Additional ArtistsMike Grills
Additional ArtistsRob Sugama
Additional Cinematic ModelingRyan Blanchard
Additional Cinematic ModelingMatthew Goldman
Additional Cinematic ModelingDavid Hibbeln
Additional Cinematic Scene Set up and LightingRyan Blanchard
Additional Cinematic TexturingYunkyung Kim
Additional Cinematic TexturingRick Li
Additional Cinematic TexturingEnrique Deo Perez
Additional DesignRob Bartel
Additional DesignJohn Gallagher
Additional DesignDrew Karpyshyn
Additional GUI'sMatt Goldman
Additional ProgrammingGilles Beauparlant
Additional ProgrammingNoel Borstad
Additional ProgrammingRob Boyd
Additional ProgrammingMark Brockington
Additional ProgrammingHoward Chung
Additional ProgrammingMichael Devine
Additional ProgrammingBrenon Holmes
Additional ProgrammingCasey Hudson
Additional ProgrammingCharles Randall
Additional Promotional Art/PortraitsDean Anderson
Additional Promotional Art/PortraitsMatthew Goldman
Additional Promotional Art/PortraitsTodd Grenier
Additional Promotional Art/PortraitsMarc Holmes
Additional VO CastingLisa Wasserman
AnimationRick Li
AnimationEnrique Deo Perez
AnimationLarry Stevens
AnimationHenrik Vasquez
AnimationTony de Waal
Animation DirectorDavid Hibbeln
Art DirectorMarcia Tofer
Associate ProducerDouglas Avery
Baldur's Gate and TOTSC Art ContentScott Greig
Baldur's Gate and TOTSC Art ContentMarc Holmes
Baldur's Gate and TOTSC Art ContentKalvin Lyle
Baldur's Gate and TOTSC Art ContentCassidy Scott
Baldur's Gate and TOTSC Art ContentDan Walker
BioWare Director of ArtDavid Hibbeln
BioWare Director of Concept ArtJohn Gallagher
BioWare Director of Production ArtMike Sass
Cimematic Scripts TeamDave Bibbeln
Cimematic Scripts TeamSteve Gilmour
Cimematic Scripts TeamLuke Kristjanson
Cinematic AnimationSteve Gilmour
Cinematic AnimationRick Li
Cinematic AnimationEnrique Deo Perez
Cinematic AnimationLarry Stevens
Cinematic AnimationHenrik Vasquez
Cinematic AnimationTony de Waal
Cinematic Animation DirectorDavid Hibbeln
Cinematic AudioDavid Chan
Cinematic Concept Art TeamJohn Gallagher
Cinematic Concept Art TeamMarc Holmes
Cinematic Concept Art TeamMike Sass
Cinematic Effect AnimationDave Hibbeln
Cinematic Effect AnimationRussell Rice
Cinematic Effect AnimationAlex Scott
Cinematic Effect AnimationTony de Waal
Cinematic ModelingLindsay Jorgenson
Cinematic ModelingMike Sass
Cinematic ModelingElben Schafers
Cinematic Scene Set up and LightingSteve Gilmour
Cinematic Scene Set up and LightingDavid Hibbeln
Cinematic Scene Set up and LightingRick Li
Cinematic Scene Set up and LightingEnrique Deo Perez
Cinematic Scene Set up and LightingRussell Rice
Cinematic Scene Set up and LightingMike Sass
Cinematic Scene Set up and LightingLarry Stevens
Cinematic Scene Set up and LightingHenrik Vasquez
Cinematic Storyboard TeamSteve Gilmour
Cinematic Storyboard TeamKelly Goodine
Cinematic Storyboard TeamDave Hibbeln
Cinematic TexturingRyan Blanchard
Cinematic TexturingMatthew Goldman
Cinematic TexturingMarc Holmes
Cinematic TexturingMike Sass
Cinematic Video ArtMatthew Fisher
Concept ArtJohn Gallagher
Core Art TeamDean Andersen
Core Art TeamMatt Goldman
Core Art TeamKelly Goodine
Core Art TeamYunkyung Kim
Core Art TeamArnel Labarda
Core Art TeamChris Mann
Core Art TeamElben Schafers
Core Design TeamDave Gaider
Core Design TeamBrent Knowles
Core Design TeamLuke Kristjanson
Core Design TeamJohn Winski
Director of ProgrammingScott Greig
Director of Writing and DesignJames Ohlen
Division Operations AssistantPrimo Pulanco
Division Operations ManagerBenson
Divison DirectorFeargus Urquhart
Executive ProducerRay Muzyka
Executive ProducerGreg Zeschuk
Foley ArtistLaura Macias
Foley MixerEric Thompson
German Localiztion EditorKevin Yee
GUI CreationTodd Grenier
Infinity Engine ProgrammersGilles Beauparlant
Infinity Engine ProgrammersMark Brockington
Infinity Engine ProgrammersMark Darrah
Infinity Engine ProgrammersDavid Falkner
Infinity Engine ProgrammersScott Greig
Infinity Engine ProgrammersDaniel Morris
Infinity Engine ProgrammersCameron Tofer
Infinity Engine ProgrammersJohn Winski
Infinity Engine ProgrammersDon Yakielashek
Lead AnimatorSteven Gilmour
Lead DesignersKevin Martens
Lead DesignersJames Ohlen
Lead ProgrammerMark Darrah
Lead Tools ProgrammerDon Moar
Line ProducerAndrew 'Colonel Bob' Nobbs
Line ProducerNathan Plewes
Mastering AssistantRon Valdez
Mastering byTom Baker
Mastering byCraig Duman
Mastering byFrank Szick
Mastering SupervisorCraig Duman
ModelingCassidy Scott
Music byHoward Drossin
Music byMichael Hoenig
Music Editing byHoward Drossin
Music Editing byRick Jackson
Music Editing byRon Valdez
Network ProgrammerMark Brockington
Network ProgrammerPaul Roffel
Original Baldur's Gate Game DesignScott Greig
Original Baldur's Gate Game DesignRay Muzyka
Original Baldur's Gate Game DesignJames Ohlen
Original Baldur's Gate Game DesignGreg Zeschuk
Portraits and Promotional/Marketing ArtMike Sass
ProducerBen Smedstad
ProgrammerDaniel Morris
ProgrammerPaul Roffel
Promotional ArtworkJason Manley
Scripting and Data EntryKevin Craig
Scripting and Data EntryRoss Gardner
Scripting and Data EntryMike Geist
Scripting and Data EntryAndrew 'Colonel Bob' Nobbs
Senior ProducerChris Parker
SFX RecordistChris Borders
SFX RecordistCharles Deenen
SFX RecordistAna Deenen
SFX RecordistJohn Fasal
SFX RecordistAl Nelson
SFX RecordistFrank Szick
Sound DesignerTim Gedemer
Sound DesignersDavid Farmer
Sound DesignersMike Kamper
Sound DesignersAdam Levenson
Sound DesignersPaul Menichini
Sound DesignersJohn Morris
Sound DesignersAl Nelson
Sound DesignersAnn Scibelli
Sound DesignersTim Walston
Sound Editing byStephen Miller
Sound Editing byFrank Szick
Sound Editing byJP Watson
Sound Editing byCaron Weidner
Sound/Localization ProducerFred Hatch
Spanish Localiztion EditorRafael Lopez
Special Efefcts and Background animationsChris Mann
Special Efefcts and Background animationsRussell Rice
Special Efefcts and Background animationsElben Schafers
Special Efefcts and Background animationsAlex Scott
Supervising Dound DesignerCharles Deenen
Tools ProgrammerMarc Audy
Tools ProgrammerPatrick Chan
Tools ProgrammerChris Christou
Tools ProgrammerAaryn Flynn
Tools ProgrammerJeremy Sheldon
Video ServicesDave Cravens
Video ServicesBill Stoudt
Video ServicesDan Williams
VO AssistantEric Lewis
VO Casting/Direction SupervisionChris Borders
VO Editing byStephen Miller
VO Editing byJeremy Simpson
VO Editing byFrank Szick
VO Editing byJP Walton
VO EngineerMike Draghi
VO TalentCharles Adler
VO TalentDee Bradley Baker
VO TalentMichael Bell
VO TalentJeff Bennett
VO TalentGregg Berger
VO TalentCam Clarke
VO TalentJonathan Cook
VO TalentJim Cummings
VO TalentGrey Delisle
VO TalentMelissa Disney
VO TalentBill Farmer
VO TalentMichael Gough
VO TalentWayne Grace
VO TalentJennifer Hale
VO TalentAmber Hood
VO TalentJames Horan
VO TalentRodger L. Jackson
VO TalentCherity James
VO TalentNick Jamison
VO TalentMaurice LaMarche
VO TalentTress MacNeille
VO TalentJohn Mariano
VO TalentJason Marsdn
VO TalentBill Martin
VO TalentJim Meskimen
VO TalentAlan Oppenheimer
VO TalentJeff Osterhage
VO TalentValerie Pappas
VO TalentRob Paulsens
VO TalentDian Pershing
VO TalentDavid Prince
VO TalentKevin Michael Richardson
VO TalentJack Roth
VO TalentDwight Schultz
VO TalentHidi Shannon
VO TalentJane Singer
VO TalentKath Soucie
VO TalentJohn Vernon
VO TalentB.J. Ward
VO TalentDavid Warner
VO TalentFrank Welker
VO TalentBilly West
VO TalentDonovon Workun
Walla CastJohn Demita
Walla CastAnnelies Goldman
Walla CastDaamen Krall
Walla CastMarsha Kramer
Walla CastRichard Penn
Walla CastDavid Randolph
Walla CastingBarbara Harris


Data and credits for this game contributed by necropenguin, a0me, Blk_Mage_Ctype, SSpectre, and Fenriswolf.

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