-
                  combat abilities, speed, and magic. 
                  Skills: [1] Attack [2] Sight of Evil [3] Lightning 
                          [4] Speed Monster [5] Freeze

WITCH [Priestess] - Advanced Spellcaster boasting high mobility as 
                    a significant asset.
                    Skills: [1] Attack [2] Fly [3] Poison Cloud 
                            [4] Reflect [5] Tempest [6] Lightning
                            [7] Heal [8] Red Bomb

WIZARD - Ultimate Spellcaster (arch-rival to WARLOCK) and extremely
         dangerous from afar. 
         Skills: [1] Attack [2] Red Bomb [3] Fireball [4] Reflect 
                 [5] Heal [6] Freeze [7] Ice Storm [8] Fire Lightning
                 [9] Slow [0] Meteor

KNIGHT [Lord of the Land] - Equal in offensive majesty to the HORNED
                            REAPER, he is close to an unstoppable force
                            then can be imagined! Though slow, his 
                            Broadsword speaks for him as he always 
                            makes a booming presence as 'Master of the
                            Realm'. Practically invulnerable!
                            Skills: [1] Attack [2] Reflect [3] Heal

AVATAR - "OVERLORD OF ALL THE LANDS!!" If you've played Origin's ULTIMA
          8: PAGAN and seen what your character looks like this is him!
          His fortitude is indominable, almost impossible to defeat,
          packs a huge magical array, and is the very reason why you 
          have made it this far up the acropolis! Note: If you can
          stun, imprison, torture, then successfully convert him to
          your side you will have one serious colossus!
          Skills: [1] Attack [2] Protection [3] Heal [4] Web Hold 
                  [5] Fire Lightning [6] Red Bomb [7] Conceal Self
                  [8] Word of Power

Treasure Room - Build them large at the start to attract creatures,
                close to creatures so they can quickly get paid when
                payday comes, and ensure you create small Treasure 
                Rooms near to Gold/Gem seams so your Imps dont need to
                travel far to increase your wealth.

Lair - Build it large to attract creatures and for increase population
       growth as well as a buffer to keep some creatures from fighting
       against one another. Best design is to not only have a large 
       Lair but place a Hatchery all around its perimeter.

Hatchery - As above, the best design for the Hatchery is one that
           surrounds the outsides of a Lair. This design allows your
           creatures to get food right away as normally sleeping
           creatures will likely require food (midnight snack perhaps?)
           when they awake. Of special note: You can go into First-Person
           view with any chicken but you cannot control their movements.
Training Room - Same rule applies: Larger the Training Room the faster 
                your creatures get trained. In this way, they are more
                readily exposed with all the instruments in the room so 
                they travel around less to increase their skills.

Library - As with the Training Room, the larger they are the more
          exposure to knowledge your creatures will have. However, like
          the Workshop, the larger the Library is the faster research is
          done as well as the quantity of knowledge is stored. 

Bridge - Claimed structure that allows your creatures to safely pass over
         lava/water. Also allows you to extend your territory to other
         impassable parts of the dungeon. This can only be placed beside
         your claimed territory/bridge.

Guard Post - Place creatures in here to keep an eye out for enemies as
             they approach (I never you use it as either I create an
             Alarm Trap or when I hear my Imps are in trouble I remove
             the ones fighting then drop my creatures down right at
             the site of conflict and "get busy!" :)

Workshop - Similiar to Library, larger it is the faster you get Doors 
           and Traps created. Also a large Workshop allows more of 
           these to be stored. Of extra note: If you have placed a 
           Trap down and it hasnt yet become active (Trap still 
           appears transparent) then drop an Imp into the Workshop and 
           he will carry the 'manufactured trap' to the appropriate 
           location. Further, I have yet to determine how one can give
           instructions as to what to type of DOOR or TRAP to build?
           Trolls tend to automatically be lured to the Workshop.

Prison - Once you have created a Prison, under the "?" Tab on the 
         Toolbar the option to IMPRISON will be available. You 
         creatures will stun the enemy rather than kill and your Imps
         will attempt to drag the stunned carcasses back to the
         Prison. If your Prison is too small then a 'prison break' is
         likely so ensure you have a large Prison. Also, I have found
         when you imprison enemy Vampires or Dark Mistresses when 
         they are above Skill 8 they tend to immediately begin to 
         rip apart your Prison. 
Torture Room - Drop creatures in Prison here to convert them,
               kill them (turns them into Ghosts and sometimes you
               may luck out with some Gold), or gain intelligence 
               about your enemy's dungeon (Imps only provide this
               when tortured). Again, a Large Torture Room allows
               you to torture more people at once. DARK MISTRESSES
               tend to often visit here a few regular beatings! :))

Barracks - Drop creatures here to create groups but I never use it. 
           Better to just go to the creature list and drop them into
           battle totally unexpected.  

Temple - Basically a Stress-Sink! Place creatures along side the
         TEMPLE and they will be happier or if inflicted with the
         Disease Spell you can cure them here. GHOSTS tend to 
         congregate here so the more creatures that die and return
         as Ghosts in the Torture Room the bigger you want the 
         TEMPLE to be.

GraveYard - Place all your dead in here and eventually a VAMPIRE
            will result. Normally up to 6-8 dead carcasses carried
            to the GraveYard will make a VAMPIRE rise.

Scavenger Room - Attract other similiar creatures to your dungeon
                 when placed in this room. VAMPIRES tend to populate
                 this area.


View First Person - As what it says. Recommend possessing the
                    following creatures for a truely incredible 
                    view: FLY, BETTLE, HELLHOUND, VAMPIRE, and GHOST.

Create Imp - Use this to create extra Imp workers.

Sight of Evil - Very niffy effect. Use this spell to see into 
                suspicious, unexplored areas of the dungeon or to
                gather intelligence about your enemies' dungeon

Speed Up - Use this on low skilled Imps so they preform their
           duties faster or use on creatures while training, 
           in the library or workshop (they will all work 

Must Obey - Forces creatures to do thine bidding but really never use 
            or found a use for it.

Call To Arms - Attracts creatures together when you drop them over
               this spell.  

Conceal Creature - Provides stealth so creatures can not be seen
                   and thus attacked. Use this on Imps when they
                   get too close to an enemy's dungeon.

Hold Audience - If ever your Dungeon Heart is attacked and no one
                is nearby to help defend this then this is the 
                spell to use!

CaveIn - Use this in conjunction with the SIGHT OF EVIL spell and
         rain massive destruction in an enemy's dungeon (provided
         you have a bit of gold to do it!)

Heal - Probably the most useful spell as it can cleanly heal any
       creature but for a price. Higher level creatures require
       much more healing but unfortunately this spell has to be
       manually applied to individual creatures.
Lightning Spell - Very devestating but slightly difficult to 
                  target. Hold the LEFT-MOUSE button down til
                  the 3000 GOLD mark and let loose! This spell
                  is also quite unfair and unbalanced since when
                  used with the SIGHT OF EVIL spell you could
                  really piss off your neighbours by peeking into
                  their dungeons and eliminate their Imp workforce.

Protect Creature - Conjures a magical shield around creature. Sadly
                   it doesn't work against traps and it fails to 
                   provide 100% protection against a massive 

Chicken Spell - When an enemy creature is selected it turns them into
                a chicken for 20sec! Damn funny especially when done
                on highly prestigeous enemies like LORD OF THE LAND
                or AVATAR!

Disease - Select an enemy creature and it will insert a highly
          contagious virus that can spread inside their dungeon.
          Word of warning: virus is not discriminating so it can
          effect your creatures if the infected individual comes
          close to your minions.

APOCALYPSE - Summons a duplicate of all your creatures right at
             your dungeon heart as a 'last line of defense'.
             For its cost of 60,000 GOLD that money is best
             spent elsewhere as it is so rare to have to use it.

DESTROY WALLS - Simply removes an ememy's reinforced walls so you
                can dig through. Not the most prominent end-spell.


o HORNED REAPER getting angry? Build a large temple and drop him to the
  side of it and he will cool off! 

o If a cluster of gold exists far from your main treasure room then dig
  out a small room just shy of the gold cluster and create a secondary
  gold room there so the Imps will not have to travel far to buildup your

o If possible, drop traps around those fluttering HERO GATES as chances
  are HEROES will emerge from them sooner or later. You must claim the
  squares around it in order to laid traps.

o Slap your creatures when they are in the training room - makes them
  train faster

o Use the SIGHT OF EVIL spell to see into enemy dungeons and then use the
  LIGHTING spell to vanquish his Imps when they are stationary. Either
  that or if you see his Imps going after your Gold and you have a fair
  bit of cash then you can really upset him by eliminating his entire
  Imp force as they dig.

o You can only stun enemy creatures if you first have erected a PRISON 
  then enabled the IMPRISON button under the ? tab on the left-side toolbar.
  If you leave enemy creatures in prison long enough them will die and turn 
  into Skeletons. Throw the Skeleton back into Prison and it actually trains
  faster. One humourous note: Toss a Chicken from the Hatchery into the
  Prison and the prisoners will actually fight over it!

o When grabbing enemy creatures in your prison and then transferring them
  to your Torture Chamber ensure that none of your creatures are either
  inside or closeby to the Torture Chamber because if you drop an enemy
  creature/hero to be tortured and if they see one of our creatures 
  nearby they will attempt a prison break! Try to place the Torture
  Chamber a little away from your dungeon or close it off with a door 
  and LOCK it (creatures going by the door can sometimes inadvertently 
  open it causing exposed Torture victims walking to the table to 
  turn on them!). Unlock the door when all prisoners are being tortured
  at their respective tables. Of extra note: If a tortured victim 
  gets converted just as you drop a new creature down to be tortured
  they will both fight it out so be aware of this. 

o If you have BILE DEMONS trained at Skill 10 throw them back into the
  Training Room and they will shortly change into Dragons!

o If you cannot claim enemy territory and thus cannot invade his
  dungeon use the CALL TO ARMS spell to group your creatures over your
  land then progressively move the spell into the enemy dungeon and 
  those creatures attracted to it will follow. Beware, it costs 
  10Gold/sec to use the CALL TO ARMS spell over enemy territory!

o To minimize Imp casualties when seeking out enemy traps use the
  CALL TO ARMS spell and place it near or over the offending trap then
  drop 2-3 of your most prominent creatures (Bile Demons, Dragons, etc)
  near to it the spell and they will absorb the lion's share of the 
  traps' fury thus allowing an Imp to nullify the trap.

o Boulder traps require a bit more sneakiness! You will have to be with
  the Imp as it claims enemy territory so when a Boulder is seen rolling
  down the corridor or corner you MUST pick up the IMP, let the Boulder
  roll by, then drop the Imp back down to continue claiming land. 
  Note: Boulder traps can only be used once and, like other traps, once
        exhausted have to be replenished by your Imp force via the 

o Effectively using the Scavenger Room to attract like-creatures: erect 
  reasonably-sized Scavenger Room and place a whole lot of one type of 
  creature into this room. Each contact costs 35 Gold but eventually 
  a creature of the same type will 'silently' be attracted into your
  dungeon. Use the Creature Tab to see if in fact your fold has 
  proliferated. You can even scavenge your opponents' creatures!
o Immediately start training a small # of Imps in the Training Room
  to get their Skill 3 or above. If you can spare them, drop 4-8 Imps 
  into the Training Room and create more Imps using the IMP icon to do
  the mundane work of digging Gold to pay for creature training. This
  way you will have 4-8 highly trained Imps to dig Gold and Rooms much
  faster, more speedily retrieve stunned or dead carcasses, claim
  territory quicker. and with that greater skill are now able to run 
  away from threats with reduced damage.  

o Results of sacrificing the following in the TEMPLE:
  - IMP  Each Imp sacrificed reduces the cost of every subsequent Imp by
         150 gold 
  - FLY/SPIDER   Sacrifice both of these to attract a WARLOCK
  - FLY/FLY  Current research is immediately completed (best to
             retain these for later in the level when it is harder 
             to research)
  - BEETLE/BEETLE   Completes your current job in the WorkShop
  - BEETLE/SPIDER  DARK MISTRESS will be attracted into your dungeon
  - SPIDER/SPIDER/SPIDER   BILE DEMON is attracted into your dungeon
  - HORNED REAPER   All your creatures become angry
  - BILE DEMON/BILE DEMON   All your creatures turn into chickens for a
                            short time! (only do this if you don't want
                            your creatures to go to an Armageddon! 
                            Chickens do not heed it's powerful call)
  - GHOST   All your chickens are killed
  - VAMPIRE/VAMPIRE   All your creatures become diseased. Happy 

o If you see FLIES hovering around some of your creatures an enemy
  Keeper has used the DISEASE spell and these infected creatures will
  not only slowly die but will contaminate others. To disinfect any
  defiled creature simply drop them into your TEMPLE and those 
  affected will be cleansed!


o HEAL ALL OPTION or only heal certain creatures of the same type (its a 
  pain to go after fast moving Imps/Creatures to manually heal them)
  I recommend that when you try to heal a set of Imps or Creatures that
  a 'confirmation window' pops up asking if you wish to spend that much?

o Full support for SKIRMISH 1PLAYER MODE should be implemented and not
  be concealed by a command line. This will offer incredible replayability
  and only makes sense as many people dont have time or the bandwidth to
  play over the Internet where 'SKIRMISH-ON-DEMAND' offers unlimited
  play value.

o Improve Multiplayer code - REAL SLOW (even on a LAN!) and proned
  to SYNCH errors 

o Not enough options for Multiplayer 
  - How many AIs to participate
  - Set AI skill levels
  - Set Handicapp Levels (ie. AI Keepers start with higher skilled 
    creatures or who train much faster)
  - choosing only to attract either CREATURES or HEROES into my dungeon 
    (Lord of the Land or the Avatar would be equal to the HORNED REAPER). 
  - choosing whether to have IMPS or TUNNELLERS to be your main work
    force (Tunnelers would have their own set of abilities which differ
    from the Imps)
  - Randomly created maps would be ABSOLUTELY great - unlimited
  - Basic option to choose my colour on the map?

o Built in Map Editor/Scenario Builder

o AI Player Issues
  - rudimentary abilities to affectively create LARGE rooms and
    agressively search for nearby gold (he sometimes just walks right
    by a large gold seam without mining it)
  - noticed Enemy AI will not dig through its own reinforced walls - 
    in other words, he will sometimes bottleneck itself this way.
  - should be much more agressive when backing up his Imps when pushing
    into enemy territory (currently he just allows his Imps to get
    slaughtered as he tries to take over my claimed land)
  - fails to search out dungeon specials and use them!
  - major failure to defend his Dungeon Heart 'at all costs'! (AI 
    player had 7 creatures doing other mundane things while I was 
    trashing his Heart)
  - Inability of AI player to effectively train his creatures as
    quickly as I can (I continously see his creatures' skills down
    around 1 or 2 with only a few exceptions)
  - Inability of AI player to place traps let alone place them
    in effective areas (ie. around Dungeon Heart)
  - vulnerable to having his creatures scavenged. I built a fair-
    sized Scavenger Room and started putting 3 creature types in there
    (Quantity of 3 for each) and his entire army was soon reduced 
    by half making him way too easy to eliminate. In other words,
    AI should be able to "effectively scavenge back" and not just
    scavenge using the VAMPIRE.
  - fails to heal his Imps even if he has the HEAL spell (noticed almost
    all his Imps have so little health when they come away after
    skirmishing with my Imps)
  - extremely vulnerable to losing all his Imps when they go up against
    hidden traps (I saw upwards of 6 AI Imp carcasses when I first
    entered his dungeon all dead beside two visible but exhausted 
    lightning traps - consequently almost all his creatures had left
    since he had no Imp workforce to pay them)

o Better map warning where enemy is attacking or being attacked by my 
  creatures. Currently a SYNDICATE-like blip on the map displays where 
  a CALL TO ARMS spell was conjured. Recommend some sort of flashing BOX
  on the map to show where fighting is currently taking place.

o Clicking on the Top-Left Map window is not very accurate and certainly
  quite insensitive: if you try to click to a point on that mini map it
  will likely do nothing until you click somewhere else. This problem
  was also in Westwood's RED ALERT where clicking on the right side of
  the map did nothing until you clicked just to the left of it. In DK,
  however, mouse clicking around the mini map is not responsive enough.

o Imps with a 3+ Skill level should be able to disarm traps or at least
  not set them off as easily.

o Disallow Creatures from simply vanishing and reappearing anywhere in my
  dungeon. Noticed some creatures will simply disappear after I drop them
  infront of an enemy door so they can bash it down. Creatures should
  either walk back to my dungeon or have a Teleport Spell (creatures that
  did this did not have such a spell) and not simply 'warp' back to my
  main dungeon.

o TEMPEST SPELL (huge gust of wind accompanied by blowing leaves which
  pushes away all in its path) really REALLY takes a massive 
  game preformance hit when used. I would strongly recommend removing this
  spell as it is essentially useless and there is no way to stop my creatures
  from using it. While it is actually quite humourous to see the whole game
  crawl to a slideshow when this spell throws many creatures down the
  dungeon it has no defensive value: Wouldn't you rather attack the enemy
  'in his face' rather than shove them away?! Its more an upfront nuisense
  delaying the inevitable and has no value in combat except to look funny.
  (unless there is some underlying value to it?)

o Ability to queue entire regions of a map to dig through rather than 
  manually having to select square-by-square by holding the LMB. 

o BUG FIX REQUEST - if you fortify your entire dungeon Tunnellers cannot dig
  through and thus are indefinately kept out preventing you from completing 
  the level. At some point the HEROES trying to get in should find a soft 
  spot and simply make a suprise entrance at a random location.

o Able to fully scroll the End-level Stats sheet as currently it simply 
  flies by with no option to stop it.

o There seems to be a maximum # of creatures one can attract through
  the Dungeon entrances which is preset based on the level you are on.
  Higher levels allow up to a maximum of between 17-20 creatures that 
  can come through the portal. Further, if you kill off some of your
  creatures you seem to be able to get back other creatures you missed.
  Can we perhaps alter this so we can have more or is this basically
  a memory issue?

o Creatures/Heroes should be able to attack "while moving" and not have
  to stop. When I posses a creature I can easily attack while moving in
  First-Person mode but why not in the Isometric perspective?

o You should be notified when a creature has been successfully scavenged
  into your dungeon: currently you have to go to your creature tab and
  see if your fold has increased.

o APOCALYPSE and DESTROY WALL spells are sequentially incorrect! 
  APOCALYPSE should be the last and final spell since it has the most
  impact (plus it costs more). Removing reinforced walls is practically
  useless anyways as it is done so rarely. Heck, I want people to 
  break into my dungeon so I deliberately leave them unfortified.


New Creatures

GOLEM (very slow but excellent in Workshop - great melee combat 
MEDUSA -GORGON-(expert in turning people to Stone or can convert 
                enemies to drone "upfront while in combat")
BANSHEE (very very fast and expert at subversion - intelligence 
         gatherer and early warning - perhaps could be the answer to 
         early detection of enemy traps! Jeezz we really need one of 
ELEMENTAL (whether Water, Fire, Wind, or Stone - can act as a 
           Kamellion and thus move through the environment as one of 
           the four topography types for a short period)
SALAMANDER (shots poison and expert at stinging but must be close)
SHAPESHIFTER (counter-intelligence and sabotage - can walk right into 
              enemy Dungeon and damage Rooms - need to train them well 
              so they can use Teleportation at higher skills)

New Traps

o Napalm - Dispenses a circular column of fire that actually spreads for
           2-3 squares doing moderate damage based on exposure
o Freeze - Freezes enemy creature in his tracks leaving him open to attack
           (useful when placed inside enemy dungeon and not by itself)
o Wind - throws enemy creature far back down the dungeon doing little damage
o Fog - enemy creature becomes shrouded in a large quick-expanding thick
        darkness where you cannot see or select creature
o Teleport - transports enemy creature to a destination of your choosing
             (this would likely be useable only once)
o CaveIn - collapses dungeon ceiling over enemy creature normaly resulting
           in death

New Game Spells

o Create Water - turns a variable 3x3 square radius into water (this 
                 allows you to cover over your own territory hindering
                 the enemy) Suggested Cost: 2000 GOLD
o Dig Back - Ever dig into a new area and decided this was a mistake?
             Use this spell to rebuild a wall back. Suggested 
             Cost: 15,000 GOLD
o EarthShake - This would be the new Ultimate Game Spell! Click on
               the Epi-Center (Ground Zero) and it violently shakes a
               20x20 square area around it causing some rooms to be
               largely broken up and random creature damage.
               Suggested Cost: 100,000 GOLD

New Creature Spells

o Life Drain - short range health-sink attack which transfers hitpoints from
               target to creature [low impact/moderate recharge]
o Clone - create an exact clone of the creature for up to 30sec.
          [high impact/very low recharge]
o Bounce - all projectiles fired by creature will bounce off walls 
           [moderate impact/moderate recharge]

New Room Types

o Sleeper/Sedation Room
  - put real angry monsters to sleep so they cool down or for storage
    so you could sell them from Gold! Tradeoff is this can take awhile
    and the creature could accidentially wake up if there is too much 
    activity around.
o Skill/Spell Exchange Room
  - want to give a Dragon the ability to fire lightning? This is where the
    spell change would be made. Tradeoff is the donor would have to lose
    this spell and accept one from the receiver. There should also be the
    possibility to give one creature even duplicates of the same spell from
    two donor creatures: you could conceivably create a 'SUPER CREATURE'
    putting all this into more than one designated creature.
o Barder Room 
  - finding it very rare to get that creature you want? Why not try to 
    barder Gold/Ceatures for it? ie. to get a HORNED REAPER it could
    cost you 3 Bile Demons, 6 Dragons (both of which are easy to attract
    into dungeon), and 30000 GOLD. Or enter a lottery system where the
    cost is 1000 GOLD and by random chance you may win that HORNED REAPER. 

New Dungeon Specials

o Random Creature - brings forth a randomly-selected Creature
o Mega-Level Increase - bless creatures with random skill increases
o Transfer Creature(s) - randomly selects the # of creatures that
                         can be transferred and not just one.

New Features

o Hold more than 8 creatures at once (we want to break the WARCRAFT2
  spectre that made this such a serious oversight)

o Computer Assistant that actually will partial-heal any creature close
  to death healing them to 3/4 health (keeps cost down to KEEPER but
  ensures your army keeps fighting provided you have the gold)


o Hard to know (even by dungeon design) how to attract certain monsters -
  ie. I create my dungeon all the same way (build my rooms in sequence
  based on the toolbar and all rooms are large in size!) yet I get
  different creatures (is this more a function of the level I am on 
  where the land above me has different citizens to attract?)

o How do you disarm a trap? IMPS just go right into it and will just die
  in numbers until one makes it and claims that square. My anti-trap 
  strategy is to conjure a CALL TO ARMS spell on the trap then move my 
  most skilled creatures over it so they take some beatings then drop my 
  IMP who will then claim it without ill. Still.. any other way to 
  disarm traps?

o How do you tell the Workshop what to create? Seems to do what it wants
  and randomly creates DOORS and TRAPS.