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Populous: The Beginning Tribe Guide
By Daniel Cowlishaw (


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[PTB-0] - Version History
[PTB-A] - Introduction
[PTB-B] - Dakini
[PTB-C] - Matak
[PTB-D] - Chamara
[PTB-E] - Other information
[PTB-F] - Copyright Stuff
[PTB-G] - Thanks

[PTB-0]  -  Version History

-Version 1.00 (14/8/2006) - Probably the final version, but I 
may add something

-Version 1.01 (14/8/2006) - Added more sites that can post
this guide and the Other Information section

-Version 1.02 (11/9/2006) - Fixed a few errors. Not much

-Version 1.03 (26/10/2006) - Fixed a few more spelling

-Version 1.10 (13/3/2008) - Been a while. More spelling errors
fixed and some prettiness to make each section stand out a tad

-Version 1.11 (5/5/2009) - Another big block of inactivity. More
spelling errors sorted out and some extra information added
to certain sections.

[PTB-A]  -  Introduction

This is a guide to the different tribes of Populous: The 
Beginning. Ok, so it's been quite a few years since P:TB was released, 
but I still play it! This is quite a short guide and I forget why I 
decided to create it, but one day someone may find a use 
for it. It goes through the usual way that the tribes have acted 
during my playthrough of P:TB, such as how and when they 
attack, their settlement defenses and the order that I advise 
you take them out. I have listed the tribes in the order that 
you meet them. This guide is mainly for the later levels when 
you have more powerful armies and spells and are facing 
all three tribes at once. You may be able to use something 
you read here in earlier levels, but the later levels are the 
main focus.

This guide will follow a pattern. Each section will have a brief 
description/introduction to each tribe. Following that there will 
be two paragraphs; an offence paragraph and a defence 
paragraph. These will contains details of that tribes attacks 
and defenses respectively. I will also say when I personally 
eradicate them from the planet.

If you have any questions regarding this guide, or any 
suggestions to make it better, you're very welcome to e-mail 
me. Just make sure that the subject mentions something 
about Populous, or I may delete it without reading it.

WARNING - This guide may contain spoilers. This is the 
only warning you will receive.

[PTB-B]  -  Dakini

The Dakini are my least favourite tribe in the whole of P:TB. 
They are okay early in the game, but the later you get the 
worse they are and harder to defeat they become. I have 
failed more than one World because of these warmongers, 
and have stopped playing out of sheer frustration because 
of something they have done (might be a slight exaggeration).
Anyway, moving on...

Offence - The Dakini are fierce attackers. While the other 
tribes may send five or so followers and cast one or two 
spells, these guys will lob a full army your way and cast 
whatever they have charged up. As with all three tribes, they 
prefer to attack on land with a large force, but have no 
objections to using boats. If there is a way into your base, 
you can be sure the Dakini will be the first there to attack. 
They usually send a large force combined of firewarriors 
and warriors, maybe with a few preachers. Their main 
attacker, though, is their Shaman. As soon as she arrives 
she will begin casting, and you may have lost most/all of 
your army and a few buildings before you have noticed they 
are there. And when I say spells, I don't mean Blast and 
Swarm. I mean Volcano, Tornado, Earthquake, the really 
nasty spells you could do without. My advice is take out the 
Shaman as soon as you can when they attack. The rest of 
the attacking force will be easily taken care of once she is 
dead. Watch out for boat attacks from these guys. They
attack anywhere they can land a boat, but aren't too keen on 
using balloon attacks, even if that is the only way they can 
attack you.

Defence - Apart from being horrible attackers, the Dakini 
usually have a hard defense. On some of the later levels, 
you will realise that the Dakini have a full settlement built 
when the level begins. Their usual defense is comprised of 
alot of Guard towers with firewarriors, patrols of all fighting 
classes and the Shaman in or near a tower on top of a 
hill or other high point. The Guard towers can usually be 
taken down with a quick cast of Lightning, but be warned 
when you enter their territory. They will send everything they 
have at you. The patrols can be taken out by putting a 
Swamp in the patrol path. As for the Shaman, she will stay in 
her tower and not do anything unless you get too close, in 
which case she will cast spells to split up your army or turn 
them against you.

When I get rid of the Dakini depends on what they are doing. 
If they are mercilessly slaughtering my enemies, I'll leave 
them to it for a while and pick on some one else. If they are 
mercilessly slaughtering me, I'll make sure I get rid of them 
quite soon...

[PTB-C]  -  Matak

The Matak are my favourite tribe. Not only are they the 
green tribe, they also tend to not do much apart from build 
up. I have found it quite rare to be attacked by the Matak, 
and even if I am the attacking force is usually small.

Offence - As mentioned above, the Matak are much more 
peaceful than the other two tribes. But if you let them, they will
attack and do damage. When they do attack, the force
is usually comprised of quite a balanced number of each 
class, with maybe a few more preachers than any other. 
They don't use too many spells either, maybe one or two 
quite damaging ones, but nothing on the same scale as the 

Defence - Defence is the area in which the Matak seem to 
excel. I have been quite severly taught a lesson when 
underestimating the Matak defenses. They seem to like 
guard towers and placing firewarriors in them. This defence 
is their best way of blowing your Shaman out of a balloon. 
They also have a few preachers hanging around in 
strategic points to stop any preacher-less army in its tracks. 
The best thing the Matak seem to have is numbers. 
Because they rarely attack they breed a fantastic amount 
of braves and train them. This provides a large army and 
plenty of mana for the Shaman.

I usually get rid of the Matak last. They don't usually do 
anything to provoke me, and they don't do anything to 
anyone else either, so there is never a hurry to finish them for 
me. You may think this a reason to take them down first. If so,
do that. I am only going on my personal experience.

[PTB-D]  -  Chumara

The Chumara appear to be a neutral tribe, by which I mean 
they concentrate on both attack and defence. I have a 
grudge against them for what they did to me on 'Fire in the 
Mist', but apart from that I don't mind them that much.

Offence - The Chumara do attack, but it's not very regular 
and not a huge assault when it does happen. Once the 
ballon hut is unlocked you may notice that all they build are 
balloons after they have done everything else. Watch out for
that. They always attack when you aren't expecting them to, 
and they always send their Shaman. Her usual tactic 
is to Lightning a building or two and retreat, but sometimes 
she does more (such as during my 'Fire in the Mist' 
experience). Another thing the Chumara seem to be fans of 
are spies. Every single spy that has set foot into my territory, 
that has burned one of my buildings, that has been 
bludgeoned to death by braves, every single one from the 
Chumara. They love sending in boat loads of spies. By that I
don't mean a boat full of spies, just lots of boats with one 
spy. Luckily they only get one or two buildings before 
the braves get annoyed and kill them. Still, rebuilding 
something could be a hinderance that costs you a World.

Defence - From what I have noticed, the Chumara don't 
seem to intend to have any defence, it just happens. They 
have the occasional patrol and tower, but nothing more. 
The armies they build are often in the right place at the right 
time, but have no set location. They do always have at least 
10 firewarriors though (after the firewarrior training hut is 
acquired, of course), which are either in a large group 
around the Shaman, in towers, or patrolling an area.

I usually get rid of the Chumara second, because they aren't 
as aggressive as the Dakini, but do much more than the 
Matak. When I do get rid of them though, I don't do it quickly. I 
let them stew in their own failure for a little while before 
making the final, swift blow...

[PTB-E]  -  Other Information

Whilst playing the levels following 'An Easy Target', I have 
noticed a preference in the spells or buildings that each tribe 
uses. On the world 'An Easy Target' the Dakini guard
the Vault of Knowledge for Tornado, the Matak hold the Vault 
for Erode and the Chumara guard the Vault for the Spy 
Training Hut. For most of the levels after this world, the Dakini
Shaman uses Tornado more than any other spell, the Matak
Shaman uses Erode alot and the Chumara use spies more 
than anyone else. This is only a theory, but I think that
each tribe prefers to use the knowledge they hold in a Vault 
on certain levels. This is based on my experience though, 
so you may notice something different.

One other thing I'd like to point out is the 'relationship' 
between the Dakini and Chumara. You may notice that all 
these two tribes do when on the same world is fight. They 
seem to prefer to kill each other more than focus on the 
player or the Matak. You may be able to use this against 
them on some worlds to make them easier. Of course, it may
not play out to your advantage if they use your settlement
as a battleground. Just a thought...

[PTB-F]  -  Copyright Stuff

This section just contains all of the copyright information. All 
the interesting stuff is up there.

Copyright 2009 Daniel Cowlishaw

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances 
except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on 
any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without 
advance written permission. Use of this guide on any 
other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly 
prohibited, and a violation of copyright. 
If you wish to put this on your site, e-mail me first. 
My e-mail address is Make 
sure the subject is relevant or I may disregard it as being 
Sites that have permission to post this guide are:

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[PTB-G]  -  Thanks

I would like to thank 3 different people in this section.

Firstly I would like to thank Bullfrog for such a fantastic game, 
a game that showed me that being a God would be as much
fun as I originally supected.

Secondly, I would like to thank Danny for joining me in a 
good evil laugh as we both watched the other Tribes burn on
the worlds 'Bloodlust' and 'The Middle Ground'

Finally I would like to thank you for wasting your time reading
this guide (which is my first), particularly if it helped you in any 
way whatsoever. Even if it just helped you remember where 
you put you car keys or that you had to feed the dog.