=========== |=======       /\       []      [] []----\
[]          |      |      /  \      []\     [] []     \
[]          |      |     /    \     [] \    [] []      \
[]    ===== |=======    /======\    []  \   [] []      |
[]        | |    \     /        \   []   \  [] []      /
[]        | |     \   /          \  []    \ [] []     /
[]========= |      \ /            \ []     \[] []----/

=========== []      [] |======== []======== ===========
     |      []      [] |         []              |
     |      []      [] |         []              |
     |      []======[] |=====    []=====         |
     |      []      [] |         []              |
     |      []      [] |         []              |
     |      []      [] |======== []              |

      /\       []       | =========== []=========[]
     /  \      []       |      |      []         []
    /    \     []       |      |      []         []
   /======\    []       |      |      []         []
  /        \   []       |      |      []         []
 /          \  []       |      |      []         []
/            \ []-------|      |      []=========[]


Okay, if you can look past the terrible ASCII art, this FAQ is designed 
to help you beat the Grand Theft Auto 2 demo without getting caught by 
the cops.  I would like to preface this FAQ by saying that it will only 
be possible to complete one or two of the jobs within 6 minutes (demo 
time limit) so it is impossible to do all these jobs at once.  Oh, 
yeah, this FAQ may be distributed freely, HOWEVER, since this is 
copyrighted, you must ask me by e-mail (rey_and_konnan@hotmail.com) 
before reproducing this FAQ.  If you don't have this demo, you can 
download it from http://west4.download.won.net/ign/.

1.	Controls
2.	Finding a phone
3.	Pizza Cake
4.	Radio Za-Za
5.	Get Zitzaki
6.	Bank Robbery
7.	Drug Dealing
8.	Cop Car Crunch
9.	Car recommendations

1.	Controls

Really basic stuff.  Hopefully, if you're looking at this FAQ, then you 
are probably familiar with the controls.  If not, here they are:

Enter: enter/exit car
Left Ctrl: Fire current weapon
Tab: Special
X: Switch weapon
Z: Switch weapon
Space: Jump/Brake

2.  Finding a phone

Okay, the way you accept missions in this game is by finding one of the 
many pay phones in the area.  You find the different pay phones by 
following the arrows in the center of your screen.

TIP:  When finding a pay phone, don't get in too much trouble with the 
cops, or else sometimes a particular gang won't hire you!

3.	 Pizza Cake

This is one of the easier missions in the demo.  Your first objective 
is to pick up some explosives at the university.  I would recommend 
using a car with good handling while finding the explosives so that you 
don't run over too many people.  Once you have the explosives, continue 
following the purple arrow until you find the Pizza Cake restaurant on 
the street corner.  After you place the explosives, RUN!!!  After the 
restaurant blows up, you will be asked to destroy a Pizza Cake delivery 
truck.  Use an extremely fast car to find the truck (car with the 
purple arrow pointing to it) and when you find it, pull in front of it 
so it can't move any further.  Then get out of your car, walk up to the 
truck, and you can either blow it up with your Uzi or a Molotov 
Cocktail.  Once you have blown up the delivery truck, you have 
completed the mission, and any cops who were after you before suddenly 
lose interest in you!  This happens at the end of every mission.

4.	Radio Za-Za

This is also a very simple mission.  You start by following the purple 
arrow to a little area over some water.  You can driver there, or you 
can walk, you'll have plenty of time for either one.  This is the 
shortest mission in the demo.  After you pick up the explosives, keep 
walking along the grate to the north, then turn left, and walk on the 
right side of the radio antenna.  After you do that, RUN to the south 
past the guys throwing Molotov Cocktails.  You've beaten the mission!

5.	Get Zitzaki

This mission can be found by following the blue/purple arrow at the 
beginning.  Once you are inside the building with the ringing phones, 
go to the one on the left for Get Zitzaki and the one on the right for 
Bank Robbery (see below).  Once you have chosen Get Zitzaki, you'll 
have to go get the marked Miara parked at the university.  You can walk 
their and still have plenty of time to complete the mission.  I 
recommend doing this so the cops won't come after you.  Once you have 
the Miara, drive in the direction the purple arrow is pointing until 
you get to the building in which Dr. Zitzaki is waiting.  Don't pull up 
too close to the building or else he won't be able to come out.  Once 
you are close enough, a message will tell you to honk the horn (Tab 
key).  Once Zitzaki is in the car, you can simply haul butt until you 
get to the building you're supposed to take him to.  Remember, if the 
cops are after you, just keep driving and don't stop!  Once you 
complete the mission by driving into the designated garage the cops 
will leave you alone.

6.	Bank Robbery

Once you have selected Bank Robbery, leave the building by going to the 
RIGHT.  You will see a green shark waiting for you.  Enter the Shark 
and drive to the bank.  Try not to make any cops mad, because they will 
be after you in about a minute anyway.  Once you get to the bank, you 
are told to go inside and kill the security guards.  There are only two 
of them and they shouldn't be that hard to kill.  Just make sure you 
have your Uzi out, and simply mow them down.  That's when the bank 
robber comes out and follows you.  Get back in the Shark, and then you 
are told to go get the car painted.  The cops are after you now, so 
don't worry about running over pedestrians.  Just follow the purple 
arrow until you see a row of four shops.  The paint shop is the third 
one from the left.  Drive into it quickly, and then the cops will be 
off your tail.  Then become a law-abiding citizen again until you get 
the bank robber to the designated garage.  That's the end of that 

7.	Drug Dealing

One of the harder missions (along with Cop Car Crunch) can be located 
by following the gray arrow.  I recommend stealing a fast car to get to 
the building with the phones with enough time left to complete the 
missions.  DON'T steal cars in front of police officers!  It shouldn't 
take a genius to figure that out.  Once you have stolen a car, drive as 
fast as you can without running into pedestrians or cop cars.  Cop cars 
will not come after you for any reason other than killing people or 
running into cop cars.  Once you get to the building, you can select 
either the top phone (Cop Car Crunch) or the bottom phone (Drug 
Dealing).  Once you have selected Drug Dealing, go downstairs and steal 
a car to drive and pick up the drugs.  Once you have the drugs, follow 
the arrows to the four drug dealers.  Once you give the drugs to the 
fourth dealer, you have completed the mission and the cops will leave 
you alone.

8.	Cop Car Crunch

Okay, this is the hardest mission in the demo.  You start off by going 
north from the building with the phones up to the police station.  
Don't drive there, it will only get the cops after you faster.  Once 
you get to the police station, steal the cop car.  Then you must follow 
the purple arrow to the train station where you will then honk the horn 
and wait for the guy to come get in the car with you.  After he gets in 
the car, drive north until the arrow is pointing to the east.  Then 
turn right.  Keep driving until the arrow is pointing into a gate.  Go 
through the gate, and after you drive under the crane, a message will 
pop up telling you to get out of the car.  Once you get out of the car, 
the crane will pick up the police car crushing it and the guy inside.

NOTE: In this mission, along with Get Zitzaki and Bank Robbery, if the 
designated car (cop car, Shark, or Miara) gets destroyed, you fail the 
mission.  Take good care of them!

9.	Car recommendations

This section is to make sure you don't get stuck driving a van around 
the demo.  It will tell you what cars to steal to make sure the cops 
don't catch you.  Keep in mind that this is not a complete list of cars 
in the demo!

Some of the cars I highly recommend due to their speed and handling are 
the Shark, Miara, and Dementia.  There are some other fast cars not 
mentioned here, but if you want to find out how good a car is, just 
look at how many points you get for stealing them.  Some mediocre cars 
due to semi good speed and handling are taxis, bugs, and large bugs.  
Don't get stuck driving big cars like semi-cabs, vans, and ice cream 

The following is a list of fun cars to drive:

The police car is extremely fast and has very good handling, but they 
aren't the easiest to steal.  First, you have to get a cop to come 
after you.  Make sure you have your Uzi out and then come to a complete 
stop.  Get out of your car and when the cops come after you, shoot them 
with your Uzi.  The cop car is yours!

The ice cream truck may be slow and have terrible handling, but instead 
of honking its horn, it plays music.  Pretty cool!

While driving the taxi, occasionally people will try to get you to stop 
so they can get in (did somebody say Die Hard: With a Vengeance?).  All 
you have to do is stop whenever somebody yells out "Taxi!" and they 
will get into the back seat.

One of my favorite cars to drive is the SWAT van.  Yes, the SWAT van!  
The hardest vehicle in the game to steal.  In order to steal the SWAT 
van, you must first have your police meter on the top of the screen to 
four officers.  Then you will hear them on the radio saying "SWAT team 
en route."  When this happens, just keep killing cops until the SWAT 
van arrives.  Four SWAT team members will come out shooting at you 
wearing bulletproof vests.  You must kill the SWAT team, and then run 
and get in the van.  It is very fast and has good handling.

Now I am going to tell you how to steal the fire truck.  All you have 
to do to get the fire truck is blow up a car (Uzis or Molotov 
Cocktails, it's up to you) and wait for the fire truck to arrive.  Once 
you have stolen the fire truck, you can use the hose by pressing the 
fire key (default left ctrl).

That's all.  I hope to be updating this FAQ soon with more information 
about this demo.  Remember that this is my first FAQ, so that's why 
it's not that great.  If you have any suggestions on improving this 
FAQ, please e-mail them to rey_and_konnan@hotmail.com.

This FAQ copyright 1999 to David Fry AKA "The People's Car Jacker."