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                         Walkthrough Version 1.0

                   written by Stijn Bolle (6-12-'99)
                   e-mail: stijn@games.prohosting.com
                   homepage: www.games.prohosting.com

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  1 Walkthrough
  2 Easter eggs
  3 Contacting
  4 Author of this file
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I Walkthrough 

This is a solution for the Mega Monkey Option. There are some more puzzles
than the easy version, just skip those then.

  Act 1

  Take the ramrod from the back. Talk to the pirate, you'll get some pirate
  literature. Ask a bit around and tell him he's a failure as a pirate. Keep 
  humiliating Wally until he starts crying. Take his hook. Use the cannon and
  sink all the pirate boats. When you're finished, use the ramrod on the hook
  Look outside though the hole on he left. Use the gaft on the debris, you
  get a cutlass. Talk to Murray, the skeleton and use the gaft on him
  (Murray is so cool!) Get back inside and use the cutlass on the cannon
  restraint rope. Fire the cannon.

  Get the bag with nickels (near the portrait of LeChuck). There's a ring 
  behind it. Take it. Look through the porthole on the right to see an angry 
  looking skull (guess who ...) Use the ring on the glass of the porthole.

  Act 2

  Walk to the left and leave the beach. Go to the left to the swamp. Talk
  to Murray on top of the gate. Enter the Voodoo House in the back then. Use
  your bag of nickles on the chewing gum machine. Get the pack of gum.
  Retrieve the pin from he voodoo doll. Get the paste. Pull the tongue of the
  Alligator and have a chat with the voodoo lady. After talking, leave the
  swamp and go to the beach. Look at the prints in the sand. Get the ember on
  a stick from the ground. Go to the town.

  Go to the backstage of the theatre. Look at the pirate coat and open the 
  pocket. Get the glove. Take the dandruff from the pirate coat. Get the
  magic wand from the table and use it on the hat. Retrieve the book from the
  hat. Leave and go to the barbary coast. Use the lice on the comb when
  Haggis puts it on the table. Have a seat when captain Rottingham has
  disappeared. Use the handle on the chair. Get the paperweight fom the book
  then. While Haggis goes looking for another one, you have to pull the
  handle until you can reach the scissors.

  Push the salty pirate and push him again then. Take the jawbreaker he just
  spit out. Talk to the last pirate and use the glove on him then. You go to
  the battlefield. When you're asked to choose your weapon, you have to close
  the lid of the gun case and click on the banjo. You need to follow his
  final snare now a few times. When he starts going mad, walk to pile of guns
  and get one. Use the gun on the dueling banjo and you win the duel.

  Walk to the mysterious flowers (between the kid with the lemonade & the 
  restaurant). Use the scissors on them. Then use the the scissors on the 
  undergrowth to cut your way through. You get eaten by a snake. Get all the
  stuff from inside the snake. Use the ipecac flower on the pancake syrup.
  Then use the syrup with ipecac on the snake head and you're set free.

  Get the thorn and the reed. Use the hollow reed with the thorn. Use the 
  balloon with the stone and blow it away. When it's above the plant, shoot
  it with the pea shooter.

  Go to the chicken shop. Show the pirate your reservation slip. Take a 
  biscuit from the right and eat it. Use the maggots on the gros chicken on
  the table. Take the club card. Push the quiet patron. Remove the serrated
  knife from his back. Give the jawbreaker to blondbeard and then a gum. When
  he blows a bubble, you have to use the pin on it. Pick up his gold tooth.
  Chew a gum yourself. Use the tooth with the gum. Inhale some helium and
  chew the gum with the tooth. It floats away. Get the biscuit cutter and the
  pie pan from the left. Leave.

  Use the pie pan on the mud to retrieve the gold tooth. Go to the barbary
  coast and show the gold tooth to Cutthroat Bill. He joins your crew then.
  Go to the dueling area. Use the biscuit cutter on the rubber tree on the 
  right. Walk to the grassy knoll. Use the serrated knife on the wooden
  construction. Then use the ember on a stick with the rum. Return to the
  barbary coast and ask Haggis to duel. You'll win the duel again.

  Walk to the cabana and give your club card to the cabana boy. Take the 3
  towels and put them in the ice bucket. Go to the beach and use the 3 towels
  on the hot sand to cross the beach. Talk to Paido Domingo (keep saying he's
  pale, it's really funny). Then take the mug and walk to Kenny (who sells
  lemonade). Switch the mugs and ask for some lemonade then. Buy some
  lemonade. Take the pitcher and use it on the dye on the right. Return to
  the cabana and get another towel. Put it in the ice bucket and use it on
  the cabana boy. Take the oil. Return to Palido Domingo and give him the 
  bottomless mug. Use the pitcher on the mug and he turn around. Use the
  cooking oil on his back and get the map then. Go to Danjer Cove.

  Use the paste on the rubber lug and the plug on the hole in the boat. Use
  the boat and row to the ship. Use the saw on the plank and get aboard the 
  ship. Go on the deck and you'll be feathered. Row back to the shore and go
  to the chicken shop. Blondbeard will catch you and put you in a pot. You'll
  end up aboard the ship. Use the Ventroliquism Book on LeChimp. Get the map.
  Open the porthole and row back to the shore. Go to the backstage of the
  theatre and go up the stairs. Use the directions on the map you just found
  on the  lights. First pull the handle to open all lights and then enter the
  directions. You'll find the place were Elaine is buried. Go back down and
  use the grease on the cannon balls. Go to the front stage and use the
  shovel then.

  Act 3

  Rottingham steals your map. Haggis will ask you then what sort of captain
  you are. I chose the hard way (but it isn't that hard). You can still
  change afterwards if you think it's too difficult by talking to Haggis. Now
  you must learn the threats and rhyme to win duels. If you win from some
  pirates, you have to return to the city to buy new cannons. If you have the
  best cannons, you can beat captain Rottingham and get the back map.


    Pirate: "Every enemy I'v met, I've annihilated"
    Rottingham: "My attacks have left entire island depopulated"
    Answer: "With your breath, I'm sure they all suffocated"

    Pirate: "You're as repulsive as a monkey in a negligee"
    Rottingham: "You have the sex appeal of a Shar-Pei"
    Answer: "I look that much like your fiancée ?"

    Pirate: "Killing you would be justifiable homicide"
    Rottingham: "When I'm done with you, your body will be rotten and
    Answer: "Then killing you will be justifiable fungicide"

    Pirate: "When you father first saw you, he must have been mortified"
    Rottingham: "You're a disgrace to your species, you're so undignified !"
    Answer: "At least mine can be identified"

    Pirate: "You're the ugliest monster ever created"
    Rottingham: "Your looks would make pigs nauseated"
    Answer: "If you don't count all the ones you've dated"

    Pirate: "I can't rest until you've been exterminated"
    Rottingham: "Your stench would make an outhouse cleaner iriitated"
    Answer: "Then perhaps you should switch to decaffeinated"

     Pirate: "I have never seen such a clumsy swordsplay"
     Rottingham: "I have never lost a Mêlée"
     Answer: "You would have, but you were always running away"

    Pirate: "I'll skewer your, like a sow at a buffet"
    Rottingham: "Your lips look like they belong to the catch of the day"
    Answer: "When I'm done with you, you'll be a boneless filet"

    Pirate: "Would you like to be buried of cremated"
    Rottingham: "I give you a choise, you can be gutted or decapitated"
    Answer: "With you around, I prefer to be fumigated"

    Pirate: "En garde ! Touché"
    Rottingham: "Your mother wears a toupée"
    Answer: "Oh, that's so cliché"

    Pirate: "Coming face to face with me must leave you petrified"
    Rottingham: "Never before have I faced someone so sissified"
    Answer: "Is that your face, I thought it was your backside"

    Pirate: "Throughout the Carribean, my great deeds are celebrated"
    Rottingham: "My skills with a sword are highly venerated"
    Answer: "Too bad they're all are fabricated"

    Pirate: "Heaven preserve me, you look like somthing that died !"
    Rottingham: "Nothing on this earth can save your sorry hide"
    Answer: "The only way you'll be preserved is in formaldehyde"

    Pirate: "I'll hound you night and day"
    Rottingham: "You'll find I'm dogged and relentless to my prey"
    Answer: "then be a good dog, sit, stay !"

    Pirate: "I'l leave you devasted, mutilated & perforated"
    Rottingham: "I can't tell which of my treats has you the most
    Answer: "Your odor alone makes me aggravated, agitated & infuriated"

    Pirate: "You can't match my witty repartee"
    Rottingham: "Nothing can stop me from blowing you away"
    Answer: "I could, if you would use some breath spray"

  Act 4

  Take the bottle from the sand and talk to Haggis. Go to the cemetery and 
  give the biscuit to the dog. Now take the dog hair. Take the mallet & the 
  chisel. Go to the hotel and talk to Madame Xima. Ask her 5 times to predict
  your future and take the death card each time. You should have 5 of them at
  the end. Go to the room in the back and take the magnet from the fridge.
  Use the chisel with the wheel o' cheese. Go to the bar and take the recipe
  book. Read it, you need to make the potion to cure headaches. Take the 
  cushion from the stool and go up the stiars on the left. Enter the first
  room and use the mallet on the nail in the wall. Leave the room and take
  the nail. Get the portrait and use it on the door. Use the scissors on the
  porthole to get the face of the portrait. Go back down. Use the face on the
  mirror and go to the beach. 

  Walk to the right and put the cushion on the rocks. Use the mallet on the 
  rubber tree and get the egg. Go to the windmill and get a pepper. Return to
  the hotel end give the hair of the dog, the pepper & the egg to the barman.
  Talk to him and ask for a drink. Use the chisel on the Head-B-clear. Put it
  in your drink and drink it. You'll be buried. Use the chisel on the coffin
  and get the nails from the coffin. Use the chisel on the coffin in the
  middle. Go to another place and return then. Talk to Stan and ask him about
  insurance. Pay him with the gold tooth. Go to the hotel and talk to
  Goodsoup. Go up and enter the first room. Look through the porthole.
  Goudsoup comes up and looks at the portraits. Go to the second room and use
  the business card on the door

  Enter the room and pull the bed down. Use all of your nails on the bed.
  Take the book and read it. Go back down and tell Goudsoup you're family.
  Talk about the Goudsoup family history. Do the same trick with the drink
  and the Head-B-Clear again. You'll be buried in the goudsoup family crypt.
  Look though the crumbling hole. Talk to the ghost bride and walk to the
  left then. Take the crowbar and Murray with you. Use the paste on the
  skeleton arm. Look through the crack in the wall. Use the skeleton arm with
  the paste on it on the  lantern. Now use Murray on the lantern. Mort will
  open the door for you.

  Return to the hotel. Go to the second room upstairs and use the crowbar on
  the boarded hole. Then use the crowbar on the bed. You'll be back in the 
  crypt. Take the engagement band from the floor and go to the hotel. Go to
  the room in the back and take the death certificate. Go to Stan and give it
  to him. You will get a lot of money. Go to the mountains.

  Take the tofu, the measuring cup & the auger. Use the auger on the tofu
  and walk to Lemonhead. Use the mask. Throw the hunk of cheese in the lava.
  Go to the outside of the hotel and use the cheese on the pot. Take it to
  Haggis and you get the hand lotion. Fill the measuring cup with sea water.
  Go to the hotel and ask Goodsoup for a drink with an umbrella. Go to the 
  windmill and use the umbrella on the windmill blades. Look at the barrel
  and use the empty jar on it. Use the auger on the jar lid. Walk to Elaine
  and use the hand lotion on the ring. Take te ring and it explodes. Use the
  jar of sugar water on the fire flies. Then use the lid on it to close it.
  Go to the lighthouse and put te mirror on the lens. Use the fireflies on
  the lantern.

  Go to the beach and talk to the ghost. He needs a compass. Bite on the cork
  to remove it from the shampoo. Use the pin on the magnet. Push the pin in
  the cork. Use this with the filled measuring cup. Give the magnet to the
  Welshman. He'll give you a ride to Skull Island. Go up and talk to the
  winch operator. Ask him to let you down. Use the umbrella when you're
  falling to enter the cave.

  Talk to the smugglers and tell them you have a lot of money. Play poker
  with them and change your weak hand with the 5 tarrot cards. You'll end up
  on Blood Island. Use the diamond on the engagement band and put it on 
  Elaine's left finger.

  Act 5

  Talk to LeChuck. If the chat is over, open the door. Talk to Dighy Dog.
  Tell him he can't guess your age. You win an anchor. Use the anchor on the
  pie pan and use the shaving soap on it. Use the fake pie on the stack of
  pies. Open the gate and look through the hole. Then go to Dinghy Dog and
  push him 6x. He'll bite you. Get some hair. Go to the snowcone stand and
  get the pepper mill. Talk to the soda jerk and ask for a snow cone. Use the
  hair and the pie on it. Eat the snowcone and you're back normal.

  Act 6

  Go to the first diorama. Take the fallen rope. Go to the second one and 
  take the keg o' rum. Go to the third one and open the lantern. Blow to the
  flask of oil and take it then. Go to the fourth one and go up the path. Put
  the keg o' rum under the monkey arm. Use the oil on the rope and then the 
  rope on the rum. Go back down and wait until LeChuck turns up. Use the
  pepper mill on him when you have the chance.

  It's all over ... congratulations!

II Easter eggs

  Start the game and leave at once. Set the clock (in Win95) at January 1st
  and start the game. It will wish you a happy newyear now.

  Start the game and leave at once. Set the clock (in Win95) at Decembre
  25th and start the game. It will wish you a marry christmas now.

  On Plunder Island (after you had the shipwreck with the Whelshman sitting
  on a box), use the water about 30 times. You'll then see a flashback from
  the first monkey island game where Fester Shinetop throws Guybrush off the

  When toying with the lights on the scene on top of the theatre, the shadow
  of Max's head pops up sometimes. 

III Contacting

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  Stijn Bolle

IV Author

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