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11 October, 1999 *11 Days to Go!*
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1. Introduction
   1.1 What's New?
   1.2 What have you done before?
   1.4 Versions
   1.5 Disclaimer/Copyright
   1.6 Contact Information
   1.7 Contributors

2. Game Information
   2.1 What is Grand Theft Auto 2?
   2.2 What type of game is GTA2?
   2.3 What systems will GTA2 be available on?
   2.4 Who are DMA Design? 
   2.5 Who are Rockstar Games?
   2.6 Who are Take 2 Games?
   2.7 Who are Gathering of Developers?
   2.8 What are the minimum requirements?
   2.9 Which 3D accelerators are supported?
   2.10 I don't have a 3D card. Is there a software mode?
   2.11 What other peripherals are supported?
   2.12 What's so special about the new game engine?
   2.13 Will I be able to play multiplayer?   

3. Gameplay
   3.1 What is the general story behind GTA2?
   3.2 What are the names of the seven gangs?
   3.3 How many vehicles will there be?
   3.4 Will the police return?
   3.5 What weapons are available?
   3.6 What other features of GTA will return in the sequel?
   3.7 What other features will make their debut in GTA2?

4. General Questions
   4.1 When will/was GTA2 released?
   4.2 Where can I buy GTA2, and how much does it cost?
   4.3 Are you going to buy GTA2 this time?
   4.4 Is there a demo I can try?
   4.5 What other free stuff can I download?
       4.5.1 Movies
       4.5.2 Shockwave Animations
       4.5.3 MP3s & Winamp Skins
       4.5.4 GTA2 Demo Audio
       4.5.5 Demo Time Limit Crack
       4.5.6 Other Files
   4.6 Are there any cheats?
   4.7 What are some good sites to go to?
   4.8 Where can I find (p)reviews for GTA2?

5. Other Info
   5.1 Compactor Rewards
   5.2 Bonuses & What Rewards Do 

6. Hints & Tips

7. Take 2's Acquisition of DMA Design
8. The End
   8.1 Coming Up Next

1.1 What's New?
    * Changed Link Descriptions, the role of G.O.D.
    * Lots of misc. sections
    * Removed wrong other features info
    * More previews, Demo Information added
    * System Requirements, Weapons, Multiplayer Info changed
    * Info on Take 2's acquisition of DMA added
    * I won a GTA2 prize pack at Playnow!!!
    * Rockstar Games Winamp Skin available to download at FAQWorld
    * Fixed many stupid spelling mistakes (thanks to the Microsoft spell 

1.2 What have you done before?
    This FAQ is the fourth one I have written. The other three FAQs are listed 
below (in lovely chronological order) -

* Need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit
* Cricket World Cup 99
* Need For Speed: High Stakes

    These three FAQs, plus the one you are now reading, are available at various 
sites around the Internet, including my website (see top of file). So far, all 
the FAQs have not had any competition (although there was a PSX NFS3 FAQ).
1.4 Versions
    This is the second version of the GTA2 FAQ. Previous versions were - 1.0908. 
I have adopted the same numbering system as the CWC99 & NFS:HS FAQs.
    I have made up the version number using the following guidelines (1.0908 as 
an example) -
1   - The year it was written (1999 is 1, 2000 is 2, 2001 is 3 etc.)
.09 - The month it was written in (eg. 09 is September)
08  - The date of the month it was written on.

1.5 Disclaimer/Copyright
    Grand Theft Auto is copyright of DMA Design and Rockstar Games. This FAQ has 
not been sanctioned by any of these companies.
    Information in this FAQ is correct to the best of my knowledge. However, 
errors occur. If you find something wrong in here, or have something to add, 
please contact me at the address below.
    This FAQ is the property of Nathan West. You may freely distribute this FAQ 
as long as the content is not changed. Feel free to include this FAQ on your 
website, although your URL would be nice. (C)1999

1.6 Contact Information
    I can be contacted at . It may take a few days for 
me to respond. You can find more information at FAQWorld, a site I created to 
house my four FAQs. This can be found at
    If possible, please use the subject GTA2, so I know which game you are 
writing about without having to read the message. If you have not received a 
reply from me after a week or so, try sending another. I try and reply to all 
emails I receive, although some go past unnoticed.

1.7 Contributors 
    Nathan West ( - FAQ Author

2.1 What is Grand Theft Auto 2?
    Grand Theft Auto 2 (GTA2) is the sequel to the popular Grand Theft Auto, 
released in 1997 on November 15. Grand Theft Auto (GTA) was a controversial gang 
crime game which encouraged the player to highjack trains, murder innocent 
people, commit Grand Theft Auto, and plan bank robberies as they completed the 
mission based scenarios. There was a loud outcry, especially in the United 
States/Kingdom when the game was first released. Recently, an addon mission pack 
called Grand Theft Auto: London 1969, which, quite obviously, was based in 
London instead of the previous American cities. A downloadable addon for this 
mission pack was made available a few months ago. 

2.2 What type of game is GTA2?
    GTA2 is an arcade game played from a view directly above the player. You 
must accept missions from the gang leaders, which can range from bank robberies 
to making dropoffs from drug dealers. To get around the city (which is huge), 
the game allows you to steal cars and take them for a joyride to your 
destination. There are few restrictions on where you can drive, which is a 
method used in Carmageddon and Midtown Madness. To protect yourself from fellow 
gang members, weapons are also available, ranging from handguns to high powered 
slaughter machines. More information related to this can be found later.
    Although the gameplay is similar to GTA, Grand Theft Auto 2 offers so many 
more features that it will feel like an entirely new game.     

2.3 What systems will GTA2 be available on?
    GTA2 will be released simultaneously on the PC and Sony Playstation. Due to 
the limits on the ageing Playstation, the game will feature less cars and 
pedestrians. The graphics will be of poorer quality, and this can be blamed on 
the lower amount of memory and screen resolution. The PSX version will have the 
same missions, large cities, and various gangs, along with other features found 
in the PC version.
    The simultaneous development is made possible by a program called 
SourceSafe, which allows the PC code to be converted into the language required 
by the Playstation.

2.4 Who are DMA Design?
    DMA Design are the creators of Grand Theft Auto, and its siblings. Although 
their other games are not as popular, DMA Design are well known throughout the 
industry because of the success of GTA. Other DMA games include Space Station: 
Silicon Valley, 
    The DMA Design website can be found at . At the time of 
writing, the DMA Design website was being redesigned, but should be nearing 
completion by the time you read this.

2.5 Who are Rockstar Games?
    Rockstar Games, a label owned by Take 2 Games, are the publishers of Grand 
Theft Auto 2 for the Sony Playstation. Rockstar Games published London 1969, and 
will be publishing GTA2 in the United States, and possibly other countries. The 
Rockstar Games website is currently under construction, and will be online soon 
( Other games to be published by Rockstar include 
Thrasher: Skate & Destroy, Earthworm Jim 3D, Wild Metal Country, and Monster 
Truck Madness (N64 version, along with Microsoft).
    At the moment, I have guessed that they are only publishing the Playstation 
version, because the Take 2 Games website describes them as a "...high end, 
console publishing label...". Correct me if I am wrong. 

2.6 Who are Take 2 Games? 
    Take 2 Games own the publishing label Rockstar Games, the American 
publishers of GTA2. Take 2 Games were the original publishers of Grand Theft 
Auto. Along with the games released under the Rockstar label, Take 2 published 
the recent Hidden & Dangerous, and also contributed to the Moto Racer series. 
Take 2 Games are part owners of Gathering of Developers.
    Visit their rather snazzy website at .

2.7 Who are Gathering of Developers?
    Gathering of Developers were rumoured to be the PC publishers of GTA2. 
However, at the recent Playnow chat, it was confirmed that G.O.D. are not 
involved in the development or publication of GTA2.

2.8 What are the minimum requirements?
    These are the official minimum requirements for the GTA2 demo. It is 
expected that these will be the same as or very close to what the full version 
will need. The requirements are -

* Pentium 200
* 32Mb RAM
* 4x CD-ROM
* Windows 95/98 (possibly 2000)
* Direct3D compatible video card with at least 4Mb RAM
* DirectSound compatible soundcard
* Keyboard/Mouse
* DirectX 6 or 6.1 (not sure which)

    Notice that a Direct3D compatible video card is *required*. Like all games, 
GTA2 may run on a computer with lower specs. This may be possible due to the 
"overhead" style of gameplay. These types of games generally do not require as 
much power as racing games with regular camera angles.
    I have read that a gamer with a Pentium 120 managed to play the demo, and 
said that it was running smoothly. It may depend on your memory or video card 

2.9 Which 3D accelerators are supported?
    Direct3D video cards, with at least 4Mb RAM, will be supported and required 
by GTA2. This includes (and these are only the most popular cards) -

* Voodoo 1, 2, 3, Banshee
* Riva 128, TNT, TNT2, GeForce 256
* Most recent S3, ATi and Matrox video cards

2.10 I don't have a 3D card. Is there a software mode?
    Don't you listen =) There will be no software mode supported in GTA2. A 
Direct3D video card is *required*. Sorry!

2.11 What other peripherals are supported?
    Like all good games, joysticks/gamepads and 3D sound cards should be 
supported by Grand Theft Auto 2. It has been confirmed that 3D sound cards that 
use either the EAX or A3D standards will be supported by GTA2.

2.12 What's so special about the new game engine?
    There are many features of the new game engine - improved graphics, smarter 
AI, greater number of objects (pedestrians and cars) on the screen at the same 
time, and an atmospheric sound system.
    By today's standards, the graphics in GTA are shocking, although functional. 
The game ran smoothly on most systems, and was adequate in relation to the style 
of game. In the sequel, the graphics are much cleaner, and, with the addition of 
a 3D card, will look superb. From real-time coloured lighting to realistic 
shadows to pretty explosions, the graphics engine should satisfy those who crave 
graphics before gameplay.
    The AI was cunning in the original, although there were some aspects that 
annoyed many. GTA2 boasts a revised AI with intelligent law enforcement, 
innocent looking pedestrians who could be muggers or gang members, and decisive 
    The new game engine allows up to 200 pedestrians and 50 vehicles to appear 
on screen at the same time. Although this situation will never occur, it shows 
how capable the engine is of controlling so many objects at the same time. 
However, having too many objects on the screen at once will probably degrade 
    An excellent sound system will be used by DMA, which was first featured in 
Wild Metal Country. The sound engine allows for 3D sound cards, so they will 
probably be supported in the sequel. The engine incorporates line of sight, 
which I won't go into too much detail just yet.

2.13 Will I be able to play multiplayer?
    Yes. Although the multiplayer option in GTA wasn't that popular due to lag 
problems and boring modes, it will return in GTA2. You will be able to play the 
regular deathmatch option, where you must hunt down the opposition and eliminate 
them. A new mode, tag, is similar to the game played in schools around the 
world. The player who is "it" has to chase another car and shunt it. The player 
who is on the other end of the shunting is "it" and the game continues. This 
mode should be fun over a network. Internet play will not be supported out of 
the box.
    The requirements for a multiplayer game of GTA2 are the same as for single-
player, plus a connection using the TCP/IP or IPX network. A maximum number of 
six players will be able to play at the same time.

3.1 What is the general story behind GTA2?
    You play the role of Claude Speed (hmm, nice and cheezy). Set in the future, 
your character must survive the streets of the big smoke. Your life long dream 
has been to be the King of the City, the leader of all the gangs. Now, just out 
of prison, you have the opportunity to accomplish this. But first, you must make 
your way up the ladder.
    There are seven main gangs in the game, and during play, you have the chance 
to swap loyalty from gang to gang. To make your way up the ladder, you must 
complete missions for these gangs. Do so, and your popularity and reputation 
will rise. Both the rival gangs and law enforcement will be out for your blood 
however, so you have to watch your back at all times. Those with previous 
experience with GTA will feel quite at home.

3.2 What are the names of the seven gangs?
    Seven gangs have been confirmed by DMA that will be found in GTA2. In no 
particular order -

* The Looneys - The name says it all. Escapees from a funny farm.
* Rednecks - Yep, our favourite American people who are the butt of all jokes. 
Redneck Rampage anyone??
* Zaibatzu - Shh, no one is supposed to mention the underground gang called the 
Zaibatzu. =)
* Yakuza - What would GTA2 be without different races. This Japanese gang is 
known for its dealing of illegal drugs.
* Hare Krishnas - Remember the orange guys who used to run around chanting in 
the original? Well they have returned. A religious gang with beliefs slightly 
different to most mainstream religions. You won't be able to run them all over 
sadly, because they are now a gang in their own right.
* Scientists - As mentioned, GTA2 is set in the future, and science has gone a 
long way since the 1990's. Cloning is popular, and the Scientists are the 
results of a mass cloning experiment.
* Zloty - The Russian equivalent of the Yakuza gang. They are experienced in the 
weapons trade.

3.3 How many vehicles will there be?
    There will be approximately 30 different vehicles present in GTA2, and will 
include passenger cars, buses, motorcycles, lorries and semi-trailers. Specific 
vehicles mentioned by Houser include -

* Ice Cream Vans
* Hot Dog Vans
* Taxis
* Buses
* Electric Vehicles
* Tanks
* Trains
* Lorries

   The section on the compacters for more information on car names.

3.4 Will the police return?
    The police will make a comeback in GTA2, and will get some help from fellow 
law enforcers. If you manage to evade the police cars and road blocks (hope 
there are spike traps), the SWAT team will be called upon to eliminate the 
threat (ie. you). If your experience driving in GTA helps you defeat their high-
powered weaponry, then the FBI will be summoned. By this stage, only the true 
GTA fan should remain standing. If the FBI's dirty tactics are ineffective, and 
you have managed to escape from Mulder and Scully, then the big guns are called 
in. The army will swarm to your location, and only those who cheat will be safe 
from their firepower. As you can see, this is a big change from GTA, where the 
police were the only law enforcers on the road.

3.5 What weapons are available?
    The arsenal provided for your character has drastically increased since the 
original. It is expected that there will be 15 weapons available in the game, 
and will probably be hidden in the crate system that was found in GTA. Those 
weapons that have been confirmed or will more than likely appear are -

* Pistol (in GTA)
* Machine Gun (in GTA)
* Rocket Launcher (in GTA)
* Flame Thrower (in GTA)
* Silenced Uzi
* Land Mines
* Grenades
* Molotov Cocktails/Petrol Bombs
* Tazers (electric weapon)
* Microwave Gun
* Water Cannon on the Fire Truck
* Car bombs (in GTA)
* Car mounted cannons
* Oil Slicks

    Remember, GTA2 is set in the future, so that is why some of the weapons seem 
a bit futuristic (ie. tazer).

3.6 What other features of GTA will return in the sequel?
    The similarities continue. These will also be found in the sequel -

* Mission based scenarios - although this has been mentioned previously, the 
mission based scenarios will return to GTA2. There will be approximately 75 
missions in total, and should be more detailed than those found in the original. 
* Spray shops - change the colour of your car, paint it a different colour, or 
upgrade it with powerful arsenal.
* Three different zones - so far, it seems that there will be one city, made up 
of three large zones. There were three different cities in GTA.
* Different radio stations - dependent on the car you are driving. There will 
also be the ability to blow up the actual station if you don't like the music.
* Fire Engines & Ambulances - They look different than those in GTA2, but have 
returned once again. You can use the water cannon on the fire truck to kill 
pedestrians. I prefer the old ambulance though...

3.7 What other features will make their debut in GTA2?
    Apart from the new graphics, sound, music and AI in GTA2, there also new 
features that will appear for the first time -

* Ability to jump (in your car) from building top to building top.
* Unnamed bonuses that you will be able to collect while playing.
* Mini-games which will be activated at the end of a level.
* Random crimes that occur in the city, unrelated to what you are doing.
* Buses and Taxis will act like real ones. They will pick up and drop off 
others. Pedestrians will try and flag you down if you steal a taxi and take it 
for a spin. You can earn money just by being a taxi driver.
* A proper save game feature! Drive into a church with a neon sign "Jesus 
Saves", and it will change to "U Save" confirming that the game has been saved.
* The ability to sell cars to scrapyards, and receive bonuses and power-ups from 
the compacted cars as the wreck travels on a conveyer-belt.

4.1 When will/was GTA2 released?
    GTA is scheduled to be released on October 22, 1999. At this stage, there 
have no announcements saying otherwise, so this is considered the official date. 
Rockstar have confirmed that this date is the official date *worldwide*, so if 
your local software store is good enough, you should be able to buy it on that 
    Rumours related to a delayed release have been rejected by Dan Houser.

4.2 Where can I buy GTA2, and how much does it cost?
    As the game has not even been released yet, you can't buy it anywhere. But 
once it has been released, it should be available at most good software 
retailers, mail order companies, and Internet stores. In Australia, GTA2 will 
initially sell for $89.95, and a nationwide software retailer has already begun 
taking orders.

4.3 Are you going to buy GTA2 this time?
    Why you cheeky little monkey!! (if you are confused by this question, see 
the NFS:HS FAQ). To answer the question, if I download the demo and find it runs 
OK on my aging computer (P2-233), I will definitely go out and buy the game 
(don't quote me on that). I was originally going to purchase Midtown Madness 
until I tried the demo and saw it ran like a dog, so if the demo runs without 
twitching every five seconds, then I will go and buy it.
    ps. The demo is playable, so I will be buying it

4.4 Is there a demo I can try?
    A demo was released late on the 22nd of September. The demo is only 
approximately 13Mb in size, and can be downloaded at various sites on the web 
( being the main one). The demo only runs for 6 minutes, although 
you can replay as many times. This is similar to the original GTA demo, which 
had a time limit on it. Rockstar say that this will make you want to go out and 
buy the full version, and it is only a demo after all. At the start of the demo, 
a member of the Loonies gang announces that you have a bomb in your stomach 
which will detonate in six minutes. After the six minutes, you, and anything 
around you, explodes. If you are not in a car, little Claude Speed is catapulted 
into the air and lands with a thud on the pavement.
    The demo allows you to try a few missions and weapons, and some of the 
various cars available. The weapons I have found are the Rocket Launcher (Kill 
Frenzy), the Molotov Cocktail, the Pistol, and the Uzi. However, if you know of 
another one, please send me the details.
    Unfortunately, someone has made a crack to remove the time limit. Don't 
expect me to email it you or mention a website address though.

4.5 What other free stuff (official & non-official) can I download?
    4.5.1 Movies
    A live action movie was created especially for the game, and illustrates 
features found in GTA2. Set in New York, the movie features car chases, the 
Yakuza, Russian and Krishna gangs, and a real cast.  The movie was completed in 
one week, editing included.
    I have seen the movie yet, mainly because of its file size. It can be 
downloaded in chunks at .

    4.5.2 Shockwave Animations
    The Shockwave introduction found when you type in and press 
enter is also available. You should be able to download it by right-clicking on 
it, or having a look through your browser's cache. Those who subscribed to the 
official newsletter also received a copy of the intro, bundled with the 
Shockwave player for easy viewing. I have a copy of this file hanging around 
here somewhere, so if you would like it, drop me an email with your address.
    Rockstar are also producing some small Shockwave promos which will be 
released heading up to the full version's arrival. Three of these files are now 
available, and can be downloaded at G! ( I may also have a 
copy laying around if you want to see them.

    4.5.3 MP3s & Winamp Skins
    An audio file was released the same time as the demo (in MP3 format). It 
gives you a sneak peek of the music and radio advertisements that will be 
available. If you like the GTA2 demo, make sure that you also download this 
file. Coming in at a little over 3Mb in size, it can be downloaded at .
    A second MP3 was released by DMA on September 27. This is a music file 
related to the Zaibatsu gang. Instead of a collage of different sounds, this MP3 
is a full song. It can be downloaded at .
    Two Winamp skins have been created to enjoy the above MP3s. The first, 
created by the author of this FAQ, is themed on Rockstar Games. With a colour 
scheme and layout similar to the Rockstar logo, it can be downloaded at FAQWorld 
- . The second skin, based on the actual game and 
created by Nick London, can be downloaded at G! ( Both skins 
are still being developed, with the equaliser and playlist to be completed.

    4.5.4 GTA2 Demo Audio
    The audio used in the demo can be downloaded as one file (in RealAudio 
format) at

    4.5.5 Demo Time Limit Crack
    Hehe, nice try!   =)

    4.5.6 Other Files
    The lyrics to some of the songs in GTA2 are available at various web sites 
(try G!, Nice One or GTA2 More Extreme.
    Screenshots can be seen at many online game review sites. Currently, the 
official site has very few, if any, screenshots to download.
    Once the full version has been released, there should be more files 

4.6 Are there any cheats?
    Cheats will be added here once the game has been released. Rockstar have 
confirmed that cheats will be available in the game (possibly as a username 
cheat, same as the original).

4.7 What are some good sites to go to?
    Here are some good sites to go to -

* GTA2 (
The official GTA2 website. Information on the game is slowly appearing here, 
although navigation for first timers may prove puzzling. The Introduction 
(mentioned earlier) is a parody on the reaction by the general public when the 
original was first released. There are plenty of screenshots and links 
available, and it is the official download site for the movie and upcoming demo. 
Go here for the official word.

* DMA Design (
The developers of GTA2. Currently under reconstruction, the new DMA site will 
feature news on the development of GTA2. See question #2.4 for more information.

* Rockstar Games (
Currently under construction, Rockstar Games are the publishers of bthe 
Playstation version of GTA2. See question #2.5 for more information.

* Take 2 Games (
Owners of the publishing label Rockstar, who will be one of the publishers of 
GTA2. See question #2.6 for more information.

* Gathering of Developers (
Hinted to be the PC publishers of GTA2, but has been proven otherwise. See 
question #2.7 for more information.

A news site with information on all GTA games (GTA, GTA:L, GTA2). Updated daily, 
this should be one of the first sites you go to for the latest info on GTA2. 
Along with G!, it is one of the best GTA sites around.

* G! (
Made by the same guy who does GOURANGA!, G! features news not found on its 
sister site. If you don't like the design of GOURANGA!, then have a look here if 
you are mainly interested in GTA2 news.

* Nice One (
A relatively new website, Nice One is a GTA news site dedicated to providing 
content as well as quality. A lot of news here is original and not copied off 
other news sites. One of the contributors, Mugwum, is a well known GTA fan (and 
also contributes to other sites).

* Crazy Bobs House of Guns (
A news site hosted by the Telefragged network. Although it is updated daily, 
there is not as much news as the other sites. However, the news that is found 
here is usually unique, and not leeched from another site. Expect things to pick 
up once the demo has been released.

* GTA2 More Extreme (
A news site based on the development of GTA2. Try here for news that might not 
be found on the other sites.

* Want your site here? Send me an email at .

4.8 Where can I find (p)reviews for GTA2?
    Previews for Grand Theft Auto are increasing every day. The following URLs 
are online previews of GTA2. This list does not contain every preview ever done, 
so if you see one not mentioned here, send me an email. Thanks to the various 
sites around the net for this list (including


    Reviews will be added here once the game has been released.

5.1 Compactor Rewards
    This is a list of all the rewards you receive when you take a car to the 
scrapyard and get it compacted. This is not a complete list. It is in 
alphabetical order for convenience.

* Aniston BD4 - Get out of jail free card
* B-Type - Invincibility (30 sec)
* Beamer - Flame-thrower (60 ammo)
* Big Bug - Uzi (30 ammo)
* Bug - Uzi (30 ammo)
* Cop Car - Bribe
* Dementia - Invisibility (30 sec)
* Michelli Roadster - Uzi (30 ammo)
* Minra - Rocket Launcher (15 ammo)
* Minx - Electrofingers (30 sec)
* Romero - Armour
* Schmidt - Full Health
* Shark - 15 Molotov Cocktails
* Taxi - Double Damage (30 sec)
* U-Jerk Truck - Uzi (30 ammo)
* Wellard - Respect
* Z-Type - Silenced Uzi (30 ammo)

    Expect different rewards in the demo (especially those related to weapons).
    Those cars that are not accepted by the compactor are (and this may only 
apply to the demo) -

* Fire Engine
* Ambulance
* Bank Van
* Bus
* Van
* Swat Van (??)
* TV Truck (??)

5.2 Bonuses & What Rewards Do
    The following bonuses are available by fulfilling the requirements listed. 
In most cases, a money bonus is also offered.

* Accuracy Bonus - try shooting four SWAT members without missing one to get 
this bonus. There are also other methods.
* Cop Killa - Blowing up cop cars and killing cops (lots of them)
* Cop Puncher - Punching many cops who are chasing you
* Elvis Has Left The Building - similar to the "Gouranga" message you got when 
you ran over all the orange guys in GTA. Instead, drive over all the white 
jogging members to receive this bonus.
* Medical Emergency - Killing the paramedics and their cars

    At the moment, there is only one reward that needs explanation on what it 
does. This is the Electrofingers reward. When you have this, you can electrocute 
all the pedestrians who you come in contact with. It is likely that there will 
be more rewards in the full version.


    Most of these hints and tips have been grabbed from various news sites on 
the net. If for some reason you would like recognition for your tip, or would 
like it removed from this list, contact me at .
    The tips starting with a "*" bullet have been confirmed by the author. The 
tips starting with a "#" bullet have not been confirmed, or could not be used. 
Some of these tips may be useless in the full version.

* Stop at a bus station, and magically, a bus will pull up. Carjack the bus, and 
once people are on board, drive around the various stations. Don't forget to 
pick up and let down passengers.
* If the cops are chasing you, and you have no weapons, try and run towards your 
gang headquarters. Your fellow gang members will shoot at the cops and try to 
protect you.
* When a cop car pulls up and the occupants get out, stay close to the door, 
press the Enter key and quickly drive off. You will leave the cops behind in 
your tracks.
* Carjack a taxi, and pull up beside the pavement. A pedestrian will hail you 
("Hey Taxi!"), and hop into the car. As long as the passenger remains in the car 
(don't go around smashing the car up), you will earn one dollar per second (the 
red multiplier also affects the rate).
* Stand still for awhile, and watch what Claude does. He will light up a 
cigarette, and blow smoke into the air.
* If you are really desperate for money, try getting chased by four cops. That's 
$2 a second in your piggy bank.
* Ensure you visit one of the car compacters scattered around the city. These 
replace the ports in GTA. Drive a car underneath the right yellow crane, get 
out, and watch the crane pick up the car and drop it in the compactor. Walk up 
to the conveyer belt using the stairs, and wait for the bonus. See more 
information on the bonuses elsewhere in this FAQ.
* Watch out for fellow pedestrians. Those with a green shirt and white cuffs are 
carjackers. Many a time you will steal a car, then get pulled out by one of 
these guys and have your prize driven away. And watch out for the pedestrians in 
red and white. These muggers will chase you around the streets, and if they 
catch up, they will rob you.
* Can't find a decent weapon?? Try and steal a fire engine. The water cannon on 
top (controlled using TAB and CTRL) is capable of blasting pedestrians with a 
stream of water.
* An alternative method of removing the cops from your butt is successfully 
completing a Kill Frenzy. For some reason your wanted level disappears once you 
complete a KF.
* Hold the TAB key down (the horn button) to play the music when you are driving 
the ice-cream truck.
* Use the ALT key or the number pad keys to control the camera.
# Escape on a train, and the cops won't bother you again (until you commit a 
# The ambulance men (or is it women??) are capable of resurrecting those who you 
have turned into ash.
# When you have the Molotov cocktails, press jump (usually space) and hold the 
fire key. If done correctly, you can fly.

7. Take 2's Acquisition of DMA Design
   It was announced on the 29th of September that Take Two Interactive were 
acquiring DMA Design for a cool $US11 million (thats a lot of notes). DMA Design 
were originally owned by Infogrames Entertainment. This will mean that there 
will be more GTA games made, and Take 2 will not have to pay royalties for the 
software anymore.
   One interesting aspect of the decision was the announcement of two upcoming 
GTA related titles - GTA3D and The Grand Theft Auto Online Crime World. So far, 
GTA3D is only in the development stage, and there has been no programming done 
so far.
   The press release by DMA can be viewed at their temporary web site - .

8.1 Coming Up Next
    More information should start flooding in as we approach the October 22 
release date. Expect an update in a week or two.
    This has been a huge update, and hopefully more is yet to come.
    ps. If you want to help write this FAQ, send me an email. I would appreciate 
as much help as possible.