Question from Judiana

How do I get past level 3 at the water tunnel?

This level I go home and in the part whereI swim into a room through the water tunnel and turn the switches to move the barriers in the water. The problem is it will not let me swim back through the water tunnel and I can not get out of the room. What am I doing wrong?


deltora_q answered:

Use a walkthrough, look under the tab FAQs.
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NumenorKing answered:

(I think I know where you are) Make sure the barier's are moved so that they completely block off one half of the watter.

You should be able to swim back out the tunnel. I'm not sure why you wouldn't be able to you might not be lined up properly. Try jumping into it and crouching and moving forward while looking down. I don't remember having an issue here, but I have not played it in a while.
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doninss answered:

W.A.G. try the duck key.
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