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Asked: 6 years ago

How do i insert cheats?

Hi everyone! As i said: where do i enter cheats?

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From: azboy9 5 years ago

Insted of writing your name write gouranga and then write
rsjabber = nobody can kill you
godofata = for all weapens
eatsop = free stash (like paint)
mademan = max respect
iamdavej = for 99999999999$
losefeds = no police
desires = max wanted level
highfive = 5x multipuler
bemeall = all cities
cute1 = 99 lives
flameon = unlimited flamethrower
tumyfrog = all bounus levels

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Instead of entering your name , enter "gouranga"

Then look at the cheats section and enter the cheat u want instead of the name

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Do Your press enter to chang the name bucause it is not worcking and where is the cheat section

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I mean look at gamefaqs cheats section ^^.

Yes , u change name by pressing enter on the default name

but sorry i don't remember if i had to type "gouranga" first in the name then the cheat in the gameplay or to type the cheat directly in the name, i haven't played this game for a long time :)

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