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| Total Annihilation: Battle Tactics |
| Demo FAQ                For the PC |
| By BrakZero            Version 1.0 |


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Boo. Welcome to my tiny little guide that I made in one day. I'm very surprised
that you found it. After all, not many people heard of Total Annihilation, let
alone the expansion pack. This FAQ guides you through the Battle Tactics demo.
And in case you didn't just get the hint, Battle Tactics is the name of the
expansion pack.


Table of Contents
 Battle Strategy
  - Zipper Attack
  - Raid on Vetes
  - Can Rush

 +- Battle Strategies -+

In the Briefing section, I only describe the first part of the briefing from
the game. There is more, but it's just suggestions and battle tactics. I am not
including these because I'll supply them myself.

Mission #1 - Zipper Attack
"The Harrison Hotspot is a geothermally active region on Empyrrean.
The Core have not been challenged in the area until now, and have a    large
weakly defended base. Take a force of Zippers in for a        lightning strike
to take out their supplies. Destroy all Geothermal    Power Plants and both
Fusion Power Plants at any cost."

 How to Win...
This is probably the toughest of the three missions. 62 Zippers is a   lot, but
they have light guns and light armor. Your Peewees are going  to be destroyed
right away because they're standing right next to     Light Laser Towers, so
don't even bother with them... they're not     even that useful, anyway.
Anyway, pause the game with your PAUSE key   (not F2) and press enter. Type
"+shootall", and this will have your    Zippers automatically shoot buildings.
Race your Zippers past the     Light Laser Towers and scan the map. Make sure
you take out any     Geothermal Power Plants that you see. DO NOT TRY TO FIGHT
ALL THE     GOLIATHS AND REAPERS. Your chances of completing the mission is
very,  very low if you do so. When you run into them, just run past them and 
get away. Zippers are very fast and those tanks are very slow, so you 
shouldn't have too much of a problem getting away. When you finally    take out
all the Geothermal plants and the two Fusion plants, you've   won.

Mission #2 - Raid on Vetes
"The Core has built a base on the Vetes and is now building up concentric
defenses. Take your fast attack mobile force and destroy    the Core base.
Attack everything but be sure you kill all their Advanced Kbot Labs and Fusion
Power Plants."

 How to Win...
This mission is a joke. Just gather up every single unit and sweep up  the map.
It'll be a breeze, although it might take a while to find   every single unit.
You'll even find an Advanced Construction Kbot on   the north western side of
the map trying to build an Intimidator. :P

Mission #3 - Can Rush
"Emergency! A powerful force of Core Cans has been found by your   scouts.
Prevent them from destroying your Fusion Power Plant.

 How to Win...
This one could be a little tough, but you shouldn't have TOO much of   a
problem with it. Use your three Construction Kbots wisely. Since   you have a
Fusion Reactor, energy shouldn't be a problem. Pop up as   many Defenders,
Sentinels, and Guardians as possible. You should have  some time because your
first attacks are by Pyros, who are destroyed   with your starting units. Make
sure you tighten your defenses most   right around the Fusion Plant, because
that is the Can's main target. Don't give up just because they're starting to
get close.


Yep, that's all. Hey, it's just a demo. If I had the full expansion pack, maybe
then I would write one for all 100 missions. Oh well.

    This document is copyright (C) 2001 by BrakZero (Alex Biedacha)