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Theme Hospital: The Unofficial Walkthrough
Steve Novicki
Copyright (c) February 18, 2000 by Steve Novicki


1 - Introduction
2 - Doctors and Specialists
3 - Handymen
4 - Nurses and Secretaries
5 - Rooms
6 - Diseases
7 - When VIPs Come To Visit Your Hospital
8 - Cheats
9 - Farewell

1 - Introduction

	Hello! My name is Steve Novicki, and I will be your narrator and 
guide throughout this FAQ for the fantastic simulation computer game, 
Theme Hospital. I have been playing Theme Hospital for about two years 
now, and I can create a successful hospital WITHOUT the use of cheat 
codes up until about level six. Despite my inexperience to the game, I 
know a lot about it, and felt it my personal responsibility to write 
this FAQ for all players of Theme Hospital. 
	Also, as stated above, this FAQ is legally Copyright (c) February 
18, 2000 by Steve Novicki. If you rip off of this or any of my other 
FAQs for any reason without my personal consent, I can sue you and 
easily win. Just don't do it. Now all that boring legal stuff is said, 
let's get to the FAQ!

2 - Doctors and Specialists

	Without Doctors, like in real life, hospitals cannot function 
properly. Also, in a very sexist gesture, all Doctors in all hospitals 
are male, no female Doctors. There are a variety of different Doctors, 
all ranging in skill and attention to detail. There are also four 
different types of Doctors. Below is a list of them all and what each 

DOCTOR: Your average Doctor. He can do anything in the game except 
perform surgery, use the Psychiatry Room, or research in the Research 
Department. Also, only a Researcher can use the DNA Restorer Room. 
Basically, Doctors are the universal people in the game that you will 

PYSCHIATRIST: The first specialist you will encounter on the first 
level. These cost way more than plan Doctors to hire, but they can 
treat and diagnose patients using the Psychiatry Room. That is all 
that's special about Psychiatrists. They can also do everything that 
normal Doctors can do.

RESEARCHER: The second most basic specialist in the game. Researchers, 
and only Researchers, can conduct research in the Research Department. 
They can also do everything that normal Doctors can do. They cost more 
to hire than normal Doctors do. 

SURGEON: The most complex specialist in Theme Hospital. I think that 
these cost the most of all staff to hire. Surgeons are the only Doctors 
who can perform surgery in the Operating Theater. You should have at 
least three Surgeons; one rests while the other two operate. Every 
operation in Theme Hospital requires two Surgeons to operate, and a 
Nurse to see the patients into the Ward. Surgeons can also do 
everything else normal Doctors can. 

THE DOCTORS IN GENERAL: All Doctors need to rest in the staff room for 
a certain period of time to allow them to recuperate from their hard 
day at work. If you set the Send Staff To Staff Room level too high, 
the Doctors (not to mention all the other staff) will get tired, mad, 
make mistakes, demand pay rises, and eventually quit. Set the Send 
Staff To Staff Room level to about twenty or twenty-five percent and 
they will never demand pay rises or get mad. 

All Doctors come with a certain level of training. Starting from the 
fourth level, you can train your Doctors to higher skill levels. All 
you need to do this is a Training Room and a Consultant (discussed 
later). Put both in the Training Room (making sure that their tiredness 
level is at zero). Also make sure that the Staff Room is close to them, 
or else the training of a Doctor will take longer. It is a good idea to 
have lots of Bookcases and Skeletons in your Training Rooms, due to the 
fact that it speeds up the training time. Another important fact is 
that the more Doctors you train at once in a single Training Room, the 
less the speed they will learn at. Like, if you have one Doctor being 
taught on a one-on-one basis, he will learn at a rate three times 
faster than that of the same Training Room with three Doctors in it.

There are three types of Doctors: Junior, Doctor, and Consultant. A 
Junior is a Doctor with hardly any training, so you should train them 
to get them to an acceptable level of skill. The main advantage of 
hiring Juniors is that they are VERY cheap, and you can train them for 
free. A Doctor is a Doctor with a skill level that is about in the 
middle or a little above that. Doctors cost a little more than Juniors, 
but less than Consultants. Doctors and Juniors have no special 
features. Consultants, on the other hand, are glorified Doctors. Their 
skill level is extremely high, and they can be used to train young 
Doctors and Juniors to acceptable levels. Consultants cost a LOT of 
money, and the more special skills they possess (like a Surgeon), they 
will pass that skill on to their students. Also, the more Doctors and 
Juniors work in your hospital, the more knowledge and skill they 
obtain. They eventually will become Consultants if they are working in 
your hospital for long enough. You should make sure that all staff 
possess a moderate to high level if Attention to Detail (specified when 
you hire them). If they don't, they will make more mistakes. But you 
can train them and Attention to Detail won't really matter then.

3 - Handymen

You need Handymen, and a lot of them, dependent upon the size of 
your hospital. Handymen's sole purposes in life are to (a) sweep up the 
litter, (b) water the plants and (c) fix machinery that is damaged or 
old. Pretty important. Really important, actually. If you don't have 
any Handymen when you put plants in your hospital, they will die and 
cause patients to become unhappy. If you don't have any Handymen when 
you have a hospital with lots of people visiting it, the litter will 
get out of control and epidemics will break out. If you don't have any 
Handymen when you have one or more machines in your hospital, unless 
you replace it once in a while, it will explode and the room will 
become unusable. Very bad indeed. It's a good thing that most Handymen 
are cheap and reliable, the best Handyman costs about $117 to hire 
monthly (at least, I think it's monthly, could someone check for me?). 
	Handymen, like Doctors, need to rest every once in a while. If 
they don't, they soon become cranky and get tired, mad, demand pay 
rises, make a lot of mistakes, and eventually quit. To remedy this, 
have a lot of Handymen, quite a few Staff Rooms, and set the Staff Go 
To Staff Room level to about twenty to twenty-five percent. Also, if 
you see a piece of litter in your hospital that has not yet been swept 
up by a Handyman, right-click any Handyman and put him directly over 
the tile that contains the piece of litter. If the Handyman has a high 
Attention to Detail rating, the Handyman will then sweep up the litter 
on the spot without complaining. One last comment: you can adjust the 
concentration of one field to any Handyman by left-clicking on one. Now 
click one of the buttons that you wish to concentrate; either Sweeping 
Litter, Watering Plants, or Fixing Machinery. All are important, but I 
find it best to just not have any plants in your hospital at all.

4 - Nurses and Secretaries

	Secretaries are probably the most important staff in your entire 
hospital. Without them, your patients would not know where to go. They 
would not even have a chance to check into your hospital because they 
would not have a Secretary to check in with. You must hire a 
Secretary(s) to see all of your patients. If you don't, you cannot 
start a hospital. They are kind of cheap, though, considering their 
level of importance. The best one costs something around $123 to hire 
per month, and the best thing is that THEY DO NOT GET TIRED. Not at 
all. They do not have to go to the Staff Room because they do not get 
tired, for some reason, benefiting you in the manner that you do not 
have to have two or three Secretaries at once. Secretaries require 
Reception Desks to stand behind in order to see the patients. You 
should, as always, choose a Secretary with a high Skill Level and, if 
possible, Attention to Detail. 
	Nurses are women in your hospital who administer drugs via the 
Pharmacy, see patients into the Ward, and operate the Fracture Clinic. 
Kind of important, not really, though, because your hospital could 
function without any Nurses, you just wouldn't be able to cure a lot of 
	Anyway, hiring Nurses is kind of expensive, a good one would 
about $150 monthly to hire. But you should have a lot of them, three or 
four, because of the fact that they perform so many tasks. They, like 
Doctors and Handymen, need to rest just like them, so you can go up to 
the section on either of them to find out how to do this. There is not 
really much else to say about them, just make sure that the ones you 
have are skilled. 

5 - Rooms

	There are many different rooms in Theme Hospital, all serving 
either one or many purposes. Many of them are funny. I have gotten all 
of the rooms in Theme Hospital and condensed them into one section. 
They are all listed below.

These rooms will diagnose patients to find out what is wrong with them. 
If your Doctors use all of the diagnosis equipment you have and still 
do not know what is ailing the patient, a fax machine message will come 
up, asking you what you want them to do.

GP's Office (General Practitioner's)

This is the fundamental room of any good hospital. Secretaries direct 
patients here, and then they go to the nearest GP's Office, sit, and 
wait. A Doctor should soon come to assist them, if none are, hire more 
Doctors. The Doctor will, if you're lucky, diagnose a patient's 
disease, and the patient will be sent for a cure.

General Diagnosis

This is kind of like the GP's Office, except that it is the second room 
the patient goes to. If the GP's Office can't diagnose the patient's 
disease, there's a good chance that the General Diagnosis room will.


This is a piece of machinery that diagnoses patients. Somewhat 
effective, but if you don't have a lot of money at the moment, you 
might want to get this. The Cardiogram requires maintenance.


We're getting into some serious diagnosis equipment here! The very 
sophisticated Scanner is a piece of equipment that scans patients to 
find out what's wrong with them, kind of like a metal detector. The 
Scanner is very expensive, but worth it, it can diagnose almost every 
Theme Hospital disease. The Scanner requires maintenance.


The Ultrascan is very expensive, but well-worth the cost. Looking like 
an ultrasound, it diagnoses almost every ailment in Theme Hospital with 
the greatest of ease, and costs the patient a pretty penny, too. The 
Ultrascan is a piece of machinery that requires maintenance.

Blood Machine

The Blood Machine is basically a glorified way of taking and analyzing 
blood. It takes samples of the patient's blood and analyzes it 
to diagnose the disease the patient has. It looks very, very odd, and 
is fun to watch. It is a very effective method of diagnosis that can 
diagnose almost every disease in the game. The Blood Machine is a piece 
of equipment, and an expensive piece at that, that requires 


This is a moderately expensive piece of diagnosis equipment that is 
highly effective. It costs the patient a lot, and has a long life to 
it. The only downside to it is that it takes up an exceedingly large 
amount of space in your hospital. The X-Ray also requires maintenance.

The Treatment Rooms do exactly what their name implies: they treat the 
patients in one way or another. The difference between Treatment and 
Clinic Rooms is that the Treatment Rooms cure many diseases, while 
Clinics are made to cure one disease.


The mad people's room! The Psychiatric Room requires one qualified 
Psychiatrist to perform treatments. It is a good idea to keep in mind 
that when building one of these rooms, many Bookcases and Skeletons 
will aid in speeding up the treatment and cause the Psychiatrist to 
make fewer mistakes.


The Pharmacy is where the Nurse administers various drugs to patients
with diseases that require a drug to treat them. Remember, if you have 
more than one Pharmacy (which is a good idea); have more than one Nurse 
to work in them. Drugs cost money to replace, $100 each time, about 
every week or so. I just threw that in there so you know that.


The Ward is where patients who are about to receive surgery go prior 
to the surgery. A Nurse sees in the patient, the patient has the 
surgery soon after that, and after the surgery, the patient is sent 
home, considered cured. The Ward is also used as a diagnosis room, the 
Nurse keeps patients for overnight observation. Any Ward requires one 
Nurse, just like the Pharmacy.

Operating Theater

Where people go to have surgery (duh!) The Operating Room requires two 
qualified Surgeons to perform the operations, and the Operating Table 
itself needs to be replaced every once in a while. NOTE: Sometimes, I 
would scroll over to my Operating Theater and find a Surgeon inside 
whose happy bar was filled halfway and tiredness bar was half-filled, 
also. This means that the Surgeon is very unhappy, and very, very 
tired, and due to some odd bug in the game, never knows to go to the 
Staff Room. It this does not happen, he will demand an outstanding pay 
rise, something like $300-$800. It would be to both of your benefit to 
remove him from the Operating Theater immediately and place him in the 
Staff Room.

These are where treatments for specific disease are. They are all 
machines, so they will need maintenance by a Handyman, except for the 
DNA Fixer, which does not, for some reason.


The cure to the infamous disease Bloaty Head is located in this room. 
It is a piece of machinery where a needle is stuck into the overly 
inflated head, popped, and then inflated to the proper PSI using a 
bicycle pump. Any normal Doctor executes this procedure.

DNA Fixer

People with Alien DNA are sent here. For some odd reason, the game does 
not consider this a piece of equipment, so it does not need 
maintenance. Only a qualified Researcher can perform this procedure.

Hair Restoration

People with the disease Baldness are sent here to receive a full head 
of hair. It looks kind of like a hair salon hair dryer. The Hair 
Restorer requires one normal Doctor to perform the procedure. 

Slack Tongue Clinic

People with the disease Slack Tongue are sent here. Their tongue is put 
in a machine that slices it off quickly and painfully. The Slicer 
requires one Doctor to perform the procedure. 

Fracture Clinic

Patients with the disease Fractured Bones come here to receive 
treatment. The cast is removed quickly, efficiently, and painfully. 
This clinic requires one Nurse to perform the procedure. 


People diagnosed with the extremely funny disease of Hairyitis are sent 
here to be electrocuted by a machine and then sent home, considered 
cured. The Electrolysis requires one normal Doctor to perform the 

Jelly Vat

People with Jellyitis are sent here to be solidified. Any normal Doctor 
performs this procedure. 


People diagnosed with Radioactivity are sent here to be cured. It is a 
gigantic shower where people are bathed in. Any normal Doctor performs 
this procedure. 

Exactly what they sound like; facilities. These aid your hospital by 
performing non-medical related activities.

Staff Room

This room is crucial to the well-being of your hospital; it lets your 
staff rest and recuperate. If they do not rest, they become very mad, 
tired, they make mistakes, demand pay rises, and eventually quit. It's 
a good idea to place a few of these, one at each end of your hospital.

Research Department

This is a very, very, very, very, very important room. Without it, you 
would not be able to research new cures and equipment for your 
hospital, therefore limiting your hospitals growth. You conduct 
research via the Research Screen, an icon at the bottom right of the 
game screen. You should first take all the percentages out of 
everything but Diagnosis, and put it all into Diagnosis. Then, when 
Diagnosis is complete, do the same thing with Cures. Then Improvements, 
and then everything else. The Research Department requires at least one
qualified Researcher, preferably two or three, to conduct the research. 
You can have an infinite amount of Researchers in the Research 
Department at once, but I prefer to have two or three.


What else is there to say, except that is really entertaining to watch 
people use the toilets! A good hospital would have two or three of 
these. Also, the more Drink Machines you have, the more Toilets are 


This is where staff with an incredibly low skill level go to be trained 
mercilessly by Consultants. You should have a lot of Bookcases and 
Skeletons, because this speeds up staff training a considerable amount. 

	Lotta rooms in Theme Hospital, huh? They all have practical 
uses, and none of them cost too incredibly much. The most expensive is 
the DNA Fixer, costing $20,000. Oh well, so life goes on. 

6 - The Diseases

Bloaty Head
 Cause - Sniffing cheese and drinking unpurified rainwater
 Symptoms - Very uncomfortable for the sufferer
 Cure - The swollen head is popped, then reinflated to the correct PSI
        using a clever machine

 Cause - Prolonged exposure to the moon
 Symptoms - Sufferers experience enhanced sense of smell
 Cure - An electrolysis machine removes the hair and seals up the pores

 King Complex
 Caused by the spirit of the King entering the patient's mind and 
taking over
 Symptoms - Donning of colourful suede footwear and eating 
 Cure - A Psychiatrist tells the patient how ridiculous he or she looks

 Cause - Being bitten by a radioactive (and invisible) ant
 Symptoms - Patients suffer no discomfort. Indeed, many use the 
condition to play practical jokes on their families
 Cure - A colourful liquid drunk in the Pharmacy soon restores the 
patient to full observability

 Serious Radiation
 Cause - Mistaking plutonium isotopes for chewing gum
 Symptoms - Patients with this condition feel very, very unwell
 Cure - The patient must be placed in a Decontamination Shower and
        cleansed properly

 Slack Tongue
 Cause - Chronic overdiscussion of soap operas
 Symptoms - Tongue swells to five times its original length
 Cure - The tongue is placed in the Slicer Machine, and removed 
quickly, efficiently and painfully

 Alien DNA
 Cause - Face huggers equipped with intelligent alien blood
 Symptoms - Gradual alien metamorphosis and desire to destroy our 
 Cure - The DNA is mechanically removed, cleaned of alien elements and
        replaced quickly

 Fractured Bones
 Cause - Falling off high things onto concrete
 Symptoms - Loud crack and inability to use afflicted limbs
 Cure - The cast is set then removed using a laser-driven removing

 Cause - Telling lies and making up stories to be popular
 Symptoms - Shiny-headedness and embarrassment
 Cure - Hair is seamlessly melded onto the patient's head using a 
painful machine

 Discrete Itching
 Cause - Tiny insects with sharp teeth
 Symptoms - Scratching, leading to body-part inflammation
 Cure - Patient drinks a pharmaceutical gluey syrup to prevent the skin
        from itching

 Cause - Gelatin-rich diet and too much exercise
 Symptoms - Excessive wobbliness and falling down a lot
 Cure - The patient is immersed in the Jelly Vat in a special room for
        a bit

 Sleeping Illness
 Cause - Overactive sleep gland in the roof of the mouth
 Symptoms - Overwhelming desire to crash out everywhere
 Cure - A high dosage of powerful stimulant is administered by a Nurse

 Pregnancy (not seen in the game, but downloadable on the 'net)
 Cause - Power cuts in urban areas
 Symptoms - Faddish eating with consequent beer gut.
 Cure - Baby is removed in Operating Theatre, washed and presented to

 Cause - Licking the yogurt from the foil tops of opened pots
 Symptoms - Flesh is rendered see-through and horrible
 Cure - A Pharmacy drink of specially cooled and coloured water cures
        this disease

 Uncommon Cold
 Cause - Small particles of snot in the air
 Symptoms - Runny nose, sneezing and discoloured lungs
 Cure - A big swig of uncommon cough medicine made from special 
ingredients in the Pharmacy will cure this

 Broken Wind
 Cause - Using a gymnasium treadmill after a meal
 Symptoms - Upsetting the people directly behind the patient
 Cure - A heavy mixture of special watery atoms is drunk rapidly in the

 Spare Ribs
 Cause - Sitting on cold stone floors
 Symptoms - Unpleasant feeling of chestiness
 Cure - These must be taken out by two Surgeons, and given to the 
patient in a doggy bag

 Kidney Beans
 Cause - Crunching up ice cubes in drinks
 Symptoms - Pain and frequent trips to the toilet
 Cure - Two Surgeons must remove the beans without touching the sides
        of the kidney

 Broken Heart
 Cause - Someone richer, younger and thinner than the patient
 Symptoms - Weeping and RSI caused by hours of tearing up holiday 
 Cure - Two Surgeons open the chest and gently mend the heart whilst
        holding their breath

 Ruptured Nodules
 Cause - Bungee jumping in cold weather
 Symptoms - Inability to sit down in comfort
 Cure - Two qualified Surgeons must removed the nodules using steady

 TV Personalities
 Cause - Daytime television
 Symptoms - Delusions of being able to present a cookery show
 Cure - A trained Psychiatrist must convince the patient to sell their
        TV and buy a radio

 Infectious Laughter
 Cause - Classic situation comedy
 Symptoms - Helpless chortling and repetition of unfunny catchphrases
 Cure - A qualified Psychiatrist must remind the patient how serious
        this condition is

 Corrugated Ankles
 Cause - Driving over traffic calming measures in road
 Symptoms - Footwear does not fit snugly
 Cure - A slightly toxic blend of herbs and spices is drunk to 
straighten out the ankles

 Chronic Nosehair
 Cause - Sniffing disdainfully at those worse off than the patient
 Symptoms - Nosebeard a badger could make a nest in
 Cure - A disgusting hair-removal potion is taken orally, prepared by
        a Nurse in the Pharmacy

 3rd Degree Sideburns
 Cause - Wistful longing for the 1970S
 Symptoms - Big hair, flares, platforms and glitter make-up
 Cure - The Psychiatry staff must, using up-to-date techniques, 
        the patient that these hairy accoutrements are rubbish

 Fake Blood
 Cause - Patient usually subject of practical joke
 Symptoms - Red fluid in veins which evaporates on contact with 
 Cure - Psychiatric calming is the only way to deal with this problem

 Gastric Ejections
 Cause - Spicy Mexican or Indian food
 Symptoms - Half-digested food is emitted from the patient in random 
 Cure - Drinking a special binding solution prevents anything being 

 The Squits
 Cause - Eating pizza found under the cooker
 Symptoms - Ugh. Surely you can guess
 Cure - A glutinous mix of stringy pharmaceutical chemicals solidify
        the patients innards

 Iron Lungs
 Cause - Inner-city smog mixed with kebab remains
 Symptoms - Ability to breathe fire and shout loudly underwater
 Cure - Two Surgeons operate to remove the cast solid lungs in the 

 Sweaty Palms
 Cause - Fear of job interviews
 Symptoms - Handshakes with patient are like grabbing a recently 
submerged sponge
 Cure - A Psychiatrist must talk the patient out of this made-up 

 Heaped Piles
 Cause - Standing around by water coolers
 Symptoms - Patient feels like he/she is sitting on a bag of marbles
 Cure - A pleasant, yet powerfully acidic drink dissolves the piles 
from the inside

 Gut Rot
 Cause - Mrs. O'Malley's Good Time Whisky Cough Mixture
 Symptoms - No cough but no stomach-wall lining either
 Cure - A Nurse can administer a selection of dissolved chemicals to 
coat the tum

 Golf Stones
 Cause - Exposure to poison gas inside golf-balls
 Symptoms - Delirium and advanced shame
 Cure -These must be removed by an operation requiring two Surgeons

 Unexpected Swelling
 Cause - Anything unexpected
 Symptom - Swelling
 Cure - The swelling can only be reduced by lancing during an operation
        requiring two Surgeons

As you can see, there are quite a few interesting diseases in Theme 
Hospital (over 30). There are four ways of curing a disease. The most 
common way is via the Pharmacy; that is, patients go see a Nurse who 
administers medicine, curing their ailment. The second way is by means 
of a Psychiatrist, who will talk with the patient in the Psychiatrist's 
Office, curing the patient. The third most common way is through a 
machine, a.k.a. a clinic. You get a lot of money by curing most of the 
machinery-curable diseases because it requires the use of expensive 
machinery; you also have to maintain the machinery, though. Be careful. 
The least common method of curing diseases is through an operation. 
Operations are performed in the Operating Theatre by two qualified 
Surgeons, and most of the diseases, once cured, fork over a pretty 

7 - When VIPs Come For Visits To Your Hospital

	VIP visits are very frequent. As most of you know, VIP stands 
for Very Irritating and Pompous, and if you get one bad word from any 
of them, your reputation goes down like a cement block in a lake. But 
this is very, very rare, and you much more likely than not get a cash 
award and if you're lucky, a reputation boost, from the VIP. Just make 
sure that your hospital is spick and span, the staff are all in good 
moods, no one dies, and none of the machines blow up. Also, try to cure 
as many patients as possible while the VIP is visiting. The VIP checks 
for all of these things, and also to see the technology of your 
equipment (Scanner, Ultrascan, high-tech pieces of machinery like 
that). This will almost guarantee you an excellent word from the VIP. I 
also like to block off sections of my hospital that are either not 
finished, have no radiators, or are hopelessly dirty. These tips should 
make VIP visits a lot easier. 

8 - Cheats

	The cheats in Theme Hospital are called fax machine cheats. This 
is because you punch certain numbers in on the fax machine that comes 
up every once in a while, and you enable the cheat mode. 


1.	Wait for a message to appear in the bottom left-hand corner of 
the screen, as these are normally questions directed to you by 
your Doctors. The best way to do this is to build a single 
GP's Office and the place one Reception Desk, hire one 
Receptionist and one Doctor, open the hospital, and wait. 

2.	Wait for a little box with a question mark on it to pop up. 
Click on one if it does. 

3.	If you're lucky, a fax machine will be revealed. Using the 
mouse pointer, enter the following numbers to get the 
corresponding response: 

24328: Enter cheat code mode.
7287: Enter a secret rat-shoot level after beating 
the current level.

	While in cheat mode, press the following button combinations to 
activate the corresponding responses:

	Shift + C: $10,000 (hold continuously for a lot more money)
	Shift + Control + C: All items
	*F11: Lose game
	*F12: Win game

*Might not work with all versions.

	You can also cheat using a good hex-editing program, like 
or Norton Disk Editor. Just start a brand-new game of Theme Hospital, 
save it to a file, and open that same file in the disk-editing program. 
Now change offsets 00061A95 - 00061A97 to FF FF FF, respectively. This 
will give you a TON of money to fool around with! 

9 - Farewell

	It was truly fun writing this FAQ to share information of one of 
my favorite games with other people, and I hope you've enjoyed it as 
much as I have. This took me approximately three hours to type (I type 
fast), and I had a lot of fun while typing it. If you have any 
questions, comments, updates, or complaints to or about this FAQ, let 
me know with an e-mail or two to Aristotle47@aol.com or 
TheRedBaron64@hotmail.com (preferably Aristotle47@aol.com). I usually 
check my mail two - four times each day and would be happy to read and 
reply to anyone who sends me one regarding any of my FAQs. You can also 
read my reviews for various games; they are under the alias Aristotle. 
Farewell, my good friends, and happy gaming.