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     ************      Startopia               FAQ   *****************

           This is my first faq, so please keep that in mind! My Name
         that you will know me by is Psychosilocybin.

         Everything above and below is copyrighted to  me,
         If you want to copy and use any of this, please contact me
         at    anime11840@twmi.rr.com


   Table of Contents
      1. Contact Info
      2. Version Review
      3. Getting to know your Staff
      4. Rooms to Know  (Will be updated ALOT)
      5. Items and what they do (Also will be updated alot!)
      6. Walkthrough of the Missions
      8. Fun Stuff
                ** More To Come **


   1. Contact Information

     For any game questions, coments on my FAQ, or if you wish to use
     my FAQ  in any publication or webpage, I can be reached at


   2. Version Review

        V. 1.0   July 3rd, 2001 (3:00 am, heh)
             Start of FAQ. Parts of "Getting to know your staff"
                                    "Rooms to Know"
                                    "Items and what they do"
                           and      "Mission 1"

        V 1.1   July 3rd (3:00 pm..12 hours 'eh)
                  Updated "Getting to know your staff"
                          "Rooms to Know"
                          " Items and what they do"
                  Added Mission 2
                  Added Fun Stuff

        V 1.2   July 3rd (11:00pm)
                Fixed a few grammatical errors and spelling
                        added Mission 3 - 4
                        updated "Rooms to Know"
                        updated "Items and what they do"
                        updated "Fun Stuff"

        V 1.3  July 4th (1:00 am)
                        added mission 5 -6
                        added quick summery of mission 7

  3. Getting to know your Staff.

     Scuzzer M 1 -  These are your basic, run of the mill builders/
                    maintenence crew/litter sweepers little guys

        M 2,M 3 -    "We can rebuild them, We have the technology, 
                       make them Better, Stronger,Faster" Need I say  
     Security  -     Security Scuzzers will detain Criminals, zap 
                     enemies, disarm bombs(haven't seen it yet)
                     and breech and take over new segments,very
                     handy to have.

     Salt Hogs -     These are your low class worker aliens.
                     They're very easy to please, all they need is
                     food, wash, and sleep. One form of entertainment 
                     and they'll almost NEVER leave you(well till their
                     broke,hehe) Hired Salt hogs almost never leave 
                     your station. Use them to work your factories
                     and recyclers.They also carry arms,so you'll use 
                     a lot of hogs in battle.

      Greys -        These are your "abduct Billy Joe and give him an
                     anal probe" aliens. They are medical genius'.
                     These guys are ment for your Sickbays. They also
                     are gun toters, though they die very easily.
                     Grey's LOVE entertainment.Want 'em to love ya?
                     Give 'em some form of entertainment.                      

       Targ    -     Your communications experts. They work the 
                     Comsensers. Watch when they get bored though
                     They have a tendency to spy on other people
                     when bored.They are gun caries like the above 2
                     only these guys can get down and fight! They are
                     pretty easy to keep happy. Nothing you can't 

     Sirens -        These are your "heavinly bodies". Or 2 bit ho's
                     However you wish to view it. They work your love
                     nests. The do distract your workers, so be careful
                     about how many you have.

     Kasvagorian -   These are pure brute force! Hire ALOT of them in
                     all combat missions, and a handful of them in all
                     other missions. Remember to build a rough bar or
                     these guys'll start a brawl anywhere on your 
                     station. That would be bad.


 4. Rooms to know


  Energy Collecter - Keeps your energy stored.Lose it and your done.

  Power Booster - Raises your power!

  Recharger -  Keeps your bots powered up

  Port -       Your "peeps" enter here. No port, no aliens.

  Berth -      Basic sleeping places. I usually make mine with
               10+ sleeping pods,I like long berths, as opposed 
               to square ones.

  Lavetron-    Washes your aliens. They do like the be clean.

  Dine-O-Mat  - This feeds your population. Choose from Synthetic,
                Natural, and/or mineral foods.

  Recycler -   This turns all your trash into energy. Make sure to
               hire salt hogs to work here.

  Sickbay -    This is where your aliens come to get probed by greys
               *grin*. Seriously though, this is where they come to
               be healed. Make sure when you can to put in a Medi- Bed,
               aside from the Diagnosis equipment, and chairs, etc.
               I only hire greys with 3 or more skill as any less might
               damage patients. heh

   Store  -   Your aliens come here to get basic entertainment stuff.
              Good for a young station, won't hold it for a large one.

  Music   -   "It only took one brick to make that window drop" 
   Shop        My sublime fans know what I'm talking about,heh
               Anyway, The aliens come here to get their choice
               in music. Raises entertainment a bit.

   Motel  -    This is like a berth, only smaller. VERY handy on
               your entertainment deck, as a fully energetic alien
               that doesn't have to go far to get rest, is a happy

   Control -   This makes your security scuzzers and security columns
               a lot more effective. Combine this well a well skilled
               staff and you can make S. Scuzzers and columns much much
               more effective.

  Star Dock -  This is where cargo ships dock at. A must for trade 
               missions. They are very large though.

  Cargo Hold - This store 36 crates. Crates will NEVER mold while in

   Disco    -  This is a big boost to entertainment. Your aliens love
               to dance. hehe

   Brig     -  Converts criminals to ordinary citizens.

5. Items   

   Medical Supplies -  Used up by sickbays. Don't need to go into
                       detail I hope.

   Food Supplies    -  Used by your Din O Mats when set to use natural

   Mineral Supplies -  Used by the Din O Mats when set to mineral based

   Luxery Goods     -  Used by all the shops. Supplies them with stuff
                       to keep your aliens happy.

   Bench            -  I suppose your aliens sit here.. haven't paid to
                       much attention to them..I'll know soon though.

   Dispenser        -  Put it in the sickbay.

   Chronometer       - I think its supposed to keep aliens happy...
                       I never use 'em.

   Image Projecter -   Same as Chronometer I think.

   Ultra-Lamp      -   Same as the afformentioned 2 I think.

   Security Column -   This is a lazer turrent. Zaps space rats, spies,
                       enemies and anything else not welcome in your
                       station. Better skill of the security control =
                       more effective Columns


6. Walkthrough

     Mission 1 -

          This is the EASIEST mission in the game! 
    You start out with an energy collecter, and power booster ALREADY
    PLACED! :-) 
    First things first, listen to what VAL has to say, then build your
    Port and Berth.Always try to beam up your scuzzers and place them 
    next to blueprints to decrease their travel time. You now have
    to place a Dine O Mat, and levetron. Next you get to open up
    your next segment. YAY!

      But whats this? so much junk just laying there, yuck! a space rat       
    or 2. But not to fear, for you are then supplied with a recycler
    crate. Open it and place the recycler (its pretty big).
    Now you have to hire 4 Salt Hogs to work at the Recycler.
    Just randomly pick 4 and give 'em jobs.

    Next you have to build another Din O Mat,Lavetron, and berth.
    Do so. Wait a while.
       And now que the Greys. nothing to do with 'em now though
       So don't hire any yet.
    VAL informs you that you must turn the station into a communication
    station(heh). So a few targs are sent to your station,already hired
    also. So when available place your hardplans for the 2 comsensers
    and wait for the sick diplomat to contact you. Let him aboard(click
    the green check). But you have no way to cure him? What to do?
    HEY! Remember your new pal Arona Dal? Well he should contact you 
    soon with a...you guessed it, sickbay. BUY IT quick, place it
    stock it with a diagnosis machine and waiting couch or 2..or 3.
    Now search for your highest skilled grey, hire him(or her,whatever
    it is) and just wait for the diplomat to be healed.

    Congrats, you've finished your first mission in this great game!
    Hope it was fun, cause it eventually gets MUCH harder, mwa ha ha.

  Mission 2

    This mission was kinda hard for me. I had a lot of non- dedicated 
   greys. But anyways, lets start. First thing to do is place your
   energy collecter. 
    Remember you have to cure 100 patients, while not letting more than
   10 die. So start off by opening another segment (hey its free)

   I place my sickbay prior to my port, but it doesn't matter. Just put 
   the door of the sickbay close to the port. Your new staff should       
   arrive soon.

   Build your sickbays to their max 6 x 6 tile(might as well) and put
   2 diagnosis machines, and 1 dispensor(when you buy one from arona)
   and also a medi-bed (if he has one) Also get a comsensor and 
   recycler when you can. Hire a couple targs to man your comsensor.

   One very important thing to do is keep your station CLEAN! When you
   get the message that the inspectors have arrived,pick up every piece 
   of litter you can, so that you can keep them happy.

   Also important is to hire any grey with skill of 3 or more.This will
   insure that when one gets tired of healing and takes a break, you 
   have a replacement. No replacement = (empty diagnosis machine +
   waiting sick aliens) = Dead alien = BAD! 11 dead aliens and game 

   Build your berth, levetron, etc. but make sure to leave room for
   an extra sickbay or 2. Then build your star motel, general and music

   Remember to keep a steady supply of medical supplies as you'll run
   out freaquently.
   As long as you keep your sickbay(s) well staffed,supplied and have 
   about 2 - 3 (wait till you can afford another sickbay to buy one)
   Then you should get by pretty quickly. Remember to heal all of the
   plague and radiation, etc. ships as you get a 10k bonus(helpful).

 Mission 3

   This is by far the second easiest level in the game, and almost my 
   Start off by building the few crates they supply you. Next open up
  your 2 segments and choose one of the 2 you want to be your commerce
  segment. Place your starport in this segment, and when you get it, 
  cargo hold also. Get you that cargo hold ASAP! Also buy a love nest
  from the visiting Sirens and a Sickbay from the Greys. 

   The only thing you should bother buying from Arona is litter bins,
  and entertainment buildings (general store, music shop, etc.). Buy
  the disco from the Sirens as this will greatly improve entertainment
  on your station.

   The quickest and best way to earn your 100,000e and win the mission
  is to buy all the medical supply crates from the Greys, and sell them
  to the Sirens. Buy Luxery supplies from the Sirens and sell these to
  the Greys. This is your classic 2-point trade system. Look for my 
  "Trading Goods for Profit" section for the best trade routes.
       heres a little chart thing for the Siren-Grey trade route.

              ---> Greys: Medical Supply Crates ------------
              |                                            |
              |                                            |
              ---  Sirens: Luxery Supply Crates <-----------

            Sorry, just had to make a chart, hehe.

  Just be patient and you WILL win.


  Mission 4

    This is another easy one. I'll explain why people had a problem 
    this level in a bit(I figured it out,hehe)

    For starters, place your Energy collecter and other couple of 
    rooms. Open up your 2 other segments, one of which will be
    dedicated to lockdown brigs, the other to security control and
    your basic buildings. I'm sure you can build the security control
    and basic buildings on your own. 

    One thing to remember is you'll want to eventually surround your
    port with security columns as a lot of bad guys that want to start
    an uprising will come aboard.

    I built my lockdown brigs long, the first 4 x 12, the second 5 x 20
    You'll need at least 15 cells. Next step is scuzzers, security 
    scuzzers, lots of them. 15+ of them. I got it to the point where
    as soon as a criminal stepped off the port, he was en route to a 

    Now, the reason people were having trouble with this is simple.
    After a while they get a green circle above their head. This turns
    red after a short time. When it is fully red, your criminal will 
    leave on the next outbound port. To avoid this, you have to have 
    A LOT of cells and A LOT of security scuzzers. When you see a guy's
    circle turning red, beam a security scuzzer near him so the scuzzer
    will take him to his cell. These guys need top priority.

    Follow these guidlines and the mission will easily be yours. OH!
    one more thing. Remember to hire some kasvagorians and targs after
    the conversion as to keep things in control.

       A diferant strategy has been sent to me by jecollie@mccallie.org 
     !!!   This is what I did after I failed it due to escaping 
criminals. I just let about 15-20 or     more criminals be let into my 
station via my port, then I repacked my port and thusly closing, 
stopping anymore criminals from entering, and the ones already there 
from leaving. I had to open and close it several times, but it still 
worked quite well. Thats it   
                  Thank you for that info.

 Mission 5

  Ok, first I'm gonna say this level is a givin. I don't think you can
 lose this mission. This part of the walkthrough will be pretty short.
  Ok, place your basic buildings. Good. Now, build a pretty good sized
 lab. Make sure to put an analyzer in it, also put a few workbenches in
 in. When you get the chance, put a microscope in, and a workstation.
 Now, beam up ANY crate you haven't already reserched, drop it over the 
 analyzer, wait a few minutes, and BAM cash and one tec closer to 20.
 Make sure to hire a few gun toting aliens, and to get a pretty good 
 defense going, as your gonna have spies coming aboard. Try to get the
 spies before they can place a bomb. 

 Make sure you build a love nest and some other entertainment buildings
 pretty quickly.

 All and all, an easy mission. If your still having problems with this 
 one, email me at anime11840@twmi.rr.com.


Mission 6.

 The first part of this mission is so easy, they shouldn't have thrown
 it in. All you have to do is turn the heat and the moisture ALL the   
 way up for your entire biodeck. You're Karmarama guys should start 
 growing Bazack plants. These are your food plants. Hire every 
 Karmarama you see! I had a full 50 crates with 70 cycles left to go.
 Make sure you stock up on some luxery and medical supplies from your
 biodeck also.

 As soon as you have about 55 crates (oh, I forgot to mention earlier,
 but you should right click your dine o mat, and choose to server 
 natural food as well, to keep Karmarama's a lot happier.) turn your
 biodeck to about half moisture, half heat(i think, double check my
 farming section(when it's up) to be sure). The terrain should look 
 a mid green color. This should produce Lilliths, which are your 
 luxery plants. You want to grow a lot of meds, and luxery plants.

 After Arona collects his food(greedy mofo, hehe) you are presented 
 with a brand new Stardock...and told that if your opponent takes over
 4 complete segments of the station before you do, you will be kicked 
 off...no big deal, eh?

 Your strategy should be as follows, Harvest luxery, sell to grey's.
 Harvest meds, sell to Siren's. Buy new segment, Put in a room or 2
 (to keep your peeps happy). Repeat. The only thing I can tell you is
 be patient. Oh... and get ready for the next mission, this ones a nice

 Mission 7

 Ok, I'm very tired right now, so before I put in a real walkthrough 
 this level, I'll give ya one strategy (kind of a "one last hint before 
 I pass out" type thing)

 While not neglecting to grow luxery and medical goods on your biodeck,
 as to trade with the Grey's and Siren's repectivly. Of course you need  
 a stardock. But anyways, Hire about 45 gun aliens, 15 - 25 of which 
 should be Kasvagorian. As soon as you do that, start breeching 
 segments very quickly. Your goal is to open the segment with the 
 squatters energy collecter, making it the highest target. Make sure
 to hire any aliens that your enemy doesn't have hired(I have seen the
 enemy hire a few gun carrying aliens from my side... and a siren oddly
 enough). As soon as his(or her...or its) energy collecter is distroyed
 put your flag up in that section(before the door closes) and then hire
 more aliens and repeat.


7. FAQ    * Soon To Come *   E Mail me at 

           anime11840@twmi.rr.com      so I can get this section up.


8. Fun Stuff

   1. Have you paid attention to your security control room? If not,
      then glance over at 'em every once in a while and what might you
      see? You might see your highly paid employees playing PONG on the
      big screen. Ha ha ha

   2. A female Siren went into the lavetron. I listened closely and 
      heard a MALE VOICE grunting, plopping, and flushing. hehe
       (I know that theres only 1 turd .wav, so maybe in the patch
         they should add a female turd .wav...hehe)