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Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer (Artifacts FAQ)

6nd April 2000

Version 1.0 (4/2/00)
Version 1.1 (4/6/00)
Added Volcano and Terminus weapons.


This document Copyright 4/2/2000 mdk2.
Anyone is free to use and reproduce this FAQ as long as credit is given to the 
Might & Magic 8: Artifacts FAQ

Question: What is an artifact?
Answer: Any item which significantly boosts your heroes stats (usually at the 
expense of another) and is very expensive.  However, certain artifact quest 
items have 0 value.  An artifact will usually look different from your standard 
weapons, armor, etc.

Question: How do you obtain these artifacts?
Answer: The game randomly generates these items. Once you have killed a high 
level monster; usually a Dragon which is higher than a Dragonette/Hatchling, 
search the dead body.  


(1) Save your game before searching the bodies, if you don't get the desired 
item reload your     save game and search the body again.  Persistance pays off.

(2) You have a better chance of obtaining the artifacts if your character/hero 
has a high Luck     attribute. 

Table of Contents:

(1) Weapons
    1.1:- Maces & Clubs
    1.2:- Axes
    1.3:- Daggers
    1.4:- Swords
    1.5:- Spears
    1.6:- Bows & Crossbows
    1.7:- Staffs
(2) Armor & Misc.
    2.1:- Helms, Hats, and Crowns
    2.2:- Body Armor
    2.3:- Boots
    2.4:- Belts
    2.5:- Cloaks
    2.6:- Amulats
    2.7:- Rings
    2.8:- Shields


1.1  Maces & Clubs

Mace of the Sun, Weapon Type: Mace 
Attack:+7 Damage: 3d4 +7
Double damage vs. Elementals 
Value: 12000

Breaker, Weapon Type: Club
Attack:+12 Damage:3d3+12
Might and Endurance +20, 10-20 Body Damage
Value: 20000

1.2 Axes

Hell's Cleaver, Weapon Type: Axe
Attack:+12 Damage:4d2+12
Might and Accuracy +70, Personality and Intellect -50
Value: 30000

Volcano, Weapon Type: Two-handed Axe
Attack:+15 Damage:3d7+15
10-20 pts fire damage, fire resistance
Value: 15000

1.3 Daggers

Blade of Mercy, Weapon Type: Dagger
Attack:+15 Damage:2d2+15
Might +40, 4-10 pts electrical damage, Accuracy -40, usable by Lich only 
Value: 30000

1.4 Swords

Glomenthal, Weapon Type: Longsword 
Attack:+14 Damage: 3d3+14
Might +40, 10-20 pts of Dark Magic damage
Value: 20000

Elsenail, Weapon Type: Longsword
Attack:+14 Damage:3d3+14
Accuracy +40, 10-20 pts of Light Magic damage 
Value: 20000

Havoc, Weapon Type: Longsword
Attack:+15 Damage:3d3+15
Speed and Accuracy +70, Armor -20
Value: 30000

Snake, Weapon Type: Longsword
Attack:+12 Damage:3d4+12
Slows target, Water Resistance -50, Personality -15
Value: 30000

Finality, Weapon Type: Two-handed Sword
Attack:+15 Damage:4d5+15
10-20 pts fire damage, slow, speed -20
Value: 30000

Judicious Measure, Weapon Type: Cutlass
Attack:+13 Damage:2d4+13
Endurance and Luck +30, Orge Slaying
Value: 20000

Terminus, Weapon Type: Broadsword
Attack:+14 Damage:+3d4+14
Armmasterskill +7, air resistance +70
Value: 15000 

1.5 Spears

Trident of Rulership, Weapon Type: Spear
Attack:+13 Damage: 2d6+13
Water Breathing, Water Resistance +70, Fire Resistance -70
Value: 30000

Ebonest, Weapon Type: Spear 
Attack:+13 Damage: 2d9 +13
Double Damage vs. Dragons
Value: 0 (Quest Item)

Wyrm Spitter, Weapon Type: Spear
Attack:+14 Damage: 1d9 +14
Endurance +20, Dragon Slaying, Swift
Value: 20000

Spirit Slayer, Weapon Type: Spear
Attack:+13 Damage:1d9+13
Vampiric, Might +50, Luck -40
Value: 30000

1.6 Bows & Crossbows

Noblebone Bow, Weapon Type: Bow
Attack:+12 Damage: 5d4 +12
Explosive Impact
Value: 12000

Long Seeker, Weapon Type: Bow
Shoot:+10 Damage:5d2+10
Accuracy +50, Swift, Bow Skill+4
Value: 20000

Tournament Bow, Weapon Type: Bow
Shoot:+10 Damage:5d2+10
Accuracy +100, Bpw Sill+5, Armor -20
Value: 30000

Lightning Crossbow, Weapon Type: Crossbow
Shoot:+12 Damage:4d2+12
Swift, Accuracy -50, usable by Dark Elf only
Value: 30000 

1.7: Staffs

Staff of Elements, Weapon Type: Staff
Attack:+12 Damage: 2d4 +4
Bonus to skills of Air,Fire,Earth and Water, Armor -40
Value: 30000

Staff of Swamp, Weapon Type: Staff
Attack:+10 Damage: 2d4+10
of Shielding, Immune to disease, paralysis, and poison
Value: 20000


2.1 Helms, Hats & Crowns

Drogg's Helm, Helm
Armor:+12, Pesonality and Intellect +15, Regenerates Hit pts
Value: 20000

Crown of Dominion, Crown
Intellect +50, Dark Magic skill bonus, usable by Lich only
Value: 20000

Lucky Hat, Hat
Luck +90, Personality -50
Value: 30000

2.2 Body Armor

Last Stage Cuirass, Leather Armor
Armor:+19, Intellect +70, Personality +80, -30 Mind and Spirit Resistances
Value: 30000

Serendine's Preservation, Leather Armor
Armor:+34, regenerates spell pts, Endurance +30
Value: 20000

Glomenmail, Chainmail
Armor:+48, +10 to all stats, +10 to all Resistance, Usable by Dark Elf only
Value: 20000

Supreme Plate, Plate Armor
Armor:+70, Swift, Speed +15, Accuracy +15, usable by Knight only
Value: 20000

2.3 Boots

Herald's Boots, 
Armor:+10, Speed +30, Swift, Immune to Sleep
Value: 20000

2.4 Belts

Berserker Belt,
Might +100, Immune to Fear, Accuracy -30, Armor -15
Value: 20000

2.5 Cloaks

Archangel Wings, 
Intellect +30, Feather Falling, All Resistances +10
Value: 20000

2.6 Amulets

Nil (yet to find any)

2.7 Rings

Ring of Plains
+40 Air, Earth, Fire, Water Resistances
Value: 20000

Ring of Fusion 
of Water, Alchemy skill+5, Intellect +50, Endurance -20
Value: 30000

2.8 Shields

Herondale's Lost Shield
Armor:+14, Immune to fear, sleep, stone, and paralysis
Value: 30000

Armor:+21, of Spirit, Body and Mind, usable by Cleric only
Value: 0 (Quest Item)