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S I M C O P T E R:   T H E   U N O F F I C I A L   G U I D E


Steve Novicki


1  Introduction
2  The Copters
3  The Missions 
4  Legal Information
5  Farewell

1  Introduction

This is a guide for SimCopter that I have written. I hope that you 
enjoy it, because I have had fun writing it and playing the game 
SimCopter. That said, let's get to work!

2  The Copters

In SimCopter, the main point is to maneuver a helicopter and complete 
various missions by earning points. You also receive money for 
completing missions; the amount is based on the difficulty of the 
mission. You use that money to go buy bigger and better copters and 
equipment for them. All of this could not be accomplished without the 
use of the following copters. Keep in mind that each copter has 
different uses and applications, also. 

-Schweitzer 300-

This is the first copter you get at the beginning if the game. It is 
normally used as a training helicopter to train pilots. It's extremely 
small and lightweight. It also happens to be the cheapest copter you 
can purchase. 

Engines: Single piston engine, 190 horsepower
Seats: 2
Speed (max): 153 km/h
Range (max): 360 kilometers
Weight: 1,046 pounds
Rotor Diameter: 26 feet, 10 inches

-Bell 206 JetRanger-

Having lots of seats and a very strong engine, I like the Bell 206. It 
is a good overall copter, very versatile, and has many functions. A 
good choice to buy as soon as possible, because it's also cheap.

Engines: Single turbine engine, 420 horsepower
Seats: 7
Speed: 232 km/h
Range: 666 kilometers
Weight: 1,861 pounds
Rotor Diameter: 36 feet

-McDonnell/Douglas 500-

The first of three McDonnell/Douglas copters available for purchase. It 
is as fast as the JetRanger and just half the size of it, too. A very 
good copter for lots of transport work. 

Engines: Single turbine engine, 278 horsepower
Seats: 6
Speed: 232 km/h
Range: 422 kilometers
Weight: 1,088 pounds
Rotor Diameter: 26 feet, 4 inches

-McDonnell/Douglas 520 NOTAR-

Has overall good size and speed. It doesn't really perform better in 
any area than any other copter, and is an expensive copter, considering 
its class. 

Engines: Single turbine, 375 horsepower
Seats: 5
Speed: 250 km/h
Range: 402 kilometers
Weight: 1,636 pounds
Rotor Diameter: 27 feet, 4 inches

-Bell 212-

While having EXTREMELY large engines and horsepower, this copter still 
is not as fast as some of the other copters. The extreme weight and 
statistics are mainly because of it's giant capacity, therefore 
allowing enormous transport loads. 

Engines: Twin coupled turbine engines, 1,290 horsepower
Seats: 15
Speed: 206 km/h
Range: 450 kilometers
Weight: 6,097 pounds
Rotor Diameter: 48 feet, 2 inches

-Augusta A109-

Because it is very heavy, this copter is good for fighting fires since 
fire-fighting requires lots of weight. It is not very fast, though. Its 
number of seats is a good number for transports, too.

Engines: Twin turbines, 400 horsepower
Seats: 8
Speed: 285 km/h
Range: 648 kilometers
Weight: 3,126 pounds
Rotor Diameter: 36 feet, 1 inch

-Dauphin 2-

This is a very good copter. It is made to transport people and things, 
specifically water for fighting fires. It's also pretty fast. A great 
overall copter. 

Engines: Twin turbines, 680 horsepower
Seats: 13
Speed: 260 km/h 
Range: 900 kilometers
Weight: 3,980 pounds
Rotor Diameter: 38 feet, 4 inches

-McDonnell/Douglas Explorer-

This is a kind of good copter, not lacking anything but not surpassing 
the statistical data of any other copter. Incredibly, it's the most 
expensive copter in the game. You need to fork over $20,000 to buy it, 
and that is not an easy task. Also, many other, cheaper copters would 
be fine. 

Engines: Twin turbines, 629 horsepower
Seats: 10
Speed: 274 km/h
Range: 600 kilometers
Weight: 3,215 pounds
Rotor Diameter: 33 feet, 10 inches

This concludes the section for the SimCopters. There is, however, one 
more copter; it is an Easter Egg, hidden away with a special code. See 
the Cheat Codes section for more information about this copter. 

3  The Missions

In SimCopter, you must use the aforementioned copters and complete 
missions using them. This section is designed to provide information 
and strategies on every mission in SimCopter. 

-Traffic Jams-

Traffic Jams are the easiest missions to accomplish, and they require 
only a megaphone. They occur when something blocks traffic flow on a 
street, such as a burning car or your copter parked in the middle of 
the road. To clear a traffic jam, you must first fly to the sight of 
the jam. Then aim your spotlight right into the heart of the jam. Now, 
you can either hit the F6 button, or click on the Megaphone button and 
click on Report Traffic. Repeat this procedure as many times as you 
have to; the traffic jam(s) should clear up pretty soon. While being an 
easy way to make money and points, I find traffic jams having not 
enough value to be worth that much, seeing how you normally get either 
twenty-five points and one hundred bucks, or fifty points and two 
hundred bucks for clearing a traffic jam. 


Transports occur when there are people who get sick and tired of 
waiting in traffic. They then call you to transport them via helicopter 
above all of the traffic. This is a very easy mission to complete, and 
all you need is a relatively large capacity copter. First, when the 
radio lady sends a message to you informing you of a transport mission, 
fly over to the area immediately, considering that the transport people 
are the most impatient. Now land right over the transport icon and 
wait; the people waiting to be transported should come over and climb 
in your copter by themselves. Now press the N button and look at your 
map. The description in the box should say 'Transport xx', where xx is 
the number of the mission, and have a white line coming off of it. Fly 
towards that white line, the end is the people's destination. Once you 
get to the destination, land on or near it. The people will climb out 
of your copter themselves and you will be awarded. 

-Medical Evacuation (Medevac)-

This means that someone has been injured, and you have been called to 
airlift him or her to a hospital. First, if you want, you can fly over 
to a nearby hospital and pick up a medic if you want. They help the 
injured people in your copter and lengthen the amount of time that they 
can be in your copter. Then, fly over to the site of the Medevac. Land 
and get out of your copter, the medic should get out, too. Now walk 
around and try to find the injured person (people). If you can't the 
medic should soon. Once they are in your copter, you must now fly to a 
nearby hospital in the area. Remember that the hospitals appear as a 
cream-color three-tile area on your map. Once you have found a 
hospital, land on the roof of it. The medic should climb out of your 
copter and take the injured person (people) with him, and then you get 
awarded. Congratulations. 


Fires can occur to anything in SimCopter, except water. You must have 
either a Water Cannon or a Bambi Bucket to extinguish the fire. First, 
you must find a water source and fill up your bucket/cannon with water; 
you should fill it up all the way. Now find the fire, it shouldn't be 
too hard because it is a bright orange, flaming structure/tree. Fly 
directly over it with your bucket lowered and drop the water on the 
fire. This should extinguish the fire, if it doesn't, you aren't right 
over it. I prefer this method of extinguishing fires, but you can also 
use the water cannon instead. Fill up your water meter. Now fly right 
in front of the fire and let loose with your cannon, make sure to be up 
close to the fire. Either way, the fire should go out and you will be 

-Life Rescue-

These occur when someone is in trouble that is out of their hands. They 
come in three kinds: boat, rooftop, and train rescues. The easiest is 
the roof rescue, all you need to do is land on the roof, wait for the
person to get in, now fly off and land on the ground. The person should 
get out, and you are then awarded. The boat rescue is a little more 
complicated; you need to have a Rescue Harness installed in your 
copter. When you get to the site of the rescue, lower your harness to 
the person. Get it really close to them, and if everything is perfect, 
they will grab on. Then roll up the harness, the person will climb into 
your copter. Now transport them to the ground. They will climb out and 
you will be awarded. The third is the train rescue, and it is the 
hardest. A Sim is trapped on top of a runaway train, and it is up to 
you to rescue them from it. Lower your harness and follow the train, 
staying as close to the Sim as possible. If the altitude is perfect and 
the length of the harness is good, the Sim will grab on. Then roll the 
harness up into your copter and the Sims will climb in. Then transport 
them to the ground anywhere, they will climb out and you will be 


There are a variety of criminals, ranging from robbers to muggers to 
arsonists. They can either be on foot or in a car. There is one main 
way to catch foot criminals; get a cop or two in your copter from the 
roof of a police station. Then fly over to the dispatch site. The 
criminals on foot almost always run around like crazy, and wear dark 
clothing. Now land on the ground and the cop(s) will get out and start 
chasing the criminal. When they say, 'Suspect spotted; in pursuit', 
that means that they have spotted the criminal and are chasing them. 
When they catch the criminal, which shouldn't be soon, you will be 
awarded. In a car, you should get your spotlight on the car and press 
F7 to give them a message. Also, press F5 to start a police follow 
mode. Now just follow them with your spotlight, the police should 
arrive soon. They should get out of their car and start running, when 
they do this and you happen to have a cop in your copter, land for a 
second, the cop will get out and start chasing the criminal. When he is 
caught, you will be awarded. 


When you get the message, head to the area. The method you should 
follow in order to get the crowd to disperse goes as follows:

Megaphone messages
Tear Gas

Whenever you use a megaphone message, most of the people should 
disperse. For the remaining people, fire a few squirts of water with 
your water cannon or Bambi bucket. And as a last resort, fire a few 
canisters of tear gas on the crowd. That should do the trick. Also, it 
wouldn't hurt to dispatch a few police cars to the scene, and make sure 
to have some fire dispatches there, in case they start fires. You can 
also have a medic or two handy, to prepare for any unfortunate Medevacs 
that might occur. 


Speeders are different than the other missions; they do not have a 
radio dispatch message. There is always one speeder in every city at 
all times, and since you do not get a radio message alerting you to the 
speeder, it is up to you to find one. If you happen to come across one 
on your daily rounds, send down an F7 message to him. You should also 
press F5 for the special police chase mode. If you want, throw tear gas 
canister at him, but do so with caution. That should do it. Speeders 
can be distinguished by the fact that they are normally purple cars 
with lots of exhaust coming from the car.

So concludes the missions you can and will get in SimCopter. Remember, 
the difficulty of the missions increase with every level (like you will 
have more people to care for in a Medevac mission on level fifteen than 
opposed to level two). Be sure to complete every mission as quickly as 
possible, because the people involved do not like to wait, and you lose 
points if you make them wait too long. One last thing: make sure you 
always have enough gas and that your copter is not too terribly 

4  Cheat Codes

Of course, what game would be complete without the good old cheat 
codes! SimCopter has so many it is probably the Sim game with the most 
cheat codes. Listed below is a list of all cheat codes and their 

NOTE: You must first press Control + Alt +X to bring up the cheat code 
box. Then, type in one of the following codes to receive the following 

Shields up.                         Invincibility
Gas does grow on trees.             Unlimited fuel
superpowermultiply                  When you press the Shift button,  
                                    you can run extra fast. Also works 
                                    In your copter.
The map, please.                    Lets you use your map outside your
Been there, done that.              Advances you to the next mission.
There's no place like home.         Takes you back to your hangar. 
I love my helicopter.               Warps you back to your helicopter.
Give me bucks or give me death: xx  Either gives you the amount 
                                    Specified or ends the game. 
Warp me to career: xx               Warps you to the specified career. 
Out for a Sunday drive.             Makes the camera follow a random 
                                    Car around town. Enter this code
                                    Again to return to normal mode.
Stop and ask for directions.        Makes a TXT file map of the city
                                    In your hard drive root directory..
A megephone in the hand is worth
two in the bush.                    Lets you use your megaphone outside
                                    Your copter. 
Lights, camera, action!             Starts playing the drive-in movies.
PAMCAREYGOLDMAN                     Puts pictures of the lead 
                                    Producer's wife on all boards.
Gort                                Lets you see the ending scene 
                                    (quite funny, actually!)
Radioactivity                       Causes a nuclear explosion. 
I'm the CEO of McDonnell Douglas    Enter this code, then go your 
                                    Catalog screen. Press the numbers 
                                    1-9 to get the different copters, 
                                    Free of charge. 

Quite a long list of codes, huh? Just remember that cheating only makes 
a game less fun, so do something to compensate for your cheating!

5  Legal Information

This FAQ is Copyright  March 12, 2000 by Steve Novicki. All rights 
reserved. The author/owner of this FAQ reserves the right to, at any 
time, modify the contents of this FAQ in any way. No one is allowed to 
rip off (plagiarize) this FAQ without my (Steve Novicki's) personal 
consent. Just remember that and do not rip off of it; it's as simple as 
that. Send me an e-mail at Aristotle47@aol.com asking me permission to be 
able to use this FAQ for almost any purposes EXCEPT commercial and I 
will say yes. I usually check my e-mail every afternoon and night, 
sometimes in the morning. Thank you!

7  Farewell

It has certainly been fun writing this FAQ and playing the marvelous 
game SimCopter, and I hope that you have enjoyed reading it. If you 
have any questions, comments, suggestions, updates, etc., e-mail them 
to me at Aristotle47@aol.com and I will gladly respond to them. Farewell, my 
friends, and happy gaming.