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Worms (Playstation) Weapon Guide
V 4.6 2-27-2000
By Videogameman (Videogameman2000@yahoo.com)

Update: Added some more info on the Ninja Rope.
Update: Added a lot of small things and correcter typos.
Update: Fixed some typos and added some more info.
Update: Just added some weapons.
Update: Added some new weapons and corrected some spelling errors.

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Max. Damage: 50%
Affected by Wind: Yes
Overall usefulness: Very good

    This is the best all-around weapon. You can charge it up and shoot
worms all the way across the battlefield. Wind will slow this weapon
down (and some times blow it back at you). You can use this weapon
like a fan and blow enemies into land mines or of cliffs. Don't shoot
this weapon at point blank range unless you want to be taken home in a
little box with your name on it. If you hit you target perfectly, half
of their life will fly away (and some times they will too). Use this
weapon to blow away obsticals like trees so that your team of worms
can go through. If you want to have some fun, shoot at land mines. If
you hit them just right they will fly at you enemy and cause them
seriuos damage (and a good laugh). Practice shooting against the wind
in a four player game by yourself (don't practice against the computer
becouse they never miss there target). To add to the fun, have a
Bazooka War. You do this by placing your worms around the battlefield
(keep your teams close to each other). After you do this, only use
your Bazooka to kill your enemies. This is very fun if you kill all
but one or two worms on each team then do this while the worms are in
hiding. Have fun!

Homing Missile
Max. Damage: 50%
Affected by Wind: Barly
Overall usefulness: Good

    As the name says, this weapon homes in on the target that you pick
and blows them away. It is just like the bazooka (except for that one
little odvious reason), but the wind barley effects it (unless it is a
super powerful wind). If you aim this weapon right behind or in front
of the enemy you can blow them into the water or into land mines. This
can be said to be a cheap weapon if you use it against human

Max. Damage: 50%
Affected by Wind: No
Overall usefulness: SoSo

    Charge to throw, this weapon is very powerful if thrown right. Use
this only against single opponents. The explosion is bigger than the
cluster bomb, but there is only one (the cluster bomb has six). Use
this weapon to knock worms into the water or off trees (or any other
objects that the worms can stand on besides the ground). Learn how to
use this weapon against non-exsistent human players. You can also
throw this weapon off a cliff to clear out any unlucky worms below.

Cluster Bomb
Max. Damage: 25% per warhead
Affected by Wind: No
Overall usefulness: Good

    This weapon is awesome for blowing away two or three enemies (that
are reasonably close to each other). After the bomb blows, five
warheads fly out and do more damage to the worms. I perfer this weapon
over the Grenade because if you miss the first time you might hit them
with one of the next five explosions. Throw this weapon over cliffs to
blow away the enemies below for good. Also, throw this weapon up into
the sky as hard as you can. If you do this right then you will hear a
bang and five warheads will fall from the sky (when you do this you
should first turn the time before it blows down to two seconds). Do
this to hit opponent worms that are spread out. *Warning* The computer
will use this weapon to blow groups of you worms away so spread out or

Banana Bomb
Max. Damage: 75% per Banana
Affected by Wind: No
Overall usefulness: Very good

    Behold the power of the Banana Bomb. This weapon can (and will)
wipe out entire teams of worms with one throw. This weapon is like a
super powerful version of the good old cluster bomb. Use it like you
would an everyday cluster bomb (except for the fact that you only get
one per pick up). Practice with the cluster bomb and the grenade to
learn how far you will throw it. After you throw this weapon into the
air (and lands) it explodes into five different bananas that can kill
easily. To add to the fun throw the Banana Bomb up into the air as
high as it will go. If you do this right bananas will fall from the
sky. Very funny if done right. Another thing that you can do is to
throw one right into a crack with a worm in it. If done right there
will be a HUGE explosion kill the worm instantly along with anything
around it (including you if you are to close to it). Have fun. =)

Max. Damage: 25% per shot
Affected by Wind: No
Overall usefulness: Bad

    This is the only weapon that you get two shots with (in the same
turn). This weapon will blow you off of you feet (if worms had feet)
if shot at close range (causing you as much or even more damage then
the worm that you are shooting at). This can cause you to fall off
cliff or fly into land mines. Don't try to shoot land mines because
thay won't fly out of your way (unlike the Uzi). The only use for this
weapon is when you has two opponents that are close to water or have
around 15% of their life left.  Besides that, a bad weapon.

Max. Damage: 50%
Affected by Wind: No
Overall usefulness: Good

    I love this weapon. It can hit up to four different worms if they
are in a line (like at the begining of a round) causing different
amounts of damage. If you use this weapon at point blank range then
both you and your opponent worm will see 5% of your life leave you.
This weapon can (and will) blow opponents back and make them fly into
the air. This is very funny when you do this and they bounce off of
trees with landmines on them (Hint, Hint). This weapon does not shoot
in a straight line like the Shotgun does, it shoots bullets
everywhere. This is a good weapon for everyone out their that can not
shoot straight.

Max. Damage: 75%
Affected by Wind: No
Overall usefulness: Very Good

    This is a super powerful version of the Uzi. Once pick up from a
crate it will replace the Uzi in the Weapon Select Bar. Use this
weapon like you would an Uzi, but have more fun with it. For example,
use it against crowds of worms for some major damage. You can also
trap a worm in a corner (usually in a cave with a land mine in front
of them) then shoot them with this sucker to get maximum damage. =)

Fire Punch (Dragon Punch)
Max. Damage: 30%
Affected by Wind: No
Overall usefulness: SoSo

    Right out of the Street Fighter series. This attack will always
take off 30% of their life no matter how hard you hit them. Use this
to wack people off of cliffs and into land mines (either killing or
taking off 60%). One thing that you can do to have some fun is to
blowtorch your way under your worm opponent then punch them with this
attack. You can also use this attack to grab hard to reach crates.
Besides that, only use this move if you can knock them off of cliff or
if they have under 31% of their life left and want to kill them with

Dragon Ball (Fire Ball)
Max. Damage: 30%
Affected by Wind: No
Overall usefulness: Bad

    This is a very bad move because you can not aim it and it has very
limited range. It also barly harms you opponent. But on the up side it
will knock you opponent way across the screen. Only use it to (guess
what) knock them off cliffs or into land mines. I don't like to use
this weapon when I can just pull out my trusty Uzi (or Mini-gun) and
blow them away. So all in all, don't use this weapon unless you are
very desprite.

Max. Damage: 75%
Affected by Wind: No
Overall usefulness: Good

    One word, BOOM. This weapon has the biggest explosion in the
entire game. Put if on a worms head then run for your life. You can
drop these off of cliffs to smack the unlucky worm down there. But be
careful not to drop it right beside of you while traped in a corner.
Have fun with this weapon. *Note* If you go to options and turn on
Banzana mode all the explosion will be this size.

Max. Damage: 50%
Affected by Wind: No
Overall usefulness: Good

    Use this to either trap your opponent or use it as an alternative
for a Dynamite stick.  If you use it for that then make sure to get on
top of your opponent's head then drop it.  This method will always
take away 50%, so use it a lot.

Max. Damage: 75%
Affected by Wind: No
Overall usefulness: Good

    This is an awsome weapon. You throw a suicidal sheep at your
opponent. Press the X button to blow the sheep up causing massive
damage to your enemy. When it blows it can send your opponent flying
through the air (sometimes this will blow them out of the screen
killing them). This weapon will humiliate your enemy, so use it all
the time. *Warning* This weapon will self destruct if you do not blow
it up within 20 or so seconds.

Max. Damage: 75%
Affected by Wind: No
Overall usefulness: Very good

    Use this weapon to blow groups of worms away for good. Once called
for the airplane (yes there is an airplane, but you cannot see it) it
will drop eight bombs on your selected target. Don't use on human
players because this is sometimes called a cheap weapon. If you are
down to your last worm or two, dig a hole in the ground and use this
weapon like crazy. The computer can not hit you if you dig down far
enough (just don't let them fallow you into you dugout because they
will put a piece of dynamite in there and you won't be able to get
out). You should also use this weapon to take out bridges and worms on
them. *Warning* Don't be close to where you aim this weapon because
you will get hit by one of the bombs (because the bombs are in a nice
strait line that is acually pretty big).

Max. Damage: None
Affected by Wind: No
Overall usefulness: Good

    Only use this weapon to get away from traps and to get weapon
pick-ups on far away objects. Use this weapon carefully because you
only have one.

Max. Damage: 30%
Affected by Wind: No
Overall usefulness: Good

    Use this weapon to blow your way through rocks and other obsacles
that stand in your way. You can hit other worms if they are standing
directly in between you and the obsacle that you are trying to go
through. To have some fun, blowtorch your way under an enemy worm then
Dragon Punch (sorry, Fire Punch) them. If you want to stop it then
just hit X and back at the same time.

Pneumatic Drill
Max. Damage: 90%
Affected by Wind: No
Overall usefulness: Good

    This is the same thing as the Blowtorch except that it will only
go down (unlike the Blowtorch that could go downforward, forward,
upforward). Use this to get out of the range of fire. To get the most
damage out of this attack just get on top of your opponent and keep
going down.  You usually only get 30%+, but you can get more.

Max. Damage: None
Affected by Wind: No
Overall usefulness: Good

    This is a fun weapon to use. When you fall off a cliff you will
not hit the ground but you will bounce inches in front of it. Press
the jump button to get out of it. When you are hanging you can press
left or right to go in that direction. After you land you can change
you weapon and continue on the fight (in the same turn)! A fun weapon
with great sound effects.

Ninja Rope
Max. Damage: None
Affected by Wind: No
Overall usefulness: Great

    This is a great, great, great weapon.  If you can't get to high
places then use this weapon (if you want to call it that).  What you
do is you DON'T aim at where you want to go, but where you can get to
that place.  For example, you want to get up and out of a hole and
onto the ledge to your left, and there is a gaint candy bar to your
right (the candy bar is higher then the ledge).  You would shoot at
the top of the candy bar, then pull yourself up a bit then start to
swing back and forth by pressing left and right until you are either
at your destination or you think that you will be able to land there
if you jump (hit X).  Now, not every time you use the Ninja Rope will
everything be this easy.  Most of the time it will take a lot of work
to get to your destination or you may not even be able to get there
using the Ninja Rope (this is when you use your Teleport).  You should
practice using this tool before you start to use it in a battle,
because if you are not prepared then you will waste time and possibly
your turn.

    There is a way to do a complete 360 around an object.  I learned
this trick from Fernando H. Canto (canto@poa.matrix.com.br) and give
him full credit for the discovery.  To do this just swing like normal,
but when you reach the top extend or or shrink the rope to about the
medium length.  Now, when you start to fall, and are horizantal with
the object you are swinging from, start to minimize the rope (not all
the way).  When you are on the other side of the object, and at the
highest point, extend the rope to medium and repeat until you have
completed a 360.  This will not always work, but is very fun to watch
and it can be very useful in combat.

Max. Damage: None
Affected by Wind: No
Overall usefulness: Good

    Use this weapon to trap people in corners or yourself in a corner
to protect yourself. Once you trap someone in the corner you can put
land mines outside of it. When they finally blow their way out they
will get blown away. If you get trapped in it blowtorch your out
through the rock (or whatever you are trapped beside).

Max. Damage: 30%
Affected by Wind: No
Overall usefulness: SoSo

    Only use this weapon when you are on your last worm or you want to
make fun of your enemy. When you activate this weapon you will fly at
your enemy and then explode. If you hit your target then they will fly
through the air (and hopefully) out of the screen. There is a way to
stop yourself from dieing.  You do this by Kamikazing into land mines.
Sure you will take 30%+ damage, but that is nothing compared to
loosing your worm. This was e-mailed to my by someone who I lost their
e-mail address (please e-mail me again, sorry).

Max. Damage: 100%
Affected by Wind: No
Overall usefulness: SoSo

    When you use this weapon you will push your opponent worm. Only
use this if your is by a cliff (with water below). If used correctly
then they will DIE!! =)

    Well, this concludes this FAQ. Check back for an update every once
in a while.

Thanks for reading this.