In Realms of the Haunting you assume the role of Adam Randall whose father's untimely death leads him to the remote and seemingly desolate Cornish country village of Helston where things aren't quite as they seem.
Through the contents of a strange parcel, hand delivered by one of his father's reputed friends in the English clergy, Adam is pulled into a grand skein woven within the fabric of time and space towards his ultimate destiny by the forces gathering in the Parish of St. Michaels.
Realms of the Haunting is a disturbing vision of the future, based on the many beliefs of the Apocalypse. The horror in Realms is the underlying fear of the end; the collapse of light and the dawn of a new age of darkness.
And whose fault is this? Who is so ignorantly blind to the world that they openly invite in the darkness? The answer is simple... you are.

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