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"Good concept, terrible execution"

Hitman has one of the coolest premises ever. You play as a hired assassin, who has to go around the world killing people. You complete your ''hits'' using a variety of sneaky skills. Okay, that was lame, but let's forget that. However, the problem with this game is that it didn't pan out too well, due to a ton of interface and gameplay problems. And if a game doesn't play good, then all the coolness goes away.

Graphics: Pretty good. The jungle looks like a jungle, the mansion looks like a mansion, the hooker looks like a hooker, they're all here. Each area has a distinct look to it (you won't see Chinese buildings in Budapest, for example), which really adds to the atmosphere. Too bad the rest of the game doesn't match up...(9/10)

Music: Not much, really. It's more like background noise than actual music, if you ask me. It does have its moments, though. (7/10)

Sound: Voices are decent, and gunshots are clearly audible. However, some weapons can quickly grate on your nerves. (8/10)

Gameplay: Okay, this is where the good times end. Moving Hitman himself is a chore, due to the awkward controls. Also, in order to choose multiple actions, you have to right-click, scroll through commands, left-click, then push the action button; a pain on a lot of areas. But the worst thing of all is...YOU CAN'T SAVE IN-MISSION! And a LOT of these missions are long and hard. You'll reach the end, only to get killed and have to start from the beginning. And the enemy AI is especially low; they only react to your disguises if you do something REALLY suspicious, like shoot the other guards. Also, the entire game can be boiled down to a basic formula: get in, get disguise, kill target, get out. Very repetitive. (3/10)

Plot: What plot? Seriously, there is hardly any at all. It only appears at the very beginning and very end, so it doesn't matter, really. Do you need a reason to go on a killing spree? Well, I would actually like one. (2/10)

Replay Value: Low. Once you finish the game, it's over. There's only one or two ways to do a mission, sadly, and they only vary from each other in the slightest possible way.

Overall: Hitman, although cool on paper, screwed up on execution. The sequel's out now, and it's vastly superior, so just get Hitman 2, and forget about this one.

Reviewer's Score: 6/10 | Originally Posted: 10/15/03

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