FAQ/Walkthrough by MDay

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                        Tonic Trouble Walkthrough

                             N64 Edition v1.0
                     by Mike Day (msd1@mailandnews.com)

                         |      Contents:       |
                         | I.   Introduction    |
                         | II.  General Info    |
                         | III. The Walkthrough |
                         | IV.  Codes           |
                         | V.   Notes           |

                            I. Introduction

Tonic Trouble is an enjoyable but overlooked game from Ubi-Soft, creators
of Rayman. It may not be quite up to par with that game, but it's cer-
tainly playable and doesn't deserve some of the awful reviews it has re-
ceived. Hopefully this walkthrough will generate some interest in the
game, as well as providing a resource for those who may be stuck and have
no other source to turn to.

This walkthrough will guide you to all 180 antidotes and all 90 thermo-
meters found in the game. The location of each one is not explicity 
pointed out, because the vast majority of these are plainly visible. All
those that require some special maneuver or that may not be visible upon
first glance have been given special attention. If you follow this walk-
through closely, you should have no problem gaining all 270 items.

                           II. General Info

The story of the game is that Ed, a space janitor, has accidentally
dropped a can full of dangerous chemicals on the planet below a space-
ship. The can is taken by an evil man named Grögh who uses it to change
all the vegetables on the planet into monsters. A pharmacist and his
daughter are searching for an antidote to the chemical in the can, but
they need Ed's help to do it.

The game is structured so that one central area, the South Plain, gives
access to all the other levels. Each level, including the South Plain,
contains 20 antidotes and 10 thermometers (however, there are two levels
that contain only thermometers). Ed needs 160 antidotes to enter an area
called the Magic Mushroom's Hideout which must be beaten to win the game.
No further antidotes are necessary, and there is no bonus for gathering
them all, but every thermometer is useful because each time Ed 
accumulates ten thermometers, his life guage will go up.

Several levels contain special items such as piggy banks or feathers.
When Ed gains six of these items, he can go see the Doc for an upgrade
to his arsenal of tools. This is how accessories such as the bow tie and
the pogo stick are gained. Each new item gained will enable you to either
reach a new level or explore new areas in levels you have already com-
pleted. After gathering all six piggy banks in the final levels, the Doc
will complete the catapult, allowing you access to Grögh's castle.

                         III. The Walkthrough

                               Ski Slope

You begin your journey sliding down a slippery slope. You might want to
go slowly the first time through because there are five antidotes that
are only accessible by beating your best time on subsequent tries (with
a minimum best time of 1:35.00). Navigate Ed to avoid pitfalls such as
trees and holes in the ground. Many antidotes and thermometers are
plainly visible in this area, which is divided into four sections. Here
are the locations of a few that may be more difficult to find:

- Several items on a high ledge on the right wall after the ramp (2nd
- An antidote in a thick area of trees on the lower portion of the 2nd
- One thermometer that requires you to avoid an arrow on a thin ledge
  (3rd section)
- An antidote on the edge of a pit that you must die to obtain (4th sec-

After reaching the bottom of the slope, go through the left-hand finish 
line to find yourself on dry land. The right will take you back to the
beginning of the level. If you want to get all the items in this area,
you'll probably have to complete the level multiple times.

                     Doc's Cave (via South Plain)

Before entering Doc's Cave to free Suzy's father, climb across the bridge
for an antidote. Step on the section of oddly colored ground to the right
of the bridge to find the entrance to Doc's Cave, grabbing another anti-
dote in the process. After speaking to Agent XYZ (the newspaper guy),
cross the pond, avoiding the ducks and grabbing another antidote and a
thermometer. Avoid the poison gas in the next area and collect an extra
life before making your way across the disappearing platforms, grabbing
more stuff and continuing through the purple portal.

Look beyond the flamethrower for an extra life and then climb on the
thin ledges above the flamethrower to reach the next portal, staying
away from the falling rocks. In the next room, Agent XYZ will tell you
that you have to fix the popcorn machine. Grab the antidote in plain
view and the extra life behind the machine. Push the block below the
glass pipe and then ascend the elevator. Grab an extra life on the left
and then approach the switch and hit R to become Super Ed. You can now
grab the thermometer behind the bars (as well as another antidote).
Avoid the gates in the next section.

You'll find yourself, after entering the portal, in a room with an angry
corn cob. Yup. Make the cob hit all the targets, allowing the kernels to
ricochet back at the cob three times. Now you'll be able to make your
way across the lava. In the next room there are plenty of items to grab
as well as flamethrowers to avoid. At the top you'll meet Mr. Robosuit-
case, who will toss some nasty stuff at you. Avoid said stuff and con-
tinue through the next portal. Look for some items on the lower level
before hopping onto the platform, where you'll have to avoid flaming
toast thrown by the out-of-control toasters (jumping over the toast is
actually easier than following Agent XYZ's advice to sidestep).

Again, investigate the lower level before continuing. In the next room,
grab all the items on the floor and step on the silver platform to make
a switch materialize that will enable you to become Super Ed and destroy
Robosuitcase for good. Bashing it four times will take care of it. Follow
Agent XYZ's instructions to free the Doc. You should end up with 17 anti-
dotes and all 10 thermometers; you'll have to come back for the other 3
antidotes later (see "Doc's Cave Revisited").

                    Vegetable HQ (via South Plain)

Back in the South Plain, the Doc tells you he needs six springs from the
Vegetable HQ. Collect the antidote found across the stream and continue
through the grassy passageway. Grab another antidote here and look for a
thermometer in a hidden portion of the stream across from the Vegetable
HQ entrance (jump straight up from the surface of the water to get it).
There's also another thermometer on top of the giant strawberry. After
collecting both thermometers, enter the portal marked "Vegetable HQ" and
whack the tree with your stick to make a bridge across the ravine.

Inside the HQ, climb up onto the checkered platform and make your way
around the side of the room, carefully avoiding the exploding popcorn.
You'll be shut inside a small room with a peapod that throws peas; hit
the yellow switch when the peapod is in front of the flamethrower to
torch it. The tomato will be set free. Whack it and let it roll over the
peapod. Grab the antidote and the thermometer and hit the second yellow
switch to make the first spring appear outside this room. The platform
it appears on will begin to move when you step on it. Move to the side of
the platform to stop it from moving as you approach the electrical beams.
Ride up to the top, grab the antidote and the thermometer, and enter the

Don't worry about the antidote in the middle of the room just now; as the
game tells you when you press the yellow switch, you won't be able to
collect it until you learn to fly. Jump into the center of the room, grab
the antidote, and hit the series of yellow switches. Head back to the
upper level via the grate that opens and exit this room. Hop back onto
the yellow platform and take another ride, this time to the second spring
and another portal.

Collect the two thermometers and become Super Ed to reach the third
spring behind the wooden door. Go back up the stairs and insert your
stick into the platform with the face on it. Fly across the room and grab
the two antidotes and the fourth spring, and then pilot through the gap
in the wall to reach the next portal. There are many items to grab in
this room, some of which you can only get to by riding the propellor.
Climb to the top and follow the yellow checkered path to the place where
you can see the peapod. Hop down the pit in the center of the room and
turn on the flamethrower so that it torches all the carrots. Enter the
mouth to find an antidote, a spring, and the another portal.

Head back across to the main yellow checkered platform, hit the switch,
and follow the green path to another portal. Whack the peapods, grab the
items, and enter the portal to go back to the South Plain. Go find the
Doc and give him the springs to obtain the pea shooter. You should have
ended this level with 18 antidotes and 9 thermometers.

                        Training With Agent XYZ

Agent XYZ will teach you how to use the pea shooter in a couple of self-
explanatory training missions. One requires you to shoot five ducks and
the other involves shooting flying sheep. After the missions are over,
the Doc tells you he needs five propellors from the North Plain. You'll
find to the North Plain near the large strawberry close to the Vegetable
HQ entrance.

                     North Plain (via South Plain)

Grab the items here after disposing of the two mushrooms, including a
thermometer on the platform to your right. Hit the right target three
times to make both sides of the bridge lower. In the next room, being
careful of the tomatoes, use the switches to move all three platforms to
the far right. Collect the antidote, move them back to the center, and
jump across. Become Super Ed to break down the door of the lighthouse,
wherein you'll find the entrance to the North Plain.

To begin with, shoot the flying monster with your pea shooter, go left,
and hitch a ride on the moving platform. Make your way around the side
of the room and jump on the boat thing in the next room. Hop up on the
three stone platforms for an antidote and then jump back onto the boat.
Get rid of the next flying monster ASAP and cross the colored platforms
for some items, including a thermometer above the vertically moving
platform. The first propellor is located on the green platform. Start
the brown platform moving, grab the higher antidote, wait a moment and
jump down for the lower one. Wait for the platform to pass and then hop
on it again.

Be careful of the flamethrowers in the next section. When the platform
stops, hit the target across the way. The rest of this room is basically
a repetition of the last. Eventually, you'll find yourself on a ledge
containing the second propellor. Continue onward, hit the yellow switch,
and jump through the passage for the third propellor. If you rotate the
camera, you'll see an alcove located in the opposite direction beneath
the doorway. Jump into it for a thermometer.

Hop across the spinning platforms and jump on the block set into the
wall to reveal another hidden path. Jump to the top for a little extra
health if you need it, and then hop on the brown platform further down
the lower path. You'll come to a narrow red walkway on which you'll find
an extra life and another thermometer. The thermometer is hard to get
and you'll have to jump for it, so go back once or twice if necessary.
Also note, when boarding the brown platform, the location of the anti-
dote down below. To get it, you'll have to jump off the narrow red plat-
form near the small room where you found the extra life (jump against the
wall to the left). 

You'll find yourself on another ledge near a Super Ed popcorn machine.
Shoot the flying monster and then eat the popcorn to become Super Ed.
Jump onto the platform with the Super Ed icon to reach the fourth
propellor. When you come back, leave all the antidotes in this room for
now and continue down the ledge with the popcorn machine to reach the
next room. Hop on the platform and shoot the target to the left. When
the platform stops, shoot the target near the electrical beam. Hop off,
grab the items, hop back on, and shoot the targets in sequence. Look for
a thermometer along the way. When you arrive on the ledge, keep walking
to find two paths. Investigate this room fully for a propellor, a
thermometer, and an antidote. Head back into the other room, shoot the
target nearest you, hop on the platform, shoot the target near the
electrified bowling balls, and shoot the sequence of targets ahead as
soon as they appear.

You'll come to another section of the castle with two thermometers.
After collecting them by climbing on the sections of ledge, proceed
through the passageway. Continue down the path, avoiding obstacles, and
hit the target high up in the center of the castle wall. Jump down the
passage revealed beneath the trap door and collect the sixth propellor
and another antidote. Talk to Suzy, who is waiting on the right side of
the castle, and proceed back to the South Plain. Give the propellors to
the Doc and he'll present you with the bow tie.

                   Training With Agent XYZ (Part Two)

Agent XYZ will now teach you how to use the bow tie to fly. The first
exervise involves landing on platforms and the second requires you to
fly through 12 rings. To maintain height, keep hitting the Z button (a
maneuver that Agent XYZ neglects to mention). There is also a third
exercise that involves shooting sheep in mid-flight. None are extremely
difficult once you get the hang of using the bow tie.

                              South Plain

The Doc will now tell you he needs 6 jumping stones from the Canyon.
First, though, we're going to gather a few of those items you couldn't
get to without the bow tie. Return to the Vegetable HQ entrance and fly
over to the antidote on the right side of the room (from your point of
entry). Then use the cyclone to gain enough height to reach the top of
the waterfall, where you'll find a second antidote and an extra life.

                         Vegetable HQ Revisited

While you're in the area, return to the Vegetable HQ itself. Go back to
the room with the big chomping metal jaws - the plus/minus platform's
first destination - and press the yellow button. Fly inside the jaws,
grabbing an antidote along the way. Inside you'll find the final anti-
dote and thermometer. Exit this room and make your way back to the South
Plain (you'll have to either get a Game Over or proceed through the rest
of the level).

                              South Plain

Head on back to the North Plain entrance (it's the first one counter-
clockwise from the Vegetable HQ). From the bridge, fly over to the left
to reach a previously inaccessible alcove containing a thermometer, an
antidote, and an extra life. Then re-enter the North PLain level you
recently completed.

                         North Plain Revisited

Head immediately right and fly across the gap in the direction of the
arrow. You'll enter a small passageway with two antidotes that ends near
the top of the same room. Fly between two turrets to find a thermometer.
Now, remember that room with all the antidotes you couldn't reach be-
fore? Make your way back there and collect the four remaining antidotes
as well as the final thermometer.

                             South Plain

Head back to the portion of the South Plain where the Doc is wandering
around and enter the dark passageway near the path you took to reach the
Vegetable HQ. Use the switch to move the bookcase and climb the stairs
to reach the antidote behind the waterfall. This is also where you'll
find the Canyon entrance.


To begin with, jump down the long shaft and keep flying until you reach
a room with one of those annoying pellet-shooting monsters. Look for an
antidote and some ammo on a high ledge, and don't miss the antidote, the
thermometer, and the first stone in the next room. Proceed through the
gate with the propellor and collect all the items, including the second
jumping stone. Next, you'll plummet down another long shaft to find
yourself flying again. You'll find an antidote and an extra life in the
first room and another antidote in the second. In the third room, look
for an antidote, an extra life (which is very difficult to grab), and a
thermometer before finally coming to another long fall.

In this area, look for five antidotes, two stones, four thermometers,
and an extra life. If you find yourself flying too low, take the ele-
vator to the upper level. After collecting all those items, fly over to
the ledge to the right of the bull's head and take another fall. While
flying, hit the targets in sequence and fall down yet another long
shaft. Climb up the stairs, hit the target, and begin flying again.

You'll find three more antidotes, two of them in difficult-to-reach
positions, before your next fall. The final stone is located in an area
infested with those annoying pellet-shooting monsters and the final
thermometer is found just before the exit. As Suzy tells you, the last
five antidotes are gained by beating the record for completing the
level, with a minimum time of 3:40.00 (not as easy as it sounds). If you
want to try right away, jump into the whirlwind to the left of the South
Plain exit.

                              South Plain

Talk to the Doc to get the diving ability. He'll tell you to collect six
feathers hidden in the Glacier Cocktail, but first dive into the pool
close by to find a thermometer. Follow the signs to get to the Glacier
Cocktail - it's near Doc's Cave - and look for a thermometer hidden
underwater on the way. Near this thermometer you'll find a small cave
blocked by a large rock. Using the stick for leverage, you can push the
rock aside to reveal another antidote within. There's another antidote
in plain view just outside, as well as a small room containing an anti-
dote and an extra life near the well that leads to the Glacier Cocktail

Back on dry land, watch out for flying sparks. You'll find an antidote
in the cave across from the red portal; don't worry for now about the
monster sealed inside the block of ice.

                           Glacier Cocktail

Grab the antidote and whatever else you need from this room and then
drop to the floor, whack the monster in the back a couple times, and hit
the yellow switch to open the door. A couple of well-aimed shotes will
polish off the pea-shooter. He'll drop a rock down from the ceiling; use
the nearby popcorn machine to become Super Ed and whack the rock over at
the ice skaters. More rocks will drop down until you've hit all three
ice skaters, at which point you should have a usable walkway to the
other side of the ravine.

Take a ride via the last white platform to the place where the pea-
shooter went and finish it off. Hit the yellow switch and gather items
before proceeding. There are four antidotes, a thermometer, and the
first feather to colect here. The best way to reach these items is by
using the leftmost platform (from your point of entry) to reach the top
of the room. When you're done with today's presentation of The Item
Collecting Game, enter the big whatsit that opened when you pressed the
yellow switch.

Agent XYZ will let you know that the machine in this room will not work
without an additional gear, which is found later in this level. There
are many antidotes in this room, but instead of collecting them all now
you might find it easier to wait until the room fills up with water so
you can swim around to collect them more easily. There are also two
thermometers here as well as the second feather (it's underwater). After
some additional item-gathering, enter the portal on the upper level.
Collect all the items lying about on the floor. To do away with the
guard, stand on top of the orange slice and bat one of the rocks it
throws back at it. The guard will fall on the floor, causing it to melt.

Several items will now appear where none were visible before. Search
around underwater to find them. There are two underwater ramps now
accessible. At the top of one, you'll find an antidote, and at the top
of the other, the third feather and a popcorn machine. Become Super Ed
and hit the button outside this ramp. Quickly swim to the other side of
the room, up the other ramp, and back onto dry land. The guard will be
back once again, but you can't kill it with just your stick. Wait until
it walks under the ice blower and then press the yellow button to freeze
it. This will set off a complex chain reaction that makes the water
level rise again.

You'll find the rest of the thermometers (assuming you gathered the ones
in the machine room), another feather, and several more antidotes. Use
the popcorn machine to become Super Ed once again, smash the grate, and
press the yellow button to make the water level rise. You can now reach
an additional antidote as well as the fifth feather. Swim past the
antidote to find yourself back in the room with the machine. The gear
will move magically into place (ha!), the water level will rise, and
you'll be able to grab the sixth feather previously hidden behind the
orange slice. Don't forget to swim around and gather some items if you
didn't do so before.

Note that Suzy will make a very suggestive comment as Ed exits the
level, but unfortunately Ed does not have a "Date Hot Purple-Skinned
Woman" button, so it's back to the South Plain and more item collecting.

                             South Plain

Go back to see the Doc and he'll give you the Chameleon Powder. This
allows you to stand on an octagonal pad and press R to transform into
whatever creature is depicted on the pad. We just saw one of those pads
near the Glacier Cocktail entrance, so let's go back and check it out.

Remember that place where the radish popped out of the ground to throw
tomatoes at you? Head back there and use the pad to turn into a tomato.
The radish will spear you and toss you into a special area full of
hidden items. When you get tired of being a tomato, revert back to Ed
and continue in the direction of the Glacier Cocktail. Go back to that
cave where you found the monster trapped in the ice and hit the ice a
few times to free it. This time use the pad to become a big metal
lizard creature and hop off the ledge onto the cracked ice to break it,
revealing two antidotes, an extra life, and some additional health.

Your next destination is the area of the South Plain where you first
exited from the Ski Slope. Whack the tomato atop the square platform
until it falls on the ground for a thermometer, and then take a swim to
find a previously inacessible thermometer. From here head back to Doc's

                         Doc's Cave Revisited

Remember that big lava-filled room with those platforms that you
couldn't reach before? Head back there and use the red platforms to
reach the high ledge with the portal to the next room, but do not enter
it. Instead, fly over to the platform about one-third of the way up the
wall directly opposite and use the pad there to become one of those
spiky bowling ball things. Use the A button to raise yourself up to
ceiling level and gather those three antidotes. Next stop: the Reversed

                         The Reversed Pyramid

The entrance to the Reversed Pyramid is found across the bridge from the
tomato near the Doc's Cave and Ski Slope entrances. Hit R on the nearby
pad to become a weird-looking mummy thing and the gate will open for
you. Don't forget to grab the antidote just outside the entrance.

To begin with, hit the cat in the right eye (technically its left) with
your pea-shooter to open up a secret area containing a thermometer. Then
stand on the X to make the cat's left paw hit it. The right paw will go
for the mouse that appears, enabling you to drop down through the secret
passage. Don't worry about the antidote across the embers for now. Use
your stick as a lever against the rock to move the statue and then hit
the block with the antidote mark to open the path the mummy went
through. Move carefully through the spiky area, landing on the arrow
blocks. When you land on the X, the walls will disappear.

Look around for an encoded message on the ceiling instructing you to hit
the faces in the order 4132, moving from left to right. The first domino
will then appear, and after you grab it the floor will rotate 90 de-
grees. Quickly fly over to a small ledge and grab a thermometer there.
In the next room, look underwater for an extra life. Hit the antidote
symbol on one of the pads to make a platform appear. Hitch a ride on the
platform to the upper level and fly over to the ledge where you can see
an antidote. Grab it and step on the oddly colored section of floor to
reveal a Chameleon pad. Hit R on it to enter a secret underground room.
You'll find an antidote and the second domino here. From the ledge, fly
across to the uppermost level of the structure in the middle room.

After grabbing a thermometer, hit the target on the ceiling to reveal
some more hidden stuff. Use the newly revealed popcorn machine to become
Super Ed and hit the cork underwater several times to make it pop out.
Now descend the stairway and hop across the platforms to reach the anti-
dote. Be careful not to fall in the water, as it is poisonous. On your
way back across, hit the antidote symbol near the water's surface and
jump into the now-drained pool.

Hit the target beneath the platform with the antidote mark and enter the
sarcophagus to find yourself back on the upper level. Cross the drained
pool again, collect the stuff behind the grate, and enter the portal
beyond the lowered spikes. Swim across the pool for a thermometer and
then enter the underwater passage on the right side of the room. Play
Indiana Jones with the rolling boulders, hiding in the alcoves on the
left side of the passageway, and look for a thermometer and an antidote
along the way. Hit the antidote symbol and enter the sarcophagus. Swim
through the underwater passage on the other side of the room, jump in
the water again, and swim up the vertical passage.

Hop into the pool in the next room and swim directly across to an under-
water passage. Become Super Ed, swim across the pool, and smash the
underwater grate for a third domino. Back on the surface, hit the anti-
dote mark to reveal some targets on the wall and a combination that will
be important later: 41325. Now go over to the smallest of the wooden
structures on the other side of the room and hit it from the rear. This
will form a ramp to the upper level. You'll run into that nasty mummy
once again; hit it with the pea shooter a couple times to do away with
it. The wooden grates will now lift, giving you access to the next
portal. Smack the mummies in baby carriages three times each to kill
them and then grab the thermometer and hit the antidote mark.

The bridge in the room below will now be completed. Drop down through
the hole in the ceiling for the fourth domino, and don't worry about the
antidote for now. Enter the portal straight ahead, walk to the end, use
the popcorn machine, and hit all the antidote marks in sequence, includ-
ing the big one at the end. Now the entire room will rotate and you'll
be able to cross. In the next room, keep walking in the same direction
until you reach a sarcophagus. The next room holds the fifth domino, as
well as a popcorn machine that will enable you to break the grate and
start the faucet running again. Swim across the pool, grab the antidote,
and hit the antidote mark to reach the sixth and final domino and the
end of the level. Also, swim around the newly filled pool area for a
thermometer and an extra life.

                     Training With Agent XYZ Part 3

The Doc will present you with a new item, the pogo stick, which Agent
XYZ will teach you how to use in one easy and self-explanatory exercise.

                             South Plain

The Doc will now send you to the Pressure Cooker to search for six piggy
banks, but first let's do some exploring with the pogo stick. Head back
to the Reversed Pyramid entrance and whack the scarab with your stick.
Smash the tiny door in the corner to enter a secret room containing an
antidote, and kill all three scarabs to make another antidote appear.
While you're here, let's re-enter the Pyramid and explore to find some of
those items you couldn't reach before.

                       Reversed Pyramid Revisited

In the first room, pogo on an oddly colored tile on the floor to make an
antidote fall to the floor. In the next room, you can now pogo across
the embers to reach another antidote. If you didn't get the thermometer
below the smiling blocks your first time through, you have a second
chance for that as well. Back in the room with the bridge, you can now
pogo on the block in front of the stairs to make the antidote fall. From
here, head through the underwater passage on the left to reach the water-
fall room. Go through the wooden grate and hit the block to reveal
another portal. Before entering it, hop across the embers on the pogo
stick and enter the sarcophagus. You'll find yourself high up in the
waterfall room. Collect the antidote and pogo on the block to make
another antidote fall. Before collecting it, look behind the waterfall
for another thermometer. Head back to the newly created portal and enter
it. You'll find yourself in an entirely new room. Look on the right wall
for a familiar series of targets - hit them in the sequence 41325 to
reveal a Chameleon pad. Become a scarab to collect a thermometer, two
antidotes, and an extra life.

                 Pressure Cooker (via South Plain)

Head back to the Doc's house and bust through the small door to the left
of the bookshelf with your pogo stick. Near the Pressure Cooker entrance,
you'll find a red-hot thermometer across some embers where several
bowling balls are floating around. Pogo across to get it and then enter
the Pressure Cooker.

Look for an antidote just to the left of the entrance once inside the
level. In the first room you'll find (joy!) a box-pushing puzzle. After
grabbing the thermometer, stand near the exit of the room and look
straight ahead. The boxes should appear to form a triangle. Hit the box
on the left over to the left wall and then up. It should not land on a
switch. Then hit the box on the right down, left, and up, and it should
land next to the other box on a switch. hit the box next to - but not
on - the switch to the right, and it should land on a switch as well.
Then hit it up and right to make it land on a different switch. Hit the
box that would be at the tip of the triangle right, down, and left. It
should land vertically parallel to the box on the switch. Hit the box on
the switch up and then hit the box below it up to make that box land on
the switch instad. Finally, hit the box that is not on the switch to the
right. All the boxes should now be on switches and the door should open.

In the next room, hit the targets in sequence to open the grate. Behind
it, you'll find the first piggy bank. Be careful of the falling block
further down the hall - step into its shadow briefly and then wait for it
to raise again before continuing. On the Chameleon pad, become a block
and hit the B button to crush the guard as it walks underneath. Further
on, you'll find the second piggy bank and another... um... fun puzzle.
Step on each of the switches in the four corners and then the one in the
center to open the door. The third piggy bank is found just beyond this

In the lava-filled room, activate the switch below the blue magnet and
drop the boxes on top of the vents. You can now run freely around grab-
bing items. You can use the switch on top of the platform to move the
refrigerator aside, revealing a hidden passageway. Beware of the water
in the room with the arrows, as it is poisonous. Look in one of the side
tunnels for a piggy bank for and a yellow switch. Pushing the switch
will reveal another tunnel opposite this one. In the next room it's -
oy vey - another puzzle. There are no clear and easy instructions for
this one. You just have to move the pieces around until you get a pic-
ture of Grögh's ugly face. When you're done, use the Chameleon pad to
become Grögh and talk to the guard behind the opposite door. Believing
you are Grögh, he will now let you through.

Look for an antidote in the passage between rooms and another to the left
of the door once you enter the next room. You can pogo on the embers for
a couple extra lives. You also have to pogo across the jagged platform
since it is electrified. Look for an antidote in the next room before
proceeding quickly up the steps ahead of the rising boiling water. Become
a box on the upper level of the next room and approach the final piggy
bank... which is taken away by an evil mushroom. Now it's on to the
Magic Mushroom's Hideout to find the stolen piggy bank.

              Magic Mushroom's Hideout (via South Plain)

Talk to the Doc and then proceed to the area with the entrances to the
Ski Slope and Doc's Cave. Assuming you have at least 160 antidotes, a
new portal should have appeared across the bridge. Its destination is the
Magic Mushroom's Hideout. This level begins with another ride down a
slope, similar to the one in the beginning of the game. Try to grab
thermometers while avoiding electrical beams, and take the right-hand
path the first two times when given a choice. In the third section of
the slope, there's a left fork which is hard to enter except at low
speed. Slide against the wall repeatedly to slow yourself down.

At the bottom, you'll have a battle with the Magic Mushoroom. This battle
is comprised of several randomized phases of attack, followed by three
final phases. These are as follows:

Randomized Phases:

1. The Mushroom will make parts of the floor disappear and electrical
beams will materialize while the floor spins. Avoid the beams and hit the
Mushroom with the pea shooter after the beams disappear.

2. The Mushroom will make smaller boxing mushrooms materialize. Again,
hit the big Mushroom when it's unprotected by its green shield.

3. The floor will disappear entirely to be replaced by four red platforms
that disappear and reappear while the Magic Mushroom tosses bolts of
electricity. Once again, watch for its shield to disappear and hit it
with the pea shooter.

4. The Mushroom will fly around the room lobbing balls of some stardust-
like substance. You'll have to stand very close and return fire with your

Final Phases:

If you die after this point, the Mushroom will initialize in its final
phases of attack. After announcing that its shield is no longer inde-
structible, the Mushroom will fly around the perimeter of the room
shooting lightning bolts. There are three phases to this portion of the
Mushroom's attack, but all are very similar. Each phase will last until
you hit it ten times with the blowgun - thankfully, you have infinite
ammo. Finally, the Mushroom will fall into the lava and politely hand
back the final piggy bank before succumbing to a firey death.

                            Grögh's Castle

Go see the Doc, who has finally completed the catapult that will launch
you to Grögh's castle (just stand on it and press R). There are ten more
thermometers, but no antidotes, to collect before facing the final

Firstly, destroy the robot tossing electrical bolts by hitting it twice
in the back and then take care of the pea-shooter. Hit the yellow switch
on the left and hurry up the stairs. Fly across to the hole in the ground
and enter it. Use the switch to move the platform to the left, push the
boulder across, and do the same on the right. You can now use the brown
platform to reach the ledge with the thermometer and the popcorn machine.
Become Super Ed, cross the bridge, and bend the bars to reach another
thermometer. Continue through the passageway to the next room.

Remember that if you die in this room, you can exit and re-enter it to
reset the extra lives. Go left and corss the platform to reach a series
of step-like pillars. Climb to the top and move the switch to the right
to make a bridge appear. Cross the bridge, which will begin to disappear
as you step on it, climb the series of blocks and look for an extra life
behind you. Pogo on the antidote mark to make the rock fall on the guard.

In the small room past the guard, push the rock onto one of the switches
and hit the target while standing on the other switch. Next, head over to
the gate that opens and enter the portal. Climb the ramp and stand on the
platform parallel to and below the flamethrower and move past it through
the passageway to the next room. Here, a guard will rearrange six plat-
forms, and it will be your job to find switches to move them back into
place. Head across to the brown platform with the arrow on it and hit
the targets in sequence between gyrations of the platform. Go back to the
ledge near the entrance and jump on the brown platform close by. You'll
be lifted to a section of ground with a switch that you must activate to
move the first platform into place.

The next switch is located on the left-hand portion of the room near a
thin rail-like ramp. After activating it, use the Chameleon pad to become
a boulder and roll against the bridge to lower it, but do not enter the
portal just yet. Climb the thin rail-like ramp mentioned before and jump
on the boat-like platform to find the third switch beyond some flame-
throwers. Go back to the center portion of the room, cross the draw-
bridge, and enter the portal. Look for a thermometer immediately to the
right. After flying across to get it, land on the section with the spikes
and head in the opposite direction toward the flamethrowers. A thermo-
meter and the fourth switch are found across the thin ramp.

Go back to the spiky section, cross the bridge, and climb the covered
ramp to find the fifth switch. After exiting the covered section, fall
down to the lower level where you can see a guard to find the sixth and
final switch. Back through the portal in the previous room, make use of
the boat-like platform again and climb across the six platforms you just
replaced. When you reach the final platform, the others will change
position and the posts will begin to shoot electrical beams. Cross care-
fully through this area and enter the doorway the guard disappeared into.
You'll see a big blue tower that will appear to take on a life of its own
and will then bash through the ground. After collecting an extra life and
the final thermometer, jump down the hole and follow it.

In this next section, you'll have to run away while the enraged tower -
with Grögh inside it - follows through sections with hurdles and plat-
forms over poisonous water. Eventually, you'll come to a ledge over the
water where there are no platforms. Hit the target on the opposite side
and fly quickly across. After crossing another small section of poison-
ous water, you'll find yourself at the end of this portion of the battle.
In the next room, become Super Ed and use the A button to kick a rock at
the tower's head. While it is stunned, use the B button to throw a rock
at its body. Work the tower backwards so that it falls in the pit at the
edge of the room. Then cross the bridge and prepare for the final battle!

You'll find yourself in a lava-filled room standing on a platform before
the tower. Wait for a cyclone to appear and then fly into it while the
platform sinks rapidly. Hit all four targets around the perimeter of the
room and then land back on the center platform, which should have risen
back out of the lava. Some debris will fly at you and you'll have to hit
it back at the tower to make it open a flap on its body. Quickly use the
pea shooter to shoot inside the flap and avoid the balls of lightning and
other junk thrown by the tower. Repeat the whole process three times
and... well.. I'll leave what happens next up to you to discover. Con-
gratulations on beating the game (and for having the discriminating taste
to use this fine walkthrough)!

                              IV. Codes

Infinite 1-Ups:

As you may have noticed, the 1-ups in the game can be collected over and
over again, but there's one location where two 1-ups are located close
together and it's quite easy to go back and forth collecting as many
lives as you need. Go to the Glacier Cocktail entrance and enter the
small cave near the radish. You can pry away the rock with your stick to
find an antidote and an extra life. Go on through the portal that leads
to the well; nearby you'll find another small room with another extra
life. Keep going back and forth between the 1-ups to gain as many lives
as you need. If you have the Chameleon ability, you can also become a
tomato near the large rock and the radish will toss you up to another
extra life. This tactic will also work in any other area where two extra
lives are located close to either side of a portal, since going through
the portal resets the extra lives.

All Items:

After meeting the Doc for the first time, face him on top of the mushroom
and hit R, R, up (stick), down (stick), up (pad), down (pad), up 
(camera), down (camera), left (camera), right (camera), up (camera), up
(camera), left (camera), left (camera), right (camera), right (camera),
up (camera), up (camera), down (camera), down (camera), up (stick), down
(stick), left (stick), right (stick), start. Wait a while and the Doc 
will say "Impressive!", simultaneously giving you the bow tie, the fish
bowl, the pogo stick, etc.

Advance to the Final Battle:

Pause the game and hit A, B, A, B, A, left, right, up, down, and Z to
warp to the final battle with Grögh.

Start a New Game with Full Life:

After completing the game and saving it on the memory pak, start a new
game to begin with a life gauge corresponding to however many thermo-
meters you collected your first time through.

For Gameshark and Action Replay codes, visit the following URLs:



                              V. Notes

This FAQ is © Copyright 2001 Mike Day. You're free to copy it for your
own use on any variety of media as long as it is not being used for
profit purposes (this would include web sites that accept advertising).
I believe I've covered everything about the game pretty comprehensively,
but if you have a submission, email me and I'll include it in a future
update. Thanks for your attention, and I hope this FAQ helped you out.