Question from FallenOne2009

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I beat Arzakon?

There is an archived topic called "Speed run challenge!" posted by "kriirk" that suggests using a Black Red deck. Is it possible to defeat Arzakon (sp?) on Wizard level with this deck? He has 400 life.

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From: Hythopian_Shade 4 years ago

Honestly? It seems unlikely. Turn 2 wins against monsters that have 14 life are easy. There's literally 39 damage from every damage source in that deck. Even if you got it all out by turn 2 (unlikely), you'd need another 12 turns in order to kill him, assuming that none of the creatures die. Thats also IF the 3 Contract from Below hits only lands as its additional ante. In short, you would deck yourself if 1 creature gets killed or blocked. Good luck.

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