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                          The House of the Dead
                           Boss Survival Manual
                      For the Sega AM1 Arcade Game
                  Compiled by Mark Kim (Agent Falcon)
                              Gamma A.1.d
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Make: The House of the Dead
Developer: AM1 at Sega of Japan
Publisher: Sega of America
Available Screens: 27-inch Monitor Upright, 50-inch Deluxe
Controller: Light Gun
Usual Cost per game: $1.00 US per game (Prices will vary)
AAMA Classification: Very strong Life-like Violence.  Not appropriate
for minors under 18 years of age.
Release Date: 1996 for the Arcade Versions
Genre: Light Gun
Number of Players: Up to two players can play at once in the same
Features: Continue Feature


July 26, 1999
In order to help you become cost-efficient players of a Light Gun game
that requires quick reflexes and instant reaction time, I have come up
with a Boss Guide that should help you beat the bosses in a cost-effective

House of the Dead isn't an easy game mainly because the Zombies are
rather quick and resilient and the Boss Characters can be cheap at times.
I have managed to find a way to prevent you from spending too much money
on the bosses by writing this important Boss Strategy File.

October 31, 1999
Some updates due to legal considerations.  Can't spoil all the fun for
you, should I?

June 11, 2000
This isn't a real update.  Since I don't have enough time to spend with
the Internet at the weekdays anymore (I have a full-time job as of this
update), I won't be able to create a PDF version of this one after all.
I will only be creating PDF Files for reasonable games.  This game was
popular because of a lot of blood but I don't play this game anymore
because it's boring.  Please do not beg me for a PDF Version of this
guide because I have no intention of doing so.  I'd rather create PDFs
for reasonable games.  Let's just move on to other reasonable games,
shall we?


* Newsflash
* Why I am creating a Boss Guide?
* A reason why I'm not going to make a PDF File for HOTD and HOTD 2 at
* Who makes House of the Dead Mastery Possible?
* Chariot Type 27
* Hangedman Type 041
* Hermit Type 6803
* Magician Type 0
* Some Afterthoughts
* Do's and Dont's
* How to suggest suggestions
* Resources of this FAQ
* Acknowledgements
* End of Document and One Final Warning


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Both House of the Dead and House of the Dead 2 is NOT SUITABLE for minors
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For three years, this game has been released.  Many scrubs who wander
throughout the arcades might have ran into this game called The House
of the Dead.  This is not an easy game.  Sometimes you do get wiped
out before you even get started and that's why quick reflexes are
important if you want to beat this game with the least amount of tokens
and/or swipes of the Game Card.

If there was a real reason why I have to offer this guide, it's because
of Magician Type 0.  He's the hardest boss there is in this game and I
often ask for permission before playing a 2-player game just because I
want to save some skins of the scrubs.

Also, to contribute to much of House of the Dead's income, many scrubs
don't know that the HEAD is the quickest way to kill a zombie.  Although
zombies may take more than one head shot (for about 64% of the time),
it's the cost-efficient way of disposing a Zombie.  The best way to
reduce the cost of playing House of the Dead is to kill Zombies at their
heads (and nothing else but the Head) and to read this guide before
having to waste more money at your local arcade once again.

For this guide, I will assume that I am a surviving scientist of the
DBR Corporation.


Listen, I've been receiving e-mails regarding about releasing PDF Files
for House of the Dead and House of the Dead 2.  The reason why I have not
been able to release them is because I now have a full-time job at
Romeoville, IL USA.  This means that I won't have a lot of time to spend
around the Internet.

Another reason why I won't be able to release a PDF version of this
Boss Guide is because this game can become boring right after you master
this game.  I have not been an avid fan of this series because overtime
blood can become a bore, and I think that the Zombie theme has been
overly used (next to the First Family-protecting manifesto).  I have not
been playing House of the Dead ever since I've been overdosing myself
with other games such as Silent Scope, Crisis Zone, Dark Silhouette,
Mr. Driller, and other reasonable arcade games (not to mention that
most of the classic arcade games are now available in its entirety for
most consoles).

This guide will always be here for archival purposes but please keep
in mind that I don't want to talk about this game anymore because I
am now bored with this one.

Whatever you're trying to tell me, PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME E-MAIL REGARDING
ABOUT HOUSE OF THE DEAD ANYMORE.  It's time for me to move on.  But still
this guide will be up.


* Tyrone Rodriguez (E-Mail Unknown)
* Tristan Kinslow (His work is at

My highest score so far: 72,165, Rank 1 (Special Agent)

I was expecting a bug-free Ranking list from FValenzuela (His House of
the Dead 2 Document can be found at but since
there were some errors, here's the actual ranking list:

* Rank 8-Rookie Agent (You suck or played 2-player)
* Rank 7-Average Agent
* Rank 6-Standard Agent
* Rank 5-Leading Agent
* Rank 4-Master Agent
* Rank 3-Expert Agent
* Rank 2-Top Agent
* Rank 1-Special Agent (And that's YOUR GOAL)

Using Tyrone Rodriguez's and Tristan Kinslow's "Ending Model", the
whole thing goes:

* If you finish the game with less than 62,000 points and if the number
  of continues end with a 0, then you will get the "Sophie is a Zombie"
  ending.  I rarely need to see this ending just because I always finish
  the game with the number of continues ending with anything but a 0.

* If you finish the game with less than 62,000 points and if the number
  of continues does not end with a 0, then you will get the "Usual"

* If finish the game with at least 62,000 points and if you qualify for
  the Rank 1 (Special Agent) Rating, then you will get the "Sophie is
  Alive" ending.  That's your goal.

My note: I was able to verify whether or not you will get the "Bad"
ending if you beat the game without continuing.  This was done playing
a game of House of the Dead 2 FYI.  Unless you meet the minimum score
as stated above and unless you earned the Rank 1 (Special Agent) Rating,
you will get the BAD ending even though you tried so hard to beat the
game without continuing.  In House of the Dead 2, I was able to beat
the whole game without continuing, and I still got the "good" ending
simply I scored the minimum amount of points required to get the "good"

A rant about continues: Usually, you complete the game with the number
of continues not ending with a Zero.  If for any reason the number of
continues will end with a Zero and if for any reason the Magician's life
bar is less than 15% full, just "Game Over" the game and start the game
all over.  I don't think you want to see the bad ending because it's kind
of scary.  Still, I have to do a test run on this to see whether it's
worthwhile to see the bad ending for once or not.

Also, if for any reason you beat the game with only one credit, you should
be able to earn at least 62,000 points with a Rank of 1 in the usual
case.  If you don't continue at all, then you should be able to reach
the Sophie is alive Ending since the ingredient to clear the game without
spending too much money on this game is to do head shots all the way.

If the calibration was reminicent of House of the Dead 2's then your
accuracy will be better.  Remember, accuracy counts and the quicker you
take out the enemies and the higher your accuracy, the better your


Appearance: End of Chapter 1 and before the caves of Chapter 4
Defense: Somewhat Moderate
Speed: Very slow
Persistence: Rather poor
Attacking Power: Rather poor (Even though he's close enough to slam you
up, he can only chop off a life from one player only).

After destroying two Zombies, Rogan was in the verge of having poor
Sophie run out of the house alive, but all of a sudden a huge monster
with a GIANT AXE came down from the ceiling and the monster (who don't
care about Rogan's intentions of marrying Sophie) and hacked Sophie right
in her torso!!!  This angered Rogan but G realized that there's something
more to this.  Being a good friend of Rogan, G promised that right after
he defeated Chariot that "Curien will pay for what Chariot has done to

Weak Point
The Small, Red Crystal somewhere at his chest.  It's really hard to see
so try to slam only at the Red Crystal.  After he loses his armor,
LOL right at Chariot and hit him anywhere you want!

Patterns of Attack (This applies to both Chapters 1 and 4)
1. Chariot will try to get close to you and swing his axe to prevent
   you from slamming him at his weak point.  If he's close enough, you
   will feel the unwelcome touch of that axe.

2. If Chariot takes too many hits at his chest, he'll try to lean down
   for a while to block any shots that would land at nothing but his
   weak point.

3. Chariot will repeat step 1 until he loses even more energy.

4. If Chariot loses more energy right after he repeats Step 1, then he
   will lose his armor.

5. Chariot is defenseless so he tries to punch you in the face in spite
   of his slow movements.  He'll try to land a punch at you and he'll
   keep on trying until he's defeated.

Boss Strategies
This boss should be the easiest boss in HOTD 1 (though some people says
that this boss is really cheap).  All you need to do is keep on slamming
on his weak point continuously.  When Chariot ducks, hold your fire.
When he resumes Step 1, slam on his weak point once again.  When he loses
enough energy, he'll duck and his armor will tear off.

Chariot is totally defenseless without the armor so all you have to do
is shoot him anywhere you want until he pays for killing Sophie.  Notice
that G claims that it isn't over until Curien pays for Sophie's death
by Rogan's sake.

You should be able to make through Chariot without any life loss at all.

The only complaint I had during the fight against Chariot at times is
of course, the calibration of the Gun.  The gun control is reminscent
of Virtua Cop 2 and sometimes I lose a life even though the nozzle's
aiming up at Chariot's weak point not because I didn't tag Chariot on
time, it's because of the poor calibration of the gun used in the game,
derived from VC2.


Appearance: End of Chapter 2 and at the caves of Chapter 4
Defense: Poor (Know that he can't guard his weak point even with his
confusing flying patterns and his charging deck-up)
Speed: Rather high (His flying movement makes it difficult to lay the
smack down on him)
Persistence: Moderate (The bats and his charging scratch can really be
a big pain at times)
Attacking Power: Rather poor (His scratch can only injure one player
and his bats can be nullified since the bats give time for error)

Rogan approaches poor Sophie Richards at the outside of the Mansion.
G tells Sophie to run behind their back but suddenly Hangedman drags
Sophie back inside the house to warn that NO ONE escapes the House of
the Dead alive.  Rogan wants his Sophie back, but G will stop at nothing
to help Rogan retrieve Sophie unscathed by trying to lay the smack down
on Hangedman.

Sadly, Rogan lost Sophie to the cold-blooded Chariot but G promised both
Rogan and G that Curien will pay for this.  When a scientist (rescued
by Rogan and G) notifies that "They're still upstairs", Rogan and G
climbed up the ladder only to know that Hangedman dropped two scientists
to their death.

Hangedman told Rogan and G that this is as far as they will go and tells
them that he will finish both AMS-ers here.  Hangedman is quite tough
but with this guide, you will do some cost-effective smack-down on this
cheese ball.

Weak Point
Hangedman's defense is rather poor because his entire chest is his weak
spot.  He doesn't guard his chest at all which is a good thing but his
fast movements make him a hard target to hit so try to get some good
slam-downs on his chest.

Patterns of Attack (End of Stage 2)
1. Hangedman will throw bats at you.  You can either shoot the bats for
   a higher score or lay the smack down on Hangedman while he's wide
   open.  For beginners, I would lay the smack down on Hangedman (be
   sure to kill the coming bats), but for Advanced Players, you can
   score more points as outlined by Tristan Kinslow on his FAQ at

2. When he loses enough energy and/or loses all of his bats, he will
   then deck you with a charging scratch.

3. Hangedman will travel in a pattern that will make it difficult to
   lay the smack down on his chest and then will try to deck you with
   a Charging Scratch.

4. Hangedman repeats step 3 until he's near-death.

5. When he's near-death, Hangedman will try to drag you out of the
   floor, but you are able to survive the fall.

6. Now Hangedman will try a headbutt at you.

7. Hangedman will now do Step 3 once again until he dies.

Patterns of Attack (The caves at Stage 4)
1. Hangedman will throw bats at you.  Negotiate this like you would
   with the end of Chapter 2.

2. When he loses enough energy or loses all of his bats, he will then
   deck you with a charging scratch.

3. Hangedman will travel in a pattern that will make it difficult to
   lay the smack down on his chest and then will try to deck you with
   a charging scratch.

4. Hangedman repeats step 3 until he dies.

Boss Tips
The very first stage gives you a choice between laying the smack down
on him by slamming his chest continuously or by just nullifying his
bats down.  For beginners, I personally would slam his chest continuously
(but be sure to knock down his bats) but for Advanced Players, you can
just knock down all of his bats (just try to nail as much energy as you
can so that you don't have to deal with plenty of his charging scratches
later on).

Once he loses all of his bats or loses enough energy, then he will try
his first scratch on you.  Hit him at the chest repeatedly so he can't
scratch you.

After his initial scratch, he will travel in a pattern that's hard to
get a clean shot.  Slam him even before he charges for a deadly charging
scratch and when he does his charging scratch again, slam him at the
chest just about enough so he can't do a scratch at you.

If you are playing against him at the caves, just keep on slamming at
him until he dies.

If not, then once he's near-death, you can't injure him anymore until
he drops you one floor.  Once he does so (Don't worry you'll survive),
then slam him before he does his headbutt at you.  Now he will do his
charging scratches with much better persistency.  Keep on slamming him
and nail him before he nails you until he dies.

You don't have to destroy the bats during Stage 1 of Hangedman.  However,
if you believe that you want a higher score during this point of the
game, then go ahead.  You only need to defeat Hangedman himself in order
to move on.  If you are a usual high-scorer, then the bats wouldn't
matter anyway.


Appearance: End of Chapter 3
Defense: Moderate (Know that he can guard his weak point using his
arms and legs)
Speed: Moderate (Hermit can try to get close to you and jack you with a
scratch or bite)
Persistence: Moderate (Hermit has close-range and long-range attacks)
Attacking Power: Moderate

Rogan and G meets up with Curien for the first time but Curien doubts
that Rogan and G will be able to defeat him and wants to see how good
both Rogan and G are as he disappears from the scenario all of a sudden
when a giant spider known as Hermit appears.  Rogan and G cannot
proceed until they can defeat this tough spider.

Weak Point
The head of the spider is the weak point.  It's fairly small so try to
lay the smack at the head.  Sometimes the Hermit will guard his weak
point when he's close to death so marksmanship is the key to prevent the
Hermit from scratching or biting you.

Patterns of Attack
1. Hermit will try to get close to you and bite or scratch you if he gets
   too close.  He doesn't guard his weak point from this point so try to
   lay the smack at Hermit as much as you can.

2. When Hermit loses enough energy, he will escape.  You continue to
   chase Hermit.

3. If Hermit is too far from you, he will then throw his spider vomit
   at you.  The Spider Vomit Balls can be nullified.

4. Hermit will try to scratch or bite you but this time around he will
   guard his weak point with his arms and legs so be sure that you make
   your marksmanship skills count by laying the smack down on Hermit's
   Weak Point.

5. Hermit repeats steps 4 and 5 until he dies.

Boss Tips
This boss shouldn't be that difficult.  All you need to do is to slam
his weak point continuously.  All Hermit does on his first stretch of
attack is trying to get close to you so he can scratch or bite you from
up close.  Just lay the smack down on his weak point and he won't be
able to attack you.  He won't guard his weak point so just slam on him
until he loses enough energy to escape.

Now the final stretch of his attack is tricky: If he's too far, then he
will use his rear-end and throw Spider Vomit at you.  Nullify his spider
vomit first and then lay the smack down on his weak point once again.
It's harder to keep the Hermit from a distance during the final stretch
of the battle since he now guards his weak point with his arms and legs.
Marksmanship is the key to slam the Hermit's weak point while he's
guarding it.  Keep on slamming at the Hermit's weak point until he's
no more.

Warning: Because the Spider Vomit will throw your attention towards the
Hermit's weak spot a bit, this is something to worry about because right
after he finishes throwing vomit, he will charge at you and then lay the
smack out of you.  You need to quickly destroy the vomit and then slam
the Hermit before he gets you.


Appearance: End of Chapter 4
Defense: Very High
Speed: High
Persistence: Very High
Attacking Power: Excellent

As Rogan and G approached Curien at his own turf, Rogan and G came out
in full force so Curien won't escape.  However, Curien doubts that Rogan
and G will defeat him, so he decides to show Rogan and G his masterpiece
(Magician Type 0).

But a bug on the Magician's Programming also marked the death of Curien
and Rogan and G tried to destroy it before it does something bad beyond
their control...

After a long and hard fight, Magician was defeated and G has made note
about the boss's weak points.  The chaos was over, and Rogan and G
condemned Curien while poor Rogan bid a fond farewell to the now-deceased
Sophie Richards as they left the mansion.


Read this section and you won't have to waste too much money on the
Magician through your subsequent plays.

Weak Points
Although neither the DBR Employees (nor Sophie Richards) knew about
Curien's masterpiece, the file Rogan and G read were billed as UNKNOWN.
However, right after I read Tyrone Rodriguez's article in Tips and Tricks
Magazine, it turned out that the Weak Points are anywhere outside the
Shining Blue Armor.  This means that you should try to shoot him where
the black wires are moving at.  To tell you the truth, it's the left
upper arm, the right lower arm, the left thigh, and the right shin.  This
is also outlined in Tristan Kinslow's document at

Pattern of Attack
1. Magician throws an array of fireballs from his hands while spinning

2. Magician charges his left hand (He only turns around slightly) and
   lets loose with a Reppuu-Ken (Wind Slice).

3. Magician charges both of his hands with fire and then when fully
   charged, Magician lets loose with a wide-ranged Force Wave Attack.

4. Magician repeats steps 1-3 until he loses enough energy.

5. Magician then dashes three times and then charges at you.  When he's
   about to hit you, he then does a decking Dragon Hook.

6. Magician will continue to do the Three-Dash Dragon Hook until he YET
   loses enough energy.

7. Magician will then once again throw an array of fireballs from his
   hands while spinning around.

8. Again Magician will charge his left hand (he will only turn around
   slightly) and follow that up with his Reppuu-Ken (Wind Slice).

9. Now Magician gets desperate by charging both of his hands with fire
   and when fully charged, he will toss a Fire Force Wave at you.

10. Magician repeats 7-9 until he loses enough energy.

11. Magician will then do his trademark "Heave-Ho" Tri-Dash Dragon Hook
    attack at you again.  Only this time Magician will be a lot faster.

12. If Magician is close to his death, then he will find a spot where
    he can charge a high amount of raw, blistering droplets of fire.
    Now he charges up (leaning down) and when he's fully charged, he
    then unleashes the droplets of fire at the sky: Inferno Shower
    Desperation Attack.

13. Magician repeats his Inferno Shower Desperation Attack until he
    is defeated.

Tips on defeating Magician
Magician will dash around between attacks so you can't injure him while
he's dashing.

When Magician does his turnaround Reppuu-Ken (Turning around and tossing
his fire fists at you), it's nearly impossible to hit him anywhere at
his weak points so just concentrate on hitting his fireballs for now.

When Magician does his higher-charged Reppuu-Ken (He doesn't turn around
but charges his left hand with fire before letting loose), hit him at
either the left thigh or the right shin before he can let loose with
those damn fire waves.  After he throws his fire waves at you, hit the
fire waves.

Now right when Magician charges both of his hands for a desperate Wide
Range Fire Force Wave, you will have time to hit him at either the
Upper Left Arm, the Lower Right Arm, the Left Thigh, or the Right Shin.
Hit him at his weak points before he lets loose with the Force Wave and
when he lets loose with his force wave, nullify his fireballs.  If you
are playing 2-player, one should nullify his fireballs while the second
player tries to nail Magician at the left thigh or the right shin.

Now if Magician loses enough energy, get ready because it's Dragon Hook
Time!  Magician will make three dashes from left or right and from the
left or right side of the screen he will charge at you and do a flaming
Dragon Hook at you which will damage both players.  If the Magician is
charging at you from the left side of the screen, then you should try
to aim for his lower right arm or at his right shin.  You can hit him
at his left thigh, though it is not recommended.  If you don't hit him,
then he will deck both players.  If you don't hit him, then you don't
have to worry about sustaining a hit.  If he's trying to deck you from
your right, then it's the left thigh that you should hit.  You can try
to deck the Magician at his upper left arm, but that's the arm he uses
to deck you with his damn Fire Hook so other parts of his body would be
fine.  Just remember the safe spots to deck Magician at.

Magician will repeat his Reppuu-Kens after losing enough energy for his
first time aroundside his Dragon Hooks.  Magician will go through a
faster chain of Dragon Hooks when he loses more energy through his
second chain of Reppuu-Kens.

When Magician is getting close to his death, he will start a chain of
his trusty desperation attack, called the Inferno Shower.  While he's
charging for his Inferno Shower, land shots at either his upper left
arm or his lower right arm.  When the shower starts, just concentrate
on nullifying his fireballs.  Accuracy counts when nullifying the
fireballs.  After nullifying his fireballs, Magician will keep on doing
his Inferno Shower again and again until he's defeated.  All you have
to do is to just jack Magician at his upper left arm and his lower right
arm and nullify his shower until he's toast.

A note to Beginners: Even though the file says UNKNOWN, don't shoot
Magie anywhere since his blue armor protects him from bullets.  The only
area you should concentrate are the areas with the wires around it.  This
is important to know at the final stage of Magician's attack because if
you don't know where to tag Mage at, then he could be impossible to


Neither of the bosses were too hard.  I have read EGM's coverage of
House of the Dead and found out that most of their work was unreliable
in nearly all cases.  "Big T" Rodriguez did a great job pointing out
some of the hardest spots in House of the Dead, thus making T and T more
reliable than EGM's publication.  Right after reading Big T's article
regarding about House of the Dead, I began to realize that the game isn't
too hard.  The only thing hard about the game were the speed of the
zombies and the poor calibration of the gun.

However, I saved some money on certain bosses by learning how to defeat
them in the first time I've been playing this game.  Chariot didn't take
me too many tokens because he was kind of slow and he's pretty easy to
stun aloft.  I found Hangedman and Magician to be the most difficult
bosses of the group because of their persistent patterns and their
ludicrous fighting patterns.  Later against the Hangedman fight, I found
out that I had to pound Hangey on his chest before he punched me on the

Hermit seemed to be the laughable boss since he's quite easy despite his
high defense rate and multiple projectile attacks.  I only lost one life
due to my carelessness and impatience.

Since the Magician was a tough boss, I had to help some beginners at
Dave and Buster's to neutralize this cheeseball.  I told a lot of players
at D&B and GameWorks that the weakest spots of the Magician are the areas
outside of his armor.  Not too many beginners believed me on this so I
had to join in to help them out.

If you are an expert and if some beginner is on a fight against Mage,
then please ask them if you can join in because the Magician can be a
tough ass for a beginner.


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provides Vitamins A and B before playing this game.  And only Dave
and Buster's and GameWorks have restaurant-type food that you can eat
in the event you become hungry.

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