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This is a FAQ for Lords Of The Realm 2 - Version 2.0
This FAQ is written by Rekenner(Rekenner@yahoo.com), AKA Michael Renneker.
This document copyright 1998-2002 Michael Renneker.

2.General tips and strategy
3.Siege strategy
Version 1.1 -Done in 199?
-Added more to the tips section
-Added revisions :-)
Version 1.2 -Done in 199?
-Added to tips 
Version 1.3 -Done in 199?
-Added wanted section
Version 1.4 -Done in 199?
-Added to tips
-added to wanted section
Version 1.5 -Done in 199?
-I did some general editing

Version 2.0 -Done on Friday, December 6th, 2002
Jeebus... It's been a LOOOOONG while since I've even touched this thing.... Now
that I am a few years older, and a few years wiser, it's going to have a big
overhaul, hence the update to 2.0. This will now look like something 
professionally done, instead of something done by a kid, who has no idea what
the word "gramar" means. AKA, what I used to be. A few years can be all the 

-A LOT of general editing
-Changed Tips to General Tips and Strategy
-Added to General tips and strategy
-Created Siege Strategies
-Removed Wanted section
-....Then recreated it when I realised I do need it, when I noticed a critical
lack in Siege strategies.
-Added intro

Hello, this is rekenner. And you are reading my first FAQ. Although I doubt I 
could now call it my first. The original version of my FAQ doesn't even look
the same, except the revision list above. I started this waaaaaaaaay back in 
1998, because this was a game I loved(And still do), that didn't have too many
FAQs written for it(And it still doesn't).

System Requirements:
Processor: 486/66
34MB HD Space
Mouse & Keyboard

This is a GREAT game. It combines RTS type battle strategy, and then adds a lot
more depth to it. Instead of just building buildings and pumping out units, you
have to worry about a lot more. Although, this does tend to make it a lot 
slower of a pace then an RTS. Another great thing about this game is that it
has a wide range of difficulties. You can play a custom game and set everything
to be incredibly easy. Or you can set it up so that everything you do makes a

If you EVER see this or, the combination of this, the Siege Pack, and Lords of
the Realm I PICK IT UP. It shouldn't cost too much, being an old game(That
DOES work on XP). Although even though it is an old game, it is GREAT.

If you have ANY questions about this game, you can send them to me, and I'll 
answer them to thebest best of my ability.

And now links for a few Lords of the Realm 2 related things...
A demo of Lords of the Realm 2-
A demo of the Siege Pack (Expansion pack)-
Lords of the Realm 2 patch-
Siege Pack patch-

And last time I checked, these all work. If at some future point they stop
working, e-mail me.
General Tips and Strategy

1.For a food supply you should use grain, as it is more dependable (losing a 
lot of cows can cause you to lose all of them, see 9.). Although, if you 
haven't the money, it is of course fine to use cows.

2.If you plant grain in spring or summer it will usually be full grown next 
season (as full grown as it can be for the next season)this is probably a 
glitch that no one caught and i'm very glad they didn't.   

3.When you build castles or upgrade castles you get an archer garrison 
that does not come from your peasent population.     

4. In selling a bow, you make more then how much it costs to make. If you sell 
a bow you gain 3 crows more then it takes to sell 13 wood, the amount of wood 
into a bow. If the county only has one resource (Or even zero, I've seen 
it.), and you have peasents just sitting idle, you might as well make some 
extra money (providing you haven't a use for the wood).

5.Don't burn your bridges. Honey attracts more flies then vinegar. I like 
proverbs(and I can not lie...(Gack! Puns too!) )......
AKA, don't insult all the other nobles for no reason. In fact, do the opposite,
compliment them. Go for an alliance, even. I've not had a computer ally 
actually help me when I ask him to in an alliance, but it can't hurt(increase 
how much they would attack you).

6.The best army would be 600 Knights, 700 Archers, and 200 Macemen/Pikemen(Or
if you want to build it cheaper, and a few seasons quicker, the
Macemen/Pikemen for moats can be switchwed out for 400 or so peasents. Or you
can make 600 swordsman, and 800 archers.). This provides something against
everything the enemy will throw against you. Although, I doubt you will get an
army this huge, however building up a huge army for finishing a conquest is
better then multiple smaller ones, especially if you are a player that prefers
turtling until the end, then finishing it in one or two large sweeps. A good
way to build up this huge of an army is to not make it all in one county, but
from multiple countries. 200-400 a county is a lot better then killing your 
economy in oneby building an entire army.filling less might work but with the
right garison that team might not win even

7.Auto-calc is usually a waste of your troops, as normally you could do the 
battle much better then the auto-calc does. Although auto-calc is nice, because
if at the end you are mopping up the final county or two with a massive army,
it won't be as noticable a loss, as if you are fighting down to the last man.
Also, If you are having a hard time beating a battle against an army with a lot
of peasents, auto-calc can sometimes do better then you.

8.If you are using cows make sure the crowding is average, because if you let 
it get too high, then it will start dropping, and it will keep spiraling down.
Cows are all about balancing. Tip the scales too far to one side, and nothing
you can do can stop the fall. Although a _single_ pro of cows, is that early
on you can usually double your rations without extra loss of cows from the 
milk. Or if you don't need the money from selling the cows for buying grain, 
you can triple it for a turn and ignore the loss.

9. Another pro of grian, is normally you get a good surplus. This can be used
to supplement a county that lacks food, double or triple rations, or be sold 
for some quick cash.

10.On a Stone Castle or Royal castle if you trap enemy people on the 
battlements by catupaults or some other way 
you can pick off with archers  

11.Your troops will not run up to a flag on their own, and even if you tell 
them to they sometimes refuse to get it. Just keep telling the unit(s) to 
go to the flag, and it should work.

12. The siege pack makes the game more dificult, usually. You may get benefits
from it, but usually the random happenings are mostly bad. So if you have 
trouble with the game with Siege pack installed, try uninstalling the game, and
then just installing without the siege pack. Your saves should still be there.

13.If you use the siege pack and you are mortal enemies with a noble(just my
term for it), AKA clashing swords next to the enemy's picture, use weak armies
(25-50 peasents and about 50 archers) to protect your fields, otherwise your
enemy will destroy them with armies of about 20-30 peasents (Either they barely
won some scraps, or the comp cheats. Although this is probably one of the only 
cases). Note, this may happen if you aren't but I haven't seen it.

14. Teasing the oil- So you want to rush the enemy castle, but the boiling oil
is posted at the gates? No worries(,mate(_I_ like my humor at least....)! Send
a small group of your weakest units past the oil. If that doesn't work, have
them stand in it's range. Then once it pours, RUN. Or if you want to conserve 
units,shoot if with ranged units, and it should run. If it doesn't then you 
can kill it(It is possible. It just takes a really long time).

15.A good garison for a castle is 1/3 or so of the max holding amount
macemen, pikemen, knights or swordsmen and the rest archers.

16. Archers vs. Crossbowman. This could be debated about which one is better.
Honestly, I prefer Archers. The extra distance is what does it. Sure, you may
do more damage, or not take as much, but archers extra distance wins over in 
strategy, and crossbowman cost more, and take iron. Although if you can do 
just as well with crossbowman, then so be it.
Siege strategy
Wooden Palisade-
Really, I mean c'mon... Do you need a strategy for this?
Ookay... fine. Build a battering ram, and a unit of knights. Then take down the
gate, and rush in the knight to take the flag. If the flag is being guarded 
(Not common), then just take out the flag defenders and grab the goal.

Motte and Bailey-
Easier then a wooden palisade, really (you can lose less men). There's a simple
strategy that's abusable and cheap as can be, as it relies on a flaw in the AI.
Build a Battering Ram(or two if it doesn't increase the build time), and take
down the two gates, Because of this the troops should have gone into hiding 
behind the flag stand Then move in your archers to the choke point from the 
main part of the castle, to the smaller part. Your archers can shoot the enemy,
but they can't shoot back because they will most likely be behind the stand for
the flag. I've killed off a full garison without losing a man using this 

Norman Keep-

Stone Castle-
This is almost like the strategy for a Wooden Palisade, get past the main 
defenses and send a knight into the flag zone. If the enemy doesn't have a lot
of melee units, or doesn't place them close enough, you can get it pretty 
easily. Although if they do play smart, you'll probably have to fight it out.

Royal Castle-


Peasents:No armor and they are the weakest, but have medium speed
Maceman:Stronger then pikemen, but weaker then swordsmen. The second fastest,
with weak armor.
Pikemen:Stronger then peasents, but weaker then macemen. Slow.
Swordsmen:Second best in everything except he's slow.
Knight: Best in everything, but can not fill in moats.
Archer: Longest in range, but no armor with medium speed.
Crossbowmen: Less range then archers light armor, and stronger attack 
then an archer speed speed.
1. I noticed a lack in my siege strategy....
I've NEVER used been a user of Siege towers. Hell, I've never even really been 
able to get the damn things to work right....

So if anyone could send in some strategies involving the Siege towers(and even
how to get them to work right), I'd be grateful. Also any other alternate 
strategies would be appreciated.

If you have ANY questions about this game, you can send them to me, and I'll 
answer them to the best of my ability. Also if, you know where active 
discussion/match making of this game(The GFAQs board is pretty well dead), 
it would be great if you sent it in.
This document copyright 1998-2002 Michael Renneker.

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