3D Artist & Extro ArtworkSteve Heaney
3D Artist & Utility AssistanceHalli Bjornsson
3D Engine & DynamicsWalter Lynsdale
3D Modeller/Intro/Promo ArtworkJon Dugdale
3D Utilities & Test DriverPhil Snape
Artificial IntelligenceDavid Al-Daini
Associate ProducerRichard Baxter
Executive ProducerSteve Riding
Game ConstructionMartyn Chudley
Hardware Support & Code StructureKeith Pickford
In-Game MusicMike Clarke
Music ManagerPhilip Morris
SFX & Intro SoundTim Wright
Sound & Menu SystemsJonathan Amor
Textures & BackdropsRick Leary


Data and credits for this game contributed by Mookiethebold, odino, and oliist.