Storyline Guide by Brother Renault

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                      T H I E F :   G O L D

              T H E   S T O R Y L I N E   G U I D E

                           Version 1.0

                   Author:        Brother Renault
                   Thanks:        Looking Glass Studios



**This is not a walkthrough.**  The intention of this guide is to summarize
concisely the events of Thief: Gold for those who want to either catch up, 
refresh their memory, or just relive the experience of the Thief story.
One of the the strengths of Thief is that, beyond the main story of Garrett,
there are dozens of intriguing subplots and side stories that help define
and shape the overall world of Thief.  The purpose of this guide is to help
keep track of it all.

I've been working on the content of this Guide on and off for 2-3 years now,
and always hoped to put it up on a web site.  If anyone is interested in
helping me with this, please contact me at

Two things that need to be said:

1)  If you are new to Thief, play Thief: Gold instead of Thief: The
    Dark Project.  Thief: Gold is how Looking Glass Studios originally
    intended Thief: The Dark Project to be.  It is longer, more
    comprehensive, and just a better overall game than the orignal release.

2)  Everything mentioned in this Guide refers to playing the game on Expert
    mode.  That's really the only way a true thief should play, and the
    way you'll get the most enjoyment and satisfation out of the game.

T A B L E    O F    C O N T E N T S

Ye shall not rob from the house I have built,
Or commit any theft or unrighteousness,
Lest ye be struck down and driven into the earth forthwith,
And the land of the heathen consume you.

-The Book of the Stone

1.    Intro To Thief
2.	A Keeper's Training
3.	Lord Bafford's Manor
4.	Break From Cragscleft Prison
5.	Down In The Bonehoard
6.	Assassins
7.	Thieves Guild
8.	The Sword
10.	First Cutscene
11.	The Haunted Cathedral
11.	The Mages Towers
12.	The Lost City
13.	Song Of The Caverns
14.	Undercover
15.	Return To The Cathedral
16.	Second Cutscene
17.	Escape!
18.	Strange Bedfellows
19.	Into The Maw Of Chaos
20.	Final Cutscene

1.   I N T R O    T O    T H I E F

Dig your hands into the earth, and then let the clay and dirt fall to the
After a year's passing, can you find that clay again?
But drop a stone, block, beam, a fired brick; it will persist a year, and
another hundred years besides.

-The Book of the Hammer

Vines will twine to drink out the life of the manfools, and where the
bloods of trees is spilled the Leaf-man rise and topples the towers.
His will makes the trees grow again, his roots and branches thirsting and 
blood to drinks in the joy of open sky.

-unatritubted Trickster scroll

The world is a great scale, which must stay in balance, in the face of
forces seeking to skew its arms.
A collection of knowledge is a set of weights, to be added to one side
of the scale or the other, as necessary.
Our task to place the weights, slowly, carefully, over centuries, in order
that the balance be preserved.

-excerpt from the lectures of the Keeper Loremaster

Welcome to the world of Thief.  You are Garrett, a hardened and cynical
thief living in a place known only as The City.  This place has it's own
politics with several unique factions exerting their influence and vying
for power.  Even so, your main objective from day to day is only to get
by, and separate wealthy nobles and corrupt merchants from their riches.
Fighting is not your specialty, in fact quite the opposite.  You prefer
to lurk in the shadows, move unnoticed, and only draw a blade if
completely necessary.  You have both the tools and the training to remain
completely invisible to other persons in and around The City.  Your only
concern is your next job.

2.   A    K E E P E R ' S    T R A I N I N G


The essence of balance is detachment.
To embrace a cause,
To grow fond or spiteful is to lose one's balance,
After which no action can be trusted.
Our burden is not for the dependent of spirit.

-Mayar, Third Keeper


Characters:    Garrett, several keepers

Enemies:       A Guard

Mentioned:     The City

Mentioned:     Mayar


The story of Thief begins with Garrett as a young boy, orphaned and
picking pockets on the streets of The City to survive.  One day, he picks
the wrong pocket, that of a man from a mysterious order known as The
Keepers.  Although Garrett is afraid the "old man" will turn him in to
a local fanatical religious group, The Keeper instead recognizes
Garrett's talents, and attempts to recruit him into his order.  Garrett
resists at first, but eventually gives in and begins a long training
period with this mysterious organization.  He is trained extensively
at their Compound in the arts of stealth, agility, and various weaponry.
Years later at the end of his training, however, Garrett confesses that
he has alternate plans for his newly acquired skills.


"The keepers were training me to be one of them, but I found other uses for
those skills." 

3.   L O R D    B A F F O R D ' S    M A N O R


The most promising acolyte left us,
Not out of the lesser folly of sentiment,
But the greater folly of anger.
His heart was clouded, his balance was lost,
But his abilities were unmatched.
Even then, we knew to watch him most carefully.

-Keeper Annals


Characters:    Garrett

Enemies:       Guards

People         Lord Bafford, Ramirez, Viktoria, The Baron, Cutty, Cedric,
Mentioned:     Dominic, Ginny, Tarquis, Lisalle, Ryen, Julien Friehalt,
               Lord Bryneran, Grimworth & DePerrin

Places         Bohn, Stonemarket, Dreckboun, Sunnyfair, Fendon,
Mentioned:     Shalebridge, New Market


Years after his departure from the Keepers, Garrett has chosen the life
of a common thief and is ready to partake in a new job.  Through a tip from
Cutty (a local fence), Garrett learns that a wealthy noble by the name of
Lord Bafford is in possession of a valuable jeweled scepter.  While Bafford
is out of town on business with his head of security, Garrett infiltrates
his manor using a wellhouse back entrance and steals the scepter.


Several guards are overheard discussing The Bear Pits, a form of
entertainment where Bears are strapped with weapons and battle to
the death.

Lord Bafford runs three illegal gambling dens by the names of
Sunnyfair, Dreckboun, and Fendon.

Bafford is suspicious that Ginny, a bookkeper at his Dreckboun
gambling site, is skimming off the top.  He hires a thug named Dominic
to straighten out the situation.  He also asks Dominic to investiage
a fence named Viktoria (whom he mispells as "Victoria"), who appears
to be making moves in The City.

Dominic informs Bafford that the Hammerites have been raiding Dreckboun,
and that they recently arrested patrons named Lisalle and Ryen as well
as a dealer named Tarquis.

Julien Friehalt, a tax collector, warns Bafford not to hide the profits
of his gambling dens from The Baron, or he risks suffering the fate of
Lord Bryneran, who was punished for a similar matter.

Bafford's scepter was provided by local antiquities dealers Grimworth
& Deperrin, who acquired it from the nearby city of Bohn.  They also
offer Bafford a silver birchwood treasure box.

Bafford lets his head assistant, Cedric, know that he is not happy with
the cook's meals.  He warns that the recent food shortages at
Stonemarket cannot be blamed because this years food budget was 

Two servants are overheard discussing the recent drought, which has
reduced the river to a point where you can actually walk across it in
at Shalebridge, located near New Market.


"The time is ripe for a bit of burlgary."

"I wonder if he reads them or if it's just for show." (in reference to
the books in Bafford's library).

"It's a throne room.  How pretentious can you get."

4.   B R E A K    F R O M    C R A G S C L E F T    P R I S O N


Before death came,
The Liars were made to feast upon the hands of the thieves,
And the thieves were made to ingest the tongues of their liar brothers,
And we praised the Master Builder for his judgements.

-The Hammer Book of Tenets


Characters:    Garrett, Cutty, Basso The Boxman, Issyt The Beggar, Nammon

Enemies:       Hammerites, Zombies, Spiders, A Skeleton

People         Felix, Brother Keybond, Brother Inquisitor, Brother
Mentioned:     Carpenter, Tarius, Shemenovs, several prisoners (see below)

Mentioned:     Cragscleft Prison


After stealing Bafford's scepter, Garrett tries to find Cutty to collect his 
payment, but instead learns the Hammerites have taken him prisoner for his
"questionable" profession.  Garrett decides that the only way he'll ever get
his money is to break into Cragscleft Prison and free Cutty.  He accesses the
Hammerite prison first through a shutdown mine (reputed to be haunted) and
then the Hammerite factory and forge.  Unfortunately, once he finally locates
Cutty in cell block 4, he dies from the damp conditions in the jail.  Just
before he does, he gives Garrett valuable information on The Horn of Quintus,
an item located in a nearby crypt know as The Bonehoard.  An associate of
Cutty's named Felix provided notes with specifics on the lcoation, but the
Hammerites confiscated the notes from Cutty when he was arrested.

Garrett locates the Hammerites evidence box, but Felix's notes are missing.
He learns that Nammon, a prisoner that escaped during interrogation, stole
the notes and has not been found.  Garrett locates him in the sewer system,
dead, likley trying to find an escape route out of the prison.  He seizes the

Garrett also rescues Basso The Boxman from Cell Block 3 in hopes of impressing
Basso's sister.  Unfortunately he must carry him out as Basso is unconscious.
Lastly, Garrett recovers his lucky Hand of Glory from a now dead Issyt The
Beggar in Cell Block 1.  With Basso over his shoulder and Felix's notes and
his lucky charm in his pocket, he escapes Cragscleft prison.


Garrett gets a tip from Dikket, a former prisoner at Cragscleft, that Cutty
is being held in cell block 4.  In addition, he overhears two Hammerite guards
discussing Cutty and his incessant coughing, and they also mention that he is
in cell block 4.

The Hammerites hope to regain control of the top level of the mines because
of an abandoned holy water font located there.

An unknown Hammerite requests that another Hammerite, Brother Keybond, organize
a search for the escaped prisoner Nammon, after he escaped interrogation from
Brother Inquisitor.  He suggests the search begin near a place where Brother
Carpenter noticed a disturbance.

The recent inmates at Cragscleft Prison are as follows:

--Cell Block 1:  Wrendal, Dellin, Sennet, Issyt
--Cell Block 2:  Potsol, Gelland, Nammon
--Cell Block 3:  Dikket, Latton, Basso, Deirne, Tarquis
--Cell Block 4:  Possum, Misa, Wills, Cutty, Tybal

Garrett overhears a Hammerite and a Hammerite novice discussing a man named
Tarius, who decided to purchase a knife from The Shemenovs instead of the 
Order of the Hammer.  They decide he has learned his lesson because the
competitior's knife breaks at dinner.

Garrett overhears two Hammerites discussing the fact that there are fewer
novices these days compared with years ago.


"This must be how they spend all those tithes."

"Wonder if I have time to stop for a snack."

5.   D O W N    I N    T H E    B O N E H O A R D


...And the manfools piled rock on rocks and raised a treesie roof,
Hammers saws tear the skin of goodsie wood...
...and laughs at The Woodsie Lord.
...And when learns The Lord of this,
He sends his beastessess to the manfools...
...who attacks and hammers saws their useless fleshes,
and build him a house of they rottings skins.

-Unattributed Trickster Song


Characters:    Garrett, Felix, Adolpho, Sutter, Cather, Dranko,

Enemies:       Zombies, Burricks, A Haunt, A Fireshadow

Mentioned:     Alarus, Quintus, Marad, Edine (all family names)

Mentioned:     The Bonehoard


Using Felix's notes and map, Garrett descends into the Bonehoard, an elaborate
graveyard and crypt for many of The City's noble families.  While avoiding
Burricks and Zombies, as well as numerous traps,  he is able to retrieve not
only the famed Horn of Quintus, but two valuable gemstones as well, The
Mystic's Soul and it's "sister stone," The Mystic's Heart.


Two other groups have recently been wandering around the Bonehoard looking for
treasure.  One was made up of an infamous thief by the name of Adolpho.  His
body is found in a room deep down below the Burrick tunnels, apparently killed
by an arrow trap.  The other group is led by Felix, and also includes Sutter,
Cather, Dranko & Marcus.  All members of this party have either perished or
are missing.  Sutter's dead body is found not far from the entrance to the
Bonehoard, Marcus died after missing a jump across a chasm, and Dranko's body
has not been found, although according to both Felix and Sutter he was killed
by an arrow trap.  The whereabouts of Cather is unknown, but according to
Sutter he was killed (and likely eaten) by Burricks. Felix's seemed to have
made it the furthest, but his body was found on the lowest level of the crypt
proper, likely killed by zombies.

According to Felix's map, the lowest level of the actual Bonehoard is also
referred to as "The Halls of Echoing Repose," likely because of the eerie
music reverberating from within.

The Bonehoard has extensive sections for four seemingly affluent families - 
Edine, Marad, Quintus, and Alarus, the last of which is not accessible (or
is it?).  There is also a sections for the Hammerites.

The sound emmanating from The Horn of Quintus seems to sedate Burricks into a
near state of paralysis.


"The rent is due, and my landlord is even tougher than the Hammers."

"Tombs with piped in music, how classy."

"Good thing I'm not afraid of heights."

6.   A S S A S S I N S


The ancient corruption was again contained.
To do more would have upset the balance,
but we knew to remain ever vigilant lest it resurface.
Neither the Hammers nor the Pagans could be trusted not to meddle.

-Keeper Annals


Characters:    Garrett, Ramirez, Farkus, Quince, Jacow

Enemies:       Guards, Burricks

People         Bafford, Viktoria, Raputo, Webster, Ginny, Commissioner
Mentioned:     deNaven, Master Vrinde, Dorcas Goodfellow, Willoby Bright,
               Mina, Lisse

Places         Ramirez's Mansion, North Quarter, Shalebridge, Newmarket,
Mentioned:     New Quarter, Old Quarter, Wayside Dock District, Dayport,
               Eastport, Blackbrook, The Overlord's Fancy, Hightowne,
               Down Towne, South Quarter


Although his original plans were to rob the local Hammerite temple after 
acquiring some new thieving tools, Garrett narrowly escapes an assassination
attempt that actually kills the shopkeeper Farkus.  He tails his would-be
assassins in order to learn the identity of their employer.  The assassins
(later learned to be Quince & Jacow) lead him to the mansion of Ramirez, a
powerful local crime boss.  To inflict revenge on his foe, Garrett proceeds
to break into Ramirez's mansion and rob him blind, including the purse from
his belt and his prized silver fire poker.


Garrett mentions the City's wardens have been trying to recruit him for
years.  His continued refusals result in numerous threats from the wardens,
who all want a cut of his earnings.

Ramirez is keeping pet Burricks in his basement.

Garrett finds a note to Ramirez from Bafford that blames the shortages at
the Dreckboun location to Hammer patrols and his accountant, Ginny.

Ramirez sends a threatening letter to Commissioner deNaven complaining that
his "employees" continue to be incarcerated at Cragscleft prison.

Garrett overhears two guards talking about how the Hammerites are 
considering closing down Cragscleft Prison, and how their Order has 
decreased in rank over the years.

Ramirez writes to a Master Vrinde, inquiring to the potential of loot and 
treasure in the walled up section of the Old Quarter.  

Ramirez is just one of several crime bosses, or "wards" that control 
specific parts of The City.  Other wards include Raputo, who controls
the districts of North Quarter, Shalebridge, Newmarket and New Quarter.
He also has contacts with the Shemenovs.  Webster, another ward, oversees
the Wayside Docks district, as well as Dayport and Eastport.

Ramirez's notes include information on an independent named Viktoria, who
previously worked under Raputo and is associated with the Grand Library
and the Order of the Vine.  He also mentions Dorcas Goodfellow who deals
in various imports and is a Blackbrook Underguild Ambassador.

Garrett learns of Ramirez's basement counting house through a letter
between two of his servants, Mina and Lisse.

As if it wasn't obvious enough, Garrett finds notes from Ramirez that
indicate bounties on himself and a thief named Willoby Bright from
Stonemarket.  It is stated here that Garrett is from South Quarter.
The note also mentions a gambling den called the Overlord's Fancy,
which may belong to Raputo.

The contracters Tol Camrick & Sons have installed reinforced walls
in Ramirez's basement counting room, but they cannot guarantee the walls
will hold up to his pet Burrick's tunneling.


"It may be time for me to move along now, don't want to wear out my welcome."

7.   T H E    T H I E V E S    G U I L D


In the beginning we lived as thieves,
Stealing fur and fang of beast for survival
Then came The Builder who brought us the hammer,
And with it we forged a new way of life.
To reject the hammer is to denounce The Builder.

-The Hammer Book of Tenets


Characters:    Garrett, Magrin, Thom

Enemies:       Thieves

People         Donal, Reuben, Davey, Fredrik, Lady Vallerius, Cavey, Servant
Mentioned:     Gilpen, Gerwitz, Downwinder Verrilli, Lord Brosius, Sutter
               Steinkrauss, Downwinder Rafael, Deputy Meffan, Court Jester
               Teichholtz, Cpt. Pearsall, Lady Caughlin, Constable Mahk,
               Downwinder Solus, Lady Lamer, Duke Leonard, Lord Church,
               Magistrate Gilby, Lord Meuse.

Mentionied:    Lesser Hrabota, Overlord's Fancy


The two leaders of the Downwind Thieves Guild, Donal and Reuben, are
fighting over how to split up the spoils from a recent job pulled at Lord
Randall's manor.  The main item of interest is a sapphire-covered vase.
Until they agree on how to divy up the loot, the vase is locked in a safe in
Donal's house with Reuben in possession of the only key.

Using their disagreements as a distraction, Garrett accesses the Downwinders
hideout through the underground casino, The Overlord's Fancy.  Once in, he
first steals the key to Donal's safe from Reuben's house, hidden in a secret
panel in Reuben's private quarters.  Then, he grabs the key to Donal's house
(as well as an expensive bracelet from the Randall job) from Donal's right
hand man Thom.   Finally, Garrett infiltrates Donal's manor and steals the
vase, hidden in a safe behind one of the banners in his banner room.


Donal writes a note demanding the maid stay out of his Banner Room.

Donal informs his main man, Magrin, that the only way to access his house
is through a secret back door, sewer entrance #47.

In a series of personal notes, Reuben mentions fencing loot from a job
at Lord Brosius's, having Fredrik killed for disloyalty, and meeting with
Lady Vallerius for info on Lord Bafford.

A man named Cavey is warned by Thom to pay his tribute to Reuben or he is
risking his life.  It's possible Thom misspelt the name, and he actually
meant "Davey."

An unknown Downwinder writes to Davey to tell him he wants to stick to 
his own turf while Donal and Reuben sort out their differences on the
Lord Randall job.

A Downwinder ledger is found detailing payments to all sorts of City
officials, noble, and criminals.


"Time to make a living."

"Lord Randall's would have smelled better." (in reference to Donal's
sewer system).

8.   T H E    S W O R D 


Builds your roofs of dead wood.
Builds your walls of dead stone.
Builds your dreams of dead thoughts.
Comes crying laughing singing back to life, takes what you steal,
And pulls the skins from your dead bones shrieking.

-Clay tablet in an abandoned Trickster temple


Characters:    Garrett, Viktoria

Enemies:       Guards

Mentioned:     Constantine

Mentioned:     Esse Mountains, Shalebridge


Impressed with the way he handled Ramirez, a local independent named
Viktoria hires Garrett to steal a sword from Constantine, an eccentric
noble who is new in town.  After navigating through a series of strange
gardens, labyrinths, and passageways, Garrett is able to locate The Sword,
steal it, and escape Constantine's manor.

Garrett also finds incriminating evidence on Constantine contained within
a sancutary in his greenhouse near the garden.


Garrett finds a news clipping from the City Tribune detailing the story
of a woman from Shalebridge arrested by the Hammerites after she was
acquitted of robbery in a local court.

Garrett finds an excerpt from "The Compendium of Natural Magic" which
details a species of flower that uses magic powers for defense.  The 
flower is named after a magician named Tatyana Yokobik.  He also finds
an excerpt from "Rakel's Tome of Magic."

A local contractor named Lionel Karthman is responsible for recent
renovations to Constantine's house.  He finds it odd that Constantine has
decided to pay him with large amounts of raw gold.

An unknown person trespassed into Constantine's greenhouse, and was duly


"Time to take my new sword and get out of this crazy place."

9.   F I R S T    C U T S C E N E


Characters:    Garrett, Viktoria, Constantine


Viktoria knocks on Garrett's door to pay up for The Sword he recently
acquired, but instead leads him to the company of Constantine.  Although
Garrett is unsure of their intentions, it quickly becomes clear that they are
not hostile.  The theft of Constantine's sword was a test, and Garrett has
passed admirably.

As it turns out, Viktoria and Constantine are working together.  Constantine
is a collector of antiquities, and has been looking for an exceptional thief
to steal an item of great interest to him.  The item in question is known
only as The Eye, and is a gemstone hidden in the walled off section of the
Old Quarter of The City.  It is located in a  rundown Hammerite Cathedral
deep within this district.

Garrett accepts the job enthusiastically after Constantine offers him a hefty
sum of "100,000."  In addition, he lets Garrett keep his sword as a reward
for his hard work thus far.


"I prefer my payment in cash, not liquor."

"Fanatics make unreliable friends."

10.   T H E    H A U N T E D    C A T H E D R A L


Come the time of peril, did the ground gape, and did the dead rest 
unquiet 'gainst us,
Our bands or iron and hammers of stone prevailed not,
And some did doubt The Builder's plan.
But the seals held strong and the few did triumph,
And the doubters were lain into the foundations of the new sanctum.

-Collected letters of The Smith-In-Exile


Characters:    Garrett, The Eye

Enemies:       Zombies, Burricks, Spiders, Apparations, A Fireshadow

People         Keeper Lukas, Keeper Andrus, Constable Tule, Morgan,
Mentioned:     The Smith-In-Exile, Iendros, Barton, Adan, Lord Whitsimmon


Garrett enters the walled up section of the Old Quarter and navigates 
through old abandoned streets and buildings in search of the Hammerite
Cathedral where the eye is being kept.  Along the way, he locates the site
of a monument known as "The Watchman's Grave" and per thief tradition,
donates a few coins for good luck.  In addition, at a house near the
Cathedral Street drawbridge, Garrett locates an item known as the Serpentyle
Torc, which he knew was reputed to be in the ruins.  An old note making
reference to a 70 year old man living there provided the clue he needed
to find it.  Apparently at one point, the Torc was to be a wedding gift
for the old man's future bride.

Eventually Garrett locates the Hammerite Cathedral.  Once arriving, however,
he realizes the Cathedral has been sealed shut to contain the evil forces 
within it.  Astonishingly, The Eye itself speaks to him, and informs
him that the Keepers are responsible for closing the Cathedral, and that
he should investigate the Keeper's Compound near an adjacent grotto for
clues on how to reopen it.  

Keeper documents within the compound contain specific information on the
locations of four elemental Talismans needed to break the seal on the
Cathedral.  The Talisman of Fire is located in The Lost City, and The
Talisman of Water is located in a series of caverns below the Old Quarter
of The City.  The Talisman of Air is in possession of the Hammerites and
the Earth Talisman is in the possession of the Hand Brotherhood, a group
of mysterious mages who live on the outskirts of The City.


Over 50 years ago, there was a catastrophe in the Old Quarter that caused it
to be walled up, large fires and zombies were involved.

Correspondence between two Keepers, Lukas and Andrus, indicate that the
Keepers are the group responsible for sealing up the Hammerite Cathedral
years ago.  At that time, the Keepers were concerned that their presence would
be discovered, but it was a risk they were willing to take to ensure the evil
within the Cathedral was contained.   As far as exactly what this evil was,
the only clue is that it related somehow to the Trickster.

An associate sells Garrett journal pages from a person named Morgan, who
provides tips for battling the undead.   Morgan was famous for his battles
with the undead, and his records are considered anthama by The Smith-In-Exile.

The Barricades around the Old Quarter were originally erected with a man named
Iendros in charge.  Lord Whitsimmon of the City Council writes to thank him
for his hard work.  He also warns that even though two of his workers (Barton
and Adan) have already been killed during the construction, the work must
continue until it is completed.

In the past, recent blackouts occurred in the section of the Old Quarter that
is now walled off.  Constable Tule, a nephew of the Baron, possessed the key
to the maintenance shed that contained the power grid controls.  In addition,
it seems at least one of the control boxes for the grid was located in a 
residence when it should not have been.


"For the amount I'm getting paid, I'm willing to take some serious risks."

11.   T H E    M A G E S    T O W E R S


From unknown origins they came
They live isolated beyond The City
The extent of their arcane power is unknown
We must be very cautious in dealing with them
Close Observation must continue

-Keeper Xavier, Treatise on Mages


Characters:     Garrett

Enemies:        Mages

People          Mage Verlin, Archmage Corino, Azaran, Adept Aroun,
Mentioned:      Archmage Garod, Archmage Jabu Ibn Lani, Archmage Kreos,
                Adept Haseki Beyzar, Capt. E. F. Regalio, Cellarer Abrucha,
                Lucca, Archmage Ibn Al Haroud, Adept Al-Hayr, Archmage Kahmin
                Ramin, Lt. Scarle, Keeper Xavier, Bradward


Infiltrating the compound of a group of mages known as the Hand Brotherhood,
Garrett maneuvers his way through the four Mages towers and steals the Earth
Talisman from a group of Mages known as the Hand Brotherhood.  In addition,
he is able to recover the medal of St. Burringden from Captain Regalio, who
is hiding its disovery from the Mages.  He also takes into possession a set
of jeweled reading glasses from the Central Library of the High Council.
Garrett then escapes back to The City through an underground sewer system.


A former member of the Hand Brotherhood, Azaran, was expelled but still
practices the forbidden art of necromancy.  He currently operates out of
a spire in Dayport, and has discussed recruiting help to recover the Book
of Ash.  The Inner Circle determines that further action is needed to stop
this from happening.

The Mages have been searching desperately for the remaining elemental 
Talismans, with the help of Captain E.F. Regalio.  They have not had
success in locating any of the Talismans thus far, and are frustrated by
their lack of results.

The Mages true home is somewhere to the east - caravans have been seen
arriving from that directions, bringing items of wealth to the towers.

Lt. Scarle was apparently killed by severe burns after trespassing into the
Fire Tower.

The Water Tower is shut down due to a failed experiment by Archmage Jabu
Ibn Lani.

A sewer system connecting the basement of the Mages complex with The City
has recently been walled up for security reasons.  There still is a secret
entrance if access is needed.

Haseki Beyzar informs Cellarer Abrucha that he will be sending Lucca and
one of his helpers to The City for specific chemicals and other
miscellaneous supplies.

Archmage Ibn Al Haroud informs the guards that the Mages Towers are off-
limits to anyone besides the mages.  Guards on official business may
enter the foyers of the towers, but can go no further.

Excerpts from several books are found, including The Book Of Coral and Scale
and The Book Of Paths.

A procedure of the mages known as The Ritual of Opening reveals what the
mages consider to be the natural order of the elements, specifically water,
earth, wind, and fire.  This order is also used to unlock the corresponding
Mages towers.

The Mages are aware of the return of the Trickster by way of prophecy, and
are seeking the Talismans in an attempt to stop it.  However, they realize
that there is likely little they can do to change matters.

One of the guards witnesses the Mages using their magic on Bradward, a man
caught stealing from the Meeting Hall

12.   T H E    L O S T    C I T Y


The knowledge of those who came before could neither be disseminated
or destroyed.
Its power would be a dangerous tool in the wrong hands,
But would also insure against future cataclysm.
At that time we chose to maintain it with writings preserved in extant

-Keeper Annals


Characters:    Garrett

Enemies:       Burricks, Spiders, Fire Elementals, Mages

People         Beniir, Hodge, Yannis, Abner, Aeric, Mailu, Cherok, Naza,
Mentioned:     Weitan, Va-Toran, Va-Taraq, N'Lahotep, Ruitan, Sangar,
               Fuquan, Bram Gervaisius

Mentioned:     Cyric, The Lost City (Karath-Din)


Using a key obtained from the Keeper Compound in the Old Quarter, Garrett
enters The Lost City of the Precursors, an ancient race of people whose
demise came abuptly during a natural disaster long ago.  Once inside, he
makes his way to a tall tower where the Talisman of Fire is being kept,
hidden there long ago by a Keeper expedition.  He retrives the Talisman,
as well as several Medallions left behind by the original Keeper
expedition, and escapes the Lost City (also known as Karath-Din).


Garrett finds several old parchments giving hints of the crumbling civilzation
of the Precursors.  A man named Beniir suggest moving items, and eventually
people, to a safer place away from rising lava.  Offerings are made at the 
emple of N'Lahotep to hopefully assauge the angry gods to no avail.  Master
Ruitan warns the Guild of Enlightenment that tremors they feel is not the
earth crying for its departed leader, Va-Taraq, but instead somthing more
real and ominous.  

Long ago, a Keeper expedition was sent to The Lost City to both hide the
Fire Talisman and map the area.  The group never returned.  Garrett locates
notes from this group indicating that they suffered many casualties from
patrolling Fire Elementals during their journey.  Keepers named Yannis, Abner,
and Hodge are all killed.  Eventually they arrive at the tower and place the
Talisman there, and the attacks from the Elementals seem to end.

Before the disaster that wiped out the Lost City, the Emperor Va-Toran closed
the Collisseum in honor of his deceased father, Va-Taraq.  One of the
Precursors, Secretary of Protocol Weitan, writes a letter to Fuquan stating
his belief that Va-Toran has alterior motives and that he may in the future
use the Collisseum solely to make a profit.  Whereas Va-Taraq seemed to be a
Emperor of the people, his son seemed to be more interested in personal gain
and wealth.
An explorer named Sangar has been commissioned by Bram Gervaisius to locate
any valuable antiquities, specifically masks and headresses, and most
importantly, any items from the Precursors.  He passes the commission along
to Garrett in case he locates any of these treasures in The Lost City.

Garrett finds a letter from Naza, wife of Cherok, who enthusiastically
describes the wonders of the city to her friend Mailu, including events
at the Collisseum.

The Mages have a limited presence here, undoubtedly searching for the Talisman
of Fire.


"So this is the lost city.  It's not lost no more."


"It's a long way down."

13.   S O N G    O F    T H E    C A V E R N S


Blindness is the manfools
They gathers us treasures and greeders themselves on golds rock and fetters
The Woodsie One wreaks thems with lilacs and nettles
And gathers they bones for His porridge and feathers.

-Text Unattributed, Sumac on Parchment


Characters:    Garrett, Raoul, Giry

Enemies:       Craymen, Spiders, Guards

People         Ian Cribs, Catherine, Lady Valerius, Carmella, Lord Bafford,
Mentioned:     Cpt. Colliard, Christine


After journeying to the underground Keeper temple, Garrett discovers the
Water Talisman has been removed.  He eventually encounters Raoul, a hermit
who once owned the Opera House above the underground caverns before Lady
Valerius acquired it via questionable means.  Raoul informs him that Valerius'
guards, led by Captian Colliard, accidently discovered the Talisman while
attempting rid the sewer system of spiders, and it is now in Valerius'
possession.  Although not the type of man to seek revenge, he gives Garrett
the necessary information (including a key) to retrieve the Talisman.
Garrett then sneaks into the Opera House via the sewer tunnels, and steals
the Talisman of Water from Lady Valerius' private quarters using a secret
entrance.  In addition, he acquires a silver flute from the Opera's Director
of Music, Ian Cribbs, then escapes the Opera House to safety on the streets.


Garrett's contact in the caverns below the Opera House, Giry, has been killed
by spiders.  Giry originally made his home in the caverns after losing his
job at the ticket counter of the Opera House.

Ian Cribs, the music director of the Opera House, receives a gift from Lady
Vallerius - a silver flute.  However, while he is healing at home from an
injury, he asks that she keep the key to the safe where the flute is being

Cribs warns the cook to serve a light meal to the ballerinas before each
performance, as it seems Catherine had a related accident at the last show.

Lord Bafford offers a performer at the Opera Houes, Carmella, a gift in 
exchange for a walk and conversation after the show.

The current peformance showing at the Opera House is "Reginald and Conandra
Forest Princess," the tale of a Hammerite novice falling in love with a 
pagan woman.

Christine, a performer at the Opera House, comments to an associate that
she believes the Opera House is losing money because the employees in
the ticket office are stealing money.


"The curtians went down on this guy a long time ago."
"Hmmm, people really pay money to see this stuff?"
"Well I'd like to stay for the finale..."

14.   U N D E R C O V E R


Having pledged our honor as shield over air, we must be mindful.
Let it be locked away and safe, but ever in view of the faithful.
Future Generations are hostage to our care.

-Hammerite Sermon of the Talisman


Characters:    Garrett

Enemies:       Hammerites

People         Brother Dale, High Priest Markander, Brother Satchelman,
Mentioned:     Brother Mason, St. Yora, Terrence, Nolman, Father Tennor,
               Brother Terrence, Father Theol, Brother Wainwright, Dolan,


Using a fabricated pass, Garrett diguises himself as a Hammerite Novice, and 
enters a Hammerite temple.  While inside, he discovers the location of
the final Talisman, the Talisman of Air, and the steps necessary to acquire 
it.  After activating five levers located throughout the temple and reading
The Prayer of the Wallbuilder, the security cage and ward surrounding the
Talisman are relesed.  Garrett grabs the Talisman and escapes the temple.


Garrett's forged pass is written so that it appears to come from a Brother
Satchelman under the authority of High Priest Markander.

To open the security cage around the Air Talisman, levers at the following
locations must be activated in any sequence within a five minute period:
1) Brother Mason's grave, 2) The Skull of St. Yora, 3) Kitchen, 4) Torture
Rack, and 5) The Keystone Tree.

The Hammerite Temple contains a museum with Hammerite artifacts from their
historical origins.  Items displayed here include The First Hammer, the 
Skull of St. Yora, and The Forge's Child, the first hammer to be cast out
of a mold.

The gardens outside the temple hold several Hammerite graves, including
those of Brother Dale, Brother Mason, Brother Terrence, Father Theol, and
Brother Wainwright.

Hammerite Novices are not allowed to carry keys or weapons inside the
temple, and cannot access restricted areas marked with an inverted red hammer.
Temple Guardsman and Temple Priests are given even greater access, but the
High Priest holds a master key and has access to all areas.

Brother Nolman contacts Brother Terrence about moving the kitchens to the
first floor from the basement.  The old kitchen is being converted to a
treasury.  It is unclear if this is the same Brother Terrence whose grave
is located in the gardens.

Two Hammerites are overheard talking about how the corrupt and greedy
Baron is raising taxes again, and that his grandfather (who was also likely
a Baron) was a much more virtuous man.

The novice of a Hammerite named Dolan recieved severe steam burns after
mishandling a piece of equipment.  As a result, he is considering
leaving The Order of the Hammer.

Two Hammerites discuss the possibility that the Master of their
order will soon be replaced because of his age.  The ranks below him
are vying for position in hopes of ascending to his rank.

A thief named Dewall has been captured by The Baron's guards after being
turned in by a fellow thief.

The Hammerites have doubled their patrols since Garrett broke into
Cragscleft prison.

Several exerpts are found from a Hammerite text titled "Hammerite
Compendium of Precepts, Regimens and Rules of Conduct."

15.   R E T U R N    T O    T H E    C A T H E D R A L


And he did say,
"Shall we not use this power, as our enemies used it unto us?
Do we not carve their wild forests into our boards and beams?
Do we not tame their raging streams to carry our boats?"
And in their youth and foolishness, did his brothers say,
"Yes, let us."

-Collected letters of the Smith-In-Exile


Characters:     Garrett, The Eye, Brother Murus, Brother Renault, Brother

Enemies:        Haunts, Zombies, Apparations

Mentioned:      Brother Gerard, Kindle, The Smith-In-Exile

Places          The Haunted Cathedral, St. Tennor's, St. Vale's, St. Yora's,
Mentioned:      St. Jenel's


Garrett returns to the Haunted Cathedral and using the four elemental
Talismans, breaks the seal set on the Cathedral long ago by the Keepers.
Moving inside the Cathedral, he notices The Eye exactly where it was when it
spoke to him, hovering above the altar.  After grabbing The Eye, he realizes
the front entrance has again been sealed and he is trapped inside.  He finds
an exit to the rear of the Cathedral leading to a series of Hammerite

Here, Garrett meets the ghost of Brother Murus, a Hammerite who died in an
unusual way and is now cursed to exist in limbo.  Brother Murus offers to
help him escape if he will collect four items for him:

1)  a rosary (found in Murus private quarters in St. Yora's)
2)  a holy symbol, which can be created in the factory in St. Tennor's
3)  a prayer book containing The Prayer of Consecration (found in the libary
    in St. Vales).
4)  a candle, located in the work yard behind St. Tennor's.

In addition, the holy symbol requires a blessing, which is applied by 
immersing it in the "lunar pool," an experiment of Brother Renault's
locatd in the observatory at the top of St. Jenel's.

He meets Murus at his gravesite and uses the items along with the
Prayer of Consecration to finally set Murus' soul free a give him
a proper burial.

Before Murus will help Garrett, however, he asks for a few additional
favors. Two friends, Brother Renault and Brother Martello, were never
given proper burials and their bodies are located within the complex.
Renault's body is in the wine cellar of the Cathedral, and Martello's
body is in a storge room on the top floor of the Cathedral.  Once they
are laid to rest in their respective gravesites, Murus asks that
Garrett kill all 9 of the Hammer Haunts that roam the complex as they
are an affront to his religion.

Once all this is completed, Murus gives Garrett the key to the armory
on the top floor of the Cathedral.  There, he finds an explosive device
that allows him to blow open the rear cloister gate and escape with
The Eye.


Most of the mechanical systems for the Cathedral are controlled by the machine
room located in the cellar.  A past Hammerite Priest reccommended changing
this system to a more local solution, but it was never implemented.

In the past, The Eye was stored in a vault in the basement of the Cathedral,
but somehow "escaped" and would be found floating above the alter each
morning.  Brother Gerard orders two sentinels to watch over The Eye to find 
out how this was happening.

A note written to a Novice named Kindle indicates there are only two ways to
bless a holy object.  One is through any of the priests, and the other is
using a lunar pool devised by Brother Renault at the top of St. Jenel's.


"Now how am I going to get out of here?"

"When I get paid for this job, I'm going to retire in style."

16.   S E C O N D    C U T S C E N E


Main Characters:     Garrett, Constantine, Viktoria


Garrett returns to Constantine's manor with The Eye, and Constantine comments
on how pleased he is with the work Garrett has done.  Even so, Viktoria
appears out of nowhere and confuses Garrett by telling him that The Eye is
defective and blind.  Both Constantine and Viktoria are acting strangely at
this point, and feeling suddenly uncomfortable, Garrett demands payment for
the job.

To his surprise, Viktoria and Constantine suddenly begin to transform into
pagan creatures.  Viktoria pins Garrett to the wall and violently removes
his right eye, which she claims is needed to make the gemstone Eye complete
and functional.  Constantine then reveals himself to be the Trickster, an
ancient God from Hammerite legend.  After speaking in vague terms of
conquest and victory over The Hammerites, Viktoria and Constantine retreat
into their realm, known as The Maw, and leave Garrett bound by vines in the
garden, to serve as food for The Trickster's minions.


"It's a rock.  It's what you asked for."

17.   E S C A P E !


Danced we in joys and triumphs.
With us The Woodsie Lord danced the stringsie foolsie man
Rose the storm in shouty glee, the darkness in feary glooms,
the fires in happy greed.
Danced we away, and fed the sad stringsie manfool to their devourings
for our thanks.

-Final fragment of the Notyets manuscript


Characters:    Garrett, Several Keepers

Enemies:       Apeman, Bugbeasts, Spiders, Frogbeasts, Fire Elementals

Mentioned:     Constantine/The Trickster


Left for dead but freed by the Keeepers, Garrett must find his way through
the complex series of caverns and passageways to escape from Constantine's
Mansion.  Along the way, he finds notes from Constantine that reveal his
plan (called The Dark Project) to perform a ritual that will immerse the
world into a state of perpetual darkness.


"Looks like I better get moving, or whatever those things are will waste
a perfectly good rescue."

18.   S T R A N G E    B E D F E L L O W S 


The stone cannot know why the chisel cleaves it;
The iron cannot know why the fire scorches it.
When thy life is cleft and scorched, when death and despair leap at thee,
Beat not they breast and curse they fate,
But thank The Builder for the trials that shape thee.

-The Hammer Book of Tenets


Characters:    Garrett, Several Hammerites, High Priest ?

Enemies:       Bugbeasts, Apemen, Spiders


Minus an eye, and unsure where to turn, Garrett decides to seek the help of
the Hammerites and inform them of the return of the Trickster.  When he
reaches their temple and finds it destroyed and inhabited by the Tricksters
beasts, he decides to investigate.  Moving through the temple and into a set
of adjacent underground caverns, he learns that the Hammerites High Priest
has been kidnapped.   Garrett frees the High Priest from his captors, in
hopes they will in turn help him defeat the Trickster and get his eye back.

Garrett also recovers a valuable Hammerite artifact known as the Builder's

With his patience for the Trickster's minions at an end, Garrett decides to
wipe out all of the insect beasts that have inhabited the temple.


"Those crazy Hammers.  You know, it wouldn't hurt to have a few dozen
heavily-armed fanatics on my side just about now."

"I have a bad feeling about this."

19.   I N T O    T H E    M A W    O F    C H A O S


The weights in each pan of the balance had increased greatly.
As he approached his triumph, our foe had made himself vulnerable.
We were unable to directly influence, and could only watch and wait
To see whether his pridefully chosen pawn would prove his undoing.

-Keeper Annals


Characters:    Garrett, Constantine/The Trickster

Enemies:       Bugbeasts, Apemen, Craymen, Spiders


Using a fake eye manufactured by the Hammerites, Garrett descends into 
Constantine's realm, The Maw of Chaos.  After navigating a series of
peculiar passageways, paths, and tunnels, he arrives on the scene of
Constantine's ritual.  Remaining undetected, Garrett swaps the
Hammerites booby-trapped eye for the real Eye.  When Constantine
finally finishes his ritual using the fake eye, an explosion of energy
is released and he is instantly killed.

While in The Maw, Garrett also destroys a portal that is bringing the
Trickster's beasts into his world.  Using his elemental arrows, he
attacks the four anchors sustaining the portal, and it deactivated.


"I've never robbed a god before, it'll be a challenge."

"Let's not try that again."

"Now that's BIG."

20.   F I N A L    C U T S C E N E


Characters:     Garrett, A Keeper

Mentioned:      Constantine/The Trickster


The Trickster is dead, and Garrett's right eye has been replaced by a 
mechanical one.  He seems content that the ordeal with the Trickster is 
over, but a Keeper appears and insists that even though Garrett has achieved
victory, just as was prophesied, there is more work to be done.  He informs
Garrett that there is a special Keeper volume he should read.

At this point, Garrett states emphatically that he is finished with the
Keepers and with heroics, and walks off.  The Keeper, unwilling to 
accept Garrett's stance, warns of a forthcoming danger, the dawning of
The Metal Age.


"If you hadn't noticed, I just saved the world, yourself included."

The Thief Storyline Guide, copyright 2003, Mike Schwab.
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