Easter Egg FAQ by vidkid7

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               *****Riven - The Sequel to Myst*****
                          Easter Egg FAQ
Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Unlocking the Easter Eggs
3. Finding the Easter Eggs
4. The Easter Eggs
5. Credits

1. Introduction
I wrote this FAQ to fill the hole in the Riven FAQ list on GameFAQs, since none
of the FAQs on the site mention or explain how to go about unlocking and
finding the funny and cool easter eggs hidden within Riven.

In 1999, Spyder, the "spy" within Cyan's building in Spokane began posting a
series of puzzles on his site, each of which left you with a riddle when
completed. After you collected all five riddles, it was possible to unlock the
easter eggs hidden within the game.

This FAQ will cover the deeply hidden Spyder easter eggs, as well as the not so
deeply hidden ones. The FAQ is also set up in order of the least spoiling,
beginning with the riddles and instructions to unlock the eggs, then the
locations of the eggs themselves, and finally what the eggs actually do.


2. Unlocking the Easter Eggs
To unlock the five Spyder easter eggs in Riven, you must first click five
different spots in the game to activate them. After that, you can find the eggs
by checking in another (you guessed it) five spots. All of the spots must be
clicked in order, in the same save game file. After this, the five eggs are
only accessible in that same file.

If you click in the correct place for each trigger, your cursor will disappear
for a second. This does not stand for Playstation players however, and the
fifth and final trigger is much harder to find because of the low resolution of
the Playstation console.

Trigger 1 -
Where creatures float and waters rise,
only one of five will open.
The one that stands out is your prize,
small, orange and unbroken.

In Gehn's Lab on Book Assembly Island, there is a small set of five drawers. In
the only one of the drawers that will open, there are several broken eggs.
Click the one tiny orange unbroken egg to activate the first trigger.

Trigger 2 -
Slowly rising from the bed,
and closer to your goal.
Clear the cobwebs from your head,
and search the empty bowl.

When you visit the Moiety Age (the one big black golfballish hive), and are
locked up in a small room, check the bowl on the nearby table. Click in the
bottom of the bowl to activate trigger number two.

Trigger 3 -
Control the bridges, enjoy the view,
and think about the ride here.
Something you see just can't be true,
So make the mirage disappear.

Trigger three can be found in the control tower by the lake on Jungle Island,
which is where you find the five levers that control the ladders for the
submarine. Go up, and look out the window. If you've done everything correctly
so far, you should see your sub across the lake, where it started off. If you
took the sub to where you are now... how can it be over there? Click the sub
and it will disappear, and you will have set the third trigger.

Trigger 4 -
It rises from the water,
and asks you to come in.
Don't yet go where it's hotter,
first find the sign of Gehn.

The fourth egg is fairly easy. Just go to Survey Island, and call the elevator
that rises up from the water in the glowing orange room, then click Ghen's
symbol (the five pointed star) on the top of the elevator.

Trigger 5 -
Call the magcar again,
and search the rocks nearby.
The name of an historian
is just four pixels high.

The fifth egg is a pain on PC, and nearly impossible on Playstation. Head back
to Temple Island (the one you arrived on), and call the maglev *hovering
rollercoaster thing* that takes you to Jungle Island. At this point, turn
slightly to your left so that you can take a look at the rock stopping point of
the maglev. Look just below the second "line" on the stopper rock, and try to
spot the tiny letters "RAWA". This refers to the lead programmer and D'ni
Historian of Riven, Richard A. Watson. Clicking on those letters is the fifth
and final step, and will unlock the eggs.


3. Finding the Easter Eggs
Assuming you are still on Temple Island, the following sequence is the quickest
way to view all five easter eggs. These can be viewed in any order you choose
however, this is just the fasted method.

Egg Location 1 -
In the temple on Temple Island, face the giant five pointed star, and then
click the second lamp from the left of your screen.

Egg Location 2 -
Head to Jungle Island, and walk to where the submarine starts out. Turn around
and go back until you are on the edge of a ladder looking down at the floor
below, then turn to your right.

Egg Location 3 -
Walk into the jungle aread, and take the idol elevator up into the trees. Head
towards the control throne that overlooks the Whark gallows, until you're about
halfway up the stairs, then turn around so that you face the golden dome. On
the left side of your screen click the lamp that is the furthest away from the
golden dome.

Egg Location 4 -
Ride to Survey Island, and visit the Whark Throne room. Sit down in it, and
lower the control device on the left, then click the the small screw on the
right side of the chair.

Egg Location 5 -
The last egg is without a doubt my favorite. Link to Gehn's 233rd Age, and
climb down to his room. Click the five pointed star that is on a red tapestry
hanging from the wall.


4. The Easter Eggs
The first five eggs here are listed in the order of their location in Section
3. These eggs are very funny and cool, and I recommend you don't "cheat" by
reading the descriptions of them, and just go check for yourself. For the
people who can't play Riven at the moment, are too lazy to go look, or simply
love spoiling things for themselves, giving the actual experience a hollow
feeling when they actually do it.

Egg 1 -
Simple but surprising, the interior of the temple on Temple Island suddenly
gets a little more festive, as christmas lights light up the walls, and Ghen's
ominous crest changes to berries and holly.

Egg 2 -
This egg removes all the textures from this view, allowing you to see all the
wireframe work that Cyan put into this single scene. When you look at this egg,
stare out through the hundreds of feet of wireframe, and consider all the
scenes you see throughout the game, and how much effort went into modeling the
hills, buildings, and trees all around you.

Egg 3 -
This is mostly fun for the shock value of the first time. You stare out into
the jungle, trees blocking your view of much of the outside, click the lamp,
FLYING! Sort of!

Egg 4 -
This one is just plain weird, as an old silly putty commercial starts to play
in the viewer, as well as a clip of what looks to be an old kung fu flick. It's
fun to watch it several times, as it seems to get sillier each time.

Egg 5 -
This is probably my favorite egg in the game, because I love the character of
Gehn, as well as the song used here. Sit back and feel free to join Gehn in his
solo of "O Sole Mio". John Keston... not only can he portray his character
perfectly, he can give the guy a great singing voice too!

The rest of these eggs are accessible without going through the five trigger
hunt, and are a little less out of the ordinary.

Egg 6 -
In the opening movie, you can see extreme close ups of the faces of two
different men flicker past a few times in the linking image in the Riven book.
I have no idea who these men are, but watching them flash by as you enter the
game quickly gives you an early feeling that you're being watched. Perhaps this
almost subliminal flash was done for that reason?

Egg 7 -
In the cave beyond the locked wooden gate that leads to the rotating room,
position the room so that the door is open from this cave, then approach the
ladder so you can just see the upper left corner of the door to the rotating
room. On the right side of the screen you can see the faces of three girls.
These are the daughters of Rand Miller, CEO of Cyan, and one of the two
brothers responsible for the creation of the Myst series. This is easier to see
if you raise the brightness on your monitor.

Egg 8 -
If you walk to the edge of the cliff that the guard ("Choooo?") from the
beginning of the game was dragged off of and look down, after he vanishes later
in the game, you can see the face of a small girl and two boys hidden in the
very upper left corner of the screen. These are the offspring of Robyn Miller,
composer of the Myst and Riven soundtracks, as well one of the two brothers
responsible for the creation of the Myst series. This is easier to see if you
raise the brightness on your monitor.

Egg 9 -
Immediately after the game starts, if you step out of the small cage, turn
left, then look up, you can see the faces of two little girls hidden among the
texturing along the rock at the bottom of the screen. These two girls are the
daughters of Richard Vander Wende, one of the minds at Cyan. This is easier to
see if you raise the brightness on your monitor.

Egg 10 -
On Book Assembly Island when approaching the ladder that leads to the catwalk
where the entrance to Gehn's lab is located, you can see "ALEX" engraved in the
rock in the upper left corner of the screen. I don't know the meaning of this
name, feel free to contact me with more information on this.


5. Credits
CYAN - For creating MYST, RIVEN, and URU

Spyder (Whoever you are!) - For releasing the clues that led to the five easter
eggs that would have never been found otherwise.

Raika - For helping me with the format of the FAQ.

Fudge - For causing me to strive to be greater than you.

CJayC - For creating the greatest game related database availible on the
internet, and hopefully hosting this easter egg guide there!

Me - For being a slacker who is willing to spend his time trying to solve
puzzles and riddles for the sake of seeing a video of Gehn singing.