FAQ/Walkthrough by UnknownMercenary

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/09/03 | Printable Version

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    k     i                     p               n

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Kingpin: Life of Crime FAQ/Walkthrough
By UnknownMercenary
Contact: oddjob6031769@yahoo.com
For "Kingpin: Life of Crime" Alpha Demo v0.22N
FAQ Version 1.0

1.0 --- Introduction
2.0 --- Tech Specs
3.0 --- Weapons/Items
4.0 --- Characters
5.0 --- Tips + Tricks
6.0 --- Pawn-O-Matic Prices/Stock
7.0 --- Walkthrough
8.0 --- Cheat Codes + Secrets
9.0 --- Where to get "Kingpin"
10.0 --- "Kingpin" Multiplayer
11.0 --- Version History
12.0 --- Legal Mumbo-jumbo + Ending

<blank> - Denotes a section that hasn't been updated with any new info 
whatsoever since the last version of this FAQ
* - Denotes a section that's been updated with minor amounts of new 
info since the last version of this FAQ
** - Denotes a section that's been updated with large amounts of new 
info since the last version of this FAQ
*** - Denotes a section that's been added + new info since that last 
version of this FAQ

1.0 --- Introduction

Welcome to my "Kingpin: Life of Crime" demo FAQ/Walkthrough. This is 
version 1.0, which is the first version published. All the others 
weren't (they were incomplete). I've crammed all the information I 
possibly can about the "Kingpin" demo into this FAQ, and I've 
uninstalled "Kingpin", so I won't be doing any major updates of this 
FAQ, unless somebody submits something that they want to add or 
something I missed.

2.0 --- Tec Specs

The demo this FAQ applies to (Alpha Demo v0.22N) is an early Alpha demo 
of the Xatrix/Interplay game "Kingpin: Life of Crime". The "Kingpin" 
demo runs smoothly enough, with only a few minor problems. The demo's 
exact minimum requirements weren't listed in the ReadMe.txt so I got 
them from http://www.game-revolution.com. To play "Kingpin", you'll 

CPU: Pentium II 233 MHz
RAM: 64 MB
OS: Windows 95/98/NT/Me/Xp
VIDEO: OpenGL cards or under 3DfxGL. Supported cards:
       3dfx, TNT, Permidia32 and ATI Fury 128.
AUDIO: Windows/Sound Blaster compatible
INPUT: keyboard + mouse or joystick

3.0 --- Weapons/Items


1.) Lead Pipe (Default key: 1) - the lead pipe is the weapon you start 
out with and really, really sucks. Takes quite some time to kill people 
with it, so use it until you get the crowbar. Ammo: none. Weapon Cost: 

2.) Crowbar (Default key: 1) - the crowbar can be bought off the first 
homeless dude you meet. This is a step up from the lead pipe, but still 
lacks something. Fall back on this if you run out of ammo or to 
conserve ammo when smashing barricades. Ammo: none. Weapon Cost: $1

3.) Pistol (Default key: 2) - the pistol is the weapon you'll be using 
until you find heavier firepower. The pistol doesn't pack much of a 
punch, but when the "mods" are added to it, the pistol can be quite 

-Pistol Mods/Add-ons-
* Silencer: silences the discharge of the pistol. It lasts for 10 shots 
before it breaks. Lethal when combined with "sneak mode". Mod Cost: $10
* ROF mod: changes the rate of fire. Makes the pistol shoot faster. Mod 
Cost: $25
* Reload mod: decreases reload time. Makes the pistol reload faster. 
Mod Cost: $25
* Magnum mod: increases the power of the pistol. A pistol with the 
Magnum mod has almost the same stopping power as the shotgun. Mod Cost: 

-Pistol Mod Damage List-

* Regular: takes about 5-8 bullets to kill a thug.
* Silenced: same as regular, but makes WAY less noise.
* ROF mod: the same, but fires somewhat faster, so it takes less time 
to kill someone.
* Reload mod: makes no difference to the pistol's power. Read the 
description of the Reload mod.
* Magnum mod: one shot close range, 2-4 shots max. This pistol mod is 
definitely a must-buy.

Ammo: bullets. Weapon Cost: Free/$50 Ammo Cost: $5

4.) Shotgun (Default key: 3) - the shotgun is the ultimate weapon in 
"Kingpin" (next to the secret weapon) and makes short work of your 
enemies up close. The shotgun holds only five shells, so reloading is 
important. The shotgun is also a single-shot kill when you blast the 
torso or the head. Using the shotgun at distances is a bad idea. The 
shotgun can keep anybody dead for one shell at close range or 2-3 at 
medium range. Ammo: shells. Weapon Cost: Free/$150. Ammo Cost: $20

5.) Flamethrower (Default key: 8) - yes, that's right! The flamethrower 
is the secret weapon the ReadMe.txt file keeps blabbing about. The 
flamethrower is good for barbecuing those jerks. Use the flamethrower 
at about medium to close range, and also because ammo is scarce, save 
it for someone REAL special! It takes about 25-30 ammo to fry somebody. 
Ammo: flamethrower gas. Weapon Cost: Free. Ammo Cost: $25


Cash - cash is placed randomly, either hidden in safes or picked up off 
dead corpses. Cash is needed to buy guns/ammo/health/armor from the 
Pawn-O-Matic and to hire thugs. Cash is hard to find and you usually 
won't come across more than $25 from a dead corpse. Searching safes is 
usually a good way to find $100 or more.

Keys - every map in "Kingpin" will have at least one locked door and 
keys are needed to unlock these doors so you can proceed. Keys are 
usually picked up off dead guys, or are found hidden somewhere. Keys 
are tiny and hard to spot, so keep an eye out.

Flashlight - picked up at the beginning of the game, it allows you to 
see in the dark. You can sometimes use the flashlight while holding 
weapons (except for the shotgun). The flashlight isn't very effective 
in some areas, though.

Health kits - pick them up to gain some health back. These are 
scattered in some places around the map.

Coil - a game item that needs to be collected. You have to collect this 
for Sharky, the Pawn-O-Matic cashier, in exchange for a pistol.

Watch - another game item that needs to be collected. You have to 
collect this for Lenny, the guy in the bar bathroom.

4.0 --- Characters

Here are all the characters, as I remember them. I got the names from 
the captions of NPC conversations. NPCs that don't have names are 
listed in the captions as "Stranger", and since there are tons of 
those, I haven't listed them. If there are any more characters, I'll 
find them and list them here, but I think these are all of them.

* You -- you're the thug that wants revenge. "Kingpin" doesn't really 
give the main character a name, but under player setup, you're called 
"Thug" and in the captions you're just called "Player".
* Magic J -- the homeless dude that's selling the crowbar.
* Leroy and Betty -- the homeless couple hanging around the same alley 
as Magic J. Kill them for cash to get the crowbar.
* Bubba -- the first thug you encounter. He can be hired for $10.
* Lisa -- the homeless chick that you first talk to.
* Sharky -- the guy who runs the Pawn-O-Matic store.
* Lamont -- the dude hanging out front of the Bar in SR2. All he does 
is walk up to your face and swear at you, so ignore him for now.
* Mona -- Lamont's girlfriend or something.
* Sluggo and Rocko -- the two thugs hanging around in the bar. You can 
hire each of them for $25.
* Lenny -- the friendly dude in the bar's bathroom.

5.0 --- Tips + Tricks

Before staring "Kingpin", it's advisable to read this section first. 
This section lists only gameplay tips. For performance tips, read the 
ReadMe.txt file or visit the troubleshooting section of 

* Learn to holster your gun. NPCs will react to their environment. If 
they see you with your gun out, they might just start firing their 
weapons. To unholster your weapon, press the "FIRE" key.
* Talking to NPCs will usually lead to valuable information. Or maybe 
they'll just cuss at you or ignore you. Press the positive talk key 
(Default: "Y") to ask for information, or press the negative talk key 
(Default: "X") to insult them and get their attention.
* To loot bodies for cash, use the combo of "Crouch" and "USE" to 
search their bodies.
* Ordering your gang around is essential. Press the positive talk key 
(Default: "Y") to tell a gang member to follow you or move it. Press 
the negative talk key (Default: "X") to tell them to hold their 
positions. To get them to attack people, first press the attack target 
key (Default: "Q") when your cursor is pointed at them, then press the 
"USE" key with the cursor pointed at the target.
* Reload! Reloading is important before and after combat and before 
picking up weapons/ammo. Never reload in the middle of combat. If you 
have to, then duck or hide behind cover to reload.
* Saving often will help you, but it's a good idea to write over 
useless saves or delete them from the game's directory.

6.0 --- Pawn-O-Matic Prices/Stock

This section contains a detailed list of Pawn-O-Matic stock and prices. 
I haven't done in great detail the items that are out of stock because 
they won't be used in the game. Weapon/ammo/mod prices can be found in 
the weapons/items section as well.



--In Stock--
* Pistol
* Shotgun

--Out of Stock --
* Tommy Gun
* Rocket Launcher
* Sniper rifle
* Flamethrower
* Any other cool/powerful weapons


--In Stock--
* Medical Kits
* Class 2 Medical Kits

--Out of Stock--
* All CAT armor


--In Stock--
* Pistol silencer
* Pistol ROF
* Pistol Reload
* Pistol Magnum

--Out of Stock--
* Shotgun acid mod
* Tracer bullets
* Any other cool weapon mods <esp. for guns not available>


--In Stock--
* Bullets
* Shells
* Flamegun Butane

--Out of Stock--
* Shotgun acid shells
* Sniper HV ammo
* Frag/Incendiary/Napalm grenades
* Any other cool weapon ammo <esp. for guns not available>


* Pistol: Free/$50
* Shotgun: $150

* Medical kit: $25
* Class 2 Medical kit: $50

* Pistol silencer: $10
* Pistol ROF: $25
* Pistol Reload: $20
* Pistol Magnum: $50

* Bullets <pistol>: $5
* Shells <shotgun>: $20
* Flamegun Butane <flamethrower>: $25

7.0 --- Walkthrough ** SPOILERS! **


Hurrah! I'm finally finished the "Kingpin" walkthrough after playing 
the demo so many damned times! This walkthrough is now 100% complete 
and lists tasks and strategies in as much detail as possible. This 
walkthrough isn't guaranteed to be 100% correct. See my disclaimer is 
section 12.0
** WARNING ** Contains spoilers <see section heading>


In the menu "Game", under "Start New Game", select your difficulty 
setting. There are three basic settings: easy, medium and hard. This 
walkthrough is done on "Medium", but you can choose whichever one you 
want to play on.

-MAP: SR1-

You start out getting the crap beat out of you, and then wake up 
finding a lead pipe. Holster your weapon and then go forward and to 
your left and talk to the homeless dude, Magic J. He says he'll sell 
you a crowbar for $1. You're broke, so turn towards the stairs and kill 
the couple, Leroy and Betty, for some cash. Now go back and buy the 
crowbar off of Magic J, then kill the miserable jerk to get your $1 

Follow the stairs to a cracked patch of pavement. Take the path to the 
left and talk to the guy, Bubba. He says he'll follow you around for 
$10. Ignore him; turn left and go talk to the wino chick, Lisa. She 
says you'll need some firepower. Turn around and walk up the stairs to 
the Pawn-O-Matic store. Press the button on the intercom or knock on 
the door and the storekeeper will let you in.

-MAP: PAWN_SR (Part 1)-

The storekeeper, Sharky, sees you have no "heat", so he sends you to 
get the coil in the factory nearby. Sharky will tell you that the coil 
is located in Storeroom A. Exit from the Pawn-O-Matic.

-MAP: SR1 (Continued)-

Exit through the door and go back to the path by the stairs. There was 
a fork. You took the path to the left -- now take the path to the 
right. You'll come across another homeless chick. Talk to her. She 
tells you to wait until the football game on the radio is on to break 
into the factory. Now there are a few ways to break into the factory:

--Strategy #1-

Follow the homeless chick's advice. Wait for the radio to be turned up 
completely, so the guards will be distracted. Now, from the alley, the 
door you need to get through is the garage door on the RIGHT side. Head 
in and follow the path to the right, which will eventually lead you to 
a room with a thug. Waste him quickly or he'll call the guards for 
help. The key you'll need is on the table, so get it there. Also, get 
the flashlight and the cash in the safe. Get any health necessary.

--Strategy #2-

So, you're a crazy ***** aren't you? Rush the guards, and kill them. 
Beware -- one of them has a shotgun. After they're dead, salvage any 
ammo or cash you can find and then go inside. Follow the right path and 
into the room with the thug. Kill him and get all the items.

--Strategy #3-

You can hire Bubba now, but you probably don't have enough cash. If you 
do, then do so. Order Bubba to attack the guards. Once he's dead, 
you'll have to finish them off by yourself. Now follow the last bits of 
advice in Strategies #1 and #2.

Now backtrack to where you first entered the factory. Open the door 
that's left of the entrance you went through and follow the path. Go 
past Storeroom A and go downstairs to Storeroom B, where the coil is. 
You won't be able to get it, but there are some useful items in here. 
By the shelf with the coil, there's a small box. Push it up to the big 
one next to it, then jump to get the bullets. There's also some health 

Go back to Storeroom A and walk in. Kill the guy next to the poker 
table, then jump onto the table and do a running jump (run + jump at 
the same time) to get onto the stack of boxes, then smash through some 
boxes to get to the vent. Smash the vent and crawl inside. It's 
advisable to use the flashlight to see. At the end, crawl down onto the 
shelf to get the coil. Now head back to the Pawn-O-Matic.

-MAP: PAWN_SR (Part 2)-

After giving Sharky the coil, he'll hand you a pistol with a few clips. 
You might have some extra cash so you might want to buy a few more 
clips of bullets. Now exit the Pawn-O-Matic.

-MAP: SR1 (Continued)-

Now head outside. Once again, there are a few ways to do this, but 
first, go talk to Lisa again. She tells you that there are some mean 
dudes around the corner. On with the strategies....

--Strategy #1--

If you didn't hire Bubba before, now's the time to do so. Order him to 
attack the thugs, then finish off the survivors once Bubba's dead. The 
guy with akimbo pistols has the key you need. Proceed down the stairs 
and into the sewer.

--Strategy #2--

Kill them by yourself. The guy with akimbo pistols has the key you 
need. Proceed down the stairs and into the sewer.


Head down through the first door. Notice the sign, which pinpoints your 
current location as the North area of the sewer. You'll need to head to 
the South area to exit the sewers. Go down the stairs and to your right 
to kill some thugs.

Go through the door and enter the room. There will the several guards. 
Waste them, and then go up the stairs to find room with an ammo cache. 
Pick up the bullets, shells and the shotgun, then head back outside. 
Follow the path and go to your right at the first available path, then 
follow it to find two more thugs and the South entrance to the sewers. 
Kill the thugs and head up the stairs and through the doors to enter 

-MAP: SR2-

Head forward and take the path to the right and walk outside. Go past 
the stairs that lead to some building -- that won't be important right 
now. Talk to the guy, Lamont, and he'll start cussing in your face and 
his dog will start barking at you. Ignore him and go talk to the chick, 
Mona. She tells you that some guy named Lenny evicted him from his 
apartment and now Lamont's pissed. Now go into the bar and pay the $10 
fee, then walk inside.

-MAP: BAR_SR (Part 1)-

A bar is strictly a no-weapons area, so don't bother picking fights. Go 
forward and talk to the two guys in front of you, Sluggo and Rocko. You 
can hire them for $25 each. Ignore them for now and head for the men's 
room to meet Lenny. Lenny tells you that Lamont stole his watch and he 
could help you out if you got it back. Now there are, again, several 
ways to do this...

-MAP: SR2 (Continued)-

--Strategy #1--

Hire Sluggo and/or Rocko and order them to kill Lamont and Mona. When 
your thug(s) die, finish off the survivors. Pick up any money/ammo and 
the watch that Lamont drops. Now head back into the bar.

--Strategy #2--

Kill them by yourself. Search their bodies and head back into the bar.

-MAP: BAR_SR (Part 2)-

Go back the men's room and give the watch to Lenny. In return, Lenny 
will give you the key to the local thug's headquarters. Now head back 

-MAP: SR2 (Continued)-

Now go back to the beginning area in SR2 and instead of taking the path 
you first took, take the other one and go up the stairs into a large 
alley surrounded by apartments. Ignore the chick and go through the 
door. Mind you, if you DO kill the wino girl, you'll catch the 
attention of a few enemies on a nearby rooftop.

Right there is a guy who'll pump a few bullets into you -- return the 
favor. Then go up the stairs and there's two more thugs. Kill them. At 
the top, go through the door. Since the door directly in front of you 
is locked, go right and through the next door. Outside, walk across the 
wooden plank to get to the next roof, then enter the door. Walk inside 
to the apartment.

Go through the broken fence/door and the next door, then down the hall 
to your right and into the Maintenance room. Pick up the shells and the 
health kit, then smash the vent. Turn on your flashlight and crawl in. 
When you reach the end you'll see a couple of guys sitting at a poker 
table -- the same guys from the cutscene at the beginning of SR2. Shoot 
through the vent and waste all three guys. Pick up the pistol ammo if 
you need it, then go up to the Radio City poster and press "USE" to 
find the second key you need.

Then, go out the door and you're back in front of the broken 
fence/door. Go through and straight ahead to an area with the EXIT 
sign. The double doors you need to go through are blocked. Smash the 
wood with the crowbar, then open the door and head into SR3.

-MAP: SR3-

Go to your left. The stairs are cracked and there are crevices (big 
open holes) all around. The fastest way to get down is just jump and 
hope you land safely, but there's a better way. First, jump down from 
the top, then stay to the right and walk along the little edge there. 
Now jump down again. Repeat the edge-walking, this time staying to the 
left. Walk through all the debris and continue until you reach the 

Since the door directly in front of you is locked, turn right and go 
through that door and into an alley. Three guys will ambush you. Kill 
them all. One of them should drop a key that you'll need. At the end of 
the alley's a door that leads to an apartment. There are two doors -- 
the one on the right's locked, so go through the one on the left. 
Follow the path up the stairs and into the room to pick up some shotgun 
ammo, then back out.

Now go forward and left, up the stairs to yet another room. The window 
to your right's been cracked open and you can see a thin ledge to the 
right of the opening. Jump out and very, very carefully get over to the 
ledge. I know it's difficult and takes lots of tries. Once on the 
ledge, walk across to the next room and kill the two thugs inside. Pick 
up the flamethrower and shotgun ammo, along with any health you need, 
then go out the door and downstairs. A guy's waiting behind the corner 
-- waste him. Ignore the stairs to the left and go out the door that's 
directly in front of you. You're back in the apartment. Now go right 
and, unlike before, take the right path. Through the door, kill the 
guard, then through the next door.

Now you're in an area with a hideout, some stairs and train tracks. 
Kill all the enemies outside and then walk into the hideout. There'll 
be two thugs waiting. After they're dead, pick up the shells and health 
as needed, and the key on the table. Go back outside and follow the 
stairs. Open it and kill the three dogs, then approach the junk car. 
The open trunk contains the battery you need to exit. Pick it up, then 
jump on top of the car and shoot the roof off. Then jump down and smash 
the bottom of the car, which will lead to a green ammo box. Take out 
your crowbar and bang on it to open it. Now pick up the flamethrower -- 

Head back through to the area with the hideout and the train tracks 
above you. There'll be about five or six thugs and winos with shotguns 
and pistols. Burn/waste them, then go past the door directly opposite 
the hideout to another door, which should take you back to the bottom 
of the stairs at the start of SR3. Kill the guy waiting for you and go 
up the stairs. There should be a few more thugs waiting to ambush you 
as you go up the stairs. Go up, the stay on the left, then up again 
twice, jump up + forwards, stay to the left again, then stay to the 
left and go up. If you have problems with the last step, try jumping at 
the same time. Now go through the double doors back to the apartment in 

-MAP: SR2-

Kill any guys in the apartment and look for the exit, which takes you 
to the room with the smashed chainlink fence. Two thugs will be 
waiting. Kill them; exit through a series of doors and onto the first 
roof. Kill the thugs out there, walk across the wooden plank and kill 
some more thugs, then through the door and down a few flights of stairs 
and outside into the alley. Look familiar? Go through the stairs, past 
the sewer doors and follow the path to the left of those doors.

Right now you're back in the SR2 area with the bar and another hideout. 
Two thugs are just outside the hideout. Kill them and walk inside to 
waste a couple of thugs. Pick up the ammo and health if you wish, and 
then go through the door to the garage. A dog might come rushing in -- 
take care of it with some shotgun shells. Now walk up to the bike to 
get a ride out of this damned city! You've completed the "Kingpin" 

8.0 --- Cheat Codes + Secrets


To activate the cheat codes in the "Kingpin" demo, first create a 
shortcut to your Desktop, and then edit the command line in the 
"Target" area. Add "+ developer 1". It should be changed from 
"C:\Kingpin Demo\kingpin.exe" to "C:\Kingpin Demo\kingpin.exe" 
+developer 1

To enter cheat codes in the game, press the Tilde key (~) on your 
keyboard and then type in the cheat. After typing in the cheat, press 
Enter and then ~ to close the console for the cheat's effect to take 
place. I got the cheats from http://www.ign.com and 
http://www.planetkingpin.com. The cheats are listed below:

god -- Toggles immortality
noclip -- Toggles clipping
give all -- Gives all items + weapons with full ammo
give weapons -- Gives all weapons + full ammo
give cash <number> -- Gives cash (default is $100)
give health <number> -- Gives health (default is 100)
give bullets <number> -- Gives bullets (default is 100)
give shells <number> -- Gives shells (default is 10)
give gas <number> -- Gives gas (default is 50)
crowbar -- Gives crowbar
pistol -- Gives pistol
shotgun -- Gives shotgun
flamethrower -- Gives flamethrower
key 1-10 -- Gives keys 1-10 (I have no clue how this works...)
coil -- Gives you coil
watch -- Gives you watch
battery -- Gives you battery


Here's where to find the flamethrower, for those who don't feel like 
browsing through the walkthrough for it (lazy jerks). In Map: SR3, 
there's an important area with a junk car and three dogs, where you 
have to pick up the battery. Kill the dogs, get the battery, then jump 
onto the car's roof. Shoot through it, then smash the bottom of the 
car. There's a green ammo box. Bang on it with the crowbar to open it 
and get the flamethrower! Sweeeet!

NOTE: you can only find ONE can of flamegun butane, which bestows upon 
you 50 ammo. To get extra ammo, you'll have to buy some from the Pawn-
O-Matic early on in the game. See section 3.0, "Weapons/Items" and 6.0, 
"Pawn-O-Matic Prices/Stock"

9.0 --- Where to get "Kingpin"

To download "Kingpin", you'll need a reasonably fast connection. The 
file is "kingpin_demo.exe" and is about 104 MB. There are only a 
handful of places to get "Kingpin" Demo. It took a lot of effort to 
find the handful listed here. They are listed below and contain exact 
URLs. I will list others as I find them.

* http://www.planetkingpin.com <links to the File Planet link>
* http://www.fileplanet.com/files/10000/12974.shtml (requires 
* http://www.fileshack.com/file.x?fid=2057 (requires subscription)
* http://www.game-revolution.com/download/pc/action/kingpin.htm
  Game-Revolution Links:
  ** ftp://ftp.zdnet.com/gs/action/kingpin/kingpin_demo.exe
* http://www.fileaholic.com/cgi-sql/file-info.sql/14463

Also try typing "kingpin demo" into a search engine like "Yahoo!"

Younger players shouldn't download the "Kingpin" demo due to the fact 
that "Kingpin" contains bucketloads of blood (not as much as SoF, but 
enough to register a "MATURE" rating) and insane amounts of swearing.

10.0 --- "Kingpin" Multiplayer

Multiplayer in "Kingpin" can be accessed from the main menu under 
"Gangbang". I haven't played Multiplayer so I can't comment on it.

11.0 --- Version History

** Version 1.0 - YAY! Finally finished a COMPLETE FAQ! Added SR3 to 
Walkthrough section. Also added tons of other little stuff.

*+ Version 0.60 - Unpublished FAQ is STILL in the works. SR2 added to 
the walkthrough, plus tons of other little stuff.

*+ Version 0.49 - Unpublished FAQ still in the works. SR1 and SEWER_SR 
added to Walkthrough section.

*+ Version 0.01 - meaningless first version. Seems hollow... maybe 
because there was practically nothing in it...

** - Denotes that this version is the current version of the FAQ
* - Denotes that this versions is a past version of the FAQ
+ - Denotes that this version was never published.

12.0 --- Legal Mumbo-jumbo + Ending

I've worked long and hard on this FAQ. I've done my best to weed out 
all the errors in this FAQ, but I can't guarantee that my FAQ is 100% 
accurate, so use at your own risk. All the credit for making this FAQ 
pretty much goes to me, but I'd like to thank my family, friends, 
GameFAQs for posting this and some other people.

Cheat codes were obtained from http://www.ign.com and 
http://www.planetkingpin.com. Tech specs were gotten from the game's 
ReadMe.txt file and http://www.game-revolution.com. Download links were 
researched (i.e. I knew them or I got them from typing "Kingpin demo" 
into a search engine). For more info on "Kingpin" go to 
http://www.planetkingpin.com. For troubleshooting, refer to ReadMe.txt 
or visit http://www.interplay.com

This document is copyright (c) UnknownMercenary 2003 and onwards. All 
other trademarks and copyrights belong to their respectful 
trademark/copyright owners. This FAQ should on be on GameFAQs. This 
cannot be copied or posted on other websites without my permission. If 
you'd like to contact me, my e-mail is oddjob6031769@yahoo.com. Thanks 
for taking the time to read this thing. I really appreciate it.