• Cheat Mode

    Press and hold both TAB and F11 keys to access the text entry screen. Type BYRNE to activate the cheat modes. Exit and then you can activate the following cheats:

    All BuildingsTab + F4
    All ManaTab + F5
    All SpellsTab + F3
    Gives you additional mana yet not full mana. Press it multiple times to get the mana bar full.TAB + F2

    Contributed By: falsehead and wannabenoob.


  • More mana--faster training--faster than normal game speed

    Type BYRNE after hitting Tab+F11. Press Tab+F1 to get more mana (faster regeneration) and make training for braves faster.
    Also, after you type BYRNE, you can also increase the game speed by pressing Shift+=. The game speed can be increased 33 folds, up from 5 folds without the BYRNE prompt.

    More Mana, Faster TrainingBYRNE (Tab+F11 to open console), Tab+F1
    Speedfold increase by maximum of 33 foldsTab+F11, BYRNE, Shift+=

    Contributed By: shadowfalconm16.


  • BYRNE code glitch 1: rolling demo

    When the BYRNE code has been typed in - press F11 and it will start the rolling demo, while you are watching it click the mouse and you can play the demo.

    Contributed By: DrakeBulldogs.

  • BYRNE code glitch 2: Change World Apperance

    When playing the rolling demo save your game then load it, the apperance of your world will be different - but the terrian won't! Repeat the save, load process until you like the apperance you have. WARNING: when you save, load then save again you will loose that apperance!

    Contributed By: DrakeBulldogs.


  • Permanently Hypnotized

    Cast hypnotize on any enemy other then a shaman, then send the hypnotized enemies into training huts and train them as something else. When the guy comes back out he will still be in your colors and he will no longer have those rings above his head, making him permanently hypnotized.

    Contributed By: Slymandro.

  • Scatter Code

    To make a bunch of followers scatter (run around all over the place), select one or more followers and press the D key on your keyboard.

    Contributed By: The Smooth Criminal.

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