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A weapons, items, and enemy guide

* By Slithy                    *
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* Version 1.3                  *
* Last Updated 06/10/2005      *

* Table of Contents *
* ----- -- -------- *

1. About Dark Forces
2. Weapon Guide
3. Item Guide
4. Enemy Guide
5. Copyright Information

* 1. About Dark Forces                                                        *
*    ----- ---- ------                                                        *

Star Wars: Dark Forces was released in the year of 1994.  Dark Forces was made
by a company called Lucas Arts.  Dark Forces took about 20 monthes to
complete, with only 20 people working on the project.  I like to call this 
game a Star Wars version of Doom.  Mass mow-downs.  I grew up with this game
and I considered it one of the best FPS of all time.

* 2. Weapon Guide							      *
*    ------ -----							      *

Your Fist is your only weapon that doesn't require any ammo.  The fist is great
for sneaking up on unsuppecting enemies and knocking them out with one punch.
One startegy that I use with the fist is, when you are facing a stormtrooper's
back, hit the "1" key to arm your fist, hold down the "shift" key to run
faster than normal and run at the stormtrooper and right as you get to him,
hit the fire button, and you will find that he will die in one hit.  This is
most effective when you are fighting against a lone enemy.
Primay Fire:     Punch
Secondary Fire:  Punch(Same)

Modified Bryar Pistol
-------- ----- ------ 
The Weapon which you begin the game with.  The Bryar Pistol takes Energy Units
for ammo.  The Bryar is very accurate from long ranges, thus making it great
for snipping off units far away, indoors or outdoors.  It is a poor choice for
close range combat because of it's slow firering rate and it's weak shot.
Primary Fire:    Shoots a single shot
Secondary Fire:  Shoots a single shot(Same)

StormTrooper Laser Rifle
------------ ----- ----- 
This weapon is one of the best weapons in the game.  It has a fast rate of fire
and it uses Energy Units, which are pretty easy to come by.  The Laser Rifle's
shot is fairly powerful to get most jobs done.  This weapon becomes availbe in
the first level.  Some of the draw backs are that it loses accuracy quicker
when aptempting to take out a long range target.
Primary Fire:    Shoots a quick brust shot
Secondary Fire:  Shoots a quick brust shot(Same)

Thermal Detonators
------- ----------
Dark Forces equalivalent to the mordern grenade.  They are elite for crowd
control.  Pick out a group of unsuppecting StormTroopers, lob a Detonator
into the group, and watch the Detonators splash damage kill them all. First
aviable in level 3.  Hold down fire to throw the Detonator farther, but be
careful of slamming a Detonator into the top lip of doorways, doing this,
will kill you.  A safer way to use the Detonators is to use the secondary
fire.  The secondary fire allows you to bounce to Detonators as opposed to
haveing the Detonator explode on impact.
Primary Fire:    Lobs a Detonator that explodes on impact
Secondary Fire:  Bounces a Detonator that rolls around and then explodes

Imperial Repeater Gun
-------- -------- ---
The Repeater, comonly known as the "Auto Gun" because it resembales an
automatic sub machine gun.  The Repeater has an extremely fast fire mode
which will push enemies back when they make contact with the weapon.  
One major draw back is that you have to put a lot of rounds into enemies
to take them down.  The Repeater is great for near and far killing.  The
Repeater has to be my favorite gun in this game, due largely to it's 
fast fire rate.  The Repeater can be found in the 4th level and it takes
power cells.
Primary Fire:    Shoots bullits very fast
Secondary Fire:  Shoots 3 bullits like a small buck shot, much slower

Jeron Fusion Cutter
----- ------ ------
The Fusion Cutter packs a nice hit, that can take a StormTrooper down in
2 to 3 hits.  Shots are fired slowed, but boy can they hit.  Not on of
the most loved weapons in this game, but it is effective and effecent
with the comsumption of Power Cells.  First avaible in level 5.  The
secondary fire is a must try.  It shoots a line of four shots at once
taking down whatever maybe in it's path.
Primary Fire:    Shoots shots concecutively
Secondary Fire:  Shoots a line of four shots

I.M. Mines
---- -----
Always refered to as "Claymores".  Claymores are a mine which you can lay
down on the ground.  In primary fire the Claymore explodes after 3 seconds
and in secondary fire the Claymore is set to motion detection.  Be very
FORCES PLAYERS.  Great to drop down elevators or to lay by a group.  
Causes execellent splash damage.  First avaible in level 6.
Primary Fire:    Lays down a mine and explodes after 3 seconds
Secondary Fire:  Lays down a mine that explodes on motion detection

Packaered Mortar Gun
--------- ------ ---
Out of all the guns in Dark Forces, I vote the Mortar Gun, the most gun to
have a non Star Wars feel to it.  It's big.  It's fun.  It lobs mortar
shells.  It take up half your field of view. And It's great for groups.  
The Mortar Gun does have some flaws.  It's shells are basically Thermal
Detonators, that have been toned down.  Watch the lips of door ways.  Aim
high to shoot shells farther.  Ammo is the mortar shell.  First avaible in
level 6.
Primary Fire:    Lobs mortar shells
Secondary Fire:  Lobs mortar shells(Same)

Stouker Concussion Rifle
------- ---------- -----
The Concussion Rifle is a long ranged rifle that fires this blue flame, 
that does massive damage.  It's major flaw is that up close the
Concussion shot will most likely hit you and cook your goose.  Another
thing is that the Concussion Rifle has a really slow fire rate.  First
avaible in level 9.  Takes Power cells.
Primary Fire:    Shoots a blue flame on targets
Secondary Fire:  Shoots a blue flame on targets(Same)

Assult Cannon
------ ------
If this were Doom, this would be the BFG 90000, sorta.  The Assult
Cannon has 2 completly differnet fires modes.  Primary shoots Plasma
shots out almost as fast as the Auto Gun.  The Secondary shoots out
rockets, pretty quick also.  Both attacks are fairly fast and powerful.
Primary takes Plasma Units and Secondary takes Rockets.  Rockets can be
used to take out enemies groups that are along ways away.  The main use
is when battleing Dark Troopers.  First aviable in level 11.
Primary Fire:    Shoots out plamsa shots
Secondary Fire:  Shoots out rockets

* 3. Items                                                                    *
*    -----                                                                    *


Energy Unit
------ ----
Used for Stormtrooper laser rifle and pistol.  Pretty common throughout
most levels.  Looks life a black rectangle box with blue strips on it.

Power Cell
----- ----
Used for imperal reapeater, jeron fusion cutter, and the concussion rifle.
Not quite a common as with the engery units, but still faily common.  Can
be obtained from most droids.

Thermal Detonator
------- --------
(See Weapons description)

Belt of Thermal Detonators
---- -- ------- ----------
Exaclty what is sounds like, a belt of thermals!! Enjoy!

I.M. Mines
- -  -----
(See weapons description)

Backpack of I.M. Mines
-------- -- - -  -----
A backpack of mines.  It is brown and not that common.

Mortar Shells
------ ------
Shells for the mortar launcher.  Not all that common either, hord these for
groups and tought bosses.

Pack of Mortar Shells
---- -- ------ ------
Mortar shells in numbers and and a nice case.  More common than the individual
mortar shells, but they still spracely populate Dark Forces.

Plasma Units
------ -----
Ammo used for the assualt cannon.  Fairly common in the last couple of levels.

Ammo used for the assualt cannon also.  Located throughout the last couple of
levels.  HOrd these for bosses and tough enemies.

Power Ups and Inventory Items
----- --- --- --------- -----

Shield Belt
------ ----
What recharges your shields.  This is probably the most popular item to pick up
in the game due to the fact that its use is continuous throughout the game.

Health Pack
------ ----
A white pack with a red cross on it.  Heals up 50 health!  Pretty easy to find
in most levels!

Extra Life
----- ----
This is a rebel emblem.  These are very rare and I believe that there is only
one per level, but I could be wrong.  Mainly in secrets!

A revive will fill up your shields and your health at the same time, what could
be better than that?  Pretty rare and are usualy found in secerts!

A vary common item that powers your IR googles and your lamp!  Can be picked up
from mouse bots and found throughout the game. 

Super Weapon Recharge
----- ------ --------
One of my favorite pickups.  It destracticly increases your rate of fire for a
fixed period of time.  When you pick this up, your ammo counter will turn yellow
and it will flash between red and yellow when the it is running out.  Pretty
rare also.  These were put in specific places throughout the game, where the
makers wanted you to have fun mowing down a mass amount of enemies!!  Activates
as soon as you pick it up. Extremely rare...I would say more this and the next
item are the most rarest in the game.

Super Shield
----- ------
This item boosts your shields up to 200 and makes your invincible for a specific
amount of time.  Extremely rare!

IR Googles
-- -------
An inventory item that can be turned off and on at will (as long as your have
batteries).  Illuminates dark areas with green light.  Not hard to find and
some levels you pick them up at the begining.

Ice Boots
--- -----
These are boots that allow you to have traction on the icy surrfaces.  They are
only used in level 8 and thats the only time you pick them up!

Head Lamp
---- ----
Another inventory item.  Illuminates the dark areas around you and uses up
batteries at the same time, how nice!  You have this with you throughout the
entire game.

Gas Mask
--- ----
Prevents you from loseing health when around hazordous gasses.  Rarely used and
can usually be found close to the area that has posinous gas!  Also an
inventory item that can be toggeled!

Keys and Cards
---- --- -----
Red Key
Blue Key
Sercuity Card
These are self-explaiitory and can be found sitting by themselves on found on
imperal officers.

* 4. Enemy Guide                                                               *
*    ----- -----                                                               *

Difficulty Rating is 0 to 10

Imperial Officer
-------- -------
The Imperial Officer has what is equvialent to a Bryor Pistol. They
wear tan cap and clothes.  Officers stand with their hands behind
their backs.  Possible the weakest unit in the game.  They leave a
Energy Unit and are the funnest enemy to kill in the game.  The
accuracy of their fire is not very good.
First Apperance is level 1
Difficulty Rating: 0.5

Imperial StormTrooper
-------- ------------
The StormTrooper is the most common unit in the game.  They wear
white amomor and are easy to spot and take down.  More difficult
than an officer to take down, but still a walk in the park.  They
drop a StormTrooper Laser Rifle which is about 15 Energy Units.
Weapon is a Laser Rifle  Accuracy is nothing to brag about.
First apperance is level 1
Difficulty Rating: 2.0

Imperial Commando
-------- --------
The Commando is the elite class of Imperial trooper.  He is
dressed in a black outfit and can be seen wearing a slick black
helmet.  The Commando weilds a StormTrooper Laser Rifle.  They
are fast, aim is deadly, and are tougher to take down than the
previous classses of trooper.  Take them out from a distance.
Leave a Laser Rifle.
First apperance is level 1
Difficulty Rating: 3.0

--- ----
These creatures are not human.  They are hairy brown guys, with
3 eyeballs.  As if this were not enough, they pack Thermals.
These guys can definitly hit the side of the barn, and will pin
you down and kill you faster than a pig in a grease shoot, if 
you aren't careful.  First get up close.  Once you are in their
face they will use the fists on you, which can still show you a
beating.  Take em' down quick with the Auto Gun.   Their drop is
a belt of Thermals.  I am going to give the Ree-Yees a higher
difficulty rating due to the fact that if you are not paying
attention, these will ruin your day.
First appearance is level 3
Difficulty Rating: 3.5

A little monster that lives in sewage.  It's head pops up out of
the water and it tries to bit you.  Don't waste ammo trying to
kill every one of these guys, just hit "shift" for speed mode and
jump over them.  If you do decided to fight them, use a fast
fireing weapon.  No drop.
First apperance is level 3
Difficulty Rating: 2.0

Ceiling Turrents
------- --------
A Ceiling Turrent is a fast fireing laser gun, mounted on the
ceiling.  They shoot very powerful shots.  Not the funnest
enemy to fight.  Take them out quick with a splash damage
weapon.  Can kill you in a heart beat.  No drop.
First appearance in level 4
Difficulty Rating: 5.0

Remote Droid
------ -----
A small driod that flys around.  It shoots very non-leathal
shots at you.  You would have to take alot of shots from this
enemy to die.  The other pain associated with this enemy is
that if you try to take it out, it will zip around the room,
causing you to waste alot of ammo on the thing.  Splash weapons
will take them down quicker than others.  When you encounter
one, just leave it.  No drop.
First apperance in level 3
Difficulty Rating: 1.0

Interrogation Droid
------------- -----
This droid is a big black droid, that likes to hide near the
top of the ceiling in rooms.  Don't get to close or you will
be stabbed by it's needles.  A blaster takes em' down quick.
They drop a Power Cell.
First Apperance is level 3
Difficulty Rating: 3.0

Probe Droid
----- ----- 
The easyest droid to kill in Dark Forces.  A Probe droid is
slow and dumb.  It fires a weak laser.  A blaster will do the
job quick and easy.  Drops a Power Cell.  
First apperance is level 3
Difficulty Rating: 2.0

A little square box that zips around on the floor.  No attack.
Shoot it and it will leave a battery.  Killing them will become
easy if you crouch down on the floor.
First appearence is level 1 
Difficulty Rating: 0.0

Gamorrean Guards
--------- ------
A big, dumb, piglike, axe weilding, and slow, enemy.  They can
take alot of hits, so bring plenty of ammo.  Don't let them
get up close.  If they do, that axe will split your health
right in half.  Use a weapon with a multi-shot fire mode.
No drop.
First apperance is level 7
Difficulty Rating: 4.5

Trandoshans (Bossk)
----------- -------
While everyone one of these can't be Bossk, the model was certainly
designed after his apperance and plus Bossk is easy to say than
Trandoshan.  Be prepared to be own3d from a distance.  These
Bossks are packing a Stouker Concussion Rifle.  Take them out as
quick as you can and be sure to collect their ammo (100 units of
power cells).  Bossks seem to be really accurate and can be a big
pain if your trying to beat the game on hard!
First apperance is level 9
Difficulty Rating: 6.5

Kell Dragons
---- -------
A big lizzard looking creature that walks on all fours.  Possibly
your worst nightmare.  Put space in between yourself and the kell
dragon and unload with a fast firering weapons right on his face.
If you find your self with no weapons and you will (level 10), the
besat can be put down by your first.  I have developed a strategy
for facing kell dragon's with your first only.  First you must know
that the kell dragon's noise and face area is where most damage can
be inflicted.  First, put some distance between you and the kell
dragon.  Second hold down shift (run) and run at the kell's dragon's
face and punch and then right after hitting the punch key reverse
while still holding down shift and back the hell up.  If you do this
correctly you should be out of there before the kell dragon can
complete his chomp and you won't be damaged!  Different difficulties
determine the number of punches before the kell dragon goes down!
First apperance is level 10
Difficulty 8

Phase One Dark Troopers
----- --- ---  --------
This enemy is more or a less a terminator model 101 with out any tissue
and holding a shield and a sword.  DO NOT USE ranged weapons on this
enemy, he will deflect them with his sheild and will end up hurting
you more than you hurt him.  You weapons like thermals, claymores,
and rockets.  Keep distance in between and yourself and the phase one
and you should be fine since their attack is melee.  They make a
definitive noise when they move, so you should be able to hear them
from out of sight, a good place for them to be, besides dead!
First apperance is level 5
Difficulty 7

Phase Two Dark Troopers
----- --- ---- --------
A giant stormtrooper that flys and pwns, can best describe this enemy!
It is a big step up from the phase one's.  They can fly, have heavy armor,
pack an assualt cannon, and have increased speed.  Luckily they can't
reflect you shots, or you might not be beating these without a giant
ruse of claymores and thermals.  The assult cannon works best on these
guys, but if you don't have that weapon, then I like to use the imperal
repeater along with some thermals to get some splash damage in there!
Another weapon that works good is the mortor launcher, just hold down
the primary fire and cook his lunch!!  Aviod these in numbers if you can!
First apperance is the end of level 8
Difficulty 9

Phase Three Dark Trooper (General Moch)
----- ----- ---- ------  -------- -----
You only have one of these, unfortunately he is the most difficult enemy
in the game.  He is similar to the the phase two dark trooper, except all
the traits of the phase two are doubled or more (I don't know the exact
stats, its just an estimate!).  Dodge his rockets at all costs, because
if one hits you square one, your dead.  The trick here is run and dodge.
Alway keep moving, speed is your friend and so is distance.  Back pedeal
and try to shoot down his rocket that home in on your.  Luckily his homing
rocket are fairly slow!  Lay down claymores and try to get him to run in
the path of the claymores.  Save your lives throughout the last level,
because you are going to need them!
Only apperance is end of level 14
Difficulty 10

Boba Fett
---- ----
Everyone's favorite bounty hunter makes an apperance in Dark Forces, w00t!!
Boba Fett zips around the map with his sweet rocket pack blasting a 
hellstorm of fire at you, don't panic.  To beat him, follow a similar
strategy for fighting General Moch.  Again, run is your best friend.
At this point in the game, your pinky should be strong enough to hold
down shift for weeks on end....just kidding, but serious use RUN!!!
When Boba is zipping around in the sky like superman, bring him down,
like a shotup hot air ballon, with the imperal repeater.  Then while
on the ground, nail him with mortar, thermals, and you can also lay a
path of claymores like with Moch!!
Only apperance is end of level 10
Difficulty 9

* 5. Copyright Information                                                    *
*   --------- -----------                                                     *	

This document is copyright  2005 Joel Cunningham and cannot be reproduced in 
part, or in whole, without the expressed written and/or oral consent of this 
author. All Rights Reserved. By reproducing this document, you infringe on the 
Copyright Laws of the United States of America and can be held criminally 
responsible in the Court of Law. All characters are trademarks of LucasArts.

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