• Passwords

    Press Enter then put in the password and press Enter again

    10000 gold and 5000 oil/lumberglittering prizes
    5000 oilspycob
    5000 oilvaldez
    Fast lumber harvesthatchet
    Feif messageday
    Full mapon screen
    Funky musicdisco
    Go Bruins messageucla
    God modeit is a good day to die
    Insatnt victoryunite the clans
    Magic upgradesevery little thing she does
    Multiplayer surrenderallowsync
    Play after mission victorynever a winner
    Skip Missiontigerlily
    Super fast buildingmake it so
    Unlock all buildings and upgradesfree buildings
    Upgrade everythingdeck me out

    Contributed By: pikachu_25, J Dawg007, and Gauntlet Man 99.


  • Mutli-Cast Glitch

    To get Magic casters to cast the same spell at the same time, first, select a group of them (Group meaning more than one). Next, hit CTRL+1. Now, click a single member of that group and select a spell of his. Hold ALT+1 for a few seconds and then click on the desired target(s).

    Contributed By: Gauntlet Man 99.


  • Exploding Critters

    To make those pesky critters explode, click them numerous times. Eventually they will just spontaneously combust.

    Contributed By: J Dawg007.

Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal Cheats


  • Misc. Codes

    Press enter while playing, then enter the following:

    Entire mapon screen
    Extended Playnever a winner
    Extra Goldglittering prizes
    Fast Buildmake it so
    Go Bruins messageulca
    God Modeit is a good day to die
    Instant Lossyou pitiful worm
    instant winunite the clans
    Laser Shownetprof
    Magic upgradesevery little thing she does
    More OilValdez

    Contributed By: darknessdj101, Nexxt, and alinktothepresent.

Easter Eggs

  • Bonus Track

    Input "Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal" into your CD player and skip all the way to the end. You'll discover a new bonus track that mixes all the music in the game together. This track was added to the expansion and doesn't work on the Warcraft II CD.

    Contributed By: Menji.


  • Exploding Animals

    Click on ANY neutral animal on the map repeatedly and many times will make them explode in a ball of fire. All that remain of that animal are bones and blood. You and your opponent's units will not be harmed.

    Contributed By: drxia00.

Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness Cheats


  • Cheats for Warcraft II

    More Cash Code: Glittering prizes
    Mission Jump Code: Tigerlily
    Fast Build Code: Make it so
    Finale Code: There can only be one
    God Mode Code: It is a good day to die
    Jump To Mission Code: Orc14,Human14,etc...
    Loss Code: You pitiful worm
    Lumber Code: Hatchet
    Magic Code: Every little thing she does
    No Victory Code: Never a winner
    Oil Code: Valdez
    Show Map Code: On screen
    Special Sound Track Code: Disco
    Upgrade Code: Deck me out
    Victory Code: Unite the clans

    Contributed By: LedZeppelinRulz2.

  • Have fun

    To enable the cheats hit ENTER while in the game, then type one of the codes, and hit ENTER again. In multiplayer games, the cheats effect both sides.

    2 hits on tree cuts it downhatchet
    changes to mission select. e.g (human 1)tigerlily
    enables you to see the whole mapon screen
    faster unit buildingmake it so
    gives players godlike powersit is a good day to die
    God Mode For EnemyIt Is A Nice Day To Die
    lots of oilvaldez
    lots of wood and goldglittering prizes
    makes victory impossiblenever a winner
    makes you loseyou pitiful worm
    music changesdisco
    Reveal the mapshowpath
    takes you to final sequencethere can only be one
    upgrades players magicevery little thing she does
    upgrades unitsdeck me out
    wins the level instantlyunite the clans

    Contributed By: link277, IRuleUAll, and ll Demosthenes ll.


  • Warcraft 1 songs in Warcraft 2

    When you are playing a mission in the Human Campaign mode, remove the Warcraft 2 CD out of your PC and replace it with a Warcraft 1 CD during gameplay. The game will play the defeat song that you usually get when you lose in Warcraft 2 during gameplay. After that song is done, the game will suddenly play improved versions some Human Campaign songs from Warcraft 1 and an improved version of one of the Orc Campaign songs from Warcraft 1.

    Contributed By: i am not me i am YOU.


  • Angry Units and Exploding Sheep

    If you continuously click on your human/orc units, they will get mad and impatient with you. If you continuously click on the sheep, they will say 'ba-rim-u' and explode!

    Contributed By: Dftonz645.

  • Exploding Animals

    To make ANY neutral animal on the map explode, not just sheep like the person above posted, click on the animal repeatedly many times. The animal will explode and all that will remain are bones and blood. The animal's death will not harm you or the enemy units. It's just something to fill the time if you're bored.

    Contributed By: drxia00.

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