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Might and Magic 8 Day of the Destroyer
Trainer Locations

Fire:   Expert:    Ravenshore      Taren Temper            1,000 gp
        Master:    Alvar           Solomon Steel           4,000 gp
        Grand:     Plane of Fire   Burn                    8,000 gp

Air:    Expert:    Dagger Wound    Reshie                  1,000 gp
        Master:    Balthazar Lair  Hollis Stormeye         4,000 gp
        Grand:     Plane of Air    Cloud Nedlon            8,000 gp

Water:  Expert:    Ravenshore      Ulbrecht Pederton       1,000 gp
        Master:    Iron Sand       Gregory Mist            4,000 gp
        Grand:     Plane of Water  Black Current           8,000 gp

Earth:  Expert:    Dagger Wound    Ostrin Grivic           1,000 gp
        Master:    Alvar           Dorothy Sablewood       4,000 gp
        Grand:     Plane of Earth  Griven                  8,000 gp

Dark:   Expert:    Alvar           Patwin Darkenmoore      1,000 gp
        Master:    Shadowspire     Carla Umberpool         5,000 gp
        Grand:     Regena          Sithicus Shadowrunner   8,000 gp
Mind:   Expert:    Alvar           Shane Krewlen           1,000 gp
        Master:    Balthazar Lair  Barthine Lotts          4,000 gp
        Grand:     Murmurwoods     Gilad Dreamwright       8,000 gp

Spirit: Expert:    Ravenshore      Straton Hawthorne       1,000 gp
        Master:    Garrote Gorge   Bethold Kern            4,000 gp
        Grand:     Murmmurwoods    Lasiter Ravensight      8,000 gp 

Body:   Expert:    Dagger Wound    Zevah Poised            1,000 gp
        Master:    Garotte Gorge   Tugor Arin              4,000 gp
        Grand:     Murmmurwoods    Critias Snowtree        8,000 gp

Light:  Expert:    Ravenshore      Archibald Dawnsglow     1,000 gp
        Master:    Murmurwoods     Lunius Dawnbringer      5,000 gp
        Grand:     Regna           Aldrin Cleareye         8,000 gp


Sword:  Expert:    Ravenshore      Aerie Luodrin           2,000 gp
        Master:    Garrote Gorge   Jaycin Cardon           5,000 gp
        Grand:     Regna           Miyon Dragontracker     8,000 gp

Axe:    Expert:    Garotte Gorge   Herald Foestryke        2,000 gp
        Master:    Ravenshore      Jasp Hunter             5,000 gp
        Grand:     Balthazar       Lair Garic Senjac       8,000 gp

Staff:  Expert:    Ravenshore      Puddle Thain            1,000 gp
        Master:    Iron Sand       Celia Stone             4,000 gp
        Grand:     Shadowspire     Tristen Stillwater      8,000 gp

Spear:  Expert:    Ravenshore      Matric Townsaver        2,000 gp
        Master:    Alvar           Ashandra Withersmythe   5,000 gp
        Grand:     Dagger Wound    Yarrow                  8,000 gp

Dagger: Expert:    Alvar           Lori Vespers            2,000 gp
        Master:    Ravenshore      Jobber                  5,000 gp
        Grand:     Regna           Karla Nirses            8,000 gp

Bow:    Expert:    Dagger Wound    Shivan Keeneye          2,000 gp	
        Master:    Ravenshore      Oberic Nosewort         5,000 gp
        Grand:     Alvar           Solis                   8,000 gp

Mace:   Expert:    Ravenshore      Lisha Sourbrow          2,000 gp
        Master:    Garrote Gorge   Robert Morningstar      5,000 gp
        Grand:     Iron Sand       Brother Hearthsworn     8,000 gp

Leather: Expert:   Dagger Wound    Thadin                  1,000 gp
         Master:   Balthazar Lair  Shamus Hollyfield       3,000 gp
         Grand:    Iron Sand       Medwari Elmsmire        7,000 gp

Chain:  Expert:    Ravenshore      Tovren Forgewright      1,000 gp
        Master:	   Alvar           Halian Eversmyle        3,000 gp
        Grand:     Regna           Seline Burnkindle       7,000 gp

Plate:  Expert:    Dagger Wound    Bone                    1,000 gp
        Master:    Ravenshore      Botham                  3,000 gp
        Grand:     Garrote Gorge   Seth Ironfist           7,000 gp

Shield: Expert:    Alvar           Quillain Moore          1,000 gp
        Master:    Shadowspire     Nightwood               4,000 gp
        Grand:     Garrote Gorge   Peryan Reaverston       7,000 gp


Dark Elf: Expert:   Alvar          Fedwin Dervish          1,000 gp
         Master:    Ravenshore     Lanshee Caverhill       4,000 gp
         Grand:     Alvar          Ton Agraynel            8,000 gp

Dragon:  Expert:    Dragon Cave    Ishton                  1,000 gp
         Master:    Dragon Cave    Erthint                 4,000 gp
         Grand:     Dragon Cave    Klain Scarwing          8,000 gp

Vampire: Expert:    Shadowspire    Flynn Shador            1,000 gp
         Master:    Shadowspire    Douglas Dirthmore       4,000 gp
         Grand:     Shadowspire    Payge Arachnia          8,000 gp


Disarm Trap: Expert: Dagger Wound  Chevon Wist               500 gp
             Master: Alvar         Kelli Lightfingers      2,500 gp	
             Grand:  Regna         Gareth Lifter           6,000 gp

Perception: Expert:  Alvar          Nightwalker               500 gp
            Master:  Shadowspire    Helga Steeleye          4,000 gp
            Grand:   Balthazar Lair Balen Suretail          6,000 gp 

Merchant:  Expert:   Dagger Wound   Fishner Thomb           2,000 gp
           Master:   Alvar          Fenton Iverson          5,000 gp
           Grand:    Ravenshore     Raven Quicktounge       8,000 gp

Learning:  Expert:   Murmmurwoods   Petra Mithrit           2,000 gp	
           Master:   Shadowspire    Mistspring              5,000 gp
           Grand:    Garrote Gorge  Wanda Lightsworn        8,000 gp

Meditation: Expert:  Ravenshore     Lisha Sourbrow            500 gp
            Master:  Alvar          Gretchin Nevermore      2,500 gp
            Grand:   Shadowspire    Nightcrawler            6,000 gp

Body Build: Expert:  Dagger Wound   Menasaur                  500 gp
            Master:  Garrote Gorge  Kenneth Otterton        2,500 gp
            Grand:   Iron Sand      Mikel Smithson          8,000 gp

Id Item:    Expert:   Alvar         Kyra Sparkman             500 gp
            Master:   Dagger Wound  Eithian                 2,500 gp
            Grand:    Shadowspire   Elzibet Roggen          6,000 gp

Id Monster: Expert:   Garrote Gorge  Tessa Maker              500 gp
            Master:   Murmmurwoods   Matric Keenedge        2,500 gp
            Grand:    Ravenshore     Blacken Stonecleaver   6,000 gp

Repair:     Expert:   Ravenshore     Evandar Lotts            500 gp
            Master:   Garrote Gorge  Quick Jeni             2,500 gp
            Grand:    Murmmurwoods   Quethrin Tonk          6,000 gp

Armsmaster: Expert:   Garrote Gorge  Norbert Slayer         2,000 gp
            Master:   Dagger Wound   Lasatin the Scarred    5,000 gp
            Grand:    Regna          Jasper Steelcoif       8,000 gp

Alchemy:    Expert:   Alvar          Tabitha Watershed        500 gp
            Master:   Murmmurwoods   Kethry Treasurestone   2,500 gp
            Grand:    Dagger Wound   Ich                    8,000 gp

Eration:    Expert:   Iron Sand	     Kethric Tarent           500 gp
            Master:   Murmmurwoods   William Sampson        5,000 gp
            Grand:    Dagger Wound   Ush Many Tailed        8,000 gp

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