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Where Can I Find All The GF (Guardian Forces)?

I don't have the strategy guide for ff8. I heard that the GF (Guardian Forces) increases the characters or something. The GF are the monsters that are summoned in battle. I want to know where I can find all the GF.


TiggerArmy answered:

short answer: Ultimicia's castle.

I'd advice you to read more about junctioning. Having GFs doesn't help it's the junctioning of magic (yes you need GFs to do that, but it's not really the same. Don't read beyond this point if you care about spoilers. I try to keep this as spoiler free as possible. Ofcourse most walkthroughs have this info aswell. So next time try reading one of those?

Here the first locations of all GFs according the strategy guide:
1 Quetzacotl - Balamb Garden Squall's study panel in 2nd floor classroom
2 Shiva - Balamb Garden Squall's study panel in 2nd floor classroom
3 Ifrit - Fire Cave
4 Siren - Dollet draw from Elvoret
5 Brothers - Galbadia - Tomb of the unknown king
6 Diablos - contained in magic lamp (talk to Cid before you go to Timber)
7 Carbuncle - Draw from Iguion
8 Leviathan - draw from Norg
9 pandemona - draw from Fujin (at Balamb Hotel, disc 2)
10 Cerberus - Galbadia Garden 1Floor hall
11 Alexander - Draw from Edea
12 Doomtrain - contained in Solomon ring (need items: 6 steel pipes, 6 Remedy+, 6 malboro tentacles)
13 Bahamut - Deep sea research
14 Cactuar - Cactuar Island
15 Tonberry - Centra ruins (you have to kill a whole lot of Tonberrys on a row without leaving the area to save)
16 Eden - Draw from Ultima Weapon in Deep sea deposit (need to beat Bahamut first)

These were the GFs you could use to junction. If you missed one you can get them later in Ultimicia's castle (every boss there holds a different GF, unless you already have the particular GF).

There are a few other GFs aswell
17 Boko: 1st Chocobo Forest you enter:
Use ChocoSonar and ChocoZiner to call a mother chocobo without chocoboys help and have it dig up the hidden treasure. Then talk to chocoboy. He'll give you Boko. You summon him by using Gysahl Greens during a battle.
18 pheonix: use a pheonix pinion in any battle. After it pheonix will come randomly as long as you've got pheonix pinion's left (this costs you a pheonix pinion everytime pheonix appears).
19 Odin - Centra Ruins
20 Gilgamesh - you need Odin BEFORE you go to the Lunatic pandora for the 2nd time. The boss will kill Odin but after a while Gilgamesh will kill the boss. and join you.
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rosemaiden answered:

Hmm thats a nice answer very descriptive i have all this GF took me a year or months to get and find them all
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metal_milita101 answered:

Even shorter answer is if u click on the cheats section of this game it tells u
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prima23 answered:

well u probably can use the Faqs to tell u where there at
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BaZERGer answered:

Tonberry does not require you to stay in the area, i went outside and saved at my 15th total kill, and went in again, boss spawned 5 kills later, on the 20th total kill.

Wasn't even in a row, the first kill i made earlier in the story, but dropped it due having difficulties.
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