Grand Theft Auto: London 1969
                                Car Price List
                         By Trekman (trekman170@aol.com)
                              Version 1.0 6/11/99
All prices are for cars in perfect condition
If I forgot any cars or made any mistakes please E-Mail me and tell me.
Ambulance           won't take
Beagle 3            300
Bike                100
Bug                 200
Camper              Too Big
Copper              won't take
Crapi               500
Double Decker       too big
Fat                 200
Ferocious GTO       1200
Flatbed             800
Garden Shed         100
Harold              300
James Bomb          1200
Jugular E           900
Jug Mk II           1000
Jug Swinger         600
Locust              600
London Cab          200
Mangler             1000
McHamper            800
Mod Scooter         100
Myni                200
Ranger              500
Raver               400
Reno 17TL           400
Royal Stretch       too big
S-Cart              800
Squealy             800
Sweets Van          400
Tanker              too big
Tour Bus            too big

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