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Fresh but lacks something.adrianchan566/10
Halo returns in a different form!ADSLMikey9/10
The reason to own an Xbox is now on PC!Beldin8/10
Halo PC, the port of the legendary game Halo is here, and here is what I have to say.Chaos Ferret9/10
Halo....the game that put Xbox on the map. Does it do justice for the PC owner?divad9997/10
A pretty fun little shooterDmar7/10
A Great FPS in its own right, but technically restrainingGorvir8/10
MP makes it worth it $50!!!!HalfLife 29/10
A great port of the best game ever madehalomaster709/10
Fans of PC first-person shooters should get this game.headbanger9/10
Poor porting knock the rating downieatdirttoo8/10
Halo at its best!Il Pinguino10/10
Could have been better....Irio7/10
A great game with more greatness than beforejack cole10/10
Best. Port. EVAR!Junkie10/10
Slow frame rates on high end PC Systems is UnacceptableK a l e l8/10
One of the most hyped games ever finally hits the PC... but is it any good?Korkskrew9/10
A great game dragged down by constant lag and bad coding.leveledclassic7/10
Halo, whats so special about it?loserboy014/10
Trading Campaign for Multiplay?..LuigiRulesYou7/10
One Of The Best PC Games Yet! A Must Have For High End Gamers!!!PS2kidplayer10/10
Very rarely do games match their hype, but Halo is one of those games.Ray the Original9/10
Quite the disappointmentreman6/10
Great Game!sk8boarder8710/10
Great Game! Aswome MultiplayerSoD_Voltage9/10
It is the father of modern online FPS, but I do not like it a single bit.SquallEX85/10
Still One of the BestZeroAxlX9/10

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