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How do I get the game to fit my screen correctly?

I just downloaded this game and it opens and plays fine. However, I can't see part of the game-play screen, because its cut off by the edge of my monitor. Does anybody know how I can make this correctly fit my screen?? Thanks.

Zoinker asked for clarification:

There's a pretty simple solution to this; buy the game. I know it's over 15 years old, but you can get it for only 5 bucks on Steam (worth every penny) and it'll work perfectly (though check the steam forums for some fine tuning).

Otherwise, what version are you using? the DOS version or the Windows CE version? also, what OS are you playing on?

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BlankIs1337 answered:

Generally, this is caused by the game putting your monitor into a really low resolution you've never used before. Sometimes, for whatever reason, the monitor's default settings have the height, width, and vertical and horizontal positions placed so that some of the displayed image is off-screen.

To test that, just use your monitor's controls to shrink the image in whichever dimension is too big. If you can shrink it to fit, which is highly likely, then just play with the controls to get the image centered and sized up appropriately. If that doesn't fix it, you're looking at much more complicated troubleshooting, involving both software and hardware, that require lots of tinkering.
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Randomtwo answered:

(Alt+Enter) will switch it to windowed mode

Thats what I'm doing till i find a better fix
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brawlfanboy9 answered:

Download it from Steam, it will usually fine tune it most of the way for you.
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