• Lots of cheats

    For Cheat mode, hold Ctrl, for rest, hold F9 while typing

    All pods on the map are killedcrop kill
    CGK levels fullcgk max
    Earthquakeegg boy returns
    Kill the unit you selectedkill
    Minimap is toggledminimap on/off
    Pods to all croplandscrop pop
    You get a full mapset none

    Contributed By: Robbie Kennedy.

  • Object Placement Codes

    After activating cheat mode, hold F9, then type "place <object name>" to place the listed object at the current location. The following are the object codes.

    Energy Podpod
    Energy Sporesport
    friendly Advanced Gene Labadv gene lab
    friendly Advanced Psi Toweradv psi
    friendly Electric Towerelectric
    friendly Gene collectorcollector
    friendly Gene Labgene lab
    friendly Healerhealer
    friendly Kaliku Mongrelk3
    friendly Kaliku Thumperk2
    friendly Kelika Behemothk4
    friendly Kelika Leviathank5
    friendly Kelika Shamank1
    friendly Listenerlistener
    friendly Magha Dervishm3
    friendly Magha Reaverm4
    friendly Magha Shadowm2
    friendly Magha Shamanm1
    friendly Magha Viperm5
    friendly Minemine
    friendly Plasma Cannonadv turret
    friendly Psi Towerpsi
    friendly Refineryrefinery
    friendly Relay Towerrelay
    friendly Sen-Soth Aphids5
    friendly Sen-Soth Dhuganayas4
    friendly Sen-Soth Myrmidons3
    friendly Sen-Soth Shamans1
    friendly Sen-Soth Snipes2
    friendly Summonersummoner
    friendly Tanu Jubjubt5
    friendly Tanu Ophidiant4
    friendly Tanu Raptort3
    friendly Tanu Scoutt2
    friendly Tanu Shamant1
    friendly Turretturret
    friendly Warp Devicewarp
    Wedd Podweed

    Contributed By: th3l3fty.

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