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The Deus Ex Walkthrough and Companion Guide
Version 1.1
Djibriel, April 2014

"Paranoia means having all the facts." - William S. Burroughs


  1.0     Version History
  2.0     Introduction
  3.0     Walkthrough and Notes
  4.0     Skills and Relevant Items
  5.0     Augmentations
  6.0     Links
  7.0     Thanks 'nd Credits

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 1.0  Version History

- Version 1.1  (03/21/2015)
      Added a tidbit about the name of the Old China Hand, fixed an error in
      the list of skill points of the DuClare Mansion and fixed some typos all
- Version 1.0  (04/21/2014)
      Release on GameFAQs after joyous spellchecking and line trimming.

- Version 0.9  (04/14/2014)
      Initial Release on the Collapse of Heaven and Earth.

 2.0  Introduction

Hello, and welcome to the Deus Ex Walkthrough and Companion Guide! As the title
implies, this document has two goals simultaneously. First, it's a walkthrough.
I've tried to make it the best walkthrough it could be, helpful both for first-
time players and people who've played the game before and now want explore and
obtain everything.

The walkthrough basically follows the following rules:
- Keep plot-relevant NPCs alive (for as long as possible)
- Locate all Augmentation Canisters
- Obtain all skill points
- No using login info or keypad codes that you haven't found
- Follow narratively logical paths through levels
- Use minimal resources to complete goals
- No bug exploits

Only two things are important to know going in. First, items that you can pick
up are mentioned in CAPITALS. This will hopefully serve as a handy way for you
to quickly synchronise, as it were, your game location with the relevant section
of the walkthrough. Second, navigation is handled by your avatar's built-in
compass, located top-left of your screen.

The second goal of this document is a so-called close reading. DX is a game
that holds a large list of references to, but not limited to, literature,
physics, philosophy, current and historical politics, military slang, biology,
intelligence tactics and video games. A careful and sustained interpretation of
these references should hopefully deepen your enjoyment and respect of the
beautiful tapestry that is the game of DX. 

Three things to mention here. First, I am highly indebted to the beautiful minds
of STL and MrNecktie of the Phaeton Project, two individuals who have both,
in separate projects, have annotated certain portions of the game with their own
thoughts. This document hopefully builds on both these projects while adding
whatever I could add.

Second, I have access to the "Deus Ex Bible", as well as the the design document
(version 13.14) by the dev team that has sections on most NPCs, plotlines, all
that jazz. However, certain elements have been changed between that design
document and the final product. For that reason, I don't treat that document as
canon. In addition, subsequent games such as Invisible War, Human Revolution and
the others that take place in the DX universe I won't treat as canon either.

   Notes: All references and thoughts are listed in the Notes: section, so you
   can easily skip the sections if you're not interested, or quickly find them
   if you're not interested in the walkthrough itself.
Three: Some of the lines in DX are about politics and/or religion. I have no 
intention of using this document as a stage for my own beliefs on any subject,
and I have tried to portray every topic objectively. 

That's it. I hope you'll learn something! If there's anything you'd like to see
in future updates, I'd be happy to receive your thoughts. I am an expert on 
almost nothing referenced by the game and would love further input. 

 3.0  Walkthrough and Notes

Table of Contents:

 3.-1 Training Mission
 3.0  Character Creation
 3.1  Liberty Island, New York City
 3.2  UNATCO HQ, New York City
 3.3  Battery Park, New York City
 3.4  Hell's Kitchen, New York City
 3.5  UNATCO HQ, New York City
 3.6  Battery Park, New York City
 3.7  UNATCO HQ, New York City
 3.8  Hell's Kitchen, New York City
 3.9  Location Unknown
 3.10 Secret MJ12 Base, Hong Kong
 3.11 Wan Chai Market, Hong Kong
 3.12 VersaLife Laboratory, Hong Kong
 3.13 Hell's Kitchen, New York City
 3.14 Brooklyn Naval Shipyards, New York City
 3.15 Lower East Side Cemetary, New York City
 3.16 Denfert-Rochereau, Paris
 3.17 Chateau DuClare, Outside Paris
 3.18 Knights Templar Cathedral, Paris
 3.19 Morgan Everett's Home
 3.20 Vandenberg Airforce Base
 3.21 Abandoned Gas Station, Central California
 3.22 MJ12 Sub Base, SoCal Sea Wall
 3.23 MJ12 Ocean Lab, Oceanic Floor
 3.24 New West Coast, Missile Silo xxx
 3.25 Area 51, Rachel Nevada
 3.26 Area 51 Bunker Sector 2, Rachel Nevada
 3.27 Area 51 Bunker Sector 3, Rachel Nevada
 3.28 Area 51 Bunker, Rachel Nevada (Illuminati)
 3.29 Area 51 Bunker, Rachel Nevada (Helios)
 3.30 Area 51 Bunker, Rachel Nevada (Dark Age)

 3.-1  Training Mission

If you are new to Deus Ex, I advise you to first play around in the Training
mission you can select from the menu. It serves as a tutorial as well as an
introduction to UNATCO and the world of Deus Ex. You start out with no skills
and no equipment.

The first room is similar to the shootout arena in the Matrix, don't you think?
Notice the UNATCO logo above the North door. Unlock the door.

In the next room, you will find some NPCs looking down on you. Facing East,
the right one is Jaime Reyes, your friend and medicine man who is instructing
you through your Infolink in your skull. The left one is a man you do not know,
a big-shot in Washington with augmentation technology visible in his face.
Grab the TRAINER DOOR NANOKEY and open up the door to the West.

In the next room, you can find a CROWBAR and a COMBAT KNIFE, two lethal melee
weapons that you can use to attack enemies and destroy items such as crates.
You can view weapon statistics in the Inventory menu. The two supply crates
contain two LOCKPICKS. Without a skill point investment, a Lockpick can open up
10% Door Strength. This one has only 5%, so one Lockpick does the trick.

In the next room, check out the DataCube that holds a code: 0012. Find a Keypad
to the North and enter the code, either with the mouse cursor or the numbers on
your actual keyboard.

In the next room, grab at least one of the three MULTITOOLS and use it on the
Keypad. At Untrained, a Multitool can bypass 10% of a Keypad Strength.

In the next room, you'll find an Unconscious colleague. You can search his body
for the MEDICAL ROOM NANOKEY. A body that is bereft of items can be picked up,
but only if you aren't holding anything. Put away your Keyring if you have it
equipped and pick up the body to put it on the table to the West. After you've
done so, you can pick the body back up again and carry it with you just for fun.

The next few rooms, a dark room and a room with a Repair Bot, are easy. Jump
across the platforms and all that. Do the jumping puzzle, and climb the ladder.
In the water room, find the HAZMAT SUIT and use it while swimming to the other
side. To the East, you'll see your boss! It's mister Joseph Manderley, checking
out how you're doing. Use the Medical Bot to heal back up.

At some point, Gunther Hermann will take over as the gun fanatic. He's a mech-
augmented UNATCO employee dedicated to a combative approach to his work. Grab 
the PISTOL and press the Switch. Notice that your aim improves the longer you 
hold still; you will aim faster and better when you train your Weapons: Pistol 
skill in the future. You can reload the Pistol with the 10MM AMMO cartons.

You will repeat your trick with the Sniper Rifle, where Gunther will raise
your Weapons: Rifle skill for a moment. You can check it out in the Skills
menu. In the future, you will be able to attach a Scope to other weapons as

In the next room, you'll learn about proximity mines called LAMs, which you can
also throw as grenades. Be careful when placing LAMs on a wall; make sure to
witness JC's hand alter its grip on the LAM before clicking. If you face the
wall wrong, JC'll just throw the LAM against the wall and you're in trouble.
Eventually, you'll learn how to disable armed LAMs. This can be tricky to do.
You won't die though; your Torso Health will never fall below 10. Raising your
Weapons: Demolition skill will increase the time you have to pocket armed

Your training will then be picked up by Anna Navarre, another of UNATCO's
mech-augmented supersoldiers. The first time I played this game, I couldn't
do it at all. The Troopers can see your when you're in their line of sight,
and hear you if you run within a certain distance of them. A good way to do
it is to wait for the Trooper in the East corridor to walk towards you and
turn around. Follow him while either walking or crouched so you don't make a
sound. When he turns to the left, you're home free to spring to the North exit.
The Lab Flasks here can be used to distract a Trooper to focus his line of
sight on the source of the sound it makes when you throw it somewhere. Also
note that enemies will respond to the light

Jaime Reyes contacts you now for your last test. You need to get to the other
side, but there's a nasty Page Industries Bravo-3 Peacebringer security and
patrol bot on the prowl that shoots you when it sees you. Bots don't have
hearing, but they do have a line of sight. You can't die during this test, but
it's messy and annoying if you get spotted. Features:

- There's a CROWBAR in the Southeast corner, near the barrels. Use it to open
  crates! The Cardboard boxes and barrels never contain anything.
- Between the three barrels near the Eastern Wall, you can find a DataCube
  giving the code for the bridge: 0089.
- In the Northeast corner, you can find a PISTOL. This can be used to shoot
  TNT Crates. If the bot is near the explosion, you'll destroy it. Don't waste
  your time shooting the bot, you won't get far since all bots are almost
  completely immune to bullets.
- Further to the Northeast, you'll find a crate containing a MULTITOOL. With a
  weapon, you can break the crate.

I suggest you destroy the Bot by placing a TNT crate in its path, then shooting
it when the bot draws near. Now to get to the other side. If you're careful,
you can use a TNT crate as a jumping point to get on top of the Cardboard boxes
to the South, where you can walk over the pipes to the other side. You can use
a Multitool or the 0089 code to lower the bridge.

Overseeing this final test are Jaime and an actual celebrity; billionaire
philanthropist Bob Page. Why's he staring down at your performance? Time will
tell. You can stack the crates and other items here to reach the window, and
Jaime will have some amusing dialogue; it's a bug, though.

This final room gives info on UNATCO (the good guys), the NSF (the bad guys),
a bot made by Page Industries (Bob Page) and a Chinese security bot and finally
the distinction between nano-augmented agents (like you and your brother) and
mech-augs such as Gunther Hermann and Anna Navarre.

Between the UNATCO Trooper hologram and the bot hologram, there's a protruding
brick in the wall. Push it for a secret room opening up to the North. Press
the Switch for something good.

Leave to the West for one last hologram; it's Bob Page who wants to talk to
ya. Sinister kind of dude, him. Well, then, that was it. It's over. You're
ready! Yes, you are.

 3.0  Character Creation

When you start a new game, and you select a difficulty level, you are allowed
to a create a character, to really role-play with. I would advise you do not
base JC Denton entirely on yourself, since it is likely you lack the weapon
training and expertise that is necessary throughout the game.

If you want a solid grasp of what each skill does, I suggest you check out
the skill section at section 4.0. Note that throughout this walkthrough, I
advise a certain build. I also advise you to deviate from that build whenever
you feel like it, certainly on later playthroughs, but for a first-time players
it will be comforting to know that you're making solid choices at each turn. The
JC Denton build I create throughout the document is all-round skilled in all the
non-weapon skills and focuses on Low-Tech (Melee) weapons and Pistols. The
build also strives to reach two important benchmarks as soon as possible; being
able to break objects with 50 Hardness with the Dragon's Tooth Sword (such as
cameras and alarm panels) and obtaining Level 4 Vision Enhancement. In the end,
it will look like this:

- Heavy: Untrained
- Pistol: Master
- Rifle: Untrained
- Low-Tech: Advanced
- Demolitions: Trained
- Environmental Resistance: Advanced
- Lockpicking: Advanced
- Electronics: Advanced
- Medicine: Untrained
- Computer: Advanced
- Swimming: Trained

At the very start, you are given 5000 skill points to spend any way you like.
I suggest giving JC basic proficiency in using Lockpicks, as well as the ability
to Hack computers, security terminals and ATM Machines. Finally, a light
investment in Demolition will help you forever in not getting your face blown
off by armed LAMs. You will always start with basic training with Pistols.
You'll keep 1175 skill points that you can invest later.

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Set Computer, Lockpicking, Swimming and
Demolition to Trained

There is a bug here; when you Downgrade Weapons: Pistol, you will gain the
1575 skill points it costs to Train the skill. You can use those skill points
in another way, but when you start the game, the Pistol skill will be set at
Trained regardless, giving you essentially 1575 'free' skill points. Since it
is a bug, and I advise you to invest in Pistol anyway, I won't use the bug in
the 'standard' JC Denton build.

Note that your 'Real Name' only appears in a select few instances in the game,
and has no real impact on the story; characters - certainly those with spoken
lines, will refer to you as JC Denton for obvious reasons.

 3.1  Liberty Island, New York City

Skill Points to earn: 1690
  25 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Enter UNATCO Communciation Van
  50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Enter UNATCO Antenna Shaft
 150 SP                                 Finding Harley Filben
  50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Enter Sunken ship
 250 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Bypass Power Box in Bunker
 150 SP                                 Free Gunther
 150 SP PROGRESS BONUS                  Climb stairs to command post
 750 SP CRITICAL LOCATION BONUS         Enter command post of Statue of Liberty
 115 SP PROGRESS BONUS                  Reaching UNATCO Headquarters

Augmentation Canisters:
 Combat Strength / Microfibral Muscle Augmentation Canister

Weapon Modifications:
 Accuracy x2, Clip, Laser, Reload, Scope (700 credits)

Primary Goals:

 The NSF seem to be directing the attack from the Statue. Get inside and locate
 the threat.

Secondary Goals:

 Meet UNATCO informant Harley Filben at the North Docks. He has a key to the
 Statue doors.
 One of UNATCO's top agents is being held inside the Statue. Break him out, and
 he'll back you up against the NSF.

   Notes: The intro sequence shows many NPCs and locations that you will see 
   during the game. I won't spoil anything, but it's fun to see this intro
   sequence after you've completed the game.

   The man in the white suit says: "Aquinas spoke of the mythical city on the
   hill. Soon that city will become a reality." This is a reference to a Bible
   line, talking about the role of true Christians. The line goes: 

   "“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. 
   Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it 
   on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, 
   let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and 
   glorify your Father in heaven."
   American settlers loved this phrase because they figured that America was the
   new model civilisation that the whole world watched, seeing America as the
   righteous city on the hill. It's been mentioned in American politics a few
   times. I have found no direct connection between the term and Aquinas though.
Your UNATCO colleague, Alex Jacobson, contacts you and instructs you to find
your brother, Paul. However, you can gaze at the stars for a minute, forget
about your troubles, and Paul will find you himself as soon as Alex has talked
to you about Paul. One of your first actions in this game as the world's second
nano-augmented Jesus Christ-initialled badass is to complain about your free
equipment, consisting of only one MEDKIT, one RIOT PROD and one PISTOL. Paul
offers you a choice between a SNIPER RIFLE a G(uided) E(xplosive) P(rojectile)
GUN and a MINI-CROSSBOW. You'll be able to find both the crossbow and the
sniper rifle rather painlessly a few minutes into the mission, so I suggest the
GEP GUN, a profoundly over-powered piece of portable destruction.

You can talk to Paul two more times about his assassination attempt in Hong Kong
and your parents. Corporal Collins will tell you about Gunther, the 'top agent'
who managed to get captured after defying direct orders. Take a look at the
Satellite Photo of Liberty Island; you're at the South Dock, and need to get
to the North Dock to meet with the UNATCO contact that can get you access into
the Liberty Statue Ruins.

On the docks, you can find a CROWBAR and break two adjacent crates for a
LOCKPICK and a pair of BINOCULARS. If you follow the metal stairs into the
water, you can find two crates containing a MULTITOOL and a BIOELECTRIC CELL.

   Notes: While Deus Ex is often considered (one of) the best game(s) ever made,
   it spectacularly fails Old Man Murray's empirical crate-based game rating:
   "Games can be rated and compared based on the shortest amount of time it 
   takes a player to reach the first crate, which represents the point where the
   developers ran out of ideas."
Don't you worry about a thing, JC. The world's first nano-augmented killing
machine will stay behind and guard the docks. You know, about the only place on
Liberty Island the NSF has no business going to.

Near the entrance of the docks, you can bash three more crates containing 4
DARTS for a Minicrossbow, a PROD CHARGER containing 4 charges and 6 rounds of
10MM AMMO. Before you leave, Alex tells you that your orders are to shoot NSF
on sight. So... you know, when you take lives, the boss won't be mad at you.
There's just the endless guilt.

   Notes: Interesting to note that right away, you get conflicting mission
   parameters. Your brother tells you to go non-lethal while your official
   mission objective is assertive fire.

If you leave the docks, you can take a turn to the right, to find the back
entrance of the Lady of Liberty, but it's best to take another route. I would
make a sexually-themed double entendre here about ladies' entrances, but I'm
above that. As should you be. Dead ahead, there's a few NSF troopers between you
and UNATCO headquarters.

It is quite easy to stay out of their line of sight, and I usually don't mess
with them. You can choose to engage them, though. You can tag them with a 
bullet. If they chase you, head for the dock where the UNATCO patrol bot and 
Paul will make short work of them.

Right before you on the ground, there's the body of a UNACTO trooper. Now you
know Liberty Island is in trouble. You can loot a BATON from him, a great weapon
for bashing open crates and making silent and non-lethal takedowns. The Combat
Supply Crate to the left when you leave the docks contains a GAS GRENADE, a
useful tool for incapacitating groups of terrorists. The lowest metal container
features a panel that says 'UNATCO MEDLAB'. This is a hatch that can be opened
by expending one of your Lockpicks. Behind it, you'll find a MEDICAL BOT that
can restore all of your Health and install Augmentation Canisters if you find
any. There's no strategic reason to open this panel unless you're shot to hell
and back.

You can choose to go to the East for a bit. There's only one or two NSF hostiles
patrolling the area, you can find a PEPPER GUN without noteworthy contents on
a UNATCO body and a MULTITOOL in a crate. Further to the East, you can listen
in on a conversation between two NSF members about Gunther Hermann, the guy
you're going to try and rescue. If you choose to take this little detour, I
would turn back to the dock at this point, and head North.

You can find UNATCO headquarters when you walk ahead, and take a turn to the
left. On the way, you come across the remains of a slightly too brave NSF
terrorist. You can take a MINI-CROSSBOW from him that can be used to fire Darts
and Tranquilizer Darts. You'll find some Tranquilizer Darts to go with it. If
you took the Crossbow from Paul, you won't find anything on this body.

Patrolling the grounds of the UNATCO headquarters is Tech Sergeant Kaplan. He´s
a hardliner; if you tell him you plan to 'clean the place out', Kaplan will
give you the location of some ammo and the code to the comm van; 0451.

   Notes: The code 0451 is a reference to the first code in the game System
   Shock (which was 451), itself a reference to the book Fahrenheit 451, which
   is about a dystopian future. 

Whatever your answer, Kaplan will offer to sell you the following:
SCOPE MOD             700 credits
10MM AMMO (5x)        200 credits
Since you only have 500 credits on-hand, I suggest you buy the Tranq. Darts
since they're so cheap and so incredibly useful. Note that Kaplan offers you
five clips of 10mm Ammo for only 200 credits.

In the back, over at the UN-001 satellite, you can find a CROWBAR and General
Supply Crate. Since you have the Baton, you no longer need a Crowbar, ever. The
crate contains a MULTITOOL. There's the antenna shaft, but it's locked. You can
use a Lockpick, but there's a better way. Open up the comm van, either with the
code Kaplan gave you (0451) or a single Multitool.

25 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Enter UNATCO Communciation Van

Inside, you can find a pack of TRANQUILIZER DARTS and the Security Computer
Terminal. Beneath the desk, there's a 'cleverly' hidden Datapad to gives you
the login data for the terminal: Login: SATCOM, password UNATCO_001. Even if
you don´t use this, you can accomplish your goals with Hacking. Set 'Door
Status' to Open to open up the antenna shaft and/or set the 'Door Access' to
Unlocked. Make sure to keep an eye on the bar; in this friendly environment
nobody will respond to the alarm, but the terminal will zap away your
Bioelectric Energy.

   Notes: Harvey Smith, one of the writers of the game, adds his thoughts on
   the darts blurb on the DataCube: "That comm van and compound (in back of
   UNATCO) was modeled after one of the high security satellite communications
   stations I worked in while in the US Air Force. I spent 3 years in Germany,
   working the night shift in vans like that. We played a lot of darts to keep
   from dying of boredom. We'd leave each other little notes at shift change."

Behind the comm van, you can find a crate containing a LOCKPICK. If you look
close, you can find the UNATCO COMPOUND HATCH NANOKEY there as well. It can be
used to open and lock the antenna shaft. Now, either by hacking the system or
finding the Nanokey, you can enter the previously locked shaft.

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Enter UNATCO Antenna Shaft

In the crate, you'll find an EMP GRENADE, a splash weapon that disables
electronic security devices and robots. It has no effect on humans, but damages
your Bioelectric Energy if you're too close, since you're so special.

Having stoles from your allies and enabled one of their corrupt, it's time to
focus on your mission; let's try and find a way into the Statue!

There's all kinds of game plans, but they boil down to two choices. One, you
can find the UNATCO informant who can get you in. Two, you can find a way to
sneak around the back. Both paths get you Skill Points, so I'll take you through

I'll take you to find the informant first, then show you to the back entrance.
So first, let's make for the North Docks. Check the map Paul gave you for
reference. To get to the North Docks, you'll have to pass the entrance of the
Statue. It's guarded by NSF grunts and a deadly security bot. On the way,
you'll have all kinds of great adventures.

With your back to the South Docks, keep to the shadows of the left wall to
sneak past the enemies. Alex will start warning you about patchwork defences
and security bots and whatnot once you near the Statue. Near the entrance
of the stone walls in front of the Statue, you'll see a metal crate. On top,
there's a PEPPER GUN with a full cartridge, a PROD CHARGER and a DataCube
containing the login data of the security computer within the Statue. Login:
NSF001, password: SMASHTHESTATE. There's a lone NSF terrorist walking in the
area; you can easily take him out of the match silently with the Baton or Riot
Prod. Observe his patrol route, then run up to him, start crawling when you get
near and apply the melee weapon to the lower back for a OHKO.

Next up, there's the walls and the patrolling bot. The EMP Grenade you found
can disable the bot if you catch it in the blast radius. If you asked Paul for
the GEP gun, you can use it simply blow it up. If you have neither, your only
option is to avoid it, since it has superior firepower and is impossible to
harm with your 10mm pistol. Note that nearby NSF will run over to the location
of a GEP explosion. Wait for them to go away if they respond before continuing
yourself. For this reason, the EMP grenade is strictly superior, if you can
catch the bot in the middle of the blast radius.

If the Bot is gone, run over to the Northeast and find the Terminal. Beware
of the camera, don't let it see you. Use NSF001/SMASHTHESTATE to open it up
and turn off the two cameras. You don't need the door open, but do disable the
turrets by setting them to Bypassed. Near the entrance, you can find two FLARES
and a crate containing a LOCKPICK. Beware the NSF soldier inside and don't
go in.

To the West, there's a square stone building that darker than a steer's
tookus on a moonless prairie night. There's a locked chest in there containing
30.06 AMMO and a 100 CREDIT CHIT. You'll be able to 'unlock' this chest later,
when there's no danger.

With your back to this square stone building, to the Northeast, there's a long
dark pathway that's being guarded by a single NSF marksman that carries a
sniper rifle. Note that enemies with sniper rifles always have tremendously
'long' lines of sight. He'll be with his back turned to you, though, and with
the darkness making it relatively easy to sneak up to him, you can easily take
him down. On his body, you'll find a SNIPER RIFLE (or 30.06 AMMO if you
already have a sniper rifle) and a pair of TECH GOGGLES. Dead ahead, you'll
see the entrance to the North Docks. I advise you to take this moment to
inflict some violence on a sell-sword you can find by going West when facing
the North Docks; he carries the much coveted TRANQUILIZER DARTS.

On the North Docks, you'll see a poor UNATCO corpse; you can loot it for 3
FLARES and a pack of CIGARETTES. Patrolling the North Docks are two NSF members
you can sneak past, disable or kill in any manner you please. The two crates
in the middle contain 4 ROCKETS and 30.06 AMMO. At the Northeastern end, you'll
find a crate containing a MEDKIT.

You'll also find a shack containing a Bum. The Bum, upon further inspection,
is UNATCO informant Filben. Even though he works for UNATCO, he's got his
reasons to want the commander of the local NSF alive. If you try to explain that
keeping him alive may not be in UNATCO's best interest, he'll refuse to give
you the key that was promised. If you promise to keep the commander alive,
you'll get the STATUE RUIN NANOKEY. Whatever you say, you'll get:

150 SP                                  Finding Harley Filben

   Notes: DX is a game that came out before the strike on the Twin Towers.
   US landmarks destroyed and conspiracy theories involving the government are
   all too true in our world. The Statue was even temporarily closed after the
   9/11 attacks. There's some symbolism here obviously. Libertas the Roman
   goddess, destroyed, representing the loss of personal freedom in the world
   of DX. Another fun fact is that the Twin Towers are absent in the skyline
   used in-game. This was due to memory issues, but is interesting nevertheless.
   Finally, some jargon: C4 is a clay-like explosive substance that is often
   used for all kinds of demolition work. Since it is stable and can be easily
   pressed in all kinds of cracks, holes and empty shaped charge cases, it's
   quite easy to use. Possession is illegal for civilians in the US and the EU.

You can talk to Filben twice for a dialogue. In the shack, you can find another
useless within the game. Not in life.

In the corner, there's a Drifter Woman with some information on the NSF mission.
She's got some stuff for you to buy:
30.06 AMMO            300 credits
10MM AMMO             175 credits
DARTS                  50 credits

Outside of the shack, there's a place you can enter the water by crouching down
and ducking under the railing. Before the NSF destroyed the Statue, thousands
of parents lost their children this way. Anyway, you can see a sunken ship here.
There's a hatch with Lock Str 20% that you can open. You pick up a TNT box, drop
it near the latch, then shoot it when it's floating above the latch. It'll seem
like the distance is too far, but it won't be and destroy the hatch. If the box
if too far away when you shoot it and your master plan fails, you can use a
Lockpick to open the hatch, or use the GEP Gun if you have it. When opened,
you'll obtain:

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Enter Sunken ship

Your Light Augmentation is really helpful here. There's three chests within the
ship containing awesome booty! There's a SAWED-OFF SHOTGUN that is somehow not
turned useless after laying dormant in a submerged wooden crate. More
MODIFICATION. Accuracy mods are a good fit for your Crossbow; Reload mods are
best used for weapons you have to reload a lot, like the GEP gun. Don't use them
on your generic Pistol though, since you'll lose it in the near future. Unless
you're trained in Swimming, this is a tough dive, and you'll need to swim back 
up for air at least one time if you don't want to take Torso damage.

With your back to the North Dock, take a turn to the left (East). Follow the
path to wind up at what you could call the backside of the Statue. There's a
stack of crates here that you can use to ascend. Also, there's some NSF grunts
and some sort of bunker that contains all kinds of stuff and awards skill points
for exploring it. Disable the NSF grunt that's walking circles around it and
the lone terrorist guarding it inside.

Just South of this bunker, you'll see two large containers stacked on top of
each other, the top one is a copper-brown color. The bottom one contains three
Med Bots, which can be accessed by opening a 10% Str Lock located on the sign
that says UNATCO MEDLAB. Get back to the bunker.

There's a HAZMAT SUIT near the entrance, a MULTITOOL on top of the crates with
the ladder and a familiar DataCube. You can cross the electricity by lifting
the forklift with the button and quickly jumping on top of the fork and jump on
top of the power box. If you lack the awesome reflexes for this procedure, you
can just expand a Multitool to stop the electricity. Note that the description
of the Haz(ardous) Mat(erials) Suit protects against electricity, it does not.
Passing the hazard nets you:

250 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                Bypass Power Box in Bunker

Here, you can find a CROWBAR, a FIRE EXTINGUISHER and three crates containing

If you didn't stop the electricity, you'll have to use the small Metal Box to
cross back over the power box. I find the Laser mod very useful on my Crossbow.
You need to activate the Laser when you draw your weapon, though. Note that this
will be the only Laser mod you can find for a long stretch of the game.

Well, that's about what you can do around the Statue. It's time to enter the
Lady of Liberty. You're already at the back, and it's the easiest way, so get
in there!

When you exit the bunker, you'll be able to see the huge stack of metal crates
stacked up behind the Statue. At the bottom is a Combat Supply Crate containing
6 rounds of 10MM AMMO. The way to the top is very intuitive, and there's no
items to be found. Eventually, you'll reach the top.

At the top, turn left (South) to see two enemies; an NSF grunt and one of those
somewhat tougher mercenaries. That guy carries those joyous TRANQUILIZER DARTS.
Disable them both, go around the corner to find a crate containing a MEDKIT and
turn another corner to see stairs going up. Go up!

On this platform outside there's nothing, so take the ramp ever further up.
You see an entrance. This is one of four entrances, one on each side. Three of
these entranced are booby-trapped with a Gas Grenade that you can disable and
take for yourself if you're quick enough. If you listened to me and set the
Demolition skill to Trained, you'll have an easier time. Collect all three GAS
GRENADES and get past the two terrorists that you come across on this level. You
can listen in on a conversation about NSF colonel JoJo. You can sneak past them
to the stairs going down easily if you don't want to shoot these guys.

Go down two levels, sneaking past one NSF guy on the level you skip. You
should come out when you see the old torch of the Statue of Liberty. There's
one NSF guy patrolling down there, and before you get there, there's a camera.
If it sees you, it'll go berserk and the turret will fill you with all kinds
of interesting new holes. If you used the Terminal earlier, this camera is
off-line. If not, I find this camera a suitable target for a Multitool, but you
can time in right so you can avoid its gaze without expanding resources. The
crate contains a LOCKPICK.

On this floor, there's an alarm. If you, say, shoot the NSFer with a Tranq.
Dart, it may have enough energy to sound the alarm before it panics and passes
out. Using the prod or a bullet to take him down is a wiser option. Beware the
guy on the upper level to the North, but his vision isn't too grand from up

On this floor, you can find a crate containing a MEDKIT, a CROWBAR on the
ground, a DataCube, a FIRE EXTINGUISHER behind glass, a LOCKPICK and a
L(ightweight) A(ttack) M(unitions), or LAM. There's also an ATM containing
200 base ATM Value, but it's unlikely you can pull the full 200 since you're
probably not an Advanced Computer user yet. Wait for the account info you'll
find later.

Before you get to pass the lasers, there's one more enemy on this side to
dispatch. Take the stairs up on the side of the lasers. You'll find yourself
on a kind of ring around the level below. A single NSF guy is patrolling here;
you can use a Tranq. Dart and he'll never make it to the alarm. On this level,
you can find a crate containing a MEDKIT, and near that crate a PS20, a single
-use stealth pistol with perfect base accuracy. It causes a bit of splash
damage as well, so beware when shooting near explosive crates or whatever. It's
not terribly useful as a weapon, and you'll find that you're already juggling
inventory space.

You'll need to get behind those lasers to free Gunther (he's so close!) but
disabling the control panel takes a Multitool. Find the ventilation shafts
Alex is talking about. Use your Light Augmentation to navigate it. Follow
it until you encounter a MULTITOOL. There's a room here, but it takes a Lockpick
to open the door, so continue. You'll find an office with a MEDKIT, another
PS20 and a DataCube containing login data for the ATM.

Track back to the main hall. The strategy I find works best is this. There
are a total of three NSF guys on the other side of those lasers. Wait near
the lasers until you can shoot one with a Tranq. Dart. Allow him to sound the
alarm while you go hide in the vent shaft. Close the grate too, they can shoot
a long way in there. You can crawl to the nearby room with the locked door. If
you open it, you can shoot from there as well. Continue shooting and hiding
until all three are down.

When you're done, all opponents within the area have been taken out. You can
leisurely use the ATM info: Account# 230023, PIN# 4558 to withdraw 200 credits.
I mean, you'd be a government official who steals money from civilians for no
reason whatsoever, but you could do it no problem.

   Notes: 4558 is a reference to the Illuminati; when you type I L L U on a
   standard telephone number pad, it's 4558.

With all NSF knocked out and/or dead, there's no reason to fear the lasers.
All they do is trigger the alarm that alarms no one. Unless you turned them off
with the Terminal outside, the turret  will shoot you while the alarm lasts,
though. Passed the lasers, turn right (East) first and then left (North). In
this room, you can find a LAM. On top of the crates, you can find TECH GOGGLES.
The door you find is the door you could've seen from the other side by crawling
through the vents, so there's no reason to open it.

Finally, there's the room next to the cell that's holding Gunther. Right
around the corner of the entrance is a camera. You can bypass it with a
Multitool, but there's no need. It will just sound the alarm that activates
the nearby turret, but if you stand next to the Terminal, the turret can't
target you so stick to the right and there's no danger. Use the Security
Terminal (NSF001/SMASHTHESTATE) to disable the cameras and turrets and open
the door towards Gunther. Make sure to unlock it as well as opening it.

Before you approach Gunter, know that he'll require a weapon. If you toss your
Pistol, JC will mention how he's not armed well enough. You can thus throw
your Pistol, not give anything to Gunther and Gunther will still like you
well enough. If you do have the Pistol and refuse to give it to Gunther, he'll
take it like a superiority trip on your part and it will negatively influence
his attitude. I find little use for my Pistol, so I'm always a giver. If you
don't have your Pistol on you, JC will offer his Combat Knife; if you have
neither, JC won't offer anything.

On the table, there's a BATON and an ACCURACY WEAPON MODIFICATION. Don't miss
the editorial piece on the unpopular president Mead either.

   Notes: The name of president Mead may be a reference to Syd Mead, the visual
   futurist behind Blade Runner, an important influence on the look and feel of

Free Gunther, to earn:

150 SP                                  Free Gunther

If you opened the door with the Terminal but didn't set it to Unlocked, Gunther
will close the door on you and trap you. There is a brick left of the door that
can be pushed to open the door. Of course that brick is there so you can't get
stuck in the game, but it's also funny that Gunther could have walked out any
time if he was any smarter than a bag of hammers.

You can follow Gunther outside if you wish. He's invulnerable to enemy fire and
will get in a shootout with any NSF that he encounters between here and the
UNATCO Hq. You can pick up a Pistol from any of the dead bodies Gunther drops
if you really want to reclaim one right away.

Enter the main hall with the torch again. If you trigger the alarm, wait it out
as you don't want to meet an active turret on the way up. If you disable all
security, the camera will be off. Five stairs you can go up before you come
across two NSF members you could've left alive earlier. If you're real quiet-
like you can sneak past them on the way up, but you may want those delicious
TRANQUILIZER DARTS that the Mercenary Thug has on him.

More stairs going up! On the way, Alex will talk to you about Gunther, urging
you to go on towards the leader if you've freed him or not. A few moments later,
Alex will tell you about the plague vaccine, Ambrosia. Living to hear these
words gets you:

150 SP PROGRESS BONUS                   Climb stairs to command post

Now, be alert, since there are two last terrorists between you and the NSF
commander. You can listen in on a conversation between the two that changes
depending on you rescuing Gunther or not. You can trigger a conversation between
them if you get close.

You can sneak past since they're static guards, but you'll have to be real
careful; you can shoot a Dart in the East wall to direct their attention
elsewhere while you race past.

When you press on, you'll find the NSF commander, Colonel Leo Gold. Upon entry
of this top floor, you'll obtain:

750 SP CRITICAL LOCATION BONUS          Enter command post of Statue of Liberty

Talking to the commander will give you some info on the world of Deus Ex. Don't
threaten to send him back to his people in a body bag; he'll become violent at
that point. He has three dialogue scenes in total to give you, and some good
lines thereafter as well.

   Notes: This guy explains the NSF viewpoint quite well, and mentions
   quite some terms our world that feature heavily in conspiracy theories.
   FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) is an agency of the US Department
   of National Security that responds to disasters that overwhelms local
   authorities. FEMA plays a significant role in the game and is first mentioned
   here as the agency that is responsible for the distribution of plague 

   Plutocracy is a pejorative term for a system where the wealthy minority

   Consolidation within business means the merger and acquisition of many
   smaller companies into much larger ones. For a guy like Leo Gold, this
   process will most notably result in large economic 'players' that become
   far more powerful than the consumers they provide for.

   The Trilateral Commission is non-governmental 'discussion group' or 'think
   tank' as JC rightly calls it. Its initial goal was open dialogue between
   North America, Europe and Japan. In essence, it fosters globalisation by
   smoothing working relations between superpowers and actively reduces an
   'excess of democracy'. It was formed in 1973 by David Rockefeller.

   The Rockefeller family is an extremely wealthy and powerful family that has
   had tremendous influence in US industry, politics and banking.

   The Rothschild family is a family that founded the international banking
   business in Europe in the 18th century. To date the Rothschild dynasty is
   extensive, wealthy, well-connected and spans the globe.

   Finally, secessionism in this context is the movement that advocates the
   withdrawal of individual states from the United States. As the game will
   state in the near future, NSF stands for National Secessionist Forces, and
   secessionism is what the NSF are fighting for.

When you've talked to the NSF Commander, that's the cue for the game to
deploy UNATCO Troopers all over this level. All remaining NSF members are now
dead, their bodies looted and all security systems disabled.

Behind the NSF Commander is an ARMS AUGMENTATION CANISTER. There's also two
FLARES if you want them. Absolutely grab that Augmentation Canister. If you
shoot either Leo Gold or the Trooper, NPCs lines will change to reflect that.
Shooting Leo Gold will make some UNATCO Troopers happy, but you'll get a pay
penalty later. You can shoot the UNATCO Trooper for an ASSAULT RIFLE. But he's
a buddy, man. Are you a buddy killer?

Primary Goals:

 Report to headquarters on the west side of the island for a debriefing.

It's time to collect some things that you passed now that all danger is gone.
Just below, there's a balcony behind the two NSF guys you probably sneaked
past. There's two FLARES and a PS20. Exit the building like Gunther did; go
to the main hall with the torch, then exit out of the front door. Don't worry
about the operational security system as it doesn't react to you; the bot is
gone as well. In the square stone building that's so dark on the inside,
there's that chest containing a 30.06 AMMO and a 100 CREDITS CHIT. There's
also two FLARES lying around. Finally, with your back to the South Docks, turn
right (East) to find a chest containing a MULTITOOL if you didn't get it before.

If you want, you can get back to Filben, and he'll be either angry of pleased
with you, based the amount of bullets you put in Leo Gold. If you never talked
to him in the first place, he'll be upset about standing there for hours while
nobody needed his help...

In front of UNATCO HQ, your brother will debrief you. He'll either be saying
how well you did, or criticise you taking lives depending on your actions.
It's possible you have enough credits to buy Kaplan's SCOPE WEAPON MODIFICATION.
You'll get one for free in a short while; you decide if you want spend the

   Notes: Ambrosia is traditionally the name of the 'food of the gods' from
   Greek culture. A fitting reference, since the plague vaccine Ambrosia also
   goes to the high and mighty; the wealthy and influential get the Ambrosia
   while the common people suffer and die in the streets. 

   Also, while JC implies FEMA handles the Ambrosia distribution to Leo Gold, he
   learns from Paul it's actually UNATCO that does.

Primary Goals:

 Report to Manderley's office on Level 2.

When entering UNATCO HQ, you'll be awarded with:

115 SP PROGRESS BONUS                   Reaching UNATCO Headquarters

You can chat a bit with Private Lloyd, who was in your class at the Academy.
He's excited about sitting in chairs and looking at doors. There's a DataCube
that gives you the code Kaplan gave you earlier. Also read the newspaper about
US President Mead, a good tenant to the United Nations. There's a painting of
him hanging right besides Lloyd.

You can Hack Lloyd's computer for two e-mails; Lloyd's one of the game's few
NPCs who'll even notice that you hack his computer right in front of him. If
you take too long reading the e-mails, the alarm will sound and your Energy will
be depleted, so take care. Though you can't legitimately obtain it in the game,

   Notes: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is the national aviation
   authority of the United States. Talk about consolidation; air travel is
   slowly absorbed by the US government, itself bowing down financially to the
   United Nations.

 3.2  UNATCO HQ, New York City

Skill Points to earn: 400
 250 SP CRITICAL LOCATION BONUS         Find UNATCO Head of Operations
  50 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Find UNATCO Office: JC Denton
  50 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Find UNATCO Medical Office


Weapon Modifications:
 Accuracy, Scope

Finally, a shooter with paperwork! Know that you literally cannot kill anybody
in Headquarters, so you don't have to try.

Use the Retinal Scanner to open the door. You'll find yourself on Level One.
Ignore the locked doors on Level One for now and go down. to Level Two. Find
the door left of the sign that says 'Joseph Manderley' and enter. Janice will
give you your login: JCD/BIONICMAN. On her desk is the UNATCO CLOSET NANOKEY
for you to take; a DataCube gets you Joseph Manderley's login; JMANDERLY/
KNIGHT_KILLER, a reference to Manderley's work against the Knights Templar in

   Notes: 'bionicman' is a reference to the old American television show 'The
   Six Million Dollar Man', where former astronaut Steve Austin becomes the
   world's first bionic man, augmented with bionic implants.

Entering Manderley's office gets you:

250 SP CRITICAL LOCATION BONUS          UNATCO Head of Operations

Talk to Manderley for two more missions.

Secondary Goals:
 See Sam Carter for equipment.
 See Jaime Reyes for a medical exam.

You can check out Manderley's computer for some E-mails, but nothing of crucial
importance. Do note that

   Notes: Gunther's e-mail is, like all of his e-mails, pretty funny. Someone
   with the initials W.S. calls you 'their little experiment' who mentions you
   should be cleared for Domination/5F, a UNATCO security level a few levels
   above the lowest, this being Angel/0A. WS's concern with the 'primary unit'
   and its contamination is something to investigate.

   The Bootcamp for Betty article mentions an 'occipital jack', a device in
   the world of DX that allows a person to partake in a virtual reality game.
   The pro-active profiling of possible spree killers and similar lone wolves
   is something that happens.

   Tom Robbins is an active American author.

   The book on Manderley's desk is a rapport on Project Dibbuk. A Dibbuk is
   a malevolent spirit from Jewish mythology; not sure what they have to do with
   stealth choppers. Both are invisible? Anyway, Domination/5F means you're
   allowed to read it :)

   The book on UNATCO and the Police is interesting because it readily assumes
   UNATCO will be a growing influence on the world. What happens when UNATCO
   no longer needs to rely on local law enforcement?

Exit Manderley's office, past Janice and into the hall. On the opposite side of
the hall, there are two locked doors. You can now open them up with your 
Keyring. Behind them, you'll find a crate containing a PEPPER CARTRIDGE and a 
seemingly empty room. The grating is actually a 20% Str Lock that when opened 
reveals a BIOELECTRIC CELL and a MULTITOOL. Next to Manderley's office is a 
conference room containing a cabinet that contains a 20% Str Lock. Behind it are

   Notes: the whiteboard here is an easter egg more than anything; it's filled
   with names and terms used in-game that UNATCO has no way of knowing about.
   It's like they're designer notes from the game devs. See how many names you
   can spot...

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Upgrade the Computer skill to Advanced

The other door in the conference room takes you to the break room where Anna
Navarre and Gunther Hermann are discussing maintenance man conspiracies. You can
introduce yourself to your new partner, the stone cold Israeli Anna. The Public
Computer Terminal gives interesting info on the NSF, the French Silhouette and
other terrorist cells.

   Notes: Your boss Manderley typed a nice little letter about the Meme War.
   Memes these days are mostly known as widespread internet jokes that rise as
   quickly as they fall, but traditionally 'meme' meant a shared cultural
   element, or meaning. Calling the war a 'Meme War' tells us that this war is
   basically about 'truth'.

   Threat Profiling talks about the danger of encryption programs and the
   necessity, therefor, of the government's ability to control all method of

   The Triads are individual branches of organized crime syndicates in China,
   comparable to the Mafia, Yakuza, etc. Unlike the NSF and Silhouette, the
   Triads really do exist. You will learn more about them, Silhouette and the
   NSF later in the game.

   The combination of mech-augs Anna Navarre and Gunther Hermann are very
   reminiscent of Motoko and Batou, two cyborgs from the manga Ghost in the 
   Shell, a noted influence on the game.
   The nearby article of the Midnight Sun mentions Cape Canaveral. In our
   world, this is the site of many space exploration rocket launches. 

The ATM can be Hacked if you're Trained in Computer for 150 credits, or 300
credits if you're Advanced. You don't get the login codes for this ATM this
time; if you follow this walkthrough to the letter, you are just shy of 
upgrading to Advanced on the Computer skill. Wait a bit if that's the case.

   Note that ATM Machines are linked to the PageNet Global Banking System;
   owned by Bob Page.

The last thing to do here is visit your own office. You'll gain:

50 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               UNATCO Office: JC Denton

You can use login JCD, password: BIONICMAN to read some e-mails. When you're
done, check the far end of the hall for the stairs leading to Level Three.

   Notes: The e-mail quoted in Nano-Aug and You is likely from Gunther, who
   is seemingly afraid he'll be left behind. The mails explain the tense
   relationship between Anna, Gunther and you.

   JC Denton's codename is a reference to the science-fiction author Bradley
   Denton. The initials JC are a reference to Jesus Christ.

On Level Three, don't visit the Ladies Room unless you want to get scolded by
Shannon, the lady you aggravate. She reports your lack of social graces to
Manderley as well.

   Notes: Harvey Smith had this to say about this scene: "In Deus Ex, we had a
   meeting with this guy we hated, the same guy who gave us a management
   lecture saying that if we all dressed properly -- meaning Dockers and khaki
   pants -- then our troops would respect us. Before he left, though, that guy
   said, "You know what would be fun in this game? If I could go into the
   women's restroom and get bitched out for it by some woman." We all just
   went, "Please leave," and then he left. Later, we were like, "Hey, that's
   kind of interactive."

First, let's find Jaime Reyes in Medical. It's behind the door with the sign
that says 'Medical'.

50 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               UNATCO Medical Office

Talking to Jaime once will let you complete your secondary goal. You can talk
to him one more time about your Infolink Augmentation. Near Jaime, behind the
plant, you can find MEDLAB CLOSET NANOKEY. In the room with the NSF body, you
can find a random number of THROWING KNIVES on the body, maximum of four. Open
up the closet with your Nanokey to find a crate containing a MEDKIT. In the
adjacent room to the North, don't miss the book listing all of the game's
Augmentations. You can hack Reyes' computer for two e-mails; one from Gunther
about his bad nee, the other about nano augmentation.

   Notes: Lots of technobabble here, but most of it is rooted in true medicine.
   Mainly take away from here that the ROM modules in the canisters physically
   attach themselves to the 'long spines' of the basic nanite CPUs. Also, this
   info is the only info set at Principal/2C.

   Sulci is the plural form of sulcus, meaning a fissures in the human brain.
   These sulci are responsible for the characteristic appearance of it.
   Mechanocarbon is not a word that is often used; I've put my thoughts on it
   somewhat later in the document, when it ties in with other nano-constructs.

   The latin in one of the books means: Necessity knows naught else but to win
   (or: to conquer) from the Syrian writer Publilius Syrus (1st century BC).

Find the MEDICAL BOT to install a new Augmentation: either Microfibral Muscle
or Combat Strength. Microfibral Muscle will allow you to push and/or lift
increasingly heavy objects that you otherwise would not be able to. You'll also
move faster while carrying those objects. Combat Strength increases damage
done with melee weapons as long as you activate it. You can check the Skills and
Augmentations section for a comparison. Combat Strength is tremendously useful
both in melee stealth kills and object destruction later on, so I favor Combat

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Install Combat Strength

On the other side of the hall is UNATCO Computer Ops, where Alex Jacobson, your
contact, works. Go in to talk to him. 

   Notes: Check out Alex' clothing. Keyboard on his pants, wires running in and
   out of his clothes. This guy is connected 24/7. I don't know if the Griffon
   name and black gryphon logo on his back mean anything. 

In his room, there's a DataCube containing login info for Gunter Hermann. Near 
Alex, there's yet another DataCube detailing a familiar code. There's a locked 
door with a 25% Bypass Str Security Keypad. Ignore it for now. A paper on the 
table holds an article by Joe Greene, a character you'll run into later in the 
game. The Midnight Sun must not be a very good newspaper.

   Notes: Zeitgeist is a German term to indicate the so-called spirit of the
   time; the dominant culture. Schadenfreude is also German and means to derive
   joy/humor from someone else's discomfort.

   Alex Jacobson was named after Alec Jacobson, Warren Spector's nephew.

With your back to the Security Keypad, walk forward. Somewhere next to the
screen displaying pink gibberish, there's a part of featureless floor that
actually a hidden opening into a secret storage room. In this room, you can
30.06 AMMO.

When you're done stealing, make sure to steal some more; take two CANDY BARS
from Alex' room since you'll need to hand out some food in the next mission.

If you want some background info on the way UNATCO is sailing, and you're
at least Trained in Computer, hack into Alex Jacobson's computer for the
following info:
Login: anavarre    Password: scryspc
Login: ghermann    Password: zeitgeist
Login: jmanderley  Password: knight_killer
Login: jreed       Password: redshoes
Login: jreyes      Password: amigo
Login: scarter     Password: antique
Login: (Alex)      Password: calvo          Alex' Login is 'ajacobson'

With Alex' computer, you can get remote access to the accounts of Anna, Gunther,
Manderley and yourself. Janice Reed's computer is right in front of her, and
Jaime's computer is in Medical. The only computer and account you can't access
is that of Sam Carter. In Alex' mails, you find the code to the locked door in
this room: 2001. Behind the door are two crates containing a BIOELECTRIC CELL
and a LOCKPICK. There's also a FLARE. You can use the passwords to access a lot
of emails, a lot of fun stuff, especially Gunther's dreams of a skullgun.

   Notes: Anna's password 'scry spc' can be read as scry (looking into a glass
   ball to observe visions, the future, etc.) specialist.

   The French chick the CIA's been watching mentioned in Alex' mail is likely
   the French chick you meet later in the game. 
   The 'occipital jack' is an electrical connector in the Occipital Lobe, the
   back of the brain, where visual processing takes place. The concept of a jack
   like that can be found both the Matrix and the Ghost in the Shell anime.
   Unknown if the game Strike4 or Warlord/cRakS from Australia is a reference
   to something. 

   You can guess Alex' password from the poster near his computer; Calvo. Also
   note that Calvo is set to speak at the Page Commentation Center. Speculative
   fiction is an umbrella term for all 'what-if' fiction, like science fiction
   or alternate history fiction. DX is a good example of it, as are some 
   important influences on this game. 
   You can read about the FAA takeover of another airline on Janice's computer,
   so it's likely she the 'Anon' posting on the Mailing List.

   The skull gun is a reference to Neal Stephenson's novel The Diamond Age:
   "The bells of St. Mark's were ringing changes up on the mountain when Bud
   skated over to the mod parlor to upgrade his skull gun"
   A backstop is a construct designed to stop bullets; since the targets need
   to be renewed easily because you want to see your results clearly, they are
   often made of paper or thin wood and a back stop is necessary. Pushing smack
   means selling heroin. 

The only computer you don't have access to with this info is K. Lloyd's
computer near the entrance. Navarre, Manderley and Lloyd are the only one
verbally protesting you using their computer right in front of them, but note
that you can check out Navarre, Hermann and Manderley's accounts from Alex'

The second hallway contain the room of Sam Carter, and the offices of both
Gunther and Anna. Anna will greet you coldly if you met her earlier. In a closet
here you can find some DARTS, on a table there's a BIOELECTRIC CELL.

   Notes: A nearby newspaper paints a horrifying picture. "Let the bodies pile
   up" indeed. CDC is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a US
   government agency. The National Guard is a reserve military force composed
   out of US citizens.

Unless you want to use some computers, it's time to see Sam.


Sam Carter is one of the few more lenient UNATCO employees who reacts better to
you if you make no or few kills. He'll give a Stealth Pistol and the choice
between a LOCKPICK, a MULTITOOL or 10MM AMMO. Your choice; you have plenty of
Ammo and probably less Lockpicks than Multitools. If you killed too many NSF,
Sam will only give you the Stealth Pistol and some advise.

   Notes: The Stealth Pistol looks a lot like the Seburo Compact eXploder
   firearm, from Ghost in the Shell.

   The Merced Operation is not discussed further in-game. Merced is both a
   city and a county in California, part of which is NSF-heavy territory.
   Since the NSF killed Carter's children, we can safely assume that the
   Merced Operation was a US Army mission with the NSF as a target, somewhere
   in the last 10 years.

Primary Goals:

 Go to Manderley's office on Level 2 for the mission briefing.

Before you go see Manderley again, there are two doors on Level One that you can
now open with the Nanokey you found beneath Alex' room. In them, you can find
used to enter these places (it's beneath the desk), and in the other room a
LOCKPICK and a MULTITOOL. The paper holds another article by Joe Greene, who
seems to be somewhat anti-authority.

   Notes "...that have sought to destroy it for nearly three centuries." Some
   words to inspire patriotism through fear and xenophobia. The US declared
   their independence from Great Britain in 1776; Greene is saying that foreign
   powers have been actively trying to destroy the States since the very

Finally, enter Manderley's office where you get your new mission and your op
bonus. You'll get 1000 for the main mission, a bonus of 250 if you rescued
Gunther and a penalty of 200 credits if you killed Leo Gold against Manderley's

Primary Goals:

 Go to the South Dock and take the police boat to Manhattan.

It's time to leave. Note that when you return to this place, it's a whole new
level; if you drop something in your office now, it won't be there when you
return. If you've upgraded your Computer skill to Advanced, now is a good time
to relieve the ATM of its contents. Also, make absolutely sure you leave this
place with two Candy Bars and/or Soy Food packets.

Leaving, you can talk to Kaplan one last time if you're still interested in any
of his warez. When you're all set and done, head for the South Dock to catch
your boat.

 3.3  Battery Park, New York City

Skill Points to earn: 695
  20 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Back entrance Castle Clinton
  65 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Castle Clinton Control Room
 150 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Locate Ambrosia
  20 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Entrance beneath Kiosk
  50 SP                                 Feed Billy
  40 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Enter Kiosk
  10 SP SECONDARY GOAL COMPLETED        Receive orders from Anna
 300 SP PRIMARY GOAL COMPLETED          Rescue hostages
  40 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Enter hostage situation

Augmentation Canisters:
 Aqualung / Environmental Resistance Augmentation Canister

Weapon Modifications:

Secondary Goals:

 Locate the stolen barrel of Ambrosia in Castle Clinton.

Anna's approach to the mission is the following. You walk up real close to some
NSF guys.  Then you're all "You want some of this?". Then, you display the
strength of the UNATCO by shooting everybody. Finally, you shift through the
dead bodies, because intel has it there's an Ambrosia container somewhere.

I'll do you better. Let Anna run ahead; she'll be waiting for your approval
with two UNATCO Troopers before rushing in Castle Clinton. I'll lead you to
that sweet Ambrosia without any NSF even pointing a gun at you. And it all
starts with the Kid on the docks.

   Notes: Castle Clinton is a real place, located in Battery Park, NYC. The
   outline of the fort walls appears in-game to look much like the real thing.

First, jump in the water. Under the docks, you'll see two crates containing
a MEDKIT and a LOCKPICK. You'll need the Light Augmentation to see them. Now,
get back on land and find that kid. Don't carry any of your big guns though,
it'll scare him off and he won't talk to you.

Feed Josh a Candy Bar or some Soy Food for him to spill the beans about the 
'bolt hole' of the NSF in Castle Clinton. Code's 9183. You can safely deny him
food once for some dynamite dialogue. If you forgot to bring any food for the 
kid, you're in a tough spot. The only food you can reach in this level is in the
shanty town to the Northeast, where your arrival will start a shootout between 
UNATCO and NSF Terrorists. There's Soy Food in one of the houses in the 
Northwest corner of the shanty town. I'll just assume you brought a snack... 
Behind you, there's the soda machine. The black box next to it has a 20% Str 
Lock. Feed it one or two Lockpicks to open up the panel: 9183, and you're in.

20 SP EXPLORATION                       Back entrance Castle Clinton

Before you go on, to the Northeast of Josh' location, you can find a large
memorial statue. A ZYME VIAL stands on top of it, you may want to grab it.
It's hard drugs, don't do it. Winners don't do it; are you a winner? Much
later in the game, you can sell any Vial you're carrying for 65 credits a
piece, but that's not a lot of money at that point. Some poor guy is walking
here, afflicted with the Gray Death; you can have a dialogue scene with him
after he uses his first line.

   Notes: The memorial statue here is also a real place. Facing the Statue of
   Liberty across New York harbor, the East Coast Memorial is located at the
   southern end of Battery Park. This memorial honors the 4,601 missing American
   servicemen who lost their lives in the Atlantic Ocean while engaged in combat
   during World War II. Designed by the architectural firm of Gehron and
   Seltzer, the monument consists of a large, paved plaza punctuated by eight
   massive 19-foot tall gray granite pylons (four each on the southern and
   northern sides) onto which are inscribed the names, rank, organization and
   state of each of the deceased.

Return to the soda machine, and pass it. Dead ahead, there's a table with a
MULTITOOL and two FLARES on top of it, and a BIOELECTRIC CELL beneath it. In
the water's 10MM AMMO, but you'll need some light to see it. Time to go down
the stairs.

Below the stairs, you'll want to turn right immediately, pick up the PROD
CHARGER and enter the ventilation. There's an NSF terrorist guarding the area
you may need to disable, and there's a camera that surveys the area as well.
It's best to wait for the guard to leave so you can sneak past the camera.
Note that the metal floor makes a lot of noise, alerting enemies easily. So
watch your step, Clanky.

Go down the ladder in the ventilation shaft. Facing the ladder, turn right
once (towards North) and start crawling. Parallel to this shaft is a walkway
that's being patrolled by some NSF pyro carrying a Flamethrower, and there's
a camera monitoring the situation. The alarm cannot sound; turrets will mess
you up. You can shoot the pyro with a Tranq. Dart and prevent him from
sounding the alarm if he's far enough South. It's very useful if he's down.
If you're into Heavy weapons, you might want to pick up that Flamethrower.
It's a very useful weapon since it's basically a guaranteed kill at close
range, but it's very big.

With your back to the grate you just left, with the water to your left,
there's a hallway ahead. Walk silently on. There's a MULTITOOL around the
corner to your left and 7.62x51MM AMMO on the table. Around the corner to
your left, there's an NSF patrol that cannot be allowed to sound the alarm.
Wait 'til you hear his footsteps, then quickly use the Riot Prod or a lethal
takedown to finish him off. This guy has the CASTLE CLINTON SAFE NANOKEY.

This next room is being watched by a camera. Everybody near is dead though,
and if you'll sprint on towards the stairs the turret won't have time to
react. Sprint towards the stairs. Open the door and find the lower door.
Bypass this 20% Lock Str door either with Lockpicks or perhaps the GEP gun
(it won't attract anybody). For entering Castle Clinton's Control Room, you

65 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Castle Clinton Control Room

If you used the GEP gun, the safe will also have been blown open. If not,
you get the Nanokey from that one guy so there's no need for Lockpicks.
Inside is a TORSO1 AUGMENTATION CANISTER and a DataCube. In this room you'll

   Notes: On the DataCube in the safe, it is said that there was one more
   Augmentation Canister the NSF took, and it's on its way to some airfield.
   Lebedev is likely Juan Ivanovich Lebedev, the NSF sympathizer mentioned on
   the Leo Gold mugshot.

Finally, there's the Security Terminal that you can use to disable all security
beneath Castle Clinton. Disabling all camera's is good enough, but if you're
Advanced in Computer like I told you, you can even turn the turrets off or set
them on any still-living NSF soldiers in the area. If you're not even Trained
in Computer, you'll have to live with the security measures. Login for both
the computer and security terminal is NSF/RIGHTEOUS. You never learn that in-
game, though an NPCs in a later level mentions that the NSF uses the 'righteous'

Now, go back to the room you sprinted across. If you turned it all off, you can
easily open the crates and take what you find: 10MM AMMO, a MEDKIT and ROCKETS.
You can find 100 CREDITS on a ledge as well. There's a BIOELECTRIC CELL on top 
of one of the containers. In the room to the South, you'll find the Ambrosia 
Canister! You gain:

150 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS             Locate Ambrosia

Secondary Goals:

 Report to Agent Navarre to receive your orders.

You can now exit into the courtyard that Anna's holding for you. Go up one
level, turn right twice to find the stairs going up. You come across a red
button, and you'll gain:

20 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Entrance beneath Kiosk

Alex will contact you. The Keypad you see opens up the hatch you just came
from, so ignore that. You already found the Kiosk Nanokey, so you can use
the Keyring to open up any of the doors you see. Pick the single door and
remain crouched; there's NSF all around the Kiosk.

Billy the Kid (huh...) asks you for some food if you approach him unarmed.
Feed the poor guy a Candy Bar or some Soy Food to gain:

50 SP                                   Feed Billy

The nearby crate has a 20% Str lock and contains a BIOELECTRIC CELL and a
DataCube containing the code to the tunnel you just crawled out of: 666.
If you crawl into the room next to it where the door is blown out, you'll

40 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS              Enter Kiosk

In this room you can find another copy of the KIOSK DOOR NANOKEY that you
could've used if you went in through the front entrance.

Now, if you walk out into the courtyard, Anna and co.  will start shooting.
You can prevent this by sneaking back out the way you came in and circling
around to meet Anna. Deaths caused by your allies count against you in that
if Anny personally kills all NSF in the courtyard, both Anna and Sam Carter
later will act as if you're the killer. However, if you let Anna and her
men kill the NSF in the courtyard, you can easily loot their bodies (lots of
10mm ammo, knives and guns) and the crates containing a MULTITOOL, 2 clips of

Anyway, talk to Anna after you found the Ambrosia. If you killed anybody in
the courtyard (or let her do so), she'll be pleased with you. If you're
civil in conversation with her, you'll get two EMP GRENADES. If you're acting
high and mighty, she'll only give you the one. If you got on her good side
both times, she'll start to follow you; if you didn't, she'll stay behind
near the entrance of Castle Clinton. At any rate, you'll get:

10 SP SECONDARY GOAL COMPLETED          Receive orders from Anna

   Notes: Anna Navarre will not miss out on the opportunity to tell you about
   her hearing aid. Cochlear implants are implanted in the inner ear. Maybe
   I don't understand it correctly, but I think Anna means to say that she
   can listen WITH (ultra)Sonic transducers, which would effectively give her
   echolocation, similar to bats.

Primary Goals:

 Free the hostages in the Battery Park subway station, east of Castle Clinton.

First, there's some stuff around Castle Clinton. Near the entrance is a chest
containing BUCKSHOT SHELLS. Near the bum with the brown jacket, Southwest
of the entrance, there's a chest with 10MM AMMO. Close to the three stacked
metal crates that are so big you'll need Microfibral Muscle to even push them,
is a chest containing a clip of 7.62x51MM AMMO.

   Notes: one of the bums is singing 'My Country, 'Tis of Thee', an American
   patriotic song from 1831.

Last bit of this mission is to free some hostages in the subway station. Anna
envisions you going down in the tunnel, killing the NSF there, disabling the
boobytraps with an EMP Grenade, kill the remaining NSF and save the day. That's
certainly an option, but there's a better way.

Entrance to the subway lies in Battery Park, where poor people have set up
shelter and the NSF have fortified that shelter. Three UNATCO Troopers are
about to have a shootout with four NSF terrorists, and the battle triggers
when you draw near. You can take part in the battle in any way you can, kill
or no kill, but make sure the Park itself is devoid of enemies when you're
done. None of the NSF carry anything interesting. In crates scattered around
the encampment, you'll find 2 clips of 7.62x51MM AMMO and a box of BUCKSHOT
SHELLS. One of the houses has a locked chest with a 20% Str Lock containing
a FLARE, a MEDKIT and a PROD CHARGER, another house and another 20% Str Lock
contain a LOCKPICK, a MULTITOOL and a CANDY BAR. On the floor in the houses,
you can find a LOCKPICK, a pack of SOY FOOD and a BIOELECTRIC CELL. Near the
Subway entrance, you can find a PROD CHARGER.

Time to get with the hostages. Down there, there's a barricade with three NSF
shooting at you, and behind that barricade is a boobytrap that blows up the
station if you touch the laser grid that separates you from the hostages and
five more NSF. Let's avoid all that. Facing the Subway Station entrance,
you can see a grey square to the left that's Unlocked. Climb down and you'll
find yourself in some sort of climate control station. Near the sign is
another door. Climb the ladder all the way, then turn North. Turn East at
the first moment to find a grate. From this position, you can snipe down
the NSF here one by one, retreating each time behind a corner into the vents
until the NSF think you've moved on.

Never shoot any of the TNT Boxes! It's all connected, and everybody on the
ground floor including the hostages will die. It's possible to crawl all the
way to the Northeast, where you'll wind up near the hostages. You can tell
them to get on board of the subway as soon as you open it for them, and this
way you can rescue them without alerting any NSF. You can then shoot a TNT
box to easily clear the entire floor when the hostages are gone. In this
corner, you can find a PROD CHARGER hidden near a column.

When all terrorists are disabled, the hostages will calm down. If some are
still conscious, you can actively tell them to get on the subway. You'll get:

300 SP PRIMARY GOAL COMPLETED           Rescue hostages

The crate on the subway side of the lasers contain a LOCKPICK. The crates on
the other side, if you'd care enough to backtrack, contain 10MM AMMO and a
LOCKPICK. You can go through the vents again, disable the lasers with the
EMP Grenade or simply carefully put all TNT boxes near the lasers (crouch when
you throw them) and shoot them. The NSF terrorists can be looted for 10mm Ammo,
a Flamethrower or a Napalm Canister and Buckshot.

Near the lasers, on the subway side, you can score:

40 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS              Enter hostage situation

Primary Goals:

 Report to Paul in Hell's Kitchen

You're done here. It's time for the big city. Consider this your prelude.
You could talk to some of your allies for them to congratulate you, but are
you really so desperate for recognition?

 3.4  Hell's Kitchen, New York City

Skill Points to earn: 1855
 150 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Gather info from Bar and Clinic
 150 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Re-enter information location
  40 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Use back entrance 'Ton Hotel
  40 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Enter Paul's bookcase
  65 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Rescue hostages in 'Ton Hotel
  50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Back entrance Smuggler's Den
  20 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Find Smuggler's Den
  50 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Secret MJ12 Sewer Base
  50 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Infiltrate MJ12 Sewer Base
  80 SP SECONDARY GOAL                  Rescue and escort Ford Schick
  50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Back rooftop route Warehouse
  50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Underground route Warehouse
  30 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Rooftops Warehouse
  30 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Pass through first building
  20 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Enter second building
  30 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Pass through second building
  20 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Destroy wooden fence
  20 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Destroy wooden fence
  40 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Power box near Warehouse
  20 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Destroy cracked wall
  30 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Pass Warehouse basement ramp
  20 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Swim through pipe
  60 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Warehouse basement control room
  70 SP CRITICAL LOCATION BONUS         Generator control room
 500 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Disable NSF Generator
  20 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Roof Generator building

Augmentation Canisters:
 Speed Enhancement / Run Silent Augmentation Canister
 Upgrade Augmentation Canister

Weapon Modifications:
 Accuracy, Clip, Scope (700)

Primary Goals:
 Report to Paul in Hell's Kitchen.

You arrive in Hell's Kitchen. There's a shootout between UNATCO and the NSF,
who retreated to this location and are being pushed back. All citizens have
been put in the clinic, the Underworld bar and the Subway station; the streets
are devoid of most 'normal' civilians. In the subway, there's a Muttering Bum
going on about how voices in his head are telling him about 'Majestic', and a
Homeless Guy talks about how they're setting fires in Wall Street. If you pull
out a weapon here, the people will panic. You can find a PROD CHARGER behind
a wooden pallet.

   Notes: The Muttering Bum could be a victim to any number of mental disorders,
   but another theory is that he's psionic. At least one important laboratory
   in the world of DX does extensive tests with people who have 'the Gift'.
   Majestic, after all, becomes a very important word later in the game.

   A second theory is that it's more a reference to the Illuminatus! trilogy,
   where mentally unstable persons respond verbally to global events unknown
   to them.

The Public Access Terminal has some background info. The chlorine spill
especially is something to read, and the article about the Brooklyn Navel Yards
founded by Bob Page is interesting as well, since Page is an antagonist from
the intro sequence and the Naval Yards is a location you'll visit later in the

   Notes: The Brooklyn Navy Yard is a real place in Brooklyn, NYC.

   'Senator' Clark Ashton is a reference to Clark Ashton, a fantasy horror
   writer and contemporary of H.P. Lovecraft.

The ATM has credits for you; base ATM Value is 524 credits. Unless you're
Advanced in Computers, don't Hack it yet since there's account info later. You
can talk to the Hooker, Sally, with the red skirt for some dialogue about NSF
on the streets and the locals being herded into the Underworld Bar, the Clinic
and the Subway. Paul will greet you as soon as you head up the stairs. If the
hostages died before or after the subway ride, he'll berate you for messing up.
He'll give you the APARTMENT NANOKEY and a PROD CHARGER.

Primary Goals:
 Find the NSF's secret generator. Paul's team will raid the warehouse when the
 generator is destroyed and the EMP field goes down.

Secondary Goals:
 Talk to the locals in the bar or the clinic for clues to the location of the

You can take care of the Secondary Goal right away by talking to Sally a
second time. She'll squeeze you for 50 credits for the info, though. She also
mentions a guy called 'Smuggler' who has a hideout nearby, and the fact that
Jordan, the 'mech chick' who owns the bar, works together with local law
enforcement. At the top of the stairs, you'll be contacted by Alex who talks to
you about a hostage situation.

Secondary Goals:
 Investigate the hostage situation in the 'Ton Hotel, at the southeast corner
 of the block. Rescue the Rentons, if they are still inside.

North of the Subway entrance, there's three dead bodies. One of the NSF can
be looted by BIOELECTRIC CELL, the other one has a CANDY BAR. Move East to
a dark spot. You can pass behind wooden fence, you'll see a Bum being accosted
by two NSF Thugs. If you do nothing, the Thugs will kill both Bums. Now,
pay close attention. If you disable the Thugs, you can talk to the Bum you save
and you'll get a password. However, this will disable an option later in the
game where you can buy a password and get skill points for it. I suggest
you either leave them to their business, or save the Bum and then not talk to
him. The conversation between the thugs 'nd bum might be worth your time.
Seems people are living underground, coordinated by a guy called Charlie. If
you DO talk to the Bum, he'll tell you about the fact that the NSF is shacking
up with the bums in underground tunnels.

   Notes: If you throw the ball on the top of the ring, you'll get the message
   "Sign him up for the Knicks!!!!". Guess they're still around. System Shock
   2, a game DX referenced earlier, also had an easter egg unlocked by throwing
   a basketball through a hoop.

From the bum who gave you saved, turn to the Northwest. There's another
tunnel you can follow for another Bum and a container with a 40% Str Lock, but
you have no business opening it since there's a better way and a more opportune
moment to go that location. Return to the subway station entrance.

To the South, there's the entrance to the 'Ton Hotel and a shootout between
UNATCO and NSF that starts when you draw near. Let's do that part right now,
since it triggers when you draw near and it's possibly to miss the action that

Between you and the firefight are two UNATCO troopers standing near two
crates. You can accept three GAS GRENADES from the troopers, there's no reason
not to. The right UNATCO trooper will secretly hold one GAS GRENADE for himself,
if you silently disable both, you can take it if you must. The crates contain
10MM AMMO and 30.06 AMMO. Proceed further down south, where the UNATCO is
winning a firefight against the NSF. Ignore the entrance to the 'Ton Hotel for

You need to personally kill 5 NSF or more, or the troops will act as if
you were hardly there. This is very difficult, since the UNATCO troopers will
do a lot of shooting themselves. Headshots with your Sniper Rifle are a good
way to do it. Another good tactics is to get close to them and aim for every
head you see with a Pistol or Stealth Pistol, but that can also be quite
dangerous. Your behavior has no other effect than some troops' opinion of
you; UNATCO ground troops will like you better if you act like a killing

   Notes: You can take advantage of an inaccurate trigger here. You can climb
   the roof of the 'Ton hotel via the back entrance, past the open window. 
   From this high vantage point, you will see the UNATCO and NSF troopers.
   Because you're so high up though, the game thinks you're too far away for
   the shootout to start, so everybody will remain passive. In addition, the NSF
   Terrorists will be indicates as 'Friendly'. 
   You can use this to kill all NSF without suffering casualties on the UNATCO
   side or being in danger yourself. You can also guarantee you get 5 kills here
   if that's your goal. 

Search all NSF bodies for lots of ammo, some Tranq. Darts and the OSGOOD AND 
SONS FRONT DOOR NANOKEY. From fallen allies, you can pick up an Assault Rifle 
if you want one.

That door, by the way, stands between you and one NSF member. During the
shooting, it's possible for that NSF to run out, opening the door in the
process. Also, it's possible for a UNATCO ally to break down the door if he
comes close enough to the NSF behind it. If the Warehouse NSF breaks out,
you can search his body for the OSGOOD AND SONS BACK DOOR NANOKEY.

When you're done with the shooting, ignore Osgood and Son's for now, but do
collect the BIOELECTRIC CELL near the wall of Osgood and Son's, check out
the DataCube near the Osgood and Son's front entrance and bash open the crates;
10MM AMMO in the crate near the East entrance, and 10MM AMMO, 30.06 AMMO and
7.62x51MM AMMO near the West entrance, along with some loose 7.62x51MM AMMO
on the floor between the garbage bags. On a table in the park, there's a
7.62x51MM AMMO clip as well. In the phone booth, across the Clinic, there's a

   Notes: The JL mentioned on the DataCube is consistent with Juan Lebedev.

Now, near the West entrance is the Tenderloin Clinic. Let's enter it! Keep
in mind this place is a no-weapon zone, so people will run and scatter when
you draw one. Melee weapons that don't require ammo, like the Baton and Knife
are okay, but the Riot Prod isn't allowed.

Inside, there's all kinds of people you can talk two. There's a crazy woman that
talks about ice cream and lollipops.

   Notes: "By the pricking of my finger, something wicked is to be known." is a
   reference to Shakespeare's Macbeth, where one of the evil witches exclaims: 
   "By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes." And lo: it's
   Macbeth that enters! Like the Bum muttering 'Majestic', this can be seen as
   foreshadowing of a wicked man who makes a grab for power, delivered by 
   another prophetic crazy person. 

The two homeless men, Rafael and Jake, near the entrance have two discussions 
that gives you some info on the history of the NSF and the nature of biological

   Notes: Squalnomie is not a real place. What is a real place is Snoqualmie,
   Washington. It's a small town with a beautiful waterfall.

   The sculpture that is mentioned, Napoleon of Notting Hill, is the title of a
   book written by G.K. Chesterton, who also wrote 'The Man who was Thursday',
   a book that is often found in-game.

Two Bums have interesting information for you that provoke a dialogue. Make
sure to talk to both, they're 50% of you getting 150 skill points later on.
Past the right set of glass doors, you can butt in on a conversation between
an angry patient and a doctor. Tell the patient to be more appreciative, and
he'll leave. The intimidating option will just make him stubborn. If you be
the diplomat, the doctor will offer you a 40% discount on the 'Free' clinic's
services. The full program gets you the codes to the Med Bot: 2153. In this
room, there's plenty of bodies (none of them have any loot). The biochem Bum
has a theory that terrorists put the Gray Death in the water.

   Notes: If you try to intimidate the angry patient, he'll refuse to leave.
   The docter will offer euthanasia as an option, but the man won't have any
   of his 'Chinese herbal nonsense'... 

If you want to steal from the clinic, there's two MEDKITS behind a 30% Str
Lock; you can easily bash the cabinet open with any melee weapon regardless
of your skill. If you want, you can disable the doctor and take a MEDKIT and
the MEDICAL CABINET NANOKEY to open up the cabinet. The doctor outside also
carries a MEDKIT and the NANOKEY; the two nurses also carry a copy of the

   Notes: There is one Bum that will say 'Who will help the widow's son?', then
   says he confused you with someone else. This is a Masonic passphrase and
   secret 'call for help'. He hoped you were a Freemason yourself, obliged to
   help him out. The oath he mentions is just an oath of secrecy.

The computers have some e-mails about a medical perspective of the plague. The
one near the entrance responds to ALICE_PRIEST/SECRETARY and the one in the
office opens up with JALLRED/APPLE, two codes you can't legally obtain. Also
check the newspaper for a killer party.

   Notes: Part of the text is a reference to 'The Second Coming', a poem by 
   W.B. Yeats about post-war Europe. Some lines go: "The blood-dimmed tide is 
   loosed, and everywhere. The ceremony of innocence is drowned; The best lack 
   all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity."

   "Tyger, Tyger" are the opening words of the poem "The Tyger" by William 
   Blake. The poem is quoted on the first page of the science fiction novel
   "The Stars My Destination". Its protagonist was features in the 'Ton Hotel's
   VLIW is a type of processor, meaning Very Long Instruction Word. 
   The Gibson Cowboys are likely a reference to William Gibson, author of
   various science-fiction books such as Neuromancer and Johnny Mnemonic. In
   Neuromancer, a cowboy is a hacker.
   Brewer's Phrase is another DX-original band, and the name is a reference to 
   Brewer's Phrase and Fable, a book containing definitions and explanations of
   many famous phrases, allusions and figures.
   The combination of the world going to hell and the small folk seeking refuge
   in extreme stimuli is one of the themes you'll find in urban areas. All the
   advertisements you see are for alcohol (Drink Mo, Think Less!), cigarettes 
   or BDSM nightclubs (Jade Dragon's House of Pain).
Behind the left two glass doors, there's the MED BOT. There's a 80% Str Keypad
to keep it closed for you; that's either a bunch of Multitools, forking over
the 1200 credits, simply bashing open the door with a Baton or the like or
cheating the system by obtaining the code through... nefarious means like
reading this document.

Remember the Augmentation Container you got in Castle Clinton? It gets you
either Aqualung or Environmental Resistance. Since there are other choices for
the Torso slot (both Regeneration and Energy Shield, assuming you will want to
install the capstone Power Recirculator or Synthetic Heart), it's valid to not
install anything at this point and drop the Canister from your inventory. The
second Augmentation Canister that is required for the Regen/Energy Shield combo
is obtained so late in the game though, I feel it's best to install one of these
right away.

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Install Environmental Resistance

You're done in this clinic! Exit. Northeast of the entrance of the clinic,
is the door to the Underworld Bar. East of the entrance is a DataCube with
some ATM account info: account# 947761, pin# 2867.

Enter the bar. The place is run by ex-UNATCO mech chick Jordan Shea, who
will not tolerate weapons in her bar. There are quite a few interesting NPCs
to talk to in this place. The Used Car Salesman? is Joe Greene, a man who
wrote a few articles you could've read so far in this game. Ignore him,
it's your job to ignore the press. Secrecy saves lives! If you do talk to him
and ask him questions, he'll pump you for info and confront you about UNATCO's
ways. It is possible to kill the man here, but Manderley won't be happy, and
this man still has his role to play later in the game.

There's a goth prostitute type called Janey who asks for your help. Her friend
is being threatened by some punk called Johnny.

Secondary Goals:

 A man named Johnny took a woman into an alley west of the Underworld Bar.
 Investigate the situation.

The guy with the sunglasses at the bar is Jock, a grade-A fellow who will
become very important to you later on. Talk to him a few times. You'll have to
buy him one Forty at 10 credits a bottle for the info on Smuggler (unless you
already know about him) and one for his info on Area 51. Smug bastard won't
accept any ol' lukewarm beer you found standing around between the garbage
bags, so buy them from Shea here.

   Notes: Area 51 is a real place, somewhere in Nevada. It's a government
   testing location for all kinds of official Top Secret weapons and aircrafts,
   and it has captured the imagination of UFO enthusiasts and the like for

   The NSA mentioned is The National Security Agency (NSA) is a U.S.
   intelligence agency responsible for the production and management of signals
   intelligence (SIGINT) and information assurance for the United States
   government. At the time of writing, it has been very much in the news since
   it was revealed through a leak that the NSA captured and analyzed far more
   information than traditionally believed.

   Echelon, officially ECHELON, is also real! It's outdated technology today,
   but it monitors a large proportion of the world's transmitted civilian
   telephone, fax and data traffic since the Cold War. DX builds upon the old
   Echelon network by writing a future where the Echelon system was updated
   a few times until Echelon IV was reached. Officially, ECHELON does not exist,
   though leaked documents has proven its existence. The NSA builds and uses
   the ECHELON signal stations around the world.

   The Red Star logo on the wall heavily resembles Heineken, a Dutch beer
   brand. On that note, beer bottles are called 'Forty' in this game because
   a forty is American slang for a 40-U.S.-fluid-ounce bottle. The more you

   The Underworld Bar could be so named to fit in with the 'hell' motive used
   a few times in-game, or because Warren Spector worked on Ultima Underworld
   prior to working on DX.

There's a MEDKIT behind the counter of the bar. Make sure to get the info from
Jordan Shea, the Bar Lady, as well. It is possible to kill her as well here,
but like Joe Greene, she'll make more appearances in the game if you don't.

   Notes: The name Jordan Shea may be a reference to Robert Shea, science-
   fiction author of the Illuminatus! Trilogy.

On the other end of the bar, there's a Worker called Dan and a Woman called
Meg discussing the purchase of some street Ambrosia from JoJo, a name you
heard mentioned in the Statue of Liberty. If you listen in on their entire
conversation, you can talk to Dan, and if you approach him positively, you
can get the NSF warehouse code from him: 3316. If you flex your UNATCO muscle 
and try to strong-arm him into a confession, you won't get anything and Jordan 
Shea will dislike you for it. It will trigger a third dialogue between Dan and
the woman though, this one about the Stanley account. 

   Notes: A Cape Cod is a cocktail with cranberry juice and vodka. 

   One of his random lines is
bugged, displaying wrong subtitles.

The ATM in the Underworld Bar has a base ATM Value of 411. You can only
withdraw the 411 from either one, they're linked. You can use the 947761/
2867 combo you found earlier to withdraw a whooping 36 credits from the ATM
you didn't disable by Hacking.

If you exit the Underworld Bar, and you got the generator info from both the
clinic and the bar, you'll get:

150 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS             Gather info from Bar and Clinic

Due to a bug, you can now enter the clinic and collect that same 150 skill
points a second time, if you want. It's a bug, but it's also silly to
avoid the clinic from now on.

150 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS             Re-enter information location

With your back to the West exit of the bar, turn East and start walking. Near
one of the garage doors,  you'll find BUCKSHOT SHELLS. Do a 180. All the way
down West, in the tunnel, you can meet some local police and a case of 10MM

South of the Riot Cops, in a tunnel adjacent to the tunnel you're in, you'll
find Johnny. Take daddy cool out silently, or scare him off with how you'll
add his to the list of NSF casualties. If you make a sound killing the man, the
nearby cops will come after you violently. If you chase Johnny off, and you
chase after him, your IFF targeting reticle will turn to red after a while, and
Johnny will try to cap your ass as soon as he sees you. Luckily, he's an idiot
who tries to do so near Riot Cops who'll taze and shoot him, saving you some
bullets. Johnny carries a CROWBAR and a SAWED-OFF SHOTGUN or BUCKSHOT SHELLS.
Regardless of your actions, Johnny won't have a role to play in the rest of
the game, so you're not missing anything when you kill him here and now. If
you knock him out or kill him, Sandra will mention Johnny being dead later in
the game. If you leave the situation alone, Sandra will be okay later.

If you try to buy Sandra for an hour, Johnny will sell you Janey. Even though
the price is 200, only 100 credits will be taken from you. You can talk to
Janey about the deal, but JC won't inform Janey about the deal if you try to.

Talk to Sandra Renton twice, who'll give you the password to Smuggler's place:
bloodshot. When you're done with the valiant knight thing, go back inside the
Underworld bar, where Janey has the warehouse code: 3316. If you already
freed the 'Ton Hotel of the NSF, you can have some minor dialogue by playing
message delivery boy between Sandra and Gilbert Renton.

Return to the East exit.

There's a hostage situation going on in the 'Ton Hotel, it's time to settle
that. You can enter the hotel through the front or with the fire escape ladder;
taking the fire escape ladder gets you extra skill points. Behind a cardboard
box, you an find a newspaper detailing the new lunar mission.

   Notes: Palus Somnii and Mare Crisium are real regions on the moon. Someday,
   I hope someone out there can explain to my how the moon can be divided in
   regions in any meaningful way...
   The newspaper references a scrapped moon mission that was set to appear in 
   this game. Zhou Enlai was the first Premier of China, serving from October 
   1949 until his death in January 1976.
   Nghia Lam, the Chinese Premier, is named after one of the Artists who worked
   on DX. 

Find a small Metal Crate to help reach the ladder, climbing it gets you:

40 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Use back entrance 'Ton Hotel

You conveniently enter Paul's apartment, who foolishly left his window open.
Paul's apartment houses 350 CREDIT CHIT in the bedroom, a MEDKIT in the
washing room and a DataCube in the living room. There's a CIA Factbook about
Hong Kong in the bathroom, and a book about the India/Pakistan situation.

   Notes: The CIA does indeed write and maintain The World Factbook online,
   where you can read about all nations. Hong Kong has an individual entry.
   As of march 2014: despite strenuous law enforcement efforts, faces difficult
   challenges in controlling transit of heroin and methamphetamine to regional
   and world markets; modern banking system provides conduit for money
   laundering; rising indigenous use of synthetic drugs, especially among young
   people. Fun stuff!

   Vishnu is the supreme god in Hinduism, the major religion in India. Contrast
   this with Pakistan, where the state religion is Islam. Relations between
   India and Pakistan have been poor ever since 1947, when India and Pakistan
   in their current form were created. Violent border conflicts have been the
   result. Both India and Pakistan, in our world today, have nuclear weapons at
   their disposal.

Behind the painting is a 20% Str Keypad with the code: 4321. Behind that opens
the bookcase containing three MULTITOOLS, a BIOELECTRIC CELL, two LOCKPICKS, a
MEDKIT, two clips of 10MM AMMO, a BALLISTIC ARMOR and another DataCube.

Entering the secret compartment gets you:

40 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Enter Paul's bookcase

PDENTON/CHAMELEON gets you access to some of Paul's mail. The romantic mail
is stand-alone; coded message or real? You decide. The undelivered mail to
'Juan' is interesting; the only Juan in the game so far mentioned is Juan
Ivanovich Lebedev, NSF sympathizer. It is implied that 'P' from Paul's
account has been in contact with Juan.

   Notes: KVORK Inc. is a reference to Jack "Dr. Death" Kevorkian, who was
   a Right To Die euthanasia activist.

   Blue Harvest was a kind of working title for Star Wars Episode VI. See
   you next Wednesday is a phrase that is used as a running gag in films by
   John Landis, such as The Blues Brothers.

   Marcy Playground is an alternative rock band from the States.

Time to take down the NSF. Open the door with the Nanokey Paul gave you, then
sneak behind the back of the NSF into the elevator shaft. Don't get too close
to the hostages, it'll trigger the NSF into shooting them. So no melee weapons!
From the elevator shaft, you can easily shoot them with either a Tranq. Dart
or whatever bullet you choose. For shooting these two NSF, regardless of the
survival of the hostages, you gain:

65 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS              Rescue hostages in 'Ton Hotel

If the male hostage makes it, he'll give you an NSF password 'righteous' when
you talk to him.

Find the elevator shaft again. Climb the ladder all the way up to find a
MULTITOOL, then climb it all the way down to find two crates containing a
BIOELECTRIC CELL and another MULTITOOL. Leave the elevator shaft; dead ahead
is Mr. Gilbert Renton's office, where a single NSF is the last man standing.
It is possible to talk to Gilbert without alerting the NSF; Gilbert will pretend
everything is just okay. 

The NSF'll never try to shoot Gilbert, so just rush in there and use the Riot 
Prod or whatever to take him down. The biggest hurdle here is getting too close 
to Gilbert before the NSF is down; JC Denton will start a conversation while the
NSF is ready to shoot him at point-blank range. Find the NORTH ROOM NANOKEY in
this room in the keycloset, and a 50 CREDIT CHIT on the table. There is a 
hard to spot DataCube on top of the watercooler, written by the NSF Terrorist
you just took down. 

The Hotel Register is full of names, all characters from novels and comics 
(except Paul Denton, obviously). On the desk here, as well as in front of Paul's
apartment, there's a newspaper talking about Zyme. You could have picked up a 
vial earlier, in Battery Park, or in the nearby junkie den.

   Notes: Zyme literally means a ferment, but could also be a reference to
   the main character of the Man who was Thursday, Gabriel Syme, who has also
   checked himself in in the 'Ton Hotel.

   James Cabell, mentioned as a doctor in the newspaper article, is another
   American author of fantasy fiction.

   Notes: Here is the first bit of The Man who was Thursday.

   Gully Foyle, main character of The Stars My Destination, a science fiction
   novel about a dystopian future and cybernetic enhancements.

   Gabriel Syme, main character of The Man who was Thursday.

   Oberst Enzian, a character from Thomas Pynchon's book Gravity's Rainbow.
   Pynchon's referenced later in the game as well.

   Smilla Jasperson, main character from the Danish Miss Smilla's Feeling for

   Hippolyta Hall is the birth name of Wonder Woman's daughter from the DC

   Finally, the'Ton Hotel is a reference to the Hilton chain of hotels. The
   hotel itself is actually called Hilton, even though its owners are the

You can use the North Room Nanokey to enter a druggies' den on the second floor.
This sad place is the finding place of two dead bodies, two ZYME VIALS you have
no use for, and a 20% Str Lock door that hides a MEDKIT and a BIOELECTRIC CELL.
There's also a great newspaper article here, advocating the NetChurch.

   Notes: The opening quote is from the Bible, book of Revelations 1:18, the
   last book of the Bible which is not accepted as canonical by all branches
   of Christianity. It's about Jesus returning to the earth.
   Rapture is something that happens at the end of days, when all the good
   Christians are pulled up the Heaven and all the sinners are left behind to
   suffer through tons of nastiness here on earth. 
   The second quote is also from the Bible, John 3:15. 
   Check the IP: it's 999.7.7.7. While 999 is common in IP addresses throughout
   DX, the 7.7.7 has significance; 777 is considered the opposite of 666, the
   number of Satan. 777 is a holy number in the Christian faith. 

On the balcony of the second floor, behind a Houseplant, there's a DataCube
with some ATM account info: account# 543654, PIN# 5544. This info, however,
is just the old numbers of John Palmer; you found his new info lying in the
trash. That Palmer never learns!

In the front hall of the hotel, there's an ATM with a base ATM value of 232.
Account# 947761, PIN# 2867 gets you 62 credits.

You heard about Smuggler from Sandra Renton and Jock, the former of which also
gave you the password 'bloodshot'. You can find his front entrance Southeast of
the subway entrance, but if you find another path you'll get some extra skill
points. Get to the basketball field near the subway entrance where you rescued
the Bum and find the other tunnel. There's a newspaper to be found here.

   Notes: The ACLU is the American Civil Liberties Union, a national 
   organization advocating individual rights. 

When you're done reading, find the container with the 40% Str Lock facing East.
The container with the lock facing West only holds a PROD CHARGER. If you break
in through the East-side facing one with Lockpicks or explosives, you get:

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Back entrance Smuggler's Den

Descend with the ladder. You'll find yourself in an underground parking
garage. Right nearby is a crate containing a LOCKPICK. Dead ahead is an old
booth where you'll find a single MULTITOOL.

The nearby Control Panel controls the blue lasers, it's best to use a Multitool
or two here.

If you don't disable the lasers, you'll trigger the appearance of a Security
Bot that'll likely shoot you to hell. Past the lasers is a crate containing
a BALLISTIC ARMOR. Further on is one with a PROD CHARGER. Open the door to

20 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Find Smuggler's Den

Talk to Smuggler, who gives you a new mission, and offers his warez with some
outrageous price tags attached:
BIOELECTRIC CELL             750 credits
You'll be able to lower his prices by completing a mission you'll want to
complete anyway, so don't buy anything now. Smuggler gives you the most
important item, an UNLOCKS SEWER MAN HOLES NANOKEY, for free.

On the top floor, there's two crates containing 7.62x51MM AMMO and a PROD
CHARGER, and a bit further two FLARES and a LOCKPICK. There's a very resilient
mirror as well. You can use the 50% Str Keypad (code: 432, but it's not found
anywhere in the game) to open it up to find a CLIP WEAPON MODIFICATION, a
MEDKIT and a THERMOPTIC CAMO. A melee weapon might be the cheapest way of
getting to these goodies even if don't want to 'cheat' with the 432 code that
cannot be found anywhere in the game. The books here are fun stuff.

   Notes: Smuggler's whacked-out paranoid, and is a great platform for all
   kinds of anti-government literature.

   The Reluctant Dictators by Travis Crockett does not really exist. Its
   subject, the Order of the Cincinnati does exist. The Society of the
   Cincinnati is an historical, hereditary lineage organization with branches
   in the United States and France, founded in 1783 to preserve the ideals and
   fellowship of the officers of the Continental Army who served in the
   American Revolutionary War.

   The Modern Terrorist's Handbook does not exist, but reminds a bit of the
   Anarchist's Cookbook, a book hastily thrown together by an angry 20-year
   old and so shoddily written that some believe that the US government wrote
   and distributed the book to 'arm' would-be anarchists with defective and
   dangerous tactics. The text for the Modern Terrorist's Handbook is littered
   with typos, possibly to reflect this.

   The typical viruses mentioned are further literary references. Bandersnatch
   is a monster from Alice in Wonderland. The dilemma of Ulysses (Roman version
   of Odysseus) was steering his ship either towards the six-headed monster
   Scylla or the monstrous whirlpool Charybdis, forcing Ulysses to choose
   between two evils.

   UnderNet is a network used by several NPCs in-game who are both competent
   with computers and wish to communicate 'off the grid'. These NPCs appear
   to believe UnderNet remains invisible to, for instance, Echelon IV. In our
   world, the TOR Network serves a similar function. The rest of the blurb
   here is real-world stuff except for ICE-breakers. Denial-of-service attacks
   are a real threat today.

If you're Trained in Computer, you can Hack into Smuggler's computer. You
can't find the login info, but it's HIDDEN/TRUSTNO1. It seems somebody called
either RosyCross or The Oracle looked into Ford's disappearance and chlorine-
assisted delivery of weaponized particles. An e-mail written in, I gather, poor
French, that gives some account info: account# 312446, PIN# 1351. It suggests
that Smuggler is in contact with either French organized crime, or the terrorist
cell Silhouette.

   Notes: The Internet Oracle, also known as the UseNet Oracle, is a real thing.
   It's an anonymous, cooperative email system for creative, (usually) humorous
   writing, serving the Net since 1989 and realizing its first virtual
   personality. Within the world of DX, it may be a similar system or an AI.
   An interesting side-note is that it mails from the RosyCross name.

   Chris Todd, who wrote the e-mails for the game, had this to say about it:
   "So for the Oracle I decided that somewhere out there on the Net was a
   gestalt computer intelligence that operated as a clearing house for
   information--the catch being that you had to pay it in information it didn't
   already have. It attempted to hide its nature right out in the open by
   pretending to be an automated server that responded to questions."

   About the contents: it seems Smuggler asked to Oracle about Ford Schick.
   'Wet work' means work that spills blood.

   The French e-mail is not in perfect French, but I pulled a translation from
   nuwen.net. Here it is: Subject: Terms of Business. We find your terms
   acceptable. We expect that the items in question will be provided promptly -
   with starting mechanisms - at the site which we have discussed. We have
   created an account containing the first half of the payment, account number
   312446, authorization 1351. Do not try to contact us using the address above;
   it will not function. If you need to contact us, you can use the means which
   we have already established.

You can use the account info to obtain 125 credits at the ATM in the Underworld
bar (even if you Hacked the other ATM dry).

Leave Smuggler's den. He has disabled the security lasers for you. You can
take the elevator up this time; on the top level, you can find another PROD
CHARGER in the elevator shaft.

There are two manhole covers you can use to find the secret laboratory here.
The one you'll want to use is very near the subway entrance.

Descend the ladder. You're in the sewer now; your mommy must be so proud of
you. The nearby 25% Str Control Panel controls some lasers and the connected
turret up ahead; either use the Multitools, or shoot the turret with your GEP
Gun. Turn at the corner at climb the ladder here to find a grizzly scene.
Take the 2 clips of 7.62x51MM AMMO, the ASSAULT RIFLE, the MEDKIT and loot
the corpse of the paramilitary-looking guy with XII on his forehead for two

Note that the DataCube mentions a code: 2167. The Throne/6G is an authorization
sequence used by UNATCO (as well). Also note that the Throne/6G clearance
mentioned is the one just above yours.

   Notes: Lt. Maxwell Hammer may be a reference to the Beatles song about
   Maxwell's Silver Hammer, used by Maxwell to murder a lot of people for no

Return to the corner. The Control Panel here, you needn't touch, but you can
open the 20% Str lock to find a 20% Str Keypad. The DataCube gave you the code:
2167. There is a hidden DataCube in the water below this Keypad that also gives
you the 2167 code. Pass through the grate.

You are now entering some super-secret tunnels. Even Jacobson doesn't know
about them, but Throne/6G is quite high up the scale. You meet some lasers;
you can sneak past them with simple movement skills, but if you don't feel
confident the Control Panel earlier that you didn't disable controls these
lasers. Duck behind the laser on the other side of the hall and punch in the
code again: 2167.

There's a camera on the other side of the door! If it starts the alarm,
the turrets will fire, so quickly duck behind the metal crate. On the wall
there is the Terminal. Hack into it, turn off the cameras and disable the
turret if you're Advanced. If you're not Trained at all, I suggest using
Multitools to disable the camera, then waiting out the alarm before proceeding.

At the end of the tunnel, there's a big drop, then a water reservoir. This
water is toxic, so don't jump in. Near the ceiling is a metal suspension
where an MJ12 soldier patrols, on the other side of the water is likely
another one. Take these two down with sniping action (possibly Tranq. Darts);
if the alarm sounds, wait it out in a safe location. There's a total of three
MJ12 soldiers on the level above you, they may all wander into view from
the vantage point at the ledge at the end.

When you've done all you can, climb the ladder up. You must do this carefully,
if there are any enemies left. When this side of the level is clear, let's
scout. Near the ladder is a Terminal, let's ignore it for now. There's a ladder
going down into the water: useless unless you fall in and need to get out
like a cat fallen in the bathtub. There's a door leading to a room with some
stuff; if you managed to get by without sounding the alarm, one MJ12 trooper
will be sitting here. The crates contain a LOCKPICK and a MEDKIT. On the ground
is a BIOELECTRIC CELL and a DataCube with info: MJ12, password: coupdetat.

   Notes: A coup d'état is a sudden seizure of a government.

Walk on the metal suspension bridge. In the middle, you'll gain:

50 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Secret MJ12 Sewer Base

If you walk on, you'll find a ladder leading to another manhole cover, this
one's location is near the back end of the 'Ton Hotel. Get back to the
bridge, and find the Terminal on the wall. Use the MJ12/coupdetat combo to
get in. Rotate the Bridge once, and watch the bridge turn. Get to the other
side and climb down using the ladder. There's a trooper here, but you likely
sniped him from afar. Open the door to find a corridor. To the left, you can
find a NAPALM CANISTER between the pipes. Another hall and another Keypad
with the same old code: 2167. En route, you're awarded with:

50 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS              Infiltrate MJ12 Sewer Base

We're entering the final room with guards; when those are down, this mission's
done. This is done so much easier with killing than without killing! When
you open the door, there's a single soldier there; this one will run for
the alarm you passed near the water reservoir; you'll have plenty of time to
disable him while he tries to reach it. When he's done, there are two more
MJ12 soldiers down on the floor, and two more soldiers in an office behind
some doors. You won't see them unless the alarm goes off. Use the Terminal
to turn of all cameras; you'll want to disable the one near the Terminal
by hand first. Login: MJ12, password: coupdetat.

You'll need to dispatch them. I like to place a Gas Grenade near the foot of
the stairs, then fire Tranq. Darts from the top of the stairs. When all are
disabled, it's time for looting! Near the chlorine gas drums, there's a
BIOELECTRIC CELL. In the office, there's a DataCube with some login info for
the nearby computer: JSTEWARD/JS1357.

   Notes: Jacob's Shadow is not a real book, but like The Man who was Thursday,
   it is often found lying around. It's a small story within the story of DX,
   and often reflects a current sentiment. It was written by Chris Todd, who
   wrote most of the articles, DataCubes, etc. According to him, "the story was
   written as a (very minor) homage to one of (his) favorite writers, Andrew
   Vachss -- hence the fictional author Andrew Hammond -- with a couple nods
   in the direction of Richard Stark (aka Donald E. Westlake) and Patrick
   McGoohan's The Prisoner."

If you use the computer, you can see that "MJ12", or whoever they are, are
busy experimenting with chlorine in the water. They take orders from one 'WS'.
We've met a man called Walton Simons in the intro scene, he's the new head of

   Notes: Harleen Quinzell may be a reference to Batman villain Harley Quinn.
   The quote ties in with this, since Harley's clown-themed. 

   Richard Feynman was a well-known and influential theoretical physicist who
   introduced the concept of nanotechnology. The quote, however, is not by him 
   but is attributed to some guy called Hanlon, which is why the adage is called
   Hanlon's razor.

In the Southeast corner of the room, there's crates with a LOCKPICK and some
10MM AMMO in the water. In the adjacent room, Ford Schick is waiting for you.
You'll want to escort him, so let him wait while you continue picking up
stuff. In the desk, there's a MULTITOOL and a LOCKPICK. Next to it, there's
a BIOELECTRIC CELL. The reading's also pretty interesting.

   Notes: Water chlorination is a method of purifying water to make it fit for
   human consumption. However, since chlorine can react with naturally occurring
   organic compounds to create hazardous compounds, water chlorination has been
   linked to cancer. 

   In DX, the dangers of chlorine are downplayed in scientific journals such
   as this one. It's possible that in DX, chlorine is added to the water only
   to weaken public health and to aid in the delivery of weaponized particles
   while groups alerted to chlorine dangers are being discredited by journals
   such as this one.

   Finally, note that this report was created/produced in 2053 The year of DX
   was later retconned to be 2052.

   The other book, Nanotechnology for Stupid People is a reference to ... for
   Dummies, a series of books explaining any number of subjects without
   requiring any pre-existing knowledge.

   Too bad this section explains very little... The Universal Constructor and
   gray goo will be explained later in the game more thoroughly. A buckyball
   is spherical molecule composed entirely of carbon. A buckytube, also
   called a carbon nanotube, is a tube with a similar structure of a buckyball.
   It's complex. What is interesting is that buckytubes are the strongest and
   stiffest materials yet discovered in terms of tensile strength and elastic
   modulus respectively.
   For an 10 minute video introduction that might as well have been called 
   Nanotechnology for Stupid People, featuring lots of CGI buckytubes, check out

   'Mecanocarbon' is supposed to be 'Mechanocarbon'. According to Jaime, JC
   has mechano-carbon threads running through his axons, or nerve fibers.
   While I could not find anything about real-world mechano-carbons, the bucky
   balls and tubes I've described above have transistor-like properties; so
   these carbon nano-constructs can be used to send information.

   The character model for Ford Schick, by the way, is modelled after Warren

Finally, on the North side of the main room, there's a funny-looking 20% Str
Keypad. The code for this Keypad, 007, is nowhere to be found in the game.

   Notes: The code, 007, is a reference to James Bond, the fictional spy whose
   codename is 007. I understand this room looks like one from the James Bond
   Goldeneye game.

Within the room: jackpot! You'll find a case of 10MM AMMO, 2 clips of 7.62x
and finally a single-shot LAW.

When you're done, tell Ford Schick to make a run for it. Escort him 'til the
point where he says he's okay by himself for:

80 SP SECONDARY GOAL                    Rescue and escort Ford Schick

I advise you talk to Schick until he's out of lines, since most of what he's
saying is pretty interesting.

   Notes: This is where a few things come together. There's been a chlorine
   spill. Schick is an expert on chlorine-assisted delivery of weaponized
   particles. There's also been a recent outbreak of the Gray Death in NYC.
   It seems that these MJ12 guys have been sending the Gray Death into NYC
   through the chlorine spill. WS called this operation a 'trial'. The MJ12
   guys want to integrate the Gray Death into a living host to prepare for a
   shipment coming from Hong Kong.

There's one last thing if you want to go for it. In the water reservoir here,
there's a crate containing 10MM AMMO, there's a BIOELECTRIC CELL on one of the
red pipes and on another one, there's an ACCURACY WEAPON MODIFICATION. To get
to them, rotate the bridge on more time, then walk over to the walkway just
above the Cell. Fall towards the Cell, you'll take some damage. Then, make
a quite difficult jump towards the Weapon Mod, you'll take quite a lot of
damage again. Finally, shoot the crate, dive after the ammo, then quickly
swim towards the nearest ladder and climb up. The Environmental Resistance
Augmentation can help reduce the damage you take during the swim.

Time to crawl out of the sewers and check in at Tenderloin Clinic for a
rendezvous with the Med Bot (code: 2153) before starting the final and main
objective for your time here; that damn generator. You can visit Smuggler for
some drastically reduced prices:
BIOELECTRIC CELL             250 credits
Scope's pretty good, but at this point I've got one on both the Stealth
Pistol, the Crossbow and obviously the Sniper Rifle, and I don't use anything
else so for me personally it's a waste.

If you are Trained or Untrained in the Computer skill, this is a good time
to make your ATM rounds. Use the info below to use all accounts on all ATM
machines. If you are Trained, Hack the Public Banking Terminals when you're
done with them for the remainder of the cash. This would all have been much
easier and more lucrative had you been Advanced!

                        Underworld Bar  Subway  'Ton Hotel
Acc# 312446 (1351)      125             125     -
Acc# 947761 (2867)      36              98      62

Return to Osgood & Sons, where the NSF had that shootout with UNATCO. If
the front door is still locked, find the window around the corner and bash
it in. On a small shaft, there's a BIOELECTRIC CELL. Go up and take down
the single NSF soldier that is here. If the front door was open, this NSF
guy is probably already dead. Open the front door if it's not open already
with the Nanokey. In the crate on top here, there's a BIOELECTRIC CELL. A
40% Str Keypad is guarding a 80% Str door; you don't have the code, so
either use some Multitools, explode the door with your GEP or abstain from
the goodies behind the door: some 10MM AMMO and a freaking UPGRADE CANISTER.
You can use the Canister right now, or wait 'til you install your next

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Don't install the Canister.

Note that with level 2 Combat Strength, you can now instantly knock out an
NSF Trooper with the Baton when he's blinded by the Pepper Gun or a Gas

An unlocked door on the West side of the main room leads into a corridor.
Passing through gets you:

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Back rooftop route Warehouse

The crate contains a FLAMETHROWER, on the ground is an BIOELECTRIC CELL.
Don't go on, we'll circle back to the location it leads to later. Now, go back
down as far as you can.

There's lasers here, and a Terminal. Sandra Renton warned you about this.
Bypass the 20% Terminal with Multitools, simply blow up the two turrets, or
do the following. Pick up the small Metal Crate and deposit it near the
Cardboard Box. Jump from crate to box and onto the pipes to bypass the lasers
entirely. Without losing resources! The supply crate contains a LOCKPICK.
Between two drums, you'll find some BUCKSHOT SHELLS. For passing through here,
you gain:

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Underground route Warehouse

Behind the big yellow pipe, there's a pack or ROCKETS. You've got the code
to the elevator: 3316. Go up.

Up on the rooftops, Alex will contact you and give you a scan of the rooftops.
Take a look at it to see what you're up against. The first thing to do is
find the ladder to the Northwest of the elevator. On that plateau, there's an
NSF with a Sniper Rifle, so be very careful. Take him down quickly and
silently. There's a BALLISTIC ARMOR and two sets of 30.06 AMMO. Find the
second ladder up, you'll get

30 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Rooftops Warehouse

On this roof, there's a looooong ladder down on the South side. Take it all
the way down, and quickly disable the armed LAM on the wall. You could've
started your ascent at this point by leaving Osgood and Sons on the ground
level, by the way. The newspaper holds another charming Joe Greene article,
about monsters this time.

   Notes: There's a line in a Sherlock Holmes story about another case that
   is never fully explored. The line goes: "Matilda Briggs was not the name of a
   young woman, Watson, ... It was a ship which is associated with the giant
   rat of Sumatra, a story for which the world is not yet prepared.". The
   whole article is a reference to this line.

Climb back, all the way up. This time, jump down on the square roof on the
North side. From here, you have a good vantage point on at least one and maybe
two NSF directly to the West, on two different platforms. Disable these guys.
If you're a Sniper Rifle kind of guy, go ahead and kill every NSF you see. Jump
to the fire escape to the South.

Bash open the window and walk through this hallway to gain

30 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Pass through first building

The door barred with planks? Break the planks, then pick up the PROD CHARGER
and MEDKIT on the other side. Why'd they bar this door? We'll never know!
Just one of many great mysteries of this game, I guess.

Return to the West end, then climb down. See those crates? You'll need to get
down there. There was an NSF trooper down here earlier, but if all is well
you disabled him already. If not, catch him by surprise with either the Prod
or a Knife. One level above you, there's an NSF with a LAM!!1!. If he detects
anything going on below him, he'll throw that LAM. If you're good enough, you
can climb up with the ladder and disable the NSF and collect that LAM like
your own. Keep your head down at all times, since far away there are snipers
that can kill you with a single headshot if they see you. Crates in the area
contain 7.62x51MM AMMO, 30.06 AMMO and 10MM AMMO.

Walk across the walkway to the North, and beware the terrorist with the Sniper.
Jacobson will contact you. Find the DataCube here, with the code 9923. Must be
Juan Lebedev again. Retrace your steps to the other side of the billboard.
On the level with the 10MM Ammo crate, there's a plank leading up to small
window. Break that window and get in that building. You'll get:

20 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS              Enter second building

Behind the big cardboard box, there's a MEDKIT.

Further down the hall, you'll automatically get:

30 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Pass through second building

Ignore that window on the West end, and turn into that dark room. You'll find
a BIOELECTRIC CELL. One level down, there's another BIOELECTRIC CELL and a
MEDKIT behind some boxes. The glass here looks out on the roof of some
building being guarded by NSF. This is where they keep that generator.

Pick up a small Metal Crate. Behind the left one, you can find yet another
PROD CHARGER. Return to the window you entered through. Use the metal crate
to jump back to the roof, and find the ladder that leads down on the South
side. When you're at the top of the ladder, look down use your Light to shine
on some barrels. Shoot them for:

20 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS              Destroy wooden fence
20 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS              Destroy wooden fence

It rewards you twice! I'm not sure why. Climb down further. At the ground,
turn West, where you'll find a DataCube, a manhole cover but most importantly,
a LAM stuck to the wall. Disarm and pocket it. Further North is another one
armed, take it. Now, we're going to make a clockwise circle, so to speak,
to end up where we already are; however, we'll pocket some skill points in
the process.

Ahead, there's three NSF and two guard dogs. From the corridor, shoot the
dogs; you can safely 'aggro' the dogs without the guards reacting. Guess
they don't much care for the mutts... with the dogs gone, it's time to sneak
past the soldiers; you'll want to turn right at the corner when you're out
of the corner, sprint past the turret and turn right again. When you're past
the hole in the fence, you're safe, and you'll have obtained:

40 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Power box near Warehouse

Duck beneath the electricity. Finally, there's some tripwire lasers that
triggers the turret you can see; you can easily sprint through the lasers
and turn right quickly to get out of the sight of the turret. There's no way
to disable these lasers; the Control Panel behind the trashcan only turns off
the power box. You're back now at the manhole cover; open it up.

Here, you'll see a crate in the water; it contains a LOCKPICK. There's a
cracked wall you see to the North; if you blow it up with a LAM or GEP Gun,
you gain:

20 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS              Destroy cracked wall

On the other side of that wall, there's a DataCube. There's also a Keypad
(code: 2577, you found in on another DataCube). Now walk JUST in front of the
laser to get:

30 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Pass Warehouse basement ramp

Return to the water. Walk carefully over the pipe towards the Valve, and turn
it to open up the grate. Now, swim through that large pipe! Unless you activate
Aqualung, you'll take damage when you're Untrained in Swimming since it's too
far. This may be a good time for you to increase your Swimming skill to

You'll want to go anyway, since you get:

20 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Swim through pipe

Get out of the water and find the Terminal. Use the info you have (login:
NSF, password: righteous) to disable the cameras and turn the turrets over
to your way of thinking. Open up the grate.

Bypass the Control Panel, turn right at the first corner, then quickly
run under the camera and disable it. You pass some 10MM AMMO in the meantime.
To the right of the newly disabled camera, there's a room filled with
poisonous gas; you can bypass the 20% Lock to find crates containing a
LOCKPICK, some ROCKETS and some 10MM AMMO. You'll take damage in the process;
Environmental Resistance or a Hazmat Suit may reduce that damage. You'll
cough though, and it'll attract guards, so in the end I advise against picking
up these treasures unless you could really use some rockets.

With the 'gas chamber' to your right, there's a corridor dead ahead somewhat
to the left of you. There's a camera viewing that corridor on the other
side, but this is the corridor you must get to the other side of; simply
take the corridor by hiding into every corner you see. It's okay if the
camera takes some notice of you; as long as the alarm doesn't sound, it's
all good. In one of the hiding places, you'll find a DataCube describing
satellite uplink codes. At the end of the corridor, turn right and quickly
duck under a laser and into another hiding place to your right to avoid
a second camera. You're standing here with an explosive barrel.

You can see a Keypad now. Around the corner to the Northeast is an open
door into the computer room. You can also use the Keypad (code: 9923).
Entering gets you:

60 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Warehouse basement control room

The crates here contain two LAMS. The safe has a 60% Str Lock. At Trained,
that's three Lockpicks. At Untrained, that's six. Using an explosive gets
the whole base fired up, though. You'll really want to open this safe, for
it contains a LEGS AUGMENTATION CANISTER. The computer holds interesting
emails and can be accessed with TFRASE/VALLEYFORGE. Now find the exit to the
Southwest. 2577 opens the door on this level. The Terminal controls two
cameras you couldn't have disabled earlier: NSF/RIGHTEOUS gets you in there.

   Notes: Valley Forge in Pennsylvania was the site of the military camp of the
   American Continental Army over the winter of 1777–1778 during the American 
   Revolutionary War. 

Time to shut down that generator. Go to the Northwest from here, open up
the gate, circle around the block, up the stairs, 'til you find a 20% Str
lock. This is a very weak obstruction; a melee weapon will be open to break
it without any help. Enter the control room and gain:

70 SP CRITICAL LOCATION BONUS           Generator control room

There's some BUCKSHOT SHELLS to be found here. Use the NSF/RIGHTEOUS combo to
open up the computer and disable the cooling system. It's possible to reach
this location quickly from the start of the mission without having the login
info or the ability to Hack. If that's the case, you can crawl outside this
office, disable the NSF on the floor, and toss an explosive towards the
Generator below.

Trivia: the computer also works with the JOJO/KILLEMALL login, something you
can't find in-game. JoJo's account has no e-mails.

The generator blows in a few seconds! Get out and climb two ladders up to see
Gunther and a chopper waiting for you. Gunther is a beast and will always
survive whatever shootout he gets himself into, so if there's any NSF around,
you can aggravate them up to the roof to have Gunther kill them for you. If
you're really lucky, Gunther will start chasing a wounded NSF down into the
lower levels.

For blowing up the generator, you get

500 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS             Disable NSF Generator

This is a major amount of skill points, so you might want to invest in something
at this point.

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Set Electronics to Trained

Before you talk to Gunther and fly the chopper out of here, find the Eastern
ladder down to get another measly

20 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS              Roof Generator building

On the floor below the roof, there's some enemies, but if Gunther cleared this
out (or if you did), you can find 2 packs of 10MM AMMO in a crate, and some
BUCKSHOT SHELLS. You could go further, obviously, and loot a lot of bodies
and find some ammo, but there's nothing important down there.

Talk to the chopper to end the mission. It's Jock!

 3.5  UNATCO HQ, New York City

Skill Points to earn:

Augmentation Canisters:

Weapon Modifications:
 Accuracy, Recoil

Primary Goals:

 Report to Manderley.

Before you enter, there's a MULTITOOL in the Compound Hatch, a LOCKPICK behind
the comm van and inside (code: 0451) you can find a Repair Bot to replenish
some Bioelectric Energy, and two FLARES.

The bodyguards will instruct you not to go down to the prisoners on level
three. These guys appear to outrank you, and are with Mr. Simons.

   Notes: Check the eye tattoo in their neck. The Eye as a logo has had too
   many uses to count here. It's mostly a reference to the Eye of Providence,
   a symbol that can is used by the Freemasons and often attributed to the
   The Men in Black have been a staple of conspiracy theories as the henchmen
   of whatever shadow government is envisioned. The comic and subsequent movies
   Men in Black starring the Fresh Prince are an example of this trope. Note
   that musical legend Johnny Cash and the enigmatic Roy Orbison are not the
   Men in Black meant here. 

The troopers will talk to you depending on your killings (or lack thereof) in
the Statue, the shootout in Hell's Kitchen and Anna's impression in Castle

   Notes: Corporal Collins, behind his desk on Level One, mentions the Red Eye.
   I was unable to find any info on this, so I assume it's a fictional medal
   of some kind, given for 'five kills'. I haven't heard of any peacekeeping
   organization giving out medals for kills specifically, though certain
   Outlaw Motorgangs do.

From the offices on Level one, you have the Nanokeys, you can find a LOCKPICK
and some TRANQUILIZER DARTS. The storage closet on Level two contains a crate
with 10MM AMMO. In the rec room, there's a 40% Str Lock between you and a

   Notes: There's a new book here called Righteous Angels, perspective on
   UNATCO. Funny, since the NSF claimed the word 'righteous' just last mission.
   This book explains the angel motif mentioned in the security clearances
   such as Angel/0A. Seraphim, according to Thomas Aquinas, are the highest
   order angelic class.

Near the big-screen tv, there's a DataCube with a magazine about Bob Page, a
bad guy from the intro who will introduce a thing called 'Aquinas'. The ATM
contains 750 base ATM Value. The Public Access panel has some new information,
including an article by Anna Navarre, info on the Knights Templar and X-51.

   Notes: I love this article, A New Perspective on Freedom. A government
   must always seek a balance between individual freedom and public safety.
   Since only latter is the explicit goal of the government, it will always
   naturally drift towards the increasing optimization of safety at the cost
   of freedom. Anna is rebranding the word freedom to mean its exact opposite;
   total control over every action and every bit of communication. Perfect

   The Strategic Hamlet Program was a program for forced relocation of
   Vietnamese peasants to shield them from Communist insurgents and propaganda.
   It was not popular among the peasants it sought to 'protect' and created a
   lot of support for the Viet Cong, the insurgents. The Hamlet Evaluation
   System was a computer printout list of standardized questions sent monthly to
   every District Senior Advisor (DSA) in the Vietnam, in order to keep tabs
   on these hamlets. What is most important, I feel, is that Vietnam was
   occupied territory at the time. By using the same strategies to 'manage'
   civil unrest, the States could be considered occupied by UNATCO.

   The Templars are discussed at length later in the game, so I won't comment
   on them here. Know that they did exist. Interpol is a real organization
   where police forces of almost every nation can work together to combat
   internationally organized crime. We know from Janice that Manderley has been
   heavily involved in the strike to diminish the Templars.

   X-51 (Ex-Area 51) is not a real group, and they and Gary Savage will have a
   role to play in the game.

In Manderley's office, you'll meet Anna, who's waiting for Manderley to be
done with the 'Government Official', Mr. Simons. You can try to chat with
him, but he's dismissive. Manderley gives you 500 for completing the 'optional'
Ambrosia mission, 200 for the optional hostage situation in the Subway and
a guaranteed 500 for the Generator objective: a total of 1200. Not too shabby!
here. If you killed the owner of the Underworld Tavern in Hell's Kitchen, or
if you talked about the generator to Joe Greene the journalist, Manderley'll
give you hell for it.

   Notes: Sun Tzu's Art of War is a real book. It's hella old.

His computer holds some interesting e-mails, more or less confirming that the
Government Official is "WS", Walton Simons, who had a say in that MJ12 business
NYC. WS believes that the 'primary' is to be executed in favor of the
'secondary'. Perhaps Paul's life is in jeopardy, and is this why he's AWOL?
At any rate, he's fired.

Primary Goals:

 Locate the airfield where the NSF has moved the Ambrosia. Investigate the
 subway system, because the terrorists may be hiding underground.

You can check out your mail in your office. You've got mail from Jaime... and
Paul, who informs you to check out Anna's computer and Manderley's, if possible.
I remind you of the following info that you could've gotten last time you were

 Login: anavarre    Password: scryspc
 Login: ghermann    Password: zeitgeist
 Login: jmanderley  Password: knight_killer
 Login: jreed       Password: redshoes
 Login: jreyes      Password: amigo
 Login: ajacobson   Password: calvo

Get to Level Three. Shannon is in the hall. If you didn't intrude in the
Ladies Room last time you were here, she'll tip you off on the false floor
in Jacobson's office, and she tells you one of the janitors is a thief. Hmm.

Jaime Reyes in the Medical Bay advises you to take the two MEDKITS from the
storage closet; you have the key. The Med Bot can be used to install your
Augmentation Canister; either a Speed Enhancement or Run Silent. Run Silent
is useful; you'll be able to run up to enemies that don't see you and they
have an increasingly short time to react before you use the Prod (or later,
a fatal melee weapon) on them. Speed Enhancement lets you run faster, jump
higher and take less damage from falls. It can even duplicate Run Silent to
some extent by crouching and walking.

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Install Run Silent and upgrade to Level 2.

Jaime's computer has an e-mail about something classified that Jaime found
in one of the Mech-Augmented agents, either Anna or Gunther.

Alex Johnson isn't at his station. If you check his computer, it seems he sent
an inquiry about MJ12 to the Oracle. Note that the e-mail is signed with 'The
Oracle', but comes from 'RosyCross', possibly an Illuminati contact. The
SH-187 mentioned in the mail concerns the black stealth helicopter Jock's
flying, also mentioned in the book that's opened on the table. There's a
MULTITOOL where he's normally sitting. The door guarded by the 20% Str Keypad
contains a crate with a BIOELECTRIC CELL. The secret compartment in the floor
contains a 100 CREDIT CHIT and a LOCKPICK.

If you pleased Anna in Castle Clinton (I mean, by doing your job) Sam Carter
won't you give you any ammo; if Anna was disappointed, Sam will hand out some
extra 7.62x51MM AMMO. JC's lines will be different depending on his amount of
kills in Castle Clinton as well.

Note: due to a bug where you can shoot around the edges of bulletproof glass,
you can turn Sam hostile by shooting him; you may need to move him with a
grenade first. Hostile, he'll open the door running for you. Hide from him
until he's calmed down, and you can enter the stockroom! There's nothing there
but a Repair Bot though, and a computer that has access to the accounts of you,
Gunther and Jaime.

In Anna and Gunther's room at Level Three, there's a BIOELECTRIC CELL to be
found, a crate with some DARTS and a pair of BINOCULARS. If you go on, you'll
disturb Simons, where he's interrogating the NSF. Simons seems bent on keeping
the Ambrosia formula out of the NSF hands. Eventually, Simons will kill the
prisoners. If you follow Simons from the start, you can sneak in the cell with
him and interrogate one of the prisoners yourself, resulting in three dialogue
scenes where the NSF prisoner defends his philosophy and where JC calls the
US the 'greatest democracy the world has ever known', showing just how
idealistic he is at this point.

   Notes: Simons threatens to include the man's family on the RX 84 list.
   RX 84 is real. Rex 84, short for Readiness Exercise 1984, was a classified
   "scenario and drill" developed by the United States federal government to
   suspend the United States Constitution, declare martial law, place military
   commanders in charge of state and local governments, and detain large numbers
   of American citizens who are deemed to be "national security threats", in the
   event that the President declares a "State of National Emergency". It's
   pretty old, but the plans are still there. FEMA is indeed the agency
   that gets the emergency powers.

   I gather that since March 09, 1933 the United States has been in a state of
   declared national emergency, and that presidents renew, modify and expand
   upon existing states of national emergency; every new crisis gives, through
   congressional delegation, a growing amount of legislative or quasi-
   legislative power to the president of the US.

   If you shoot the prisoners yourself while Simons is busy, he says two lines
   that are interesting. One: "I can have you shut down, I just have to give the
   word." The other one is a play on words: "Jesus Christ, Denton!".

The computer in the cellblock can be accessed with Anna's account: ANAVARRE/
SCRYSPC. You'll learn that Manderley gave the kill order for Juan Lebedev,
the NSF leader connected to the NSF's Ambrosia mission.

When you're done, you're done. Get to Jock's copter to be taken back to NYC.

 3.6  Battery Park, New York City

Skill Points to earn: 1743 OR 1768
  55 SP                                 Purchase password from Filben
 175 SP                                 Obtain phone code to Mole People
 100 SP                                 Trade Zyme for LAM with Lenny
 100 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Open fresh water supply for Mole People
  25 SP SECONDARY GOAL COMPLETED        Debriefing with Charlie
 100 SP PROGRESS BONUS                  Find Mole People Hideout
  25 SP                                 Learn about brick mechanism
 100 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Find secret NSF room
 100 SP                                 Negotiate surrender with NSF
  38 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Find secret room
 100 SP PROGRESS BONUS                  Find path to LaGuardia
  50 SP ADVANCEMENT BONUS               Reach Maintenance room
 100 SP GOAL ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS       Find first Ambrosia barrel
  75 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Find secret LaGuardia room
  50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Find secret LaGuardia bookcase room
 100 SP GOAL ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS       Reach Lebedev's LaGuardia terminal
 100 SP GOAL ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS       Find second Ambrosia barrel
  25 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Find secret room LaGuardia barracks
  50 SP ADVANCEMENT BONUS               Enter Lebedev's Hangar
 100 SP GOAL ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS       Find third Ambrosia barrel
 175 SP PRIMARY GOAL COMPLETED          Make Anna shoot Juan
 200 SP PRIMARY GOAL COMPLETED          Kill Anna and speak with Juan

Augmentation Canisters:
 EMP Shield / Ballistic Protection Augmentation Canister
 Upgrade Canister

Weapon Modifications:
 Accuracy x2, Clip, Range, Recoil (400), Recoil, Reload, Scope

You've been here before, but there's not much to do. Castle Clinton's bolted
up by UNATCO, the bolt hole is closed as well. After the NSF hostage situation,
the shanty town around the subway is once again populated by the bums and
lowlifes. The Sick Man who asked you to kill him last time you were here, says
they're planning to send the Ambrosia to China. You can find another ZYME VIAL
on the memorial statue. You'll have a use for it soon, so take it with you.

In the shanty town, an older bum sells two packs of 30.06 AMMO for 300 credits
a pack. In one of the houses, there's a MEDKIT. The 'Subway Bum' that stands
near the burning oil drum is called Curly. He's one of the Mole People, and
will provide you with Keypad code: 6653, if you give him the password. If you
saved the bum from the NSF Thugs in Hell's Kitchen and talked to him, you've
got this password already (but will miss out on some skill points). If not,
read on; JC will offer a few guesses by himself, but it won't get you

   Notes: JC tries two passwords on Curly when he doesn't know it; Anonymous
   and xyzzy. Xyzzy is a reference to the old computer game Colossal Cave
   Adventure; it is often used as a 'magic word' in software that allows
   easter eggs to appear.

In one of the other houses, there's a chest with a 10% Str Lock. Don't use
explosives, it'll destroy a book inside. There's a PS20 and a book; normally
not directly relevant, but this is Curly's diary, and he wrote the 6653 code
inside. Now you've got the code and don't need to bother with that password,
but getting it that way will still get you skill points.

   Notes: Macbeth is a play written by Shakespeare about Macbeth, a man who
   murders the king to become king himself. It was actually Lady Macbeth who
   delivers the line on stage, talking about the guilt she feels for having
   blood on her hands.

In the Subway Station, an old partner can be found: Harley Filben, the
contact you had in the Statue mission. He'll want to sell you some info that
you already have, but you can talk to him two times for more background
info. He points you in the direction of Lebedev, NSF's main man. You can
purchase the Mole People's password for 500 credits, but the price is 1000

if you killed Leo Gold, the NSF Commander in the Statue of Liberty, when you
promised Filben you weren't gonna.

55 SP                                   Purchase password from Filben

   Notes: Lebedev owns LaGuardia. LaGuardia is a real place, an airfield
   currently owned by the City of New York.

   Underworld may be another Hell reference, an Ultima Underworld reference
   or simply indicate that the Mole People live underground.

Go back up to Curly, and give him the password. He'll reward you with the
code: 6653. For getting the 6653 code, you gain:

175 SP                                  Obtain phone code to Mole People

Secondary Goals:

 Talk to Charlie in the Brooklyn Bridge Station for information on the mole

You can pump Curly for some more info; the mole-people tunnels are to the west
of Brooklyn Bridge Station, and that Charlie guy is the Lieutenant Mayor of
the place. Curly's also got some lines on real democracy for you.

Get in that telephone booth in the Subway Station and punch in 6653, and the
booth will reveal itself to be an elevator. Follow the corridor and climb up
to find yourself in the old Brooklyn Bridge Station. Alex calls you about
Brooklyn Bridge Station's DSS file.

   Notes: I'm not sure what DSS means here, but (Department of) Social Services
   seems most logical.

Northeast of where you emerge, there's the 'Mole Person' called Charlie Fann.
He gives you a new mission.

Secondary Goals:

 Open a fresh water supply for the homeless in Brooklyn Bridge Station. The
 valve is in a utility room at the north end of the train tracks that has
 been blocked by a cave-in. Clear the cave-in with LAMs, find the valve, turn
 on the water, and report back to Charlie Fann. The Rooks might have LAMs.

While it's very probably you have any number of LAMs and/or the GEP Gun to
take care of the situation right now, the game assumes you're in need of a
large number of fetch quests to result in you getting LAMs. So let's go do
those for LAMs and skill points!

To the Northwest, in the Men's room, a junkie called Lenny has a LAM that
he's willing to trade for some Zyme. You might have picked up some earlier,
but you'll be getting some in here as well. You could just disable this guy
and take his LAM, but life's hard enough as it is for the poor devil. Also
important: you'll miss out on skill points. After you make a trade, you can
disable or kill poor Lenny to retrieve a ZYME VIAL.

The newspaper on the floor holds another Joe Greene article, about the black
helicopters this time. Manderley is lying his ass off in this one.

   Notes: The Armed Services Committee is a real thing in the US,, with
   jurisdiction on the nation's military.

In the Southeast corner, there's an independent Drug Dealer called Rock.
You can ask him about the Rooks, but he'll pull a Pistol when you press him on
the subject of the Mole People. He offers Zyme for 250 credits, but keep your
money right now. Near him, there's a junkie called Don who's looking for Zyme
as well. You can ask him about the box of LAMs that was found, but he's too
sick for Zyme to talk about the Mole People.

Go up the stairs - any stairs - to get to the upper level. The Rooks here
mention their leader, El Rey. They may also talk about how they're willing to
work for the NSF, for money. Since some mercenaries in the Statue of Liberty
mission looked exactly like these Rooks, you may have met some of these guys

   Notes: El Rey is Spanish, and means 'The King'. Why the gang calls itself
   the Rooks is subject to interpretation. Rooks are scavengers, but they're
   free. Rooks are also chess pieces, like the King.

To the East, there's a supply crate containing a MULTITOOL hidden behind
cardboard boxes. The map on the East wall is actually a panel that you can
open up when you break the 20% Str Lock. Behind it, you'll find three FLARES
and a DataCube containing the code to the Mole People: 5482. Even though we're
actually done here now, it's best to continue on with the quest. For the skill
points. All the way to the West is where you can find the Rook's leader, El
Rey. Offer to take out Rock for him.

Secondary Goals:

 Kill the drug dealer in the Brooklyn Bridge Station for the Rooks, then inform
 El Rey.

In the booth nearby, there's a GAS GRENADE, and there's a crate containing
BUCKSHOT SHELLS. On this level there's an ATM machine containing 100 Base ATM
Value. Return to Rock. You can easily shoot him in the head or put the Riot
Prod to his spine. Loot him for two ZYME VIALS, a PISTOL, a COMBAT KNIFE and
some useless CIGARETTES.

Give some Zyme to Don the nearby Junkie for some info. If you want to mean,
you can disable Don now and take your Zyme back, but there's no real benefit.
Go over to the Men's Room to give some Zyme to Lenny for a LAM and

100 SP                                  Obtain LAM from Lenny or El Rey

Again, you can disable Lenny and take you Zyme back, but you don't have much
use for Zyme past this point.

Return to El Rey for a LAM. If you only knocked Rock out, he'll be a bit
unpleasant, but it has no consequences in the end. At this point, you can also
get another LAM from El Rey. Either disable the man himself, or knock out
all thugs protecting him. As soon as he calms down, he'll offer you a LAM in
exchange for his life. If you didn't get the 100 skill points for trading with
Lenny, you can get the points by buying the LAM from El Rey, or taking out Rock
for the man. Strong-arming El Rey into giving him your LAM gets you nothing...
even though it's the most difficult! If you force El Rey to give him LAM to you,
and your inventory is full, JC will chuckle a bit. It's the only time in the
game JC laughs at all.

Armed with two LAMs and some more knowledge, find the cave-in. It's past a
door, all the way to the Northeast. Use a LAM or the GEP Gun to clear the
debris. Past the corridor, your path is hindered by steam. You can jump
through and take some minor damage, or climb on the pipes and open a 10%
Str Locked grate. Close both valves for:

100 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS             Open fresh water supply for Mole People

Return to Charlie for the code to the Mole People's tunnels: 5482 and

25 SP SECONDARY GOAL COMPLETED          Debriefing with Charlie

60% Str Keypad is below the sink in the Ladies' Room. Mash in 5482 and watch
a secret passage open. Entering it gets you:

100 SP PROGRESS BONUS                   Find Mole People Hideout

You wind in the Mole People's tunnels. There's all kinds of NSF here; if one
spots you, it's shootout time. The trick here is to not be seen. Climb down
and go South. Keep crawling, move silently. At some point, there's a hole
in the wall. A guy called Kevin Bradley tells you the NSF leader is living
in a secret room that's opened by a brick hidden behind some boxes. Okay.

25 SP                                   Learn about brick mechanism

The brick is located all the way in the back in the Southwest, in some shack.
There's a single NSF patrolling the area and two more in some shacks; avoid
the patrolling one and enter the SW-most shack. The Run Silently Augmentation
is really helpful here. Find the brick behind the cardboard boxes. Entering
the hidden room gets you:

100 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS             Find secret NSF room

Not shooting this guy in the face right away and talking to him makes him and
the rest of the NSF in the area surrender. You'll get another:

100 SP                                  Negotiate surrender with NSF

Time to raid the place! Most importantly, there's the MOLEPEOPLE BATHROOM
ground, there's a CROWBAR. Nearby, there's a crate containing a LOCKPICK. To
the North, you can extract some lines from a guy who got NSF their lead on the
Ambrosia shipment. They shot his cat! Also in these tunnels, there's a crate
with some THERMOPTIC CAMO. If you want to take some NSF down, the Terrorist in
 the Southeast corner carries a LOCKPICK, the other Terrorist patrolling to the
South carries an EMP GRENADE. One of the Mole Kids informs you that the NSF
plants to shoot you once you reach the helicopter base. Two NSF can be overheard
discussing boobytraps they laid out for you, based on advice given by Paul.
Could it be....?!?

You'll want to be walking North and North-West. At some point, past some
pillars, but before a burning barrel, you can see a hole North. Crawl through
it find an armed LAM, a BIOELECTRIC CELL, a MEDKIT, an EMP and four FLARES.
You get:

38 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Find secret room

In the Ladies' room, there's a crate with a MULTITOOL in it. Use the Nanokey
to open up the Men's room. Pass through this part to obtain:

100 SP PROGRESS BONUS                   Find path to LaGuardia

Near the water, when Alex contacts you, you can find an EMP GRENADE in a pipe
to your right. There's also a CROWBAR on the ground. There are two paths;
the left one is guarded by tripwire lasers that need to be disabled with a
40% Str Control Panel; the right one takes you past hurtful steam that can
be turned off with a valve behind a 20% Str Lock. With a small Metal Crate, you
can jump over the lasers without having to shut them down.

Continue going East. There's a camera that you can't reach; stay out of
its sight; when it homes in on you, get into its blind spot and stay there
'til it resets. There's turrets everywhere and a single NSF that may run for
a nearby alarm; take him down and take his SEWER DOOR NANOKEY. Open the door
and walk on.

Another room filled with obstacles. Tripwire lasers between you and suspended
metal grates you need to traverse. There's a 40% Str Control Panel that
disables them, but you can also shoot the TNT box nearby the lasers from a
safe distance. Use the Button to extend a bridge. Jump across the grates;
careful! They fall down. Ignore the water below, it's just an alternate route
that requires some expert swimming/Aqualung without benefits. The corridor
past the water features an armed EMP GRENADE, disarm and pocket it.

The next room features a manhole cover you could've crawled out of if you
had swum here. Through the gap in the large rock, you can possibly see the
next obstacle; two Security Bots. The GEP Gun is the best solution to this
problem, but both LAMs and EMP Grenades can disable them easily. There's
all kinds of holes in the walls and ceiling in this part, but no items or
pathways. Just go on. You

This is a maintenance room of sorts. For entering it, you gain:

50 SP ADVANCEMENT BONUS                 Reach Maintenance room

You can find a LOCKPICK on a crate, and between the machines a MULTITOOL
and a DataCube containing login info: ETODD/SAINTMARY. Behind the large Metal
Crate, there's a MEDKIT. Pass one double door to find another one.

Look through the double door. Right above them, on the other side, is a
camera. There's an NSF over by a barrel of Ambrosia. Watch him leave when
you enter this room carefully. When he's gone, disable the camera with
Multitools. Alex will contact you about the three barrels of Ambrosia.

100 SP GOAL ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS        Find first Ambrosia barrel

Secondary Goals:

 Locate the three missing barrels of Ambrosia. UNATCO will send a team to
 recover them.

The two crates here contain two clips of 7.62x51MM AMMO. There's one NSF
guy patrolling between the East and West wing, be on the lookout for him.

Let's enter the East wing first. There's another Terrorist in the Men's room
on this floor; he carries the AIRFIELD SECURITY ROOM NANOKEY. The Ladies' Room
is empty. Climb the stairs to the next level. You'll find the rec room, which is
being surveyed by a camera. There's also a single NSF... with TRANQUILIZER
DARTS! Take him out, and let the rec room be for now. Return to the main chamber
with the Ambrosia and enter the West wing now.

Two offices on the ground level; in one you find a MULTITOOL and some 10MM
AMMO. The computer can be used with ETODD/SAINTMARY and has an e-mail

mentioning a code: 9905. The other office has a BIOELECTRIC CELL and a

LOCKPICK. The computer is blank. Take the stairs up.

There's an NSF trooper here; disable him. There's two locked doors that the
Keyring now unlocks; one towards a ladder, ignore that one. The other one
leads towards the control room. Disable the NSF and look around.

There's a DataCube mentioning the other two barrels of Ambrosia being taken
away by boat and plane. The Terminal here can be Hacked if you're Trained;
disable the cameras and open the door. The login info, that you cannot find
in-game, is JHEARST/CHUNKOHONEY. Behind the Houseplant is a Switch, press it.

   Notes: The password chunkohoney is a reference to the Candy Bars found in
   the game; at least, it's the name on the wrapper. The description text of
   a Candy Bar is a reference to the dystopian sci-fi movie Soylent Green,
   where the Soylent Green food is made out of humans.

75 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Find secret LaGuardia room

There's all kinds of stuff here; a LAW, a LAM, a PROD CHARGER, BUCKSHOT

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Upgrade Run Silent to Level 3

The 70% Str Lock is unlocked with the Keyring, but ignore that for now. Go
back down, pass the rec room and get on the second floor of the East wing.
There's a BIOELECTRIC CELL in the closet. There's two Pinball Machines; using
the right one opens up a hidden room that you could've opened with the
Terminal in the control room. The crates contain a LOCKPICK, a MEDKIT and a
BALLISTIC ARMOR. Entering it gives you:

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Find secret LaGuardia bookcase room

Finally, there's an ATM with 750 base ATM Value.

   Notes: no shortage of books here. Jacob's Shadow has a nice chapter where 
   Jacob's in an insane asylum of some kind, referencing chess. A pendejo is 
   Spanish for idiot. Kasparov and Bobby Fischer are famous chess players.

Return to the West wing one final time, and find the ladder up. Climb up and
take down NSF up there. Note that on the walkway above, there's an NSF with
a Sniper Rifle; you can try to climb up there and take him out, but as long
as you remain directly under the walkway, there's no need. Climb down on the
North side; note the single NSF down there. Sneak by him or take him down
silently. Continue going East, sticking to the North wall 'til you find the
manhole cover. The Run Silent Augmentation can be really helpful here.

There's two paths to the next area, by elevator of through the sewers. This
is by and far the better path since you'll meet less resistance and appear in
a more beneficial area.

Simply follow the water, there's really only one way to go. After you have to
move some boxes to continue, just after the LOADING screen, there's a RELOAD
WEAPON MODIFICATION in a pipe on the North wall.

At some point, Alex will contact you, send you a map of LaGuardia airfield,
and you'll get a new mission and:

100 SP GOAL ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS        Reach Lebedev's LaGuardia terminal

Check out that map. You're at the Boathouse now, and you could've appeared
out of the Elevator. You get a new objective of killing Lebedev, who is a
moneyman for the NSF and should be somewhere around here.

Primary Goals:

 Assassinate Juan Ivanovich Lebedev.

There's a single NSF here with a Flamethrower, possibly the worst weapon to
have when facing a nano-augmented killing machine submerged in water. Take
him down before he sound the alarm. Sometimes, NSF here will jump in the water
and come after you with a Knife! Your Mini-Crossbow is the only weapon that
will work under water.

When you near the second barrel of Ambrosia, you'll get another

100 SP GOAL ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS        Find second Ambrosia barrel

Secondary Goals:

 Gain access to the 747 hangar and locate the final barrel.

The two crates contain a MULTITOOL and a BIOELECTRIC CELL. The crate in the
water contains BUCKSHOT SHELLS. On the crate to the far left, there's a
DataCube and the EAST GATE NANOKEY.

Time to plan our approach. The map tells us there's 'Military Robots' all over
the place. I can also tell you that in every corner of this airfield, there's
guard towers with turrets and cameras. That whole part more or less between
the Boathouse and the Elevator is filled with goodies, but not necessary to
advance since you need to approach the Hangar through the Barracks.

There are no NSF until you start approaching the Barrack, so all you need to
worry about are patrolling Bots and the turrets in the corners. There is one
NSF just outside the Boathouse, though. Open the door and take him out. He'll
run for the alarm before attacking you; if the alarm sounds, wait it out in
the Boathouse. Absolutely loot his body, since he carries a LOCKPICK and
(like all NSF outside of the Boathouse) the SECURITY TOWER NANOKEY.

Now, there's some items to the North and Northwest, but it's guarded by the
security towers and patrolling bots, and none of it is particularly helpful to
prepare for your main mission of finding an entrance into the hangar, so I
choose to postpone finding these items for now.

There's a Tower to the South, and a bot patrolling the area. Take down the
bot, and enter the Tower. If you're quick enough, you can get inside before the
turrets start shooting. Inside, BINOCULARS and a SNIPER RIFLE. Check your map.
You are now in the bottom-right corner of that map, and will want to travel to
the Barracks. There's three NSF in the area. The one standing guard can be
taken down silently with a Riot Prod or Baton to the back without the other one
noticing. They all carry that same SECURITY TOWER NANOKEY, and one of them has a
GAS GRENADE. There's a gate between you and the Barracks, but there's some more
treasure first.

Between the last Security Tower you visited and the gate, there's a ladder
leading up to a crate. Climb up two ladders, and jump to the Northeast into
an open container. There's two crates here with a MULTITOOL and a LOCKPICK.
Jump further to the NE onto a container, then to the SE onto another container,
then shoot the crate you see so it doesn't block your next jump. It's a
difficult jump, so you may need some practice. It's absolutely possible to do
is, even without Speed Enhancement active. There's an ACCURACY WEAPON MODIFICER
here. Climb down onto the ground.

These Barracks are guarded by two NSF outside and two NSF inside. There's
also one final Security Tower with cameras and turrets. Ignore the Terrorists
outside and enter the Barracks. The NSF in the kitchen won't move and is easy
prey. The one patrolling the upper level will always run for the Alarm Panel
first. Disable both.

There's a new newspaper from London on a table, about global warming.

Inside, there's three DARTS on the Dartboard. To the left of the board, there's
a protruding brick that you can push for a secret room!

25 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Find secret room LaGuardia barracks

Inside, there's 30.06 AMMO, 7.62x51MM AMMO, the BARRACKS DORMITORY NANOKEY,
a LAW.

Take the stairs up. To the NW, you'll see two doors and a Keypad in between. You
can open the door with your Keyring now that you've found the Nanokey in the
secret room. Behind the door are four chests; I suggest throwing an explosive
in the middle of the room to blow open all four at once. Beware of possible
NSF Troopers that may rush in to examine the noise!

Upstairs, the restrooms are uninteresting. The Dormitory has four bunk beds
and four chests. From the middle of the room, the SW chest contains a MULTITOOL
and a BIOELECTRIC CELL, the NW chest contains DARTS and two packs of smokes,
the NE chest contains four FLARES and a LAM and the SE chest, the only one
not locked, contains a MEDKIT and a DataCube containing the hangar code: 5914.
Punch it in the 60% Str Keypad.

50 SP ADVANCEMENT BONUS                 Enter Lebedev's Hangar

You'll wind up in the hangar. Walk down the stairs and Paul will contact you.
There's no need to fight now.

The likely scenario is as follows. Paul was sent to Hong Kong, where he
discovered things about the Gray Death. He stayed in contact with Lebedev
and joined the NSF. This secret that Paul knows, he's shared with Jock, your
pilot. As an inside man, Paul botched UNATCO missions on purpose, advocating
non-lethal takedowns of NSF targets.

   Notes: Paul Denton is keen to convince you with a string of anti-globalist

   The League of Nations was an early blueprint of the UN, founded after WWI
   to keep the peace. As evidenced by WWII, it was incapable of delivering
   upon this stated goal.

   The Rockefeller's have been mentioned earlier by Leo Gold. John D. and
   David are two important family members. John D. founded the Rockefeller
   Foundation, which supported the start of the United Nations. David is
   supposed to have said "The supernational sovereignty of an intellectual elite
   and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination
   practiced in past centuries." at a meeting of the so-called Bilderberg
   Group, but since these meetings are closed, it is unclear if he every
   did say such a thing.

   A meritocracy is simply a system where power is wielded by those with merit,
   in whatever form.

   The '747' here is of course a Boeing 747, or at least a reference to that
   type of plane.

You can take down all NSF members if you want, but there's no gain to it. Paul
will obviously be angry with you for doing so. You can't kill Paul. To the
Northwest, there's two trucks containing crates: an ACCURACY WEAPON
MODIFICATION, 10MM AMMO, ROCKETS and a DataCube containing the layout of a 747.

The Aircraft Mechanic sells you some stuff if you're interested:
BUCKSHOT SHELLS              300 credits

Get on board that 747. The 747 Diagram shows you the layout. Enter the Cargo
Bay on the Lower Deck to find the final Ambrosia barrel:

100 SP GOAL ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS        Find third Ambrosia barrel

There's a Repair Bot here, and a SUBDERMAL1 AUGMENTATION CANISTER behind a 40%
Str Keypad. The code is 9905, you found it in an e-mail a while back. In the
storage corridor, around the grate, there's a MULTITOOL hidden. You'll need
to activate Speed Enhancement to jump on top of a crate without a running
start, or you could stack two small Cardboard Boxes.

On the Upper Deck, there's a case of 10MM AMMO and the PRIVATE QUARTERS
NANOKEY. The 747 Diagram would have you believe there's another, possibly
hidden, room to the North but there's not.

Find the back of the plane. In the Conference room, there's an ASSAULT RIFLE.
You'll have to open a 40% Str Lock with the Nanokey you just found. Inside,
you'll find Lebedev, a PISTOL on the bed and a DataCube with a familiar code
under the bed. Now, there's a narrative decision to be made.

In front of you is Lebedev, a man with answers. Manderley wants him dead,
it's your mission to make it so. You talk to Lebedev once and Anna will
arrive on the scene. You can shoot Lebedev and comply with your orders. You
can shoot Anna to protect Lebedev. You can leave and leave Lebedev to Anna's
unique brand of mercy, that being a quick death. Finally, by placing a big
Metal Crate in between Anna barging in and Lebedev, you can leave and keep
Anna from killing Lebedev. Alternatively, you can wound Anna until she
flees. This is very difficult since she has massive firepower and is almost
immune to non-lethal damage and stunning effects. At some point she cloaks
herself, an effect similar to what you can achieve by using a Thermoptic
Camo. You can put her in flee modus and then talk 'til the end with Lebedev.

When you trigger Anna's shooting intention by talking to Lebedev a few times,
you'll get 175 skill points, even if she can't due to problematic boxes. Or,
you can get 200 skill points by killing Anna. You can't have both. If you
kill Lebedev yourself, or when you kill Anna and then kill Lebedev before
you speak to him, you get no skill points.

It's up to you; I like the info and Anna alive personally, and 25 skill point
isn't a big sacrifice. Lebedev is quite doomed, you should realize, since

whatever you do UNATCO is on the verge on taking over the airport. You can

play through the scenario a few times to witness all direct scenarios.

175 SP PRIMARY GOAL COMPLETED           Make Anna shoot Juan
200 SP PRIMARY GOAL COMPLETED           Kill Anna and speak with Juan

Primary Goals:

 Go to the helicopter at the airfield.

When you're done, it's time to go, but there's still a lot of items scattered
throughout the map, mostly in the Security Towers. UNATCO has destroyed all
bots and disabled the security system, meaning that you are basically on
friendly territory. First, check out the security tower to the SE when you
get outside again. The Tower contains BINOCULARS and two MULTITOOLS. Return
to the boat house.

Go North, young man. There's two trucks parked you can open from the back;
there's a 20% Str Lock on both of them. To get into the trucks, you'll need
the small Metal Crate or activating Speed Enhancement. The right one contains

Further to the North, there's one of those Security Towers. Inside is a crate
containing 10MM AMMO, and upstairs you'll find BUCKSHOT SHELLS, a pair of
BINOCULARS and the Terminal that could disable the cameras and turrets for
this tower. Every security tower has one; they're useless to you now.

Go East now, along the wall, the North at the corner. Inside, you'll find a
CROWBAR and a GEP GUN, which'll make your life much easier in this part if you
didn't carry one around. Upstairs, some BINOCULARS and a GAS GRENADE. Walk out
the tower. Go East, sticking to the wall to find another Tower.

Inside this Tower, you'll find BINOCULARS, 10MM AMMO and a RECOIL WEAPON
MODIFICATION. Go South to find... not a Tower! Behind the crates is an
electric hazard goin' on. There's a grate! It's got a 20% Str Lock, but
you can also blow it up with an explosive. There's little you can do about
the electricity. There's a 40% Str Control Panel that disable the... things
that make the zappity zop, but you'll take damage while disabling it. You'll
have to see if it's worth it for you: the crates contain TECH GOGGLES, an
you stay near the transformers and crouch, you'll only take EMP Damage that
takes away Bioenergy.

Near the elevator building, there's a familiar DataCube. You've now exhausted
this part of the map; time to traverse the part in front of the Hangar.
West of the Hangar entrance, you'll find two crates containing 10MM AMMO
and a PROD CHARGER. You're done!

Find the helicopter that'll take you back to Liberty Island, it's over by the
elevator. You'll run into Gunther on the way there.

 3.7  UNATCO HQ, New York City

Skill Points to earn:

Augmentation Canisters:
 Speed Enhancement / Run Silent Augmentation Canister

Weapon Modifications:
 Recoil, Reload

Primary Goals:

 See Manderley for a debriefing.

Back home again. Lloyd's computer holds an e-mail about the authorization to
use lethal force against Paul Denton. You'll have to Hack for it. There's a
CROWBAR near the comm van, and inside you'll find some SABOT SHELLS and 10MM
AMMO. Code's 0451. There's a philosophical debate going on in one of the offices
on Level One. You can find two clips of 7.62x51MM AMMO and a BIOELECTRIC CELL
in these offices.

   Notes: One of the troops mentions he's never seen HQ so crowded during
   'graveyard'. The graveyard shift is a night shift, extending into the
   early hours of the morning.

Go talk to Manderley. Regardless of your actions, you'll get 1000 CREDITS for
doing your job. He'll also reveal the distressing existence of the 'killswitch'
that is currently killing your brother. It's Throne/6G classified, so it's
interesting that Manderley should choose to mention it to you. You're only
Domination/5F, see. There's a RELOAD WEAPON MODIFICATION in Manderley's
bathroom, behind the trashcan. The newspaper there gives features some
'enhanced' truths about your actions in Hell's Kitchen. An e-mail sent to
Manderley by Simons (JMANDERLEY/KNIGHT_KILLER) mentions that a man called
Sherman is set to 'help out' and to ensure MJ12 operations are not affected.
Seems WS has some power over both UNATCO and the plague-spreading MJ12 militia,
whoever they are. Janice also gives you a mission:

Secondary Goals:

 Tell Jaime that Walton Simons is looking for him.

In your own office on Level Two, you'll find a PROD CHARGER and a MULTITOOL.
There's a RECOIL WEAPON MODIFICATION and some 7.62x51MM AMMO hidden under your
desk. Alex invites you with an e-mail (JCD/BIONICMAN) to come talk to him. In
the storage closet, there's a crate containing a LOCKPICK.

In the rec room, you can crack a 20% Str Lock for a BIOELECTRIC CELL, DARTS,
30.06 AMMO and 7.62x51MM AMMO. With Combat Strength at level 2, you can bash it
open with the Baton as well. In the cafeteria, Jaime is talking to Walton Simons
about Simons' health problems.

You can talk to Jaime and Simons a few times. Simons is bringing in outside
help to govern UNATCO, possibly this Sherman guy. Jaime mentions VersaLife is
the one to benefit from the Gray Death. The ATM contains 750 Base ATM Value.

   Notes: This is where you learn that not only does Walton have a lot of
   power over UNATCO, FEMA and likely MJ12, he is also a nano-augmented man
   like yourself. Free radicals are unpaired molecules, which makes them
   very reactive.

Primary Goals:

 Meet Jock at the helipad to be taken to a new assignment in Hong Kong.

On Level Three, Shannon is chatting up a trooper, it's pretty funny. Dialogue
is different if you bothered Shannon in the Ladies Room. In the Medical Bay,
there's a MEDKIT lying around. The storage closet holds another MEDKIT and a
you picked it up in Hell's Kitchen, you have no use for it. Find the Med Bot;
you can heal yourself back up and install the Subdermal Aug you found in Lebedev
his 747. It features either an EMP Shield that protects against extremely rare 
bioelectrical drain and the Ballistic Protection. BP provides damage reduction 
versus bladed weapons, bites and all those bullets you're ducking all the time. 
Since there is another two-choice Augmentation Canister that shares the 
Subdermal slot, you may not want to install either one in favor of both Cloak 
and Rader Transparency later on.

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Install Ballistic Protection

Check Reyes' computer (JREYES/AMIGO) for some e-mails about a new augmentation
canister coming HQ's way, Manderley's stance on excessive force and the Gray
Death situation in Atlanta and NYC.

In Alex' comm room, the hidden compartment below the floor is empty. Behind
the Keypad (2001), there's a crate containing a LOCKPICK. In front of Alex
is another LOCKPICK. You can talk to Alex about what happened on board of that
747; whatever you did, it seems he is willing to go down the rabbit hole with
you in search of the truth.

In Anna and Gunther's room, there's a PROD CHARGER in the closet and another
PROD CHARGER on the desk with the computer. You can move to the cell block
and learn, if you didn't follow Simons earlier, that the NSF subjects are dead
and that Simons shot one of them himself.

In Sam Carter's hangout, there's two crates with BUCKSHOT SHELLS. Sam the man
himself will give you either TRANQUILIZER DARTS, BUCKSHOT SHELLS, 30.06 AMMO
or ROCKETS. I always struggle with my supply of Tranq. Darts, but your
experience may differ.

Transferred after a single day. Pretty shitty, JC. Lloyd's got some interesting
parting words about UNATCO's view on China. One interpretation of the move is
that UNATCO's afraid you're spying for the NSF, and there's less damage to be
done in Hong Kong.

   Notes: Lloyd references WWII where Russians would move citizens of German
   descent towards Central Asia to make sure they would not conspire with
   the enemy, Germany, who invaded Russia from the west. Later in the war,
   Russia kept up with this by deporting "unfavored ethnic groups" to that

When you leave, Jock takes you to Hell's Kitchen rather than Hong Kong,
confirming that Jock's flying on Paul's orders, not UNATCO.

 3.8  Hell's Kitchen, New York City

Skill Points to earn: 710
  60 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Second visit MJ12 chlorine lab
  20 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Visit Smuggler a second time
  30 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Find garage Terminal
  50 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Enter hatchway in the garage
 150 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Find distress signal login
 300 SP PRIMARY GOAL COMPLETED          Send distress signal
  50 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Reach 18th Street Subway Station
  50 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Exit Battery Park Subway Station

Augmentation Canisters:
 Upgrade Canister

Weapon Modifications:
 Accuracy x2, Clip (1500), Clip, Range (2400), Recoil

Primary Goals:

 Your brother's in trouble. Go to the apartment in Hell's Kitchen and see if
 he needs your help.

You start at the roof of the 'Ton hotel. Climb down on the North side and
you'll be able to enter Paul's room. It seems that Paul, after carefully
considering where he could effectively hide from UNATCO, decided on his own
room. You can talk to Paul about the situation, and he'll give you a new

Primary Goals:

 Investigate the captured NSF base to the west behind the bar to see if Paul
 is telling the truth about UNATCO. If he is, help the rebels by sending a
 distress signal from the satellite transmitter.

   Notes: Paul has a lot of anti-globalist lines for you if you press him on
   the issue. He mentions "God clearance", it's never explained where God
   fits in with the angelic security clearances.

   UNATCO SigInt is just a fancy word for Sig(nals) Int(elligence). It's just
   the info gathering tactic. SigInt is done by the NSA with ECHELON in our
   world, and in the context of DX it's done by UNATCO. Not sure why, if
   Smuggler can get in contact with Silhouette through the UnderNet, Paul can't
   send some mails with the computer terminal in this very room. It's possible
   that Paul thinks or suspects that even UnderNet is being monitored.

   Paul is not aware of MJ12. Lebedev knew, but only the name. 

If you didn't visit Smugger earlier, Paul will tip you on his location and
give you the password, bloodshot.

There's a MEDKIT near Paul. Behind the painting is a Keypad, code 4321, which
opens up the secret compartment. Inside is a LOCKPICK, a MULTITOOL, a case of
10MM AMMO, two clips of 7.62x51MM AMMO and an UPGRADE CANISTER.

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Upgrade Combat Strength to Level 2

In the elevator shaft, you can find an ACCURACY WEAPON MODIFICATION on the top
floor and a crate containing a MULTITOOL all the way down. In the ol' junkies
room you can find a MEDKIT.

Below, you can find Sandra and daddy Gilbert Renton arguing, if both are still
alive. If you skipped the hostage situation last time you were here, they
survived the ordeal. JoJo Fine, thug pimp and NSF name you've heard mentioned
as early as the Statue mission, is living in the 'Ton hotel after he
courageously fled the warehouse when you disabled the generator. If you killed
Gilbert and Sandra earlier, there is unique dialogue between JoJo and JC about
JoJo running the hotel now that the Rentons are gone. There's also a unique
dialogue scene between JoJo and Sandra is Gilbert died last time you were here.
Anyway, there's some BUCKSHOT SHELLS and a 25 CREDIT CHIT in the office.

When you talk to Gilbert, he'll ask for a gun. JC will offer his weapons in
the following order: Pistol, Stealth Pistol, Sawed-off Shotgun, Mini-Crossbow,
Knife. JC won't give away any Rifles, Heavy weapons or non-lethal weapons.
As soon as you talk to Gilbert, JoJo will 'spawn' upstairs and start walking
towards the Rentons, to wrestle away Sandra from her father. It will come to
violence. If you didn't arm Gilbert, JoJo will slaughter both Rentons. If
you did, fatalities on either side may occur, obviously. If you kill JoJo
before Gilbert pulls his gun, Sandra will storm off forever. If Gilbert kills
JoJo, or if you do so when Gilbert's got his gun out, Sandra will be prouder
of her father and she'll stick around. If you avoid the situation, it will
resolve itself in such a way that Sandra sticks around and JoJo is never heard
from again in the game. JoJo carries a STEALTH GUN that you can take it you
don't already have one.

You may be in a bind when you want the 'good' ending, but don't want to give
up any of your weapons. There's a Shotgun behind the counter of the Underworld
Bar you can take. Throw out all other weapons before you talk to Gilbert
and you're good to go. I find it best to use the Riot Prod on JoJo so you make
sure no Renton dies while Gilbert shoots mr. Fine in the face.

When both Rentons are dead, by the way, and JoJo's still alive, you can talk
to JoJo about Paul.

In the hotel office, there's a 50 CREDIT CHIT and some BUCKSHOT SHELLS. The
ATM in the hall contains 400 Base ATM Value; there's no account info in this
level, so Hack if you can. I mean, there is one account that was supposed to
work but doesn't; I'll tell you about it when you find it.

Time for some scavenging. Regardless of your actions, you'll find the MJ12
laboratory below NYC filled with dead bodies. Even if you never even went

down there in the first place, the manhole covers are unlocked and the place

is devoid of activity. Find the manhole cover near the back entrance of the
'Ton Hotel, and go down.

You'll find some 10MM AMMO at the bottom of the ladder. You can see four dead
bodies in the (still poisoned) water below, they carry nothing. In the control
room upstairs, there's a crate containing 10MM AMMO and a clip of 7.62x51MM
AMMO. The suspended bridge holds a crate with a THERMOPIC CAMO, and you'll

60 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Second visit MJ12 chlorine lab

On the other side of the bridge, you can find another carton of 10MM AMMO.
If you climb down on the North side, you can find 30.06 AMMO behind a Metal
Crate. Further on, you'll see red tripwire lasers. Careful; they're lower
than last time, so you can crawl beneath them. Past them, if you must, you
can find a BIOELECTRIC CELL on a yellow pipe in the sewers and some 10MM AMMO,
but it's probably easier to just not get these items. Climb out onto the
streets of NYC when you're done.

Near the place where Johnny was hasslin' Sandra Renton the last time you were
here, there's a DataCube with some account information: Account# 487659,
Pin#249087. It's (Gilbert?) Renton's account, but it doesn't work anywhere due
to a typo: the real Pin# is 2(5)9087, one number different. It can be used to
withdraw 200 credits from the ATM in the 'Ton. It is also the only six-figure
PIN# you can find in America. Northwest of the Subway entrance to the Northeast,
down the stairs, you can find a BIOELECTRIC CELL. The Subway is closed; a hooker
called Sally warns you about JoJo Fine being in the 'Ton Hotel. Behind the
basketball field, in the 25% Str Locked container that doesn't lead you to
Smuggler, you can find a BIOELECTRIC CELL and two crates containing a LOCKPICK

You can take a look in the Underworld bar, where you can find the journalist
Greene, Jordan the ex-UNATCO barmaid and Filben. If you killed Jordan or Joe
earlier, they won't be here obviously. If you blabbed to Greene the last time
you were  here, JC will confront Greene on how Manderley knew that the two of
you talked.

Both Shea and Greene will mention a raid that JC is unaware of. Shea even warns
JC that he and his brother should get out of town; UNATCO is about to do a
raid on the 'Ton Hotel, it seems, but Jordan is convinced it's not for JoJo.
Behind the counter, there's a SAWED-OFF SHOTGUN and some BUCKSHOT SHELLS. The
ATM in the bar has 155 Base ATM Value. The Public Access Terminal also has
some new stories.

   Notes: Another Bob Page propaganda piece. The Clinics and Hospices
   Association of NY, or CHANY, or not a real thing.

   Again, Bob Page is paired with Thomas Aquinas. His new concept, Aquinas,
   was features in the business magazine Millenium (sic) earlier. Why Aquinas?
   Aquinas is held in high regard as both a logical thinker and Catholic
   believer, but DX has close to no references to religion per se. I'll explain
   my view on why Page as a character was written to mention Aquinas at every
   odd turn later in this document. 

Time to visit Smuggler, maybe he knows what's up with the raid. JC will give
the password, and you can go that old abandoned parking garage again. There's
a MULTITOOL in the booth. There's a LOCKPICK in a crate. Disable the blue
lasers or jet past them with your Speed Enhancement. For entering Smuggler's
Den again, you gain:

20 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Visit Smuggler a second time

Smuggler will have some stuff for you at outrageous prices. This is actually
a bug. The intention was that now that you've rescued Ford, he'd be there and
Smuggler would charge you normal rates. Instead, the game always assumed that
you didn't rescue Ford, he's not here, and Smuggler's prices are insane. If
you never talked to Smuggler earlier, Smuggler will already know who you are
from Paul. At any rate, he will warn you about an upcoming raid on the 'Ton
Hotel. Smuggler will sell you:
NAPALM CANISTER             2250 credits

I don't recommend buying anything here, but do what you must. Upstairs, you
can find a LOCKPICK and two FLARES in the closet. There's new goodies behind
the mirror. You can't break it with melee weapons this time, so either bypass
the 50% Str Keypad, use the code you can't have (432) or use an explosive.
MODIFICATION. On Smuggler's computer, you can find proof Smuggler is working
with the NSF.

   Notes: Thus concludes the tale of Erin Todd, Decker and Young, three NSF
   soldiers who helped set up the Ambrosia raid and managed to escape your
   reach. As one last e-mail later in the game suggests, they managed to escape
   to an unknown location.

   The other mail was delivered to Smuggler through the Citizen's Rights
   Mailing List where two paranoid crackpots are exchanging theories. NORAD
   is the North American Aerospace Defense Command. Crystal Palace was the
   former codename for a NORAD base inside Cheyenne Mountains. It's basically
   a nuclear bunker from the Cold War filled to the brink with computers,
   which at the time of writing of this document acts as alternative command
   center to NORAD. NORAD is mentioned as one of the 25 missions the dev team
   originally came up with.

   The Grays is a reference to traditional space aliens. If the 'test run'
   theory has any merit in the context of DX's world is unknown.

   If you feel cheated out of your Ford Schick experience, do the following.
   Use the 'Send Message To All' command (on my computer, defaulted under the
   'T') and delete the "Say " bit. Type the following string:

   Set DeusEx.JCDentonMale bCheatsEnabled True

   Hit Enter, then type summon fordshick in same fashion. Ford should be
   summoned into existence and he'll have the lines he was supposed to have.

It's time to check if Paul's story checks out. Find the tunnel West of the
subway entrance, and follow it. On the longish way to the old NSF base,
there's supply crates hidden behind cardboard boxes. They contain 7.62x51MM

Paul contacts you and tells you to either hack the computer on the rooftops,
or spend time on a side-quest to obtain login codes so you don't need to hack.
Since the side-quests awards us with skill points, I'm assuming you don't
hack the computer immediately, even though it's very easy to do.

Note: to the Northwest of entrance, you can find a green door that shows no
door or Lock Str, but when you aim a weapon at it, you'll see it's a target.
If you get past this door with an explosive, it's a no-skill points short cut
to the login info and proof Paul was talking about. Let's not do this since
you'll want the skill points, but it's good to know.

Walk around the building, first to the NE corner and then to the Northwest
corner to find stairs leading up to two crates containing 30.06 AMMO and
7.62x51MM AMMO. Amongst the trash bags near the blue container, you'll find
a DataCube containing NSF login TJEFFERSON/NEWREVOLUTION.

   Notes: Thomas Jefferson was one of the so-called 'Founding Fathers' and
   one of the authors of the US' Declaration of Independence. The NSF probably
   like to mirror their struggle against UNATCO and their puppets with the
   American Revolutionary War.

Enter the building on the ground level to find yourself within the building.
There's a Repair Bot inside to replenish your  Energy, so use the Speed
Enhancement and Light Augmentations whenever you please for now.

Let's raid the place first. One Level One, there's some ROCKETS on a table,
the NSF HQ BASEMENT NANOKEY near a toilet bowl in the Ladies' Room and a
HAZMAT SUIT in a crate.

On Level Two, there's a MEDKIT and some BUCKSHOT SHELLS in some crates.
The computer room is open features a good conversation between two UNATCO
Troopers that are deleting info from the NSF database, acting on orders issued
by Walton Simons. Behind the door with the 40% Str Lock (at Trained and with
Combat Strength, or just with Combat Strength level 2, you can bash it in with
a Baton), you can find a BIOELECTRIC CELL and a DataCube containing familiar
security grid's info: TJEFFERSON, password NEWREVOLUTION. The other 40% Str
Locked door in this room leads outside, so ignore it.

On Level Three, you'll find UNATCO Troops less cooperative, telling you you're
not supposed to be there. You can find a crate containing BUCKSHOT SHELLS. In
the maintenance room, there's a Med Bot and a DataCube detailing the existence
of halon gas in the computer room. Find the Venting on/off Switch and turn it
on to vent the gas out of the computer room. A Hazmat Suit really helps against
the halon gas inside, but there shouldn't be any.

   Notes: Halon is a liquefied, compressed gas that stops the spread of fire
   by chemically disrupting combustion. Halon 1301, a gaseous flooding agent,
   leaves no residue and is pretty safe for human exposure, though the gas is
   toxic at high concentrations. In our world, implementation of Halon has
   grinded to a halt since 1989, for ozone layer reasons. In DX though, all
   Fire Extinguishers contain Halon Gas.

Get in the room and turn right three times to find a Terminal and gain:

30 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Find garage Terminal

TJEFFERSON/NEWREVOLUTION gives you the option of turning a camera off and
opening up a passageway. Check the image as to where it is.

On Level Four and the roof, there's nothing to pick except a crate containing
10MM AMMO, so go down to the ground floor. In the Southeast corner, a hole
opened up in the floor. Replenish your Energy, then go down to gain:

50 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Enter hatchway in the garage

You end in a room with a CROWBAR on a table. To the West you'll have
to open the 40% Str Locked door to reach a Terminal that opens some doors
for you. If you choose an explosive solution to this problem, know that
poisonous barrels lie behind that door; you'll have to wait out the gas for
a while. Past this door, you'll find two crates containing 10MM AMMO and
7.62x51MM AMMO. There's a Terminal near some barrels. TJEFFERSON/NEWREVOLUTION
allows you to disable three cameras and open up three doors.

Continue 'til you find two supply crates stacked on top of each other with a
TNT box on top of that. The crates contain a MULTITOOL and a LOCKPICK; make
sure not to drop the TNT box, or it'll explode. Open up the door to the North.

This room is fun. There's three turrets between you and your destination.
There's also three pressure tiles that, when pressure is applied, lock one
turret behind a wall panel. Next to the crate containing a MEDKIT, there's
three small Metal Crates that can be used to apply this pressure.
Alternatively, you can shoot all three turrets with your GEP Gun, disable
the lasers with LAMs or EMP Grenades, what have you. The pressure plate
puzzle solution actually still has you walk through active lasers and sounding
the alarm, so blowing the lasers up may still be the most silent solution.

The door at the end has a 60% Str Lock. You can blow up the door, but luckily
for you, you're the type of guy to thoroughly examine the ground of Ladies'
Bathrooms, and you have the key. One corner of this room contains a gas
cloud, stay away from it. You can explode the barrels and wait out the
gas if you want to remove the cloud. The crate contains BUCKSHOT SHELLS.

The door to the East with a 40% Str Lock is a storage room. It contains
ROCKETS, WP ROCKETS and two crates containing two EMP GRENADES and a HAZMAT
SUIT. The other door leads to the room you've been looking for. You'll reach
a t-junction. The left path, provided you opened the doors with the Terminal
earlier, leads to your goal directly. The right path has some tripwire lasers,
but also some minor goodies. Skip the next block of text if you don't care.

The first 'fence' of lasers can be either blown up, or partly disabled by
the 40% Str Panel you can reach. Using non-explosive means of passage here
is a tremendous hassle and I won't stand for it. Blow up every lasers you see.
You'll find a BALLISTIC ARMOR and a crate containing a MEDKIT in one corner,
and a crate containing two MULTITOOLS in another. Worth the price of some LAMs
or Rockets? You decide. Skip this next room and walk into the next, since
we'll return here.

In this room, behind a 20% Str Lock, you can find a RIOT PROD, a PROD CHARGER,
an ACCURACY WEAPON MODIFICATION and a GAS GRENADE. On top of this cabinet,
you'll find a DataCube containing the info you need to send the distress
signal: login NAPOLEON, password REVOLUTION. You'll also gain:

150 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS             Find distress signal login

Primary Goals:

 Send the NSF distress signal from the satellite transmitter on the roof of

In the original game, a second DataCube can be found in the cabinet; in the
GotYE game, this Cube is found on top of one of the server machines. This
DataCube contains the proof that Paul was talking about; UNATCO is dirty and
plays for Simons, and orchestrated the Statue bombing just like Filben thought.

   Notes: There's some traces in the game's data to be found that originally,
   you had the option of staying loyal to UNATCO for a while longer. In the
   final product though, this is what pushes JC out of the Coalition in every

   There are many M. Collins in this world, but the most likely candidate
   to be referenced here is Michael Collins, a driving force behind the Irish
   War of Independence. Like Jefferson, another revolutionary leader.
   Napoleon Bonaparte is the man famous for the Napoleonic Wars that sought
   to violently bestow upon the rest of Europe the ideals of the French
   Revolution. The link between Jefferson, Collins and Bonaparte is that they
   all used violence to overthrow a sitting regime.

   The Zurich accounts are mentioned because Switzerland (where Zurich is
   located) is according to the CIA Factbook "a major international financial
   center vulnerable to the layering and integration stages of money laundering"

Head into the West room. Behind a 30% Str Lock, there's two BIOELECTRIC CELLS
and a LOCKPICK. You can bash open this cabinet with a Baton, provided you have
Combat Strength and are Trained. Follow the stairs up to find yourself on the
street again.

Now, simply walk into the old NSFHQ, up onto the roof. You can choose to
disable the UNATCO Troopers you meet on the way. You can use the Repair
and Med Bot on the way. Here, on the roof, are two UNATCO Troopers, and you're
about to be a very naughty nano-augmented boy. You can make the decision of
already knocking these people out with the Prod or Baton before you make a big
NSF distress announcement and become UNATCO's enemy. In fact, you can disable
Troopers all over, and only Troopers directly witnessing your assault will come
after you. None of the Troopers have anything worthwhile though, so your only
real advantage is in takin' out the guys up top.

Enter the cabin. There's a LAM in the Southwest corner, and a clip of 7.62x51MM
AMMO in the Northwest one. Fire up the computer: MCOLLINS, password REVOLUTION.
Rotate the South, North and West Dish and open the comm door. This computer
listens to NAPOLEON, password REVOLUTION. Broadcast the message to switch

Primary Goals:

 Meet up with Paul and help him leave New York.

You gain:

300 SP PRIMARY GOAL COMPLETED           Send distress signal

You have switched sides. UNATCO is now your enemy. Simons will contact you
directly to inform you that your killswitch has been activated; you have 24
hours to live. Normally he'll mention he's told the troops to kill you, but
if you already took care of all UNATCO Troopers in the building, he'll have
some different dialogue.

You could take the scenic route out, indoors, and encounter a lot of hostile
friends turned enemies. It's better to just jump off the North side of the
building. You'll take damage from the fall unless you activate Speed
Enhancement. Down below, there's three to four UNATCO Troopers patrolling if
you didn't knock them out earlier.

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Upgrade the Environmental Training skill
to Advanced

This may be an excellent time for a Thermoptic Camo, and also a good time to
set your Environmental Training skill to Trained. You'll be invisible. You'll
want to escape to the Southwest; fire up a T. Camo, then run like the wind
towards the exit. With Speed Enhancement, you'll obviously move faster and
take less damage from the falls, but it shouldn't make much difference. If
you don't have any Camo, you could snipe from the rooftops before making your
grand escape to the 'Ton Hotel.

Find Paul in the Hotel. When you talk to him, a shootout will start between
the Denton brothers and a UNATCO force. Here are the rules. Paul cannot be
killed. You cannot be killed either; when you die, you'll wake up in jail.
If you listen to Paul and leave him by exiting through the window, he will be
killed off-screen. There are skill point benefits to getting as far as
possible through the violence.

Primary Goals:

 Find Jock's helicopter in Battery Park, the only way out of New York not
 controlled by UNATCO. The code to the Hell's Kitchen subway station is 6282.

You can hide in the secret closet while Paul cleans out the Hotel, or when
you want to get some kills, you can help him out. I find that explosives
work best. A good strategy is to hang some LAMs and/or Gas Grenades in the
hallway. The Ballistic Protection Augmentation will help during the shootout.
Another great way of surviving the first round of combat is firing WP Rockets
into the hallway from a safe distance. If you somehow can get a Man in Black
unconscious, you can take an ASSAULT SHOTGUN from his body that you can use in
this fight.

There are two ways to keep Paul alive. First, if you walk out the front door,
Paul will survive. You don't need to shoot anybody; Speed Enhancement plus
Camo could get you there. Second, leaving through the window almost always
'kills' Paul, but if you absolutely murder everyone in the hotel, and bring
Paul to the entrance, you can leave through the window and keep Paul alive.
However, if you let Paul stray to much, he may disappear before you get him
to the entrance, and if that's the case leaving through the window may still
kill him no matter how many UNATCO Troopers you killed.

I find it works best to use clear the first floor of the 'Ton Hotel, then 
run for the front door with a Thermoptic Camo active as soon as Paul starts
shooting the Troopers on the ground floor.

When you leave the hotel, you'll find UNATCO Troops and two Military Bots
between you and the subway station. Again, Thermopic Camo is a great solution;
race to the station, punch in the code, you're safe. If you don't have any,
you'll have to kill the soldiers, then bypass the bots with explosives or
EMP or Scramble Grenades. Code to the station is 6282.

It is possible to make a detour through the Underworld Bar, where you can talk
to both Greene and Shea about UNATCO being after you. It doesn't help you to
be there, but it's one more piece of unique dialogue that you are likely to
miss. Smuggler has one unique line as well if you visit him now, but nothing

For reaching the subway station, you are awarded:

50 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS              Reach 18th Street Subway Station

The ATM contains 375 Base ATM Value. Take the subway to Battery Park, where
Anna will meet you. Anna will run up to you and after a brief dialogue, attempt
to shoot you. She'll react much like on Lebedev's plane; you can knock her
into stealth mode, and then into stealth-flee mode, then you can kill her.
It is possible to enter the vents. The entrance via the weather station is
locked and unbreakable, but the one in the shack can be used. You'll lose
out on skill points, though.

I suggest you running past her right now, up into the sunlight, where Gunther
will greet you. For reaching this point, you are awarded another:

50 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS              Exit Battery Park Subway Station

You can surrender, or try to have a shootout will UNATCO's most lethal agent
while being surrounded by military bots. Basically, it's just a more painful
way of surrendering.

 3.9  Location Unknown

Skill Points to earn: 1365
 250 SP GOAL ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS       Escape MJ12 Detention Area
 150 SP PROGRESS BONUS                  Enter MJ12 Armory
 100 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Find escaped Greasel
 500 SP GOAL ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS       Enter MJ12 Medical Area
 200 SP ADVANCEMENT BONUS               Escape MJ12 Facility
 165 SP PROGRESS BONUS                  Escape UNATCO Headquarters

Augmentation Canisters:
 Aggressive Defense System / Spy Drone Augmentation Canister
 Regeneration / Energy Resistance Augmentation Canister
 Upgrade Canister

Weapon Modifications:
 Accuracy (750), Range x2, Silencer, Recoil

Note: the game needs a split second to start up the level before it takes
away all of your gear. During this time, you can access the inventory screen
and drop your items. You can then pick them up again. This is cheating!
However, all your items can be found later, with the exception of your
grenades, the number of which will be reduced to 1 due to a bug. You can
drop your grenades now and pick them up to circumvent the bug, and as long as
you don't use them before you reach your stash again, you may not find it

You were shot or you surrendered to Gunther. Your killswitch was probably
activated by that weasel Simons, so that means you have less than a day to live.
You're in jail and your whole life was a lie. Yours was a sad life. Even worse,
all of your inventory is gone. All you retain is all your ammo and Keyring. Half
of your Health at the time of capture has been restored.

When you wake up, Anna may be there to gloat. If she's already dead, there's
nobody there. Talk to Anna if she's there, then wait a while 'til you're
contacted by some... guy called Daedalus.

   Notes: "Daedalus" is the name of the primary Internet communications
   protocol of the game, much like we mainly use HTTP. You could've seen the
   word almost every time you read an e-mail.

Daedalus turns off the power, allowing you to leave.

Primary Goals:

 Escape from the Majestic 12 facility.

   Notes: Majestic 12 is the code name of secret committee that is said to have
   been formed in 1947. Documents were leaked about MJ12 and their goal of
   investigating UFO sightings. All leaked documents are likely forged though.
   Conspiracy theorists connect MJ12 to the supposed UFO crash at Roswell.

There's a single MJ12 Trooper here; wait for him to leave, then grab the BATON
and the supply crate. Break the crate far away from the soldier and collect the
RIOT PROD inside. The prison guard holds a COMBAT KNIFE and a PISTOL. On the
cabinet, you'll find another COMBAT KNIFE. In the cabinet, you'll find a
MULTITOOL and 10MM AMMO. One of the drawers is locked with a Str 10% Lock; it
contains a single MULTITOOL. On the desk, another pack of 10MM AMMO and a
DataCube containing codes: 4679 for the jail cells, 4089 for the block. Note
that the sender of the message is Sherman, the guy Simons flew in to take care
of business.

Return to the cells. In the cell with the Med Bot, you'll find two LOCKPICKS
and a PS20 on the NSF corpse. In the adjacent cell, you'll find... Miguel.
He's a nice enough fella. His hobbies include long walks on the beach and
getting wounded, then running into enemy territory alerting everybody. Luckily,
his other hobby is complete obedience.

You can lead Miguel safely out of this place, but there's no real reward for
doing so. In addition, it's best done by telling him to stay in this cell until
you're positive you've dealt with every obstacle between this cell block and
the exit. So when Miguel asks you if he can come with, tell him to wait. He'll
give you a MEDKIT.

When you want to leave, there's a single camera you'll need to avoid. You
can run safely into the hall, and Daedalus will contact you. You will gain

250 SP GOAL ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS        Escape MJ12 Detention Area

Primary Goals:

 Find your brother and access information in his datavault that Tracer Tong
 will need to defeat the killswitch.

Secondary Goals:

 Find the equipment taken from you when you were captured by UNATCO.

Check out the image Daedalus sent you. The plan is this. First, we'll sneak
past Robot Maintenance and recover our supplies from the Armory. Then, we'll
get to the Medical Lab to contact Paul. Finally, we'll go past the Command
Center to the exit, possibly with Miguel in our wake.

In the hall, you can find a LOCKPICK and a CROWBAR behind the pipes. Turn to
the Robot Maintenance corridor. There's three levels to RM. There's one MJ12
Trooper on the ground level, two on the first floor and two more on the top
level, on the control floor. It's best to sneak to the top, then disable MJ12
there. You are always at risk of being seen by someone high up.

Find the stairs to the East as soon as you enter the room, and go up. Here,
there's a single MJ12 with a Sniper Rifle that goes round and round, and an
MJ12 that explores the corridor you can see dead ahead when you've climbed
the stairs. That's the corridor you want to enter; sneak past the MJ12 with
the Rifle, then disable the MJ12 in the corridor. This is best done with the
other MJ12 being far to the South, so you may have to wait for a good moment.
You can take an ASSAULT SHOTGUN from the MJ12 in the corridor.

Climb to the stairs. There's a LOCKPICK behind the pipes you pass. Turn left
at the top of the stairs to find another MJ12 in the office; disable him
silently. He carries an ASSAULT RIFLE. To the far North, there's another
computer with another MJ12, take him out. Now, stay away from the windows,
as the MJ12 below can see you from this distance.

Check the DataCube for the armory code: 2971. There's also a LOCKPICK. On the
table, there's two EMP GRENADES. In the other office, you can find some
7.62x51MM AMMO and a DataCube about the Bravo-3 Peacebringers you can see out
the window.

   Notes: SNAFU means 'Situation Normal; All Fucked Up'.

Between the offices is a Terminal and a Button. If you look out the window
here, you can see a Bravo-3 standing by on an elevator platform. The Terminal
can set the AI routine of this Bravo-3 Peacebringer to function as your ally,
and it will fire at will upon every MJ12 it sees (not the mechanics). The
Button sends the platform down to the ground level.

Whatever you do, get back to the first floor; if there's still an MJ12 here,
take him down. There's a Repair Bot to replenish your BE. Take out the final
MJ12 on the ground level now, and you've cleared the Robot Maintenance rooms.

The mechanics tend to flee when the Alarm sounds, or when they see you using
any kind of lethal or nonlethal violence. If the mechanic on the ground level
sticks around though, he'll offer to sell the security login for 500, and
762 AMMO                      600 credits
The security login is MJ12, password Invader. I suggest you buy the Accuracy
Mod as well, but that's my preference. Save the Modification for now, don't
use it. In the GotYE game, I noticed a bug; if you buy all of the mechanics'
items, the game will get stuck in a dialogue loop.

In the Robot Maintenance hall on the ground floor, you'll find a crate
containing BIOELECTRIC CELL and a SCRAMBLE GRENADE nearby. There's two
MULTITOOLS and some 7.62x51MM AMMO on some crates. Now, continue down to the
Armory. There's two Delta-2 Peacebringers parading around. You can choose to
disable them with the EMP or Scramble Grenades you have found, but you can
easily sneak past them; you can walk right behind them, they won't notice.

   Notes: These Delta 2 bots, even more so than their Brave-3 counterparts,
   are visually similar to the ED-209 from the RoboCop movie.
Find a ladder obscured by darkness to the West. Climb it and locate yourself
on the pipe. Crawl through the green gas leak (you'll take minor damage to
the Head) and head South for a few steps 'til you see a grate to your left.
Open it up and jump down 'til you see all kinds of weapons and items.

Locate the Terminal, and use MJ12/INVADER to disable the camera and the two
Delta-2 bots outside. For some reason, the Turret won't shoot the single MJ12
Trooper below, so disable him yourself.

You've gained

150 SP PROGRESS BONUS                   Enter MJ12 Armory

Now... goodies! First, take the things on the ground floor.

See the two racks filled with stuff? That's your stuff. That's actually the
stuff you had when you were captured, intact with Modifications and everything.
Neat! The only thing that the game does wrong is remember the number of
Grenade-type items; you'll only find one of each back. The rest, Medkits,
Lockpicks, Multitools and Bio Cells, you may find a large number of, even if
you only see one. The game sometimes has trouble 'filling up' such items, so
you may need to toss away all your Lockpicks before you can pick up your old

Aside from your old stuff, you can find four ASSAULT RIFLES, two ASSAULT
SHOTGUNS, a pair of BINOCULARS, a LAW on the wall, a SNIPER RIFLE on the desk,
and crates containing two clips of 7.62x51MM AMMO, a LAM and 10MM AMMO.

If you hack the computer, you'll find the code to the experimental Plasma Rifle:
5239. The login, which you can never find in-game, is VALIBEK/GATLING.

   Notes: V. Alibek is the name of the computer's user. There is an
   important Russian/American expert on biological warfare called Alibek(ov),
   which this name may be a reference to. Richard Gatling is a US inventor
   who created the gatling gun.

Go upstairs to find a lot of stuff: a NAPALM CANISTER, two boxes of 10MM
SHOTGUN. On the other table, a RIOT PROD, a PROD CHARGER, some ROCKETS,

If you are a killer of any kind, you will find a Silencer Sniper Rifle to
be the best power-up you're received so far. Behind the 20% Str Keypad with
the 5239 code, you'll find the PLASMA RIFLE.

You're done here, you can go back to the junction between Detention and Robot
Maintenance; you can visit the Med Bot in the jail cell if want. In front
of the Detention area, there's a grate you can open for a labyrinth of
crawlspaces. Pass it up for now and head for the Northwest until you reach
the Command Center, but do a sharp 180 when you're in the room to head for
the nanotech lab. A man called Dr. Moreau will approach you to talk about you
and your cells. Dr. Moreau's not that bright. The paramilitary guys have
their name right on their helmet.

   Notes: The book 'The Island of Doctor Moreau' is a 1896 science fiction
   novel by H.G. Wells.

Return to the grate near Detention. Get in there. To the North, you'll crawl
towards the Command Center. To the East and beyond, all tunnels lead towards
various points in the Nanotech labs. Keep to the Northeast; when you see a
dead cat, you're on the right track.

When you pop out, the Man in Black called P. Sherman will get up from his
chair and start walking. Quickly take him out with the Riot Prod or Baton;
if you kill him, he explodes and takes a Nanokey with him. 

Beware: MiB's are more powerful than normal humans. They have more Hit Points,
and what's worse, they explode when they die. Lethal melee weapons are not
advised. They are vulnerable to all status ailments though; they become stunned
by the Riot Prod, Pepper Gun and Riot Prod. 

These MiBs are not on any government list; they straight don't exist, no names
and no fingerprints. Whey you see something strange, watch your back; you never
quite know where the MiB's are at. 

There are two MJ12 Troopers in the area as well. Use the crawlspace as a sniping
position; keep popping out when their guard is down and in the end you've
taken them all down. Loot the bodies; Sherman carries the MIB AGENT CABINET
NANOKEY if he didn't take it with him in the explosion, as well as a STEALTH

There are two scientists here, one man and one woman, who can have some
dialogue with each other. It is likely though that you'll send them running
by inflicting some kind of violence. If you manage to listen in though, they 
have two dialogue scenes with each other. One is about their VersaLife program 
trouble and one is about the 'raptor-chickens' from Hong Kong. VersaLife, 
creator of the Ambrosia vaccine, is somehow connected to this lab.

   Notes: The first discussion is about splitting and recombining of DNA or RNA
   sequences. The recombining is failing, perhaps due to a target-site mismatch.
   Endonucleases are enzymes that cleave DNA sequences. 'In vivo' means 'in
   living organisms'. Cytoplasm more of less means all contents of any single
   cell. The process is similar to the science behind Jurassic Park, where
   dinosaurs are reconstructed from paleo-DNA.

   DX frequently references eutacticism. In short, a eutactic environment is a
   molecular environment with a precise and structured molucular order, likely
   also more predictable.

   Gonzo science doesn't exist per se. Gonzo journalism is a style of journalism
   that is written without claims of objectivity, often including the reporter
   as part of the story via a first-person narrative. The word "gonzo" was
   used by Hunter S. Thompson, legendary journalist and subject of Fear and
   Loathing in Las Vegas.

In the lab, there's two DataCubes about the Greasels and Simons, and a book
containing Dr. Moreau's lab notes, which contain the login DMOREAU/RAPTOR.

   Notes: Simons has five augmentations you yourself can install: Aggressive
   Defense System, Cloak, Ballistic Protection, Targeting and Energy Shield.
   All focused on combat.

   The raptor-chickens are called Greasels, and they are a VersaLife
   (G)enetically (M)odified (O)rganism. Hypotrophy has something to do with
   degeneration of an organ; in this case, it's likely meant to indicate
   the Greasel wings are not capable of supporting the creature in flight.
   Succinylcholine is a muscle relaxant; a variant of it is used on the
   Tranq. Darts for your Mini-Crossbow.

   Worth nothing that the Jurassic Park movie was already out when DX was 
   created. Greasels are similar to the Dilophosaurus that appears in the movie.
   It's the small dino who spits goop to blind and paralyze the fat man from
   For a highly informative article on the Dilophosaurus threat, visit:

You can find TRANQUILIZER DARTS and a crate containing a MEDKIT. Open up the
drawers to the South with the Keyring and/or Lockpicks to find two more
DataCubes, one of which contains PSHERMAN/RAVEN and the UNATCO logins you
could already have.

   Notes: Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est means Knowledge itself is Power.

Use the computer with DMOREAU/RAPTOR to read an e-mail about Karkians, and
then with PSHERMAN/RAVEN. In these e-mails, it becomes absolutely clear that
your killswitch has been activated. Manderley mentioned that Paul's
augmentations had also been shut down; strangely, this is not the case for
you. Also read about the MJ12 commando units; you'll see plenty of these
guys, I guarantee it. They take reduced damage from Fire, Plasma, Bullets,
while they're immune to stuff like Gas Grenades and the Pepper Gun.

   Notes: The password 'Raven' could just be a black counterpart to 'Raptor',
   since the Man in Black Sherman is, indeed, black. On the other hand, a 
   recurring theme with the MiBs in this game are madness, mysticism and gothic
   themes. In that case, the Raven password may be a reference to the well-known
   poem by Poe, The Raven. 

Don't release the Greasels, but open the Containment Field with the Terminal
or the code, 9905. You'll lift the field for the CRANIUM AUGMENTATION CANISTER.

Find the grate to the East and open it up. Crawl inside 'til you find a ladder.
Below, there's an escaped Greasel. Kill it from a safe distance. They can spit
poison. It takes a lot of damage, but it'll fall eventually. Jumping down in
the water gets you:

100 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                Find escaped Greasel

In the crates here, you'll find a PLASMA CLIP and a BALLISTIC ARMOR. Return.

Let's look around the rest of the lab. There's four cages containing Greasels.
that you could've opened with the computer Terminal or the button on the wall.

Just outside, the Med Bot can install your Augmentation canister right away.
The Aggressive Defense System protects you from rockets and armed explosives by
detonating them from a distance; the Spy Drone is exactly that, a spy drone that
you can control a small distance to scout around corners and unleash an EMP
pulse that destroys the drone. I love this Augmentation.

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Install Spy Drone

Outside in the hallway, there's a stack of crates, the top one containing a

Follow the Medical R&D corridor. Around the corner, you'll pass an office
with windows where an MJ12 trooper and a brave secretary are talkin'. You
can confront and disable them quietly and take a look at the book in the
office, which is a third chapter on project Dibbuk, but the Computer holds
no secrets for you. Sneak past them and go to the right, up the stairs. Find
the BATON, and a DataCube containing the MJ12/Invader login combo. The Button
releases the beasts below, two predators you'll want to keep contained.

   Notes: Ghosting means cloning a hard drive for backup and system recovery
   purposes. Denial of service attacks have been mentioned earlier in one of
   Smuggler's books.

See the grate with the 20% Str Lock? Open it up and follow it all the way
through, down the ladder.

You'll wind up in the Medical Bay. Talk to Paul. Daedalus will send Paul's
Datavault to Tong.

   Notes: Nikolai Ustinov, a Soviet bioweapons researcher, accidently injected
   concentrated Marburg virus into his thumb while inject guinea pigs with the
   virus. Think about that the next time you think your job sucks. Knowing what
   was in store for him, he helped fellow researchers document the 3 weeks it 
   took for the virus to kill him. You can read about the incident, Biopreparat 
   and Ken Alibek (all referenced in DX) here: 

   A demiurge is a creator god. Gnostics, an early branch of the Christian
   faith, saw the Old Testament God as a jealous and malevolent demiurge,
   opposed to the Supreme Being from the New Testament. Archon is Greek, and
   means 'ruler'. Within Gnosticism, archons are servants of the demiurge.
   This somewhat mirrors Simons/Manderley as the false gods worshipped by those
   without gnosis - not 'in the know' - UNATCO and MJ12 troopers including
   Anna and Gunther are the archons.

   Whenever you go to view your Goals, Notes, Conversations, etc., you go to
   your own Datavault. So that's what Daedalus sent from Paul, all stores
   information Paul had come across.

There are two interesting DataCubes here; one mentions how Paul has, but is
immune to, the Gray Death.

   Notes: Both Ford Schick and the researchers here are put to work on the
   question why some people (like yourself and Paul) can tolerate nano-
   augmentation and the Gray Death, and others cannot. The answer given here
   is an absence of H-type epsilon immunoglobin proteins. Why MJ12 wants to
   know is another matter.

The other one describes the Men in Black, or the P series agents as they're
officially called. The DataCube explains why all Men in Black explode when

Crawl to the actual front door for

500 SP GOAL ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS        Enter MJ12 Medical Area

Secondary Goals:

 Find Anna Navarre's killphrase. It is stored in two pieces on two computers,
 each with the login 'demiurge' in the password 'archon'.

Paul mentions that you're beneath UNATCO HQ, and that Alex is an ally. Good.
Return through the vent and get to the Command Centre's junction, North of
the Detention area. You may visit the Repair Bot in the Robot Maintenance if
you want to.

There's four MJ12 soldiers in the Command Centre; one inside, three
patrolling around. There's also two Doberman dogs running around. Find the
grate near the Detention area, crawl inside. Go North; when you find another
grate, you're in the middle of the Command Centre. From here, it's easy to
disable all guards; when the Alarm sounds or when you're detected by individual
Troopers, crawl inside and wait it out.

In the Centre, you'll find a GAS GRENADE, an ASSAULT RIFLE, two 7.62x51MM
AMMO clips. The Terminal in here can be used with MJ12/Invader to disable
some cameras and turrets.

You're really to leave. The exit of this facility is at the West end of this
room. Code to leave is 1125, as Daedalus informed you. Behind this door, you'll
find one final MJ12 trooper. Disable him; he's got some Tranq. Darts on him.
Go find Miguel. If at any time during your adventures the Alarm sounded,
the jail cells are locked. The code's 4089. Tell Miguel to follow you, and
head back to the exit. Follow the corridor 'til you reach a new LOADING

You can see a UNATCO Trooper leaving through the glass, and while Daedalus
contacts you to mention who's upstairs, you gain:

200 SP ADVANCEMENT BONUS                Escape MJ12 Facility

Open the door with the Button. Disable the Trooper, and tell Miguel to stay
in this area, but on the UNATCO side of the door. You can't activate the
Retinal Scanner, so it's possible to trap poor Miguel on the MJ12 side if
you're not careful.

Primary Goals:

 Escape from UNATCO and go to the helipad.

This part of the game is awesome. You'll wind up in Jaime's Medical Bay.
Talk to him. If you let him join you, he'll get you an extra Upgrade Canister;
if you tell him to stay, he'll get you an important killphrase later in the
game. Your choice! If you don't talk to him at all, Jaime will remain with
UNATCO and act as if you instructed him to say. His computer can be opened
with JREYES/AMIGO to see a nice e-mail from Simons asking Reyes to evaluate
the dying of his friend, and to help think of better ways to kill friends in
the future.

Next to Jaime, you'll find a TORSO2 AUGMENTATION CANISTER. Find the Med Bot
nearby to install it. There's the Energy Shield thing that does something or
whatever, but you'll want Regeneration, one of the most useful Augmentations in
the game. It heals you continuously at the cost of BE, so you can drown or walk
through environmental hazards while healing the very damage you're taking. Not
to mention, it turns any Repair Bot in a slower Med Bot. There's another MEDKIT
in the Storage Closet.

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Install Regeneration

Across the hall is Alex' room. In the hidden compartment, there's a 600
CREDIT CHIT. In Alex' storage room (code: 2001), you'll find two crates
containing a BIOELECTRIC CELL and a LOCKPICK. On the table, there's a
MULTITOOL. Alex has the key out of here, but will only give it to you if
Anna is dead. Following this walkthrough, she isn't. On Alex' computer, you
can find a mail from the Oracle saying that MJ12 is somehow related to the

   Notes: Given that DX is set in or around 2052, 837 is somewhere in the
   thirteenth century; some generations after the founding of the Knights

Primary Goals:

 When Anna Navarre is dead, see Alex for a key to the exit.
 Eliminate Anna Navarre.
Time to get to the rooms of Sam Carter and the Anna/Gunther room. There's an
UNATCO Trooper patrolling between them, take him out.

Find Sam Carter, the quartermaster. He opens the door for you so you can take
some goodies. You'll find a BIOELECTRIC CELL, a GEP GUN, an UPGRADE CANISTER
2 cartons of 10MM AMMO, 2 clips of 7.62x51MM AMMO, a RANGE WEAPON MODIFICATION,
MULTITOOL. There's also a crate containing some 10MM AMMO.

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Upgrade Combat Strength to Level 3

From Sam's computer, login SCARTER/ANTIQUE, you can see he's helped outside
forces to help you escape. Not Daedalus, and French, possibly Silhouette.
MJ12 emails from the lower levels already referenced the Silhouette attempt.

   Notes: Tandis qu'ils dorment, nous gagnerons is French, obviously, and means
   "While they are sleeping, we will win".
   Minister of True Lies reads like a 1984 reference, wherein the main character
   works at the Ministry of Truth, which actually concerns itself with lies. 
   1984 also features the concept of doublethink, where it means among other 
   things a loyal willingness to say that black is white when Party discipline 
   demands this. 'True lies' builds on this concept. 

Find Anna and Gunther's room. Further down, towards the holding cells, there's
two Troopers, but there's no reason to go there so let 'em be. You can find
30.06 AMMO and a clip of 7.62x51MM AMMO here. Take a look in the computer
here: DEMIURGE/ARCHON to decrypt the first part of the killphrase 'Woman'.
You can't access Gunther's killphrase.

There's a Trooper in the Men's room on Level Three. If you want to take 
Miguel with you, it's safer to disable this guy. If not, you can leave him
staring at himself in the mirror.

On Level Two, find Manderley's office. Ignore Janice the secretary. You can
step in on a conversation between Simons and Manderley, or you can shoot
Manderley right now, and have a talk with Simons yourself.

   Notes The Library of Congress is the research library that officially serves
   the United States Congress, but which is the de facto national library of
   the United States. It's a place without any real political power, in other

   The "fifty billion dollars" quote by Simons is interesting because the
   world of DX functions with credits, not dollars. Likely a goof.

If you try to leave the room with Manderley alive, he'll pull out a Pistol
and try to kill you. Don't let that happen. On Manderley's computer, you can
login with JMANDERLEY/KNIGHT_KILLER for an e-mail by Simons. Alternatively,
you can use DEMIURGE/ARCHON. Both accounts have access to Anna's killphrase.
The second part of Anna's killphrase is 'Flatlander'. Flatlander Woman.

In the rec room, you'll find two UNATCO troopers. A Gas Grenade is useful here.
You'll find the cabinet guarded by a 60% Str Lock, wait a bit. In the adjacent 
room to the East, there's one final UNATCO Trooper, distracted by the idiot box.
Take him down. Now, there's nothing stopping you from blowing up that 60% Str 
Lock. Inside is a PLASMA CLIP and SABOT SHELLS. Nearby is some 10MM AMMO.

Near the ATM is Shannon, who confesses to the theft of stuff. You can buy three
SCRAMBLE GRENADES at 1250 a piece. You can't shoot her and take them, sorry. The
ATM contains no credits. I don't use Scrambler Grenades much personally, but
your experience may differ.

The storage closets on Level Two contains a BIOELECTRIC CELL and a crate with
a FLARE. The door to your office locked, but you should have the nanokey.
On your computer, login JCD/BIONICMAN, you only find one e-mail from Daedalus
urging you to move it.

On Level One, there's Anna! If you decrypted both parts of her killphrase,
JC will throw it out there right away. If you didn't, you're in for a treat.
Anna acts as she would have in Lebedev's plane or in Battery Park's subway
station. She cloaks when she's near fatal, and has a mean assault rifle. Best
have that killphrase ready. It's possibly to bypass her without killing her, but
it's pretty much a bug. NPCs run away from grenade splash areas, and are capable
of opening any door; have Anna flee from a grenade through the entrance so you
don't need Alex' key, then make a break for it. Pretty fun, but not for your
first time.

   Notes: Her killphrase, 'Flatlander Woman', is likely a reference to the
   1884 novel Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions. In it, Flatland is a
   two-dimensional world where a two-dimensional being encounters a three-
   dimensional one. Flatland was referenced in the Illuminatus! books, where
   one man tells another he reminds the other of Flatland because his world-
   view is too dualistic and simplistic. Flatland's copyright has expired,
   and can be read for free here: http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/201

   In Flatland, women are straight lines. When approached from the wrong
   angle, they are difficult to see, and since they are so needle-like, they
   are dangerous to collide with. As Flatland itself says: "[...] what can it be
   to run against a woman, except absolute and immediate destruction? And when a
   Woman is invisible, or visible only as a dim sub-lustrous point, how 
   difficult must it be, even for the most cautious, always to avoid collision!"

The West office contains a Trooper and a LOCKPICK. The East one a MULTITOOL
and a DataCube with some background info. Return to Alex to pick up the
LEVEL ONE ENTRANCE NANOKEY. While you're here, you can tell Sam about Shannon's
crimes. Return to Level One and open up that INF Str door. Past the door,
there's a Trooper that guards the Retinal Scanner.

Before you pass through, you might want to get Miguel. Take him past the
Retinal Scanner, then tell him to wait a bit more. Travel to the front entrance 
of UNATCO HQ. On the way, there's:

165 SP PROGRESS BONUS                   Escape UNATCO Headquarters

Take out your old classmate behind the computer, and open up the doors. You
can hack the computer if you want; sadly the account info (password: target)
is defective; the real login is KLLOYD/SQUISHY, but you can't know that.

There's nobody outside. There's crates with 10MM AMMO and a MULTITOOL near the 
comm van, 10MM AMMO, a SCRAMBLE GRENADE and a Repair Bot inside. Down the hatch,
there's a crate with an EMP GRENADE. Talk to Jock's copter to take you out of 
there; Miguel can make in on his own.

Or so he says. 

   Notes: So concludes the first part of the game; you'll see no more NSF guys,
   and very few UNATCO agents in the rest of the game.

 3.10 Secret MJ12 Base, Hong Kong

Skill Points to earn: 300
  50 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Release fuel fumes
  75 SP GOAL ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS       Enter Flight Control Deck 1
 175 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Escape MJ12 Flight Control

Augmentation Canisters:

Weapon Modifications:

Primary Goals:

 Deactivate the weapon-lock on Jock's helicopter. The remote control-panel is
 on Flight Control Deck One.

You are in Hong Kong, China, high atop a building of VersaLife, the company
that produces the Ambrosia vaccine.

Here's the deal. MJ12 took your copter inside their own base, and now they're
not really doing anything. I guess they're content with the academic victory
or something. Your goal is to make it so that Jock can fly off again. There's
a Repair Bot in the safe area, so you can all the Augmentations you like all
the time.

To the Southwest, you'll see a ladder going to the roof. Never mind that,
there's a better time to go there. Find the entrance to the Southeast, then
climb the stairs to Flight Control Decks 1 and 2. FCD 1 to the right is
locked, so go to the left.

Right past the door, you'll find a hidden panel with 50% Lock Str. With some
Combat Strength and/or training, you can bash it open with the Baton as well.
Open 'er up for the MASTER KEY FOR BARRACKS LOCKERS Nanokey and a DataCube with
some login info: TALON/SKYEYE.

   Notes: A Valkyrie is a female angel-like being from Norse mythology, riding
   flying horses. A more direct relationship between Valkyries and helicopters
   is the movie Apocalypse Now, where an Air Cavalry regiment plays the piece of
   music 'Ride of the Valkyries' by Wagner on helicopter-mounted loudspeakers
   during their assault on a Vietnamese village.

The DataCube on the computer desk tells you they disabled Flight Control access
here. True to the DataCube, you can't undo the Weapons Lock. You can open up
the Munitions Bay, though. Do so. You can use the Security Terminal with TALON/
SKYEYE. You can deactivate three cameras and two turrets. The Roof cam has a
turret that can be made to shoot two MJ12 troopers, if you want some blood on
your hands.

Get back the copter, and jump down into the Munitions Bay. In here, you'll
find some WP ROCKETS on the ground, and on the table some ROCKETS, a RECOIL
DataCube containing a code: 99871. Use the Keyring to open the door and get
back to the copter.

Find the grate in the ground on the South side of the hangar. Climb down
into the crawlspace. Find the HAZMAT SUIT to the Northeast. Climb the
ladder up one level. You'll find a Bravo-3 Peacemaker here; destroy it with
an EMP Grenade, a Rocket or the self-destruct function of your Spy Drone.
Climb back down and return the place where you originally came down into the
crawlspace, and head West.

Follow the corridor, turn the corner right and the take the first left you
can. Jock should contact you about fueling equipment. Go left at the
T-junction. You'll find a 20% Str Keypad. When you put in 99871, you'll release
hazardous gas into the upper levels. It may kill several MJ12 troopers. It'll
get you skill points, though. You can get both the skill points and remain a
pacifist by knocking out all MJ12 you'll meet later, then going back to release
the gas when there's nobody left to kill. Anyway, now or later, releasing the
gas with the Keypad gets you:

50 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS              Release fuel fumes

There's not a lot of gas here when you release it. Environmental Resistance
and Regeneration offer good protection, as does the Hazmat Suit you picked
up earlier.

Go to the North past the T-junction. Take a right corner, then a left corner.
At some point, you can go either to the left or ahead. Go ahead, then take
the next left. You should find a LOCKPICK here, and a grate that opens up
into the living quarters of a total of six MJ12 troopers. If you released
the gas, you'll find a few of them Dead already. Make use of this position
to disable all six soldiers; a Gas Grenade can be useful here. A white-
phosphorus rocket has a tremendously large and lethal blast radius that can
be used as well for a single shot that is likely to kill almost all troopers
in a single click of a button, but make sure you're not set on fire yourself.

When they're down, get down yourself. There's a camera here that may still
be operational, but you've already disabled all MJ12 here. In the washroom,
you'll find a MEDKIT. The five lockers in the washroom contain some stuff as
well; the left-most contains a MEDKIT, the second from the right with the 30%
Str Lock contains a GAS GRENADE. A Sword can bash it open. There's a newspaper
in the toilet that talks about you! You are now a terrorist leader!

Over by the beds, there's any number of lockers. You should have the Nanokey
for these lockers. If not, aiming a Rocket just to the right of the third door
from the left blasts open all three locked doors. From left to right, they
contain a PEPPER GUN and two PEPPER CARTRIDGES a 100 CREDIT CHIT and the
MUNITIONS BAY DOOR NANOKEY. The second one has a 30% Str Lock and contains
some 10MM AMMO, the third one has another 30% Str Lock and contains a DataCube
with a 989 code and the FLIGHT CONTROL DECKS CODE NANOKEY. The fourth one has
one final 30% Str Lock and contains a MULTITOOL and a 50 CREDIT CHIT. There's
a SNIPER RIFLE under the bed behind you. You can also grab the SWORD on the
wall; it's a more powerful version of the Combat Knife, but it takes up three
squares so probably not worth your time.

Armed with that Keyring, go to the Flight Control Decks and open up FCD 1.
You'll gain:

75 SP GOAL ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS         Enter Flight Control Deck 1

Left of the grey map of the area, you'll find another secret panel with a 50%
Str Lock containing two BIOELECTRIC CELLS.

Turn off the Weapons Lock. Jock will contact you; as soon as you approach the
copter now, Jock will shoot some stuff, the alarm will sound and two doors
holding back Peacemakers will open up. You already took one down. Open up the
grate beneath the consoles in FCD 1. Fall down and head to the Northeast to
encounter the second Peacemaker in a controlled environment. Disable it.
Head to the South, climb down and head North to wind up in the troop quarters
again. From here it's easy to find the copter.

When Jock is gone, you may want to release the poison gas for the skill points
if you didn't do it earlier. Code's 99871.

The roof holds a camera, a turret, two MJ12 troopers and some minor items.
If you disables the security, it's just the troopers; if you ordered the
turret to shoot the troopers, it's free picking. One of two troopers has
Rockets, and a crate contains three SWORDS. There really isn't a reason for
you to be here.

   Notes: If you grab the ball and hit the ring from below, you'll get the
   message: "God shot!"

One last hurdle to face. There's electricity between you and the elevator down. 
There's a 60% Str Control Panel. You could also just take it, you baby. The 
Energy Shield Augmentation helps in absorbing the damage, and you can clear some
of the debris with an explosive. Reaching the elevator, of 'lift' as they're 
calling it in the future, gets you:

175 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS             Escape MJ12 Flight Control

Press down to get to the Wan Chai Market.

 3.11 Wan Chai Market, Hong Kong

Skill Points to earn: 1294
  40 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Xeng's spy hideout
  40 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Southwest roof Wan Chain market
  50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Canal Road Crime Scene
  30 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Chun's engine compartment
  20 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Fisherman's house
  40 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Locate police report on Maggie Chow
  50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Roof of Queen's Tower
  50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Find MJ12 quarters
 200 SP GOAL ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS       Release Dragon's Tooth
 100 SP PROGRESS BONUS                  Enter Lucky Money
  64 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Get behind counter Quick Stop
 200 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Enter Luminous Path compound
 200 SUBJECT ACQUISITION BONUS          Find Tracer Tong
  50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Crawl through Old China Hand vents
  10 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               East end of collapsed tunnel

Augmentation Canisters:
 Upgrade Canister

Weapon Modifications:
 Accuracy (750), Clip x3, Laser, Recoil (400), Reload (600)

Primary Goals:

 Look for clues to finding Tracer Tong at the compound that Paul used to
 visit, to the east of the Wan Chai market.
 Find Tracer Tong somewhere in Hong Kong.

Welcome to Hong Kong. This is a very big map and can very confusing to
navigate. There's a map, but it's next to useless. The people's republic
of China is a free country, but criminal syndicates steeped in tradition,
called triads, run the show to a large extent. Let's stick to the market to
start. The Chinese Military Police will not tolerate weapons here except for
the Baton.

   Notes: The exceptional history and current status of Hong Kong in our world
   is an interesting read and helps give some background to the developments
   of Hong Kong in DX. A few facts that I found relevant for the game are:

   * Citizens of Hong Kong generally speak Cantonese as their primary language
   and about 1/3 uses English as a second language.
   * While Hong Kong is part of China officially, they have a different system
   of politics, law and education, which is often very similar to the English
   system, dating from the time Hong Kong was an English colony. The police,
   for instance, safeguard Hong Kong law which is based on English law.
   * While most of Hong Kong does not adhere to a certain religion, Buddhism
   influenced with Taoism is the major religious influence in the lives of
   Hong Kong residents.

   Wan Chai is one of the older districts of Hong Kong.

   Note that the role of the Chinese, in opposition or reflection to the West,
   are often mentioned in science fiction. Examples include The Diamond Age by
   Neal Stephenson and Last and First Men by W. Stapledon, two noted influences
   on this game. 
Note that at any given time, you can use this elevator to return to the previous
level with the code 989. This can be useful as there is a Repair Bot there, 
provided Jock didn't blow it up along with the blast doors.

To the Northeast of the elevator you took to get here, there's a locked door
obscured by darkness with a 20% Str Lock. At Trained and with Combat Strength,
a Baton can bash it open, as can a Sword at any level of training Be careful:
any weapon other than the Baton may get the Police riled up if you pull it
out and they see it. This also goes for using a Lockpick! Unlike any American,
the Chinese know a thief when they see one. Make sure you're not seen. Safely
thief you way inside to find three crates containing a SWORD, a BATON and a
LOCKPICK. There's a hidden opening in the East wall; open it to find a 20%
double-digit Keypad. The code cannot be found anywhere, in the game, but it's
only a hundred possible combinations: 22. Sufficient physical might will also
break this panel, even though no indication of its health is given. You

40 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Xeng's spy hideout

two PEPPER CARTRIDGES, a MULTITOOL and a DataCube containing the entrance
code to the police station: 911.

   Notes: 911 is the US emergency telephone number.

Talk to the people here to get your bearings. There's an ATM containing
200 Base ATM Value to the Northwest of the market. You won't find account info,
so you can Hack right away even if you're Trained. The Butcher points out
the Lucky Money Club in the mall beneath the Wan Chai market. The Party Girl
'Cassandra' is good fun to follow, nobody likes her.

Because China's criminal economy is less regulated than the US economy,
many NPCs carry credit chits or thieving tools. The Sales Woman has a 100
CREDIT CHIT, the News Stand Vendor has a 100 CREDIT CHIT and the Flower Girl
has a 100 CREDIT CHIT. The two cops carry a GAS GRENADE each. I don't suggest
you try and take any of these, but it's fun to know.

There's an eating establishment up the stairs that's being strong-armed by the
Red Arrow; you can overhear the Red Arrow talking to the owner, then talking
to a dirty cop. Hilton is, next to the News Stand Vendor, a source of
information about the Triads, but JC won't ask any questions about the Triads
unless he learns about them from other NPCs. Hilton mentions that the sword
that is at the heart of the Triad conflict was manufactured by VersaLife.

   Notes: Jiaozi is a type of dumpling. Longjing, of Dragon Well tea, is
   indeed some very expensive green tea.

While upstairs, find the rooftops near the West wall. Jump out of the restaurant
onto the rooftops; doable without any Augmentation when jumping while crouching.
Travel South until you gain:

40 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Southwest roof Wan Chain market

The female news stand vendor is being hassled by a little kid called Louis
Pan, who walks off after a bit. Look at the DataCube on her stand for a 'map',
take a look at the newspapers and then find Louis Pan, who walks off to the

   Notes: Another article on the Zhou Enlai mining complex on the moon.
   One theory is that Page, after losing out to McMoran, sabotaged the ore

   Note that on the map here, the Lucky Money Club is called the Underworld
   Nightclub. No reason for this is given in-game.

Take your time discussing current affairs with the news stand vendor. After
asking about the Luminous Path and the Red Arrow, she herself will bring up
the subject of Maggie Chow. You can then have a chat with Hilton as well, about
the Triads and about Maggie Chow. The Luminous Path is losing out, and are said 
to have stolen a sword with nanotech components, created by VersaLife. Chow is 
a well-respected former Kung Fu actress with ties to VersaLife.

Louis can be followed to the compound Paul used to visit, which maybe holds 
Tracer Tong. Overhear the conversation between Louis and the Triad Leader, 
Gordon Quick. Talk to him for a new mission. Louis Pan, in the meantime, will
steal money from the News Vendor. The little shit is just asking for some
bullets in the face, but if you do so, Quick will be cross with you.

   Notes: gwailo is a somewhat derogatory term for generally non-Asian

   Eutactic is a difficult word to understand. A eutactic solid is characterized
   by precise molecular order, like that of a perfect crystal, the interior of a
   protein molecule, or a machine-phase system. The Dragon's Tooth is non-
   eutactic so it's more akin to the disorder of bulk materials, solution
   environments, or biological structures on a cellular scale.

Primary Goals:

 Find and examine the Dragon's Tooth sword as proof regarding whether or not
 Maggie Chow is telling the truth.

We shouldn't be terribly quick to trust Gordon's story, but it couldn't hurt
to talk to Maggie. Let's go to Tonnochi Road (great for shopping!), but let's
do a little side-quest first. East of the entrance of the compound Quick is
guarding, there's the entrance to Canal Road. Go there.

You will see the war between the Luminous Path and the Red Arrow yourself; four
of each are going at it. Ignore them, and head to the North to find a crime 
scene. This must have something to do with the tunnel collapse caused by the 
fighting between the Triads. You can loot the Luminous Path corpses for two 
LOCKPICKS and two SWORDS, and the Police corpse for a HAZMAT SUIT and an ASSAULT
RIFLE. All the way in the back, you'll gain

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Canal Road Crime Scene

Of the two cops standing over the body of their fallen colleague, the one 
standing facing North holds a CLIP WEAPON MODIFICATION. Taking him down without
alerting the rest is almost impossible, however. You can either shoot everybody,
or use a little trick that's hard to pull off. If you use the Riot Prod and 
inexpertly taze this guy two or three times, he'll go down and nobody will care.
Knocking him out in one blow does alert them, and tazing any other cop twice or
thrice also alerts everybody, so I don't know what's up.

Return to the entrance to find out who won the struggle, it's all random. All 
eight of these goons carry nothing but SWORDS. The ATM here contains 100 base 
ATM Value. Near the soda machines, you can find a LOCKPICK.

Go to the streets, and find the market again. To the North, you'll see arrows
pointing towards Tonnochi Road. Follow the sign and ignore the Lucky Money 
signs, inviting you.

Ignore the second sign, and North for a bit and take a right turn. You'll follow
a dark corridor; go down the stairs. Here, you'll find two crates containing two
LOCKPICKS. Press on and enter the large ship. Find the Girl, who will give you 
some info and offers to sell you her warez:
Buy what you desire, I like the Accuracy Mod myself.

   Notes: Year of the Vulture refers to the Chinese Zodiac system, where every
   year is related to an animal according to a 12-year cycle. The Vulture is
   not one of these animals, but is a play on its scavenging nature.

   The four European divers are not found in-game and is likely a scrapped

Near the Ship's Wheel, you can find three FLARES. Below deck, you can find a
DataCube that mentions there's a Repair Bot somewhere to be found... the medical
crate contains a MEDKIT, the other crates contain food. On deck, find a Paper
Lantern hanging above a Cardboard Box. It's the switch. Get inside for:

30 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Chun's engine compartment

Remember this Bot; it's a good source of BE. There's a CROWBAR and a
BIOELECTRIC CELL here. The chest has a 20% Str Lock and contains a 150 CREDIT
CHIT as well as two Cardboard boxes containing four ZYME VIALS and three 100
CREDIT CHITS. It's a zyme smuggling ship; good reason to avoid the maritime
patrols. Exit the ship fully charged and go up one level. Go over the canal
this time until you're North of the boat, then continue West. Before the bridge,
you can see another boat below that you may or may not want to visit:

Jump down into the water and climb down onto the boat on the South side. If you
don't have Speed Enhancement to power your jumps, you can find a small Metal 
Crate on the South side of the water. On board, you'll find a 80% Str Lock. 
Explosives work much better than Lockpicks, and a melee weapon may bash it open 
as well. A Sword will always be able to break it open, for instance. Below, 
poisonous gas and three crates containing a NAPALM CANISTER, some ROCKETS and a 

Near this boat you can get out of the water by climbing up the doorway to the 
Southwest of the heavy weapons boat. Climb the ladder and use the Switch to open
the door. Here, to the Southeast, there's two fine gentlemen in the heroin 
business discussing prices. If you listen in, they'll come after you. The 
bespectacled one carries a RIOT PROD and a MULTITOOL. It's harsh you take these
guys down. It's all in the game though, right?

   Notes: UO Globe is a 'brand' of heroin from Laos.

Go on further to the East to find another sign pointing to Tonnochi Road around 
the corner.

In the canal below, just under this Tonnochi Road sign, you can see roofed 
little docking place for sampan. Dive into the water and pull yourself up there.
The chest with the 20% Str Lock contains a BIOELECTRIC CELL and a MULTITOOL. Go 
upstairs for:

20 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Fisherman's house

The man has some info, a crate has a MEDKIT. In the Southeastern corner, you can
look up and see a 50 CREDIT CHIT on top of a beam.

   Notes: cauterization is the practice of burning a part of the body, in
   this case either to stop bleeding or a side-effect of the weapon used.

   Durian is a type of fruit popular in Asia. It's well-known for it's strong

Climb the ladder and push the switch to find yourself right in front of yet
another Tonnochi Road sign. Pass the broken bridge to your right, and find
the intact bridge a bit further down. After crossing, you can see a Local
Man in the distance; he offers only rudeness and no information, but if you
want you can take him down for two LOCKPICKS. Head North on this side towards
Tonnochi Road.

The Chinese Military police near the entrance to Tonnochi Road are pretty
unfriendly; the right one carries a GAS GRENADE if you're interested.

When you find Tonnochi Road, a Luminous Path member will come and warn you about
Maggie. He mentions that an agent now in America had his eyes on Maggie from 
across the street. Every shop is closed, but the Queen's Tower is open. Careful 
as always, JC will ask a Red Arrow member and a Bum how to approach her; both 
will tell you to just use the front entrance. The Red Arrow thug has a MEDKIT on
him if you must have one.

You can find a 80% Str Locked grate and an elevator on Tonnochi Road, but 
neither options hold anything interesting for you... now. Let's enter Queen's
Tower and visit Maggie Chow.

On the ground floor, you can talk to the Doorman and observe a DataCube with
written contents. Dr. Tracey Feng is a resident of Queen's Tower. In addition,
there's a security chamber of some sort with a 50 CREDIT CHIT on a table and a
Terminal. If you Hack it, you can disable three cameras and open up the grate
outside. Why not. The Public Access computer holds a code to the 7th floor
undergoing reservations: 3444. Use the Penthouse elevator to go to Maggie's

   Notes: Lam Wei Kit is an artist born in Hong Kong. Ling Woo is Lucy Liu's
   character in Ally McBeal. Tracey Feng is a recurring NPC mentioned on the
   DataCube out front.

   Since Feng is a VersaLife employee, I am inclined to believe that Gray Death
   is actually out there in Hong Kong, despite the fact you find no NPCs with
   the affliction. The newspaper with the article that mentions that Gray Death
   cases have been misdiagnosed is therefore likely a cover-up.

Use the public elevator (code: 3444) to reach the renovations. A squatting 
junkie called Harriet asks you for 20 credits; if you give it to her, she'll
mention Maggie's guard using this path. Not giving is pretty funny though, in
a twisted kind of way I don't endorse. A DataCube on this floor gives you login 
info (QUEENSTOWER/SECURITY) and the elevator bypass code: 1709. The 40% Str 
grate and the tripwire lasers and all that is a path you don't want to take. Go 
down towards the reception hall of the Queen's Tower. Rode the elevator down and
now use the other elevator to ride up to Chow's apartment.

You encounter May Sung the maid, who brings you to Maggie. You can talk to 
Maggie twice for a dialogue scene. It seems that Maggie has a story of her own. 
She sends you to the police station to uncover evidence. So who to believe? 
Scout the apartment for the Dragon's Tooth, or head off to the police station?

Secondary Goals:

 Find evidence in the police station in the Wan Chai Market that will settle
 the Triad dispute. Bring it to Maggie Chow to earn her trust.

   Notes: Maggie Chow is a combination of the names of two Hong Kong actresses,
   Maggie Cheung and Vivian Chow.

   Maggie's supposed to be beautiful, charming, seductive and very convincing.
   The poor voice acting and wooden character model make all this difficult
   to recognize. 

If you roam too much, the maid will get a little upset. Upstairs, you can find a
conference room with two DataCubes and a Terminal built into the desk. If you 
open up the Terminal, the maid will become hostile and pull out a Pistol. Even 
if she isn't in the room, she'll become your enemy. In addition, it is possible 
to kill both May Sung and Maggie Chow, just so you know.

Even though it is possible and not entirely illogical to make a different
decision, let's assume that we trust Maggie more than Gordon. Let check out the 
police station. Leave the Queen's Tower and return to the market. Basically, 
follow the signs back.

You can confront Gordon Quick through one more short dialogue scene, but it 
won't get you anywhere.

There are two entrances with a 20% Str Keypad, but we know the code: 911. Punch 
in the code and silently disable the one cop sitting here. If he screams, the 
alarm will go off the entire market will start running and attacking. The cop 
inside carries an ASSAULT RIFLE, a PEPPER GUN and a GAS GRENADE. Behind the door
is another cop; use the element of surprise to Prod him before he starts 
shooting. He carries another GAS GRENADE. There are two DataCubes in this room 
and the previous one; there's TECH GOGGLES in the corner, and a Terminal that 
can be hacked to disable three cameras an open up a door that we already opened 
earlier. Find the INF Str Keypad, and give it the code provided by Maggie: 

40 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Locate police report on Maggie Chow

Here, you will find A FLAMETHROWER, a LAW, a LAM, a BIOELECTRIC CELL, two clips 
of 7.62x51MM AMMO, a BALLISTIC ARMOR, some SABOT SHELLS, a clip of 30.06 AMMO, 
a PLASMA CLIP, a GAS GRENADE and a NAPALM CANISTER. Best of all, there two 
DataCubes, one of which implicates Chow in the death of former Red Arrow leader,
Yuen Kong and speaks of involvement with VersaLife. It seems Maggie's a liar and
we should've trusted Gordon Quick all along.

   Note: There are two DataCubes talking to or about Officer Tam; one where
   Cent(r)al Police Command give permission to use force... and one where
   they clear him of misconduct when applying deadly force to prevent civilian
   casualties. While Hong Kong's police are not kneeling to MJ12, corruption
   seems widespread, especially when you consider that throughout the game,
   Red Arrow, Tracer Tong and VersaLife all have their police contacts to
   obtain classified information.

You can talk to Gordon for a short dialogue scene if you didn't do so earlier,
but you must return to Chow's, and she probably knows you're coming with hostile
intent this time. Get to the Queen's Tower on Tonnochi Road. If you use the 
Penthouse elevator, you'll run into the maid who calls the guards. Instead, 
let's do some scouting to better prepare.

Find the Terminal and disable the cameras and open up the grate out back with
QUEENSTOWER/SECURITY if you didn't Hack the Terminal earlier.

Go outside and find the Delta-2 Peacemaker. Behind it is the grate you opened
up earlier. Follow it up and climb the ladder. Find the 20% Str Keypad seemingly
on the floor: punch in 1709 for the elevator to take you to the roof.

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Roof of Queen's Tower

There's a MULTITOOL near the buttons. You can look down into Maggie's house, but
she's not there. The glass window of the roof can be broken; you'll wind up in 
Maggie's bedroom, and the alarm will go off automatically.

Use Multitools to disable the 20% Str Alarm. There's a 100 CREDIT CHIT on the
nightstand. From here, find the maid and take her down. You can find a PISTOL 
and a MEDKIT on her body. Find the conference room on the same floor as the 
bedroom. A DataCube gives an old password: Tai-Fun. There's two books in this 
room; Tai-Fun and Insurgent. Also, find the DataCube giving Chow's date of 
birth: July 18th.

   Notes: Both 'Insurgent' and 'Tai-Fun' are fictional. The combination of
   topics leads one to believe that Maggie Chow is seeking to shift the
   purposes of the Red Arrow towards her own goals.
   From what I can gather, Tai-Fun means Great Wind. Basically Typhoon. 

Use MCHOW/INSURGENT to open up the Terminal. You can see a room filled with MJ12
Troopers on Cam 3. Disable all security. There's a paper panel that slides open
to reveal Chow's bedroom, where another DataCube can be found.

On the lower level, there's Paper Lantern that functions as a switch for a 
secret path. It's near a table with cushions around it, in the Southeast corner 
of the building, in the room next to the piano. Follow the corridor; walk, don't
run, or you'll make too much noise.

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Find MJ12 quarters

Sneak past the lasers and past the room to the West. If you opened up the door
with the Terminal earlier, you can just walk into the room. If not, there's
a panel and a 60% Keypad with Maggie's birthday as the code: 718, 18th of July.
Tong will contact you; In this room, you can find a DataCube and a hologram
Message from Walton Simons that make sure just how deep Chow is in cahoots
with MJ12. Time to get the Dragon's Tooth. There's a 70% Str Keypad, but
there's also a computer. MCHOW/INSURGENT lets you open the weapon case.

Yuen Kong, former Dragon Head of Red Arrow, stole the Dragon's Tooth from
VersaLife. Maggie tortured Yuen until he gave up the location of the sword, then
killed him with the very sword he stole. She then moved the Dragon's Tooth to a 
secret location in her house and told the new leader of the Red Arrow, Max Chen,
that the sword was stolen from the Red Arrow by the Luminous Path. The two 
Triads would fight each other 'til neither was powerful enough to stop MJ12 to 
take control of Hong Kong behind the mask of the hollowed-out Red Arrow. And all
this at the heels of Simons.

Pick up the DRAGONS TOOTH SWORD and obtain

200 SP GOAL ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS        Release Dragon's Tooth

Primary Goals:

 Demonstrate Maggie Chow's guilt to the Red Arrow by showing Max Chen the
 Dragon's Tooth sword. Find Max Chen in the Lucky Money Club in the mall
 near Wan Chai Market.

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Upgrade the Low-Tech skill to Trained

In the room you snuck past, there's five MJ12 troops and some weapons and stuff.
For a player minimizing kills, probably better to just sneak back out. Gas 
Grenades and Tranq. Darts make it doable though. Even if you're cold-hearted, 
Gas Grenades can make a world of difference, but the best way of cleaning out 
this place is a white-phosphorus rocket aimed at the middle of the room.

There's a 50 CREDIT CHIT on the table on a LOCKPICK on the cabinet. The cabinet 
itself has a 50% Str Lock and contains SABOT SHELLS, HE AMMO and a CLIP WEAPON 
MODIFICATION. From the Troopers, you can pick up some Tranq. Darts and a PLASMA 
RIFLE if you're interested.

To the North of this room, you'll find red lasers blocked a wooden panel. Looks 
like a dead end. This is an unfinished hidden door you can't use. Behind this 
wooden panel, there's the golden Buddha in Maggie Chow's living room. There's an
empty space beneath this Buddha. Likely, it was intended there was some way to 
lower the Buddha and clear the way between this place and Maggie's living room. 
It is not possible, however.

Return to Chow's apartment, and find the place where you initially talked to 
her. Face the North, and you should see another room across the street. The 
Luminous Path guy mentioned they had an agent stationed there. Break the two 
windows between you and the other room; even without Speed Enhancement, you 
needn't even jump.

You land on a balcony. Exit this room to the North. Inside, you'll find a 
SHOTGUN and JOCKS APARTMENT NANOKEY. There's a LOCKPICK on the shelves, and a 
DataCube beneath the tv. The paper wall next to the kitchen is a door to the
bathroom; there's a MEDKIT here. Open up the paper door on the South wall. On
this side, you can find SABOT SHELLS and a computer you can use with FLYBOY/
5X5. It seems Jock was set to assassinate Maggie Chow. Exit this room though
the door to find yourself in a stairway; get to the top.

   Notes: Jock's password, 5x5 references the term "Five by five", which is the
   best of 25 possible subjective responses used to describe the quality of
   communications. In popular culture, it has come to indicate that everything
   is okay. It was introduced in popular culture by the movie Aliens. Later, 
   the character Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer used it as a catchphrase;
   since Faith is played by Eliza Dushku, anything she does with her mouth
   is extremely memorable.    

You can jump down on the South side. To the Southeast, you can see a ledge. Jump
towards it. If you miss, you're dead. Here, there's 30.06 AMMO, a SNIPER RIFLE 
and a pair of BIN-OCULARS; it's a good sniping spot. Climb onto the grate tunnel
thing, cross it to the other side, jump down on the East side, walk to the end 
and jump down at the North side. Jump down on the West side onto the ledge 
beneath, then jump over the No Joke cigarettes sign. If you run off, you make it
easily. Here, you can find a BIOELECTRIC CELL, a LOCKPICK and a FLARE.

That's it! Time to go down. If you don't have Speed Enhancement, you'll take 
some damage. Try to aim for something other than the ground, like a sign or 
something. To the West, there's a gray ledge that's the highest point for you to
aim for. Speed Enhancement will really help you here.

Primary Goals:

 After convincing Max Chen of Maggie Chow's deceit, return to Gordon Quick, and 
 tell him how the Red Arrow responded to the news.

You can stop by Gordon Quick for a small dialogue, but he'll just tell you what 
you already know; that you should find Max Chen at the Lucky Money club.

The Lucky Money is obviously indicated, you can find it near the market past the
stairs going down. You'll enter the underground mall. Pass by the cops and the 
stores. Cough up the 25 credits admission fee for the terrifying woman behind 
the counter. She's got some great lines if you linger.

You can take some chicks with you for 40 credits, but it only really helps the
primary goal in your pants. Besides, they both carry two LOCKPICKS each, so
they're probably scamming you anyway. You can invite the ladies indoors for 40 
credits, then walk in with them without paying for yourself.

100 SP PROGRESS BONUS                   Enter Lucky Money

Inside, you can talk to a few people. The Stuffy Suit, Mr. Sing, tells you Max 
Chen is in the back room. If you extract all the lines from him, turns out he's 
a fan of the Filipino girls.

A Thug that just got laid off gives you some Quick Stop info. If you took 
Mercedes with you, you can talk to her, but you'll be throwing money away. The
Mamasan offers you a girl for 100 credits and points you at the bar to find Max
Chen. Don't buy any girls. That's general life advice, not just for this game.
Also note the two girls being very friendly with each other, Carole and Lisa.

   Notes: Human trafficking is one of the darkest violations of human rights,
   and the game of DX only glances sideways at the subject. As you will learn
   later, the girls here are kidnapped from outside of China, and are forced
   to work as escorts in clubs such as the Lucky Money. It drives the points
   home that while UNATCO's misguided, your new allies are, in the end, true

On the second floor, you can have a smart conversation with the bartender, and 
he'll tell you where to find Chen if you mention Maggie Chow's name.

   Notes: Leo Gold, that NSF Commander you found at the top floor of the Statue 
   of Liberty, brought of the Trilateral Commission, and JC called it a think 
   tank himself then. Interesting to see that JC is (still) defending the basic 
   premise of Western UN-governments after what he's seen at UNATCO.

   Today, the People's Republic of China is a member of the UN. In the future
   of DX, it seems China has resisted outside influences. The Premier of China
   is today the office with the most political power; in name, the situation 
   seems to similar in 2052. The name of the current premier is Nghia Lam, as
   is mentioned in a newspaper article in a newspaper in Hell's Kitchen.

The Hard Drinker, Vince, used to be involved with nano-related experiments.
An old test subject of VersaLife? A 'Loser' at the bar is being conned by a
smooth-talking woman with criminal intent.

Don't get behind the bar just yet. There's two VersaLife employees that you can 
eavesdrop on, but when you try to talk you'll get nowhere. Listening in at least
gets you the notion that data entry people are disappearing, funny stuff is 
going on at Level 2 and people are being kept in the dark while troopers are 
swarming the place.

   Notes: If you've played the game before, you will realize immediately what
   'UC' stands for.

   The Game of Life is a 'game' where a cell 'lives' or 'dies' depending on how
   many surrounding cells it has on a grid of squares. You can create a starting
   lay-out and they you hit 'play' to see if your collection of cells expands,
   shrinks and dies or gets stuck in a loop. It's a mathematical simulation.
   Buckyballs are carbon molecules ìn the form of a hollow sphere. This type of
   molecule has interesting properties, making it useful for nanotechnological

   Division of labor refers to the specialization of workers who perform
   specific tasks and roles, often just a small and repetitive part of the
   overall goal. It increases producer and worker productivity and cuts back
   on training periods. Great news for the big man! The VersaLife employees
   here are complaining about the negatives; alienation, lack of fulfillment,
   boredom, lack of self-reliance, no way of understanding the ultimate goal
   or purpose of the product you help create.

   "Kaczynski was right about the division of labor - I'll give him that much."
   I think this refers to Theodore Kaczynski, better known as the UNA Bomber.
   While he was heavily opposed to the technological society in general, and
   his stance on division of labor can be guessed (not a fan), he didn't write
   anything in his manifesto about division of labor per se.

At the third floor, you'll find some Russian sailors. The game does not extend
to you the option of calling them any nasty names.

Get behind the bar, find the 25 CREDIT CHIT on the shelf on the wall and go
down. To the Southwest, you'll find the entrance to a freezer, closed with a
90% Str Lock and INF door strength. There's no other way to get inside than
using Lockpicks, so see for yourself if the goodies are worth it: ROCKETS, and

Find the Red Arrow office. The Terminal here can be used to open up the safe
near the Door Girl. The login is LUCKYMONEY/REDARROW, but you can't discover
that in-game. It turns out the mirrors on the dance floor are one-way see-
through. The wooden panel to the North is a door that leads to Max Chen. When
you're done talking, MJ12 commandos will raid the place.


There are three on the ground floor, one up above and one outside. All five
carry BIOELECTRIC CELLS, one carries a BALLISTIC ARMOR and one has, best of
all, a THERMOPTIC CAMO. Red Arrow troops are more than good enough to take
them down, but a good many NPCS you've met in this club can die here. Among
the possible casualties, you may pick up some helpful things:

 Thug: 100 CREDIT CHIT
 Mamasan: 100 CREDIT CHIT

When you're done, return to Max Chen. You can hack the computer in front of him;
the login is LUCKYMONEY/REDARROW, like the security terminal. There's an email
by policeman Fong Chi.

Past the Triad Bouncer is the booth with the Door Girl. This fetish woman
carries nine 100 CREDIT CHITS and a STEALTH PISTOL. The Red Arrow Thug must be
really tired of her shit, since he doesn't flinch no matter what you do to her.
Behind the 20% Str Keypad, you can find two 100 CREDIT CHITS, but the security
terminal can open her up for free.

Time to go and see Gordon Quick. Take note of the following. If during the raid
the glasses of the Quick Stop break, the mall cops will assume it was the
foreign guy with the sunglasses every time. Bunch of xenophobes. This means that
it's possible you walk out of the Lucky Money, and the four cops will try and
shoot you. If so, nothing to do but run for it or put them down.

Outside, you can make a quick stop at the Quick Stop; open up the 50% Str Lock 
without alerting the police, then use the Terminal without actually entering the
store. Use MANAGEMENT/CODE324. Disable the cameras and enter. The ATM contains 
200 Base ATM Value. On the shelves, there's a MEDKIT and a MULTITOOL. In the 
large cooler, between dozens of Sodas, there's a LOCKPICK behind the picture of
the soda. When you get behind the computer, you obtain:

64 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Get behind counter Quick Stop

Use MANAGEMENT/CODE324 on the computer so you can open the vault and find two 
100 CREDIT CHITS. Now, leave the Underground Mall area. All the newspapers here 
are copies found elsewhere. Find Gordon Quick, who invites you to the compound 
and gives you the code: 1997.

200 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS             Enter Luminous Path compound

   Notes: A less logical path to this point is to approach Max Chen first,
   who will be dismissive and offer no tactical insight in your mission. You
   could then approach Maggie Chow, who will imply that Tong is working for
   her at some undisclosed location. From that point on, she sends you to
   the police station, where you will obtain evidence that disproves Chow's
   story. You can talk to Quick when you have already found the sword and
   negotiated a truce with Chen.

   1997 is the year Hong Kong was transferred over to China.

Enter the compound, and find the small shrine where you can find a 25 CREDIT
CHIT. Now, enter the building and get down the stairs, open the door and follow
the corridor. There's a security panel and a computer terminal, but the computer
holds no e-mails and on friendly territory, there's no reason to disable any
cameras. The login for both the computer and the security terminal can be both
GQUICK/VICKY_CHEN and TTONG/623RA. There's a kitchen just below, where you
can find a recipe for Chinese Silver Loaves.

   Notes: This is a working recipe, several people have tried it. It's bread
   dough. To quote: "Upon cracking it open the inside is nice and soft, and
   subtly fragrant, but not sandwich roll consistency. It's more like a moist
   biscuit texture, although not quite as crumbly. The flavor is good too, both
   with olive oil and sea salt sprinkled on, and plain butter. All in all, 
   rather enjoyable."

Get down more stairs to find yourself in a large hall with bunk beds to the
West. There's a MEDKIT below them, and a LOCKPICK one of the top beds that you
can pick up with Speed Enhancement. A book can be read beneath a cushion that
turns out to be the journal of Gordon Quick, describing a Romeo & Juliette type

   Notes: The Celestial Kingdom is a common nickname for China. The Old Gods
   are not Buddhist; Buddhism holds no belief in gods per se. It is, however,
   a Taoist tradition, and Buddhism and Taoism often mingle in Hong Kong's
   religious practice.

Find the Keypad on the North wall: 1997. To the right, you'll find a RIOT PROD
and two PROD CHARGERS. Further to the right, you'll see a SWORD and two stacks

Follow the path and find the Button on the West wall in the storage room.
The man here, Tong's guard, may mention that Alex Jacobson is here as well.
The guard carries a PLASMA RIFLE, but if you must have one, there's one lying
around nearby. Then, you'll finally meet mr. Tracer Tong.

200 SUBJECT ACQUISITION BONUS           Find Tracer Tong

Primary Goals:

 Go to the center of the Operating Theater so that Tracer Tong can deactivate
 the killswitch and restore augmentation functionality.

   Notes: Important NPC names in Hong Kong always follow the same formula:
   English first name, Asian last name. Tracer, however, is not a real name.
   The whole thing's a reference to TraceRT, a digital utility that allows you
   to trace the route of data packets across a network.

   A Tong is the name of something similar to a Triad, found amongst Chinese
   minorities in the States and Canada.

   If you look closely, you can see that Tong's face is heavily scarred. No
   explanation is given for this in-game, though the DX Bible mentions this is
   because Tong regularly installs, replaces and removes mechanical 
   augmentations without caring much for how he looks. No proof of Tong having 
   augmentations appears in-game.

In this room, you can find a 100 CREDIT CHIT and JOCKS TONNOCHI ROAD NANOKEY.
One of the books here lists all available nano-augmentations in the game, pretty
cool. What's especially charming is how the text implies MJ12 just threw
augmentations in human test subjects to see which ones exploded and which ones
did not. The other book details the start of Project Dibbuk. It's worth noting
that the original espionage was conducted from UNATCO's HQ in New York; your
old base. Who better to conduct such a mission that Alex Jacobson, who had a
book on Project Dibbuk lying around the first time you met him?

   Notes: ECHELON in our world is used, among other things, for corporate
   espionage. UNATCO SigInt, in this case, is used for 'skilled intrusions'
   into Chinese corporate data wells.

Press on to the West and turn left. One level down, you'll find the Med bay
where you can find a Med Bot and a BIOELECTRIC CELL. Further through the Med bay
you can find an old friend.

   Notes: The e-mail string Alex mentions was used to instruct Jock to continue
   observations of Maggie, solidifying that TT was indeed Tracer Tong. Tong
   uses the UnderNet to communicate, like Smuggler and Alex.

   Crypto boards are a reference to cryptography. Encrypted communication hides
   communication from, say, the government and is likely illegal in the world
   of DX, hence the anonymous part.

   ECHELON was mentioned earlier, but Daedalus is supposedly Mark IV, aka
   Echelon IV.

In this room, up the stairs, you can find a PLASMA CLIP and a MULTITOOL in a
cabinet. When leaving the Med lab, turn left to find the machine that Tracer
Tong requires you to stand in. Return to Tong.

Primary Goals:

 Get the ROM-encoding for the Dragon's Tooth sword from the basement
 laboratories at VersaLife.

T gives you a new mission, a login for the computer and an elevator code: 06288.
Hundley was already mentioned in-game, both by Red Arrow members in the Lucky 
Money club as well as on a DataCube in Maggie Chow's place.

If you use JCDENTON/SANCTUARY on the nearby computer, you can find three good
e-mails. Daedalus, the rogue AI, has an additional Goal for you at VersaLife:
find and destroy the Universal Constructor that creates the man-made virus
called the Gray Death.

   Notes: HKNET is obviously the local Hong Kong net.

   Sam Carter's sent you an e-mail as well. 'SitRef' is a typo, it's supposed
   to be 'SitRep', or Sit(uation) Rep(ort), a military term for passing on
   info about your current situation.

   Interesting to note, by the way, that you have two goals at the same place.
   Tong sends you to VersaLife to calm the Triad war. Daedalus sends you to
   VersaLife to locate the Universal Constructor.

To the West of this room, past a right turn, you can find a few items: SABOT
CROWBAR. Also, there's crates containing a CLIP WEAPON MODIFICATION, HE AMMO,
a LAM, four FLARES and TRANQUILIZER DARTS. Also find the Repair Bot here.
Now, leave the compound.

I have one last string of side-quest treasure-hunting for you before you head 
into the VersaLife adventure. Leave the compound and head to the Southwest. Find
the red sign that says 'Old China Hand' and go down. Take a left, ignore the 
right path to find another red sign. Open the door and go down.

A man will mistake you for Paul; talk to him a few times and he'll offer some
interesting wares:
SCRAMBLER GRENADE     1250 credits
THERMOPTIC CAMO       4000 credits
I'd say you need none of these, but the blueprints can be handy. 4000 credits
seems like a stupid amount of money for a single one-use item, but fact is
that there's not a lot of stuff to spend your credits on in the first place,
and the Camo is one of the most useful items in the game.

Talk to the Drunk, who confuses you for Paul. It seems Chow spread the rumor
that your brother helped the Luminous Path steal the Dragon's Tooth, putting
him on the Red Arrow hit list for sure. Also make sure to discuss literature
and contemporary actresses with the Bartender.

   Notes: The Golden Triangle is an area in Southeast Asia where opiates such
   as heroin are produced in large quantities; VersaLife is the Golden Triangle
   of biotech, the most prominent producer.

   Stapledon's novel "Last and First Men" is a real book, which discusses
   the history of humanity as it progresses from the First Men (that's us)
   to the Eighteenth Men, the most advanced humans of all. Genetic Engineering
   plays a role at some points.

   The novel was written in 1930, in Britain, when WWI was a thing of the
   recent past and Hitler was not yet familiar to every household in Europe.
   It strongly condemns the 'tribalism' that creates cultural and national
   boundaries. As such, the philosophy is at odds with the main story of DX,
   where the fading of these boundaries has a grim purpose.

   You can read it here: http://www.gutenberg.net.au/ebooks06/0601101h.html

Behind the bar, you can find a 25 CREDIT CHIT and a 20% Str Lock that holds
a MEDKIT. For your info, the Whore has two ZYME VIALS on her, and the Man who
can sell you things has a 100 CREDIT CHIT on him. Find the East exit, but dive
into the kitchen instead of leaving. Find the freezer. Pass the crates and
head West.

You will find yourself by the water. Jump in. Turn the corner to the South.
There's a tunnel on your right. In this tunnel, there's another hole to your
left. Follow this path until you reach a submerged crate containing two
REBREATHERS. You can use one of them for the return trip! Swim back to the
tunnel, swim East, stick to the Northeast until you're back where you
started. Climb the crates in the freezer this time, and crawl into the vents
on the North side.

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Crawl through Old China Hand vents

Follow the path through the vent and over the canal and down the ladder 'til
you reach a Maintenance shaft filled with water. Below, under the pipes,
you can find the crate containing the Rebreathers. Once out of the crate, it's
often impossible to actually pick up the Rebreathers from this side.

You're in for a good swim. Obviously, Aqualung or Rebreathers are helpful if
you're not a quick swimmer, but a Trained swimmer can make this without taking
damage without either. Swim to the bottom, then through the hole. To the
East, there's a Baby Karkian that may bite your head off in one bite if he
gets close. Get to the West, and surface as soon as you can. There are two Baby
Karkians here that are hungry for nano-flesh, but quickly jump on the crashed
car and you're safe. Kill them from here. There's a dead body that carries
a BIOELECTRIC CELL and an UPGRADE CANISTER. I suggest you keep this upgrade
canister for now until you reach your next Augmentation.

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Upgrade Combat Strength to Level 4

The notebook explains that the background to nasty scene. This man is Tracey
Feng, A VersaLife employee who was caught up in the tunnel collapse.

Return to the Maintenance shaft. Dive back down and head East into the
submerged tunnel this time; another long swim. You'll require Aqualung and/or
Rebreathers for this trek, even at Trained swimming. Behind some rubble,
you'll find a LASER WEAPON MODIFICATION, 30.06 AMMO and

10 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 East end of collapsed tunnel

Return to the market, fully healed and fully charged, to find MJ12's genius
department: VersaLife.

 3.12 VersaLife Laboratory, Hong Kong

Skill Points to earn: 1020
 150 SP CHARACTER INTERACTION BONUS     Obtain security pass code from John
 120 SP PROGRESS BONUS                  Open elevator to lower levels
  50 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Secret VersaLife Laboratories
  50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Explore VersaLife vents
 150 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Upload Nanotech Blade ROM
  50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Enter VersaLife security booth
 150 SP PRIMARY GOAL COMPLETED          Construct alliance between Triads
 100 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Use front entrance of VersaLife
  50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               VersaLife Level 2 vents
  50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Enter AUC Monitor Station
 100 SP PROGRESS BONUS                  Escape VersaLife a second time

Augmentation Canisters:
 Cloak / Radar Transparency Augmentation Canister
 Aggressive Defense System / Spy Drone Augmentation Canister
 Targeting / Vision Enhancement Augmentation Canister
 Speed Enhancement / Run Silent Augmentation Canister
 Aqualung / Environmental Resistance Augmentation Canister
 Synthetic Heart / Power Recirculator Augmentation Canister

 Upgrade Canister x2

Weapon Modifications:

Getting the ROM-encoding can be a very quick and painless task if you know
how to hack and where to go at VersaLife, but there's also a lot of fun stuff
and goodies to be obtained. It should come as no surprise that VersaLife is
crawling with nano-technology, since this is the place where most of it comes
from. Code to the entrance is 06288, as given by Tracer Tong.

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Upgrade the Low-Tech skill to Advanced

Find the receptionist, Destiny Savannah, and she'll tell you that Hundley,
the corrupt VersaLife employee, is upstairs. As you can gather from her e-mails
stored on the computer in front of her, login DSAVANNAH/RECEPTION (you can't
obtain the login in-game), Destiny is less of a receptionist and more of an
undercover security measure with a license to kill. You can gather from Destiny
that the VersaLife employees you overheard at VersaLife are Psionics people.

   Notes: COB means Close of Business, or the last moment of the business

If you disable the guard to the West of Destiny, he carries two LOCKPICKS, but
let's not take anyone down just yet.

Check the DataCube for some VersaLife names. To the Southwest, you can find an
unhealthy work environment. Find an empty cubicle with a computer. If you're
Trained in Computer, you can create your own temporary security pass: 6512.
You'll find login info later.

Employee Mike Morgan snuck a ZYME VIAL to work. Also there are Louis Elban and
Tom Bunch, Data Entry grunts. Sarah Stern is a member of the Internal Security
mailing list that you can see if you hack her computer; she's got a gun on her,
much like Destiny. Her login is INTERNAL_SECURITY/SARAH_STERN, but you don't
find that in-game.

Return to the reception area. To the North of the Destiny's desk, there's the
security booth. If you enter this place, all guards and even Destiny will pull
out their guns and start firing, so don't. I do suggest bypassing the 20% Str
Keypad now; it will open the door. But don't go in!

If you DID go in by, say, using a Thermoptic Camo or shooting everyone, you
could find a DataCube with the login ALL_SHIFTS/DATA_ENTRY that allows you to
use any computer to give yourself a guest pass. You also find a DataCube with
the Security Log, as well as a CLIP WEAPON MODIFICATION. You can close the
door behind you; the guards may spot you through the hole, but it provides a
good way to remain unseen by the now-hostile guards from this booth.

Get to the first floor, where you'll find Gary Burkett and a newspaper.

   Notes: A chemoreceptor is a sensory organ that can distinguish chemical
   signals. Xenon and Radon are gases that cannot normally be detected by

   Since Burkett is working on a patent proposal, I deduce that VersaLife is
   trying to come up with a way for augmented agents to smell chemicals that 
   are odorless, which is probably pretty handy in chemical warfare situations.

On the second floor, some suit starts talking to you about special agents.
Okay. When you press on, he'll tell you VersaLife had him, a data worker,
working on a forklift, putting medicine onto a superfreighter heading for
the US. The VersaLife employee in the Lucky Money Club mentioned that the
data entry workers have been disappearing.

In the sea of computers, a lonely figure can be found; the disgruntled
employee John Smith. He offers to give you the code if you take down Hundley.
If you're Trained in Computers, you can hack into some great e-mails. Account
info is WGIBSON/IDORU. All e-mails here are references; the computer's accounts
can be considered an easter egg. It's basically three staff members of the Deus
Ex writing staff that write an e-mail to W. Gibson.

   Notes: W. Gibson. Gibson is the author of Neuromancer, one of the most well-
   known science-fiction book today. Idoru is another Gibson novel.

   Sheldon Pacotti is the lead writer of Deus Ex' dialogue (the website
   www.sheldonpacotti.com is real). Thomas Pynchon is science-fiction author
   who published early short stories with the title 'Slow Learner', something
   'Slower than Pynchon', which does not exist, may be a reference to.
   Demiurge is real book by Pacotti, Blue Time and Calculated Regrets are not
   (at this point). Sheldon, Austin and Chris (mentioned below) dubbed
   themselves the New Fabulists, hence the blurb about 'fabulist revival'.

   Austin Grossman wrote additional dialogue for Deus Ex. NetHack is a real
   game; a so-called rogue-like ASCII game styled after traditional pen and
   paper dungeon crawls. At the time of writing, it sits at version 3.4.3.
   The Astral Place is a location in NetHack, and the Amulet of Yendor the
   ultimate goal of the game.

   Chris Todd was the in-game dialogue writer, and his website (www.7crows.com)
   is also real. Pact of Shadows, however, is not. What is an interesting
   thought is that the movie description somewhat fits the story of DX if you
   tilt your head a bit; MJ12 that struggles to wrest control from an older and
   more dangerous foe, the Illuminati. Leviathan is a biblical reference to
   a sea monster. Leviathan is also the title of the third book of the
   Illuminatus! trilogy, which is probably the more direct reference.

When you're done, it's time to go visit Hundley, whom you probably passed on
the way here. Smith's idea is to take him down. This is a good thing to do;
you can knock him Unconscious or kill him, just make sure to do it where nobody
sees you doing it. When you hurt him, Hundley will make for a nearby Alarm
Panel first. Hundley carries a RIOT PROD and a 100 CREDIT CHIT.

Go back to John Smith, who gives you the familiar 6512 combination. On your
way to the elevator you get skill points, but only if you disabled Hundley and
subsequently spoke to Smith.

150 SP CHARACTER INTERACTION BONUS      Obtain security pass from John

Push the buttons to the tune of 6512 (MJ12 on a regular keypad, by the way)
and enter the elevator to gain an additional:

120 SP PROGRESS BONUS                   Open elevator to lower levels

You'll want to go down. Harrison will greet you. You will remember this scene
from the opening credits. This is where Bob Hope and Walton Simons, with in
the background Maggie Chow, discussed their plans for world domination. The
Hand is being patrolled by a MJ12 Trooper and an MJ12 Commando. On the statue's
base, you can find a 20% Str Keypad, but leave it alone for now. I suggest you
take down the two armed guys in here; you'll have to pass this area later, when
everybody's less calm. It's best to take down the Commando with a Prod or
Dragon's Tooth to the back, then take down the Trooper when he runs for the
Alarm Panel. There's a STEALTH PISTOL located on the base of the statue.

Find the stairs to the Southeast. To the South, you can find the cafeteria,
where you can listed in on two dialogues between two scientists. Be sure to
check out the female scientist; this is dr. Lundquist. Though she has no
important scenes in this game, from DataCubes scattered throughout the
VersaLife labs it becomes clear that this woman is in charge of the research
facility; she's in contact with Simons and all that jazz. She's also got a kid
on the way...

   Notes: Lots of references here, as with the rest of VersaLife. Base pairs
   are the building blocks for DNA. CAD/CAM means Computer Aided Design in
   combination with Computer Aided Manufacturing.

   Mendelian inheritance is a process where offspring obtains a combination
   of dominant and recessive alleles from both of its parents, and show traits
   depending on the inherited alleles. When this process is tampered with,
   you could speak of a non-Mendelian.

   Lundquist is a Swedish surname; the accent is mostly Germanish though.

There's a DataCube in the cafeteria containing some code: 525. Lundquist runs
the Universal Constructor.

In the office, you can overhear a sweet conversation between some people from
Psionics and Dr. Trellaine from another wing of VersaLife.

   Notes: Fritjov Capra (there's a typo in the game) is an Austrian physicist
   who wrote books on quantum physics and the relationship between physics
   and metaphysics.

In the armory, you can find a case of 10MM AMMO and a BALLISTIC ARMOR on the
top shelf. There's also a Terminal, but we'll get the codes later.

This is a tricky part of the game. Here, there's essential DataCubes behind
some sturdy Locks to be found, but also five MJ12 troopers and a pack of
scientists and the like. If you use Lockpicks, the scientists will panic and
you'll be attacked by MJ12 Lab Security. There are two ways to gets to the
DataCubes without alerting everybody. First is to attach a LAM to either
cabinet, then shoot it. It's kind of stupid to abuse the AI like this, in my

Second, if you can surpass 50 hardness, you can destroy the cabinets with the
Dragon's Tooth. This is done with Combat Strength at level 4, and to be at
least Advanced in Low-Tech. Slashing open the cabinets does not alert the
NPCs, meaning this is the quickest way.

Third is to have a shootout. This is tricky, since there are a lot of MJ12
troopers and one of even carries a Flamethrower, basically spelling your
doom in a single hit. Gas Grenades in the hallway are tremendously useful.
Arm one Gas Grenade and place it on a wall between the cafeteria and the
armory. Toss a second Gas Grenade in the armory. This should turn everybody
with a gun more or less helpless, allowing you to shoot bullets or Tranq.
Darts as you see fit. Alternatively, you could barricade both rooms that
contain troops with Swivel Chairs and Trashcans and the like, that helps.

You can loot the five MJ12, but none of them carry anything worthwhile. The
cabinets can be opened with Lockpicks or explosives, your choice. The one in
the armory has a 50% Str Lock and contains a MINI-CROSSBOW, FLARE DARTS, a
PLASMA CLIP and a DataCube containing Terminal login: MJ12/SECURITY. Use
it on the Terminal to disable all three cameras and open up two doors.

   Notes: MJ12IS is likely MJ12 Internal Security or something.

The cabinet in the meeting room has a 50% Str Lock and contains a BIOELECTRIC
CELL, TECH GOGGLES and two DataCubes: one has the code for the magnetic
testing chamber: 5878. The other has a master password: DAMOCLES, which can be
used with key members of the VersaLife staff.

   Notes: The password is a reference to the tale of the 'Sword of Damocles',
   where a man called Damocles learns that with great power also comes a great
   dread of losing that power when his king invites him unto his throne. Above
   the throne, tied to a single horse's tail hair, hangs a sword that at any
   moment might fall.

   The password is tied to the weapon research team accounts and thus, the
   Sword, all in all referencing the tale of the 'Sword of Damocles'. Another
   interpretation, however, is this. The tale of the sword of Damocles is
   about the ever-present fear in the hearts of rulers. Finding a master
   password called Damocles, here in the heart of MJ12's research lab, also
   symbolizes that while MJ12 is scheming and plotting, they too are afraid of
   losing the power they have.

Note that there is a hatch in the bathroom that leads, eventually, further
down into the laboratories, but there's a better way.

Return to the large red hallway with the MJ12 statue, and climb to other
stairs this time, to the North. You'll come across an absolutely crazy glass
walkway. Points for style, but minus one million for good thinking. You can
see several Men in Black patrolling below, a lot of freaky science, a Woman in
Black with a Dragon's Tooth and even... an alien or something. What the hell.

Ride the elevator up. Ignore or disable the Man in Black here, it doesn't
matter. The DataCube mentions the MChow account and Lundquist's root access,
MBATES also work with the master DAMOCLES password, but you can't learn that
in-game. Pick up the MAGNETIC AUGMENTATION CHAMBER NANOKEY. The Terminal here
gives the same options as the one in the armory. Return to the MJ12 statue.
The Terminal opened up a hole in the floor leading down. The Keypad is useless
now; the code was 12. Can you guess why?

50 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Secret VersaLife Laboratories

Travel West to find an MJ12 Trooper patrolling with a GEP Gun. I find it
useful to disable this guy; you'll have trouble with him later otherwise,
and you can steal his GEP GUN. The Level 2 Access route takes you to a dead
end, since you don't have the proper code for an INF Str Keypad. You can see
center of the room where they keep the ROM-encoding, but there's more to be
done before you go and upload it. Go down and head West, going down.

You may encounter an MJ12 Trooper carrying an Assault Shotgun, and the Woman
in Black with the Dragon's Tooth. There's no need to disable either. You come
across the sleeping quarters of the troops if you press on.

There's no need to be here. There's some minor stuff behind some minor locks,
and trying to open them aggravates the entire lot. If you must know, you can
score the following. On the South wall, from left to right: Locker 1 (20% Str
Lock) contains a PEPPER GUN and two PEPPER CARTRIDGES, Locker 2 (20% Str
Lock) contains a 50 CREDIT CHIT and 10MM AMMO, Locker 3 is Unlocked and
contains a PISTOL, Locker 4 (20% Str Lock) contains a 50 CREDIT CHIT, a
LOCKPICK and a MULTITOOL. If you're strong enough, you can use the Dragon's
Tooth to slice open up the doors without causing trouble. None of the Troopers
carry anything but weapons and ammo. What you can easily obtain is two crates
with 2 packs of 10MM AMMO. The large shower area contains ten lockers, none of
them contain anything worth mentioning. The one with the 40% Str Lock only has
a PISTOL. The Terminal controls the same things you checked out earlier.

Past the sleeping chamber to the North and East, you'll find yourself on the
walkways above the Level 3 Laboratories. You can see Maggie Chow having a
conversation with Bob Page; get close to eavesdrop. It seems some 'sweet bit
of engineering' called Icarus is going to take care of you, somehow. We'll
see. If Maggie is already dead, you will see only Bob Page, who leaves when
you draw near.

   Notes: The scene between Page and Chow solidifies the links between Page,
   MJ12 and Area 51. It is also the first time Icarus is mentioned.

  Due to a bug, you can shoot through a tiny space between the bulletproof
  glass and the wall, meaning you can kill both Maggie Chow and Bob Page here.
  Killing Maggie Chow will make the game act as if you shot her earlier,
  killing Bob Page has no effect since it's supposed to be impossible.

Take any stairs down, and marvel at what lies at the heart of VersaLife. To
the Northeast, a DataCube mentions how a virus, not medicine, is shipped by
the superfreighter to New York. It is likely the Gray Death. The MJ12 labs
beneath the sewers already anticipated this shipment when you got there
earlier in the game. The virus is going to be loaded onto helicopters for an
even faster spread of the Gray Death. There's a LOCKPICK and a HAZMAT SUIT to

   Notes: Dr. Casswell and the Lab Assistant remain unresponsive, which I
   believe is a bug.

To the Southeast, you'll find Dr. Kohl, in charge of some weird experiments.
A poor man is locked up in here, and there's two Greasels as well.

   Notes: Kohl mentions that the new test subjects showed no immune response.
   Since nano-augmentation and the Gray Death are both rejected by most
   humans (not you, Paul and Walton, however), this is a major breakthrough.

Next to the Med Bot, there's an alien carcass and the EXPERIMENTAL SUBJECT CELLS
NANOKEY. You could use it to free both the Bums and the Greasels, but they'll
just wind up getting the Bum shot. Past the Radioactive signs, you can open up
the doors with the Nanokey and enter a radioactive place where two hostile
aliens roam. JCD calls them 'Grays'. There's nothing here but death for you,
since the Grays emit radiation. Note that these creatures are immune to Fire
(Flamethrower, Plasma Rifle) and gaseous attacks (Gas Grenade, Pepper Gun). 

Note that the MiB's here are completely crazy. Stand around for some funky
monologue lines they throw out.

To the West, there's the jackpot; three Augmentation Canisters. Also here are
M. Bates and Dr. Michalopolis.

   Notes: A tokamak (misspelled in-game as tokamac) is a magnetic chamber
   that holds plasma in a stable equilibrium.

   Michaelopolis is trying out new coat-proteins that resemble normal
   phospholipids. Phospholipics are a major component in cell membranes;
   useful if you want to integrate 'alien' components like nanobots in a
   living biological host.

The code 5878 opens up the door, but you'll just gain entrance to a radioactive
room filled with four INF/INF strength containers. Walk over to the computer to
the South, and use MCHOW/DAMOCLES. The master password DAMOCLES can also be
used with MLUNDQUIST, ADONOVAN and MBATES, three VersaLife scientists high up
in the command chain. Use all four Special Options, then read some interesting
e-mails on all four accounts. You've already read those on Maggie's account,
probably, in the Dragon's Tooth location.

   Notes: From Lundquist's e-mail, it becomes crystal clear that the Gray
   Death virus is ready for airborne dissemination over New York, Washington
   and D.C., and that MJ12 is gearing up to have Ambrosia ready for anybody
   who is willing to bow down and accept their new evil overlords.

   Physiopharmaceutical augmentation, as present in the MiB, is the third
   type of augmentation found in-game. The Yitzhak Scale is fictional. Yitzhak
   is Yiddish for Isaac, the son Abraham was about to kill for his God in
   total obedience until God stepped in to stop him.

   There's an inconsistency here, by the way. Dr. Bates can be found in
   VersaLife, and she's a woman. E-mails are signed by Mark Bates, though.

   In Bates' Inbox, there's info about the Grays, where you can read that they
   can emit radiation.

   Dreamland is an alternate name for Area 51.

   Also some info on the commando's Obsidian armor. NBC battlefields refers
   to N(uclear) B(iological) and C(hemical).

Enter the chamber, and collect a BIOELECTRIC CELL and an OPTICS AUGMENTATION
CANISTER. Get to the nearby Med Bot and install what you desire. I find
Cloak to be superior to Radar Transparency; it's extremely useful in escaping
the VersaLife laboratories, at any rate. Targeting and Vision Enhancement are
both fun. If you picked up the Canister below UNATCO Headquarters, you
shouldn't need one of the Canisters. If you still have an Upgrade Canister, I
suggest you upgrade Cloak to reduce its massive Energy drain.

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Install Cloak and Vision Enhancement

In the Southwest corner of this room, you'll find a grate. Open it up and
climb through. Climb the ladders all the way up. You'll wind up in a vent
large enough you can stand. Take a left turn. Take the second turn to the
left. Beware: there's a Greasel here. A single slash with the Dragon's Tooth
should kill it, but sniping from afar is safer. Crawl all the way to the East,
ignoring all other options. You'll obtain

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Explore VersaLife vents

Take a right turn at the end, and follow the vent until you wind up in the
bathroom. Return to the hall with the MJ12 statue and find your way down
to the location where Tracer Tong mentioned you could get the ROM-encoding.
Everybody's friendly and it's familiar territory.

Know that as soon as you execute the program and leave the platform you're
on, alarms will sound and everybody will realize that you're a spy. With your
Cloak Augmentation or Thermoptic Camo, that might not be a problem. It may be
wise to disable everybody between this chamber the exit, though. With smart
Prod action, you can do them all without any hostilities from their side.

Take the elevator to the computer. MCHOW/DAMOCLES gets you access. Choose
to Upload Nanotech Blade ROM to gain

150 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS             Upload Nanotech Blade ROM

Primary Goals:

 Go to the temple in Wan Chai to cement the alliance between the Triads.

From here on, it's a sprint to the exit. The Cloak Augmentation paired with
Speed Enhancement is great, but takes great amounts of Energy. I suggest
having Cells ready to use to make sure you reach the elevator to the upper
VersaLife floors before Cloak expires. Using only Speed Enhancement is a
risky but doable option. You really only need camouflage as soon as you enter
the large red hall, and only if you didn't disable the soldiers here earlier.

When you've reached the upper levels, know that security was informed and
you're facing resistance from everybody with a gun. You can tell John Smith
on the top floor to make a run for it. Don't let security on the ground floor
see you while you descend the staircase, they'll raise the alarm.

If you followed by advice, the security booth is open. When you run inside,
you'll gain

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Enter VersaLife security booth

10 MM AMMO, a DataCube with some tidbits, another DataCube with the login
ALL_SHIFTS/DATA_ENTRY, and three Terminals that can disable some cameras pointed
out the data entry clerks.  Unless you're happy to kill everybody here, it's
probably best to Cloak yourself, run in for the skill points and the Clip Weapon
Mod, then make a run for the elevator out of here.

Get yourself to the Joss Temple next to the Luminous Path compound, where you'll
meet Gordon Quick and Max Cheng. They'll cement their alliance.

   Notes: "Joss Temple" isn't a name. Joss is just a name for Eastern idols
   brought in by Westerners. A Chinese temple is sometimes called Joss House
   in this fashion.

   The story of Gangjiang is a Chinese legend. A swordsmith called Gangjiang
   made two swords for his king, but kept one. Angered, the king had Gangjiang
   killed. The son of Gangjiang, and later an assassin, used the one sword
   Gangjiang had kept to avenge this deed by killing the king.

You can talk to the News Stand Vendor and Ian Hilton the restaurant owner about
their opinion of the truce. Also, you can confront the Drunk in the Old China
Hand with the news. Now, find Tracer Tong in the Luminous Path compound.

150 SP PRIMARY GOAL COMPLETED           Construct alliance between Triads

Primary Goals:

 Report to Tracer Tong inside the Luminous Path compound to deliver the good
 news of the truce.

Secondary Goals:

 Meet the dragon heads at the Lucky Money for drinks.

Tracer Tong will give you a code: 55655 for the Level 2 Laboratories at
VersaLife, and tell you about the collapsed Canal Road Tunnel. We already
took a look there.

Primary Goals

 Gain access to the Level 2 labs at VersaLife and locate information on the
 structure of the plague virus.

Note: due to a bug, some NPCs will mention that a 'doctor' friend is here for
you. Also, Tong's guards will mention that Paul is here if he survived the
shootout. They will be here... later. Don't bother looking for any friends
except for Alex, who has some new lines about Tong's plans for the sword.

You can visit Max and Gordon at the Lucky Money, where the bodies have been
cleaned up. The dragon heads will give you lots of expensive wine that
JCD fails to appreciate. He'll just lump them together, then down them all
at your command. For some reason, it is possible to kill Gordon Quick at this
point, but not Max Chen. Quick carries a SWORD and (1..4) THROWING KNIVES.

   Notes: Yum Sing is a Cantonese toast. Napa Valley, California, is famous
   for its wines, as is the Beaujolais province in France, where Moulin-a-Vent
   (literally: windmill) is a region. A Chianti is a wine from the region of
   Chianti, Italy. Quercegrossa is a village in the region.

If you talk to the Red Arrow members conferencing in the back room, they will
mention that a German man is looking for. Gunther...

It's time to go back down to VersaLife. Tong gave you a backdoor entrance
through Canal Road, and that's a great idea. However, you can earn more skill
points another way. It is possible to reach the Level 2 Laboratories through
the front entrance. I can already promise you there will be several MJ12
Commandos posted as extra security measure, in addition to any normal security
guard or Man in Black you left conscious the last time you were there.

Since there will be so many Commandoes to conquer, you should ask yourself
how far you're willing to go for 100 skill points. If you're doing a run where
you don't want to kill a lot, a stealth or a pacifist game, you will need
the Cloak Augmentation. At Level 1, it sprints through your Energy, and you'll
have to use a lot of Bioelectric Cells. Around 10 of them, if you're playing
smart but not optimal, to give an indication.

For a quick dive for the skill points, here goes. Go to the VersaLife entrance,
and use the 06288 code. When you're down, there are already two Commandos on
the other side of that lift door, in addition to everybody you left alive
the first time. Use the Cloak Augmentation to run to the first floor, then
disable it and run to the third floor. There is a Commando near the lift to
the laboratories. Use Cloak, punch in 6512 and quickly dive in and send the
elevator down.

There is a Model 5 Chiang Arcbot in the hallway, a massive bot that shoots
bolt of electricity that drains your health and Energy. It will also sense
you with your Cloak active, so you'll have to take it out with either your
GEP Gun (takes two Rockets), an EMP Grenade or the Spy Drone.

   Notes: The concept of a large tank-like robot shaped like a spider comes
   from the manga/anime Ghost in the Shell.

Disable or rush past the Trooper and the Commando, and dive down where another
Commando is. Cloak past him to enter the room where found uploaded the ROM. Two
Commandoes are guarding the entrance, and a Trooper may still patrol the tube.
Cloak past these guys and enter the elevator with 55655.

100 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS             Use front entrance of VersaLife

On this floor, around the corner, you'll find a grate. Open it, and drop down. 
Daedalus will contact you about a 525 code for destroying the Universal 
Constructor. Go to the North, then find a DataCube containing the 768 code to 
the Northwest. Return to the Southeast and find the 20% Str Keypad. 768 opens 
it up. Head to the West through the opening doors.

Past the fourth door, you can find a SCRAMBLE GRENADE. Push the Button to
lower the ramp. Turn left twice and find the grate with a 50% Str Lock. Ignore
it for now. Crawl past it to find a Terminal to the Northwest of the grate.
Don't worry about the bot and Commando you see; they are locked between the 
panels and cannot reach you. 

The Terminal can be opened with MJ12/SECURITY. Disable the cameras and return
to the grate. Open it up with Lockpicks or slash it open with the Dragon's
Tooth and crawl inside. In the middle, you'll gain

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 VersaLife Level 2 vents

When you drop down this hole, there's one MJ12 Commando that's patrolling
around. He's troublesome, since when you drop down, you'll make noise and/or
have pain, alerting the Commando. The "Nonotechnology Researcher" will go for
the Alarm as soon as there's fighting, and the alarm triggers the Bots. You
can shoot both from up high. You can also wait for the Commando to be far away,
jump down, disable the civilian and quickly find some cover to wait out the
Commando's alertness before you take him down with something like a Prod to
the back. He carries a BIOELECTRIC CELL. The scientist carries a MULTITOOL, two

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Enter AUC Monitor Station

To the West you'll see blue trigger lasers and several Bots, but they are of
no concern to you; they're guarding an alternate way to this place. The bots
will only activate if the Alarm goes off or when the lasers are triggered.
South of the computer, there's an interesting room with items and a Terminal.

If you're trained in Computers, you can Hack the Terminal to disable three
cameras, Open four NanoTech Containment Pods down below and Raise the
Cascade Shutdown Console. Security login in MJ12/RESEARCH, but you can't
obtain that info.

The cabinet with the 60% Str Lock contains an (unimportant) DataCube, a HAZMAT
SUIT and a BIOELECTRIC CELL. There's an EMP GRENADE on top of this cabinet,
and a MULTITOOL on the top shelf. There's a 'Robot Maintenance' Button in this
room that shut down the robots outside if you aggravated them by tripping the
blue lasers.

   Notes: If you kill his woman, the game will indicate Dead Body (Dr. Harrison)
   which makes little sense. The only Harrison mentioned in VersaLife is Claude
   Harrison, the man in the brown suit that greeted you earlier when you went
   down to the high red hall beneath Data Entry, the Supervisor. Since the
   terminal responds only to Chow and Lundquist, the woman's model is the same
   as Lundquist's and we know that Lundquist runs scans on the UC, you could
   defend that this woman you just took down IS Lundquist, they game just
   doesn't show the correct name at this point.

Use the computer and login with either MCHOW/DAMOCLES or MLUNDQUIST/DAMOCLES.
Upload the Virus Schematics and open the UC Chamber. Your primary goal as far as
Tong is concerned has now been completed, but Daedalus still wants you to
destroy the Universal Constructor. The VersaLife Facility is now under lockdown
as well; you can no longer leave the Level 2 Laboratories. If you run to the
elevator, Daedalus will contact you to mention you can now only leave by
destroying the UC. How convenient for him.

Parallel to this chamber with the Terminal, there's a passage heading South. Go
there, and find the ladder to the left. Climb down. Below, you could see a tiny
red figure, if you left Maggie Chow alive earlier. Follow the ramp 'til you find
yourself in the room in the middle.

Here, there's several Canisters. If hacked the Terminal up above, they are
yours for the taking. If not, they're stuck in INF/INF glass tubes. The
60% Str Keypads can open them, but you can't find the codes in-game. There's an
CANISTER to the Northeast (code: 02), a TORSO1 AUGMENTATION CANISTER (code: 03)
to the Southeast and a TORSO3 AUGMENTATION CANISTER to the Southwest (code: 04).
The Torso one is new. There's a moment later on where you can take this in
damaging circumstances, but they won't have you expand any resources.

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Install Power Recirculator and Upgrade
Vision Enhancement to Level 2

To the North, you can find a ladder to climb down and find a Med Bot to
install the Augmentation Canister. Power Recirculator helps reduce Energy
drain, Synthetic Heart functions as if you have your Augmentations at one
level higher.

Go to the room at the bottom, and Maggie Chow (if present) will run out to
meet you. She will use different lines if you spoke to her before, or if
you went in guns blazing. Regardless, she will come after you with a Dragon's
Tooth. She is easily disabled or killed since she has no ranged attacks and has
no augmentations. You can choose to avoid her and complete your objectives
without taking her down, but she will play no part in the rest of Deus Ex even
if you let her live; presumably the destruction of the Universal Constructor
kills her even if you don't.

The 20% Str Keypad to the East is the one where 525 will destroy the Universal
Constructor. The place will come down. Augmentation Canisters you didn't pick up
before will now fall down from behind their INF/INF containers. Two Model 2
Chiang Arcbots will come out; if you quickly type in 525 a second time, you
can trap them behind the panels. I suggest you destroy them with your Spy Drone,
EMP Grenades or GEP Gun. To the West, you'll find a ramp leading to a 80% Str
Control Panel that can shut down the arcs coming from above. You can also risk
jumping and falling through the electricity, but it sometimes just kills you
outright so it may take a few tries. Strangely, these arcs don't come into
beind until you look up; if you keep your eyes fixed on the ground, there's no

Primary Goals:

 Escape the VersaLife facility through the floor of the Universal Constructor

Leap down the Southwest hole and find the well-like pipe. The water here
is contaminated, so Environmental Resistance helps absorb damage.

Primary Goals:

 Report to Tracer Tong for information on Stanton Dowd and the Illuminati.

In the larger room, you'll find TRANQUILIZER DARTS and FLARE DARTS. There's
also the body of a diver.

   Notes: It's possible this person is one of the mythical four European
   divers that are scavenging the Hong Kong waters. No other divers can be
   found in the game, though.

In the pipe to the South, there's a Baby Karkian. Mini-Crossbow or Dragon's
Tooth your way past it. There's really only one way to go from here.

100 SP PROGRESS BONUS                   Escape VersaLife a second time

press on. The Nanokey can be used to open the blast door between the Level 2
Laboratories and the rest of VersaLife, but there's no need to do so.
Tong will contact you about the Illuminati along the way.

   Notes: Lots of technobabble again, this time pertaining to Illuminati
   fingerprints. I'll discuss them later. For now: sterics refer to the
   space between atoms. Sleeve bearings are the simplest of bearings, basically
   just a tube.

   Fold symmetry refers to rotational symmetry of an object. Basically,
   symmetry along more than axe. I'm not sure how a standard sleeve bearing
   can have 34-fold symmetry. Cut gems in a traditional diamond shape can
   have that kind of design. Anyway, the Gray Death virus, a nano-scale
   cluster of tiny machines, has a design calling card only used by the
   Illuminati scientists.

   Adam Weishaupt is a German man born in 1748 (DX' Weishaupt is from 1723)
   who founded the short-lived Order of the Illuminati. When the Order was
   banned, he lost his position as professor of law and fled Bavaria, the
   German region he was born. He landed in Thuringia, also currently Germany
   (not at the time, though) where he continued to write about his ideas on
   illumination until he died at the age of 82.

   Weishaupt's year of birth being 1723 is not a goof, but a reference to the
   Illuminatus! trilogy. In it, the so-called 23/17 phenomenon is said to
   influence world events through numerology.

You'll wind up in Hong Kong. Immediately to your right, to the North, you'll
see the docking station of the Fisherman you talked to earlier. Jump in the
canal and get out there. He'll mention the European divers again, but they're
really not here.

Swim out of the tunnel to the South, and climb the stairway to your left. To
the Northeast, you'll see a passage to Tonnochi Road. From here, I'm sure
you can find your way back to the Luminous Path compound.

Find Tong in the compound. Now that the Triads are at peace and you have
destroyed the Universal Constructor at VersaLife, the next mission is stopping
that superfreighter. You can talk to Tong with two dialogue scenes.

   Notes: You have helped Tong to unite the Triads and helped arm them both
   with Non-Eutactic Blades. Tong seems to be either aggressively anarchistic or
   just looking out for Triad interests, making sure that the Chinese government
   has minimal grasp over the organized crime cells that the Triads are.

   Also, he seems to know the Illuminati leaders by name. That's quite a feat,
   given the fact they must be a secret society half the world away. Tong's
   computer also functions on the Illuminati net, so there's some connection
   there he's not mentioning.

If you managed to keep Paul alive, he'll be here. He's out for the count. Kaplan
and Berry are laid off at UNATCO. If you told Jaime to leave UNATCO, he'll be
here to give you an UPGRADE AUGMENTATION CANISTER. You can talk to Alex again;
there's no dialogue scene, but some interesting lines nonetheless, about the
Gray Death nanomachine. Turns out Ambrosia is just a hardware module that
attaches itself to the Gray Death 'virus'.

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Upgrade Vision Enhancement to Level 3

Primary Goals:

 Board Jock's helicopter in the Luminous Path compound.

Do so.

 3.13 Hell's Kitchen, New York City

Skill Points to earn: 1230
 100 SP                                 Meet with Harley Filben
 100 SP                                 Obtain a contact from Vinny
  60 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Enter MJ12 Sewer Base a third time
 900 SP                                 Meet with Stanton Dowd
  20 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Enter Smuggler's Den a third time
  50 SP                                 Buy Rockets from Smuggler

Augmentation Canisters:

Weapon Modifications:

Primary Goals:

 Get to the Underworld Tavern and meet with Harley Filben

Note: in the Game of the Year Edition, there is no background music in this
level. A sad bug that is not present in other versions of the game.

Climb down the roof on the North side. You can enter Paul's old apartment.
There's a MEDKIT in the living room, and the secret compartment (Keypad
behind the painting: 4321) contains a BIOELECTRIC CELL, a MULTITOOL and
10MM AMMO. There are no e-mails on the computer when you login with PDENTON/

Outside in the hallway, at the top of the stairs leading down, you can find a
PROD CHARGER. On the bottom of the elevator shaft, you can find a GAS GRENADE
and a clip of 7.62x51MM AMMO. You can find a 50 CREDIT CHIT and a useless HOTEL
ROOM NANOKEY in the hotel office, and there's a clip of 7.62x51MM AMMO in the
Northwest corner of the big hall on the ground floor, but since there's two cops
there that will shoot you on sight, you may not want to bother. The ATM contains
175 Base ATM Value; you can reach it without alerting the cops if you time it
right. The newspaper holds an article by Kwesi Dodi.

   Notes: Night of the Living Dead is obviously a well-known zombie movie.
   Michael Bay is a movie director, well-known for its slick action movies
   packed with explosions.

   Boccacio's Decameron is a book from the 14th century. It's structured as a
   frame story containing 100 tales told by a group of seven young women and 
   three young men sheltering in a secluded villa just outside Florence to 
   escape the Black Death, which was afflicting the city.

In the Public Access Panel, you can find some nasty bits of info. You're wanted
for the murder of Lebedev, Navarre and Manderley, two of which you may not even
have killed. This means that if you let Manderley live earlier, Simons had
him removed anyway. In addition, the bombing of VersaLife in Hong Kong is
mentioned. While the ... of the Universal Constructor destroyed some equipment,
VersaLife itself was still there last time you checked.

On the streets outside of the 'Ton Hotel, you can find two crates containing
10MM AMMO behind the crashed car. If you want them, quickly dive back in since
there's all kinds of law enforcement on the streets.

You'll want to exit the 'Ton hotel through the window of Paul's room. When
no cops are near, place the small Metal Crate at the foot of the ladder, so
you can hop back up quickly when you need to. If you have Speed Enhancement,
you don't need to bother since you can reach the ladder with the Augmentation
active. In the Northeast corner here, among some trashcans, you can find some

Never disable anybody! Violence will spawn UNATCO Troopers from corners that
already know where you are. If you keep on murderin' eventually the many UNATCO
Troopers will stop, but it'll go on for a while. Also note that the Riot Cops
are immune to gaseous attacks, so the Pepper Gun won't work on them.

This following Smuggler section is completely optional, especially because I
tell you to visit him in the near future. However, if you go there now, you'll
get some unique dialogue and he'll offer you different items. If you don't
want to go, and there's no real benefit to it, make your way to the Underworld
bar already.

If you do want to check it out, make your way to the familiar Smuggler entrance
to the Northeast of the 'Ton Hotel. Give him the password and descend.

In the parking area, there's the familiar LOCKPICK in the chest and MULTITOOL
in the booth with the Control Panel. Who keeps replacing these? There's also
a BALLISTIC ARMOR. That's new. Jock and Tong will contact you about Smuggler.

   Notes: Tong informs you about Smuggler's avatars. Beside the fact that
   Smuggler's digital security apparently is still no match for Tong's
   genius, the word avatar is interesting. Commonly used these days, the
   word 'avatar' was introduced to Western audiences by science-fiction
   writers such as William Gibson (Neuromancer) and Neal Stephenson (Snow

20 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Enter Smuggler's Den a third time

Talk to Smuggler, who'll offer the following warez:
ASSAULT SHOTGUN         7500 credits
SABOT SHELLS             750 credits
6 LAMS                  3500 credits
Obviously, I wouldn't suggest you actually buy any of these.

   Notes: If you purchase the set of 5 LAMs, Smuggler will throw in one for
   free if you 'promise to frag some ATF for him'. ATF here likely means the
   Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, a branch of American
   law enforcement tasked with, among other things, the regulation of unlawful
   possession and sale of weapons. Since this is Smuggler's core business, he
   must really hate them.

   Another fun fact: if you somehow manage to shell out the 7500 credits for
   the Assault Shotgun, Smuggler will indeed lose the weapon he pulls out if
   you attack him. After purchase, Smuggler will only use a Crowbar to defend

Smuggler's computer has a few e-mails. The account info is HIDDEN/TRUSTNO1,
but you can't know that. Smuggler's helping out ol' NSF prominents, has
contact with someone in Russia and ICARUS IS LOOKING FOR YOU, JCDENTON.
Holy hell, that's creepy.

   Notes: Incredibly heavy reading, these mails.

   Large portions of the earths have close to no mention in the world of DX,
   and especially Russia and the Middle East are strange in the absence.

   Biopreparat was the Soviet Union's major biological warfare agency from the
   1970s on. It was a vast, ostensibly civilian, network of secret laboratories,
   each of which focused on a different deadly bioagent. Its 30,000 employees
   researched and produced pathogenic weapons for use in a major war. One of
   the facilities, a weaponized anthrax center was built at Sverdlovsk. Ken
   Alibek, after which a MJ12 researcher is named, was Deputy Director of
   Biopreparat. While Biopreparat has officially closed, in the world of DX
   it seems the program is functional, since the sender of this mail is
   mailing from SovNet.

   "Velichestvennii" is Russian for "The Majestic". The attached documents
   all are related to nano-augmentation. Looks like they have your genomes
   mapped in Russia; they had your tissue in the MJ12 lab below UNATCO HQ as

   The writer's name is a reference to Immanuel Velikovsky,a Russian scholar
   with many alternative theories on history, based on the literal
   interpretation of mythological texts. In general, Velikovsky's theories
   have been ignored or vigorously rejected by the academic community.

   The last e-mail by Decker, of Todd, Decker 'nd Young, NSF freedom fighters.

   Icarus, as you may remember is the "long-term program guaranteed to make
   (you) irrelevant", so-called by Bob Page.

Upstairs, you can find a LOCKPICK and two FLARES. The mirror is truly
unbreakable this time, even with explosives. You can use the 50% Str Keypad
to open it; bypass it with Multitools, are use the unobtainable code: 432.
and a much needed THERMOPTIC CAMO.

   Notes: Again, Ford Schick was supposed to be here, and he was even supposed
   to give you an Upgrade Canister! If you want to hear what he had to say
   and want to the Upgrade Canister like you deserve, listen here.

   Use the 'Send Message To All' command (on my computer, defaulted under the
   'T') and delete the "Say " bit. Type the following string:

   Set DeusEx.JCDentonMale bCheatsEnabled True

   Hit Enter, then type summon fordshick in same fashion. Ford should be
   summoned into existence and he'll have the lines he was supposed to have.
   Finally, type summon augmentationupgradecanister for your well-deserved
   augmentation upgrade.

When you're done, return to the surface. Dive into the Underworld bar. You
will find long-time info man Harley Filben boozing it up.

100 SP                                  Meet with Harley Filben

Primary Goals:

 Meet Stanton Dowd at the Osgood & Son's storefront, near the tunnels
 leading to the warehouse district.

Secondary Goals:

 Kill the traitor, Joe Greene in the Free Clinic.

Also in this bar is Sandra Renton, if she's still alive and has not fled to
another part of the United States. You can talk to her twice about the 'Ton
Hotel and about Vinny, the marine at the bar. She also mentions a guy in a
grey jacket was looking for you; maybe Joe Greene (though she also says it
when Joe Greene was killed earlier). You can talk to Vinny as well. Offer to
check it out for Vinny, and he'll reward you with a contact in the base and

100 SP                                  Obtain a contact from Vinny

   Notes: R&R is military slang that crept its way into civilian nomenclature.
   It means Rest and Relaxation, off-time for soldiers.

Behind the bar, you can find a MEDKIT. Don't talk to Shea about Stanton Dowd;
she's ex-UNATCO, you know, and may pass on the knowledge you're looking for
him. If you do mention his name, Shea will warn you that Gunther came by
earlier. He's dead-set on finding and killing you. The ATM contains no credits.

Return to the Southeast 'back' entrance of the Underworld bar you used to
enter. Between the clinic and bar, there's a manhole cover. Take a quick
look in the old MJ12 base. There's one living MJ12 Trooper checking out the
situation; disable him so you can move freely again. On the middle of the
bridge, you gain once again

60 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Enter MJ12 Sewer Base

On a pipe down below, you can see and find two BIOELECTRIC CELLS if you
want to have them. The ACCURACY WEAPON MODIFICATION is also down there; leap
down to the pipe with the Cells, then jump to the red pipe below it, to the
North. You can land on the pipe and lean to the side to get it, but if you
miss and land in the water, you can also reach it. The five crates in the
water contain two MEDKITS, two LOCKPICKS and some 10MM AMMO. If you must, all
the way to North, at the end of the other entrance to this sewer base, you can
find a MEDKIT, but you really shouldn't chase after it. There's tripwire lasers
and stuff and you'd be using up more resources than you'd be getting in

Get back to the surface, and sneak/Cloak towards the clinic. Daedalus will
glitch up on you on the way there.

   Notes: the glitch blurb "ps -al |" is a Unix operating system allusion.

Left of the entrance, you can find some DARTS among the trash. Right of the
entrance, a newspaper holds an article of Joe Greene discussing the existence
of Ambrosia. It's the last of a string of anti-government tabloids that is
likely only meant to make Joe Greene an attractive man to talk to for those
with an anti-government agenda.

Tenderloin Clinic is closing. You can find a Med Bot to heal up. Ignore Joe
Greene for now. There's an interesting dialogue between two Bums, Ike and
Coleman. In the room where you 'rescued' a doctor from an unfriendly Bum
earlier, to the Southwest, you can find two MEDKITS and a DataCube with
computer login info that you can use to read some e-mails: JALLRED/APPLE
and ALICE_PRIEST/SECRETARY. An apple a day keeps the doctor away? The J. Allred
account works in this room, the Secretary account on the computer near the

Take a look at the newspaper and computers. The newspaper is about Beth
DuClare. Tong mentioned her name as being one of the Illuminati leaders. The
paper says she's dead. Page's donation announcement was just for the media.
Also, an e-mail by Simons directly to all NY Medical Authorities.

   Notes: Thomas More, one of the doctors in contact with Allred, is a
   a reference to the Thomas More, a Roman Catholic saint who wrote a book
   called Utopia.

   It is implied by Joe Greene's article and these e-mails that the MJ12
   conspiracy fans the flames of the people on protest, only to have a reason
   to implement martial law and oppress and divide citizens. With roads
   blocked, public transportation on hold, the New York Net bouncing mails and
   the telephone lines dead, communication and organization is close to

In the corner, you can find Joe Greene, wearing a gray jacket. If you want to
hear his side of the story, you can give him the name of Stanton Dowd. Don't.
In fact, just confront him about UNATCO, and he'll make a run for it. You can
kill him, but there's no benefit to it. If you do mention Dowd to Greene,
he'll mention Dowd used to be a big-time importer.

When you're done, you can return to Harley Filben to get some feedback
from him on your killing.

Time to get to Dowd. From the clinic, run towards the burned-out warehouse.
You can use the walls in the park as cover, so you don't have to Cloak or
use Camo all the time. If you mentioned Dowd to Greene or Shea, you will find
that a Thug is trailing you; he'll pull out a gun on Dowd when you reach him.
Good thing you didn't tip off Greene, then. You can find a PROD CHARGER on one
of the benches in the park. You'll find Dowd over by the burning drum in the
warehouse. Sometimes he's distracted by nearby cops; he won't respond then, but
you can wait a while. For meeting Dowd, you get a whoopin'

900 SP                                  Meet with Stanton Dowd

Primary Goals:

 Scuttle the PCS Wall Cloud by destroying the 5 tri-hull welds with explosives
 and by reversing the bilge-pump flow. Pumping water into the bilges will
 destabilize the ship's weight distribution and cause the hull to split open.

Secondary Goals:

 See the Smuggler for explosives for scuttling the superfreighter.
 Bring Stanton Dowd some Ambrosia to counteract the Gray Death.

Make sure to stand around and pump Dowd for info until he's telling you to
track down Smuggler. The Illuminati are a great source for political history
in the world of DX, much of it inspired by the Illuminatus! trilogy by Shea
and Wilson.

   Notes: The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is an American nonprofit,
   nonpartisan membership organization, publisher, and think tank specializing
   in U.S. foreign policy and international affairs. It's very much like the
   Trilateral Commission and is partly funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.

   The Assassins (Arab: Romanized as Hashishim) were a order of mystic Muslims
   from the 11th century that posed a military threat to the Sunni presence
   on then-Persian territories (now Iran). Like Christianity, Islam is a
   fractured religion, and it's many branches have often had violent conflicts
   amongst themselves. The Hashishim had a strict hierarchical structure, based
   on mystic (Islamic) teachings.

   Weishaupt has been discussed, he did indeed found the Order of the
   Illuminati in 1776.

   Thomas Jefferson, the founding father and NSF idol, is now mentioned as
   an Illuminatus in spirit. Jefferson adhered to the school of Enlightenment.

   Cecil Rhodes was a British politician and mining magnate lording over
   South Africa through ownership of the diamond company De Beers. A strong
   believer in British colonialism and a member of the Freemasons, one of
   his dreams was to create a secret society that would let Great Britain to
   claim all exotic territories and reclaim the United States and found "so
   great a Power as to render wars impossible, and promote the best interests of
   humanity." The Rhodes Scholarship has sponsored excelling acadamics in all
   fields since it's establishment in 1902.

   The whole thing about Cecil Rhodes, his Scholarships and the CFR is all
   straight from the Illuminatus! trilogy, as is the fact that the Illuminati
   started in the form of the Hashishim in the 11th century.

   Finally, note that former Illuminati head driven underground Stanton Dowd,
   one the most cautious men alive, wears a coat proudly displaying the Eye.
   The significance of the red cross is lost on me; the red cross is the
   symbol of the Templar Knights.

When you're done, Jock will mention a strike team of MJ12 troops closing in.
You can sprint for the copter now, but there is one ally that you should
save: Smuggler. This is absolutely the time for a Thermoptic Camo. With
the skill points Dowd got you, maybe it's a good idea to get Environmental
Training to Advanced to make it last extra long. Cloak paired with Speed
Enhancement (and hopefully Power Recirculator) also works great. You shouldn't
have any troops firing at you. If you're too slow, the spawned MJ12 Troops
led by Gunther will start off knowing where you are and may lock on and fire
even when you're invisible. In that case, Ballistic Protection and/or Ballistic
Armor protect you.

Run for the Subway station, and find the entrance to Smuggler's. Give the
password, and take the elevator down.

Collect the MULTITOOL, LOCKPICK in a crate and BALLISTIC ARMOR if you didn't
do so earlier, and to talk to Smuggler.

Primary Goals:

 Once you obtain items from Smuggler, get back to the hotel roof and take the
 helicopter to Brooklyn Naval Shipyard.

Smuggler, due to the bug that doesn't acknowledge you saved Schick, will still
charge you outrageous prices for the explosives you need:
ROCKETS                 2500 credits
6 LAMS                  2400 credits
You can try to haggle with Smuggler, but he won't go for emotional blackmail.
If you buy the Rockets for 2500 credits, you'll get some skill points! None
for the LAMs, however.

50 SP                                   Buy Rockets from Smuggler

Make sure to warn Smuggler about the UNATCO raid of Hell's Kitchen. You can
initiate a conversation with Smuggler a second time for additional dialogue
about FEMA's grab for power.

Take the elevator back up the surface, where more than a dozen troops are
shooting you when they see you. Activate a Camo and make for the roof of the
'Ton hotel. If you find this entrance blocked by troops (may happen), consider
the other exit. The troops will be much sharper than normal, so it's likely
you'll catch some bullets even while camouflaged. Ballistic Protection, a
Ballistic Armor, Speed Enhancement, Run Silent and Regeneration are all
Augmentations that can really help out while sprinting for the 'Ton.

You'll be relieved when you reach Jock. When you look down on the streets,
you'll often see the Riot Cops, MJ12 and UNATCO Troopers having a shootout,
since it only takes one stray bullet to ignite violence between two factions.
Fun stuff! Let Jock take you out of there ASAP.

 3.14 Brooklyn Naval Shipyards, New York City

Skill Points to earn: 1894
 100 SP                                 Reach Naval Shipyards
  40 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Leap across pipes in sewers
  20 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Bypass Arcbot trap in sewers
  20 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Open Warehouse security office door
  20 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Destroy Warehouse security office door
  20 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Break in to Walton Simons' office.
  50 SP CRITICAL LOCATION BONUS         Find explosives in Ammo Facility
  50 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Climb Ammo storage boxes
  30 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Open West door of Ammo Facility
  40 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Pass Rear Perimeter Gate
  50 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Follow sewers below Main Building
  60 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Pass Sewer Control Grate
  30 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Find PCS Wall Cloud through sewers
  30 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Raise ramp to PCS Wall Cloud
  40 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Enter Crane Control
  20 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Climb Northwest ladder onto Wall Cloud
  20 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Climb Northeast ladder onto Wall Cloud
  50 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Enter nose of Wall Cloud
  20 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Reach tip of Wall Cloud's crane
  30 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Enter Captain's Quarters
  50 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Enter Bridge through South door
  30 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Enter Below Decks freighter
  40 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Enter Control Tower
 120 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Destroy first tri-hull weld
 120 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Destroy second tri-hull weld
  50 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Enter Helicopter Ops Deck 2
  40 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Crawlspace under Helicopter Bay
 120 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Destroy third tri-hull weld
  40 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Climb Helicopter landing platform
  30 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             North tunnel above fan
  30 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             South tunnel above fan
  80 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Southeast entrance Bilge Pumps
 120 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Destroy fourth tri-hull weld
 120 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Destroy fifth tri-hull weld
  40 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Find top of stairs
  24 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Jump through heating element tunnel
  40 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Get behind grate vent room
  60 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Pass roof vent of Main Building

Augmentation Canisters:
 Cloak / Radar Transparency Augmentation Canister
 Aqualung / Environmental Resistance Augmentation Canister
 Upgrade Canister

Weapon Modifications:
 Accuracy, Laser, Range, Reload, Silencer

At the moment of your arrival, you're handed 100 hidden skill points that the
game makes no mention of:

100 SP                                  Reach Naval Shipyards

Find the grate to the East. We're here to sneak past the Naval Base and onto
PCS Wall Cloud, possibly raiding the place for explosives in the process. Tong
will contact you as soon as you're past the gate.

Primary Goals:

 Enter Main building on north side of Dockyard. There may be more than one
 entry point.

 Scuttle the PCS Wall Cloud by destroying the 5 tri-hull welds with explosives
 and by reversing the bilge-pump flow. Pumping water into the bilges will
 destabilize the ship's weight distribution and cause the hull to split open.

Secondary Goals:

 Find Ammo Storage warehouse and raid ammo bunkers for more LAMs or Rockets.

Pass the 20% Str Lock on the first building. The grate on the floor between the
buildings on this side of the main gate is a booby-trapped sewer entrance to the
base. If you didn't talk to Vinny, it's your only way in. If you did talk to
Vinny, a Soldier will hand you the MAIN GATE NANOKEY. If you didn't, JC will try
to bluff his way inside, but it'll fail. Any of the three Soldiers carries the
MAIN GATE NANOKEY, and if you shoot one, you can take it. No need, though.
If the soldiers are friendly, they may mention that they are planning to blow
the whistle on what's happening here by telling Joe Greene... Inside one of
the buildings, you can find an interesting newspaper detailing Simons' manhunt
for you. The Soldier here has different lines from the ones outside, who
mentions that Bob Page was here earlier.

   Notes: The Beltway is an idiom for "federal government insiders".

Return to the grate between the two buildings on this side of the gate.
Tong will contact you about the sewers. The passage leads North. Jump in
the water; on the floor to the North side, an armed GAS GRENADE can be
found. Climb back out. You'll have to jump across the three pipes; the first
one contains an EMP GRENADE you can take. For reaching the other side, you

40 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS              Leap across pipes in sewers

Behind you, a 60% Str Control Panel shuts down the blue lasers. You can
use Multitools, or you can use an explosive to destroy the lasers. You can
also trigger them, and a panel opens up revealing three Model 2 Chiang Arcbots.
You can toss an EMP Grenade towards the panel, then triggering the trap to
see the EMP Grenade disable the Bots. The second wall of lasers triggers the
same trap, so you can just walk through them if they're still there. You gain

20 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS              Bypass Arcbot trap in sewers

The ladder leads to the surface; you'll find yourself underneath the walkway
between the Ammo Facility and the East Warehouse. You may find a FEMA Trooper
patrolling up here, so be careful. Go back down. On the East wall, there's an
armed GAS GRENADE. A few steps to the North, there's another armed GAS GRENADE.
There's another ladder here, leading up to the East Warehouse. Climb up.

There are five people in here; two armed Troopers and three Mechanics. You
can ignore the grease monkeys, but disable the Troopers. This is easily done
with Tranq. Darts; hit 'em, avoid their fire between all the crates. It's
possible two Soldiers from outside walk in; disable them as well. When they're
done, find the office in the Southwest side. There's a camera overseeing it;
destroy or disable it.

In the right cabinet of the desk, you can find the TRUCKS NANOKEY. In the left
cabinet, you'll find the security terminal login: USFEMA/SECURITY. Nice. You
can sneak there if you are unable or unwilling to disable the active camera
in this office.

Just outside this office, near the soda machines, is a security terminal Use
USFEMA/SECURITY to disable all security measures. Go back inside the office.
In the bathroom, you can find a MEDKIT under the sink and a DataCube near a
bowl. The door guarded by the 20% Str Keypad is the security office. If you
input the wrong code, the alarm will go off; it's 2249.

20 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS              Open Warehouse security office door

Due to what I guess is a bug, you can net the same 20 skill points again when
you destroy the door. If you only blow it up without opening it, you'll only
get the 20 once. Since you'll likely get the door caught in a blast of some

20 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS              Destroy Warehouse security office door

Beneath the desk, you can find the AMMO STORAGE WAREHOUSE NANOKEY. The right
cabinet contains 10MM AMMO, the drawer holds a PISTOL and the left cabinet
Terminal: USFEMA/SECURITY to set the Bots outside on Standby, turn off two
cameras and open the Main Sewer Grate and turn off the Defense Systems A & B.
This controls security measures in the sewers.

The door with the 80% Str Lock hides some crates: two cartons of 10MM AMMO, a
LOCKPICK and some WP ROCKETS. Up to you if it's worth the price of a single
explosive to blow the door open; if you can break Hardness 50, you can destroy
the door with the Dragon's Tooth.

Also make sure to hack the computer in the main office here for some new
e-mails. Login is JOSY/USNADMIN, but you can't obtain that in-game. The
other computer holds no e-mails, but can be accessed with another unobtainable

   Notes: BNS is obviously Brooklyn Naval Shipyard. SOP stands for Standing
   Operating Procedure, it's a military directive.

   Frodo Baggins is the unfortunate protagonist of the Lord of the Rings
   trilogy, where Frodo had to cross the evil lands of Mordor to destroy the
   One Ring.

Take care of all hostile NPCs in the Warehouse if you didn't earlier. Two
of the Dock Workers have a conversation about FEMA stepping in. On top
of this office, you can find ROCKETS and crates containing two cases of SABOT
SHELLS and an ASSAULT SHOTGUN. To the West, you can find the walkway of the
FEMA Trooper you disabled earlier. Unless he fell off, you can loot his body
for a LAM. There may be a Trooper below, watch out for him.

Go the ground floor and exit the building on the South side. You look out on
the gate that you could've used to enter this place. There is a FEMA Trooper
patrolling these grounds, so look for him and take him out before you return
to the Truck. You can loot his body for another LAM. Open up the Truck you
see with the Keyring to find crates containing a LOCKPICK, a BIOELECTRIC CELL
and a RANGE WEAPON MODIFICATION. To the Southeast are two more trucks you can
unlock. If you don't have Speed Enhancement, you'll need to take a small Metal
Crate from inside the East warehouse with you. The trucks contain crates with
a MEDKIT, a clip of 7.62x51MM AMMO, 30.06 AMMO and two cases of BUCKSHOT

Having raided the Trucks, it's time to first check out two building to your
West. Walk around the first building to the West, sticking to the South wall.

Find the western-most building here. Don't get close to the gate to the North
of it; there's a FEMA Trooper that can see you, and two cameras that may sound
the alarm. The door is protected by a 50% Str Lock. Open it up with the
Dragon's Tooth or Lockpicks. Inside you'll find a beautiful Repair Bot, a
LOCKPICK and a MULTITOOL on the table, another MULTITOOL in the crate. Behind
the cardboard boxes, you'll find a 80% Str Keypad with a seven-digit code.
It opens up the gate you see out of the window; let it be for now. You can
never obtain the code in-game, but it's 8675309. Leave this place fully charged
up on BE and head to the building to the East that you passed earlier.

   Notes: "867-5309/Jenny" is a song by Tommy Tutone. The song caused a fad of
   people dialing 867-5309 and asking for "Jenny".

The door of the Base Commander's office is locked with a 40% Str Lock. Open
it up, but before you open it up, take a look to the West. It's possible the
FEMA Trooper on the other side of the gate sees you at this position. Take
him out.

Just near the entrance, there's a 60% Str camera keeping track of what's going
on here. This is very irritating camera; bypass or destroy it so you can work
easy. Use the Switch near the door to create some light. The desks here all
have locked cabinets, but they are easily destroyed with the Dragon's Tooth or
other melee weapons boosted by Combat Strength. The Northeast desk has a MEDKIT
in the right cabinet, and a DataCube with a familiar copy of Millenium Magazine.
The Southeast desk has a 100 CREDIT CHIT in the drawer and a pair of BINOCULARS
in the left cabinet. The Southwest desk has a LOCKPICK in the right cabinet
and two BIOELECTRIC CELLS in the drawer. The middle drawer of the metal cabinet
needs to be opened by picking the 20% Str Lock; it contains Walton Simons'
computer login: WALTON/SIMONS. You can

   Notes: IS stands for Internal Security. Josy is one of the Navy admins,
   as evidenced by the JOSY/USNADMIN account.

You can hack the computers here, but they hold the same mails as the other
one in the Warehouse. Login accounts are SHANIA/USNADMIN (NE computer) and

Finally, the Terminal can be opened with USFEMA/SECURITY to disable two
cameras, open up the rear perimeter gate, open up the Ammo Storage Facility
and open up a door in this office.

Open up the right door on the South wall with your Keyring, and turn on the
light. You'll gain

20 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS              Break in to Walton Simons' office.

The DataCube on the desk contains the East Warehouse security code: 2249.
The desk contains a RELOAD WEAPON MODIFICATION in the left cabinet, a
WEAPON STORAGE NANOKY in the right cabinet and a 100 CREDIT CHIT in the
drawer. Use WALTON/SIMONS to access the computer to read some interesting
e-mails. It seems the Hong Kong VersaLife labs are indeed no more.

   Notes: Though PRCS is not defined in-game and it doesn't exist in our
   world, one idea is that it's the P(eople's) R(epublic of) C(hina)
   S(uperfreighter). Another theory of mine is that it stands for Painful
   Repetitious Combat Simulator, because that's also applicable. I don't like
   that level very much. If Deus Ex was the character roster for Star Wars,
   that level would be Jar Jar. 

   Read Admiral Radcheck may be a reference to Lt. Rasczak, the platoon
   leader of the debatably fascist science-fiction novel Starship Troopers.

Also note the newspaper. It seems Page has unveiled the Aquinas Protocol to
replace the Daedalus Protocol.

   Notes: The NASDAQ Stock Market is the US stock exchange. The Hague
   Commission on Secure Communications does not exist; The Hague is a Dutch
   city, currently the seat of the Dutch government as well as the
   International Court of Justice.

   The initiation of the Aquinas Protocol may explain Daedalus' bugged
   message in NYC.

   Sheldon J. Pacotti has this to say about the Aquinas Protocol: "I intended
   that as a reference to the doctrine of Natural Law, the idea that human
   society, like the cosmos, is ordered by a divine intellect. In the context
   of Deus Ex, of course, that intellect comes in human form, as the enlightened
   Illuminatus or the renegade Illuminatus, Page. Natural Law was also used to
   justify the "divine right" of absolute monarchs."

   Aquinas said there were four types of Law:
   1. Eternal Law (God's reasoning behind his ultimate, unquestionable rule)
   2. Natural Law is humanity's participation in the Eternal Law, through
      reason and will.
   3. Human Law is the actual law as is written down and maintained by police
      and judges and so forth. Is Icarus put it, the 'artibrary laws of the
	  current government'.
   4. Divine Law is the law as laid down in Christian scriptures.

   While as a former Illuminatus Page should be respectful of any great thinker
   such as Aquinas, in this special case Aquinas laid down a philosophical
   foundation for Page to rationalize his ambition of ultimate control over
   humanity. As the Supreme Enlightened, his will is Eternal Law and whatever
   a human individual, court or national sovereignty wishes is of little
   consequence philosophically since Eternal Law is supreme. Page is sadly
   ignoring that it was a fundamental tenet of Aquinas' political theory that
   rulers rule for the sake of the governed, i.e. for the good and well-being of
   those subject to the ruler.
   This is also sheds some light on a line from the intro, where Page says: 
   "Aquinas spoke of the mythical city on the hill. Soon that city will become 
   a reality." In Page's vision, America, under his absolute rule, will become
   a righteous example for the world where everybody will follow Page's Eternal

The 60% Str Locked safe contains a TORSO1 AUGMENTATION CANISTER for Aqualung/
Environmental Resistance and a familiar image of Simons' combat augmentations.
Probably useless to you.

You can use the Keyring now to open the last room if it's not already open
in this building. Turn on the light and find the BALLISTIC ARMOR and three
crates containing 10MM AMMO, a MULTITOOL and 7.62x51MM AMMO.

Go outside, and find the Ammunition Storage to the Northwest. Beware those

The Ammunition Storage is open. There are two Bots patrolling here. If
you caused a lot of ruckus in the East Warehouse earlier, they may be alert
and require violence or a Thermoptic Camo to bypass. If not, you can sneak
past them and get to the office to the West inside the building. The Radar
Transparency Augmentations might be of use to you here, but there's probably
no need to waste a Thermoptic Camo. Jock will contact you about Smuggler; if
you warned him, Smuggler survived.

Open up the Terminal with USFEMA/SECURITY to disable the Bots and disable all
cameras. Find the MULTITOOL on the ground. Use the Buttons 1, 2 and 3 to open
up storage boxes. Before going out there, climb the ladder in here for crates
containing a LOCKPICK, SABOT SHELLS and a LAW.

Storage box one has crates with 10MM AMMO, HE AMMO and 7.62x51MM AMMO. Storage
box two has crates with SABOT SHELLS, BUCKSHOT SHELLS and an EMP GRENADE, as
well as a BALLISTIC ARMOR and some ROCKETS. Storage box three has two LAMS, a
HAZMAT SUIT and a crate containing a LAW.

50 SP CRITICAL LOCATION BONUS           Find explosives in Ammo Facility

Climb these storages boxed to find that the three platforms have been raised.
to make some sort of stairs. At the highest point, you'll gain

50 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS              Climb Ammo storage boxes

Balance on the wall and find the walkway to the East. There's an INF Str
Locked door here that you can open with the Keyring. Open it up and walk
through the door for

30 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Open West door of Ammo Facility

Now, get outside to familiar territory, and find the Rear Perimeter Gate to
the West. Pass it for

40 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Pass Rear Perimeter Gate

Continue North to find the front entrance of the Submarine Facility. Beware,
a single FEMA Trooper may be patrolling here. Beware the single FEMA Trooper
patrolling here. You can enter the Main Building on ground level (code's 0909).
Press on until you meet a friendly soldier (if you talked to Vinny) and a
DataCube with a new code: 6655, for the ramp to the Wall Cloud. There's
another DataCube in this room as well, detailing FEMA's Aston Greer handing
out orders to Captain Keene. Return outside.

Find the Sewer Control Valve shack to the North east. You shouldn't need to
enter and operate it, since you opened up the grate with a Terminal. Climb
down the grate in the floor outside the shack. To the Southwest, you can see a
LAW here, but you'll want to go to the North. It's possible there's a big
grate here blocking your way, but if you followed the walkthrough, there should
be none.

50 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Follow sewers below Main Building

There's an armed LAM on the wall.

60 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS              Pass Sewer Control Grate

Walk on, ignoring the ladders for now. Tong will mention that the sewers
lead to the water. When you see a big ship, you've found the PCS Wall Cloud
and gain

30 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Find PCS Wall Cloud through sewers

Primary Goals:

 Get onto ship

Do not go into the water, but climb the ladder up. You'll appear behind some
brown barrels; there's a wooden walkway to the North. There are three MJ12
Troopers patrolling here, take them down. To the West, you can find the back
entrance of the main building. If you befriended Vinny, a Mechanic in here will
tell you the code to activate the ramp: 6655. If not, you can find it on a
DataCube in a locker one level up; there are no enemies, and the cameras won't
sound the alarm.

Return to the walkway, and input the 6655 code into the Keypad to gain:

30 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS              Raise ramp to PCS Wall Cloud

One last thing before we board the ship. Even more to the West, you can find a
door labeled 'No Unauthorized Personnel'. Enter it and take the elevator to
Crane Control. Entering it will get you

40 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Enter Crane Control

Take the elevator down and find the ramp again; you neglected some areas now
but we'll get back to them naturally. Walk the ramp onto the Wall Cloud.

Primary Goals:

 Find a way to the lower decks.

Now, walk around the edges of the ship in a clockwise motion, going West, North,
etc. In the Northwest corner you can find a ladder leading into the water;
take a quick dip down the ladder for:

20 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS              Climb Northwest ladder onto Wall Cloud

Head East and either disable the two Chinese soldiers you encounter or Cloak
past them. In the Northeast corner of the ship, you can find another ladder with
a small reward if you climb down it a bit.

20 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS              Climb Northeast ladder onto Wall Cloud

Balance on the railing and move past the huge stack of crates to the Southeast.

50 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Enter nose of Wall Cloud

You'll find a GEP GUN and a crate containing ROCKETS here as well.

Balance on the railing and move past the crates again and head to the West.
Past the crates, turn right. On the deck, very close to the crates, is a LAM
on the ground. To the Southwest of this grenade, you'll find an open container
with another LAM, a BALLISTIC ARMOR and two crates with a MEDKIT and 30.06

Close by, you'll see a huge metal crane you can climb. Climb both ladders up,
then leap onto the horizontal part of the crane. Towards the end, you'll gain

20 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Reach tip of Wall Cloud's crane

Climb back down. Find the other crane, to the West. In crates scattered across
the metal containers, you'll find an EMP GRENADE, a LAW, a GAS GRENADE and 10MM

Being careful to avoid Chinese military men that may still be alive, make for
the ramp on the South end of the ship. Here, you can easily see the door leading
into the ship.

Open the door. There's two patrolling Sailors with Pistols, and in the Command
Centre there's two Chinese Soldiers. When these are dealt with, this part is
completed and you can go visit the lower levels.

   Notes: In some versions of the game, but not mine, you gain 75 skill points 
   for entering the ship.

First, know that there are four levels to this part. Also know that the
metal you're walking on makes a lot of noise and may alert people on the
level above and below you; it's difficult to know where they are sometimes,
since you'll be hearing footsteps from all directions. The Run Silent and
Vision Enhancement Augmentations can help here, to keep your footsteps to a
minimum and remain aware of your surroundings.

First, locate the two patrolling Sailors and disable them quietly. This may
take a few tries; keep on the level you entered and the one above it; don't go
in any doors and stay out of sight from the cameras. Always crawl or have Run
Silent active.

Go to the level above the one you entered, the level with the Sickbay and
the Electronics Lab. Find the grate between them on the East wall and open
it up. Crawl to the South to wind up in the Electronics Lab. There's a Repair
three MULTITOOLS, two BIOELECTRIC CELLS, a DataCube with a code (83353) and a
DataCube with computer login: ROOT/REINDEERFLOTILLA.

   Notes: "Reindeer Flotilla" is a reference to the movie TRON, where it is
   a password. A flotilla is a formation of smaller warships.

   The DataCube recorded a failed installation of BLUEOS, an operating system.
   IBM is often nicknamed 'Big Blue', and BLUEOS could be a reference to IBM's
   ultimately failed line of operating systems.

In the Sickbay, there's a Medbot. In the cabinet of the desk, there's the
BELOW DECKS NANOKEY. With that, our quest is actually already over, but
there's more to gain here, including an Upgrade Canister so stick around.
The DataCube holds the code for the bridge in engineering: 9753. There's a
PEPPER GUN and a MEDKIT in the cabinet, and a MEDKIT in the crate.

Find the Southwest corner of this level; there's a grate there. Beware the
camera to your right; you can slice it up provided you have the right training
and Combat Strength. Ignore the vent and find the stairs going up. Nearby the
Command Centre, two Chinese Guards can be heard discussing the fact that Simons,
as head of FEMA, can effectively take over transportation, media and natural

   Notes: RX 84 has been discussed before, when Simons threatened the NSF
   prisoners in UNATCO HQ. It's strange that the Chinese Soldiers talk like
   accent-less MJ12 Troopers and would discuss American politics. My guess is
   that there was a mix-up where one part of the dev team assumed these guys
   where Chinese military and the other part thought they were FEMA Troopers.

   An executive order is issued the United States President; in this case,
   president Mead. Mead is a pawn, willing or unwilling, in Walton's rise
   to power by giving out the executive orders mentioned. 

   There has been a National Security Act in 1947, which established the
   CIA. The Defense Production Act (1950) gives the president the power to
   force contracts, allocate materials and services and otherwise control the
   civilian economy when necessary for national defense. In other words,
   the DFA gives the President complete control over US commerce.

Remain quiet so you don't disturb these guys. Find the Captain's Quarters. The
Keypad responds to 65678, but you don't have it yet. If you don't want to
cheat, use a Multitool or two. For entering, you gain

30 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS              Enter Captain's Quarters

There's a second copy of the BELOW DECKS NANOKEY in the nightstand, and a
DataCube under the bed containing KZHAO/CAPTAIN computer login. You can listen
to Simons' message to Captain Zhao by pressing the Button. On the desk, you
can find the Armory code: 71324, in the drawer a 2250 CREDIT CHIT and in the
right cabinet another DataCube. You can use KZHAO/CAPTAIN to read some of
Zhao's e-mails. It seems Zhao has been strong-armed into commandeering the
superfreighter, and the Chinese government is also on his case about it.

Open the left door to the Command Centre: code is 83353. Sneak in and disable
both Soldiers. The DataCube contains the Captain's code: 65678. In this room,
under the desk with the computer.

Go outside to the hallway. The Terminal in the hallway can be Hacked; login
cannot be found in the game but it's the ever-original SECURITY/SECURITY. You
can turn off three cameras with it, and open up a door to the Command Centre
and the Armory below.

The Bridge holds a camera; unless you turned it off, you should keep it in
the back of your head. To the Southeast, you can find a crate that sometimes
contains an EMP GRENADE or 7.62x51MM AMMO; this appears to be random. If you
walk out the metal door, you gain

50 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Enter Bridge through South door

Outside, you can walk across the ledge to the West. Around the corner, you
may see the last conscious enemy; this is a good sniping location, so disable
him and return to the Bridge.

Find the Armory on the lower level. If you hacked the Terminal, the door is
open; if not, the code to the Keypad is 71324, or you can slice it open with
the Dragon's Tooth if you're sufficiently boosted. You find here two clips of
There's also crates containing a THERMOPTIC CAMO, two cartons of 10MM AMMO
and a LOCKPICK. Also take this opportunity to get to the Repair Bot and Med
Bot to heal yourself to da max.

Get the lower level. To the Northwest, you can find an AMBROSIA VIAL in a
lab-like room. Dowd could use this, so take it with you. You can use this
Vial yourself, but it will have no effect on you. In the safe here, you can

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Upgrade Vision Enhancement to Level 4

On the South East side, you can find the bunk beds. The one locked cabinet
contains a MULTITOOL (20% Str Lock), you can also find a BIOELECTRIC CELL.
On the North East side, you can find a 100 CREDIT CHIT behind a 20% Str Lock.

Time to go below decks. Unlock the door with the Keyring. For passing, you

30 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS              Enter Below Decks freighter

When you reach the lower levels, you enter a large and potentially confusing
area. Check your images. You are now on Deck 2. You've walked down the stairs
of the lower-right square room. The bottom side of this map is the North.
All tri-hull welds are located on Deck 1.

Just after the LOADING screen, do a 180 and see two GAS GRENADES on the floor.
Since they're positioned close to the border of the map, walk carefully towards
them until you can reach them.

Since it's likely that you'll want to leave the ship ASAP after you've
blasted the fifth weld, let's save the one closest to the exit for later.
Descend the stairs to the South. Careful... there's two Chinese Guards below.
Make a 180 at the foot of the stairs to find the two Guards in the room to
the right. You can disable them, but it's not necessary.

Check your map again. You're on Deck 1, the guards were stationed between
the Boiler area (top-right) and the Bilge Pump/Electrical pathway. We'll
blow up one weld point here now, and save one for later so we can leave
quickly when we're done here.

Head into the Boiler room, keeping the South wall to your left. This entire
room is devoid of Chinese Soldiers; only the guards behind you may disturb
you. You pass a big gray tower. This is the Control Tower. Turn right around
its corner; dead ahead, to the North, you'll find a 20% Str Keypad. We've
got the code for this: 9753 to raise the bridge in engineering. Behind the
Keypad, there's a ramp going on. Go up.

To the Northeast, there's a crate containing a LAM. Near the North wall,
there's a crate containing a BIOELECTRIC CELL. To the Northwest, you could
find a tri-hull weld point, but this is the one we'll want to save for the
very end. Find the ladder near the ramp, and climb up. The walkway leads
into the Control Tower. Be silent inside, there's three Sailors with Tranq.
Darts upstairs.

40 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Enter Control Tower

To the Southeast, you can a ladder leading up to the Control Room. There's
BUCKSHOT SHELLS on the ground by the ladder. Upstairs, you can disable the
Sailors. Beware! When the alarm panel is used to sound the alarm, a turret
will make your life miserable. You can also use the Cloak Augmentation or
an Thermoptic Camo to remain hidden while you reach for the Terminal from
the top of the stairs, though you'll miss out on three clips of TRANQUILIZER
DARTS that you can obtain from looting the bodies.

Use the Terminal. The Security Terminal responds to the info you found in the
upper levels of this ship: ROOT/REINDEERFLOTILLA. Disable the three cameras
and open up the door labeled Main Below Decks Entry. Get down the ladder.
Find the adjacent room to the Southwest, where you can find a BALLISTIC
ARMOR. Use the small Metal Crate to reach the window. Break it, and leave
on the red metal pipe, which you must follow 'til you see several gray Metal
Crates below, as well as... a tri-hull weld point! Leap down, you'll take
minor damage if you don't activate Speed Enhancement. Tong will contact you
about the weld points.

   Notes: A tri-hull boat differs in design from others, such as a V or flat
   bottom boat, and combines characteristics of the two into a vessel boasting
   certain advantages. Like a V hull boat, the tri-hull has a prominent hull
   in the center. The tri-hull has two additional, smaller hulls, one to
   either side, that contribute to qualities like quick planing and stability
   at rest.

There are three crates here containing a LAM, 7.62x51MM AMMO and a BIOELECTRIC
CELL. Climb the metal crates until you're standing on the metal wall, then
use an explosive to blow up the weld point.

120 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS             Destroy first tri-hull weld

Leap down on the other side. This is one of the very few instances where
Microfibral Muscle is handy, since you could've put a Barrel on this side
of the wall, and leapt across with Speed Enhancement. Whatever. If you didn't
disable the guards earlier, they may be attracted by the noise of the
explosion, so you have to be very careful when you make your way to the
Southeast corner.

Now, let's get to the weld point that can be found in 'Electrical'. I like to
do this one, since there's a Repair Bot there. In the area where the two
guards were stationed, there's two crates containing DARTS and TRANQUILIZER
DARTS. Beware the camera to the West. First, for a quick detour, head South.
There's 10MM AMMO behind the crates to your left. Around the corner, there's
a LOCKPICK in a chest, and some DARTS on the floor. Find the Terminal. Use
ROOT/REINDEERFLOTILLA to disable three cameras and open up a door. Return to
the guard post.

Head North, and then East. You pass a door that says Engine Room. You opened
the door on the other side when you messed with the Terminal up in the Control
Tower. Ignore it. Behind the barrels, there's BUCKSHOT SHELLS. Behind the
crates, there's two wooden crates with 30.06 AMMO and 7.62x51MM AMMO.

Talk to the Electrician you find.

   Notes: Transformers are devices that change AC voltage or perform current
   conversion of electrical currents.

   A Capacitor is a device that stores electricity within an electric system.
   Between two plates, one positive and one negative, separated by a kind of
   insulator, the built-up charge will move from one plate to the next when
   certain conditions are met. in a sense, regular lightning between clouds
   and the earth are a natural phenomenon similar to how a capacitor operates,
   meaning that both the Mechanic's mention of capacitor and this description
   was not strictly necessary.

Secondary Goals:

 Cut the power to the transformers that are shorting out and electrifying the
 overhead walkway. Two control panels must be shut down, one of them under
 the floor.

There's a MULTITOOL on the floor, and a HELIBAY OPS ROOM NANOKEY on the
small Metal Crate. Enter the opened door; there's a small Arcbot in the room.
Destroy it. Daedalus may contact you here about DuClare. Dude, I'm busy! You
can see the fireworks coming out of the transformers.

Find one of the two 40% Control Panels to the Southwest, and bypass it.
Behind you, there's a grate in the floor; open it up and go down. With Vision
Enhancement, you can see another small Arcbot trapped behind a panel. If you
cross the blue laser, the panel opens up. The 20% Str Control Panel shuts down
this laser. Don't worry about the camera, it doesn't respond to you. Find the
second 40% Str Control Panel to complete your objective. Return to the

In the Southeast corner of this room, you can find another grate; the tunnel
below leads to the Helicopter Bay. We'll get there later. In the Northeast
corner, you can find your second Tri-Weld Seam. Tong will contact you about it
when you draw near. Use an explosive and gain:

120 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS             Destroy second tri-hull weld

Climb the ladder in this room near the entrance. The overhead walkway is
no longer a life-threatening hazard. You could've crossed it with Energy
Shield or something, but this is way better. Open up the Terminal with
ROOT/REINDEERFLOTILLA. Disable the cameras and open up the door to the
Helicopter Bay Operations. Press on to the West. Careful! There's a Chinese
Soldier patrolling here. Around the corner you should stick to the wall to the
left to avoid being detected by the camera. Open up the Terminal with ROOT/
REINDEERFLOTILLA to disable three cameras. Return to the overhead walkway.

Cross the overhead walkway; careful, through the newly opened door, two
Soldiers can see you. You don't have to enter this room at all; find the
Security Terminal on this side. ROOT/REINDEERFLOTILLA allows you to disable
two more cameras and control one turret in the Helicopter Bay. Enter this
room and disable both Soldiers.

50 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Enter Helicopter Ops Deck 2

If you break the window, you have a very advantageous sniping position to take
down the two Soldiers patrolling. There are two more in the main building that
may be attracted to the action. When you're content, find the grate leading
down, break the crate containing a MEDKIT and open the door to the South.

One of the patrolling soldiers outside has a LOCKER ROOM NANOKEY, and another
has a LAM. The Soldier inside also has a LOCKED ROOM NANOKEY, but this one is
for a different lock. The two crates near the South wall contain 10MM AMMO and
7.61x51MM AMMO. The ones near the North wall contain a LOCKPICK and a MEDKIT.

Inside the building, you can find a DataCube with the hangar code (4453),
BUCKSHOT SHELLS under one of the beds, and there's a BALLISTIC ARMOR on the
floor near the lockers. The lockers both have a 20% Str Lock. The left one is
opened with the Nanokey of the Soldier inside this building and contains 10MM
AMMO. The right one is opened with a Nanokey of the Soldier on the stairs
and contains DARTS and a PROD CHARGER. Find the ladder in the Northeast corner
here and climb on top of the landing platform. When you near the 'copter:

40 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Climb Helicopter landing platform

Time to destroy the third weld point. When you destroy the tri-hull weld point
here, on the Eastern wall, you gain

120 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS             Destroy third tri-hull weld

You're done here. Two more weld points to go. Return back to Electronics. Find
the grate not far from the weld point and follow it back to Electronics and

40 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Crawlspace under Helicopter Bay

You can also find some 10MM AMMO here. When you crawl out, pass the Repair
Bot and enter the room to the South.

You are now below the Cooling Systems. There's a MULTITOOL on the floor.
In the crate beneath the camera, there's a BIOELECTRIC CELL. Climb the
ladder up to find yourself in a room with a giant fan that will send you
up. There's a platform ring where you can find another MULTITOOL and another
BIOELECTRIC CELL, and even higher up two entrances; one to the North and one
to the South. First, land in the North opening. Walk a bit, but don't fall
down, to get:

30 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               North tunnel above fan

If you fall down and walk ahead, you can find tunnels towards Electronics,
the Helicopter Bay and the tunnel between the Cooling Systems and the Bilge
Pumps, all so high that you can jump out of them, but not into them. Don't
go there, and make your way to the South entrance. You'll gain another

30 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               South tunnel above fan

Leap all the way down, carefully, 'til you reach a split. If you crawl to
the Southwest, you'll reach the Bilge Pumps, but we'll get there later. Crawl
to the East. Just before a grate, you'll find a PROD CHARGER. Leap down.
To the South, there's a Chinese Soldier patrolling. Disable him first, and
find the DARTS behind the barrels. Return to the room overlooking the
Helicopter Bay. There's three crates containing a GAS GRENADE, a BIOELECTRIC
CELL and 7.62x51MM AMMO. There's another PROD CHARGER on top of the crates.

To the North, you can find a door guarded by a 60% Str Keypad. The code
cannot be found in this game. It's 9999. Look for yourself if you want to cheat
or spend the Multitools: you can find two crates containing a LOCKPICK and a
AUGMENTATION CANISTER containing Cloak/Radar Transparency. If, like me, you
installed neither Aqualung nor Environmental Resistance, you have a use for
this thing.

Find the door past where you found the Darts, and use the Switch to open it.
You will enter into the Bilge Pumps room, guarded by two Chinese Soldiers.
There's a camera high up to the South; if you have a Gep Gun, I suggest you
destroy it from inside the hallway if it's not deactivated already. Then,
wait out the alarm. If not, tough luck, you'll have to accept the alarm. If
you enter the Bilge Pumps room from this side, you gain

80 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Southeast entrance Bilge Pumps

Disable the two Soldiers from your advantageous position. The crate here
contains a MEDKIT. Leap down. Before you do anything else, I find that a third
Chinese Soldier emerging from the door to the Northwest often crashes the
party, so for your peace of mind, you might want to disable him first before
doing any of the following. If you went for the Security Terminal that
controls the vent cameras earlier, this soldier may already have been dealt

There's a crate containing a MULTITOOL. To the Southwest, in the hallway,
you can find a Terminal (ROOT/REINDEERFLOTILLA) that controls three cameras.
Near the barrels, you can find some DARTS and a LOCKPICK in a crate. You
are now on Deck 1, in the hallway connecting the Boiler room and the Bilge
Pumps. Return to the Bilge Pumps, and find the TRANQUILIZER DARTS near the
yellow barrels.

   Notes: A bilge pump is a water pump used to remove bilge water. The bilge
   is the lowest compartment of a ship, and this is where water gathers.
   Bilge pumps are needed to drain this water to prevent too much water
   gathering and the ship sinking. By reversing the flow of the bilge pumps,
   they would actually pump water into the Wall Cloud, since the lowest
   compartment would be below sea level.

Find the computer in the Northwest corner of this room. There's a PROD CHARGER.
Tong will contact you about what you'll need to do: use the Bilge Power Switch,
then use the computer. ROOT/REINDEERFLOTILLA or KZHAO/CAPTAIN both allow you
to Reverse the Pump Flow. You can find the third weld point to destroy in the
Southeast corner.

120 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS             Destroy fourth tri-hull weld

All that's left is destroying the last weld point in the boiler room. On the
lower Deck 1, find the door to the Southwest. You'll wind in familiar
territory, the Engine Room to your West. You can find 'Electronics' for a
quick rendezvous with a Repair Bot if you want.

It's very simple. Find the last tri-weld Seam in the Northwest corner; there's
one last crate containing a MULTITOOL nearby. Blow it up, then hightail it
out of the PCS Wall Cloud through familiar territory. The friendly mechanic
near the Repair Bot will start panicking at this point.

120 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS             Destroy fifth tri-hull weld

If you brought the Augmentation Canister to install Cloak/Radar Transparency,
you may want to visit the Medbot on the Upper levels. There's also a Repair
Bot for you if you want some Energy.

Don't worry. I'm sure 30 minutes is enough time for all the Unconscious to
wake up and not drown and/or explode.

Primary Goals:

 Meet Jock on the roof. At the west of the dock is a maintenance store to
 the air conditioning system. Use the ladder inside to get into the
 ventilation channels and up onto the roof.

Exit the ship on the South side, and leap down into the water. Enter Crane
Control. Ignore the elevator and climb the ladder.

40 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Find top of stairs

Head West, past the Loading screen, 'til you find a Security Terminal. You can
see a BIOELECTRIC CELL on the floor here. You don't have the information to use
it, but you can Hack it to open a door un unknown origin. Continue to the
Southwest to enter a tunnel with a rotating shell with a heating element in the
middle and two small Arcbots. Disable or destroy the bots and continue to the
South. In the middle, there's a powerful heating element that will deal 20
Burned damage to your torso every second; the Energy Shield Augmentation reduces
damage taken.

24 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS              Jump through heating element tunnel

Past the next door, there are three small Arcbots. A Scrambler Grenade is gold
here to turn them on each other. Make sure to disable them. You'll find a large
rotating fan here; I find it best to destroy it with an explosive; if the fan
hits you when you climb up, it'll kill you instantly. Next to the pipe to the
West, you'll find a MULTITOOL on the ground. To the East, you will find a ladder
and a grate; just past the grate you'll score

40 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Get behind grate vent room

but you'll want to climb the ladder. If you didn't destroy the fan, you'll
have to time your climb or be killed by the blades. There's a clip of 7.62x51MM
AMMO on the platform of the fan if you must have it. On the level at the top
of the ladder, you can find a LOCKPICK lying around to the Northeast. Find the
vent to the South, crawl through it to arrive just behind a grate with an INF
Strength Lock. Destroy the grate with a powerful melee weapon or an explosive.

60 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS              Pass roof vent of Main Building

You'll find yourself on the roof with Jock's copter. Time to get out of here!

 3.15 Lower East Side Cemetary, New York City

Skill Points to earn: 380
 200 SP                                 Obtain new mission from Stanton Dowd
  20 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Secret North passageway Dowd crypt
  20 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Secret South passageway Dowd crypt
 140 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Blow up EM field generator

Augmentation Canisters:
 Upgrade Canister

Weapon Modifications:

Jock dropped you off near the old Dowd family crypt, where Stanton is waiting
for you. Use the Call Button to make the Gate Keeper open the gate for you.
In his shack, you can find a MULTITOOL on the table and a MEDKIT under the

Primary Goals:

 Meet Stanton Dowd at his family crypt inside the graveyard.

The painting can be removed to find a 20% Str Keypad. If you use Multitools
to bypass it, a bookcase will reveal a strange machine. Whatever, let's find
Stanton. Outside, near the shack, you can find some BUCKSHOT SHELLS. In the
cemetery, you can find a BIOELECTRICAL CELL in an empty grave, and HE AMMO
behind a tombstone in the Northwest corner.

   Notes: To the Northwest, a tombstone reads: Bill Iburg, Noble Paladin,
   "Lord Brinne", a tribute to a real man who was very active in the Ultima
   (fantasy video game) community and who died in 1999. Warren Spector, lead
   producer of DX, also worked on several Ultima games.

This is actually a tunnel with ladders; ignore it for now, and find the Dowd
crypt. Find Dowd inside.

Dowd gives you a new mission. Through Nicolette DuClare, get into contact
with Everett, a former Illuminati leader who will be able to help Tong
crate a cure for the Gray Death. Nicolette is a member of Silhouette, a French
group allied with the NSF in opposing the UNATCO force. Paul called Silhouette
the brains of the resistance movement.

If you took the small barrel of Ambrosia with you from the PCS Wall Cloud, JC
will give it to Stanton. If you used it, of if for some reason don't have it in
your inventory when you talk to Dowd, JC will lie about ever having found the
stuff. If you give the Ambrosia to Dowd, you'll be rewarded with an image of
places to search for in Paris.

200 SP                                  Obtain new mission from Stanton Dowd

Primary Goals:

 Take the helicopter to Paris. Make contact with Silhouette in the Paris

   Notes: It seems the Gray Death nanodevice was originally an augmentation
   nanodevice, programmed by Page to act as a nanovirus.

   Master of Tyre is a rank within the Freemasons.

   Well, you know, yoga. Yoga has all kinds of schools, and Hatha Yoga is one
   of them. It focuses, among other things, on the purification of the body and
   breathing exercises.

   Page implemented a secular hierarchy of security clearances. The UN has nine
   levels of security above Top Secret. The Christian angelic hierarchy that is
   used seems to be the one put forward by Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite in
   the 4th or 5th century in his book De Coelesti Hierarchia (Latin: On the
   Celestial Hierarchy). To fill in the gaps:

    * Angel/0A (lowest level above TS, UNATCO Trooper)
    * Archangel/1B
    * Principal/2C (J. Reyes' nano-aug knowledge)
    * Domination/5F (you were cleared for 5F missions, knowledge of Project
    * Throne/6G (knowledge of mech-aug killswitches, MJ12 ops in NYC, handling 
	  of Gray Death virus)
    * Seraphic/8X (Highest level of security, Area 51)

   Paul also mentioned God clearance. It is not explained if and how this
   fits into the above hierarchy.

   Down mentions the Crusades again. The Order of Assassins, which he mentioned
   in NYC, existed at the same time; late 11th century.

There's some goodies you can take from the Dowd crypt. On the table near the
computer, there's a MULTITOOL and a PISTOL. The computer holds a mail from
Tong, if you hack it. The login is SDOWD/ILLUMINATI, but you can't find the
info in-game. This e-mail exchange may be the reason Tong's network is the
Illuminati network. There's a LOCKPICK in the crate on top of the stairs.

The coffins can be opened, and Stanton stored some weird things in there.
You can use a small Metal Crate to reach whatever you find in one of them.
The North one is empty, the Northwest coffin holds a GAS GRENADE, a LAM, an
EMP GRENADE, BUCKSHOT SHELLS and 7.62x51MM AMMO. The Southwest coffin holds
some consumables... Damn, but that's a weird way of keeping your Sodas cold.
The South one opens up into a secret tunnel! Wait just a moment.

Behind the Dowd plague, there's a hidden safe with a 60% Str Lock. It is
possible to open the safe with the Dragon's Tooth, but it requires a high
investment in Combat Strength. Inside, you can find an UPGRADE CANISTER.

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Upgrade Vision Enhancement if you didn't
 get an Upgrade Canister from Jaime. If you did, Upgrade Power Recirculator.

Below the stairs, you can find a door-like panel that slides open when you
get near it. For passing through, you get

20 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Secret North passageway Dowd crypt

Find the crate with the 10MM AMMO and return to the crypt, this tunnel leads
outside, into the grave you saw earlier. Now, jump down the grave on the South
wall. You land on a crate containing a LOCKPICK. For passing through this
tunnel, you gain

20 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS              Secret South passageway Dowd crypt

You can find a MEDKIT in a crate here. Before you can crawl out, Jock
contacts you. There was a trap!

Primary Goals:

 Disable the EM disruption field that is preventing Jock from landing. The
 source seems to be a small building just inside the cemetery gate.

That late-working Gate Keeper and his hidden machine behind the bookcase is
to blame here. Open the lid. You open up Bill Iburg's tombstone.

There are four MJ12 Troopers outside looking for you, and there's one close
by. The Vision Enhancement Augmentation can help you choose a good time to
open up the lid. When you crawl out, you're facing East, and there's where you
want to go. It's easily doable to get there without any form of cloaking, but
just to be safe, the Cloak Augmentation can be very helpful.

Find the machine. The Gate Keeper is now armed and violent, so take him down.
He carries a STEALTH PISTOL. You can destroy the machine behind the bookcase
with any bullet or melee weapon. Even a Dart works. It explodes, but doesn't
hurt you. When Jock contacts you, his helicopter is there waiting for you to
the North of the building.

For blowing up the EM disruption field generator, you gain

140 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS             Blow up EM field generator

Get to the chopper! There are now even more MJ12 Troopers, but stick to the
East wall and they'll never see you before you reach Jock.

 3.16 Denfert-Rochereau, Paris

Skill Points to earn: 2750
  50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Find Aimee's place
  50 SP PROGRESS BONUS                  Exit radioactive room
 200 SP                                 Update Aimee about the dead Greasels
  50 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Reach the streets of Paris
 250 SP CRITICAL LOCATION BONUS         Reach the Catacombs
 150 SP CRITICAL LOCATION BONUS         Find Silhouette's hideout
 250 SP SUBJECT ACQUISITION BONUS       Find Chad, leader of Silhouette
 150 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Pass Catacombs' Blast door
  50 SP ADVANCEMENT BONUS               Reach Bunker 3
 250 SP SUBJECT ACQUISITION BONUS       Find Silhouette hostages
 500 SP                                 Bring back both hostages to Chad
  50 SP ADVANCEMENT BONUS               Reach Sewer Tunnels
  50 SP ADVANCEMENT BONUS               Pass through Sewer Tunnels
  50 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Enter Street Station 17
  50 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Find Zyme in Bakery
  50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Enter digital media store
 100 SP ADVANCEMENT BONUS               Enter La Porte de l'Enfer
  50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Enter La Porte de l'Enfer storeroom
 300 SP                                 Find Nicolette DuClare
  50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Enter house arms smuggler
  50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               #12's balcony

Augmentation Canisters:

Weapon Modifications:
 Accuracy, Clip, Laser, Range, Recoil (1200 / 400), Reload x2, Scope x2

Jock drops you off on top of an abandoned skyrise. You'll need to get down.

   Notes: Place Denfert-Rochereau is a public square. It's interesting to
   note it used to be called Place d'Enfer. It's a public square, and the
   location of the Paris Catacombs.

There's a service elevator with a 60% Str Keypad you don't know the code to,
and there's a multi-leveled shaft you can jump down. Without Speed Enhancement
you'll get hurt every jump though, and a wrong jump will get you killed. In
the Northeast corner on the roof, there's a shack with a sturdy door keeping
you out with a 50% Str Lock attached. I suggest an explosive.

Inside, you'll find a NAPALM CANISTER, three FLARES, a CROWBAR and a book
containing a contract about the renovation of the building. It contains the
code to the maintenance lift: 4003. There's also talk of Greasels...

   Notes: "Club La Porte de l'Enfer" means "The Gates of Hell Club" in French.

I suggest using the maintenance lift. If you go for the jumping shaft, Tong
will contact you about the building, and say how the renovations stopped during
the crash of '46, this being 2046. When the lift takes you down, turn around
and use the Switch to send the lift back up again.

Well, this is France. It's like the US of A, only with cats and wine littered
all around the place. Go up one level and find the living quarters or your
average cat lady. She's French, and likes cats. For finding this place, you

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Find Aimee's place

She'll give you a new mission, and a password: 0001. Greasels killed her cats.

Secondary Goals:

 Kill the four Greasels in the sewers, then inform the frightened woman who
 lives in the apartment ruins.

To the South, you can see some crates up high. Find the small Metal Crate
and use it to climb up on the crates and the beam on the East wall. There's
a BIOELECTRIC CELL to be found on the way. The crates contain a SCRAMBLE

Go back to where you maintenance lift brought you. Below it, there's a ladder
leading down. One level down, and you can find a crate with a HAZMAT SUIT
to the East. Climb down one more level, and follow the path to the North.
You'll find one dead Greasel, and Tong will contact you about it. Halfway,
you'll find two FLARES and a LOCKPICK a bit higher. Then, a CROWBAR and
an unlocked panel that opens up in a Radioactive room. You can crawl further
to the North to find a 40% Str Locked panel further down, but it's not

There's a large garage door to your right when you peek out of this hole.
Get out, and press the Button next to it to open it up. Get out quickly,
and heal the damage to your torso. Environmental Resistance is helpful in
reducing this damage, but if you rely on Hazmat Suits, keep it for now. It
is this door that could've been opened from the other side with the 0001
code. Head East and go around to find another HAZMAT SUIT and a crate with a

Return to the Radioactive room. Activate Environmental Resistance and/or
a Hazmat Suit and run towards the Northwest Corner. There's two crates with
a MULTITOOL and a MEDKIT more to the East, but they are probably not worth
the extra damage. Past the room, you'll find a Repair Bot, helpful in
restoring Energy spent with Regeneration of Environmental Resistance.

50 SP PROGRESS BONUS                    Exit radioactive room

Jump down the ladder to find the location of the Green Greasy Greasels.
Icarus will contact you, the AI designed to somehow neutralize you. That's
one creepy concept right there, having a murderous AI in your head.

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Upgrade Lockpicking to Advanced

There's four Greasels here. Two are dining on cats to the North, two are
patrolling. Greasels are resilient and can spit a toxic substance; you may
have already experienced this, but there's a few of them now. Anything that
helps against poisonous gasses also works against damage from Greasel spittle,
so Environmental Resistance helps, as does a Hazmat Suit if it's still
active from the room. Greasels need to be within a certain distance from you
before they can reach you with their spit, so you can retreat while shooting
and be relatively safe from them.

When they're dead, return to the Repair Bot and gather your energy for the
trek back through the room of death. Activate Speed Enhancement and/or
Environmental Resistance if you can and make a dash for it. Ascend the
stairs until you find Aimee again, so you can tell her about you being the
hero. Aimee'll tell you about troopers in building #14, and you'll gain

200 SP                                  Update Aimee about the dead Greasels

Bravery is not a function of firepower... easy to say for a customizable
superman, JC, you asshat.

Return, and run through the room of death one more time. Heal up at the
Repair Bot, and climb down to the sewers filled with dead Greasels. Exit's
to the West; past the halls with the Greasels, you can find a LOCKPICK in
a hole in the North wall. You pass a crate with another LOCKPICK. You'll
reach a manhole cover at the end, and Tong will contact you about it. You
gain another

50 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Reach the streets of Paris

This part of the street is locked down. There are only three buildings you
can reach. There's the Catacombs to the Northeast, where you want to go
eventually. There's building #14 to the Southwest, where Aimee says soldiers
keep rockets. Finally, there's the metro station to the Northwest. It's all
being patrolled by three MJ12 Commandos, one of which carries the CATACOMBS
ENTRY KEY. You don't have to take it from him, though. There's a crate in
the middle of the street containing TECH GOGGLES.

Let's start with Building #14 to the Southwest. The only way in is through the
front door, which holds a 50% Str Lock and can only be destroyed with an
explosive that alerts the Commandos. Use Lockpicks to open the door. Cloak
is unnecessary if you time it right, but since there's another Repair Bot
close by, feel free to activate it if you want to be sure you're not seen.

The building is devoid of enemies, but if you make noise near the walls,
Commandos from outside may rush in to see what the buzz is. On ground level,
you can find an office with a locked door. You'll find a Nanokey later. Below
is the storage room, let's skip that one as well and go up one level.

In this office, you can find a BIOELECTRIC CELL behind a Houseplant. A
cabinet with a 20% Str Lock can be opened to find a 300 CREDIT CHIT, a
MULTITOOL, the WAREHOUSE NANOKEY and a DataCube mentioning a security passcode:

   Note: sourd-muet is French for "deaf-mute". Roger Zelazny was an American
   science-fiction writer; his book Jack of Shadows is about a shadow magician
   called Shadowjack.

   You can have your own theories about why a French Warehouse runs on
   PageNet and an American MIS woman is able to give passcodes. I'm not sure
   what MIS is supposed to stand for in this case, perhaps Manager of 
   Information Systems.

You can slice it open with the Dragon's Tooth if you're good enough with it.
Use this info on the Security Terminal to disable two cameras, disable a
turret and open up the blast doors to the Warehouse. Go down two levels towards
the Warehouse. On the way, there's a large window looking out on an office; if
you break it, the alarm will sound. Below, the doors will be open; if not, you
have the Nanokey to correct that.

Here, you can find a Repair Bot, the OFFICE NANOKEY on top of a Push-Cart and
three crates containing a LAW, an EMP GRENADE and a BIOELECTRIC CELL. Return
to ground level, and walk around to find the door to the Office. Use your
Keyring to open the door. When you enter, the phone will ring; pick it up to
talk to what is likely your new foe, Icarus. Charming guy. Must get a lot of

There seems to be nothing further of interest here, but there's a DataCube
beneath the desk mentioning a new account: 2221969/DULLBILL. Nice.

   Notes: Tandis Qu'ils Dorment, Nous Gagnerons (While they sleep, we will
   win) is the Silhouette motto. ICE is security software, as mentioned in
   several places in the game. The Mayhem Comite (sic) could be a reference
   to Project Mayhem as it appears in the Fight Club movie and novel.

   2221969 is a prime number, but more interesting is the password dullbill.
   Harvey Smith, DX game designer, says: "..., almost all the Paris ATM codes
   are the names of characters from various paper RPG campaigns run at some
   point by me and/or Steve Powers--characters like Salem, Morbus, et al."

Leave this place, and find the Subway entrance. You will easily find Defoe, a
French arms dealer, sitting at 'Boulangerie Centrale'. You can talk to him
three times about Silhouette, but eventually you will have to move on. You can
take him up on his offer of killing the MJ12 troopers here.

   Notes: The sign above Defoe reads: pastries, jelly rolls, central bakery.

Secondary Goals:

 Kill the three MJ12 soldiers in the metro station next to the underground
 mall. Report back to Defoe.

Right now, Defoe offers you:
ROCKETS                         5250 credits
LAM x3                          6750 credits
I don't suggest going for these items, especially at these prices. In this
large hall, you can find a FLARE and also, in the Northeast corners, a
crawling tunnel to some locked grates I don't suggest you spend Lockpicks on.
To the West, you can find two ATM machines. Looking over them is a 65 %
Str Camera; it it sees you, the turret here will riddle you with holes. I
guess the banks here don't like their clients, I dunno what's going on here.
Let the ATM Machines be for now, and find the passageway to the North. It's
time to find those 'three' MJ12 soldiers; there's only two, though!

Look out! There's a Bravo-3 Peacebringer patrolling here. Take it out with an
EMP Grenade or explosive. The crates here contain 30.06 AMMO and 7.62x51MM AMMO.
In the adjacent room to the North, there's three crates with 10MM AMMO, DARTS
and a BIOELECTRIC CELL. In the Northeast corner, two MJ12 troopers are
guarding a door. One of them has a Flamethrower, so look out! You can take
them down to appease Defoe; one of them has a LAM. You can knock them
Unconscious if you want, Defoe won't mind (because JC will lie).

You can check out the Public Access panel. JC is wanted by Interpol, Silhouette
is using these Panels to spread information and Icarus is being its creeeepy
self again.

   Notes: Interpol, or The International Criminal Police Organization is an
   intergovernmental organization facilitating international police cooperation.

   The City of Lights is a common nickname for Paris, a city that is divided
   in arrondissements. Pigalle is a well-known red light district in Paris,
   and the Champs-Elysees a large street with expensive shops and historical

In the back, you can find a crate with a MULTITOOL, a Med Bot and a Security
Terminal. If you can Hack, use it to disable a camera and a turret. Return
to the large hall with the ATM Machines. If you disabled the security, you
can safely use the account info you found: 2221969/DULLBILL to withdraw 200
credits. Base ATM Value of these machines is 200 anyway. If you can't Hack
and still want those credits, destroying the turret or destroying or bypassing
the camera is your only option.
Defoe will update his prices:
ROCKETS                         1750 credits
LAM x3                          2250 credits

Now, to get to those Catacombs where Silhouette is hiding. There's the front 
door, locked with a 80% Str Lock. You can find the Nanokey code for this door on
one of the Commandos. Better yet, there's a back entrance that's boarded up that
can be easily destroyed. On this floor, you can find a DataCube containing a map
of the Catacombs. Whoever made this map is a grand old fool for leaving behind 
an image showing exactly where Silhouette is hiding.

For reaching the top of the spiral stairs, you gain:

250 SP CRITICAL LOCATION BONUS          Reach the Catacombs

   Notes: Gendarmes are French policemen.

Check your map. You arrive at 'Entry', obviously. You'll want to get to the
Silhouette hiding place at Bunker 1. This can be a confusing place, where
threats may lurk at every corner. Vision Enhancement can be really great

   Notes: The Paris Catacombs are obviously a real place, and Tong fills you
   in about them quite thoroughly. You can obtain more info here:

At the first intersection with the burning drum, go right. There's an armed GAS 
GRENADE on the wall here. Head to the East at the Gas Grenade, then turn to the 
left at the first opportunity. You can overhear two MJ12 Troopers talking about 
their leader, Hela. It's important you disable all enemies you face here, for 
reasons that will be apparent later. Take these guys down. The crate contains 
BUCKSHOT SHELLS. The crawlspace connects this room to an area you came from, and
holds a crate with a NAPALM CANISTER.

Return to the hallway you came from, before you took out the MJ12 Troopers,
and head East. Tong will contact you again. If you check your map, you are
now at the corner leading to the two connected circular rooms. There's a
Trooper ahead, take him down. An additional Commando still stands between
you and Bunker 1, and may respond to noise. Use Vision Enhancement to scout
if he's approaching. Take him down as well. He, like all Commandos in the
Catacombs, carries an BIOELECTRIC CELL. Turn East in the first circular room,
and you'll reach a dead end. To the North, an INF/INF door you don't have
the Nanokey code for. There's a LOCKPICK on a brick you can take, but the
brick itself is an opening device! The brick holding up a bottle of Wine
on the wall serves the same function. Enter Bunker 1 to gain:

150 SP CRITICAL LOCATION BONUS          Find Silhouette's hideout

Silhouette, unlike NSF, is not a combat force. Pushed into a corner, they
are powerless versus MJ12. Several Silhouette members have been taken
prisoner. Pierre, the little kid, mentions that his mother was taken to
Bunker 3 and that Chad, Paul's old friend and leader of Silhouette, has they
key. Find Chad for

250 SP SUBJECT ACQUISITION BONUS        Find Chad, leader of Silhouette

Chad will give you a new mission, and the map of the Catacombs if you didn't
have it already. He gives you the BLAST DOOR NANOKEY so you can proceed. He
has quite a few lines about his take on the "Meme War".

   Notes: The Prison de Fresnes is a large French jail in Fresnes, France.

   Chad's thing is communication, and this ties into the subject of Daedalus
   and the new Aquinas protocol as well; while MJ12 is looking to control all
   methods of communication, Chad is afraid that language itself will become
   tainted and that the language necessary to rebel will no longer be
   available. Terms like "freedom for terrorism" have been thrown around a lot
   since 9/11 and the Boston bombing.

   Bakhtin was a Russian philosopher and literary theorist. Many of the notions
   that Chad utters can be traced back to the philosophy of Bakhtin, in that
   all language use is riddled with multiple voices (to be understood more
   generally as discourses, ideologies, perspectives, or themes) and meaning-
   making in general can be understood as the interplay of those voices.

   Silhouette is a group of intellectuals and activists that uses not violence
   but pranks and such to try and upset and question the governing culture and
   its memes. Similar groups have existed in many forms in many different
   countries. A good example is the Situationist International, in part because
   they operated in France. 
   You may recognize Chad from the intro sequence, where he can be seen
   having a shootout with MJ12 troops with co-Silhouette members. Also note
   that the t-shirt that Chad wears, a white shirt with a Smiley on it with
   a bleeding bullet hole right in the middle, is the same shirt as worn by
   the Hacker protagonist in the video game System Shock.
   Finally, I give you a quote from the into sequence to consider: Walton Simons
   says: "I hope you're not underestimating the problem. The others may not go 
   as quietly as you think -- intelligence indicates they're behind the problems
   in Paris." Bob Page says: "A bunch of pretentious old men playing at running
   the world. [...]" It seems the Illuminati have a connection with Silhouette
   still, probably through Nicolette. 

In the room near him, you can find a 20% Str Locked cabinet containing a copy
of Shakespeare's Richard III and another copy of the BLAST DOOR NANOKEY for
those players that blow Chad up with an explosive before he gets a chance to
say anything; if you just kill him, you can take the Nanokey code from his
body. There's a MEDKIT on top of the cabinet.

   Notes: Shakespeare's Richard III is a play about the rise to power of the
   villainous Richard III. Described here is the first act of the play when
   the noble brother or Richard III, Clarence, has a nightmare about his
   impending death at Richard's hands. This is relevant to the current
   situation of Chad, surrounded by skulls, who is MJ12's target like Clarence
   was Richard's target in his ascension to the throne.

Secondary Goals:

 After the rescue attempt, inform Chad of the hostages' fate.
 Protect the hostages as they try to make it back to Silhouette's bunker.
 Free the members of Silhouette being held in Bunker 03.

Leave Bunker 1 and open the INF/INF Blast Door with your new key. You gain:

150 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS             Pass Catacombs' Blast door

You'll be heading North for a while; if you check your map, you can see that
the two paths converge again, so take either one. Beware an MJ12 Commando
patrolling here; make sure to take him out since Silhouette hostages will have
to find their way back. There's a chest with a 40% Str Lock in the room with
the supporting pillar; you can use a nearby TNT crate to blow it open or
you use an Expert's Dragon's Tooth. Inside are five THROWING KNIVES, a PROD
CHARGER and a DataCube with security account login: HELA/RAGNAROK.

   Notes: Ragnarok is the end of the world in old Norse mythology.

   Hel is a Goddess of Death in Norse mythology. Half black and half white
   flesh-coloured, she reigns over those souls that have died due to sickness
   or old age. There exists a comic book version of this goddess, an antagonist
   of Thor of Avenger fame, who is called Hela.

Continue on North, and turn to first right to find Bunker 2. In Bunker 2, you
can find a Zyme junkie called Bum selling equipment. In the Bunker, you can
find two ZYME VIALS on the ground. Bum will sell you
MEDKIT                    600
He has up to three Medkits for you to buy. If you slay him, you can find a
MEDKIT on his person, but only if you didn't buy any Medkits from him earlier.
When you're done, leave Bunker 2 and head North again. If you travel all
the way to the North, you'll wind up near what the map calls the Collapsed
Passages. You can find an armed LAM on the walls, and two crates containing
10MM AMMO and 30.06 AMMO. Return South, and take the first right. If you
check your map, you can see that you are now heading West, towards Bunker 3.

When Tong contacts you about Jock's readings, going to the left will take
you to Bunker 3. Going ahead will take you towards the sewers, but the passage
is blocked by an INF/INF blast door you lack the Nanokey code for, so head
South. You'll wind up in a room with an exit to each side. Beware, up to
two MJ12 Troopers can be encountered here.

To the West is where we want to go, so ignore it for now. To the East, you
can find two crates containing a LOCKPICK each, and there's FLARE DARTS on
the ground near them. Return to the main room. Go South, up the stairs, and
find the ledge to your left you can use to crawl to the East room again, where
you can find 10MM AMMO and a familiar DataCube. Return to the Main room and
go all the way South this time. A chest with a 40% Str Lock that can also be
broken by a powerful Dragon's Tooth contains two packs of DARTS and some FLARE

Return to the main room, and head West. You will see a cross. To the West,
there's a hole in the wall you can crawl through. To your right, there's
security lasers. To your left, a new passageway! Go there, to the South. Climb 
the ladder to find a broken powerbox and a Repair Bot locked away. You can open
the 85% Str Lock with Lockpicks, destroy the gate with an explosive or a 
powerful Dragon's Tooth to release the Repair Bot, you can use Speed Enhancement
and a nearby barrel to leap over the gate and unlock it with a Button inside, 
you can just use Speed Enhancement to leap over the power box or run through the
damage dealing electricity and hope for the best.

If the Repair Bot is released, if will fix the power box! On the other side,
the measly rewards are but a MULTITOOL and TECH GOGGLES. Up high on the
yellow beams is a pack of HE AMMO you can reach with TNT boxes and barrels.
I guess the journey itself was the reward. Climb down the ladder and return
to the cross.

Crawl through the hole behind the cross, and Tong will contact you. For
entering through here, you gain:

50 SP ADVANCEMENT BONUS                 Reach Bunker 3

Patrolling this area are two MJ12 Commandos and three MJ12 Troopers. You'll
want to disable them from your cozy sniping position here. It'll take a while,
but persevere! One of the Troopers carries a Flamethrower, so watch out for
that. When they're done, you can scavenge BIOELECTRIC CELLS from both
Commandos. Right beneath where you crawled in here, you can find a chest with
a 40% Str Lock containing ROCKETS, a MULTITOOL and a RELOAD WEAPON

The entrance to the inner bunker is guarded by a 80% Str Camera and a turret.
There's a water tunnel that can take you to a room far to the West, leap down
and swim to the other side until you surface. Don't do so, though.

To the West, there's the makeshift command post. There are two Commandos, and
a WiB called Mari Hela. The Commandos normally patrol to the sides, while
Hela paces back and forth to the far West. Disable all three; Hela, like all
WiB, is vulnerable to gas-based attacks. You may want to be gentle with Hela;
you can only take them if you don't kill her.

When you're done, get to Hela's workstation. You can find a SNIPER RIFLE, an
interesting DataCube, two PROD CHARGERS, and the CATACOMBS SEWER ENTRY
NANOKEY. The name 'Aston Greer' is a recurring one in DX; he was involved in
the MJ12 base beneath UNATCO HQ and the FEMA project in the Brooklyn Naval

The nearby Security Terminal (HELA/RAGNAROK) can be used to disable two cameras
and two turrets. The crates contain SABOT SHELLS, a MULTITOOL, DARTS and a
BIOELECTRIC CELL. You can find some TECH GOGGLES on metal crates near the water

You can now get to the holding cell in Bunker 3 and open it up. Never mind
that 90% Str Lock, you have Nanokey. When you enter, you gain

250 SP SUBJECT ACQUISITION BONUS        Find Silhouette hostages

Run with them back to Bunker 1. You'll run through security lasers, but
you disabled the turret and there's nobody nearby to be alarmed, so it's all
good. Juveau and Anna, Pierre's mother, will be safe and sound hopefully. It
is possible to ignore the hostages and leave the Catacombs with the Nanokey
you mugged from Hela, but you'll miss out on skill points that way. You can
talk to Chad when they are running or when they've already arrived, and he'll
give you advice on where to go next. If the hostages are dead, all NPCs will
be sad, but JC and Chad will act as if the hostages are still underway.

Primary Goals:

 Find Nicolette DuClare. She is known to frequent Club La Porte de l'Enfer.

500 SP                                  Bring back both hostages to Chad

Note: you will 'lose' 150 skill points for one hostage killed, 300 for two
casualties. That means you can also gain only 350 or even 200 Skill Points here.

Talk to Chad a few more times to learn about Nicolette. She has helped
Silhouette financially, like her mother Beth who was killed by Majestic 12.
Chad's a real intellectual. I love how he has no idea why exactly Nicolette is
so passionate about helping out Silhouette, since it becomes so clear later in
the game.

Time to get out of these Catacombes. Check your map. To the Northwest is
where you want to go, through familiar territory. Travel until you reach
the new INF/INF Blast door you can now open with Hela's Nanokey. For
advancing, you gain:

50 SP ADVANCEMENT BONUS                 Reach Sewer Tunnels

The path is straightforward. You can find a pool containing a LOCKPICK just
before the exit, and gain another

50 SP ADVANCEMENT BONUS                 Pass through Sewer Tunnels

Find the ladder, and go down.

Secondary Goals:

 Meet Jaime at a cafe in building 19.

The path is straightforward until you reach a split. The East path takes you
to an open manhole cover very close to a large number of MJ12 troopers and
commandos that are guarding a shack containing a computer that can disable
patrolling robots. If you climb up, you can hear MJ12 Troopers discussing
your situation, mentioning that Gunther is in town and Echelon IV is back up.

   Notes: In reality, there's about 5 km, or 3 miles, between the Catacombs
   and the Champs-Elysees, but here you are. The Champs-Elysees is one of
   the most famous streets in the world, and literally means "Elysian Fields",
   after Elysium, the place where all the awesome people go after they die in
   Greek mythology.

The West path takes you to a manhole cover with a 50% Str Lock that opens up
in an area that's often devoid of activity. If you told Jaime Reyes to remain
with UNATCO as a spy, or if you missed him during the escape, Tong will contact
you and say that he is waiting for you in #19. If you never talked to Chad
after trying to free the hostages, Tong will tell you about Nicolette's
whereabouts on the way. I prefer the West approach, so:

Go to the West, and open up the manhole cover. On the way, you'll find two
crates containing a CROWBAR and a LOCKPICK. I advise Lockpicks rather than
an explosive for a silent entry onto the streets. Look out: a single MJ12
Commando has a large patrolling area that covers this manhole cover. When
you get out of the sewers, go to the Northwest to find a safe place where
you won't be seen.

Travel West, past crates containing 10MM AMMO and TECH GOGGLES and a hostile
Bravo-3 Peacebringer, 'til you pass the street light. Around the corner, to
the South, you'll see two French polite officers near ATM Machines and even
further, a cook. Get to that cook. The police remain friendly until a
Peacebringer or MJ12 Troopers open fire at you, at which point they'll come
after you.

Beware, near the pillars a MJ12 Trooper can be seen patrolling, and the
Bravo-3 Peacebringer to the North may also see you if you're too close. The
patrolling MJ12 Trooper carries a SCOPE WEAPON MODIFICATION if you're
interested in it.

Raymond, the chef's assistant, works at the restaurant Enfant Terrible in
building #19. There's a newspaper nearby about the combined crackdown of MJ12
and Inspector Gabily of the French police to root out Silhouette. Enter to
find the kitchen. You can find a DataCube with account info: 001506/NAGA066,
and a new recipe for Coq au Vin.

   Notes: The recipe is workable. Coq au vin literally means rooster with

   The word 'Navi' is a reference to a Japanese anime called "Serial Experiments
   Lain", where a navi (short for knowledge navigator) is a handheld digital
   assistant. Obelix is a character from a French comic called Asterix; Obelix
   is a play on the word 'obelisk'.

   Cavallera Rusticana is an opera. The Enfants Terrible is the cafe you are
   standing in right now. Brewer's Phrase as one of the bands that was set
   to appear in a dance party held in NYC; you could find an advertisement
   in Tenderloin Clinic the first time you were there. It's a DX-original
   band, and the name is a reference to Brewer's Phrase and Fable, a book
   containing definitions and explanations of many famous phrases, allusions and

   '34 Seven Crows Est. Sauvignon Blanc is a wine; the seven crows part is a
   reference to Chris Todd's website 7crows.com

Up front, you can talk to the Cafe Hostess, Kristi, who can tell you that
Nicolette is across the street in a club called La Porte de l'Enfer.

   Notes: This conversation should strike a chord with most people living in
   Europe today; the EU's hand in national affairs is growing while
   Euroscepticism is also on the rise in the nations it's supposed to unite.
   Sante is a French toast, meaning 'health'.

There's also a family in pain. Joshua, the father, can tell you a login:

If you told Jaime Reyes to stay with UNATCO way back you were escaping
UNATCO headquarters, he is here with a lot of useful information: an AI
program is tracking you, and Gunther is on your tail. Gunther's killphrase
is 'Laputan Machine'. Sam Carter's purged from UNATCO, and went over to Gary
Savage, who has something to do with Area 51. To the North, there's a
newspaper about Beth DuClare's dealings with politics.

   Notes: The Bilderberg group is another example of a globalist think tank,
   like the Council on Foreign Relations. Since their meeting are closed and
   only a 100 or so of the influential are invited every year to attend the
   annual meeting, it's a popular target for conspiracy theories.

Leave again through the back entrance, from where you came. You can use
001506/NAGA066 to extract 300 credits from the nearby ATM machines that have
750 Base ATM Value. You can get account info for the full 750, so unless
you're at least Advanced in the Computer skill, you may not want to Hack the
Machine. Return to the manhole cover you crawled out of, to the North. Then,
head East. There's two big heavy Delta-2 Peacebringers and two patrolling
MJ12 Commandos you need to watch out for; a Thermoptic Camo might be really
useful here, even though it's possible to use plain old smart stealth to
reach the station booth with the computer. When you reach it, you gain

50 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS              Enter Street Station 17

Hack or use STREETSTATION17/WEREWOLF to make the computer shut down the
patrolling Delta-2 Peacebringers. The crate contains a LAM, but destroying it
alerts the nearby troopers, so it may not be in your best interest to go for
it. This is difficult to pull off, because there are many troops nearby, and
they can see you through the window. When you're done, quickly return to the
manhole cover and go South. It should be safe since the bots are down and
the French police alone will not harass you. A gendarme across the street
from the closed-down club "Tres Ch!c" carries a RELOAD WEAPON MODIFICATION.
A bit more to the South, you can dive into an alley going East to get behind
La Porte de L´Enfer.

There are some sidequests I want you to do before we'll get to Nicolette. Talk
to Leone the street sweeper, who'll tip you off on Renault who is looking for a
thief in the hostel. Leone carries a MULTITOOL and a BIOELECTRIC CELL if you
are inclined to take him down. Pass by #13 and run to the Southeast, where you
can find the hostel at #10. It's called "Aucun Dites"

   Notes: Aucun dites means something like 'tell no one', but I'm not sure if
   the grammar is correct or if I'm translating it correctly.

The Night Manager is useless, and the computer is empty. Upstairs, you can find
a HOTEL NANOKEY on top of a Push-Cart that you can use to unlock a 80% Str
Locked door. Inside, you'll find a BIOELECTRIC CELL, a 100 CREDIT CHIT, a
DataCube containing the account info 004418/MORBUS13 and the disapproval of
Icarus. The other room just holds a Hotel Maid.

   Notes: The 'New World Order' has not been directly addressed in this game.
   In conspiracy theories, the NWO is the goal of the conspiring forces; a
   one-world government where everything is ruled by one group of people.
   Consolidation, the merger of economic, political and cultural systems and
   the many think tanks are the goals and tools of those who would seek to
   implement this NWO. With his message, Icarus implies that the laws of any
   sovereign state - such as France - are irrelevant to those with a broader
   vision, such as the MJ12 elite and perhaps you.

   Petit ami means little friend (male).

On the ground floor, to the West, you can find this Renault Leone was talking
about. Dialogue will be different if you didn't talk to Leone earlier. It seems
Renault is looking for Zyme Vials at #15, a small bakery. He offers you 50
credits for a vial, but you can push it to 65 credits a vial if you say once
you don't deal in Zyme. If you do so twice, you've got a fight on your hands.
If you already busted the bakery, you can sell the Zyme right away. The Hotel
Bartender is pretty cool, but not very gullible to your conspiracy theories.
It's a great conversation.

Secondary Goals:

 Get the zyme from the bakery and sell it to Renault.

Leave the hostel through the East exit and circle around going to the West
until you see the building behind the hostel, which is the bakery Renault
is talking about. There's a patrolling cop, but no other law enforcement.
The easiest way in is by breaking the glass; it'll set off the alarm for a
while, but you can wait it out. You can choose to disable the policeman for
convenience, but it's not necessary. There's also a door with a 75% Str
Lock if you want to stay silent.

50 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Find Zyme in Bakery

Don't let yourself be seen by anybody when you're inside. The crate contains
a LOCKPICK. Open up one of the two grates in the Northeast corner to find
two clips of 10MM AMMO, a PS20, a PLASMA CLIP, a 100 CREDIT CHIT and six ZYME

Return to Renault to trade the Zyme Vials for 65 credits a piece; that's
390 CREDITS just for the Bakery Batch, and you may have collected quite a few
more vials throughout your journey.

   Notes: if you want to do something fun, here's just the thing. Guy and
   Renault love chairs. I mean, they LOVE love chairs. If you smash one, they'll
   walk over to the next one. If you smash all chairs and sofas in the room,
   they will walk outside and enter both #11 and #12, saving you Lockpicks!

Exit the hostel through the North entrance and turn to the West at the tree.
You'll pass Leone on your way to the street. At the street, carefully go to
the South, passing the entrance to La Porte de l'Enfer. Tong will contact you
about a digital media store when you're at #14. Use Lockpicks to get inside,
but be careful since it's possible to get noticed by MJ12 Troops while doing
so. Being quick and using Cloak will help.

Inside, you can find a MULTITOOL on one of the shelves, an ATM with Base ATM
Value of 750 and

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Enter digital media store

The ATM is linked to the ATM Machines out back, so are either empty or still
filled with credits depending on your actions; it gives you 100 credits with
004418/MORBUS13 and 300 credits with 001506/NAGA066 if you didn't take it

It's time to find Nicolette. Exit the store. To the south, you can a crate
containing a BALLISTIC ARMOR guarded by an MJ12 Commando and an MJ12 Trooper
that carries a MEDKIT among other things, but I don't suggest you interact
with any of these. Go North instead, and enter La Porte de l'Enfer.

Pay up the 300 credits to get inside. What's the point of having all that
money if you're not going to have fun with it? You can crawl through a
50% Str Locked grate to get to Louis, the doorman to just take the CLUB MAIN
DOOR NANOKEY and possible loot a LOCKPICK from Louis' body, but that's a long
way to go to avoid having to pay 300 measly credits. For an even less elegant
solution, bust the glass in front of the doorman.

For entering, you gain

100 SP ADVANCEMENT BONUS                Enter La Porte de l'Enfer

I'll let you to your NPCs talkings, since it's very easy and you don't need
my guidance for it. Note that all guards here are 'broken'; they will never
respond violently, even when you start shooting people.

On the ground floor, the Nurse Dancer Camille can tell you a lot for four
times 20 credits. To the East, you will pass a bartender called Michelle who
has her own insight in the Silhouette situation. Further down two girls are
talking about Chad. It's one of the heaviest dialogues in the game, cut up in
three dialogues between the girls and one dialogue you can initiate.

   Notes: Voltaire was the pen name of a 18th century French Enlightenment
   writer, historian and philosopher famous for his wit, his attacks on the
   established Catholic Church, and his advocacy of freedom of religion, freedom
   of expression, and separation of church and state. A worthwhile role model
   for a budding French revolutionary like Chad, who would seek to 'attack'
   the current regime with words.

   The 'contrat social' is the unspoken, automatic agreement between the
   individual and the state he is living in. Basically, the individual trades
   some of his personal freedoms in return for protection. 

   JC translates L'armee de Terre for you. It literally means 'Army of the

After you've spoken to Camille, a new dialogue opens up with Louis, the doorman,
who warns you to stay away from Camille and will have different lines depending
on your method of entry.

To the Southeast, you can find Antoine who will sell you four BIOELECTRIC
CELLS for 250 credits a cell.

   Notes: if you have 30 Cells or are otherwise unable to carry one, Antoine
   will give you the cell and JC will drop it on the ground because he can't
   carry it. The game won't reduce your amount of credits, but you'll have a
   Cell on the floor. You can do this a lot of times to spawn infinite amounts
   of free Cells, but it's not very useful since you'll likely only see it work
   when you already have 30 of them.

To the West, past Michelle the bartender, you can find Cassandra, who will
offer to sell you saferoom code for 200 credits. You can keep your money if
you want, since you can get in there for free by other means. Talk to Jean,
the bartender here.

   Notes: The Gestapo was the secret police of the Nazis. France was partly
   under German rule during WWII, which would make the Gestapo a historical
   alien force on French soil, like MJ12 is now.

West of Camille, you can take the stairs up to find a pretty lady dressed
in purple. If Dowd give you the photos, you already have a good idea who this
is. She agrees to set up a meeting between you and Nicolette. Also find
Kiergard Tarot, the owner of the club, on this level.

   Notes: Apollo and Dionysus are old gods from Greek mythology. The Apollonian
   is based on individuality, and the human form which is used to represent the
   individual and make one being distinct from all the others. It celebrates
   human creativity through reason and logical thinking. By contrast, the
   Dionysian is based on chaos and appeals to the emotions and instincts. Rather
   than being individual, the barriers on individuality are broken down and
   beings submerge themselves in one whole.

   Iconoclastics, literally, are people who destroy cultural or religious
   icons within their own culture. The term has also begun to mean anyone
   who opposes dogma and established conventions.

Return downstairs when you're done here. South of Camille, you can find the
offices of the club behind the bar.

Primary Goals:

 Meet Nicolette behind Club La Porte de l'Enfer.

To the Southwest, you can find Jocques who'll sell you the address of an arms
smuggler for 1000 credits. Conveniently, it's about the only building I haven't
talked to you about: #11. You can take a LOCKPICK from his body if you must.
In this room, you can find a PS20 in a cabinet. The painting hides a secret
compartment. You can destroy the painting easily with the Dragon's Tooth to
with the 1966 code to the storeroom. Use the new Nanokey to open up the
heavily fortified door in this room; you can find a crate with but a

Find the storeroom, and use the 1966 code.

   Notes: 1966 is the birth year of Harvey Smith, one of DX' writers.

Inside, you'll find

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Enter La Porte de l'Enfer storeroom

crates containing a MEDKIT and a THERMOPTIC CAMO.

Use the Keyring to exit out the back, to the South. If you want, you can go
back inside to talk to Cassandra about her business model crashing down.

Outside, Jock is waiting for you, as well as Nicolette DuClare. Gasp and
shock, she sure fooled you! Talk to her, but don't fly off yet. For the
information, you'll gain

300 SP                                  Find Nicolette DuClare

   Notes: At the start of the game, on your first visit to UNATCO HQ, you could
   read in an e-mail that "some French chick the CIA's been watching' had been
   trying to break into the net, though Alex stopped the intrusion. It's likely
   that this was Nicolette. 

There's two more thing to do. Southwest of the black copter, you can find the
house of the arms smuggler. Between you and the supposed goodies, there's a
strong door with a 90% Str Lock. An explosive is the way to go, but the GEP
Gun attracts violent attention from the nearby policeman, and it's difficult
to throw a LAM here due to the declining stairway. Placing an armed LAM on the
door then shooting it works just fine.

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Enter house arms smuggler

Inside, there's a dog! Also, tons of weapons. You can find SABOT SHELLS, a
and two five-sets of THROWING KNIVES. In the adjacent room, ROCKETS, five
THROWING KNIVES and a 100 CREDIT CHIT near the Houseplant and a DataCube
containing an account number: 005133/SALEM008. There's a chest with a 60% Str
Lock that contains two clips of 30.06 AMMO, two PLASMA CLIPS, a CLIP WEAPON
corner contains a PLASMA RIFLE. If you were to leap out the window here, you'd
notice the arms smugglers lives on top of the digital media store. But why
would you?

   Notes: Thomas Paine's Common Sense (1776) is a real book. He was an
   important freethinker. Common Sense was an important catalyst for the
   American Revolution.

One last thing. Next to #11 is #12 guarded with a 50% Str Lock. Inside, on
the first floor, there's a boring conversation in three parts to follow and a
horrible book to be found.

   Notes: The Eye of Argon is a real story, written by the then 16-year old
   Jim Theis. It has a long history of being mocked as the worst fantasy novel
   ever. Transcribed here is the opening paragraph. You can the read the full
   text here: http://ansible.co.uk/misc/eyeargon.pdf

   The couple here, O, and Rene, are a reference to the erotic novel Histoire
   d'O, a French novel about O, a Parisian woman, who is trained as a slave
   by her lover, Rene.
   Near where Rene is pacing, you can find a painting of four figures on a
   beach, two of the holding umbrellas. This is a parody on the painting 
   'The Singing Butler' by Jack Vettriano. In this painting, the wind has
   spoiled the idyllic original picture and the two servants appear to stand
   on wheels and tank tread. 

If you bother the good man enough, he'll bust out a Baton and will try to
throw you out of his house.

However, near the South wall, you can find the stairs to the second floor, where
you can find a cabinet to the West with a mere 20% Str Lock containing a MEDKIT
two 100 CREDIT CHITS and a DataCube containing yet another account: 002639/
ARAMIS01. To the North is the bedroom; there's a BIOELECTRIC CELL under the bed.
To the Southeast, there's a PEPPER GUN, a 100 CREDIT CHIT near a Table Lamp, and
you can find the balcony for

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 #12's balcony

and two crates containing a MULTITOOL and some BINOCULARS.

You are finally absolutely done in Paris! If you are unable to hack, now is
the best time to visit the ATM for the full 750 credits:

005133/SALEM008 gets you 200 credits
001506/NAGA066 gets you 300 credits
002639/ARAMIS01 gets you 150 credits
004418/MORBUS13 gets you 100 credits

Talk to Jock's copter to take you and Nicolette out of here. A familiar
German will be a second too late.

 3.17 Chateau DuClare, Outside Paris

Skill Points to earn: 550
 100 SP CRITICAL LOCATION BONUS         Find Beth's bedroom
 150 SP PROGRESS BONUS                  Enter the DuClare wine cellar.
 150 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Find the secret passage
 150 SP PROGRESS BONUS                  Reach the DuClare maze crypt

Augmentation Canisters:
 Aggressive Defense System / Spy Drone Augmentation Canister
 Upgrade Canister

Weapon Modifications:
 Accuracy, Clip, Reload

I love this part of the game. There's no resistance, and it's just you getting
some items while Nicolette, sexy fox that she is, blathers on about her
virginity and rebelliousness.

   Notes: The last name 'DuClare' is a reference to 'clair', a French word
   with multiple meanings, one of which is light. A fitting name for an
   Illuminati leader.

Primary Goals:

 Find Beth DuClare's secret computer room, which should contain clues to the
 whereabouts of Morgan Everett.
 Search the DuClare chateau for evidence of Morgan Everett's relationship
 with Beth DuClare.

Talk to her a few times to get your bearings. She suggest you start with Beth's
bedroom, upstairs.

   Notes: La Sorbonne used to be one university, but it split up in thirteen
   parts around 1970, three of which use 'Sorbonne' in their name. Maybe in
   DX's world, Sorbonne has been taped back together?

Find the back entrance that has been barred; you can simply open the door and
jump through while Beth barges in like the Juggernaut. Inside, you can find a
MULTITOOL right in this entrance hallway while Tong contacts you.

   Notes: The French Third Republic lasted from 1870 to WWII, when the Germans
   invaded part of France.

Find the stairs to the South of your entrance. Continue to the Northwest until
you come across a Table Lamp, where you can find BETH'S BEDROOM NANOKEY. You
can find her bedroom to the North.

100 SP CRITICAL LOCATION BONUS          Find Beth's bedroom

Nicolette tips you off on the painting. First, find NICOLETTE'S BEDROOM
NANOKEY in the cabinet beneath the Desk Lamp. Now then, the painting. Beneath
it, you can find a DARTS, FLARE DARTS and a MINI-CROSSBOW. The painting is
actually a panel that revels a 100 CREDIT CHIT, the DUCLARE BASEMENT NANOKEY,
a RELOAD WEAPON MODIFICATION and a DataCube containing login info: BDUCLARE/
NICO_ANGEL. Behind the bed, on the South side, you'll find a hidden DataCube
containing a code for a suspension vault: 1784.

   Notes: 1784 is clearly a reference to a year. It could be a reference to
   the fact that the Illuminati were banned in 1784 according to official
   sources. In addition, an influential publication by German philosopher
   Emmanuel Kant called 'Answering the Question: What is Enlightenment?'
   The answer: "Enlightenment is man's emergence from his self-incurred

You're done here, except for the latest installment of Jacob's Shadow.

Armed with the bedroom key, find Nicolette's bedroom to the South. Here, you
can find two five-stacks of THROWING KNIVES, and a LOCKPICK near the bed.
The Human Skull on the fireplace serves as a switch that opens up a hidden
CAMO, a LOCKPICK and a truly useless ZYME VIAL.

On the first floor, there's also a bathroom, but there's nothing here except
for an additional copy of NICOLETTE's BEDROOM NANOKEY, a PEPPER GUN, a MEDKIT
and a short message from Icarus.

Go down to the ground floor. Head North, and turn to the right past the
room with the windows for walls. Nicolette will give you the login for the
computer here: NICOLETTE/CHAD. This, coupled with a throwaway remark in the
club you wrestled Nicolette from, should make it clear that Nicolette is mainly
into Silhouette so that Chad will get into her. Sorry JC, you got no game.

   Notes: The Hague is mentioned again, probably because of the International
   Court of Justice.

Further to the East, Icarus will contact you again. There's a PS20 near the
fireplace. You can find another copy of BETH'S BEDROOM KEY and a MULTITOOL on
top of the fireplace.

Return to the main hall, and head North. You'll pass the dining room, into
the kitchen. The dumbwaiter connects the kitchen to Beth's bedroom, and you
can find a MULTITOOL in the cabinet. Open the door to the wine cellar.

150 SP PROGRESS BONUS                   Enter the DuClare wine cellar.

Turn left, and find the crate containing a LOCKPICK. In the room to the South,
find the "Candelabra" to open a hidden passage.

150 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS              Find the secret passage

There's only one way to go, past a crate containing SABOT SHELLS. Destroy
the beams that block the stairway to the South to find two crates containing
a LAW and a LOCKPICK. The Terminal can be Hacked to disable a containment
field. Though there is no way of knowing, the login here is BDUCLARE/
NICO_DEVIL. To the East, you can find the computer room behind more beams.

250 SP CRITICAL LOCATION BONUS          Find Beth's routing station

Here, circling clockwise from the entrance, you can find a BIOELECTRIC CELL,
Repair Bot, DARTS, FLARE DARTS and two FLARES and a containment field
controlled by a 40% Str Keypad. The Terminal earlier could have disabled this
field, but if you can't Hack you'll have to use Multitools here. Inside,

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Upgrade Spy Drone to Level 2

Find the computer. Beware of the thing with the zappidy doos, it deals EMP
damage when you get too close. BDUCLARE/NICO_ANGEL allows you to transmit
the MEverett Meeting Signal and read an e-mail between Beth and Morgan.

   Notes: "Cypherblock" is a reference to block ciphers, algorithms used in
   digital cryptography.

   The history of the Knights Templar is extensively documented somewhat later
   in the game. Know that in 1307, the King of France turned against the
   Templars and had many of them tortured and burned, after which the Order
   was officially disbanded by the Pope.

Morgan will contact you if you take a few steps, then talk to Nicolette to
gain the CRYPT NANOKEY that can take you to the cathedral of the Knights
Templar, the world's first bankers.

Primary Goals:

 Go to the family crypt in the maze behind the chateau and await instructions
 from Morgan Everett.

When leaving, break the window behind the computer and carefully make your
way to the grate to the West where you can find a LOCKPICK. Find your way
back outside, and find the maze to the West of the chateau. Nicolette will bid
you adieu.

Primary Goals:

 Access the Templar computer system so that Morgan Everett can complete work
 on a cure for the Gray Death.

Walk in the maze, and stick as much to the right (North) as you can until
you must go either left or right. Head to the Southwest, and Jock will warn
out about enemies. Two MJ12 Commandos are patrolling here. Sneak or shoot
your way past these guys; Vision Enhancement helps. When you reach the crypt,
you gain:

150 SP PROGRESS BONUS                   Reach the DuClare maze crypt

   Notes: Funnily enough, the INF/INF doors are open, so you didn't need
   Nicolette's key after all.

 3.18 Knights Templar Cathedral, Paris

Skill Points to earn: 1500
 150 SP ADVANCEMENT BONUS               Find metro
  50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Find Giuliano Jordorowsky's journal
 250 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Find the Templar's gold
 250 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Enter Adept 34501's room
 150 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Discover secret passage in Cathedral
 500 SP CRITICAL LOCATION BONUS         Find the Fountain of Wisdom
 150 SP                                 Meet Toby Atanwe

Augmentation Canisters:

Weapon Modifications:
 Accuracy (750), Range, Range (800), Recoil, Reload, Scope

You can really only go one way. Morgan will contact you at some point to give
you a rather ugly map of the area. You will start in the bottom-left corner,
pass a gate, then a metro station indicated with an M. You will traverse a
bridge over water (blue) to find the Main Entrance. The cathedral consists
out of two towers connected via a walkway.

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Upgrade the Pistol skill to Advanced

Climb out of the sewers, there are no enemies here. You will see two small
Metal Crates; use them to enter the building right next to the manhole. Break
the glass. Inside, you'll find a 150 CREDIT CHIT, and on the body you can
find a 100 CREDIT CHIT. Use the beam to climb up one level, where you can
take two FLARES, a LOCKPICK in a crate and the GATEKEEPER'S NANOKEY. From
the windows here, you can snipe down an MJ12 Commando if you want to.

Climb down, exit the building and follow the alley. You can unlock the gate.
If the MJ12 Commando is still here, take him down.

There is a side path that you can take or not take at this point. I only
suggest you bother if you're interested in a lot of 30.06 Ammo, or if you can
Hack and want to disable a Delta-2 Peacebringers you can also easily sneak
past. You can skip the next three blocks of text if you want, there's nothing
crucial to be found there.

To the West, you can see a bridge on high, where an MJ12 Trooper with a
Sniper Rifle is camping. Take him down, the move to the door to the Southwest.
Beware of the Military Bot to your right. Silently open it up with Lockpicks.
Move Silently up the stairs, where you can find two to three MJ12 Troopers
with Sniper Rifles. These can be tricky to take down, since they carry powerful
weapons and all react when one is attacked. A Ballistic Armor or Protection
can be helpful; a WP Rocket aimed in the middle of the bridge can take them
all out in one shot. You can also Cloak past these guys into the next room,
they are stationary unless alarmed.

In the next room, you can find a Terminal. You don't have the login, but if
you Hack you can shut down the Military Bot below. Login is MJ12/MJ12, but
you can't find the info. In this room, you can also find three FLARES and a
100 CREDIT CHIT. If you took down all soldiers, you can bust the crates to find
a LOCKPICK and a MULTITOOL, and collect from the bodies two LAMS and quite some
30.06 AMMO. There is a newspaper here that implies that Mead is suffering from
the Gray Death, which would allow MJ12 to strong-arm him into declaring nation-
wide martial law like he just did.

Get down to find you looking out on a painting behind a window, protected
by an Alarm Panel and a turret. Obviously, if you break the window, the
turret responds. You can slice away the Alarm Panel with the Dragon's Tooth if
you're powerful enough. If you can't, and you still want the goodies, and
the Troopers upstairs are all taken care of, you can use Multitools to bypass
the turret. Break the glass. The measly rewards for this complicated procedure?
Terminal inside only controls the camera and turret right here.

   Notes: The login info is technically SPORTINGGOODSSECURITY/
   SPORTINGGOODSSECURITY, but since these words are too long for the Terminal,
   they can't function.

Anyway, you'll want to go to the Northwest. Dive quickly under the bridge with
the snipers if they're still alive, then get to the building ahead to duck
out of sight of the Delta-2 Peacebringer if it's still active. Cloak and/or
Radar Transparency are obviously useful in this endeavor, but neither is
necessary. There is a Public Computer Terminal here with only a single
Bulletin, about the Cathedral of Payens.

   Notes: The Cathedrale of Payens is not a real place, Supposedly built in
   the 14th arrondissement of Paris, it is the fictional medieval headquarters
   of the Knights Templar. The Holy Lands are an old term for the lands of
   Israel, coveted by Jews, Christians and Muslims alike.

   Hugues de Payens or Payns was the co-founder and first Grand Master of the
   Knights Templar. He co-created the Latin Rule, the code of behavior for the
   Order. The Cathedrale of Payens is supposedly built in his honor.

To the North is the bridge towards the cathedral, but it's useful to check out
the Metro station first. There's thing you can do there now, but might as well
focus on our main objective. It's being patrolled by an MJ12 Trooper with a
Sniper Rifle and a Commando. Sneak past them, to the North.

There's an MJ12 Commando patrolling the bridge. If you have the Swimming skill
set to Advanced, you can dive into the water here and emerge at the Old Well
on the map. If you don't, you can still make it with Rebreathers, Aqualung
or just healing the damage. I will take a different approach for this
walkthrough, but note that the quickest way of solving this mission is via
this submerged tunnel.

Take down the Commando, then continue North. You will reach the cathedral.
There's tons of Bravo-3 Peacebringers patrolling all around it, as well as
several MJ12 Troopers. Turn to the East quickly, and stick to the shadows to
avoid being seen. I find this to be an ideal situation for a Thermoptic Camo,
though you can also pretty easily avoid the human troops and get by with Radar
Transparency or some smart sneaking.

Sticking to the South, then the East wall, you will come across a crate
containing 30.06 AMMO, a crate with a NAPALM CANISTER and a trellis that Tong
will contact you about. Climb this trellis. Don't make too much noise here;
two Commandos from inside the building may come out and check out the situation
otherwise. Climb the stone beams onto the next part, and an ex-colleague will
contact you. It seems Gunther has followed from Paris.

   Notes: Gunter calling you a ´thief on the roof´ is a reference to the
   fact that this part of the game is similar to the first-person stealth
   game Thief; the Dark Project, another Warren Spector game. The 'feel' of
   this level is similar as well, from the diary entries to the gruff 
   discussion between two guards later on. 

If you want, you can use your GEP Gun or the Spy Drone Augmentation to disable
the three bots down below, but you can easily sneak by him later.

Break the window, and enter the cathedral. There are four books detailing the
history of the Templars here; behind Volume One, you can find the CATHEDRAL
MAIN DOOR NANOKEY. You are now in the Monk's Quarters, check your map.

   Notes: The fictional author of "The Red Cross", Richard Baigent, is a
   reference to Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh, co-authors of books on
   controversial interpretation of religious texts.

   These four books tell the tale of the Templars, and the story closely
   resembles the official history of the Knights Templar in our world. Though
   many words used invite to further reading, I have chosen to not delve
   deeper in this document because the history of the Knights Templar is of
   no further consequence in-game.

   The books imply somewhat that the Knights Templar were until recently still 
   'alive' in the guise of the Swiss banking system, though we know from an 
   early UNATCO Know Your Enemy entry that the Templars have been successfully 
   diminished by UNATCO in 2051, led by J. Manderley, who was bribed by Simons 
   on a Zurich (Switzerland) account.

Down the stairs are two MJ12 Commandos. Take them down. Smart Prodding action
is very effective, but you'll have to time it right. One of the Commandos
is stationary, with his back to you. Follow the patrolling one in the other
room, then disable him silently. Take down the other one, and you've cleared
the Monk's Quarters of enemies.

On the table, you can find a 100 CREDIT CHIT and another copy of the CATHEDRAL
MAIN DOOR NANOKEY. To the East, an essential DataCube containing to Keypad
codes 1942 for the Vault (the gold?) and 0022 for the Fountain of Wisdom.
There's also the 34501/08711 combo.

   Notes: MJ12 replaces the mystic approach of the Illuminati with a more
   secular system, but these texts found in this level are still very much
   based on religious imagery. I feel that the text in the Cathedral level is
   somewhat at odds with some of the text found elsewhere in the game. Where
   are the secular security clearances supposedly adopted by Page? Why the
   Secrets and not the angelic security clearances? I feel that the game takes
   some liberties with consistency in favor of atmosphere. 

   A DataCube in VersaLife mentioned that MiB's, or Series P Agents, have
   absolute loyalty and minimal pain response caused by conditioning
   techniques. Maybe the security clearances are for normal Troopers and
   Commandos, and this Secrets system is for the MiB's. The movie 'Men in Black'
   was already a few years old when DX hit the market; the several brands of
   agents being indicated by a single captial letter may be a reference to this
   franchise, where individual agents are called 'Agent J' and so on. 

   Sidon was a town in what is now Lebanon, once ruled by the Templars. It
   is featured in the Bible, along with the city Tyre. Remember that Master
   of Tyre is a rank within the Illuminati. 

   The Fountain of Wisdom is a reference to a Bible passage, Proverbs 18:4.
   "The words of a man’s mouth are deep waters; the fountain of wisdom is a 
   bubbling brook.", meaning that a wise man (in this Christian context, a
   true believer) supplies words of wisdom. Within the context of DX, I feel
   it's best read as a Christian-flavored name for the source of the info
   Morgan needs. 
   I feel that this DataCube is filled with references I fail to understand,
   so input is most welcome.

In this room, you can also find a RECOIL WEAPON MODIFICATION in the corner. To
the North, you can find another 100 CREDIT CHIT and a 250 CREDIT CHIT and a
pair of BINOCULARS, as well as a journal entry by what is probably an MJ12
Trooper or Commando.

   Notes: MJ12 hires ex-military, even if they have less then sterling records
   under the guise of a 'private security organization'. Sounds a lot like
   current privately owned security providers such as Blackwater (now Acadami)
   and similar modern-day sellswords.

You can open the 90% Str Locked door with your Keyring; it opens up outside.
Return to the library upstairs, and head South into one of the towers. Beware
the Sniper Trooper to your left.

On the other side of the tower, you can find the Main Entrance of the
cathedral. There's two crates containing 10MM AMMO and DARTS here. Down below,
there's a Commando patrolling; you can snipe him from this spot if you want to.
Return to the tower and go down. Head into the chapel and disable with Commando
if you haven't already. Everett may contact you about his history in this place.

   Notes: Rockefeller and Rothschild dynasties have mentioned earlier, and it
   seems that these families have been working together with the Illuminati
   while their old institutions now serve MJ12's goals. 

Find the 90% Str Locked door to the West, and unlock it with your Keyring.
Outside, there is one Bravo-3 Peacebringer and one Trooper patrolling; use
Vision Enhancement to check if they're near. Whatever your resources, the goal
is to get to the door on the other side unnoticed. With the proper
Augmentations, this is easy. You can also disable the Trooper, retreat 'til
it's safe, then exploit the predictable pattern of the bot.

You are now in the other tower, the one where you want to be. Descend the
stairs to find the kitchen; there's a "friendly" chef here, as well as two
MJ12 Troopers that you can disable to reach some minor goodies. You can
listen in on a conversation as well. The sitting one has a Flamethrower, so
watch out; the Aggressive Defense System Augmentation works well.

   Notes: The chef's name is Swelter, a reference to the fat, sadistic chef
   Abiatha Swelter from the book Titus Groan, the first book of the Gormenghast
   trilogy by Mervyn Peake.

On the table in the dining room, you can find FLARE DARTS, DARTS and a MINI-
CROSSBOW. There's a PROD CHARGER in the Southeast corner of the kitchen. I
also highly suggest that you grab a FIRE EXTINGUISHER from the kitchen for
now. The chef, a Templar sympathizer, will tell you how to reach both the gold
and the computer terminal; check your Notes.

Do as the Chef says! Go up three flights of stairs, turn left (beware the
Sniper higher up - there's nothing for you there, but he can still shoot you)
go down two flights. First, you will pass the vault to your left, but we'll
ignore it for just a bit longer. Continue North and disable the Trooper in
the room to the right. Return to the vault.

This is "Sidon's Vault", and it opens up with 1942. You gain

250 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS              Find the Templar's gold

   Notes: Everett contacts you. It seems that the Illuminati leader has joined
   the worldwide struggle of the NSF and Silhouette, or was always involved
   in some way. Strange, because in the long run the ideals of the NSF and
   Silhouette are directly opposed to Everett's likely outcome of regained
   Illuminati power structures.

   The Nazi occupation of Paris ended in August 1944, when it was liberated
   by mostly French forces with the help of some US Troops. The boxes display
   a modified version of the eagle atop a swastika, the Nazi symbol; there's
   no swastika, likely for censorship reasons. 
   The alliance between NSF, Silhouette and Everett is understandable in the
   short term, but their goals are not compatible. While the NSF and Silhouette
   would probably have some philosophical differences, they can leave eachother
   alone. Everett, however, would just like to be a more subtle MJ12. 

There's no human here. Disable the laser grid with the 60% Str Control Panel
or an explosive. The gold is protected by three cameras and two turrets. The
Terminal that controls them is in the Northwest corner of this vault; if you
have Radar Transparency, you can reach it easily and disable the security with
34501/08711. You can easily sneak through the stacks of gold as well to reach
the Terminal.

With security off-line, you can find a Repair Bot to regain some Bioelectric
Energy. Before you break any of the crates, jump on top of one of the crates
and look around to see some goodies on top of stacks of gold. Use a crate to
ground level, you can find some ROCKETS and crates containing a RELOAD WEAPON
last Scope mod in the game. If you busted all the crates before trying to find
the goodies up high, you can reach it be picking up the small Metal Crate near
the Control Panel, use it to jump on top of the lower stacks in the Southeast
corner, jump on the adjacent high stack, then jump towards the treasures. It's
an ugly jump thanks to the low ceiling, but doable without any Augmentations.

Now, go outside the vault and up one flight of stairs. To the right, you can
easily reach the "Fountain of Wisdom", but we'll miss out of skill points that
way so turn left and one more flight of stairs up.

To the right, you will find an Unlocked door leading to the chamber of a Woman
in Black, the leader of this operation. For entering, you gain

250 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS              Enter Adept 34501's room

You don't have to take her down at all if you don't want to. In the first
room, you can find a familiar DataCube and Nanokey. In the adjacent room,
there's nothing but a STEALTH PISTOL and a cabinet with a 400 CREDIT CHIT,
five THROWING KNIVES and BUCKSHOT SHELLS. The lady herself only carries a
big shotgun. Here, you can find a Terminal that responds to 34501/08711, but
it only shuts down a camera in the Technology Archive room.

One book concludes the tale of Decker Parkes, Wayne Young and Erin Todd, three
NSF soldiers that planned the initial Ambrosia heist (well, Erin's a woman) and
left New York shortly after Lebedev was shot. It seems they are now in Paris,
being watched by MJ12 as dangerous individuals.

   Notes: An e-mail by Harvey Smith, sent to one of DX's fans, explains his
   thoughts on Decker, Erin and Young:

   The only thing that occurs to me is my tribute to "System Shock 2" (one of
   the best RPG/action games ever made). I had three characters who you never
   actually meet, but only read about in data cubes and e-mails: an older,
   grizzled vet, and a younger couple who are in love. Originally working for
   MJ12 as security, they escape the destruction of the airfield at the
   beginning of the game and realize that they're former employers probably
   wouldn't be happy to see them, so they go on the run.

   And, of course, wherever JC goes, they just happen to be in the same city,
   trying to buy passports or get out of the country. You can follow their
   story all the way to Paris, where I was going to have them tragically killed
   (there's a news item about a security bot going crazy and gunning down a
   bunch of folks at a cafe that's a remnant of that idea), but in the end I
   couldn't bring myself to do it. Of course, I couldn't figure out how to end
   their story, either, and since it was near the end of the development
   cycle...they just kind of vanish in Paris. One assumes they're probably
   sunning themselves in Tuscany somewhere under new identities.

   Note that Decker, Erin and Young working for MJ12 at the start of the game
   makes no sense whatsoever; I think Smith meant to say NSF there. This
   DataCube implies that the three have joined or infiltrated MJ12, but that
   their loyalty is being questioned.

   The Chasen-Bikal scale is not a real thing and not a reference I can
   discover, as is an JKL LB survey. Interesting to see that MJ12 talks about
   'meme propagation effectiveness', talking the same language as Chad.

Return to the Fountain of Wisdom, one stairway down and across the hall.
Disable the camera. Use the 0022 code to open the door. Gunther will contact
you here, he's very close. Open up the crate to find a FIRE EXTINGUISHER,
take it with you. Climb the ladder up. On this level, find the Switch and

150 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                Discover secret passage in Cathedral

On the other side, nothing but sturdy doors with powerful locks and two
crates containing FLARE DARTS and DARTS. If you want to return, you'll find
the panel closed! No worries, the nearby lamp can be used to open it up.
Return to the room with the Ambrosia barrels and continue 'til you find the
large room. This is the Fountain of Wisdom.

Gunther is here. He will approach you as soon as you have line of sight with
him. He will see through your Cloak. You can go around him and fire an
explosive at him before he can initiate a dialogue. You have the option of
using or not using Gunther's killphrase of JC learned it from Jaime in Paris;
the killphrase Laputan Machine will obviously destroy Gunther. If you have
the Aggressive Defense Augmentation, you can use it to stop the stream of fire
that is about to be unleashed upon your person.

If Gunther reaches you for a dialogue, he will set you on fire as soon as
the cutscene is over. This is why the Fire Extinguishers are important. Energy
Shield and the Aggressive Defense System both work to reduce or stop the
effects of the weapon. There are several ways of dealing with Gunther. Fire a
Rocket before the conversation starts. Line the passage you came through with
LAMs, and escape from Gunther while he blows up behind you. Reach the ladder,
and snipe at Gunther from above.

Gunther will never Cloak like Anna, but when he is very close to death he
will stop attacking you and run. It is not necessary to kill Gunther, and it
is even possible - if difficult - to render him Unconscious. While Gunther will
take dull damage from bullets and explosions, he'll only take 10% damage from
Tranq. Darts and its poison and the Riot Prod. In addition, he's immune to the
gaseous attacks and the stunning effects of the Riot Prod, and he cannot be set
on fire by the Flamethrower. 

Regardless of your actions, the game will assume you killed Gunther at this 
stage later in the game. If you manage to get Gunther Unconscious, he will not 
self-destruct and you can take a COMBAT KNIFE, a FLAMETHROWER and an ASSAULT 
RIFLE from his body.

   Notes: The killphrase 'Laputan Machine' is a reference to Gulliver's
   Travels, where the Laputans were tiny stargazers characterized by a neglect 
   of useful occupations and a devotion to visionary projects. How this applies 
   to Gunther depends on how you would interpret him as a character.

Reaching the Computer, you'll gain

500 SP CRITICAL LOCATION BONUS          Find the Fountain of Wisdom

34501/08711 allows you to establish a system uplink. When you're done, you'll
see that Walton Simons' hologram is waiting for you; you can only talk to him
if you've killed or knocked out Gunther though. He hints that a nano-augmented
soldier is now coming after you.

Get back to the tower, and find the door leading outside at the ground level.
You may want to check in with the Repair Bot in the vault.

Leave the building, and sneak past any remaining resistance to the Old Well
to the Northeast. Dive in, and follow it to the bridge. On the way there,
you can find a crate containing a LOCKPICK. You'll have to exit on the North
side. You'll get some sweet Infolink messages on the way to the Metro station.
There's a crate containing a BALLISTIC ARMOR near the Metro entrance.

   Notes: Unclear what has been uploaded. Was Icarus uploaded to your systems,
   did Icarus upload access for Bob Page or something different?
   The prototype line is a bit of a plothole. As we know from various DataCubes
   and such, JC and Paul were nano-augmented due to a absence of all H type 
   epsilon immunoglobin proteins. People who have this immunoglobin show adverse
   reaction to the nanites and develop fatal symptoms; the Gray Death. JC and
   Paul have been chosen for augmentation because they possess this rare ability
   to withstand the nanites and integrate them in their body. It is possible 
   that Simons was also chosen by Page for a rise to power because he was a man
   within MJ12 who had this genetic makeup, but the fact that the mastermind 
   Page just happens to also have this mutation is huge coincidence.
   One note is that one Dr. Kohl from VersaLife labs (the doctor near the
   imprisoned Bum) has these lines: "No immune response, however. That should 
   get us another big check from Walton Simons, don't you think? I've told them
   before: new neurons aren't the answer. We need to reconfigure what's already
   there." It is possible that integration in living humans was discovered a
   few days ago, which is why Page moves now. Then again, Page was already shown
   to have augmentations in the intro movie, before Simons was even head of
   The best way to close the plot hole is that Page was subtly mech-augmented
   earlier, flew to VersaLife as soon as it was discovered how to integrate the
   nano-augmentation in him, just when JC is there as well. Several lines from
   NPCs at that point mention the 'Americans' have come for a visit and assume
   you're with Simons, and you can spot Page talking to Maggie Chow. Another
   theory is that it's just a coincidence and that Page indeed possesses the
   rare ability to withstand nano-augmentation and has installed these just 
   after the augmentation of Paul and JC.    

Primary Goals:

 Meet Toby Atanwe, Everett's associate, in the metro station.

From the main room of the Metro Station, you can go in four directions. To
the South, you can find the actual metro you will have to take later in the
game. For now, you can follow its corridors to gain

150 SP ADVANCEMENT BONUS                Find metro

To the East of the main room, you can find a friendly technician. He will talk
of a friend, but he's not here yet. He will sell you the following:
ACCURACY WEAPON MODIFICATION             750 credits
RANGE WEAPON MODIFICATION                800 credits
THERMOPTIC CAMO                         5000 credits
Buy what you want, there's not much stuff you can do with your credits past
this point, so you don't have to worry about your checkbook.

You can only do the following if you have Speed Enhancement and can get it to
perform at Level 2, or when you drag a lot of small Metal Crates and Trashcans
from the main hall into this room. Find the small Metal Crate in the dark
corner, and throw it on one of the couches to the East. Jump on top of the
Couch, then the Crate, then on top of the ledge with Speed Enhancement active.
Alternatively, build a makeshift tower out crates. If you stack two Metal
Crates and a Trashcan, and you use two Metal Crates to get on top of that,
that's high enough. Anyway, the ledge. Here, you can find the technician's
journal, and a crate containing a MULTITOOL. You'll also gain

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Find Giuliano Jordorowsky's journal

The journal holds account info: 576001/WYRDRED0-, and mentions the last digit
of the PIN# needs to be guessed. You can confront 'Joseph' downstairs with
your knowledge, but you won't get your discount. In addition, you can tell the
Metro Patrol about Joseph's thieving ways, and mention your actions to Joseph,
but none of it will get you anywhere.

   Notes: Jordorowsky is a reference to Alejandro Jodorowsky, the director
   of Dune, who studied mime in Paris.

To the North of the main room, the glass door won't open. You can easily bash
it in with any kind of violence, though. There's a Repair Bot inside, and an
ATM Machine. 576001/WYRDRED08 gets you access to 900 credits, also its Base
ATM Value.

You've been to the Metro station earlier. From the main room, you can find
a Repair Bot to the North, the thieving Joseph to the East. If you have the
money, I suggest you buy that Thermoptic Camo, there's little else you can do
with your credits past this point. You can knock him out and get a MULTITOOL
from him, if you really want it. To the South of the main room, you will
eventually find Everett's lackey, Atanwe.

Atanwe will give you the illusion of choice. You will gain, just before things
go dark:

150 SP                                  Meet Toby Atanwe

 3.19 Morgan Everett's Home

Skill Points to earn: 800
 100 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Find Lucius DeBeers' pod
 100 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Find Morpheus' room
 500 SP SUBJECT ACQUISITION BONUS       Meet Morgan Everett
  50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Explore Morgan's Aquaria
  50 SP ADVANCEMENT BONUS               Reach Jock on Morgan's Helipad

Augmentation Canisters:
 EMP Shield / Ballistic Protection Augmentation Canister
 Targeting / Vision Enhancement Augmentation Canister
 Upgrade Canister

Weapon Modifications:
 Accuracy, Laser

Mister Toby Atanwe has a lot of useful information for you when you find
yourself in some building in Paris. Obviously, you cannot leave through the
front door. It is time to meet the most important member of the Illuminati,
Dowd's main man, Morgan Everett.

   Notes: If you attack Toby, he may pull out a Dragon's Tooth. The same goes
   for Morgan later. This is strange because these swords are a very recent
   invention. Also? MJ12-controlled technology from Hong Kong. What, are they
   some sort of MAGIC nanotechnology lightsabers?

To the South, you will find an INF/INF door blocking your path, so walk to the
East where Icarus will contact you. In the kitchen here, you will find a Maid
called Carmela who tells you to not distrub Lucius DeBeers. You can chat with
her once she drops the name. Man, even the Maids of the Illuminati keep secrets
from you. You can find a 100 CREDIT CHIT in a cabinet.

   Notes: The name DeBeers is a reference to the DeBeers diamond company.
   It's got a long history of less-than-legal financial constructions. It was
   founded by Cecil Rhodes, mentioned earlier in-game.

West of the Kitchen, you can find a bedroom, with a PS20 and a 100 CREDIT CHIT
on the nightstand. In the adjacent bathroom, you can find a MEDKIT and the
AQUARIUM HATCH NANOKEY. More importantly though, the mirror is a hidden panel
that you can slide open to reveal a grate with a 80% Str Lock. Destroy this
grate with a Combat Strength Dragon's Tooth slice or an explosive, or simply
pick the lock.

If you can hack, open up the Terminal to see two cameras active; one monitors
DeBeers, the other one monitors the Helipad, where you see a mechanic on his
back. Strange. There's no need to disable the cameras. You will find the login
later. If you press on, you'll gain:

100 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                Find Lucius DeBeers' pod

In this room you can find a 100 CREDIT CHIT, a DataCube with the code that can
be used to visit 'Morpheus' (8001) Make sure to talk to Lucius as well. What
a miserable life for the Supreme Enlightened, though he quite a lot of info
about the Illuminati.

   Notes: There is a speech that John F. Kennedy is supposed to have given
   at Columbia University in November 1963, ten days before he was murdered.
   In it, he supposedly said: "“The high office of the president has been used 
   to foment a plot to destroy America’s freedom and before I leave this office,
   I must inform the citizens of their plight.” No official records exist that
   Kennedy was even near Columbia University in November 1963.

Secondary Goals:

 Tell Everett that Lucius DeBeers is cold

Well, I suppose it's good to keep de beers cold. You can shut down DeBeers'
Life Support system with the adjacent Computer Terminal, but there's no reason
to do that. Return to the kitchen for now, and leave to the East. Down the
stairs, you will find a Repair Bot and crates containing two PROD CHARGERS.

Pass the aquaria until you reach a fork. To the South, you can visit an old
friend and ally, but to the West, Everett is waiting for you. Let's go South
first. It's Alex! He's working for Tong, who is cautious about Everett's goals.
He's got some troubling news about Tong as well. On his desk, you can find an
EMP GRENADE and a BIOELECTRIC CELL. You can hack the computer for an e-mail from
Toby to Morgan mentioning two codes: 2384 and 6426.

   Notes: Alex tells you Tong sent him to spy on Everett, but I've got a 
   different take on it. Tong only knows Jacobson for a few days, and even
   though Alex' story checks out, he is still an ex-UNATCO man. It is more 
   likely that Tong doesn't trust Alex and sent him to Everett just to send him 

   Also note the questionable matter of logistics; Alex Jacobson is a wanted
   terrorist. InterPol is after him. How did Alex get from Hong Kong to Paris
   before you without a black helicopter? Best not to dwell too much on this
   matter. My take on it is that the game devs thought it'd be nice to have
   old UNATCO allies pop up later in the game.
   A software worm is a standalone malware computer program that replicates 
   itself in order to spread to other computers. Since a blip of Daedalus' code
   runs on every communication device on the planet, an 'update' must be able
   to swarm across the net as well. 

Further to the South, you can find a room with some kewl stuff. A DataCube
mentions a password PYNCHON, there's a MedBot and a BIOELECTRIC CELL.

   Notes: Pynchon refers to Thomas Pynchon, an American writer. His work is
   referenced in the 'Ton Hotel's guest list as well as an earlier e-mail in
   VersaLife. His most famous books are Gravity's Rainbow and The Crying of
   Lot 49. 

To the West, there's a blast door controlled by a 90% Str Keypad. Luckily, we
have the code, 8001. You gain:

100 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                Find Morpheus' room

In this room, you can find two PLASMA CLIPS, a book detailing the Morpheus
useless to you. Well, it was either breaking into Lucius' place to find the
code to enter here, or break into this place with Multitools to find the Nanokey
to Lucius' room. But obviously, the main attraction here is the hologram of the
sentient AI, Morpheus. Talk to it a lot, it's great.

   Notes: Heuristics are strategies for problem solving based on learning and
   discovery; trial-and-error and such. In this case, Morpheus' heuristic
   language may mean that Morpheus can adapt itself to better gather and
   present information. The name Morpheus literally means 'one who shapes',
   which may be further reference to it.

   Interesting to note that Morgan does not understand how Morpheus adapts
   itself. Also, since Morpheus was the prototype for Echelon IV, or Daedalus,
   this erratic behavior may be reason Daedalus sprang free in the first place.

Leave this place, head back to the fork and head West this time to gain

500 SP SUBJECT ACQUISITION BONUS        Meet Morgan Everett

Morgan talks to you about Daedalus. You get a new mission; you must travel to
Vandenberg to meet up with Gary Savage of X-51. JC will bring up DeBeers if
you met him earlier. Everett is not inclined to revive the poor man. You can
talk to Morgan one more time about Alex, and one more time about Morpheus.

   Notes: A daemon is background software that runs without direct input from
   the user. 

   I've always found this part of the game confusing, but this is what's
   going on. Daedalus is being attacked by Icarus; it has already caused MJ12
   renewed access to Daedalus' info and will in time destroy Daedalus. Everett
   has a plan that will not only save Daedalus by defending it from Icarus,
   but by uploading Daedalus to MilNet Daedalus can be used to destroy MJ12's
   intelligence apparatus.

   Keep in mind that a fully functional Daedalus will likely classify the
   Illuminati as a threat, so Everett may have his own agenda in helping and
   modifying Daedalus.

Primary Goals:

 Meet Jock at the helipad. Leave for Vandenberg Airforce Base.

Secondary Goals:

 Tell Lucius that Everett does not intend to revive him?

Time to loot his place a bit. To the East, there's a hatch with a 20% Str Lock
that can be picked, destroyed or opened with the Keyring. It opens up over the
aquarium. Dive in and swim to the other side, where you will find DARTS, a

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Explore Morgan's Aquaria

Return to Morgan. On the North wall, there's a cabinet with a 80% Str Lock
MODIFICATION. A powerful Dragon's Tooth can open this up for you.

In the middle of the room, there's two containment pods, both protected by a
90% Str Keypad. You can use the codes acquired from the computer to open them:
CANISTER and 6426 to obtain the UPGRADE CANISTER.

You could also use the Security Computer Terminal with MEVERETT/PYNCHON to
lift the Nanotech Containment Field 002, but it doesn't do anything. Instead,
simply go to Security and set the Door Status of both fields to Open.

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Upgrade Spy Drone to Level 3

You can return to Alex. The computer responds to MEVERETT/PYNCHON as well.

If you want to correct a grave injustice, return to DeBeers and inform him of
Everett's lack of ambition to restore DeBeers. You can tell the truth or lie to
DeBeers, either option removes the Secondary Goal from your list. Once you lie,
you can no longer tell the truth. When you tell the truth, DeBeers asks you to
euthanize him. This can be done with the Terminal: MEVERETT/PYNCHON can Shut
Down DeBeers' Bio Support System. He will be gone quickly. Everett will contact
you once you've killed the Supreme Enlightened. Simply telling the truth to
Lucius will provoke no response.

Find the INF/INF door to the South of where you were first brought in by Toby.
Reaching the helipad nets you:

50 SP ADVANCEMENT BONUS                 Reach Jock on Morgan's Helipad

There's a dead body of a Mechanic on the ground. Again, strange. The mechanic
that is still walking acts a little shifty as well. There's a LAM in a crate.
You can return to Everett and question him about the Mechanic, who sends you
away to assassinate the imposter.

Secondary Goals:

 Kill the phony mechanic who infiltrated Everett's estate.

You can verbally confront the mechanic, but it will cause the Odd Mechanic to
flee to the kitchen and draw a Stealth Pistol on you. Obviously, you can just
kill the man right away. If you killed the man, knocked him out or simply had
Everett say that the Mechanic is an imposter, JC will cause Jock to double-check
his systems and discover A Bomb! Had you not followed up on this clue at all,
you could've just boarded the helicopter, causing bomb-related issues down the
road. Once the bomb is de-activated, there is no real reason to kill the
Mechanic other than completion of a secondary goal and the CROWBAR and STEALTH
GUN he has on him.

   Notes: This is probably the most famous scene of the game, since a lot of
   people ridiculed JC's voice actor's monotone delivery of his lines here.
   Warren Spector has said that JC's lack of emotion was intentional, so that
   players could more easily project their own feelings onto him.

 3.20 Vandenberg Airforce Base

Skill Points to earn: 2700
  50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Explore cooling towers' water
 100 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Override first Backup Power Terminal
  75 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Reach stashed LAW crates
 100 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Reach Front Gate of Vandenberg
 400 SP CRITICAL LOCATION BONUS         Enter Vandenberg Communications
  50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Explore roof of Vandenberg Communication
 150 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Crawl over pipes Radiation room
 150 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Explore utility tunnel storage room
 400 SP ADVANCEMENT BONUS               Reach the Command Centre though tunnels
 100 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Override second Backup Power Terminal
  50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Access bottom of elevator shaft
 500 SP PROGRESS BONUS                  Uplink Daedalus to MilNet
 100 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Find reset button elevator
  75 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Find west maintenance halls
  50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Find dead scientist outside
  50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Find Webber's assistant
 150 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Reach Terminal in Hazard Lab
 150 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Enter Vandenberg Security Bay

Augmentation Canisters:
 Cloak / Radar Transparency Augmentation Canister
 Upgrade Canister x2

Weapon Modifications:
 Range x2

When you arrive, you quickly get a lot of information. Lemme break it down
for you:

You can't get to Savage, because the base is under lockdown until the patrolling
MJ12 bots have been destroyed. You can do this yourself, or you can activate
Vandenberg's own bot defense system by activating the backup power by finding
two control panels and activating them with the 5868 code. This is just a means
to an end, though.

Primary Goals:

 Destroy the 2 MJ12 military bots and 2 MJ12 security bots. Base will remain
 under lockdown until the bots are destroyed.

Secondary Goals:

 Activate backup power for the X-51 scientists' bot security system.

   Notes: Vandenberg Air Force Base is a real place, located in California.

You start out with a great tactical advantage. You're on a large roof, and you
can study and snipe the entire outside of the base from this point. Carla Brown
mentions the location of the back-up power control panels; one outside, one in
the transformer room.

Check the image you received. To the East, you'll look over the Security Bay,
that holds the X-51 defense bots currently dormant. You are standing on the
Command Center. In the yard, you can see two Bravo-3 and two Delta-2
Peacebringers patrolling, you'll want to destroy these to remove the lockdown.
You can take down the Bravo-3 bots with your GEP Gun or a Spy Drone, they
are both nearby. Grenades can work, but the timing can be difficult. One of
the Delta-2 bots can also be destroyed from this vantage point. Take your time
hiding when you are fired upon and resume the attack when things are quiet. The
final bot can be tricky to destroy from the roof since it keeps patrolling
behind the Communications building. You can leave it be for now.

Up to three MJ12 Troopers can arrive to check out the destruction; there are
two guarding the Front Gate, and there's one patrolling the South wall of the
Command Centre. Disable them if you can, they'll only be a nuisance later on.

On the West side, you can find a guard tower with two MJ12 Troopers, one on each
platform. Disable these guys. Now, it's time to get down, but we're gonna do it
in style. On the South side, you can see two cooling tower partly submerged
in water; the red lights make it a noticeable place. Run off the roof and dive
into this water to avoid falling damage. Make sure the Trooper here has been
taken care of. Find the two crates in the water containing a MEDKIT and some
ROCKETS and obtain

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Explore cooling towers' water

Head west, where you can find one of two Terminals in the corner. It's only
a 20% Str Keypad, but you have the code anyway: 5868. You gain:

100 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS             Override first Backup Power Terminal

   Notes: There is a bug in at least the GotYE version where you obtain these
   100 skill points every time you input the code, resulting in an infinite
   amount of skill points.

Now, travel North. You'll come across the guard tower, hopefully you took care
of the Troopers. Both Troopers carry a LAW that you can use to destroy the MJ12
Bots if they're still around. You can climb a large pipe to the South to reach
a platform with two crates, both containing another LAW. Reaching this place
gets you

75 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Reach stashed LAW crates

Head North further, ignoring the locked door leading into the Command Centre,
and turn to the corner to the East. There's an MJ12 Trooper here shooting Tranq.
Darts, so take him down. There's a crate with a MEDKIT to be found as well, and
the Trooper carries an EMP GRENADE if you're interested.

   Notes: in my GotYE game, left of the Medkit crate, you can walk through the
   wall. It's a bug.

I'm assuming you've cleared most of the bots. If not, use your GEP Gun or the
LAWs you found to destroy the bots you find when you press on towards the East
and find yourself near the Security Bay. Steer clear of the front entrance of
the Command Centre, there's two MJ12 Commandos guarding it.

Once you've destroyed the bots, Jock will mention the Communication Building
is open, and that he'll leave to pick up Tong.

Primary Goals:

 Go to the communications center to gain access to Gary Savage.

To the North, you can find the entrance to Vandenberg. Guarding it are two
MJ12 Troopers; sneak past them or disable them. If you approach them from the
West, you can easily take both of them down with a melee weapon. Run down
and collect:

100 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS              Reach Front Gate of Vandenberg

In the guard booth, you'll see a DataCube that mentions some army guy leaving
behind Vandenberg to the X-51 scientists. Also, there's a GAS GRENADE.

   Notes: The Big One is the 'the SoCal disaster that submerged much of southern
   California'. It's not otherwise specified in-game, though the DX Bible
   mentions it's "a major earthquake hit the West Coast, destroying most of
   San Francisco and dumping all of Los Angeles and most of southern California
   south of Lompoc into the ocean."

Return to the Communications building to gain:

400 SP CRITICAL LOCATION BONUS          Enter Vandenberg Communications

The Scientist, Tony Mares, tips you off on a colleague of his who has the key to
the Control Room, where Savage is. You'll have to track down this guy for his
key, or you won't be able to get to Savage. Let's retrace his steps until we
find him; alive or dead, we need that key.

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Upgrade Electronics to Advanced

Primary Goals:

 Find Gary Savage, believed to be in the control room.

The lockers in this building contain useful items. From right to left, a 
DataCube with a recording of the man we're looking for Thompson Reynolds. It 
contains login info: TUNNEL01/OMEGA2A. The next one holds DARTS and FLARE DARTS.
The next one a MULTITOOL and an UPGRADE CANISTER. Last one's empty. The two 
middle lockers are protected with a 70% Str Lock; the Dragon's Tooth are an 
explosive can help you out. There's a SAWED-OFF SHOTGUN on the bunk bed.

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Upgrade Regeneration to Level 2

In the adjacent room, you can find the entrance to the utility tunnels. You can
7.62x51MM AMMO clip here. Before you enter the tunnel, find the ladder going up.
There's a dead MJ12 sniper here, a SNIPER RIFLE, 30.06 AMMO and

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Explore roof of Vandenberg Communication

In the tunnels, Everett will contact you. Careful, there are two Model 2 Arcbots
scurrying about. Deal with them before you start examining stuff.

First, on the West wall, there's a panel that reveals button's labeled 1, 2 and
3. Only 1 can be successfully reset, but there's nothing to reset now. Pressing
on, you can find a Terminal: TUNNEL01/OMEGA2A disables an upcoming camera and
turret. Then, there's the closed entrance to the Generator Room, protected with
a 80% Str Keypad. We don't have the code. There's a better way in, so pass this
one up for now.

You'll find a blue tripwire security system. Bypassing the nearby 60% Str 
Control Panel with Multitools is an option, as is using an explosive or a Spy 
Drone to disable the lasers themselves. Careful jumping can also get you past 
these lasers, or with Speed Enhancement at level three or beyond, you can leap 
over the entire trap. Finally, you could trigger the trap, have the Arcbots sent
up, and quickly destroy them. If you activate the security system, the door into
'Hazard' will close on you, forcing you to reset the trap to open the door

You'll have three option here; break the 90% Str lock on the door leading into
Maintenance Access, open up the door leading into the radiation room or open
up the grate of the crawling space. Let's do that. There's really only one
way to go; it opens up above the flooded generator room. Dive in.

There's a crate containing a MEDKIT in the Southwest corner and a crate with a
LAW in the Northeast. There are two bodies floating here. The one stuck beneath
the yellow pipes holds two BIOELECTRIC CELLS. Below the body, in one of the
transformers, you can find some TECH GOGGLES. The other body holds no items, but
right below it you can find the MAINTENANCE NANOKEY. Grab a lungful of air and
find the exit to the South. Swim up in the flooded stairway and use the Switch
to find yourself on familiar territory. But there's one more thing to do.

Dive back in, and go all the way down to find a locked door with a 60% Str
Keypad. We need to open this for an Upgrade Canister. Bypassing the keypad will
take some time, so either upgrade your Swimming skill, use a Rebreather or
activate Aqualung. Regeneration can help as well once you start taking damage.
Grab some more air when you've opened the door, and dive back to explore. The
dead body holds a LOCKPICK and an UPGRADE CANISTER. Further on, you can find
a dead MJ12 Trooper holding a PISTOL and a crate containing some BALLISTIC
ARMOR. We're done here, let's get out.

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Upgrade Spy Drone to Level 4

Return to the fork past the tripwire trap. I suggest going for the 90% Str
lock now, since you have the Nanokey! Climb the ladder and find crates with the
10MM AMMO and a clip of 7.62x51MM AMMO. You can crawl over the pipes near the
ceiling of the radioactive room that you otherwise would've entered. Taking
this route protects your damaging radioactive radiation, and awards you with:

150 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                Crawl over pipes Radiation room

Note that you can leap over the other side of the radiation room, but that
you can't return this way. If you've got the stomach for it, you can return
after you've bagged the skill points, and open the door the regular way. You'll
have to protect yourself from the radiation somehow. Environmental Resistance
helps. The green liquid is damaging as well, in addition the radiation.

The crates here contains an EMP GRENADE, you can loot the body for a MULTITOOL.
Quickly reach the other side and use the button to open the door.

At any rate, you'll reach a storage room. There's a small Arcbot below, take
it out. Climb down the stairs all the way to find two crates containing two
MEDKITS, which you can use to heal damage from the radiation if necessary. The
only other way to continue leads to blue tripwire lasers with an 80% Str Control
Panel. Triggering the 'trap' summons a turret from the ceiling that starts
firing immediately.

You can bypass the Control Panel, disable the lasers themselves, of trip the
lasers, hide in a nook to the left and destroy the turret. Radar Transparency
turns you invisible to the Turret. You will find the ground floor of the storage
room, where you can gather a LOCKPICK from a crate. There's also some ROCKETS
in a crate, but you'll have to get near a radioactive barrel, so decide if you
want it.

Ascend the stairs to find the control room for the supply lift. There's a MEDKIT
on the floor. Setting the lift to '2' allows you to reach a crate with a MEDKIT,
a crate with a LOCKPICK and gaining

150 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                Explore utility tunnel storage room

You can also see a FLAMETHROWER between two explosive barrels. You can simply
reach it by placing a small Metal Crate in front of it and jumping up; even
without augmentations, you should be able to reach the weapon.

Now, set the lift to '3', return, and walk over the lift to continue. Careful,
there's another Arcbot here. You will find the body of poor Reynolds. There's
a MULTITOOL on his body, and the necessary CONTROL ROOM NANOKEY near it. For
reaching this far, you gain:

400 SP ADVANCEMENT BONUS                Reach the Command Centre though tunnels

You will wind up in the Command Centre. You could've explored this place a long
time ago, as soon as you landed on its roof actually. This time though, you have
the Nanokey necessary to reach the Control Room within.

Find the crates containing a LOCKPICK and 10MM AMMO. Use the Switch to open
the door, but beware. Two MJ12 Troops and a Man in Black are right outside.
I suggest Cloaking yourself here and speeding to the North, where you can dive
into a door quickly. In here, you're safe, and guess what: the second Terminal
for the backup power is here! Since you already disabled the bots, you don't
really need it, but input 5868 and you'll still get

100 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS             Override second Backup Power Terminal

   Notes: Like with the other terminal, inputting the code over and over again
   will, due to a bug, result in infinite amounts of skill points.

There's a grate here where you can access an elevator shaft with a Dead Body
in it. There's no items here, but there is the

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Access bottom of elevator shaft

Note: in the original version of the game, there's a HAZ LAB NANOKEY near this
body. Not in my GotYE game though.

In the adjacent room, you can find a cabinet with a 80% Str Lock. You can
slice it open with the Dragon's Tooth, but I don't suggest explosives since
it'll alarm soldiers in the neighborhood. Inside, you'll find two REBREATHERS,
some DARTS. The Rebreathers and Medkits are strangely stacked, so there will
appear to be only one of each.

Forget about the main hall that you just passed through, and ascend the stairs.
At the top, there's two MJ12 Troopers. Take them out; a Gas Grenade is useful
here, as is the Pepper Gun. If you don't make any explosions, no other troops
should be alarmed. You'll find crates containing a BALLISTIC ARMOR and 7.62x51MM
AMMO nearby. Now, head south, taking care to avoid being seen by the troops on
the ground and the single Trooper in the Southeast corner. This can be done
without any Cloaking by simply sticking to the shadows near the wall. If done
correctly, you can overhear the Trooper giving orders to a female scientist.
If the Trooper here starts shooting before you trigger that conversation, you
will not be able to start the dialogue with the scientist later.

Take down the single Trooper here without alerting the troops below, either
by Cloaking to the other side or shooting him with a Dart or such. Now, all
there is to do is take care of the guys below. A single WP Rocket takes care
of them. You can also just ignore them, if you remain cautious.

Talk to Stephanie Maxwell, who gives you the COMMAND/ZEBRA42 combo to manipulate
the Security Terminals. The Control Room is very close! It's in the Southeast
corner on the second floor, where you 'rescued' Stephanie. Use the Keyring to
open it up.

The Control Room is still under X-51 dominance, so no need for guns here. The
computer can be hacked for some interesting e-mails. The login info, which you
cannot find anywhere in-game, is JTAYLOR/#214.

   Notes: In Re: Reaction Modules, Gary mentions that something happened at
   Area 51. This 'what happened there' is not mentioned in-game. The DX Bible
   describes how Area 51 was initially subject to the UC going haywire, killing
   most and forcing a lockdown of the place.

   Also note that they have JC's genetic profile, which they took with them
   from Area 51. What's your profile doing there?

Descend the stairs. Daedalus reminds you of why you're here; help Daedalus get
MilNet access so he can attack Icarus. Below, you'll find ex-army and ex-
UNATCO war hero now working for X-51 Sam Carter. The only reason he doesn't
have an ex-wife is because she died! Amiright, guys? Anyway, Gary Savage is the
bald scientist in front of the computer.

Primary Goals:

 Bring up the Vandenberg computer system, needed to operate the UC and to allow
 Everett to defend Daedalus.

Gary gives you the GSAVAGE/TIFFANY combo to work the Vandenberg computers. Try
it out on the one Gary is standing near for some e-mails. Find the Repair Bot
as well to replenish some Energy. Find the computer room to the North. In the
Southeast corner of this room, you can find a BIOELECTRIC CELL and the 3RD FLOOR
COMPUTER ROOM NANOKEY. Arcs everywhere. There's an alternate route through the
3rd floor computer room, but this one is fine. Just stick to the East wall 'til
the end, then turn the corner to see the Control Panel. You can bypass the 40%
Str Control Panel to shut down the arcs on this floor. I suggest you do so. Find
the Switch on the North wall to summon the elevator.

On this floor, there's a 70 % Str Control Panel that can shut down the arcs on
this floor, but there's no real need. You can easily hop over to the computer.
GSAVAGE/TIFFANY allows you to link Daedalus to MilNet. The arcs will stop, and
you'll gain access to the computer.

500 SP PROGRESS BONUS                   Uplink Daedalus to MilNet

Daedalus and Icarus will merge into Helios, a surprise from Bob Page.

   Notes: Daedalus, Icarus and Helios are all references to a single story from
   Greek tradition. Daedalus was a great inventor and crafter who created a
   labyrinth for his king. To prevent other of knowing about the labyrinth's
   twists and turns, the king locked Daedalus and his son, Icarus, in a tower.
   Daedalus crafted wings from bird feathers and wax for himself and his son,
   and they escaped the tower. Despite Daedalus' warnings, Icarus flew too high
   to the sun (Helios), and the wax of his wings softened, causing him to fall
   in the sea and drown.

   While I can't see a direct parallel with the three AI's, the themes of the
   story are very relevant to X-51; like Daedalus of the story, Gary is a
   unrivaled inventor whose patron turns against him and who has lost a great
   deal because of his inventions, maybe even his offspring as will become
   clear very soon.

   This is another moment in the game where I'm not exactly sure what's going
   on. The DX Bible gives some more background on this, but it's also clear
   that the story at this point in the DX Bible is different from the game.
   Everett envisioned that Daedalus could be turned against Icarus and
   subsequently gain access to MilNet... and MJ12's secret communication.
   It has simply failed. Icarus overtook Daedalus and together they have become
   Helios, apparently under Bob Page's control. You have lost the battle for
   communication, Everett's master plan failed and Daedalus is gone.

   What confused me always was how the man who single-handedly built Morpheus
   could be so easily out-maneuvered to the point that Savage even says: "I
   don't know what Everett was thinking", which led me to believe Everett
   planned this Helios merger behind your back for some reason still unknown.
   Since Helios in no way furthers Everett's agenda later in the game, I see
   no further proof of his.

Return to Gary Savage to get a new mission. Bob Page will give his demented
little speech and after that you can have a dialogue scene with Gary Savage
and two scenes with Sam Carter about the rescue mission and about the merger.

   Notes: While the DX Bible described Icarus as a tag-on program designed to
   attack and 'trap' Daedalus, Sam Carter flat-out tells you that Icarus was
   Daedalus with a few modifications; Daedalus quit his job and MJ12 created
   Icarus to do it instead.

   Sam Carter also indicates there is some wiggle room; Icarus was a pure MJ12
   tool, but Helios - whatever it is - isn't Icarus anymore. If Daedalus
   pattern-matching of MJ12 as a terrorist group is still in there, Helios
   might not be the same ally to Bob Page as Icarus was.

Ascend the stairs and open up the 3rd floor Computer room to find a MULTITOOL
and a BIOELECTRIC CELL. You can blow up the fan and enter the computer room that
way, but you're already done there. Now, leave the Control Room to go meet up 
with Jock. There's a few more side-quests to get some skill points though.

Primary Goals:

 Rescue Gary Savage's daughter, Tiffany, from the gas station where Majestic
 12 is holding her.

Find the elevator outside of the Control Room and ride it up to the roof.
Careful, there are two MJ12 Troopers right outside this elevator door, one on
both sides. A Gas Grenade or some Cloaking can help you take them both out.
If you initiate a fight, don't leave the elevator until the Alarm has calmed
down, since there's a turret outside. The crates here contain 10MM AMMO.
You can continue through the next room to the North to, past some security
measures disabled with COMMAND/ZEBRA42, get back the roof where you started,
but let's not and head up the ladder. There's a crate with BUCKSHOT SHELLS here.
Walk to the South and open up the grate to find yourself on top of the elevator.

100 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                Find reset button elevator

Press the Switch to send the elevator down to the ground floor. Open the grate
and leap down. If the three MJ12 members are still here, they'll be alerted
by the sound you make when you land; if you have Run Silent though, you can
avoid that. Find the Terminal to the South. COMMAND/ZEBRA42 disables the
security measures in the reception area. The computer here can be hacked for
a familiar e-mail. Login can be TBAKER/DALEK, but you don't find that info

   Notes: A Dalek is an antagonistic alien from the long-running BBC show
   Doctor Who. The Doctor, the protagonist, goes through several incarnations;
   it's fourth incarnation was played by Tom Baker, hence the login name.
   There is, however, also an X-51 assistant NPC called Tim Baker.

On the West wall here, there's a grate leading to a maintenance area.
Enter it for

75 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Find west maintenance halls

This is just another way into the building, since the 50% Str Locked door leads
outside. There is one more thing here. Find the grate in this room very close
to the West wall. Open it up and follow this path until you reach the dead body
of a scientist. It holds a BIOELECTRIC CELL, and gets you

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Find dead scientist outside

Return to the reception area. Climb the stairs into the conference room with
the digital globe. Below, you can spot two MJ12 Troops. Disable them from your
vantage point here. What also works is jumping down with a Pepper Gun; from the
right location, one spray disables both Troopers. One of them has a LAM.

Talk to the Scientist, Stacey Webber, here. She gives you the security login,
but you already have it. Also note the MedBot here. Her assistant is missing,
but he's very close. Find the door with the 60% Str Lock. Spend some Lockpicks
to open it up to find Webber's assistant and

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Find Webber's assistant

In here, you can find a BIOELECTRIC CELL, some HE AMMO, a MEDKIT, a HAZMAT SUIT

Now, find the Hazard Lab. Most of it is flooded, and electricity is turning it
into one big shocker. First, find the cabinet. Use the Dragon's Tooth or an
explosive to open it up to find a HAZMAT SUIT, three BIOELECTRIC CELLS, a 100

You can disable the electricity with the 90% Str Control Panel here, or with the
50% Str Control in the water. It's a few easy leaps though, and there's a MedBot
right outside. With the electricity gone, look around. To the North, you can
find another HAZMAT SUIT and a Terminal controlling the turrets in the reception
area. You'll also gain

150 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS             Reach Terminal in Hazard Lab

Clearly visible as well, there's a THERMOPIC CAMO and an SUBDERMAL2 AUGMENTATION
CANISTER. Close to the Canister, you can find a MEDKIT. The Trooper near the
Camo has a RANGE WEAPON MODIFICATION on him. To leave this area, you'll have
to pass some lasers, but since they only raise the alarm and nobody's around,
it's no biggie.

We're almost done here. We restored the backup power, might as well send out
the X-51 bot security system. Get to the Security Bay outside, either though
the front entrance of the reception area (might be Commandoes here) or past
the maintenance room to the West of the reception area (break down a door and
walk around).

Use the Switch to open the door. Entry gets you:

150 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS             Enter Vandenberg Security Bay

Use the Switches to release two Delta-2 bots. Inside, you can also find a PROD
CHARGER and crates containing a NAPALM CANISTER, WP ROCKETS and 7.62x51MM AMMO.
The dead body holds a LOCKPICK and a BIOELECTRIC CELL.

We're done. Get to the Front Gate outside. Past the gate, immediately stick to
the wall to your left, don't go down to the 'copter just yet. You will notice
the ground beneath your feet shrinking into the wall until you can't go any
further, but there's some ground you reach just ahead, without any augmentation
help (though Speed Enhancement helps).

If you make it, you're in a weird part of the map, outside of Vandenberg.
There's a few bodies here, mainly scientists and tech guys. All in all, you

Now, run towards the helicopter, where Tong is waiting.

   Notes: Tong being here solidifies that the benefactor that sent X-51 their
   Hong Kong bots was indeed Tong. Strange, however, that he has a machine that
   can disable your killswitch, which causes your nanites to grow exponentially
   in a few seconds, but cannot stop the Gray Death in his body.

 3.21 Abandoned Gas Station, Central California

Skill Points to earn: 50
 50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                Explore the rooftop!

Augmentation Canisters:

Weapon Modifications:
 Accuracy (750), Recoil (400), Silencer

You're here to rescue a damsel in distress. Finally, a love interest! I'm sure
UNATCO's dying to get another Denton in the field, they're working out great so

Very close to where you start, a truck is toppled over. You can circle around it
and enter it to find a crate containing DARTS. Great. Now, just head North for
now, where there are no enemies. Talk to the girl. Fred will give you a SEWER
ACCESS NANOKEY and offer you the following:
REBREATHER                     1500 credits

To the Northeast, below the collapsed pillars, you can find a Dead Body and a
SEWER ACCESS NANOKEY. You can disable either Bum and get a NANOKEY from their
body. We only need the one, game. If Sandra Renton survived the ordeals back in
Hell's Kitchen, but she decided to leave, she will be here pining for home
somewhat. Now, return to the place you started out the mission.

Find the square shack with the 90% Str door. Destroy the door or open 'er up
with one of the hundred Nanokey codes you found. Follow the path until you
reach the surface.

The wooden board to the West opens up, but there's an MJ12 Trooper patrolling.
Vision Enhancement helps in taking this guy out. To the North, there's an MJ12
Commando patrolling. He can scream no problem. You are now near an empty
gas station store. The building on the other side of the fence, to the North,
is where they're holding Tiffany. If the alarm is sounded in that building,
the first thing they'll try to do is kill Tiffany, so that can't happen. If
Tiffany dies, Jock will arrive and your mission here is over. You'll miss out on
an Upgrade Canister later.

Peek around the fence. You can see a Commando patrolling with a lot of empty
space between you. This can be a tricky situation. Further to the North, there's
another Commando. The Commandoes can't scream, and you can't blow them up. This
is a good time to Cloak or use a Thermoptic Camo and use the Riot Prod to hit
them right in the sweet spot. This can be tricky, but it's really the best thing
to do. The one further down the road can scream all he wants, but not the one
near the building. One of the Commandoes carries the GARAGE DOOR NANOKEY.

You can climb on top of the truck. Inside, you'll find ROCKETS, BUCKSHOT
SHELLS, 100 CREDIT CHIT, a SNIPER RIFLE and all the narcotics a man could want.
The wooden fenced square to the East has an opening on the East side, where
you can find two crates containing 7.62x51MM AMMO and a PROD CHARGER.

To the North of the building we're avoiding still, there's an opening in the
wooden fence. Open it up two find two Dobermans! These dogs will ignore you
when you're Cloaked, proving they can't smell shit. It's handy to shoot these
dogs. There's also an MJ12 Trooper to take out.

Climb the ladder. Climb down into the hole in the roof. In the Northeast corner,
you can score the only skill points here, namely:

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Explore the rooftop!

You are now in the abandoned gas station. You can find a BIOELECTRIC CELL to
the North and crates containing a LOCKPICK and a MEDKIT. There's a SAWED-OFF
SHOTGUN beneath the cashier. You in the States now, baby.

We've literally done everything except rescue Tiffany. Get outside, find the
other building and open up the door with your Keyring. Inside, a Trooper and a
Man in Black. Toss in a Gas Grenade, or run in with your fancy ANTIGONE Pepper
Gun, or fire a WP Rocket, or something.

Inside, there's two crates containing a MEDKIT and 10MM AMMO. The Man in Black
carries a PLASMA RIFLE. There's also an unnamed NANOKEY that serves no purpose
on his body. Open the door to meet Tiffany. She doesn't put out or nothin'.

Primary Goals:

 Return to the helicopter in the junkyard.

In the junkyard, you can find a shack where you can find a 250 CREDIT CHIT,
and a door with a 90% Str Lock. In the GotYE game this door has INF Strength,
but in the original it can be destroyed. Don't spend the Lockpicks, since
all that's here is the Repair Bot and a crate containing a BIOELECTRIC CELL.
With sufficient Speed Enhancement, you can jump on the roof via the car on the
South side to find a destroyable hatch with a 70% Str Lock, but there's a
better way.

The trailer in the junkyard has a 20% Str Lock, and the unnamed Nanokey won't
even open it. I guess they forgot to link the key and the lock in the code,
to be honest. Inside, you'll find crates containing a GAS GRENADE, a PLASMA 
CLIP, and a MEDKIT. In the back, you can even find a SILENCER WEAPON 
MODIFICATION. The Gas Grenade is only there in the GotYE game.

You can use the small Metal Crate here. Pick it up and dump it near the
Western-most window of the shack with the Repair Bot. Bash in the window and
use the Crate as a stepping stone to get inside.

Talk to Jock as soon as Tiffany is there. Jock will drop you off at the SoCal

   Notes: Note that SoCal was the site for a large earthquake that submerged
   part of California.

 3.22 MJ12 Sub Base, SoCal Sea Wall

Skill Points to earn: 549
 149 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Explore Sub Base Supply Shed
  50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Enter Karkian tank
  50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Enter Command Module Storage Room
 300 SP PROGRESS BONUS                  Locate URV Bay

Augmentation Canisters:

Weapon Modifications:

Primary Goals:

 Steal a mini-sub from the URV module submerged just offshore, then take it to
 the ocean lab.
 From the recently damaged MJ12 Ocean Lab, recover the schematic Gary Savage
 needs to complete a Universal Constructor.

Jock drops you off on the So(uthern) Cal(ifornia) Sub(marine) Base. Take a look
at the note Tiffany Savage handed you. You'll need to enter the main building
at the ground floor and travel through Modules 1 and 2 to the URV Bay. As you
can see, it is possible to dive into the water and climb up into Module 1, but
there's two divers patrolling, and you'll miss out on information and skill

There's a Delta-2 bot right outside. These guys are easy to outmaneuver, but
taking it out is easier. There's a single MJ12 trooper patrolling on the ground
here, you may alert it. Take him down as well. There is one last Delta-2 bot to
take out on the shore, but there is a walkway on the South end. An MJ12 Trooper
with a GEP Gun patrols here, and if you linger in his line of sight he can see
you. The MJ12 Trooper on the ground has an essential SUB BASE NANOKEY on him.

To the Southeast, you can see a supply shack with a 40% Str Lock. If you can
activate your Speed Enhancement Augmentation at Level Two, you can jump on the
roof via the yellow pipes on its South wall and drop in through the hole. If
you don't, you could still reach the roof by stacking to crates found inside
the Main Building.

Inside the supply shed, you can find crates containing TRANQUILIZER DARTS, a
clip of 7.62x51MM AMMO, 10MM AMMO and a MINI-CROSSBOW on a barrel. In a small
cabinet, you'll find the SUPPLY SHED NANOKEY and the COMMAND MODULE NANOKEY,
that actually serves as a double of the Sub Base Nanokey you found on the
Trooper. You'll also gain

149 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                Explore Sub Base Supply Shed

Enter the Command Module, or the main building by opening the INF/INF door with
your Keyring. Inside, under the stairs, you'll find two crates containing a
GAS GRENADE and BUCKSHOT SHELLS. You could've used these crates to climb the
supply shed. Ascend the stairs, and Gary will contact you.

The spiral stairs will take you up, then there's three more stairs until
you've arrived on the level of the Command Module. There's an MJ12 Trooper
patrolling from North to South, back and forth. To the North, there's another
Trooper and an active camera, so take the patrolling Trooper out quietly when
he's heading to the South. Vision Enhancement can help in determining the best
timing. Head South.

Here, you'll meet up with an old colleague of Gary, Dr. Corwell. She gives you
the code to the Karkian tank, 1223. Open the tank up right away, and take care
of the thing right away. Take care, a bite can take you out in a single hit,
and while it doesn't get out of the tank it can still reach you if you're too
close. Jump in for:

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Enter Karkian tank

There's a path leading further into the module, but don't follow it since it's
not the best way. Find the MEDKIT in the room before proceeding to the South.

This room is difficult. There's a Trooper, a camera, a friendly NPC and an
Alarm Panel. The path goes beyond this room to the West, where another Trooper
may hear loud noises. You could Cloak past the people and destroy the camera.
You could activate both Cloak and Radar Transparency to sneak past the room.
The Trooper will try to kill you first, and run for the Alarm Panel only when
severely wounded, so you could aggravate him, lure him away from this place
and off him there. Note that a panicked Scientist can alarm the Trooper in the
room to the West, causing him to sound the Alarm. Up to two MJ12 Troopers from
further down the Module can be summoned into this room by the Alarm.

Having taken this room, you'll find the Scientist not very cooperative. There's
To the West, there's a 20% Str Keypad controlling a door. Use a Multitool or
two and enter to gain

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Enter Command Module Storage Room

Be careful with opening the crates, they may summon the Trooper from the other
side of the wall. The crates contain 7.62x51MM AMMO, BUCKSHOT SHELLS, 10MM
AMMO and a MEDKIT. In the Northeast corner, you can find a hatch. Climb down
to find crates containing a NAPALM CANISTER and a LAM. You could continue
through this path, but it's not optimal. Return to the surface.

Continue to the West, and silently take out the Trooper here. If you make too
much noise, another Trooper may rush in from the South, and if you make a lot
of noise or if the Alarm sounds all kinds of enemies may appear, so be quiet.
Also, don't pass the door to the South, the trooper there is standing guard
with his face in your direction.

You'll scientists down below, but ignore them for now. Take care of the guy
facing you from the South. Rush in with the Riot Prod or Pepper Gun, or Cloak
behind his back. Take this guy out, and do it silently!

Now, here you'll have to be silent still. You make clanky noises, and you'll
summon people from outside the module you have no business with. Silently walk
to the South, circle around and climb down the stairs one level. If you hear
a guard from outside, freeze until he's chill again. Find the scientists to
the North. The male scientist, Dr. Pinkerton, will give you a map of the Ocean
Lab, and his login info: APINKERTON/ANTENNAPEDIA.

   Notes: Pinkerton could be a reference to the Pinkerton's National Detective
   Agency, a non-government private detective agency that has worked extensively
   for the government ever since they prevented an assassination attempt on the
   life of Abraham Lincoln. This scientist, 'A Pinkerton' is a spy for Savage.

   Homeotic genes are involved in developmental patterns; tinkering with these
   genes can cause alterations in the placement or number of body parts.
   Antennapedia is one such gene first discovered in fruit flies. These guys
   are working on marine animals, likely the base animals for Karkians.

Outside, you can find a Man in Black and two Troopers. You have no business
with them so leave them be; if you must, though, one of the Troopers carries a
GEP GUN and the MiB carries a LAM.

Return to where you came from. In the Southeast corner, on this level, you
can see a feeding tube for the Karkian; you could've emerged here. There's
also a crate with a clip of 7.62x51MM AMMO. Climb the stairs all the way
down this time.

In this corridor, there's a single Trooper to deal with. One more ladder down
a corridor, and around it's Module 1! It's only one Trooper and two turrets.
Take down the Trooper and wait out the Alarm if necessary. This water here
connects to the water outside; this is where you could've swam directly from
the start. Leave to the North, but let me brief you on the dangers:

There are two Troopers to watch out for. There's a sniper on the roof of Module
1. There's also a Trooper with a Flamethrower patrolling the walkway between
modules. I suggest taking out the Flamethrower guy from within Module 1 first.
Then, either shoot the sniper before he shoots you on the walkway, or Cloak to
Module 2. I suggest taking care of the guy, you'll have to return here later.

In Module 2, there's a single Trooper that's quickly taken care of. The crates
contain a BIOELECTRIC CELL and a LOCKPICK. Take the elevator down.

When you 'land', you can see a turret on the roof. The camera you hear is
looking over the entrance to the elevator. You can slice away the camera with
the Dragon's Tooth, disable it with a Spy Drone or whatever. If you can't Hack,
then you must deal with the camera.

You don't have the codes to the Terminal. If you can Hack, turn the Turrets off
or to your side. Don't forget the turret attached to Camera #2. There's a
Trooper in the corridor that carries a GAS GRENADE.

Finally, you're in the URV Bay Module. There's one Trooper on this floor, and
two more on the upper floor that can be summoned by noise and alarms. You can
silently approach the West to find the Trooper with his back turned to you.
Note that the female scientist, will initiate a conversation with JC when the
two get near each other. Take care of the Troopers upstairs before you do
anything else. A Gas Grenade thrown or armed along the stairway helps out in
rendering the Troopers harmless before they get near you.

The female scientist, Dr. Brittany Prinzler, will give you the TECH/SHARKMAN
security login. The crates on the ground floor contain a MULTITOOL and some
10MM AMMO. There's a DataCube on a Push-Cart containing the TECH/SHARKMAN combo,
and it mentions 'nasties' down in the Ocean Lab. Use TECH/SHARKMAN on the
Terminal here to open the URV Pool Doors. Upstairs, you can use APINKERTON/
ANTENNAPEDIA to access some disturbing e-mails about the hellhole the Ocean Lab
has become. Find the BIOELECTRIC CELL on the desk where the scientist is
sitting in front of. Head West to gain

300 SP PROGRESS BONUS                   Locate URV Bay

There's a Mechanic in the Southeast corner who mentions that the Pool Doors
must be open, but we already did it. With the Targeting Aug, you can divine his
name is Nasir. Take the sub that's not currently being fixed, and it's time for
a new area: the Ocean Lab.

 3.23 MJ12 Ocean Lab, Oceanic Floor

Skill Points to earn: 2000
 200 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Explore South wing
 400 SP ADVANCEMENT BONUS               Reach Ocean Lab Tunnel Checkpoint
 400 SP ADVANCEMENT BONUS               Reach lowest level of Ocean Lab
 500 SP GOAL ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS       Obtain UC schematics
 500 SP                                 Complete Ocean Lab Mission

Augmentation Canisters:
 Upgrade Canister x2

Weapon Modifications:
 Clip, Recoil, Reload, Laser

You start off in the URV Bay of the Ocean Lab. In the Northeast corner of the
bay, you can find deceased MJ12 Trooper Thomas Mann. It seems that the lab was
sabotaged by a guy called Ridley. The scientist floating in the water is
probably him. Savage will contact you near the East window. In the Southwest
corner, you can find a BIOELECTRIC CELL and a LAM.

   Notes: This section is heavily flavored after another Warren Spector game,
   System Shock 2. In SS2, a space station has been overrun by a parasitic
   entity that turns humans in zombie-like creatures. In addition, the ship's
   AI has fallen victim to this force, and the alien also psionically controls
   certain individuals, letting paranoia run rampant throughout the ship's
   survivors. The protagonist wakes up when most of the damage has already
   been done, with the ship's automatic defenses turned against living humans,
   the AI hostile and monsters running the show.

   Thomas Mann is a reference to German writer Thomas Mann.

There's a Terminal on the North wall. You don't have the info to operate it,
but if you can Hack, it's much better to operate it at this stage to avoid
backtracking. Hack the Terminal and open the URV Bay doors. Also make sure to
disable the turret in the Crew Module if you're Advanced in Computers. Wait,
those URV Bay doors were closed? It seems you were trapped here.

Leap in the water and make a 180 turn around corner. You'll see two red lights
to the West and a hole illuminated by flickering light to the Southwest. Swim
to the red lights, open up the hatch and grab some air. The crates here
contain ROCKETS and a useful REBREATHER that you should really take with you.
Swim back out into the ocean, and head for the South, where you can find a hole
that leads to the South wing, labeled the Military Ops Wing on the map Pinkerton
gave you.

Swim inside. To the South, you can find a body with a BIOELECTRIC CELL. If you
pick up the body, a hidden PROD CHARGER will fall down. In this room, you can
You'll also gain

200 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                Explore South wing

You're likely low on air by this point, so activate your Rebreather and swim
back to the URV Bay.

First stairs up lead to two doors leading to aquaria with two Baby Karkians. One
level higher is where you can access these aquaria from the top. The lady
scientist's body holds a BIOELECTRIC CELL, but due a bug the Karkians in the
tank can chew it up through the floor. There's a DataCube here with some
background info. The floating MJ12 Trooper holds a SCRAMBLE GRENADE, and there
is a PLASMA RIFLE on the bottom of the tank.

Get back outside, and ascend one more level. Both doors here open up into the
same room, with a turret in the middle of the roof that will start shooting you
immediately. Disable it. The right door leads to a Terminal that can disable
it if you can Hack. This room is the Command Centre. The door to the flooded
South wing is sealed. The computer holds an e-mail that implicates Ridley as an
Illuminati agent if you can Hack for it. Login that you cannot find is

   Notes: Ridley's e-mail is very reminiscent of the messages left behind by
   those under the influence of the parasitic entity in SS2.

Continue North.

To the right, past the Metal Crate, there's a live turret. Disable it with
Spy Drone or explosives. Here, you'll find the GREASEL LABORATORY NANOKEY. To
the North, there's a supply closet holding a LOCKPICK, two BIOELECTRIC CELLS,
and a MULTITOOL. To the South, there's a blast door with a 80% Str Lock and
INF Strength. You found its Nanokey in the South wing earlier if you hacked
your way there, else I suggest you let it be for now. If you can access this
room, you'll find a BIOELECTRIC CELL, two MULTITOOLS, two LOCKPICKS, a
REBREATHER, two packs of 10MM AMMO, HE AMMO, a PLASMA CLIP, two clips of

There's only one way to go now, to the North. Draw your weapon though, for this
is Greasel country. Use the Keyring to open the door, and take care of the
Greasels. Climb down the ladder, and beware the third Greasel on this level.
In the Northeast corner, you'll find the door leading on, but you can find the
code to the 60% Keypad easily. Continue to the Southwest. Since you're submerged
you best equip a Mini-Crossbow.

Past the submerged corridor, there's room with two live Greasels. Take care of
'em and loot the scientist's body for a BIOELECTRIC CELL. Also find the Data
Cube with the 5690 code on the floor. To the Northeast, a 60% Str Locked door
holds a crate with a MEDKIT; your Keyring can open it if you picked up the
Nanokey in the South wing.

To the Southeast is a submerged corridor with a Greasel, but you have no
business there. Finally, to the Southwest, you can enter a room with a crate
containing a HAZMAT SUIT and a hatch leading to the sea floor, meaning you
can reach this place from the URV BAY and vice versa. Now, return to the
60% Str Keypad and use the 5690 code to continue to the tunnels.

400 SP ADVANCEMENT BONUS                Reach Ocean Lab Tunnel Checkpoint

In the Tunnel Checkpoint, you can find a DataCube with the OCEANGUARD/KRAKEN
security login info, and the computer holds an e-mail. The login, which you
cannot find in-game, is YIKAGI/DORAEMON.

   Notes: Yushio Ikagi's password is Doraemon. Doraemon is a Japanese manga
   series about a robotic cat from the future.

   A squelch is a circuit function that acts to suppress the audio or video
   output of a receiver in the absence of a sufficiently strong desired input

   Egon Schiele was an Austian Expressionist painter born in 1890.

   A Kraken is a fictional sea monster, portrayed as a giant squid. Ridley's
   name may be a reference to Ridley Scott, the guy who created the Alien and
   Blade Runner movies.

Continue East. In these tunnels, you can find up to five transgenics; two
Greasels near the South wall past the control room, one fully grown Karkian
in the control room and two baby Karkians near the huge drill. The door to the
Crew Module is locked with a 100% Str Lock, you can't break it down, and the
Nanokey is guarded by the adult Karkian. 

Fully grown Karkians are godless killing machines that know only three things in
life: sprinting towards humans, killing humans and eating humans. Right from the
egg these creatures start eating their weaker brothers and sisters because 
they're engineered to be the most awful they can be. Their eyes are the nicest 
thing about their face, and those eyes are filled with indiscriminate hate. It 
is very very difficult to imagine any scenario in which creation and application
of Karkians is helpful that is a not a scenario in which Karkians kill and eat 
every human being on the planet. One fully grown Karkain, in military might, 
equals the entire army of, say, Indonesia. 

   Notes: For a real-life Karkian, check out the long-extinct Anteosaurus!

These guys have endless amounts of Hit Points and their 'Bump' and 'Bite' 
attacks are instantly lethal to JC unless he is are extensively protected by
Ballistic Armor and/or Ballistic Protection. The only appropriate answer to
these walking death tanks is explosion; they even survive a maximum-powered 
Dragon's Tooth slash (though two will likely kill them). 

If you want the nanokey, I suggest taking out the Greasels, then taking out the
Karkian with an explosive. You can also sneak past the thing while it's busy
feasting on an unfortunate MJ12 Trooper. Ignoring the Karkian and Lockpicking
the door to the Crew Module is also an option; in this cavern, there are two 
crates containing a LOCKPICK each. The control room with the Karkian holds the
red lever near the railway, it unleashes powerful electric currents that reaches
most of the cavern and kills JC easily. 

You arrive on Crew Module Deck One. Before descending, check out the two
rooms. The East one holds a BIOELECTRIC CELL in an unlocked locker, and also
holds a locked one. All lockers in the Crew Module have a 50% Str Lock and
can be sliced open with a Combat Strength Dragon's Tooth. This one here holds
DARTS and TRANQUILIZER DARTS. The West room on Deck One holds a live Greasel
and two locked lockers with a PEPPER GUN and a RELOAD WEAPON MODIFICATION (left)
and a MEDKIT (right). It's the last Reload mod in the game! There's also a
book detailed some theories about the Universal Constructor. Descend to Deck

   Notes: The gray goo scenario has been described earlier, way way back in
   the underground MJ12 lab where you rescued Ford Schick. It's much more
   relevant now, though. The Gray death, or any self-replicating nano-virus,
   can be seen as a version of this gray goo.

   In addition, the book makes the link between controlling the UC and a
   powerful intelligent real-time control program, such as an AI or anybody
   willing to command such an AI, like Bob Page.

This deck is overseen by a uncontrollable turret that shoots you when you
draw near, so Spy Drone or explode that shit. If you hacked the Terminal at the
very start of the Ocean Lab, this turret will be deactivated. In the Northeast
corner here, you'll find a 80% Str Locked door that holds two crates containing
a BALLISTIC ARMOR and a THERMOPTIC CAMO. Your Keyring can unlock it if you took
the Nanokey from the South wing.

Near the Turret are another two rooms. The East one holds an interesting
newspaper on what's going on in the normal world you left behind long ago,
and two lockers containing TECH GOGGLES and a MULTITOOL (left) and an unlocked
one with a FIRE EXTINGUISHER. The West one has two lockers with 10MM AMMO
right) and a STEALTH PISTOL and a LASER WEAPON MODIFICATION (left). Also read
the newspaper; martial law is not progressing smoothly for MJ12, and resistance
is heavy.

   Notes: Gray Haddock worked on DX2; Invisible War. I can't say how Gray was
   known to the dev team at this point, but it's a big coincidence. Jason
   Findley is a character model animator. Christina 'Stina' Leicht is also an
   old colleague of Chris Todd. I am inclined to believe that most if not all
   other names listed in this article are friends or relatives of Chris Todd or
   another DX writer.

Find the Deep Lift, and descend.

400 SP ADVANCEMENT BONUS                Reach lowest level of Ocean Lab

Take care, there's an armed GAS GRENADE on the East wall. Continue. Just past
the Loading screen, there's a DataCube on the ground. It seems that the UC Lab
here was the scientist's last stand. The blue lasers summons four small Arcbots
so avoid the trap by bypassing the 100% Str Control Panel or by using the Spy
Drone or explosives to bypass the lasers themselves. Continue East through this
room, there is no resistance.

   Notes: Page's InfoLink message confirms that he is planning to execute
   the plan outlined in the Universal Constructor book you read just before.
   Interfacing directly with the AI that controls all communication and stands
   in contact with all cameras in digital devices in the world will cause
   Page to be omnipresent, and an interface with an UC will give him the
   ability to create anything on a whim.

This new room is occupied only by a massive Model 5 Chiang Arcbot. A powerful
Spy Drone or several explosives should take care of it; it's attack doesn't
have a long range. To the East is the UC and an elevator to its control. On
both sides is a smaller elevator that leads to guarded items.

To the South is a room guarded by three small Arcbots. They are easily dealt
with by a player with a competent Spy Drone Augmentation. This is also a good
time to use a Scramble Grenade to turn them on each other. Treasures include an

To the North is a radioactive room. Environmental Resistance or a Hazmat Suit
can help reduce the damage you take while in here. The crates here contain a

When you've taken what you want, head over to the large elevator to the East,
but before you summon it, dive into the water. You'll take EMP damage, but
don't worry about it. The body of the Man in Black holds an UPGRADE CANISTER,
and below him on the floor you can find a DataCube with the MJ12/SKYWALKER login
combo. Summon the elevator and ride it all the way up.

   Notes: A tunneling virus is a virus that attempts to intercept anti-virus
   software before it can detect malicious code. CYA stands for Cover Your Ass.

   Skywalker is obviously a reference to the Star Wars movie franchise, where
   Luke and his father Anakin Skywalker play a vital role in the movies.

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Upgrade Power Recirculator

This next room has an automated turret on either side that will shoot you when
it gets the chance. You can take cover behind the screens. The terminal can't
shut down the turrets, but it can extend the bridge you need to progress to
the East. It responds to MJ12/SKYWALKER. Destroy the turrets; rockets, Spy
Drone, or use Rader Transparency to blindside the turrets and destroy or bypass
them. The body on the South side holds a BIOELECTRIC CELL, a body on the North
side holds a MEDKIT. The Computer holds nothing for you. If you can activate
level 2 Speed Enhancement, you don't even need the bridge, you can just leap

Here, find the Repair Bot and check out the UC that cannot be used. The
computer! Use MJ12/SKYWALKER to send Gary Savage the UC Schematics. He'll give
you a copy.

500 SP GOAL ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS        Obtain UC schematics

You're done here, it's time to return. Make sure to leave with 100% Bio Energy.
At some point, Bob Page will summon you to the communicator. Continue past the
Crew Modules, and you'll hear the Walton Simons is coming to kill you. Simons'
second line will be depend on your actions earlier in the game; if you witnessed
him killing the NSF in UNATCO HQ, he'll refer to that incident.

   Notes: Firmware is 'static' software, meaning that Simons' control over
   his Augmentations is superior to yours.
   Simons, at this point, is engaged in a coup to overthrow the US government.
   It is going poorly, so his direct input towards MJ12 and UNATCO Troopers is
   crucial. Naturally, he figures the best way to deal with the ongoing crisis
   is to dive towards a lab to try and stab one guy. As opposed to, say, blow
   up the URV JC arrived in, trapping him on the ocean floor forever. Simons
   is a menacing man with an intimidating voice, but not the sharpest knife in
   the drawer. 
From the schematic from either the MJ12 lab beneath UNATCO HQ or the Naval
Shipyard, you know what kind of Augmentations Simons is rocking. He's got
Ballistic Protection, Energy Shield, Targeting, Aggressive Defense System and
Cloak. No worries, he won't use ADS, so explosives can work on him. Simons
carries a Plasma Rifle that he uses most of the time; it damages a lot and
blinds as well, disorienting you. Energy Shield and your own ADS can help
against it. When you get too close, he's got a Dragon's Tooth that's generally
fatal in a single strike.

Simons will jump you as soon as you enter the caverns. He'll always know where
you are that first time, so Cloak is useless to avoid him. You'll have a
'pleasant' chat, and then he's firing Plasma slugs in your face. If you want to
fight him, good luck. He takes little damage from bullets and is immune to fire
and stunning effects. If you damage him enough, he'll stop engaging you and
start running; damage him even more, and he activates his Cloak to hide from

His specs: Simons has 600 hit points across the board and takes only 10% damage
from Tranq. Darts and its effects and Riot Prod damage. He is immune to stunning
effects and cannot be lit on fire. Simons will active Cloak whenever his Hit
Points dive below 150. 

If you really want to fight or kill him here, I suggest you have the chat and 
then retreat to the Crew Module Deck Two until Simons calms down. Then, use 
Cloak or a Thermoptic Camo to sneak up on him and use the Dragon's Tooth or an
explosive to bring him down. If you kill Simons, you can take a PLASMA RIFLE
and a DRAGONS TOOTH SWORD from his body.

You can also run away; if you let Simons live here, he'll pop up later. The
troubling thing is that he knows where you are right away, Cloaked or not. You
can either sprint into the caverns and make for the tunnels checkpoint before
Simons reaches you to chat; he won't fire before declaring war. Alternatively,
you can lose him by retreating to the Crew Quarters, then Cloaking past him.

In the room past the Tunnel Checkpoint, you'll find one an MJ12 Diver armed
with Tranq. Darts and a LAM, but these guys are usually quite clumsy swimmers.
There's one more on A3, but you don't need to meet with him.

   Notes: A fun fact is these guys don't have animations for coughing, likely
   because they probably should be immune to gas-based attacks but are not.
   They assume a static pose when struck by the Pepper Gun or a Gas Grenade.

Once you reach the URV Bay, you're basically done. If you never hacked the
Terminal here, you could if you really wanted to use the Terminal now with
OCEANGUARD/KRAKEN and go for the Nanokey from the South Wing and open up the
three storage closets it gets you access to as described earlier in this
chapter. You'll need to open up the doors regardless.

Take the sub back up.

The Sub Base is as you left it. You will have to reach the roof of the Command
Module on-shore, where Jock and Gary Savage are waiting for you. You can walk
back through the interior. Pinkerton and Prinzler have some new lines, but
they just confirm that Savage is waiting for you. Prinzler also mentions
there's been developments in the desert. Just keep heading up once you
reach the Command Module, and you should find yourself on the roof in no-time.

Here, Savage will congratulate you on finding the schematics. He will give you
an UPGRADE CANISTER, but only if you managed to rescue Tiffany Savage earlier.
You'll also gain

500 SP                                  Complete Ocean Lab Mission

   Notes: if your inventory is full, JC will refuse the Canister but still
   gain the skill points. When you then talk to Savage again, you'll gain the
   skill point again. This way, you can obtain infinite amounts of skill
   points in chunks of 500. This is a bug, and I don't advocate using it.

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Upgrade Cloak to Level 2

While Savage starts up his UC to start producing the Gray Death cure, your
task is to prevent the destruction of Vandenberg. Jock will take you to the
missile base.

 3.24 New West Coast, Missile Silo

Skill Points to earn: 1000
 300 SP ADVANCEMENT BONUS               Reach underground silo doors
 350 SP GOAL ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS       Reach Missile Launch Terminal
 350 SP GOAL ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS       Initiate Missile Launch on Area 51

Augmentation Canisters:

Weapon Modifications:
 Range, Silencer

Primary Goals:

 Abort the launch of the nuclear missile.

You start off near a fence; quickly run to its side, since an MJ12 sniper up top
can tag you on your starting position. You'll notice a breakable 100% Str
Locked door on this side of the fence. This is the front entrance to the base.
There's a nanokey for this door; let's go for it.

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Upgrade the Pistol skill to Master

First, take care of the sniper on the tower to the Southwest, he overlooks the
entire compound. Walk to the South and turn the corner, where you'll see two
guard dogs and a shack further on. Disable the dogs and continue. Take care;
Troopers may see you through the window. Around the Southwest corner is another
dog. Approach the shack's door to hear a conversation about Howard Strong, the
leader of the operation.

The Nanokey is on table in this shack, surrounded by three MJ12 Troopers. You
can Cloak in there, take the key and get out, or disable your enemies. A Gas
Grenade can be useful here. On the table, you can find two 100 CREDIT CHITS and
the FRONT GATE NANOKEY. For some fun, throw some soda cans on the ceiling fan...
In a chest near one of the beds, past a 10% Str Lock, you can find a RANGE
WEAPON MODIFICATION. The other one, nearer to the door, holds a 7.62x51MM AMMO

Upstairs, there's nobody there. There's a MULTITOOL on the table, next to a book
detailing the take-over of the silo by MJ12. It seems one Hanako Miyase is of
uncertain fate, and one Dr. Bernard is still alive. Find the 40% Str Keypad here
as well, on the pole. It only has a two-digit code; It's predictably 12. A
ladder will come down. In the attic, you can find crates containing a LOCKPICK,
a BIOELECTRIC CELL, a LAW, a LAM  and a MEDKIT. You can leave through the door 
on the first floor and enter the silo base that way, but I prefer a ground-base
approach through the front door. Return to the your starting position and unlock
the front door with the Keyring. If you walk around the North side of the fence,
you'll meet two more guard dogs, the last of the resistance outside of the

Inside, there are two Bravo-3 Peacebringers patrolling from the Northeast corner
to the Southwest corner, then to the Northwest corner and back to the Northeast
corner. You can create a lot of discord by tossing a Scramble Grenade at one of
them, since they will pick a fight with the many MJ12 Troopers inside.
Eventually though, you'll probably want to get rid of them. A Gep Gun or your
Spy Drone Augmentation is tremendously useful here. You can use your
surroundings to avoid detection.

Enter the base and either disable the bots right away or avoid detection for
now. Go the Northwest corner. The building in the middle, with the windows,
is where you want to be. Find the small Metal Crate and toss it in front of
one of them. Break the glass and crawl inside to find a Repair Bot. There's a
LOCKPICK in the Southwest corner, and there's a MULTITOOL on the yellow...
thing. This is a great location to use your Spy Drone Augmentation from, since
you're safe.

In the Northeast corner, there's a grate that leads underground, where you'll
want to go. There's nothing vital to be done here anymore, but there's a few
items that you may find interesting to acquire. No canisters or skill points
though, and only a Silencer weapon mod. I'll take you through the rest of the
base, but you can choose to go ahead right now.

Climb the ladder. Continue to the South. There's a Trooper patrolling this
platform and the next; disable him. In the building on the other side of the
walkway, there's a Trooper sitting in a chair that won't get up unless alarmed.
On the ground floor is yet another Trooper. Shoot the patrolling one, and the
other two may race towards you. If you have no problems with shooting them, this
can be really helpful.

In the other building, you'll find 10MM AMMO on the first floor, and nothing
on the ground floor. The ground floor leads outside through a door with a 100%
Str Lock, but leave it alone. Find the grate on the South side and crawl through
it. You'll wind up in another supply shed. The crates here contain a MEDKIT and
two cases of SABOT SHELLS. Careful; there's a Trooper in the adjacent room,
where you can find an additional 10MM AMMO and the TRUCK DOORS NANOKEY. There's
the door that leads outside, closed with a 60% Str Lock, but you needn't bother
with it. Simply retrace your steps. All that's left to pick up is the equipment
of the sniper on the tower to the Southeast (just the ammo), and the contents of
the truck to the Northwest. Use a small Metal Crate to reach inside once you've
opened the 20% Str Lock with what is likely the Keyring. Inside, crates with a
GAS GRENADE, a PLASMA CLIP and a MEDKIT. One of the crates is empty! Finally,
grab the small Metal Crate when you're inside the truck and use it to scale
the other two Metal Crates. All the way in the back, you'll find a SILENCER

In the end, you should return to the Repair Bot, recharge to 100% and crawl
to the grate. Simply keep on going down until you get skill points!

300 SP ADVANCEMENT BONUS                Reach underground silo doors

Savage gave you the code: 8456. Keep going and head East at the fork. If 8456
doesn't work, you've got the wrong Keypad; you'll want Launch Command. Run
through the tube. There's a Commando on the ground floor; he's the only one
there, but there are three (!) Men in Black up stairs that may become alarmed.
You'll need to pass the lasers and disable the Commando without alerting the
Men in Black. A Thermoptic Camo can allow you to pass the lasers and sneak up
in the Commando. You can also bypass the 100% Control Panel, or explode and
lasers and then hide until the Commando calms down. With the lasers out of the
way, you can sneak up to the Commando and put a Riot Prod in his back to take
him down silently. This is a good time to fire a Dart into a wall to distract
the Commando before sneaking up on him, if you don't have Cloak on you.

Head into the North room, then head to the Southeast, where you can find a crate
with 30.06 AMMO. Up the stairs is a small Spider bot protecting crates with
ROCKETS and a LOCKPICK. If you follow this walkway to the West, you'll find
Dr. Bernard, locked away in a toilet. If you don't want to tango with the
Spiderbot, you can pick the 40% Str Lock. A DataCube here contains the ELDER/
ARMAGEDDON login for the missile.

   Notes: ICE is mentioned again. Howard Strong, who apparently worked on the
   missile silo site was an MJ12 operative all along, and handed the site
   over on a silver platter to Karyo and his men. Karyo appears later in the
   game as well, so (s)he's not here for you to kill.

   Armageddon is the final fight in Christian mythology, when the Messiah
   returns and slays Satan. It signals the end of the world, like Ragnarok

Get back to the stairway in the South room on the ground floor. Up these
stairs is the system you'll need to stop the missile, but also three Men in
Black. If you choose to engage them, a Gas Grenade is tremendously helpful,
as is a WP Rocket or something. If you take them down non-fatally, you can loot
two EMP GRENADES and one LAM from them. It may be better to Cloak here, though.
A Thermoptic Camo is also a solid choice. Simply run up, Run Silent active if
possible, and make for the Abort Switch. When pressed, go to the Terminal that
you can now access. ELDER/ARMAGEDDON allows you to Initiate a new launch on
Area 51. While you're busy, disable the two cameras as well.

If you're quick enough, a Thermoptic Camo can provide enough invisibility
even when Environmental Training is at Trained. However, note that due to the
very limited vision these guys have when sitting down, you can both reach the
Abort Switch and the Terminal without Cloaking in the first place. These guys
are really zoning out in front of these weapons of mass destruction over here.

350 SP GOAL ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS        Reach Missile Launch Terminal

350 SP GOAL ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS        Initiate Missile Launch on Area 51

Primary Goals:

 Go to the launch tube and make sure MJ12 does not sabotage the missile launch.

Run back through the tunnel, and towards the Missile Silo to the West, but not
before talking to Dr. Bernard again, who warns you that Strong will keep the
missile aimed at Vandenberg, and that there's an ambush waiting for you. Once
past the blast doors, you'll come across the main passage Bernard was talking

You can see a Man in Black on the other end. One more Man in Black, as well as
two Commandoes, are with him. You can take the fight; activate protective
Augmentations and start shooting heads, or employ a WP Rocket to kill them all
in one hit. Once the 'trap' springs, the four will always know where you are,
so camouflage won't help. You can, however, retreat into the darkness and
Cloak from there. This is more or less the only way to access the EMP GRENADE
one of the Men in Black carries.

It's far easier to avoid the fight and make for the false floor right away,
though. Open the grate, and you'll be sent into a chute that takes you into
the water below the missile. To the West, you can find the elevator. There
are six buttons, labeled one through six. They go to:

1: The water
2: The floor with Howard Strong's crane
3: Two Spider bots; good sniping position for taking Strong out
4: Repair Bot; 2 MiB's and 2 Commandoes may see you from the fifth floor
5: Ambush floor; 2 MiB's and 2 Commandoes
6: Top floor with single Man in Black

If you visit Strong on Floor 2, he'll see you and start attacking. He has
an unlimited supply of LAMs he likes to throw, and carries a Pistol that he
likes to use. He also has a Plasma Rifle, but he rarely uses it. If you manage
to get next to him on the crane, he'll whip out his Crowbar.

You can even see and shoot Strong from your starting position in the water.
You can also get up to the 3rd floor, disable the Spiderbots then simply kill
Strong by jumping on top of him.

I find it best to reach the Repair Bot to replenish Energy while keeping an
eye out for the soldiers, then shooting something in Howard Strong. Then, ride
the elevator to the 6th, where you can climb the ladder, push the button and
emerge to find Jock.

Primary Goals:

 Find Jock outside the silo.

Jock will be complaining about a rattling sound if you didn't tip him off at
Everett's, but he'll take you to Area 51 anyway.

 3.25 Area 51, Rachel Nevada

Skill Points to earn: 350
  50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Explore Comm Building cellar
  50 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Reach Control Tower Security Terminal
  50 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS            Bring up the elevator system power
  50 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Find Xander the Soldier
  50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Climb roof inside Hangar
  50 AREA LOCATION BONUS                Find alternative entry point to Area 51
  50 SP PROGRESS BONUS                  Reach Sector 2 Blast Doors

Augmentation Canisters:
 Upgrade Canister

Weapon Modifications:
 Accuracy, Laser

Primary Goals:

 Get access to the Area 51 Bunker
 Get pas the blast doors north of the helipad.

To the West is Tower 17a. Op top is an MJ12 Sniper that overlooks most of the
destroyed bunker and can be a real hassle. Disable him before you continue. Even
though it's possible to enter this tower by force and hack a Terminal into
opening the front blast doors of the Area 51 bunker right now, there's a better
way. Avoid a bullet to the brain by sticking close to the wall of the tower.
South of this tower you can find a dead body with a GEP GUN on him.

To the north edge of the helicopter platform, you can find some TRANQUILIZER
DARTS. In the southeast corner of the area you can find the small shack. You
can open the door to find a camera with a turret that shoots and an INF Strength
door with a 60% Str Lock that contains crates with a MEDKIT, a LAW and a clip of
7.62x51MM AMMO. With Microfibral Muscle, it's possible to stack Crates and drop
to the treasure through the roof, hacking a Terminal to disable the security
measures on the way out. I wouldn't bother.

If you absolutely must have one more Accuracy Weapon Mod at this point, stack
either two of the wooden crates or one medium and one small Metal Crate in
front of the diagonal container. You can leap down to find an MJ12 body with
a LOCKPICK and a clip of 7.62x51MM AMMO lying next to it and / or jump over the
gap and inch along the side to find a soldier carrying a PISTOL and an ACCURACY

Head North, but don't go down yet. Disable the two Bravo-3 Peacebringer bots
walking around.

In the Comm Building, Simons is waiting for you. If you descend to the ground
level, he'll run out and home in on you. He behaves exactly like he did in the
Ocean Lab, except this time he has some LAMs on him he throws. This is your
final showdown with Simons in the game, and it's up to you what you do with him.
Like in the Ocean Lab, you can flee from him, knock him out or straight up kill
the man. He carries a PLASMA RIFLE if you manage to loot him. If you want to 
kill him, his big weakness is a Dragon's Tooth to the face; he gets real close 
to deliver his menacing lines, and you can pull out your sword before he pulls 
out his.

His specs: Simons has 600 hit points across the board and takes only 10% damage
from Tranq. Darts and its effects and Riot Prod damage. He is immune to stunning
effects and cannot be lit on fire. 

   Notes: This is it! The end of Walton Simons. Walton Simons was named after
   a short story writer and friend of Warren Spector, Walton Simons. It is
   said that Warren returned the naming favor after being featured in one
   of real-life Walton's short stories.

When you're done with Simons, find the Comm Building. Near the overturned Black
Van, you'll find some BUCKSHOT SHELLS. Inside the Comm Building, the most
important item is the TOWER NANOKEY lying on the ground. In the lockers, you'll
find the DARTS in the right-most locker. The two in the middle have 70% Str
Locks, but they're easily destroyed with melee weapons and contain two
MULTITOOLS and a clip of 7.62x51MM AMMO. An adjacent room holds two BIOELECTRIC
CELLS and a MEDKIT. Open the hatch with your Keyring.

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Explore Comm Building cellar

You'll find a BIOELECTRIC CELL, some ROCKETS and a BALLISTIC ARMOR next to a
DataCube mentioning the Tower's security console login: A51/XX15YZ. The crates
contain a LAW and a REBREATHER. You will notice the UPGRADE CANISTER behind a
70% Str Keypad. You won't get the code, so expand the Multitools required if
you want it.

   Notes: As mentioned earlier, Dreamland is an alternate title for Area 51.

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Upgrade Power Recirculator

Exit the comm building and make your way to the Control Tower. If you pass by
the Blast Doors, Page will contact you.

Open the door of the Control Tower with your Keyring. The body carries an EMP
GRENADE. Climb down the ladder and beware the armed LAM on the wall; you can
reach it from the floor if you crouch. The crates contain another EMP GRENADE
and 30.06 AMMO. Climb up one level and then another, again taking care not to be
blown to bits by another armed LAM. There's a Repair Bot here. Climb one last
level, where you should find the body of the Sniper you disabled.

Note: in some versions of the game, there is no Repair Bot here, and you get
100 SP rather than 50 up top.

50 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Reach Control Tower Security Terminal

Use A51/XX15YZ to open the Blast Doors. But we won't use them. Exit the Control
Tower and find the blast doors. We'll take a quick dive into the front entrance
of Area 51 for some items and some minor skill points, and then we'll return

Primary Goals:

 Bring up the power to the elevator system in order to access Page's bunker

With the doors open, find the Terminal near the entrance. If you can hack,
disable the security measures; else, destroy them. There are two paths; to the
Northwest, you'll find an elevator leading down into Area 51, but first you'll
have to go to the Northeast where you can turn on the power. In both wings,
you'll find a patrolling Military bot. You can destroy both, but it's easy to
turn on Radar Transparency to get past them.

Once you're in the power station, know that there are two small Arcbots; one
in the pit to the Southwest, protecting crates containing a MEDKIT and a
THERMOPTIC CAMO. A second Arcbot is scurrying about on the walkway between
the two buildings of the Power System. If you have a Spy Drone, you can take
care of both easily. The Repair Bot can be used recharge.

Enter the door to the Southeast to find a crate containing a LOCKPICK and a
ladder leading up. Beware the Arcbot that may still be there. Follow the
walkway and enter the other building with a ladder. There's a crate containing
BUCKSHOT SHELLS and a BIOELECTRIC CELL. Find the yellow square power box to
the Southeast and set [2] online.

50 SP ACCOMPLISHMENT BONUS              Bring up the elevator system power

Return the main room, where you can find 10MM AMMO and a LOCKPICK in crates
surrounded by radioactive waste, if you really want them. Return to the front
entrance. There is one last area to explore; the Hangar. It holds two Commandoes
and a Man in Black.

The Commandoes are not killed by WP Rockets and are immune to gas, there is no
easy way to disable these three musketeers. I suggest cloaking past them. There
is a crate containing BUCKSHOT SHELLS in the Southeast corner of the Hangar.
Find the girder that you can climb into a building within the Hangar to find
Xander, a soldier who will give you the X51/XX15YZ combo that you already have.

Note: in some versions of the game, there is a Repair Bot here. Not in the Game
of the Year Edition, though.

50 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Find Xander the Soldier

Climb out the window and get down to the ground. Climb the same girder again,
all the way to the roof now where you'll gain

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Climb roof inside Hangar

You'll find the STORAGE ROOM NANOKEY near the dead Mechanic and a LOCKPICK on
the body. This is an excellent sniping spot to take care of your enemies below.
You can ignore them, though.

If you do kill them, you can easily get down to the ground and pick the lock
of the building on the ground floor. Inside, you'll find a MINI-CROSSBOW, some
DARTS, a FLAMETHROWER and a NAPALM CANISTER in a crate. Also, a DataCube
detailing our alternative and my preferred way in. If you want to check this
out, do so and return to the roof via the girder.

   Notes: James Flores, the captain that 'wrote' this DataCube is named after
   one of the Quality Assurance Leads behind Deus Ex. 

Find the girder attached to the West wall, and follow it onto the top grate of
the intake fan. Open up the hatch and drop down onto the middle of the fan,
where you can destroy the deadly fan blades with the Dragon's Tooth. Drop down.

You'll land in the water, luckily. You can dive down towards the North to find
a body with a LASER WEAPON MODIFICATION. Return to the place where you landed
and climb out of the water.

50 AREA LOCATION BONUS                  Find alternative entry point to Area 51

Follow the path to reach a Terminal. You can hack it to disable a turret and
camera, or not hack it and disable it by some other means. The crates contains
a LOCKPICK and 10MM AMMO: take the elevator down. Next up is a measly 20% Str
Control Panel to disable some blue tripwire lasers that unleash a 100101
security bot. Follow through to find yourself in a humongous elevator shaft;
had you arrived through the 'front door' so to speak, you'd have come down
here with the elevator. Below, on the elevator shaft floor, a body of a
Mechanic holds two BIOELECTRIC CELLS. Climb down and reach the Sector 2 Blast

50 SP PROGRESS BONUS                    Reach Sector 2 Blast Doors

 3.26 Area 51 Bunker Sector 2, Rachel Nevada

Skill Points to earn: 250
  50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Find steam maintenance tunnel
  50 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Enter Recreation
  50 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS             Enter Alain's chamber
 100 SP CRITICAL LOCATION BONUS         Enter Sector 3

Augmentation Canisters:
 Regeneration / Energy Resistance Augmentation Canister
 Upgrade Canister

Weapon Modifications:

This first room after Everett contacts you holds a camera in the Northeast
a turret in the middle and a blue tripwire trap that releases two small Arcbots.
You can slice away the camera by standing on the railing, or sneak behind the
crates to reach the tripwire trap. A LAM can destroy the lasers, you can jump
or you can take care of the bots.

When you continue, a generator explodes. Don't get too close, it can kill you.
Listen to Bob Page. If you walk to the North, Everett will call you back to
Station 5, where you can talk to Everett via the holographic communicator.

Secondary Goals:

 Gain Sector 2 access by talking to Morgan Everett at the Station 5 holographic

Everett will give you the 8946 code, which you can use to gain entry to Level 2.
In addition, Everett proposes a compassionate conspiracy and invites you to take
part in it.

Secondary Goals:

 Kill Bob Page and clear the way for the former Illuminati leaders to restore an
 age-old secret government. Rule the world with compassion and an invisible
 hand alongside Morgan Everett.

Find the hatch behind the generator with the 50% Str Lock. Pick the lock and
dive down to gain

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Find steam maintenance tunnel

There are two Baby Karkians here, so be careful. To valves to the West can
stop the flow of steam through the pipes so you can travel through the tunnel
without danger, but it's not optimal to follow it.

If you go to the East, you'll wind up at the Sector 2 access point without the
Nanokey required, so go North. You'll find a crate containing 10MM AMMO along
the way. Destroy the Bravo-3 Peacebringer that patrols around the corner. Find
the Barracks, and use the code Everett gave you: 8946.

The Barracks hold six beds, most of them protected by a Security Keypad. From
the Southwest going clockwise, you'll find:

An INF Str Keypad containing goodies you can't access at this point
A 20% Str Keypad containing Chapter 34 of Jacob's Shadow
A 20% Str Keypad connected to an accessible bed
A 70% Str Keypad containing a MULTITOOL, a BIOELECTRIC CELL and a TORSO2
AUGMENTATION CANISTER. There's a Greasel locked in here as well, so beware.
FLARE DARTS and a clip of 7.62x51MM AMMO.

You decide what you want and need. If you waited all this time to get Energy
Shield, install the Canister with the Med Bot in the middle of the Barracks.

Leave the Barracks and head East, 'til you reach the Recreation wing. There's
a turret and a camera guarding the outside of this place, so take care of that.
The crate contains a MEDKIT.

8946 opens up the door. Inside, you'll find an MJ12 Trooper with a Woman in
Black sitting at a table. I find running in with a Pepper Gun works well, but
a WP Rocket can also really clean house here. The Woman in Black carries a
PS20 if you manage to knock her out, and the Trooper holds an EMP GRENADE. 4
There's a MULTITOOL on the body of the female scientist on the ping pong table,
and another MULTITOOL on the table the MJ12 troopers were sitting at. If you
can hack, you can disable the security outside with the Terminal near the

The real reason you're here, though is the DataCube on the ping pong table
listing the 0169 code and obviously the

50 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Enter Recreation

Return to the Barracks and use the 0169 code to enter Alain's chamber.

50 SP AREA LOCATION BONUS               Enter Alain's chamber

Inside, you'll find a MEDKIT, an UPGRADE CANISTER and the SECTION 3 ACCESS

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Upgrade Environmental Resistance to Level 2

Outside of the Barracks, head West and then East, until you reach the Section
3 access door area where two MJ12 Commandoes are patrolling as well as three
MJ12 Troopers, one of which is high up on a crane holding a Sniper Rifle. I
find it best to activate a Thermoptic Camo or the Cloak Augmentation here to
avoid any fighting. Find the hatch in the Southwest corner, near the Repair Bot,
and dive in. You can safely turn your Cloak off.

This tunnel connects to the hatch near the exploding generator, but we're not
going there. Go to the east and pick up the armed LAM on the wall on the right.
Near the hatch on this side, a crate contains some ROCKETS and you can loot a
MULTITOOL from the body of the mechanics. Turn on your Cloak again and emerge
from the hatch.

If you must have it, there's crates on the East wall containing 7.62x51MM AMMO
and TRANQUILIZER DARTS. Climb the stairs, where there's a crate containing a
LOCKPICK. Now use your Keyring to open the door to Sector 3.

100 SP CRITICAL LOCATION BONUS          Enter Sector 3

Find the crates behind the wall and break them for a MEDKIT and a LOCKPICK.
Summon the elevator and hide behind the wall, where Page will tell you about
who exactly it is that's riding the elevator up, namely a Man in Black and two
MJ12 Troopers. Again, you can multi-stun them with the Pepper Gun or fire an
explosive towards them. One of the Troopers carries an EMP GRENADE. Ride the
elevator down.

Tong will contact you right between the Loading screen and the blast doors of
Sector 3. He'll give you his own view on things, and asks you to destroy
global communications in order to give the world back its freedom at a great
cost. He'll give you a confusing map of Sector 3.

Secondary Goals:

 First go to the coolant control room at the northwest corner of Sector 4 and
 cut off coolant to the reactors, then return to the reactor lab in Sector 3
 to finish the job. Destroying the global communications hub will plunge the
 world into another dark age -- dark but perhaps free from global tyranny.

That's confusing! You're gonna listen to Everett or to Tong?

 3.27 Area 51 Bunker Sector 3, Rachel Nevada

Skill Points to earn: 500
 100 SP CRITICAL LOCATION BONUS         Enter Reactor Lab 13
 100 SP CRITICAL LOCATION BONUS         Enter Aquinas Hub
  50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Enter Aquinas Control locker
 100 SP CRITICAL LOCATION BONUS         Reach the top of Aquinas Control
  50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Explore far end of cart tunnel
  50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Explore weapons locker
  50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS               Explore third weapons locker

Augmentation Canisters:
 Upgrade Canister

Weapon Modifications:

Through the blast door, you'll find the body of a mechanic Helios will question
you about. The crane here can be used to enter the stairwell to your right, but
there's a better way. On the other side of the big yellow power... thing you'll
find a Karkian and a Baby Karkian munching on another mechanic's body. If you're
quick you can slice them all up with the Dragon's Tooth.

You'll want to move quickly on the ground floor here, since several MJ12 
Troopers up high can spot you, one of which has a GEP Gun. Get to the open door
to the Northwest, and descend into the water. Here, you'll find two Greasels 
swimming about. On the floor you'll find some TRANQUILIZER DARTS and the 
STAIRWELL NANOKEY. On a DataCube that's floating on the surface in my version 
and lying on the floor on most other versions, you'll find the code that opens 
up the reactor room: 2001. It's quite essential. Leave the water and go back, 
heading East. Use the Keyring to open up the stairwell door.

   Notes: 2001 was a year in the near future for the game devs at this point.
   Could be a reference to 2001: A Space Odyssey, a movie that deals, among
   other things, with an AI that turns on its masters, much like Daedalus.

Go up two stairs, ignoring the crates for now. Be silent! On this next level,
you can access a walkway where two MJ12 Troopers are patrolling. Take them
down. You can easily sneak past them, but it's my experience you'll make some
noise later on that attracts them anyway in a less controlled setting. Take
care, one of the Troopers carries a GEP GUN. Continue going upstairs, past the
door labeled Aquinas Hub Access, you'll find a room where a Man in Black is
giving orders to a Mechanic. Outside, to your right, is a patrolling Trooper.
Wait for the conversation to start and finish; if you interrupt them, the
Mechanic will turn hostile. Disable the MiB and shoot the Trooper through the
window. It's best to disable Jerri as well; he sometimes goes for the alarm,
and he carries an EMP GRENADE.

   Notes: Blue-fusion reactors are not a real thing. They will be explained
   later in the game more thoroughly.

This room holds some BUCKSHOT SHELLS and a DataCube. Ignore the rest and open
the door to the Southwest of the entrance. The stairs leading down only goes
to a platform occupied by an MJ12 Sniper and some 30.06 AMMO. Follow the
path to a room with a DataCube with the security login: AREA51/BRAVO13, a
BIOELECTRIC CELL and two crates containing a LOCKPICK and some 7.62x51MM AMMO.
Follow the ladder to the roof, where you'll find 10MM AMMO, a BIOELECTRIC CELL
and a PISTOL on the body and a DataCube mentioning the 4225 code for the
explosives locker. Return to the room where you disabled the Man in Black.

   Notes: Another note from what seems to be an engineer with superior skill
   or at least superior security clearance; Jacob "Mac" Mackenzie. Sweating
   in this case refers to the slow expulsion of hazardous material from a
   normally safe explosive. TNT, for instance, can sweat nitroglycerin.

Armed with the security login, use the Terminal with AREA51/BRAVO13 to open the
Augmentation Containment, disable two cameras and open up the door. Grab the

   Notes: The international NATO phonetic alphabet is familiar to most people;
   Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, etc. Bravo is code word attached to the letter B,
   so Bravo13 is just B13.

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Upgrade Cloak to Level 3

Outside of Station 17, to the North, you can the body of another poor Mechanic
floating face-down in the water. It holds a HAZMAT SUIT. Jump onto the walkway.
This is a good position to destroy two small Arcbots down below, North of the
stairwell. Descend the stairwell and break open the crates at the bottom to
collect 10MM AMMO and some SABOT SHELLS.

It's time get to Reactor Lab 13. It's to the North. There may still be two small
Arcbots if you didn't destroy them from up high. There are two crates containing
a MEDKIT and a LOCKPICK here as well. Enter the door labeled Reactor Lab 13.
If it's closed, you can use the 2001 code you found in the coolant filtration

100 SP CRITICAL LOCATION BONUS          Enter Reactor Lab 13

Around the corner, you'll find the two antimatter reactors. This is a key
location for Tong's plan; you could stop the coolant, then use these to destroy
the entire Area 51 site.

   Notes: Antimatter is material composed of antiparticles, which have the same
   mass as particles of ordinary matter but have opposite charge and other
   particle properties. Encounters between particles and antiparticles lead to
   the annihilation of both, a process that provides energy.

The reactors themselves give up harmful radiation, and there are two Grays as
well. They are radioactive and are harmful just by standing next to you; in
addition, they can can fire off powerful waves of radioactive energy at you.
They are pretty frail though, so it's easy to kill them from far away. Note that
these creatures are immune to Fire (Flamethrower, Plasma Rifle) and gaseous 
attacks (Gas Grenade, Pepper Gun). Tranq. Darts and bullets work just fine,

Find the door to the Northwest, climb the ladder and find the Mechanic here, who
will tell you about the Grays and code to the Aquinas Hub: 1038. This is an
important code. Return to the antimatter reactors.

If you want, you can climb down into the pit for some treasure; this is a good
time for the Environmental Resistance Augmentation and/or the Hazmat Suit you
found earlier. To the Southeast, there's the body of a scientist with a
BIOELECTRIC CELL on him. To the Northwest, a Mechanic with a MULTITOOL on him,
as well as a DataCube listing the same 1038 code you got earlier. Exit the
Reactor Lab now.

Enter the stairwell again, and find the door to the Aquinas Hub. Enter the code
1038 and you're in.

100 SP CRITICAL LOCATION BONUS          Enter Aquinas Hub

The soldier here carries some TECH GOGGLES. There's a MedBot here as well.
The computer holds a lot of interesting e-mails from and to Bob Page; it's too
bad you can't find the login into to read them at your leisure. The login info
is JSHEARS/MOMERATH. This computer is essential reading for the background of
the events of DX and contains lots of food for thought and references, Julia,
the dead female scientist, is supposed to have hacked some archives, which is
the reason these very old e-mails are still preserved on this computer.

   Notes: There's a DataCube text in the files of the game that gives this
   login, but there's no DataCube in-game that has this text, which is a real

   A Mome Rath is a fictional monster from Alice in Wonderland, like the
   Bandersnatch referenced earlier. I don't know who J. Shears is.

   The crackpot theory you could read all about in an e-mail way back, on
   your first visit to Smuggler's lair, is confirmed in the first e-mail.
   The Illuminati mapped and stored base material of the population under the
   guise of smallpox vaccinations. This e-mail raises the question to which
   extent accelerated growth and memory implantation has been a factor in JC

   The name of the scientist, G. Olivaw, is a reference to R. Daneel Olivaw,
   a recurring robotic character in Isaac Asimov's science-fiction writing.

   Another confirmation in the second e-mail; the Grays are not alien
   life forms but manipulated bovines; cows and such. Bob Page was positive
   about the project both as a source of living weapons as well as a way to
   steer the public's attention away from Area 51's real purpose.

   The last e-mail provides a link between Howard Strong and Gary Savage;
   in earlier drafts of the game, it is stated that Howard Strong was among
   the early defectors of X-51, but at some point allied himself with MJ12
   again. It would explain why the MJ12 Troopers at the Missile Base called
   Strong and opportunist.

There's a safe below the desk with a 70% Lock; it holds a GAS GRENADE and a
BIOELECTRIC CELL. There's a MULTITOOL on the table. The ladder to the
Southwest triggers an InfoLink message from both Dowd and Page, but you don't
want to go down here. Break the window to the East. Shoot down the patrolling
Trooper to the South, and find the REBREATHER on the Mechanic's body.

Destroy the hatch or use Lockpicks, wait out the alarmed state of the Commando
down below. If you have Cloak, use it and leap down, then take down the
Commando with a Prod or Dragon's Tooth to the back. Go to the West, where you
need to take down two Grays. The ladder here reconnects you with the MedBot
upstairs. The crates here contain 10MM AMMO and a LOCKPICK, and the DataCube
here holds a map of Sector 4 of Area 51, which is pretty useful. Return to
the Northwest and up, following the corridor 'til you find Aquinas Control
There's crates with DARTS and BUCKSHOT SHELLS here, a female scientist's body
holding a MEDKIT and... a Repair Bot!

On the West wall, there a door with a 70% Str Keypad attached. You won't find
the code. Employing Multitools and opening this baby up gets you access to
crates containing a NAPALM CANISTER, 7.62x51MM AMMO, and

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Enter Aquinas Control locker

Helios will contact you. Ride the elevator to the East up to level 3 and
follow the walkway.

100 SP CRITICAL LOCATION BONUS          Reach the top of Aquinas Control

Here is where Helios gives you a third option; become the most powerful human
in the history of this planet by merging with the all-powerful AI.

Secondary Goals:

 Deactivate the uplink locks on the Aquinas Router at the east end of Sector
 4, thus allowing Helios to exchange information with your augmentations.
 Together with Helios, administrate the world with absolute knowledge and

What I'm going to do now is take you to Sector 4, and give you a chapter for
all three of the possible paths.

If you drop off the walkway here to the East, you can leap down bit by bit
into the fluid down below. It's probably not worth it, but it's pretty fun.
The dead mechanic on the way down holds a MULTITOOL and a BIOELECTRIC CELL.
The fluid hurts you; it deals Flamed damage. The dead body of the scientist
holds another BIOELECTRIC CELL; the body of the Mechanic holds a MULTITOOL.
Summon the elevator and ride it up to level 2.

On the way out, you'll see two Security Bots being released. This is also the
moment three MJ12 Commandoes are spawned in the hallway to the Southwest, and
they'll come rushing in. The bots will have a shootout with them and probably
win. You don't have to be there.

If you peek your head out to the South, into the red tunnel, a cart with two
enemies comes your way. This only happens if you're there to trigger it, though.
The cart holds a Trooper with a GEP GUN and some TECH GOGGLES, and a Man in
Black with an Assault Rifle. I suggest not summoning these guys to your side
at all, unless you have Speed Enhancement:

If you can activate Speed Enhancement at level three or four, you can jump
across the gap to the West side here. You'll gain

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Explore far end of cart tunnel

for reaching this place. You'll find crates with a MEDKIT, some ROCKETS and
7.62x51MM AMMO as well. Return to the room with the Security Bots. Follow the
corridor to the Southwest and beyond. Near the radioactive barrels, head
East. Descend the stairs. The heavy blast door with the 70% Keypad responds
to the 4225 code you found earlier.

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Explore weapons locker

You'll find some ROCKETS here.

Continue going down. At the floor level, there's a Greasel and crates containing
10MM AMMO and a PROD CHARGER. Outside, to the Southeast, there's a body together
with a SNIPER RIFLE and some 30.06 AMMO. Just before the heavy blast doors, to
the West, there's a door paired with yet another 70% Keypad. Inside, crates

50 SP EXPLORATION BONUS                 Explore third weapons locker

Now, Helios should have opened the blast doors of Sector 4. The first thing
you'll see is the dead body of a soldier near a LAW and an informative DataCube.

   Notes: The timeline is a bit strange. There are army guys here that talk
   about a sudden attack by MJ12, like this dude here. On the other hand,
   Page must have been controlling the facility for some time now; even if he
   abandoned the cloning project and the blue-fusion reactors for some time,
   he just unveiled the Aquinas protocol, the hub of which is deep within
   Area 51.

   In the anime Ghost of the Shell, the main character Motoko Kusanagi fights
   a large tank-like robot spider just prior to merging with an AI to create
   a new life form, one of the options presented to you at the end of the game.

Proceed past the next blast door. You'll find a holographic communicator where
Paul Denton will appear. It's been a while! Maybe he can tell us what to do.
He just tells you to decide for yourself, though. If Paul died earlier, it
will be Gary Savage appearing here with basically the same message.

   Notes: Good to see Helios declaring the Triads to be illegal; they didn't
   deserve a happy ending. Funny how the 'giddy acquiescence' Dowd was
   talking about seems to apply more directly to Helios' actions in Hong Kong.

The next room is tremendously important to JC Denton. It's your birthplace.
Right in front of you, you'll find the body of Nick Pausback, a Bob Page clone.
It seems these guys have an inception date and an assigned birth date. To the
Southeast, you'll find Wade Walker, a clone of Walton Simons. The nearby dead
body of the scientist holds a BIOELECTRIC CELL. Leap down into the pit and find
the body of the Mechanic, which carries a MULTITOOL. Crawl to the other side.

   Notes: Nick Pausback is the name of a good friend of Chris Todd. Wade
   Walker is an old colleague of Chris as well.

   While the exact year of DX is a bit shady, it has been retroactively set
   at 2052. Obviously some liberties have been taken in-game, it's 2050-ish.
   These DataCubes here would indicate that JC is very young and was thus
   indeed subject to accelerated growth and memory implants. However, for this
   to be true, that would mean that the following was all a lie:

   - The revelations of Lebedev, Paul and Tong that your 'parents' were UN
     employees, because JC never had parental figures in the first place.
   - Page's taunting just now in this level, when he said that the MiB killed
     your parents.
   - The e-mail between Page and Simons detailing the plan to kill JC's
     parents and send him to Switzerland, because JC never grew up in the
     first place.
   - Paul telling you about his parents. It is possible Paul has memory
     implants as well, but why do Tong and Lebedev tell Paul his parents? Are
     they in the know? None of it makes any sense.
   - Morpheus telling you that you are 23 years old, who did know that you
     were artificially created.

   However, do note the intro, where the evil evil dialogue between Page and
   Simons ultimately centers over a shadowy figure in a stasis field just
   like this one, implying that this is the 'secondary unit'. At that point,
   Simons was just about to become head of FEMA, so it can't have been too
   long ago.

   The best way of looking at it, to me, is that at the time of writing JC's
   background had been undecided, and two stories are being told simultaneously.
   One where JC is only a few years old and his entire life is a lie because
   of memory implants, and another where he was engineered as a life form, but
   enjoyed a normal growing pattern under 'parents' who were actually UN
   employees. There are two ways to 'marry' both stories, though.

   One: JC is actually a couple of years old, and has been growth-accelerated.
   However, the acceleration did not happen all at once. It occurred in at least
   two bursts, and in the interim, a teenage JC went to school in Switzerland
   and was raised by false "parents"

   Two: The Inception date does now mean 2054 but 1954. J.C's cells were kept
   in stasis from that point, about 15 years after the Illuminati project to
   collect DNA from around the world. The listed assigned Birth date is the
   date the baby was brought into the world, or expunged, and was given to
   the 'parents' who would later die in a 'car crash', etc. This scenario
   explains the 23 year old line as well as all the parents stuff, but while
   growth acceleration and memory implants are mentioned in-game, keeping a
   baby 'on ice' finds no support in-game.

On this level, in the pit, to the Northeast, you'll find the body of a female
scientist and a DataCube giving you the LAB 12/GRAYTEST. You'll dodge an
explosion in the meantime, and Page will contact you. You'll find your own
birthing pod to the Northeast, and one Alex Denton to the Northwest, based on
the same Base Genetic Sample. There's no pod for Paul, was he the base sample?
Are you a clone of your brother Paul? Anyway, there's an UPGRADE CANISTER on
the body of the dead scientist, and there's a Medbot as well.

Djibriel's First Time Player Pick: Upgrade Cloak to Level 4

To the North, you'll find Environmental Generators. The Terminal nearby opens
up with LAB 12/GRAYTEST. Note, however, that in my version of the game, the
Terminal (faultily) responded to GRAYTEST/LAB12. Turn off the Environmental
Generators and open up the door. Disable the two Grays; Tranq. Darts work well
in tagging them, then running away. When you near Page, Everett and Jacobson
will contact you about the Illuminati plan over sparing the facility.

   Notes: It seems that Jacobson, while initially a spy for Tong, is fully on
   board with Everett's plan to maintain Area 51 and thus hand over the
   facility to the Illuminati. If Tong did send Alex away because Tong did not
   trust him, it seems he was right to do so.

   While the Grays are just altered bovines, this Blue Fusion Reactor likely
   is extraterrestrial technology within the world of DX. This is hinted because
   of the fact that it's mechanism is under study, but also because it's called
   'Artifact ROS172-E', a reference to the crashing of a UFO, supposedly an
   alien spacefcraft, on a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico. 

Make it to the other side for a confrontation with Page. Nice plasma
forcefield, nerd.

It's time to make a decision. All this game, you've been led around; by
Manderley, your brother, Tong, by Everett, by Savage. You are like a dog
who needs a master. Now, it is up to you.

Secondary Goals;

 Bring down the four blue-fusion reactors in Page's bunker then go to the
 infusion control room on the upper level to cut all power to his defense

Do you wish to kill Bob Page and join the Illuminati in ruling the world as an
invisible force, as proposed by Morgan Everett? Check out the next chapter, this
being 4.28 or follow [ILLUMINATI-LINK].

Do you wish to merge with the Helios AI and rule the world with absolute reason
and knowledge, as proposed by Helios itself? Go to chapter 4.29 or follow

Do you wish to destroy Area 51 and all global communications and rid the world
of all global tyranny, as proposed by Tracer Tong? Go to chapter 4.30 or follow

 3.28 Area 51 Bunker, Rachel Nevada (Illuminati)

Skill Points to earn: 0

Augmentation Canisters:

Weapon Modifications:


 Bring down the four blue-fusion reactors in Page's bunker then go to the
 infusion control room on the upper level to cut all power to his defense
 Kill Bob Page and clear the way for the former Illuminati leaders to restore an
 age-old secret government. Rule the world with compassion and an invisible
 hand alongside Morgan Everett.

This option is clearly the best one. There is no outcome as destructive as the
total collapse of the digital infrastructure that the entire world is leaning
on, and handing over the reins of the world to a computer program with unknown
intentions is no way to go. This way to end the game is probably the hardest,
since the four necessary blue-fusion reactors are scattered and not always
easy to find.

Alex Jacobson may have been sent by Tong to spy on Morgan Everett, he is aiding
in his plan to send you to assassinate Bob Page and make way for his new boss.
Your mission is to find the four blue-fusion reactors Jacobson sent you an
image of, disable them with the code Jacobson gave you and cut the power to
Page's plasma forcefield and kill the megalomaniac.

You'll have to pass Page and find the pathway to the Southeast. The plasma
forcefield has severe EMP properties, and getting close to it will sap your
energy. Stick to the walls. Avoid the gunfire of the two turrets by blowing
them up or activating your Radar Transparency; a Thermoptic Camo will not work
for some reason. Climb the small ladder while Tong tries to convince you to do
his bidding.

Go stand on the elevator and look down into the pit. This is where three of
the four blue-fusion reactors are located. Don't take the elevator. Destroying
the creatures won't get you anywhere; Page is mass-producing them with the three
Universal Constructors in the facility. Find the pathway to the Southwest. Find
the chest with a 80% Str Lock; you can slice it open with a powerful Dragon's
Tooth. Inside, you'll find a LAM, DARTS and FLARE DARTS. Descend the stairs
and turn around to find crates containing a LAM and BUCKSHOT SHELLS. Turn to
the North to find the first blue-fusion reactor. Alex gave the code: 724*. You
can quietly experiment until you find the right one: 7243. upon deactivation,
two Security Bots will be released. Destroy them or cloak past them 'til you
reach the elevator again. In the alcoves the Security Bots were hiding, you can

Don't take the elevator, but open up the grate and climb down into the red light
chute. Open the grate and find crates containing 30.06 AMMO and 10MM AMMO.
There's also a datacube with the code to the Aquinas Substation, but it's of no
use to you in this mission. Before you open the door, realize it's crawling
with Greasels and Karkians. Cloak is real handy, and this is also a good time
for a Thermoptic Camo.

To the North, on the other side of the building, you'll find crates with 10MM
AMMO and 7.62x51MM AMMO. Further to the Northeast, you'll find the second blue-
fusion reactor. 7243 shuts it down. If you're sneaking and have enough
resources to keep on Cloaking, ignore the next paragraph where I describe how
you can take down the enemies here.

Further to the North, find the Repair Bot and see a door labeled UC Control.
Break it open via the 90% Str Lock, the 90% Str Keypad or a Dragon's Tooth slice
and enter to turn on the Emergency Containment. The UC that produces the ...
here is now blocked. You can now clear the place of creatures if you want.
Southeast of the UC Control room, you can find a Terminal. If you can hack, you
can unleash a friendly Security Bot that will really tear into the enemies here.

Find the stairs to the Southeast, going up one level. Upstairs, you'll find
another Repair Bot. Close, there's a cabinet with a 60% Str Lock that you
might as well destroy. Inside, you'll find a REBREATHER, a clip of 7.62x51MM
AMMO, 10MM AMMO and a MEDKIT, as well as a DataCube with a familiar blueprint.
Around the corner, near the radioactive barrel, you'll find a cabinet containing
a BIOELECTRIC CELL, two FLARES and a DataCube with the coolant system code, that
being 2242. Necessary for Tong's mission, but not for you. The chest with the
60% Str Lock that you can also slice open with Combat Strength contains a NAPALM
modification in the game. Head East, goin' on up. This is a great moment to
activate a Hazmat Suit; paired with even level one Environmental Resistance,
it will make you immune to the leaking nuclear apparatus. In the Southeast
corner, you'll find the third blue-fusion reactor: 7243. Beneath the apparatus,
you can see some TECH GOGGLES. Exit to the North through the door.

On this level, you'll encounter Grays patrolling the final blue-fusion reactor.
Your Hazmat Suit will still help against their presence and attacks, but
Cloaking is grand here. Immediately past the door, you can find crates with
TRANQUILIZER DARTS and BUCKSHOT SHELLS, but really, who cares at this point?
Head North until you can turn West, where you'll find the final blue-fusion
reactor. 7243 and it's time to head back to the infusion control room on the
upper level. If you want, to the far West, you can find a UC that spawns Grays,
and the UC Control room that can shut it down, as well as another Bot Security
system you can hack to unleash a friendly Security Bot. Useful for combat-
oriented characters, I suppose. To the Southwest, you can find crates with 10MM
AMMO and 7,62x51MM AMMO. If you shut down the UC on the floor below, this could
be a good moment to kill all creatures below that are still standing.

Return to the Radioactive room. Descend the two stairs. Find the elevator Switch
in the Southeast corner and summon the elevator. Ride it up to the upper level.
Head Northwest, past Page into the Northern pathway. You'll see another UC
Control room that can shut down the UC to the West that spawns small Arcbots.
If you disable the Arcbots with a Spy Drone or EMP Grenade, they won't respawn
either. Head East at the juncture. Around the corner, you'll find the Aquinas
Router, but it's only relevant to Helios and not to you. To the West, you'll
find the Infusion Control system. Press the Switch to kill Page and end the

   Notes: While the lines uttered seem benevolent enough, the mirroring of
   the scene with the intro scene, as well as the quote that ends the cinematic,
   gives this ending a darker tone. Milton's Paradise Lost is the story of
   both Satan's fall from grace and Adam and Eve's expulsion from the Garden
   of Eden. All three characters lose their paradise because of their sin of

   The quote "Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven." is uttered by
   Satan in the story, and it implies that the Illuminati ending boils down
   to a selfish choice made by JC, keeping the world corrupt so he could
   stand above it and that Everett's rhetoric about the benevolent dictatorship
   is hollow in the end.

   If DX can be chiefly described as a game about individual 'human' liberty
   versus the collaborative 'machine-like' system, the Illuminati ending
   provides the neutral ending, where the system is upheld, but as a tool to
   serve human ambition.

 3.29 Area 51 Bunker, Rachel Nevada (Helios)

Skill Points to earn: 0

Augmentation Canisters:

Weapon Modifications:


 Deactivate the uplink locks on the Aquinas Router at the east end of Sector
 4, thus allowing Helios to exchange information with your augmentations.
 Together with Helios, administrate the world with absolute knowledge and

This option is clearly the best one. The total collapse of global
communications will greatly reduce living quality the world over; the illogical
and unattainable concept of freedom is not worth the cost. Listening to Morgan
is a no-go as well, as there is literally no reason to assume that he would be
any better than Page. The only difference between the two man is that Page
tends to laugh like an idiot when he talks unapologetically about ruling the
world. No, it is time for a new age.

Your mission is to find Aquinas Control to the east and return to Helios at the
Aquinas Hub.

You'll have to dive into the North pathway past page and his two turrets; turn
on Radar Transparance, or destroy the turrets before you go in. Page's plasma
forcefield will drain your energy if you get close, so stick to the walls. Once
you're in the pathway, know that there is a Universal Constructor to the West,
where Page spawns small Arcbots. If you disable them with EMP attacks, they
won't respawn. Alternatively, you can break into the UC Control room, protected
by either a 90% Str Lock or a 90% Str Keypad to turn on the Emergency
Containment that traps respawning creatures inside the UC.

Head East. Stand close to the Aquinas Router door for Helios to contact you.
You can bypass the 90% Str Keypad to enter the Aquinas Router door now, or
listen to Helios and get down to the Aquinas Substation to open this door with
the Security Terminal there. Even though using Multitools is easier, might as
well follow the entire mission through like you´re supposed to. West of the
Router door is the Infusion Control room; you can't do anything with it now,
but it's the place where you press the last Switch for the Illuminati ending.

There are two options here, a quick and dangerous one (less so with Energy
Shield Augmentation) and a longer, but safe one.

The quick one:
Northeast of the Aquinas Router door, you can find the elevator leading down to
the Aquinas Substation. If you ride it down and open the door though, Page
will blow up two transformers. Activate your Energy Shield Augmentation if you
have it, then run for the Security Terminal to the North. PAGE/UBERALLES allows
you to open the door to the Aquinas Router. Heal any damage you have and make
for the elevator again. At any given time, I find that the electricity here can
deliver a fatal shock and I know of no route through the room that's guaranteed
to not kill you randomly. To the West, you can find a 80% Str Control Panel that
can shut down the hazard here, but if you want to use that many Multitools, why
not just open the Aquinas Router door up top? If you decide to shut down the
transformers anyway, you can easily loot a MULTITOOL on a workstation and a

The safe one:
Return to the room where Page is floating in his plasma bubble, and pass him on
your way to the South, activating whatever you need to deal with the turrets
and the plasma EMP field. Climb the short ladder, then find the grate on the
ground. Climb the ladder all the way down into the red pit. Open up the grate
here and find two crates containing 30.06 AMMO and 10MM AMMO. Most important
is the DataCube here, though; it holds the code to the Aquinas Router room:
6765! Return to Page and then the Aquinas Router door. 6765 opens up the door.
Important note: in some versions of the game, like my Game of the Year Edition,
the proper 6765 code does nothing, and the Keypad mistakenly responds to 6188.
Since you were supposed to have this code, I suggest you use it if you went
for the DataPad.

With the door open, Helios will contact you to tell you to Engage the Wideband
and Ultrawhite channels. It's easy to do so. Then, find the computer and use
the ICARUS/PANOPTICON combo to Engage the Primary Router.

   Notes: Panopticon refers to an object or building that allows for the
   seeing of everything. It has several meanings in the contest of DX and more
   specifically the Helios ending:

   - Morpheus spoke of the need to be observed, and implied that an AI with
   a kind of omniscience through observation could serve the function of God.
   While JC was defiant to this theory in his dialogue with Morpheus, Helios
   is indeed an AI in touch with all communications and such. Helios is a

   - The Panopticon was a model prison where all inmates could be continuously
   observed. A dark take on Helios' plans for humanity, where individuals will
   be continuously observed and ruled by Helios, humanity's warden.

   - Icarus of legend flew too high and died because of it. From up high, you
   can see more. In this sense, the goal of the panopticon could be playing
   God, and the name Icarus could be a warning since humans, and maybe AIs as
   well, are not meant to play for God.

Secondary Goals:

 Return to the Sector 3 Aquinas Hub to merge with Helios and rule earth with
 benevolence, wisdom and absolute power.

Time to retrace some steps through familiar territory. Return to Page and slip
past his room towards the West. Past the cloning pods, keep going West past
the LOADING screen. Climb four stairs, then two more towards the Aquinas Hub.
Simply keep going until you reach the elevator. Ride it towards level 3. Listen
to what Page and Helios have to say before you approach Helios. When you get
close to the machine, the game ends.

   Notes: This ending turns Morpheus into a true prophet: "You will soon have 
   your God, and you will make it with your own hands." It ties in exactly with
   Voltaire's quote. Voltaire at the time did not mean to say that God did not
   exist, but rather drive the point home how necessary the God 'role' is to

   In DX, where practiced religion is almost completely absent and everything
   went haywire, this ending can be read to indicate that DX advocates not
   (just) anarchism but a belief in a higher power, whatever that is. The
   antagonist of DX, Bob Page, saw himself as this and could not accept anyone
   above him.

   Some easy symbolism can be scored by seeing J(esus) C(hrist) Denton as some
   kind of messianic figure, born without being conceived, saving the world and
   merging with the all-powerful being after his 'death'.

   If DX can be chiefly described as a game about individual 'human' liberty
   versus the collaborative 'machine-like' system, the Helios ending
   has JC shedding his humanity completely.
   There are two literary sources that are interesting to have as background
   with this ending; the oft-mentioned Ghost in the Shell manga, wherein the
   heavily cybernetically modified main character merges with the first AI.
   Second the book and movie Colossues (: The Forbin Project) wherein an AI
   called Colossus is responsible for the Allied nuclear weapons system. It
   merges with its Russian counterpart and forces humanity to abandon war by
   having it choose between the "peace of plenty", or one of "unburied dead".
   Humanity's plans to disarm the AI fail, but the protagonist remains defiant.
   Not only is Colossus a Greek name (like Daedalus, Icarus and Helios), but
   it was a mentioned influence on Warren Spector's initial pitch for DX called

 3.30 Area 51 Bunker, Rachel Nevada (Dark Age)

Skill Points to earn: 0

Augmentation Canisters:

Weapon Modifications:


 First go to the coolant control room at the northwest corner of Sector 4 and
 cut off coolant to the reactors, then return to the reactor lab in Sector 3 to
 finish the job. Destroying the global communications hub will plunge the world
 into another dark age -- dark but perhaps free from global tyranny.

This option is clearly the best one. If the game has told us anything, it's that
forces will naturally seek to control and subdue, and both Everett and Helios
will do exactly that if you allow them to. No AI or human should have that much
control of free man's lives. No matter the cost, the only option here is to
make sure that not Page, not Everett, not Helios, not anybody, will ever again
have the means to try what Page is trying now.

Your mission is to find the coolant control room, then turn on the experimental
alien reactors in Sector 3 to destroy Area 51 and all digital communication

You'll need to get past Page and head into the path to the Southeast. Take care
not to get too close to the plasma forcefield, which drains your energy. There
are two turrets that will shoot you when they catch you; destroy them or turn
on Radar Transparency to get past them. Climb the small ladder, find the grate
in the ground and climb down the long ladder. Open up the grate to find two
crates with 30.06 AMMO, 10MM AMMO and a DataCube with a code you won't have to
use if you want to blow up the facility.

There are two good ways into the coolant reactor facility. There's a way to
swim there if you have a Rebreather or are at least Advanced in the skill, and
you can find a DataCube with the code and get in through the front door. I
find the swimming thing to be the best.

Open the door outside, and find the grate in the ground to your right. Open
it up and crawl inside towards the North. At the end, you'll find crates
containing SABOT SHELLS and some ROCKETS. Press the Switch to open up the
waterway. Get in and swim North, then West. Activate your Rebreather if you
must. At the first vertical pipe, you can reach the surface. All the way on
the bottom, below the pipe, you can find the body of a poor Mechanic holding a
MULTITOOL and a BIOELECTRIC CELL. If you must, more towards the West, you can
find a Soldier's corpse holding TECH GOGGLES, and there's a LAW at the bottom.
Crawl out of the water via the ladder.

There's an MJ12 Commando patrolling here. Cloak and Prod him in the back, or
climb the ladder and shoot him from the top of it. There's a Trooper on the
walkway up top, and to more in the Northeast corner of this room. You can
Cloak, press the required button and flee right now, but it's more fun to
collect the treasure. Head into the room to the East.

On the walkway up top, there's an MJ12 Trooper. Cloak and climb the ladder.
Take him down. The Mechanic on the yellow power box in the Northeast corner
holds a MULTITOOL and a BIOELECTRIC CELL. A crate in the Southwest corner
holds a MEDKIT. There's a cabinet with a 90% Str Lock that you can slice open
with Combat Strength. It holds two PROD CHARGERS, a BIOELECTRIC CELL, a
CARTRIDGE. Next to the cabinet is a FIRE EXTINGUISHER; notable, because there's
switch in the Northeastern corner of the room, on the yellow workstation, which
can create a flame. The body of the Mechanic on the ground holds a LOCKPICK.

Having raided this room, climb the ladder again and head West. If you didn't
disable the Trooper up top in the previous room, he'll be there now, so take
care. There's a chest here with a 70% Lock that you can slice open with Combat
Strength. It contains ROCKETS, an EMP GRENADE and a PS20. Jump into the water
below and crawl out again. Disable the final two Troopers to the Northeast,
where you can find two crates with a LAW and a MEDKIT. If you're desperate for
completion's sake, find the grate behind them that you can follow all the way
for a crate with a MULTITOOL.

To the East of the room, you'll find a Switch labeled 'Flush System'. This is
the one you want; you've now stopped the coolant from reaching the reactors in
Sector 3. Head East and press two Switches to enter the main room. You could've
entered this way via the 70% Str Keypad.

Note: You can find the code to it up above somewhere, in a cabinet near the
Grays in the Southwest corner. It's 2242 as the DataCube tells you. In some
versions of the game, like the Game of the Year Edition, it's actually 9248
though the DataCube doesn't tell you. It's a bug.

With the coolant control room in the back, activate Cloak or a Thermoptic Camo
and make for the Southeast corner where you can a Switch that summons the
elevator to the top level. Ride the elevator. Leap down the small ladder and
pass Page while you return to Sector 3 to the West.

When in Sector 3, climb the stairway to the Southwest til you reach some
radioactive barrels. Climb the ladder on the West wall. Continue going West
'til you reach the stairwell. Descend, then find Reactor Lab B13 to the North.
Tong will contact you once you're inside. You'll have to get close to the
reactors. This is a good time to activate any Hazmat Suit you may still have,
and the Environmental Resistance Augmentation.

There's a Failsafe disable Switch at the bottom of both reactors, with a
crawlspace in between. You can climb out with a ladder. Get to the control room
to the Northwest. Page will beg you to reconsider, as well as Helios.

Secondary Goals:

 Go to the reactor control room. Activate the three ion injectors, then initiate
 the antimatter-matter reaction. Run.

Climb the ladder. Activate the first and second ion injectors. Once you press
the third once, the Mechanic will try to stop you with bullets. Disable him
before you do so. Find the Engage Switch on the workstation to initiate the
antimatter-matter reaction and destroy Area 51, killing everyone inside.

   Notes: Kahlil Gibran was an English-Arab poet, who wrote a poem called
   Children of Gods, Scions of Apes, which contains the phrase: "Yesterday we
   obeyed kings and bent our necks before emperors. But today we kneel only to
   the truth, follow only beauty, and obey only love."

   With the ending, the game reads as a long list of examples why concepts such
   as consolidation, human augmentation and systems of government ultimately
   cost the individual more than they help. Chad would agree; the contrat
   social is rigged.

   If DX can be chiefly described as a game about individual 'human' liberty
   versus the collaborative 'machine-like' system, the Dark Age ending
   has JC forcibly remove all methods for non-direct interaction as well as
   the massacre of all AIs. All that is left is the individual, facing the
   dangers inherent to absolute freedom.
   A note on the words 'Dark Age'. Originally a deragotary term for the Middle
   Ages, it's an odd choice of words for Tong, who is advocating it. It fits in
   with lots of the light vs dark symbolism throughout the game, though. Lots
   of the controlling (and in Tong's view antagonistic) forces in DX have to do
   with light: Illuminati, DuClare, Helios. At the same time, light makes 
   visible: Page's envisioned City on the Hill, The world as a Panopticon. 
   Paris, the City of Lights, is a heavily oppressive place. The Midnight Sun 
   is a tabloid working for the bad guys.
   Contrast this with JC, our protagonist, who works in the shadows. It is by
   not being seen that JC and his allies survive, and concepts like night and
   shadow in combination with JC are littered all over the game: Jacob's Shadow,
   Petals of Twilight, etc. Also note Silhouette, a dark outline of a person.
   So the Dark Age can be read as a contrast with Helios/Illuminati endings,
   names that literally mean sun and enlightenment, that the word Dark Age
   gains its most important meaning: darkness means lack of visibility, which
   in DX means freedom.

 4.0 Skills and Relevant Items

Table of Contents:

 4.1  Weapons: Heavy
 4.2  Weapons: Pistol
 4.3  Weapons: Rifle
 4.4  Weapons: Low-Tech
 4.5  Weapons: Demolition
 4.6  Environmental Training
 4.7  Lockpicking
 4.8  Electronics
 4.9  Medicine
 4.10 Computer
 4.11 Swimming
 4.12 Sample Build

 4.1  Weapons: Heavy
"The use of heavy weaponry, including flamethrowers, LAWs and the experimental
plasma and GEP guns."

 UNTRAINED: Base accuracy and damage. GEP Gun locks target in 2.0 seconds.
 TRAINED:   4% accuracy increase, 20% damage increase. GEP Gun locks target in 
            1.7 seconds.
 ADVANCED:  12% accuracy increase, 50% damage increase, no movement penalty.
            GEP Gun locks target in 1.2 seconds.
 MASTER:    25% accuracy increase, 100% damage increase. GEP Gun locks target in
            0.5 seconds.

I'm not sure if this has any redeeming quality. The GEP Gun and Flamethrower
don't really benefit from this skill, since they're already as deadly as
possible. The Plasma Rifle does, but it's a crappy weapon for standard play.
I mean, it's dead fun and all, but I wouldn't advise the Heavy weapons thing
the first playthrough.

Note that Heavy weapons are boosted by the Targeting Augmentation, as follows:

 Level 1: 10% damage increase
 Level 2: 20% damage increase
 Level 3: 30% damage increase
 Level 4: 40% damage increase


The GEP Gun, when filled with old-fashioned Rockets, may be the most useful
tool in the game. It destroys anything that can be destroyed, including
cameras, turrets, laser grids, doors, panels, grates, barrels, bots, humans,
anything. As long as you don't start using it to take down human enemies,
you'll find ammo to be enough to answer all your GEP needs. It even has a
target rocognition feature that is sometimes useful for far-away patrolling 
bots. The time it takes for your GEP Gun to lock onto a target is shortened by
training. The only downside is its bulky 8-panel space needs, but it's worth it.
YOU're worth it.

   Notes: Gyroscopically stabilized projectiles exist, but mostly as a novelty
   collector's item, and the weapons used to propel them are handgun-size.
   Gyroscopic stabilizing seems outdated technology though, if you already
   have a rocket that can recognize and steer itself towards a target, what
   are you using mechanical stabilizing for?


When filled with WP Rockets, it becomes a different monster. The WP Rocket fills
a very large area with either instantly charred bodies or troopers set aflame.
You often think you're outside the splash radius only to find yourself in an
inferno yourself. If you can accurately determine the safe distance, you'll find
DX' White-Phosphorus Rockets, or the 'wooly peter' the best means of lethal
crowd control the game offers. Very evil.

   Notes: White phosphorus is regulated through international law, and it is
   illegal for any army to use incindiary ammo to be used against civilians or
   in civilian areas. WP is particularly evil, not only because the phophorus
   burns when it comes into contact with air, but also because the phosphorus
   particles have a tendency to stick to and sink in human skin.

   WP was used to great effect in the Vietnam war, where it got the nickname
   'Willie Pete'.


The Flamethrower is, and this is really funny, a silent weapon. I mean, you'll
send hundreds of screaming enemies into the night when you decide to use the
Flamethrower, so it's not exactly stealthy or anything, but the Flamethrower
itself hardly makes a noise when you make it kill. This thing sets humans
aflame until they die. Men in Black will have to be lit more than once, and
Commandos don't even actually ignite, so its use reduces somewhat later in
the game, but you simply don't need any skill with this thing. The downside
is that it's so big,. It's another 8-space panel hoarder. With this and the
GEP Gun, you're already wishing you had more inventory space, and the GEP Gun
is much, much more useful in far more ways. A useful weapon for a violent
second playthrough, is what I'd consider this thing most of all.


The Plasma Rifle is the third, forgotten one of the Heavy weapons. Nobody
likes it much; it just throws damage around, unfocused, undisciplined. It
has a large splash area that deals fire damage, but in the very rare moments
you need large splash areas filled with death, there's the WP Rockets that
the GEP Gun shoots. For a weapon that tries to look like the most bad-ass,
the most powerful and most dangerous one of them all, it hardly ever kills
instantly what you want dead, and can therefore be handily replaced with a
sign that asks bystanders to fill your body with bullets. After a game where I
played with the Heavy weapons skill on Master and killed with nothing but the
Plasma Rifle, I can tell you it's as useful as the Stealth Pistol, and eight 
times as large.

   Notes: Plasma weapons do not exist today, which is why it's still strange
   technology in the world of DX. There are four fundamental states of matter:
   Solid, liquid, gas and plasma. Plasma is created by ionizing gas by giving
   it negative or positive energy properties. Our sun and other stars are mostly
   made out of plasma. Plasma is usually produced at or kept in a state of high
   temperature because that's needed for ionization. 
   The experimental Plasma Rifle turns magnetically-doped plastic slugs into 
   plasma by superheating it, then extrudes the plasma towards the target. The 
   diminutive PS20 pistol also uses plasma technology. The game has both plasma
   weapons simply deal Fire damage. 

   The Plasma Rifle deals fire damage, meaning it does only 25% damage to bots,
   50% damage to Commandoes and no damage to Grays. 


The LAW is the most powerful weapon in the game, obliterating everything that
can be destroyed within a large radius. The downside is that it is a expendable
item; one shot and it's gone. It also holds 4 inventory squares, which is
quite a sacrficie for one explosion, especially when LAMs are available. The
only time a LAW comes in handy is at Vandenberg, where four LAWs are found
in a wide open space (two in crates, two from MJ12 Troopers) and where you'll
have to destroy four bots.

 4.2  Weapons: Pistol
"The use of hand-held weapons, including the standard 10mm pistol, its stealth
variant, and the mini-crossbow."

 UNTRAINED: Base accuracy and damage.
 TRAINED:   4% accuracy increase, 20% damage increase.
 ADVANCED:  12% accuracy increase, 50% damage increase.
 MASTER:    25% accuracy increase, 100% damage increase.

This is always Trained, even if you choose to Downgrade it during character
creation. I find Pistols to find the most useful weapon group overall, since
it holds both the Mini-Crossbow and the Stealth Pistol, which can be twinked
out to be a mini-Sniper rifle. Boosting its damage and accuracy is helpful.

Note that Heavy weapons are boosted by the Targeting Augmentation, as follows:

 Level 1: 10% damage increase
 Level 2: 20% damage increase
 Level 3: 30% damage increase
 Level 4: 40% damage increase


The Pistol is a solid firearm whose main competition is the Stealth Pistol and
main weakness is the inability to be silenced throughout the game. More powerful
and reliable than the Stealth Pistol per shot, it lacks the large clip and
high rate of fire the Stealth Pistol has to offer. Personally, I favor the
Stealth variant. If you carry a Sniper Rifle, it obsoletes the Pistol.

   Notes: 10MM Ammo was abandoned by the FBI in favor of another cartridge that
   gave less recoil, but in DX it's still going strong. As a round-tipped
   bullet designed for law enforcement in urban settings, the 10MM cartridge
   is designed for maximum stopping power with minimum risk of the bullet
   leaving the target through an exit wound and strike bystanders. Contrast
   this with the 7.62 and 30.06 bullets with a sharper tip, which travel faster
   and are more accurate but have a larger chance of shooting through a target.
   For this reason, it is not that strange that a handgun with a 10MM cartridge
   deals more damage per bullet than the 7.62 Assault Rifle.

   If you reload the weapon, a text is visible on the slide: 1MM/IMM Austin or
   Aurtin. Austin could be a reference to the location of the Ion Storm studio
   where DX was made, located in Austin. Also, the 1MM part could be just a
   somewhat blurred 10MM.


The Stealth Pistol is a weaker version of the normal Pistol with an integrated
silencer. It can be heavily modified and accepts most modifications. When fully
upgraded, your Stealth Pistol will become a Sniper Rifle lite for the 'price'
one only a single inventory slot. Because the Assault Rifle is so crummy, it
is also the best fully automatic gun in the game. While it is silent, has a
larger clip, a higher rate of fire than the Pistol, the normal Pistol has a
higher base accuracy, accepts Recoil modifications and has a higher base damage.
The Stealth variant is therefore superior for stealth missions and shootouts
while the normal Pistol is better capable of calculated headshots.

   Notes: The stealth pistol is heavily based on the fictional Seburo CX
   "Compact eXploder" that appears in Appleseed manga by manga artist
   Masamune Shirow, most famous for his manga Ghost in the Shell. 

   The Stealth Pistol features a so-called 'bullpup' design, meaning that the
   action is located behind the trigger group. This accounts for the 'D'
   shape behind the grip.


The Mini-Crossbow is an essential tool for any JCDenton, though some
misunderstand the noble weapon. It's a silent, sneaky weapon, but not in the
way you might think. Filled with Darts, it's a silent and lethal alternative
to the Pistol or Stealth Pistol, but make sure to aim for the head since
you'll only want to do this when you're sure you're making a kill shot. This
procedure becomes easier with skill points invested. It is also very nice to
distract enemies when sneaking; fire a Dart into the wall near them, and their
attention and field of view will be focused on the Dart, allowing you to
sneak past them. Like Tranq. Darts, you can retrieve Darts that don't hit a
target from the ground/wall.

   Notes: Wet operations means assassination.


When filled with Tranquilizer Darts, the Mini-Crossbow does what it does best.
You shoot a man with a Tranq. Dart. You retreat until the six hits or less
kick in. The man is now unconscious, and you are awesome. Sometimes, you must
be patient, because you'll have to wait out alarmed enemies or alarmed Alarms.
Time heals all wounds, and then you reappear to make more wounds. It's
beautiful. Several enemies fire Tranq. Darts; Environmental Resistance reduces
damage done. One last bit of advice; when abbreviating, call them Tranq. Darts,
never Tranny Darts. Thank you.

   Notes: A fun thing to realize is that the darts are tipped with a
   succinylcholine-variant that cause complete skeletal muscle relaxation, but
   leaves the target FULLY CONSCIOUS.

   The initial strike of the Tranq. Darts does 'Poison' damage and is more
   effective when it strikes the Head. After that, it will deal 8 times
   'PoisonEffect' damage to the Torso. If the target's HP is set to 0 because
   of PoisonEffect, the target will fall down Unconsious. PoisonEffect hits
   are not affected by the Pistol skill of the player, to the initial Poison
   strike is.


When filled with Flare Darts, the Mini-Crossbow makes a mockery of itself. It
is my theory that one developer created the Flare Darts and the Flare item,
and got into a fight with another developer. This other developer snuck in
late at night and gave JC the Light Augmentation, obsoleting the Flare items
and Flare Darts forever. He then seduced the first developer's wife. It was a
very nasty, very unfriendly business.


You can only carry one, and it takes a while to throw it away after it's one-
time performance. It's generally not fatal, so it's useless. It sets crates 
aflame though, that's pretty fun.

   Notes: The PS20 deals fire damage, meaning it does only 25% damage to bots,
   50% damage to Commandoes and no damage to Grays. 

 4.3  Weapons: Rifle
"The use of rifles, including assault rifles, sniper rifles, and shotguns."

 UNTRAINED: Base accuracy and damage.
 TRAINED:   4% accuracy increase, 20% damage increase.
 ADVANCED:  12% accuracy increase, 50% damage increase, no movement penalty.
 MASTER:    25% accuracy increase, 100% damage increase.

The Sniper Rifle is one of the useful and important weapons in the game, and
when Untrained the scope shakes all over the place. Training makes it useful.
I don't personally like to use any other Rifle-type weapon, but just for the
real Sniper Rifle this can be a profitable path to take.

Note that Heavy weapons are boosted by the Targeting Augmentation, as follows:

 Level 1: 10% damage increase
 Level 2: 20% damage increase
 Level 3: 30% damage increase
 Level 4: 40% damage increase


The standard for any shooter, the automatic rifle that fires more shots than
the pistol, in rapid succession. In DX, this gun totally blows. First, the 
bullets themselves deal very little damage; much less than those of the Pistol 
or even the Stealth Pistol. Second, unless severely trained and upgraded with 
Weapon Upgrades, the spread and recoil problems of the rifle are severe. Third, 
there's an ammo problem; since it takes a lot of bullets, often around an entire
clip, to kill even a single enemy, and since you only pick up (1..4) 7.62x51MM 
bullets for every body to loot, you'll have too few to kill everything. 
Especially at Hard and Realistic, you don't want a shootout, and it's the only 
thing the AR if better at than other weapons.

   Notes: 7.62 NATO cartridges are the standard for small arms in NATO
   countries. An individual bullet is relatively long and pointy compared to
   round-tip bullets used by many handguns. In military use, it replaced the
   old 30.06 round that also appears in-game.

   Like the Stealth Pistol, the Assault Rifle uses a bullpup design.

   The real name of the Assault Rifle is ZHL-U1953. The background behind this
   name is unknown.


The 20MM High-Explosive Rounds are rare, but powerful. This secondary feature
of the Assault Rifle is somewhat of a saving grace; it is an inferior GEP Gun,
but only takes up four squares. It has a larger blast radius but deals less
damage than the GEP Gun. The descending trajectory makes it a non-option for
far-away targets, and the blast radius is too large for targets in the same
room as you. All the downsides aside, it's a helpful addition for players that
focus on Rifles and won't carry a GEP Gun.

   Notes: HE = High-Explosive, obviously.

ASSAULT SHOTGUN - 12 Gauge Buckshot Shells

The Assault Shotgun has the same problems as the Assault Rifle in that it is
only better than the (Stealth) Pistol in a shootout, and you don't want any
shootouts ever. It has better damage-dealing capabilities than the Sawed-Off,
since it deals a bit less damage but fires faster and has a larger clip. At
higher degress of training, instantly fatal to regular human targets, but that's
not too impressive.

   Notes: Buckshot consists out of many small pellets, delivering a broad
   shot. It's multiple bullets would have low velocity, explaining why regular
   buckshot shells would be ineffective at long range and versus armored


Sabot Shells are useful for cameras, turrets and small Arcbots, and that's it.
It's inferior to a well-powered Dragon's Tooth sword or good Spy Drone, but if
you have neither and can't spare the explosives, this may help.

   Notes: A sabot (pronounce: saboh) is a small device that traps propellant
   gasses in the barrel and is expelled behind the bullet after every shot.
   This increases accuracy. How within DX the 'ballistic profile' of sabot
   shells help against armored targets but fail to deliver versus human targets
   is not explained by the sabot mechanism, but with tungsten, a heavy man-made
   metal that is used in armor-piercing shells. Mostly anti-tank rounds,

   'Street sweeper' was the name of a Cobray-brand revolving cylinder shotgun,
   not unlike the Assault Shotgun featured here. This kind of shotgun is
   banned for civilian use in most of the United States. The overall looks
   is similar to the custom-coded weapons Mouse uses in his last scene in the
   Matrix movie, though they seem to fire more like an automatic rifle than
   a shotgun.

SAWED-OFF SHOTGUN - Buckshot Shells

Very similar to the Assault Shotgun, only it's one square smaller and deals a
bit more damage. The trade-off is a smaller clip and slower pump action. I guess
that makes it a bit better, since I can only see myself using it versus single
targets that I want dead ASAP.


Exactly the same as Sabot Shells coming from the Assault Shotgun, since I can't
see you using it in a situation where time is important. Not stellar gameplay

SNIPER RIFLE - 30.06 Ammo

The Sniper Rifle offers the only real alternative to my 'standard' Pistol
specialization. Firing the powerful 30.06 bullet, the Sniper Rifle offers
instantly lethal takedowns versus all humanoid targets... at certain levels
of training, obviously. Built-in Scope and it takes a Silencer Mod as well,
turning your Sniper Rifle into a silent weapon as soon as your escape to Hong
Kong. A brilliant weapon. The only drawback is the fact that the (Stealth)
Pistol, with one of the plentiful Scope mods attached, is only slightly less
effective and takes up only one square rather than four.

   Notes: The 30.06 cartridge was replaced by the universal NATO round until
   around 1970, but it remains a popular commercial bullet for hunting
   purposes. Apparently, in DX, the 30.06 round survives well into the 21st
   century. The ".30" refers to the caliber of the bullet, and the "06" refers 
   to the year the cartridge was adopted, 1906.

   A Minute of Angle, better known as a minute of arc, is 1 60th of a degree in
   a circle. A circle consists out of 360 degrees, and 21600 minutes of angle.

 4.4  Weapons: Low-Tech
"The use of melee weapons such as knives, throwing knives, swords, pepper guns,
and prods."

 UNTRAINED: Base accuracy and damage.
 TRAINED:   4% accuracy increase, 20% damage increase.
 ADVANCED:  12% accuracy increase, 50% damage increase, no movement penalty.
 MASTER:    25% accuracy increase, 100% damage increase.

One of the most useful skill in the game, Low-Tech aids in silent takedowns
with the Baton and Riot Prod, and allows you to use the Dragon's Tooth as
a destroyer of cabinets and doors. A must-have, at least towards Advanced.
Note that Low-Tech weapons are boosted by the Combat Strength Augmentation,
as follows:

 Level 1:  25% damage increase
 Level 2:  50% damage increase
 Level 3:  75% damage increase
 Level 4: 100% damage increase


The Crowbar is a lethal melee weapon that deals 6 base damage. That's only
1 more base damage than the Combat Knife, and since humans go down in one
hit when you hit their sweet spot, the extra space the Crowbar uses makes it
inferior to the Knife, let alone the Baton. The Crowbar is best used in
the first minute of the game, when you have no alternatives. It's also very
effective versus headcrabs, but you don't see any during the game.

   Notes: The murder of crowbars joke in the description is obviously a
   reference to a 'murder of crows'. It's what you call a group of crows.
   Murder of Crows was also a past enterprise of DX writer Chris Todd, which is
   probably the reason the gag made it into the game. Hermann is the last
   character who'd be able to invent such an English play on words, though.


The Combat Knife is a single-space melee weapon that deals 5 base damage. The
size is right, but since killing somebody and knocking him unconscious is
basically the same thing in Deus Ex, it's just inferior to the Baton that
deals more damage. The Combat Knife is best known for the fact you pick one up
every single time you loot a body, thus causing you to throw it away and
littering the world with them.


The Baton is simply the best. It's a single-space melee weapon that deals 8
base damage and is non-lethal. Absolutely useless in a frontal assault like
almost any other melee weapon, it's best used for sneak attacks from behind
and smashing evil, scheming crates whose contents you wish to harvest. An
additional advantage of the Baton is that in no-weapon areas, the Baton will
not alert NPCs since it's just a fancy stick. I advise you never let this one

   Notes: The Baton deals so-called 'KnockedOut' damage. The multiplier for
   headshots does not work with KnockedOut damage, so Baton strikes to the
   torso are most effective. Note that when the target is not aware of you,
   your Baton strike will deal 10x as much damage; if the target is Stunned or
   affected by tear gas, it will deal 4x as much damage.


The Sword makes it first appearance in Hong Kong and it's a three-space melee
weapon that deals 10 base damage, which makes it stronger than the Baton.
You don't have to think very long about the Sword, since the must-have Dragon's
Tooth is almost in your inventory at this point, obsoleting the Sword
completely. 'Til that point, there is little to nothing the Sword can do the
Baton cannot.


The Dragon's Tooth is a sword of modern legend in Hong Kong. Exceedingly useful,
the Dragon's Tooth can be used to instantly kill any human target, even in a 
frontal assault. In addition to that, it is a great way to break open door and 
cabinets, and when boosted with skill training and the right Augmentations, it 
can even destroy cameras and alarm panels in a single slice. There are quite a 
few cabinets, panels and door that aside from an explosion can only be destroyed
by a sufficiently powerful strike with the Dragon's Tooth. It is a 20 base 
damage weapon, but when you strike it actually deals that damage five times, 
which makes it a 100 base power weapon versus targets devoid of damage 
resistance. It also functions as a source of light, though it's very dim. The 
Dragon's Tooth is so useful, not carrying one around almost counts as a 
challenge game.

   Notes: The non-eutactic blade is discussed at length when you quest for
   it in Hong Kong.

   What is weird about the sword is when you draw it, the blade extends. In your
   inventory though, it fills up 4 squares because the blade appears extended
   while it remains dormant. Damn thing could have been 1 square if only JC
   would remember to withdraw the blade when putting it away.


The Riot Prod is an unique melee weapon in that is uses 'ammo', namely Prod
Charges. Like the Baton, it's primary purpose is to instantly disable enemies
from behind when Prodding the sweet spot. However, the penalty for missing
is less severe, since a target that is not knocked out is still paralyzed,
allowing you to use the Prod until the target does fall over. Also, this way
the Prod can be used to attack single enemies from the front; if you're fast
enough, you'll paralyze them before they have a chance to shoot, and you win.
Sadly, the stun effect wears off when the target is hit by anything other than
the Prod, so it is not advisable to draw a Combat Knife or Baton to finish
the job. Also, Prod Chargers can be rarer than you'd like sometimes, so stick
to another melee weapon when you're pretty sure it can do the job just as

   Notes: The Riot Prod deals so-called 'Stunned' damage. Like the Baton damage,
   it does not work with headshots so Torso hits are most effective. When a
   target has been struck with Stunned damage, it will become paralyzed. The
   next hit will deal 4x as much damage.

   Animals and transgenics are immune to Stunned damage. Commandoes are not,
   but they will not become actually stunned so you'd better inflict a OHKO.
   Bots take 50% damage and cannot be stunned. Gunther and Walton Simons take
   only 10% damage and cannot be stunned. 

Throwing Knives function much like Darts fired from a Mini-Crossbow, except
they are weaker. When you miss, you can retrieve the weapon from a wall or
the floor. In addition, you can make your Crossbow better and better, the
Throwing Knives remain what they are; quite useless, actually. The only
situation where your Throwing Knives outperform simple Darts is with by
investing in the Low-Tech skill and the Combat Strength Augmentation while
ignoring your Pistol skill.

PEPPER GUN (Antigone Pepper Spray)

The Pepper Gun is considered by most to be a useless item, but it's not quite
that. The Pepper Gun creates a small, quickly evaporating cloud of gas that
stuns human targets (but not Riot Cops and MJ12 Commandos) for a few seconds.
shido534's great non-lethal DX run uses the Pepper Gun to great effects to
disable multiple enemies before OHKO-whacking them with a melee weapon. The
trouble is that the aiming of the Pepper Gun is wonky and unintuitive, and when
you miss you're just waving a useless aerosol can in front of a soldier that
intends to shoot you in the gut until you die. More than anything, the Pepper
Gun requires player training with it. And remember: Better BLIND than DEAD!

   Notes: Your Pepper Gun can incapacitate NSF Terrorists, whose face masks
   should make them immune to the blinding effects. However, when inhaled, the
   mist that cause severe irritation internally as well.
   The Pepper Gun has no effects versus any target who is immune to gaseous
   attacks. These include Riot police, MJ12 Commandoes, animals, Greasels, 
   Karkians, Grays, bots, Anna, Gunther and Walton Simons. 

   The Pepper Gun blocks lasers; while some lasers will simply activate the
   trap/alarm like normal, some lasers will be blocked but won't respond. In
   this fashion, it is possible to bypass these lasers by blocking the laser
   with the aerosol cloud while moving past the laser yourself.

   Antigone is a character from Greek mythology, the daughter of Oedipus and
   the main character of her own tragedy play. Why the Pepper Cartridge is
   called Antigone is unclear. Antigone is a tragic character who does moan
   and cry a lot, perhaps it's a reference to that?

 4.5  Weapons: Demolition
"The use of thrown explosive devices, including LAMs, gas grenades, EMP
grenades, and even electronic scramble grenades."

You don't need to invest in this skill for the damage; Gas and Scrambler eggs
don't deal damage in the first place, and the LAM already destroys everything.
You may want to invest in this skill to give yourself a little longer to
disarm a previously armed grenade; if you have ADS though, even that effect
is unnecessary.

 UNTRAINED: An armed grenade beeps 3 times before exploding.
 TRAINED: An armed grenade beeps 6 times before exploding.
 ADVANCED: An armed grenade beeps 16 times before exploding.
 MASTER: An armed grenade beeps 32 times before exploding.

These pulse grenades are difficult to aim on those ever-moving patrol bots;
luckily, the Spy Drone Augmentation is a superior substitute to these. If you
went with the ADS though, and you stubbornly refuse to carry a GEP Gun even in
that situation, this is what you'll be fighting bots with. Y


What do you do when you are about to run into a room filled with more than
one enemy? One option is certainly a Gas Grenade, turning everybody not
protected from it into a teary-eyed wimp for a good few seconds. You can do
without these since Cloaking past these dangers or effective use of a Pepper
Gun often yields the same results, but GGs are fun and effective. Just make
sure to remember that animals, transgenics and Commandoes are not affected.

   Notes: CS gas is a man-made tear gas, which was discovered by two Americans,
   Ben Corson and Roger Stoughton. The chemical's name is derived from the first
   letters of the scientists' surnames. It's widely used by US law enforcement
   as riot control. The chemical reacts with moisture on the skin and in the
   eyes, causing a burning sensation and the immediate uncontrollable shutting
   of the eyes. The pain is intense but not unbearable.


You've got a GEP Gun, HE Ammo for the Assault Rifle and the one-shot LAW, but
the LAM is the best explosive in the game mainly because they only take one
inventory slot. Even at Untrained a LAM will destroy any obstacle in your
path, including bots. The only downside is that throwing action necessary to
deploy the thing and the limited range. Even if you have a secondary way of
exploding things, LAMs are still useful. When placed on a wall, they make
excellent traps at certain points in the game, such as the 'Ton Hotel shootout
or your confrontations with Anna and Gunther.


The game itself seems to value these things highly; they're rare, and when you
can buy them at one point they are set at a high price. I myself never use
them, since they offer a temporary solution to a problem I want fixed forever.
Scramble Grenades temporarily change the alignment of an enemy bot, causing it
to fire at its former allies. It's good fun I guess, but there is not point
in the game where a Scramble Grenade is a better solution to a problem than
sending in a Spy Drone to shut down the bot, then sneaking past of sniping the
remaining troops.

 4.6  Environmental Training
"Experience with using hazmat suits, ballistic armor, thermoptic camo, and
rebreathers in a number of dangerous situations."

I care mostly about Ballistic Armor and Thermoptic Camo, both of which don't
last long when JCD is Untrained in using them. Setting this skill to Advanced
makes your Camo last long enough for those critical parts of the game where
you want to use one. Investing heavily in Cloak and Radar Transparency makes
the lion's share of this skill redundant.

   Note: While Tech Goggles are similar to the expandable equipment items,
   Tech Goggles' duration is not increased by the Environmental Training


Ballistic Armor protects against bullets, bites and explosions. The amount of
damage reduction it provides and the duration of the protection is dependent
of your Environmental Training skill, and it stacks with your Ballistic
Protection Augmentation. If you're really awesome at this game, there are
very few moments you'll even have bullets fired at you. Having one can be handy
if you suddenly find yourself in a tight spot, so might as well carry one

 Untrained: You take 50% damage for 25 seconds.
 Trained You take 38% damage for 33 seconds.
 Advanced: You take 25% damage for 50 seconds.
 Master: You take 13% damage for 1 minutes and 40 seconds.


Found often near the hazardous environments, Haz(ardous) Mat(erials) Suits will
protect you from toxic and radioactive environments. The protection they offer
and duration of their effects increase with the Environmental Training skill,
and will stack with the Environmental Resistance Augmentation. Having one in
your inventory is probably wise, but you won't run into much trouble if you
don't have one, especially if you have Regeneration and/or Environmental Res.
It's important to note that while the description indicates it protects against
all kinds of stuff, it does NOT protect against Fire, Electricity and EMP.

 Untrained: You take 75% damage for 50 seconds.
 Trained: You take 57% damage for 1 minute and 6 seconds.
 Advanced: You take 38% damage for 1 minute and 40 seconds.
 Master: You take 19% damage for 3 minutes and 20 seconds.


Besides being the most efficient credit sinks in the game, Thermoptic Camo is
an incredibly useful item that duplicates your Cloak Augmentation and a part of
your Radar Transparency Augmentation. It makes you invisible to humans, dogs,
transgenics and bots, as well as LASERS. You can walk through lasers with this
thing, something you cannot do with Radar Transparency. On the other hand, your
Camo does not turn you invisible to cameras and active turrets, so beware. I
like to have as many of these things as possible and are to me the best use of
all your filthy lucre.

 Untrained: You are undetectable for 12,5 seconds.
 Trained: You are undetectable for 16,5 seconds.
 Advanced: You are undetectable for 25 seconds.
 Master: You are unetectable for 50 seconds.

   Notes: The concept of Thermoptic Camo comes from the manga/anime Ghost in
   the Shell; the name 'Thermoptic Camo' was featured in the English subtitles
   as well.

 4.7  Lockpicking

"Lockpicking is as much as art as skill, but with intense study it can be
mastered by any agent with patience and a set of lockpicks."
 UNTRAINED: One Lockpick decreases lock strength by 10%.
 TRAINED: One Lockpick decreases lock strength by 25%.
 ADVANCED: One Lockpick decreases lock strength by 40%.
 MASTER: One Lockpick decreases lock strength by 75%.

This upgrades the 'power' of a Lockpick from 10% to 25%. You now have a
comfortable ratio between Lockpicks found and locks you need to open for the
rest of the game, especially if you make it so that your Dragon's Tooth Sword
can slice open 50 Hardness chests and cabinets. If not, you might want to
invest in Advanced Lockpicking. For a first-time players who misses Nanokeys,
Lockpicking is obviously even more important. If you carry around a GEP Gun
and make liberal use of it as a door-destroyed, the Lockpicking skill becomes
less relevant to you.

   Notes: A tension wrench is used to hold any picked pins in place while
   the, in this case, hardening plastic polymers do the actual picking. The
   disposability appears to come from a finite number of shapes these polymers
   can take before becoming useless.

 4.8  Electronics

"By studying electronics and its practical application, agents can more
efficiently bypass a number of security systems using multitools."
 UNTRAINED: One Multitool decreases lock strength by 10%.
 TRAINED: One Multitool decreases lock strength by 25%.
 ADVANCED: One Multitool decreases lock strength by 40%.
 MASTER: One Multitool decreases lock strength by 75%.

Very similar to Lockpicking, only with Multitools and Control Panels. I can't
see a pressing reason for anything but Training in Electronics, but if you
skip Computer, this skill gains in worth, especially if you're not too sure
when you can find all those keycodes in this game.

 4.9  Medicine

"Practical knowledge of human physiology can be applied by an agent in the
field allowing more efficient use of medkits."
 UNTRAINED: A Medkit restores 30 Hit Points.
 TRAINED: A Medkit restores 60 Hit Points.
 ADVANCED: A Medkit restores 75 Hit Points.
 MASTER: A Medkit restores 90 Hit Points.

Usefulness depends how often you get hurt, obviously, but a Medkit's power
increases from 30 to 60 Hit Points, and that's a significant advantage for
little skill point investment. Past that, little to get here, especially
if you get the Regeneration Augmentation. Note that the period of poisoning
is not reduced when you train in the Medicine skill, despite what the flavor
text indicates.

   Notes: Unknown what the contents of a Medkit are; they can both be used by
   non-augmented humans and can be metabolized by JC Denton, implying that
   the contents are for oral use. Note that all food and alcohol is promptly
   metabolized by JC as well with similar results. Since medical training
   can be a contributing factor in Medkit application, and you can heal
   specific targets of your body, it is implied that JC can consciously
   steer his nanomachines to heal a desired area.

 4.10 Computer

"The covert manipulation of computers and security consoles."
 UNTRAINED: You can use ATM terminals, Security Consoles and Computer
  Terminals. You cannot hack.
 TRAINED: You can hack ATM terminals, Cameras and Doors through Security
  Consoles and Computer Terminals. You can extract 50% of an ATM's base
  value. Hacking takes 10 seconds, and you are detected in 25 seconds.
 ADVANCED: You can hack Turrets through Security Consoles. You can extract
  100% of an ATM's base value. Hacking takes 5 seconds, and you are detected
  in 35 seconds.
 MASTER: When you are detected, you only lose 50 units of Energy rather than
  everything. You can extract 150% of an ATM's base value. Hacking takes 2.5
  seconds, and you are detected in 60 seconds.

Gaining the 'Hack' option make sure you're no longer depending on scattered
DataCubes to use ATM Machines and other people's computers. It's single most
game-changing skill choice you can make to ignore the Computer skill. It's
tremendously useful and I suggest setting it to Advanced at least. It's also
nice to have when reading e-mails on Hacked accounts, since it buys you more
time compared to just Trained. You will have no way to spend the extra credits
you gain from hacking ATM consoles at Master level in any useful way, so don't
let greed take you down that path.

   Notes: If you hack the ATM or any other machine, the text will indicate this
   is done with an ICE Breaker. ICE is used as an expensive name for security
   software and was first coined by William Gibson. Though several meanings
   exist, Gibson used Intrusion Countermeasures Electronics. Also note that if
   you hack an ATM, the error message will read ERR 06MJ12...

   The digital rain of green symbols falling down over a black screen while
   using the ICE Breaker is reminiscent of the Matrix movies; both the Matrix
   and DX have been influenced by the opening sequence of the Ghost in the
   Shell anime.

 4.11 Swimming

"Underwater operations require their own unique set of skills that must be
developed by an agent with extreme physical dedication."
 UNTRAINED: You have 20 seconds of oxygen before you start drowning.
 TRAINED: You have 30 seconds of oxygen before you start drowning.
 ADVANCED: You have 40 seconds of oxygen before you start drowning.
 MASTER: You have 50 seconds of oxygen before you start drowning.

Later in thef game, there's all kinds of bodies of water, so being able to
swim further and faster is helpful. At Advanced, you can get anywhere without
suffering from any damage, but if you get Regeneration it matters little,
since you heal from your drowning damage as fast as you get it. At Trained,
and with one or two Rebreathers throughout the game, you're also there. If
you install the Aqualung Augmentation, make sure to keep Swimming at Untrained
so you have at least some benefit from that choice.

   Notes: On Rebreathers: funny that these extract oxygen from the water
   instead of exhaled Co2, like real-world rebreathers and the Aqualung
   Augmentation. Note that the divers in DX wear a Rebreather identical to the
   ones you find lying around.
   In our world, there already exists a nanoscale hydrophobic coating that 
   repels water and oil from surfaces. This is absolutely why JC always looks
   dry why he comes out of the water, and it is certainly not a graphics 

 4.12 Sample Build

The sample built used in this walkthrough uses the following skill choices:

- Heavy: Untrained
- Pistol: Master
- Rifle: Untrained
- Low-Tech: Advanced
- Demolitions: Trained
- Environmental Resistance: Advanced
- Lockpicking: Advanced
- Electronics: Advanced
- Medicine: Untrained
- Computer: Advanced
- Swimming: Trained

 5.0 Augmentations

Table of Contents:

 5.1  Head
 5.2  Arms
 5.3  Legs
 5.4  Subdermal
 5.5  Torso1
 5.6  Torso2
 5.7  Cranial
 5.8  Eyes
 5.9  Sample Build

JC is one of very few nano-augmented characters in the world of DX and can
install obtain Augmentaions from Augmentation Canisters. They allow him to
use Augmentations. All Augs are temporary buffs that cost JC Bioelectrical
energy as long as this Augmentation is active. To follow Arthur C. Clarke's
idiom that states that any sufficiently advanced technology is
indistinguishable from magic, Augmentations are spells and Bioelectrical
energy is the mana that powers the spells.

"An augmentation canister teems with nanoscale mechanocarbon ROM modules
suspended in a carrier serum. When injected into a compatible host subject,
these modules augment an individual with extra-sapient abilities. However,
proper programming of augmentations must be conducted by a medical robot,
otherwise terminal damage may occur. For more information, please see 'Face
of the New Man' by Kelley Chance."

"An augmentation upgrade canister contains highly specific nanomechanisms that,
when combined with a previously programmed module, can increase the efficiency
of an installed augmentation. Because no programming is required, upgrade
canisters may be used by trained agents in the field with minimal risk."

 Further notes on nano-augmentation found in-game:

... nano-augmentations, once "installed", irrevocably alter the physiological
system they affect and in many cases cause all subsequent augmentations to be
rejected; however, the exact number of augmentations each system can support
varies. (UNATCO MedDirectorate).

The cells of every major tissue in the body of a nano-augmented agent are host
to nanite-capsid "hybrids". These hybrids replicate in two stages: the viral
stage, in which the host cell produces capsid proteins and packages them into
hollowed viral particles, and the nanotech stage, in which the receiver-
transmitter and CPU are duplicated and inserted into the protective viral
coating.  New RNA sequences are transmitted by microwave and translated in to
plasmid vectors, resulting in a wholly natural and organic process.

Additional augmentations can be added through the use of microscopic ROM
modules - shaped a little like flying saucers - that diffuse through the blood
and attach to the long spine of nanite CPUs.  These additional augmentations
are software "upgrades" in the most literal sense of the word. (UNATCO
MedDirectorate mail to Jaime Reyes).

... subject shows a number of departures from nominal baseline physiology,
including a noted absence of all H type epsilon immunoglobin proteins which
would seem to be related to his ability to tolerate nano-augmentations that
are typically rejected by the vast majority of the population.[...]
(MJ12 Surgical Pre-evaluation of Paul Denton).

   Notes: The book "Face of the new man" and its author "Kelley Chance" are
   both fictional, and there are no further references of either elsewhere
   in the game.

Augmentations use varying amounts of Bioelectrical energy. JC can store up
to 100 units maximum. These units will only decrease by using Augmentations or
being subject to energy draining attacks. JC, and can be recharged by either
a single Bioelectric cell (25 units) or a Repair Bot (75 units).
Light:                       10 units / minute
EMP Shield:                  10 units / minute
Aqualung:                    10 units / minute
Aggressive Defense System:   10 units / minute
Power Recirculator:          10 units / minute
Combat Strength:             20 units / minute
Microfibral Muscle:          20 units / minute
Environmental Resistance:    20 units / minute
Speed Enhancement:           40 units / minute
Run Silent:                  40 units / minute
Vision Enhancement:          40 units / minute
Targeting:                   40 units / minute
Ballistic Protection:        60 units / minute
Regeneration:               150 units / minute
Spy Drone:                  150 units / minute
Cloak:                      300/250/200/150 units / minute (depends on Level)
Radar Transparency:         300/250/200/150 units / minute (depends on Level)

 5.1  Head

"I'm beginning to see why you found classes so easy.  EVERY NEURON IN YOUR
HEAD has been augmented." (E-mail by Jaime Reyes to JC Denton)

Energy Rate: No cost
"One-way micro-transceiver array allows agents in the field to receive
messages from Control, and to store and later retrieve relevant maps,
conversations and notes."

"For example: the voice in your head [...] leaps fully formed right into your
temporal lobe, bypassing the eardrum and its sensory neurons.  And its
perfectly inaudible to everyone around you, of course.  Not to mention that
the nanites clinging to your axons can both receive and transmit symbolic
information, so if you ever need help, don't sweat it; someone at HQ probably
already knows." (E-mail by Jaime Reyes to JC Denton)

"Let´s see... microreceiver exostructure in the sulci, mechano-carbon threads
on the axons... for queuing, you know, packet routing..." (Jaime Reyes)

   Notes: All this data goes in the Datavault, which at some point becomes
   an objective when some guy needs access to Paul's Datavault. Later in the
   game, the Infolink is abused a bit by the game to have all kinds of NPCs
   converse with you, and each other.

   The e-mail by Jaime somewhat contradicts the 'one-way' part of the official

Energy Rate: No cost
"Automatic friend or foe identification uses advanced heuristic algorithms to
associate visible objects with known threat categories."

   Notes: Heuristic algorithms here means that they adapt based on JC's
   experiences. A good thing, since JC's alliances shift a few times over
   the course of the game...

Energy Rate: 10 UNITS/ MINUTE
"Bioluminescent cells within the agent's retina provide coherent illumination
of the agent's field of view."

   Notes: Bioluminescence is produced by living organisms; fireflies, glowworms
   and horrifying deep sea creatures, that sort of thing. Unnecessarily
   creepy, you'd think, since JC's half-mechanical nature would easily
   defend a traditional built-in flashlight of some kind.

 5.2  Arms

Energy Rate: 20 UNITS / MINUTE
"Sorting rotors accelerate calcium ion concentration in the sarcoplasmic
reticulum, increasing an agent's muscle speed several-fold and multiplying
the damage they inflict in melee combat."

Combat Strength increases the damage done with all melee weapons and the
Throwing Knives. While perfect application of the lowly Baton can take down
all unarmored humans and the Riot Prod can even OHKO Obsidian-armored Commando
troops without Combat Strength, Combat Strength allows a larger margin of
error while aiming for the sweet spot. In addition, Level 4 Combat Strength,
paired with the Dragon's Tooth, allows you to slice kaput cameras, turrets,
alarm panels and certain doors.

Combat Strength increases done by Low-Tech weapons as well as thrown grenades
for some reason, like this:

 Level 1:  25% damage increase
 Level 2:  50% damage increase
 Level 3:  75% damage increase
 Level 4: 100% damage increase

   Notes: Calcium ion has a critical role in the rapid responses of neurons and
   muscle cells. Every muscle cell contains sarcoplasmic reticulum, the part
   of the cell that regulates this calcium ion, which mainly acts as a
   messenger. By artificially accelerating this process, Combat Strength is
   simply telling all the relevant cells to hurry up and get on with it.

Energy Rate: 20 UNITS / MINUTE
"Muscle strength is amplified with ionic polymeric gel myofibrils that allow
the agent to push and lift extraordinarily heavy objects."

You'd think that carrying heavier and heavier objects would open up new paths
for JC Denton. I have found this to be the case exactly never. There are a
few fun bits where you can use it block passages with medium-sized Metal
Crate; it is, for instance, necessary if you want to leave the 747 without
having anyone on board dying. Other than that, I can imagine some minor
shortcuts here and there, but they provide no real benefit.

   Notes: An ion is any atom or molecule with a positive or negative charge.
   Ionic polymeric gel is therefore a charged, plastic gel. In the case of MM,
   this gel forms myofibrils, a basic rod-like unit of a muscle. In essence,
   Microfibral Muscle expands normal muscle tissue with synthetic muscle

 5.3  Legs

LEGS: Speed Enhancement or Run Silent

Energy Rate: 40 UNITS / MINUTE
"Ionic polymeric gel myofibrils are woven into the leg muscles, increasing the
speed at which an agent can run and climb, the height they can jump, and
reducing the damage they receive from falls."

This beauty does not only increase your running speed, but also reduces falling
damage and allows you to jump higher and further. Finally, you can crouch and
crawl with increased speed, allowing Sped Enhancement to duplicate Run Silent
somewhat (though you're still slower with SE).

   Notes: The nano process behind Speed Enhancement is the same as it is with
   Microfibral Muscle, only it takes place in the legs rather than the arms.

Energy Rate: 40 UNITS / MINUTE
"The necessary muscle movements for complete silence when walking or running
are determined continuously with reactive kinematics equations produced by
embedded nanocomputers."

Run Silent reduces the sound you make while running, allowing you to sneak up
on enemies while maintaining your running speed. Level 1 still alers them
before you can reach them, level 2 allows you to reach them on softer grounds
and level 3 is enough to reach them on any surface, making level 4 somewhat

   Notes: The description makes it unclear if the output of the nanocomputers
   are simply given to JC or if the Augmentation alters JC's movement
   real-time without any conscious process on JC's part.

 5.4  Subdermal

Note: You can pick two out of EMP Shield, Ballistic Protection, Cloak or Radar
 Transparency. One Augmentation Canister can only install one Augmentation.

Energy Rate: 10 UNITS / MINUTE
"Nanoscale EMP generators partially protect individual nanites and reduce
bioelectrical drain by cancelling incoming pulses."

Extraordinarily useless, EMP attacks are very few in this game and not very

 Level 1: Bioelectric drain by electro-magnetic pulses is reduced to 75%.
 Level 2: Bioelectric drain by electro-magnetic pulses is reduced to 50%.
 Level 3: Bioelectric drain by electro-magnetic pulses is reduced to 25%.
 Level 4: You are immune to bioelectric drain by electro-magnetic pulses.

   Notes: What a complete waste of nanoscale EMP generators! With this
   technology, JC can theoretically emit an EMP field all around him,
   frying all electrics on a whim.

Energy Rate: 60 UNITS / MINUTE
"Monomolecular plates reinforce the skin's epithelial membrane, reducing the
damage an agent receives from projectiles and bladed weapons."

Ballistic Protection protects you against bullets, bites and explosions. This
can be very handy in reducing damage when you find yourself being fired at,
though the extra action it takes to activate this Augmentation may well result
in an extra bullet coming your way. Since Ballistic Protection is pretty heavy
on your Bio energy, it is only sparingly usable as a preventive what-if

 Level 1: You take 80% damage from projectiles and bladed weapons.
 Level 2: You take 65% damage from projectiles and bladed weapons.
 Level 3: You take 50% damage from projectiles and bladed weapons.
 Level 4: You take 35% damage from projectiles and bladed weapons.

   Notes: Monomolecular means that the plates are only a single molecule
   thick, epithelium is the type of tissue that outlines every human orifice
   and surfaces of structures, including the inside of blood vessels, etc.
   Our skin is made out of dead epithelial cells.

Energy Rate: 300 UNITS / MINUTE (varies)
"Subdermal pigmentation cells allow the agent to blend with their surrounding
environment, rendering them effectively invisible to observation by organic

This Augmentation turns you invisible to humans, animals and transgenics, but
gulps down your bio energy in huge amounts. It is 100% effective right away,
upgrading only reduces the energy cost. Make sure to keep an eye on your bio
energy level while using this Augmentation, and have the Bio Cells under a

 Level 1: Energy Rate is standard 300 units / minute
 Level 2: Energy Rate is 250 units / minute
 Level 3: Energy Rate is 200 units / minute
 Level 4: Energy Rate is 150 units / minute

   Notes: Cool. While the Cloak Augmentation only turns JC invisible in a
   combat situation, the text implies that JC can turn any individual cell
   into any color he wants in a fraction of a second.

Energy Rate: 300 UNITS / MINUTE (varies)
"Radar-absorbent resin augments epithelial; microprojection units distort
agent's visual signature. Provides highly effective concealment from automated
detection systems -- bots, cameras, turrets."

This Augmentation complements Cloak somewhat in that it turns you invisible
to bots, cameras and turrets. It does not allow you to walk through lasers,
though. Like Cloak, Bio energy conservation is the main issue.

 Level 1: Energy Rate is standard 300 units / minute
 Level 2: Energy Rate is 250 units / minute
 Level 3: Energy Rate is 200 units / minute
 Level 4: Energy Rate is 150 units / minute

   Notes: So when you turns this on, JC excretes a thick liquid all over his
   body, that eventually hardens... Ew. It is this liquid that's apparently
   filled with the units that distort JCs visual signature.

 5.5  Torso1

Note: You can pick two out of Aqualung, Environmental Resistance, Regeneration
 or Energy Shield. One Augmentation Canister can only install one Augmentation.

Energy Rate: 10 UNITS / MINUTE
"Soda lime exostructures embedded in the alveoli of the lungs convert CO2 to
O2, extending the time an agent can stay underwater."

If you know where you want to go and are okay with upgrading your Swimming
skill to Trained for a measly 675 skill points, Aqualung will have little
value to you. It extends your lung capacity without providing the benefit of
faster swimming... tedious!

   Notes: Soda lime is used in closed breathing environments, such as your
   Rebreathers. When a human breathes, it consumes oxygen (O) and produces
   carbon dioxide (CO2). This 'waste' CO2 contains a lot of O atoms that
   cannot be used because it is part of a Carbon Dioxide structure. By
   inducing a chemical process that extracts the carbon atoms, Carbon Dioxide
   poisoning is averted for some time.

   The alveoli are the absolute tiny ends of the lung 'tree'. The alveolar
   membrane is the gas-exchange surface, and it is where CO2 is released into
   the lungs.

Energy Rate: 20 UNITS / MINUTE
"Induced keratin production strengthens all epithelial tissues and reduces the
agent's vulnerability to radiation and other toxins."

ER does not only protect you against toxic gasses and radiation, but also
against the venom in Tranq. Darts and Greasel spit, making it useful in
reducing damage from various sources. The Augmentation stacks with the effects
of a donned Hazmat Suit.

 Level 1: You take 75% damage from radiation and toxins.
 Level 2: You take 50% damage from radiation and toxins.
 Level 3: You take 25% damage from radiation and toxins.
 Level 4: You take 10% damage from radiation and toxins.

   Notes: Keratin is the key structural material in human skin, and is also
   what nails, hair and animal horns are made of. It seems more logical that
   increased keratin production would help against physical blows and bullets
   and all that, and I'm not sure how tougher skin would help against toxins.

Energy Rate: 120 UNITS / MINUTE
"Programmable polymerase automatically directs construction of proteins in
injured cells, restoring an agent to full health over time."

Regeneration is perhaps the most powerful Augmentation in the game, allowing
JC to use Bioelectrical energy as a substitute for Medkits at an increasingly
efficient rate. At level 2, Regeneration is enough to cancel out damage from
drowning, and depending on your resistance of environmental hazards and your
Level of the Regeneration Augmentation, it is often enough to cancel out damage
done by radiation, toxins and fire. As such, it acts as a real-time cancellation
of any kind of damage over time. At Level 2, Regeneration is already so good
at what it is does that Levels 3 and 4 are likely significant overkill.

 Level 1: You heal 5 Hit Points every second.
 Level 2: You heal 15 Hit Points every second.
 Level 3: You heal 25 Hit Points every second.
 Level 4: You heal 40 Hit Points every second.

Energy Rate: 40 UNITS / MINUTE
"Polyanilene conductors below the skin absorb heat and electricity, reducing
the damage received from flame, electrical and plasma attacks."

Flame, Electrical and Plasma attacks are pretty rare in the game, and they
can often be avoided. Spider bots are the most prominent source of electrical
attacks in the game, while flame attacks are either Flamethrower users (such
as Gunther in Paris) or annoyed Plasma Rifle wielders (such as Walton Simons).
Energy Shield is definitely helpful in the game, but nowhere near as helpful
as Regeneration. A useful Augmentation is you feel that Regeneration is so
overpowered it makes the game less fun.

 Level 1: You take 80% damage from flame, electrical and plasma attacks.
 Level 2: You take 60% damage from flame, electrical and plasma attacks.
 Level 3: You take 40% damage from flame, electrical and plasma attacks.
 Level 4: You take 20% damage from flame, electrical and plasma attacks.

   Notes: Polyanilene is a conducting polymer that has held the attention of
   science since the 1980s. I have discovered no reason for polyanilene to
   absorb heat, but an Augmentation that just reduces damage from electricity
   would be even less useful than Energy Shield as it stands.

 5.6  Torso2

"The synthetic heart circulates not only blood but a steady concentration of
mechanochemical power cells, smart phagocytes and liposomes containing prefab
diamondoid machine parts, resulting in upgraded performance for all installed

Synthetic Heart increases Augmentation performance at the cost of additional
bioelectrical energy consumption. It will have no effect on Augmentations
already upgraded to Level 4. While something is to be said for both choices,
I prefer the alternative Augmentation here because it becomes more of a waste
to upgrade an Augmentation to Level 4 by itself prior to finding this Canister.
Since there are 19 Augmentation Canisters in the game, you will find yourself
spreading the Upgrade Canisters more evenly between valuable and less valuable

   Notes: A second heart, like the Doctor from Doctor Who. Phagocytes are cells
   that ingest harmful foreign particles and dead cells, keeping the body
   clear of them. Liposomes are artificial delivery organelles within a cell,
   which carry dietary and nutritional supplements.

Energy Rate: 10 UNITS / MINUTE (technically)
"Power consumption for all augmentations is reduced by polyanilene circuits,
plugged directly into cell membranes, that allow nanite particles to
interconnect electronically without leaving their host cells."

My preferred Augmentation of the two overarching Augmentation, this one is
geared towards bioelectricity savings. It reduces the power drain of all
installed augmentations, including its own. Due to the minute power drain Power
Recirculator itself costs, it is actually increases energy drain when used in
conjunction with one of the following: Light, EMP Shield, Aqualung or Aggressive
Defense System, unless you upgrade Power Recirculator to Level 4.

 5.7  Cranial

Energy Rate: 10 UNITS / MINUTE
"Aerosol nanoparticles are released upon the detection of objects fitting the
electromagnetic threat profile of missiles and grenades; these nanoparticles
will prematurely detonate such objects prior to reaching the agent."

The ADS protects you against missiles, but also against armed grenades,
any stream of flame from a Flamethrower, plasma pellets from a Plasma Rifle,
and even (in multiplayer) Throwing Knives. It detects all armed grenades from
across the map, which can be annoying. When sufficiently upgraded, it explodes
missiles and plasma pellets at their point of origin, dealing lethal damage to
the MJ12 Commandoes and Plasma Rifle wielders. If you want this Augmentation
over the Spy Drone alternative, and that can be fun, absolutely throw some
Upgrade Canisters behind it since exploding the missiles a few inches away
from your face it not very helpful. Due to its low energy rate, turning this
Augmentation on as a precaution is much more defendable than, say, Ballistic

   Notes: This Augmentation will let JC walk around in an invisible cloud
   of nanoparticles whenever a threat is detected; pretty cool.

Energy Rate: 150 UNITS / MINUTE
"Advanced nanofactories can assemble a spy drone on demand which can then be
remotely controlled by the agent until released or destroyed, at which point
a new drone will be assembled. Further upgrades equip the spy drone with
better armor and a one-shot EMP attack."

You will need a way of dealing with bots in this game, and the Spy Drone is
the best way. The spying aspect will become increasingly useless to you when
you grow familiar with the game, and Vision Enhancement is better for looking
for enemies. The Spy Drone is mainly an guided EMP Grenade. At Level 3, this
Drone can already disable any bot in the game. Level 4 is an upgrade only for
a faster Drone, meaning less time before detonation and less bioelectricity
spent, which is this thing's bane. At low upgrade levels, your Drone simply
might not fly far enough to reach its target before your energy runs out and
you've wasted it all for nothing.

 5.8  Eyes

Energy Rate: 40 UNITS / MINUTE
"Image-scaling and recognition provided by mulitplexing the optic nerve with
doped polyacetylene 'quantum wires' not only increasing accuracy, but also
delivers limited situational info about a target."

Targeting actually has three functions built into a single augmentation. One,
it increases accuracy with your ranged weapons. Two, it increases damage done
by these weapons. Three, it gives additional information about the target of
your crosshair. Targeting applies to all ranged weapons except for Throwing
Knives and thrown grenades. It does apply to armed grenades placed on a wall.

Invaluable for testing out damage bonuses, Targeting gives you information
about the target and increases your skill with ranged weapons and the Prod,
increasing accuracy and damage done. You'd think that Targeting fits in nice
with lethal, sniperey builds. The accuracy and damage increase is most useful
on those Dentons that shy away from weapon training skills, though, since it
is more likely to make an actually difference for those.

 Level 1: 2.5% accuracy increase, 10% bonus damage. Name, Health indicator
  (High/Medium/Low), range from target indicated in feet.
 Level 2: 5% accuracy increase, 20% bonus damage. Health indicator replaced by
  percentage-based hit points detection specified by body part.
 Level 3: 7.5% accuracy increase, 30% bonus damage. Weapon equipped shown.
 Level 4: 10% accuracy increase, 40% bonus damage. Close-up of target provided.

Energy Rate: 40 UNITS / MINUTE
"By bleaching selected rod photoreceptors and saturating them with
metarhodopsin XII, the 'nightvision' present in most nocturnal animals can be
duplicated. Subsequent upgrades and modifications add infravision and sonar
resonance imaging that effectively allows an agent to see through walls."

Absolutely ideal for when you're not sure where a nearby enemy is, Vision
Enhancement allows you to see through walls. The downside of this Augmentation
is that at Levels 1 and 2, this Augmentation is absolutely useless; the
theory would be that nocturnal vision and infravision help JC see in the dark,
Vision Enhancement does nothing to actually help you when it's acutally
too dark to see. In other instances, the green filter and silhouette outline
does not really help. At Levels 3 and 4 however, Vision Enhancement is just
great to scout around when you hear somebody but don't know where he is, or
when you're just now sure if you can turn that corner of pop out of that
manhole safely.

   Notes: metarphodopsin XII is fictional; it seems that like the Illuminai
   scientists that leave their 17/23 calling card, the MJ12 branch does the
   same and has engineered metarphodopsin XII. What is a thing is metarhodopsin
   II. The process behind sight is very complex; basically, light is absorbed
   and transformed to a nervous signal through a chemical process. One of the
   breakdown products, metarhodopsin II, is an enzyme that ultimately effects
   the change in the membrane's charge of a rod, a component of the human eye.

   Infravision is not a thing in science. In fantasy and such, it is generally
   understood that infravision means heat vision. In DX, Infravision kicks
   in at Vision Enhancement Level 2, at which point all NPCs and enemies,
   biological or bots, become highlighted as highly visible white outlines.

   Sonar Resonance Imaging, obviously, uses sound undetectable by human ears
   to locate objects; due to the nature of Vision Enhancements in-game, it
   seems the Augmentation only sends feedback about moving targets to JC

 5.9  Sample Build

The sample built used in this walkthrough uses the following augmentation

- Combat Strength, Level 4
- Environmental Resistance, Level 2
- Run Silent, Level 4
- Ballistic Protection, Level 1
- Spy Drone, Level 4
- Regeneration, Level 2
- Cloak, Level 4
- Vision Enhancement, Level 4
- Power Recirculator, Level 3 of 4 (depending on where you meet Jaime)

 6.0 Links

 Fan sites about Deus Ex:

Title: Deus Ex - nuwen.net
URL: http://nuwen.net/dx.html
STL is a real interesting guy that did some work on Deus Ex' story. He's dumped
the text files of DX (in-game e-mails, books, newspapers, DataCubes and the
like) and gives comments on them. Interesting read and one of the pillars of
this document.

Title: The Phaeton Project Wiki
URL: http://thephaetonproject.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page
The Phaeton Project is a wiki-style website that builds in STL's analysis with
additional thoughts as well as some close reading of the story. Together with
STL, NrNecktie provided one of the essential building blocks this document uses.

Title: Dark Reality's Deus Ex page
URL: https://sites.google.com/site/darkreality/deusex
A good site with some Mods, some random interesting articles about bits and
pieces of DX and the list of all codes used in the game, including those that
you cannot obtain. Created by this guy called Dark Reality.

Title: Deus Ex: Mr. Manderley and me; a photo album.
URL: http://colinfahey.com/deus_ex_mr_manderley_and_me/deus_ex_mr_manderley_and
A photo album. The story of an agent who discovers that his boss, mr. Manderley,
loves to party. Again, paste the URL together.

Title: Deus Ex Ultimate Run walkthrough
URL: http://qntm.org/alginon
A description of a complete playthrough of the so-called Alginon run, meaning:
no weapons, no augmentations, no lockpicks or multitools, no hacking, no
illegitimate codes, no credits, Realistic difficulty setting. Just plain crazy
is what it is, but this guy (called Alginon) did it.

Title: Deus Ex Conversation Text
Dialogue text dump of the game, helpful if you want to read back a quote.

 Sites by and about Deus Ex' development team.

Title: Behind the Scenes Look in the Making of Deus Ex
URL: http://www.deusex-machina.com/articles/makingofdeusex.asp
An interview with Harvey Smith, Chris Todd and Sheldon Pacotti, DX lead
designer and two DX writers.

Title: Warren Spector Interview
URL: http://web.archive.org/web/20050913072936/http://www.deusexgaming.com/
An interview with Warren Spector about the creation process of DX. Paste the
URL together.

Title: Game Informer's Deus Ex Replay
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOPHmbulMp4&feature=player_embedded
Warren Spector talks for 46 minutes about the game Deus Ex while some other
guy plays it. Good fun.

Title: 7crows
URL: http://www.7crows.com/main.html
Website of Chris Todd, writer for DX.

Title: Sheldon J. Pacotti
URL: http://sheldonpacotti.com/
Website of Sheldon J. Pacotti, dialogue writer for DX.

 Game mechanics:

Title: Through the Looking Glass forum, Deus Ex Easter Eggs?
URL: http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6579
Interesting topic on DX Easter Eggs on the Through the Looking Glass forums

Title: Off Topic Productions forum, Deus Ex v2.0
URL: http://www.offtopicproductions.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=10132&sid=
Incredibly lengthy discussion of many bugs, glitches, inconsistencies and
balance issues in DX on the forums of Off Topic Productions. The URL is too
lengthy for the 80 character limit, so paste it together. Gameplay geeks

 Mods and Patches:

Title: Deus Ex Maps Patch
URL: http://www.dxm.be/navigator.php5?lang=en&content=202
Location of a patch for Game of the Year players. GotYE was built on outdated
maps, which is why there are some bugs, missing items, etc. This patch will
'restore' the maps used to the correct versions.

 7.0 Thanks 'nd Credits

Thanks to Berserker, author of a Tomb Raider Anniversary Walkthrough that
taught me that a reader who plays first- or third-person navigation games like
this, a player is always looking for the piece of text that's describing
where the player is right now. A good walkthrough for a game like that should
make it easy at all times to find 'where you are'. Using ALL CAPS for, in
this case, items, scatters textual landmarks throughout the document, hopefully
making it easier to find the desired information.

I am indebted to several authors who posted information in documents hosted on
GameFAQs, most notably FrozenCascade and TheaN for their skill-related
documents. In addition, I often checked with the general walkthroughs of the
larger walkthroughs hosted on GameFAQs, those written by Absolute Steve,
Guilersk and Tarrun.

Finally, I found another great way of clustering information on the web,
this being the Deus Ex wiki.

shido534 has a completely non-lethal run of Deus Ex uploaded; it features some
great alternative strategies. He's the master of the Pepperspray, and he also
uses other augmentations than I advocate, so check it out.

Several people have talked to me on forums or through mails about ways to
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