Question from Stevee14

Why won't Lego Rock Raiders intall on Windows Vista 64 bit?

I put the disc in, it loads, allow/cancel appears, click on allow, loads again, nothing else comes up even if I wait a long time so what can I do?.

darkzeru023 asked for clarification:

I get a similar thing but i have windows 7 so when i load it it sayd my computer is missing d3drm.dll. wat do i do!?

A7XsynG asked for clarification:

Hey guys! I have the same problem. I tried to run it on windows 7 but then it said I didn't have the d3drm file. I downloaded that. Then when I started the game I had to choose between 2 kinds of things I don't really know what I think it had something to do with screen resolution? Then the game run but very slow and the screen was flickering. I when I completed 1 level the game failed and shut down and I lost all.

Anyone please help me!


Killer2401 answered:

You need a d3drm.dll, so you either need to install it on another computer and copy pasta it over, or I think rock raiders united has a free copy....
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