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Connection Rejected: Your Client is Older than the Server?

So i have 2 problems.
1. I have created a server and i can see that there are people playing on it in the console but for some reason I cant see my own server?
2.So i figured that i would just type in my ip and join using direct ip but whenever i hit join it gives me this

Rogue_101 provided additional details:

"connection rejected: your client is older than the server?" but i know that my client isnt older than the server because i have downloaded the 1.09 patch (multiple times mind you) from could anybody help me plz??
Oh and i dont have this problem with my halo custom edition server I can see it on the list and can join, and for all of you who think i might be an idiot no i didnt try using the custom edition server for halo pc.


GhostBurnzy answered:

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