• Codes

    Instant Win At Any TimeHold Shift + W
    Unlimited Cannonballs in 1st SectionType LAPOSTAL
    Win Ship Combat EasilyPress Shift + V then Y

    Contributed By: Ghost Stalker, Jerec, and Sephiroph.


  • Walk out of quicksand

    On hard mode, use the paste with the skeleton arm and then click in the top left hand corner. Guybrush will just walk out of the quicksand. You still need to exit the area by doing the regular vine puzzle though

    Contributed By: SuperFlip.

Easter Eggs

  • A revisit to Monkey Island 1.

    On Blood Island Beach, use the "Use" command about 25-30 times. Guybrush will walk down in the water and he will see himself from Monkey Island 1 when he drowned in the water.

    Contributed By: JirotheHero.

  • Holiday Greetings!

    If you start a new game on January 1st you will have a New Year's greeting.

    If you start a new game on December 25th you will have a Christmas greeting.

    Contributed By: Herman_Toothrot.

  • Revis Monkey Island 1 part 2!

    When you are finally locked inside the families crypt with the ghost, you can revist Melee Island from Secret of Monkey Island. Look around on the back wall for some vines. Use the vines, and Guybrush will climb the vines, and stick his head out in the forest of Melee Island! If you played Secret of Monkey Island, you will recognize the forest. Guybrush also says that something is coming, so watch out!

    Contributed By: EwokCommanda.


  • Lightsaber sounds during Rottingham Duel

    During the ship-to-ship combat sequence press Shift-J. Now during the swordfight with Rottingham Star Wars lightsaber sounds will replace the regular sword fighting sounds.

    Contributed By: _Saruwatari_.

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