FAQ/Walkthrough by Ghidrah

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RIVEN the sequel to MYST

Title: Riven the sequel to Myst v.1.1
Developer: Cyan
Producer: Broderbund
For: PC
MSWord: Courier New
Created: 7/2010
Revised: 2/26/2015
By: Ghidrah
EMaul: Ghidrah1@hotmail.com

If anyone wishes to use this guide on their site, I would like to know. I 
don't have a problem with its use by others on Gaming forums, FAQ sites, or 
being copied for personal use. I'd like to know if it's to be used on a site 
though, just so I could drop by to ensure it hasn't been altered. So please 
send me your sites URL.

As with all my guides, find some legit trick I missed, I'll give you credit 
for it in the guide and an insert amendment to the guide where it will be 
As long as the trick, shortcut, etc., etc., can be validated by me without 
the use of any kind of cheat codes if (codes) exist for this PC version of 
the game.




Riven the 2nd story in the MYST saga finds Catherine the wife of Atrus 
marooned on her home age of Riven along with Gehn the father of Atrus. As it 
so happens Gehn wrote the age of Riven many "X" number of years before and 
may be responsible for the geological chaos that has been plaguing the age 
for many decades. 30 years earlier Gehn was trapped on Riven by his son 
Atrus. Apparently Gehn is an unstable megalomaniac who aspires to recreate 
the D'ni civilization at its glory.

How Catherine is trapped on Riven I don't know, however Atrus is truly afraid 
of Gehn and refuses to set foot on Riven even to save his wife. Atrus hatches 
a desperate plan to bait Gehn with a prison book given to MF/us before being 
sent to possible doom. Nice of him yeah!


Options are accessed once you're in game at the upper left corner of your 
monitor screen. Move the cursor up and left and click File; Transitions and 
Options appear.

Set transitions to fastest otherwise you might snap waiting for MF to move or 
turn around. In options check off everything above setup and that's about it 
for Riven. 

I swear I can't believe how thick I am, I never figured out both items could 
be done I learned of both by accidentally tapping the keys.

"Spacebar"; eventually you'll begin to lose control of your bowels waiting 
for cut scenes; you can quicken the pace big time by giving the spacebar a 
tap. It doesn't work on every cut scene but affects most.

"WINDOWS" key; if you get lost and need to look at the walkthrough just tap 
the windows key, to either side of spacebar, this will bring you back to your 
desktop and whatever you have the guide copied to. 

MF, you and I move through Riven by clicking the left mouse button. To turn 
around or look about move the cursor to the left, right, top or bottom of the 
screen and left click.

Linking books and some parts of FMVs 

The start up sequence for a linking window event is quite dramatic as a 
linking books connection circles and soars down toward the link in point of 
the next age or a different part of a current age. Conversations between MF 
and others while informative can take up some considerable time also. 

It does get old after the 1st couple times playing the game. Both are just 
transitions. As such again to speed things along tap the spacebar and jump to 
the end of the event where you're able to take action. Be aware that some 
conversations will not jump forward to the end but only make a partial 


Like MYST before and all the games to follow you really need to keep a 
notepad for all things important and for things that may be important but 
you're just not sure about. If this is your 1st time through or it's been 
some considerable time since playing you don't know what is or isn't 
important till the fat lady sings. 

Some important information and items like clues, buttons and levers are 
hidden in the geology and landscaping. You really need to explore and check 
everything to acquire all the info needed to solve some of the puzzles and 
remember many of the interactive objects have a dual purpose. 

You need to read all books, journals and letters you find on Riven and write 
down anything that looks or might look interesting. Draw and or comment on, 
(on the notepad) any and all designs you see especially if they're spread out 
over all the islands. It can get to be a PITA running back and forth all over 
hell looking for something for verification.

Like all Myst games the hand icon, (pointing finger) changes for pointing up, 
down or for turning around and unless there's something of interest to grab, 
(open hand) it stays with the pointing finger.

It's been so long I can't remember if this was an issue when running Riven on 
XP but on win7 with the GOG recoding there's an issue with reading the books 
and ledgers. It forces double pages to turn instead of one. If you're getting 
the same anomaly this will help, not cure. Once both pages turn click back, 
both will turn back, click forward again. After a couple clicks back and 
forth you end up on the correct page.


After 4 yrs I finally got back to the game, not because I didn't want to but 
because my XP pile died and Win7 wouldn't allow any of the Myst games to run. 
It wasn't till I found out about GOG.com and I got some of my Myst games 
back. Apparently Exile and Revelation are barred from recoding to work on 
newer versions of PC. Why, I don't now, makes no sense to me. Anyway after 
playing through Riven with this, my own guide I discovered areas lacking 
detail and in some cases, (in my opinion) omissions of pertinent info. This 
will be improved upon in v.1.1, I will make note of each revision in this 

(2/12/15), Options,
Spacebar used for transitions 
Windows key escaping game to read guide

(2/13/15), Grid isle, 
Add info regarding grid puzzle and lake dome.
Whale totem Forest Isle, discover secret access.
Figure out boiler does not require restarting 


Lead with the hand and inspect everything


As the game begins you, me, we, us as My Friend appear in front of Atrus 
who's sitting at a makeshift desk and writing. The surroundings appear to be 
the same as you're meeting during MYST and much later in End of Ages. If so 
then this is K'veer.

Atrus begins speaking as he hands MF 2 books, one is a small journal the 
other a linking book which you are told is a prison book. He tells you what 
he needs you to do and what he'll do once you find Catherine and contact him. 
At that point Atrus closes the book he's been writing in then reopens it, 
turns it toward MF to show the linking window. 


Dome and Temple Island

The next thing you know MF appears inside a narrow structure and then a 
barred gate slams up locking MF in. After a few seconds a Rivenese male 
appears from the right approaches and snatches the linking book from MF/you. 
Shortly after that it looks like the indigene is KO'd by a rock to the head 
and drops to the ground. In a moment he's dragged away by someone unseen then 
said someone returns, releases MF from the cage and then scurries off with 
the prison book.

We are now free to move about the cabin ... thoroughly explore the 
surroundings. Ahead and to the left is a metallic cone shaped device; 
investigate and take notes of all aspects of it. Look up and take note of the 
huge honkin gold dome high up on the cliff. You can walk further into the 
cleft but it stops and drops off down to the ocean; nothing works on the cone 
so pack up and move on. Head back toward the link in/entry point/EP and 
continue past it to the ledge. 

This is definitely a water world and I wish I had my snorkel and fins. If 
methodical many points of interest will be found. To the left is a set of 
stairs up, at the top and to the right a bridge spanning the distance between 
2 islets. Once at the top discover an opening to the left and another set of 
stairs back down to the other side of the isle.

Temple #1

Move into the anteroom and discover a button on the right side wall before 
entering the golden temple. Explore and inspect all in the small temple 
there's much to be found, the number 5 appears all over the place. At the far 
left corner of the room is a gated opening which leads to the humongous Gold 
dome, take note that the 2 openings are offset from each other. Return to the 
anteroom and try the button to see what it does. Boo each peephole as it 
rotates into position, at the 3rd turn you'll discover another gated opening. 

When the original opening returns exit the temple and take the stairs down 
the opposite side of the isle, locate the shoddy wooden and locked door and 
figure out how to get by it. Once past the door, move to the top far end of 
the room to Boo the peep hole. 

With what has been observed from the temple and cave and temple anteroom 
button test what do we know?
1. The temple has a rotating wall with 2 offset openings.
2. The temple has at least 4 openings leading outside or to rooms at the 
temple's perimeter.
3. The walls of the temple have peepholes usable from the exterior side of 
the rotating wall only.
4. The 5 temple pillars have mechanical golden beetles that can be opened and 
looked into.

What do we want to do?
1. Access the Gold Dome.
2. To see if there are any other hidden rooms around the temple.

What do we need to do?
1. Use the anteroom button in conjunction with the cave opening via the 2nd 
set of stairs.

As one discovers what the temple has to offer ensure all is investigated 
thoroughly. Remember to take informative organized notes. Click on 
everything. I believe the golden beetles offer a history of Gehn on Riven. 

Gold Dome

Once access to the bridge has been made take the time to be very observant to 
and through, take note of the odd gap in the dome roof, explore and take 
notes. Try everything to find out if it works. Do a close-up of the plaque on 
the railing; draw it out for any future reference. Notice the missing walkway 
to the right; it looks like the railing has a wheel attached to it that may 
extend the walkway. Take in the scenery once you're out the lower level of 
the dome. Lucky for us all the pipe junctions on Riven have little signs on 
them telling us what they belong to. Close off the relief valve and divert 
the steam flow on the pipe for GPs then continue along the walkway. 

Take note of the rotating dome ahead and to the left that looks interesting, 
I'm sure I'll be back there before too long. At the beginning of the tunnel 
ahead you find an inactive button, look up and take note of the gap in the 
walkway above. At the opposite end of the tunnel there's another pipe 
junction and lever. Look up, the pipe goes to the bridge; pull the lever to 
divert the steam. There's nothing left to do here that I can see so I'm 
heading back to the Temple; take note of the railway system over the water 
and between the islands as you head back to the Temple. As you approach the 
dome opening to the bridge between the dome and temple take note of the lever 
on the right give it a try for GPs and take note of the results.

2nd Temple

Click your way across the bridge to the next section of the island be 
observant as you move through the tunnel. Locate a door on the left, enter 
and poke at all the pokables, one of them is important. Exit when done and 
continue to the next area which turns out to be another temple, (I guess 
Temple #2). A huge cage, maybe it's the other end of the one in the cage room 
above. There's 2 big fish with tusks on either side of the cage. Exit to the 
big outside; there looks to be an end to the transport railing previously 
seen and a pedestal, investigate.

An odd looking shuttle pulls up to the platform and readies for loading. Once 
inside it'll be easy to figure out how to operate. Take a cool ride to the 
next stop.

Lead with the hand and inspect everything

Forest and Village Island

As always, once out of the shuttle take your time and thoroughly explore the 
surroundings. Many things are a bit camouflaged but if you're moving slow 
enough and observant, certainly not invisible. Right off I find a round-ish 
object embedded in the rock wall, I guess it's a wooden eyeball in the wall 
behind the shuttle stop, push on it and it rolls in place. Take note, it 
makes a sound and has a symbol painted on the back. Enter the cave and exit 
the opposite side.

At the opposite and of the stairs a 2nd set of stone stairs leads down and 
left and up and right, I'm taking the right path and come to a wooden bridge. 
To the left of the bridge is a huge inaccessible lever thing connected to an 
equally huge disk. I can't tell if it's embedded in the rock or not.

From here I can see the GD and temple Isles which looks more like one island 
than 2 smaller ones. Crossing the bridge, I find that there has been some 
clear cutting of the local tree species and that the path forks left and 
right. The right side path forks again leading one to a forest gate and the 
other to a hole in the ground with a tram in it. The left path from the 1st 
"forking" leads to a tunnel, I think I'll take the forest gate since I'm 
close to it. There's a beetle on the gate post and you can poke it. "POKE THE 
BUG"! POKE IT! Watch and listen to the sound it makes when it flies off. 

Enter the forest, move slowly, and take note of the huge sword stuck in the 
ground must have been left by a Titan. Shortly after passing through the hole 
in the 1st tree the sword is up close, it looks more like a dagger from here. 
There's also a set of steps leading down to the dagger, where we end up at 
another eyeball. Push on it to hear an odd sound and see another curious 
symbol on the back. Continue through the next tree to find another fork, go 
right and down another set of steps.

There's a giant tusk fish totem attached to a tree on a sort of boggy mound. 
There's nothing to play with here so I head back to the tree fork. I can see 
a rotating dome and an elevated walkway up high through the trees as I climb 
the steps. Once inside the tree go right, climb the steps to a gate and exit 
the area. Once out in the open I see an elevated cone shaped tower with a 
guard in it. The guard alerts someone somewhere with a siren and then 
disappears from view by ducking down or linking out, I can't tell.

Head left and discover you're back at the clear cut area. Turn around and 
continue back onto the walkway and into the unexplored areas of the forest 
island. The wooden walkway snakes all over, in and out of a tunnel and then I 
poop out into what looks like a flooded caldera. Once there the game takes 
over preventing me from any actions while the locals clear out and go into 
hiding. Looking all about as I move deeper into the caldera and take note of 
all the points of interest. 

A metal overhead walkway, a maypole looking thing a dock with a metal ladder 
down into the water and a stone cone shaped Dalek looking object in the 
water. Oh and this is a good one ... "WATER HOLES" ... many of them, 
literally holes in the water with no apparent containment materials 
maintaining their shapes. 

Looking up to the cliff face of the caldera there are many stilt supported 
balls attached to the walls and top of the caldera. Their look reminds me of 
"Abe's Odd World". Proceed to and climb the 1st of many ladders. There's a 
ball shaped structure close by, the 1st couple times I played through I 
ignored it. Then one time for the heck of it I use the door knocker and to my 
surprise an attractive woman peeked out via a peephole then quickly closed it 
never to return. 

Continue to climb and move forward eventually ending up on a mini mesa with 
what may be an Altar. A canopy covers a seat or statue of the tusked fish 
thing and what looks like a drum on either side of the statue. Most 
conspicuous in the area is the diving bell tram, (for lack of a better term) 
and a kiln or furnace. The bell has wheels, and there's a big lever to the 
left. You can get in and look about at the levers but they don't do anything. 
Lastly the large lever to the left of the tram, push or pull it to watch the 
bell lower down to the water level of the caldera. The bell is useless on the 
mesa but likely more so in the water later on. 

I'm at a dead end here and once done I can't find anything else left to do so 
I head back to the clear cut area to investigate the hole in the ground. Once 
there drop down into the tram and pull the lever. Ready yourself for a cool 
ride above and below the water.

Had I known the tram was going to take me off island I might not have gone 
for the ride, electing to stay on Forest Island to continue exploring.

Lead with the hand and inspect everything

Volcano/Boiler Island

When you reach the end of the ride MF is unceremoniously dumped out into a 
trough and then outside onto what looks like a chipper shredder. From your 
current position scan the surroundings for all items of interest.


I'm pretty sure this place like the Forest Island is also a water filled 
caldera from a hopefully extinct volcano. To the right is a long pier running 
out to the center of the caldera's lake, at the end is a metal device. 
Further right is a large round metal building and further still up high is a 
structure built into the wall. Try the chipper lever and see that it doesn't 
work then climb down from the chipper and explore your surroundings. As you 
approach the pier take note of the blue burner flames coming from the bottom 
of the round building. Maybe it's a giant teapot?

At the end of the pier is a manifold that provides, (steam, gas or 
pressurized air) or whatever to the 3 main objects within the caldera walls a 
4th pipe runs to and over the wall to some place. I test the manifold by 
moving the lever over to the chipper pipe then test the chipper lever. The 
chipper works. Back at the manifold I switch it back to the original position 
then make my way to the round building. 

The door is locked but there are 3 levers and a wheel valve on the water side 
of the building. There's a glass view plate on the building and I can see 
water boiling inside, so maybe this thing is a giant teapot or a boiler. 
While standing at the levers if we look left we can see a ladder on the far 
cliff face leading up to the balcony. 

It's time to figure out what the wheel and levers do. After some testing it's 
clear that only one lever works, (the one that shuts off the burner). With 
the burner off the water stops boiling and you can open the door to the 
building, but you're stopped at the door by the water. MF doesn't swim, but 
we can see a round trapdoor or drain at the bottom of the boiler. If you look 
at the outside bottom of the boiler you can see huge pipes.

We have one thing we can try, the manifold lever on the lake, it powered the 
chipper maybe it'll do something for the boiler. So on my way to the manifold 
I take a walk over to the far away ladder. The ladder turns out to be a waste 
of time, a locked manhole cover blocks access to the balcony above. But it 
also lets us know that there must be another access point to the cliff and 
balcony, (that's the way things are in a Myst adventure). To and from the 
ladder I saw a huge honkin pipe leading from the bottom of the boiler to, up 
and over the cliff wall. Once at the manifold slide the lever to the boiler 
pipe then return to the boiler's levers and wheel for another test.


What do we want to do?
1. Access the structure built into the caldera's cliff face.
2. Use the boiler as a means of access and or to power something.

What do we know?
1. The manifold diverts power, (by steam, gas or air pressure) to 3 devices.
2. Access from the ladder to the balcony is blocked.
3. There's a big honkin pipe from the boiler to up and over the cliff face.
4. The bottom of the boiler has a trap or drain.
5. The right side pipe lever shuts off the burner.

What do we need to do?
1. Manipulate the boiler.


Once you have access to the boiler and are at the top of the volcanic cone 
look around then follow the path over to the balcony. Once there drink in the 
scenery and take note of the distant walkway past the balcony. Unlock the 
ladder cover, (just in case) and then open the double doors. It's pretty dark 
but the walkway is obvious, follow it to the end. There's small metal dome, a 
lever to the left, some kibble in a small tray on the right and lastly above 
there's ducting, a fan and the fan grill is open. You can open the dome to 
find a pressure plate, it clamps shut wicked fast when pressed on. You can 
place some kibble on the plate without springing the trap but when you pull 
the lever NADA! Return to through the doors and balcony to the lake manifold.

What do we know?
1. There's a fan past the double doors with an open grill.
2. There's a walkway further along the cliff face with no apparent access
3. There's a device below the fan that doesn't work.
4. We have one more position on the lake manifold.
5. Said manifold's valve and pipe pass into and or through the cliff face.

What do we need to do?
1. Return to the manifold move the valve back to its original position.
2. Return to the balcony and check everything again.
Back at the contraption, well switching the manifold valve allows the dome 
trap thing to work but I'm not sure what value it provides outside of showing 
the cute little colorfully poisonous frog and it makes the same chirp sound 
as the eyeball symbol at the Forest Island shuttle station. It's pitch dark, 
click on everything as you go back to the doors. Hey Moe look! You can't 
trust anything in a Myst game; it's so dark the opened double doors hid the 
side doors. So they like to hide doors behind doors do they!

When opened the right side provides access to the walkway seen from the 
balcony, the other hallway ends at a door that opens up to a room with 
another rotating dome. There are symbols on the exterior side of the dome but 
I can't tell what they are. Explore and discover a hole in the wall to the 
side of the dome, it looks like there's a lens in it. There's also a hole in 
the roof of the cave either by accident or design.

Try the door as you exit the room and discover a tunnel to a small room with 
a lens thing in it. Look in it and see the symbols on the rotating dome, one 
or more look different. There's a button on the top of the lens, work it out 
in your head. The symbol will become obvious as the dome comes to a stop. Out 
of all the symbols on the cone only one stands out.

I'm guessing the dome stops if the button is down when the correct symbol 
passes. My 1st dome I just began mad pressing and the thing eventually 
stopped spinning.

When writing v.1.0 I thought I needed to restart the boiler, now I don't 
believe I do.

Big cool thing happens when the dome stops, it opens up exposing a window 
showing a book and a sliding keypad. The keypad has 5 sections with 5 units 
per totaling 25 units. I have no idea what the code could be but I'm writing 
it down for future reference. So for the lack of knowing what to do I'm going 
to restart the dome and book. Once I'm on the balcony I head out for the 
walkway seen from the caldera. I stop to take in the view, even as an aged 
game scene the view is relaxing. When satisfied continue on along the 

As I near the next building I begin to hear a hum eventually the hum will 
reveal itself to be a magneto? Pull the lever and the sound stops. Take note 
of the cable that runs out from the magneto to the building and back toward 
the double doors then turns and enters the cliff face. What might that 
operate? Before I run back to the cave, I go to and try the door to the 
building; it's locked but you can sort of see into the building. Return to 
the cave, I can't see where the cable attaches, but it must be the ticket. 
Break wind, enter the duct then drop down through the 2nd fan into the room 
you were just looking into.

Gehn's workshop

Nice room, big, open, a couple 3 work benches 2 doors and lots of glass for a 
light, breezy and cheery atmosphere; I gotta stop, I'm beginning to feel like 
Mary Poppins already. Have a close up look about the room, there's lots of 
interesting stuff but not much to touch. Eventually you'll come back to the 
big ledger read it, all of it and take notes on all on all the interesting 

The Journal 

Gehn writes of steam caps, a drawing of the lake manifold and how it's 
embedded in the caldera. So, safe to say it's a geothermal vent that they 
connected the manifold to. This caldera may not be so dormant. It also 
appears the Rivenese male may have been darted with poison instead of bonked 
with a rock. There are several references in the journal that warrant noting. 
Inspect the round ball with legs in the center of the room, it's the furnace 
Gehn uses to burn failed linking books. So the chipper shredder makes pulp, 
the boiler cooks it to a mash then the platform grill acts as a sieve to 
remove the water. Lastly take note of the lone page and eyeball on the same 
table no noise but it has a symbol.

OK, all done in Pewee's playhouse; let's take a look out the door on the 
right, in short time you'll take note of another shuttle station, although 
there's no shuttle there. Head back into the building and out the left side 
door that you 1st approached the workshop from and go right. Not too far away 
from the building you enter and then quickly exit a tunnel to see the same 
big gold dome from the link in point into Riven.

Lead with the hand and inspect everything

Golden Dome

Before I beat feet to GD I stop and take a look around just at the tunnel 
opening, one can see 4 of the 5 islands. Beat feet to the other end of the 
walkway and pull the lever at the raised bridge to lower it for dome access. 
Once inside follow the only route available. Before I exit the GD I head to 
the wheel mounted to the railing, click on it and watch it extend the walkway 
to the 1st entry point into the dome. Back to the previous exit and crap a 
dead end, I 180 and Shemp! Look, a button a dull and un-shiny button "PUSH 
THE BUTTON!" An elevator from the lower walkway rises up to span the gap. 

So, now I'm confused, if this button and the button on the lower level at the 
tunnel entrance are unidirectional why didn't the lower button raise me up 
earlier? As I make my way to the exterior of Temple #1 of the island I pass 
over the 3rd rotating dome, "memo to me" check it out before leaving GD. 
There's a lever at the wall to temple #1, pull it to raise the door. I've 
already been in this anteroom and raised the lever inside. We now have a loop 
from the temple to the dome and back. Remember the bridge lever at the 
initial entry point to GD? Run back to the initial dome entry and pull the 
lever to raise the bridge. I return to Temple #1 and tap the button till I 
have access to the anteroom.

Tap the button for access to the dome bridge then climb the walkway to the 
top of the dome to see what there is to see. Sooo, there's a wall mounted box 
on the right with a lever and a giant press thing at GD center. It has some 
colored beads or marbles on the right side of the press grid. These may be 
the fire marbles mentioned in Gehn's workshop journal. I don't know where 
they might go as of yet so I'm heading back into GD via Temple #1. Once in 
the main level of the dome I head to the lower level and out to the lower 
lift at the tunnel. The lift works now and lowers providing access to the RD. 
I stop the RD to discover the symbol then head back to Volcano Island via the 
long scenic walkway from the upper level of GD.

Volcano/Boiler Island shuttle Sta.

Once you're back on Volcano Island return to the shuttle station and see 
where it goes. Don't forget to tap the blue lighted pedestal as you pass 
through Gehn's workshop, the shuttle will be waiting. As you make you're way 
to the shuttle take note of the surrounding islands, it's one of the best 
views of Dome, Forest and Grid Islands. Hop into the shuttle and ride over to 
Grid Island.

Lead with the hand and inspect everything

Grid/map Island

Hmm! The shuttle station cave has 2 doors one on either side of the shuttle 
bay. So how do I get over there? Anyway for now head out through the easy 
door to see what there is to see. Once outside take a look about, you can see 
the Golden Dome Island to the right, Forest Island wide right and the 
volcanic Workshop Island dead ahead. Climb the stairs to the next level, take 
your time and check everything out as you go. Take note of the red area below 
the walkway, something's down there yeah. 

Continue on to and up the stairs of the fortress like wall. The raised area 
contains 2 large pools, one on either side of the walkway and there are 
island like structures inside the 2 pool areas. Ahead and above your current 
position is another and even larger barrier wall that has what looks like a 
balcony and a large and strange looking object projecting from the wall. 
Continue moving forward till you locate and enter the elevator. Push the 
button and ride it up to the balcony level.

Move out to the end of the balcony and take it all in. From this position you 
get an even better look at the 3 other islands. Look down and see a grid 
representation of the 5 islands; on the railing is a push pad which also 
shows a representation of the island group in block form, sort of like the 
railing plaque in the Golden Dome. Push one of the patterns and watch what 
happens, I'm pretty sure Gehn is using the microbial or bacterial organism 
water from the village and or possibly from the entire age. The water 
substance rises up from the island forming something. After trying the others 
the only thing I can say for "ALMOST" sure is that I think I see a dome 
structure on a couple of the islands. Maybe it's a topographical 

(NOTE) 2/13/15
After coming back to the game and playing up to this point I discovered the 
ramp to the lake dome was missing. Initially I thought I had forgotten to do 
something so I restarted at a much earlier save point and retraced my path, 
the ramp was still missing. I then thought the file was corrupted so I 
started a new game, when I got to position again the ramp was still missing. 
After all these years I finally discovered an anomaly of my own making. As 
with the majority of all Myst puzzles the solutions are nearby. 
So when you're done playing with the buttons do a 180 and move into the 
caldera area. This may or may not be another caldera, the outside layer looks 
man made but the inside looks natural. There's a big metal dome in the center 
of the pond or small lake; there may or there may not be a ramp leading to 
it. It looks like a walkway surrounds the dome and I see and hear another 
rotating dome. If there is no ramp to the lake dome you can look around but 
find no new levers or buttons to push or pull that will affect the ramp. 

What do we want to do?
1. Get into the lake dome.

What do we know?
1. We're on Grid Island
2. We just played with some buttons that made water like stuff rise up on 
each of the represented islands.
3. There's another rotating dome in the caldera.

What do we need to do?
1. Stop the rotating dome and check for operational buttons and levers
2. Look more thoroughly between the caldera and dock
3. Recheck the push pad on the balcony railing.

Once I figured out the ramp trigger and accessed the dome, I realized, 
originally, I must have left one of the island representations active and 
never realized the relationship.

As you enter the dome and climb the steps you'll see a pedestal. The pedestal 
has a lever and very small grid showing the currently active island 
representation from the balcony area, (the small upper right island). 1 grid 
block is highlighted on the grid. Below the pedestal is a large flat grid 
that is broken up into an area with 25 squares in a 5X5 pattern. Click the 
highlighted grid square on the pedestal and watch a 3D representation of the 
small island rise up from the large flat grid below. Note that the grid lines 
remain and if you click the lever on the pedestal the topographical 
representation rotates for a possible clearer view of any important points of 
interest on the grid.

So far I've been on 4 of the 5 islands; none look like this weensy one. The 
top of the main island has been removed and looks like a mesa, the assumed RD 
is off to the side and appears to be on an isle of its own. Explore each 
island with the map system and take note of each point of interest discovered 
on each of the islands and accurately log them in notes, we'll thank us for 
it later. Exit and check out the rest of the area and find the 4th rotating 
dome. I can't be sure, I sort of make out a circle with a horizontal line in 
it. From this position I can also see the lens that controls it on the back 
side of the lake dome. 

Move over to the lens, this lens is offset from the rotating dome and the 
yellow symbol can't be seen while the dome is rotating or stopped, so I begin 
tapping. Once the dome stops beat feet to it and inspect, it has a keypad, 
and a view port and there's a linking book inside just like the 
volcanic/boiler isle RD. 

What do we want to do?
1. Get into the dome.
2. Use the linking book.

What do we know?
1. The Domes have linking books in them.
2. The domes have keypads with 25 lines within 5 segments probably requiring 
a number code/s.
3. The information in Gehn's ledger may prove useful regarding the dome/s. 
4. We don't know what the symbols mean in Gehn's journal but suspect they may 
be numbers ranging from 1 to 25.

What do we need to do?
1. Find out what the symbols represent.
2. Insert the D'ni code from Gehn's book onto the dome's keypad.

What do we suspect?
1. The answer to the pass code is likely somewhere else on the age of Riven.

Move to the dome's lens and restart the dome.

Once complete there's nothing left to do on the upper part of the island, 
although observations suggest there's a lower level to the island. Head back 
to the shuttle station for some brain work. Once back in the shuttle station 
I realize I can't send an unmanned shuttle away and there's no obvious access 
to the shuttle stations 2nd door from my current position. So I figured there 
must be access by some other means and entered the shuttle, turned it around 
to exit and as I did I heard the sound the door makes when opening and 
closing. For no other reason than curiosity I tried to turn to look at the 
door figuring I would be prevented from doing so, and the freakin door was 

Normally the game prevents me from facing the door. Later after some brain 
work on Grid Island, I realized that the 1st 2 stations didn't have a blue 
shuttle call button on both sides of the station as on the Volcano to Grid 
Island station. Even though both call buttons are as conspicuous as they can 
be when entering the Grid Island station it didn't sink in.

3 clicks past the stations 2nd doorway is a lever just past the lever is a 
water pool ... pool of something anyway. Pull the lever and an elevator rises 
up from the water. Get in, push the button and ride the box down. A narrow 
glassed in hallway with what looks like roiling magma on the outside of the 
glass wall leads to a sort of tunnel where some guy is standing or waiting or 
I don't know, in any case he rabbits to his right, (your left) to flee the 
area. Follow him/her/it only to discover that Elvis is leaving the building. 
When the game frees me I return to the tunnel and continue to and up the 
stairs to a large room with a throne thingy at the tippity top. Climb in and 
begin playing with the buttons and levers to figure out what it does.

The 2 levers and button are pretty much one of the easiest things in the game 
to figure out. Ensure you get and log all the info you can out of the devices 
before leaving the room, most of it is quite valuable. We also get a full on 
view of the giant tusked whale/fish thing which looks more like a whale than 
a fish at the red light station so from here on it shall be know as "Tusky 
the misunderstood and emotionally strained Whale". When done exit to the 2nd 
shuttle station and take off to the next island.

Lead with the hand and inspect everything

Forest Island

Exit the shuttle, enter the elevator, pull the lever and ride it up. I notice 
the scratches on the lever wall; they extend further than the lever currently 
sits at after pulling it up. When Otis stops click the lever on the left and 
the floor drops and becomes stairs. Step down and have a look about, the 1st 
thing I see is 2 ground lamps on the path leading to Tusky, I also notice the 
left lamp has a short narrow light at its top, something I never noticed 
before this run. I move to and touch the skinny light and Tusky's maw closes. 
In a panic I touch it again and he opens wide, good to know. So, we've 
returned to Forest Island and traipsed out of the mouth of a Tusky the 
misunderstood and emotionally stressed Whale totem.

When previously walking through this area, the elevated walkway was quite 
obvious and still is. With no obvious means of access to the walkway or the 
rotating dome I head back inside Tusky to the lift lever with the conspicuous 
scratches. Pull the lever up and ride up into the trees. Once outside 
explore, locate and note all points of interest in particular the dome lens. 
Continue around the dome and up the stairs after inspecting the lens for the 
Forest Island symbol. Another tower guard sounds the alarm once I'm spotted. 
When free continue to the metal structure and enter. Play with the levers to 
figure out what they do, it's not difficult.

Oh yeah! The Forest Island village area definitely appears to be built on and 
in a caldera. Hey Moe! The right lever makes the floor on the maypole close 
up. So far excluding the maypole nothing has changed in the village, so, 
there's one place I haven't been to yet and that's left out of the shuttle 
station tunnel. When I decide I've had enough I close shop and return to 
ground level. Don't forget the tanning butter and blankets and watch out for 
sand crabs ... they're pinchy! So I'm heading back to the clear cut area and 
as I wend my way back I meet up with a lil cutie beauty tiny hiney Rivenese 
that runs away big time when she gets a glimpse of moi. 

Cross over the bridge and head down the stone steps from the clear cut area. 
As I proceed down the steps I catch a glimpse of the shore, some boulders and 
a couple of giant long necked pinniped looking things lounging on the 
boulders in a tidal pool. They have elongated beaks/bills/muzzles or 
whatever, and they're wicked shy and make a sort of bear roar sound when 
disturbed so take your time stepping down the steps. They blow the area when 
freaked one too many times, once gone explore the area thoroughly. Eyeball 
the boulders they were on and make a discovery before moving on. 

The Village

Leave the beach, continue along the path and through the tunnel till you end 
up outside again. There's another guard tower but this one is empty. Climb 
down the ladder on the right to the round stone thing on the ground, it kind 
of looks like a kiddy pool. In the pool is another eyeball with a symbol on 
the back the sound is from a flying beetle. There's a valve on the pool that 
partially fills the pool with water. The silhouette is also of the bug.

When done I take the ladder down to water level and follow the walkway to the 
diving bell tram thing. Get in start it and familiarize myself with the 
levers and buttons. There's a big lever on the right, a left to right sliding 
lever on the console and a swing lever above the sliding lever. The big lever 
moves the bell forward, the sliding lever makes the bell move forward to the 
right or left when at a junction and the swing lever make the bell spin 180 
degrees. So pull the big lever and go for a ride. I suggest exploring every 
avenue offered to see where they go and haul out of the bell at every 


After checking all possible rail lanes as you move around the caldera you'll 
eventually end up at the only other extended platform in the caldera. There's 
a ladder in spitting distance which empties out into a pillbox like room 30 
something feet above the lake. Take a look out the window at all the objects 
of interest; the only other extended platform is the one you used to climb 
down into the bell. At the back of the pillbox is a series of 5 levers, 2 of 
them are up and 3 are down. See the pattern? You only need to change the ones 
you'll use but which ones are they? It's faster to flip all levers and not 
spend the time running back and forth to the window. When done exit the room 
for the bell, turn it around and return to the main tram track. 

The maypole is closer but I head for the unexplored building in the caldera. 
At the stop adjust the gear to get you over to the building then exit the 
bell when you come to a stop at the dock. A small building appears to have 
been built out of the caldera wall, nice entry door. It's a meeting house or 
maybe school room, although I'm leaning toward school room because of the 
images seen in Temple #1. There's a small cage with a crank, turn it and a 
hologram of an elderly man appears and begins to speak, I think its pre-
recorded, he doesn't acknowledge me standing before the cage viewer thing. 

To the side of the room is what looks like a Rivenese version of hangman 
where the loser gets eaten by a shark or whale. With each spin a D'ni symbol 
appears on the base of the toy and the hanging person gets lowered down in 
increments equal to the symbol shown, proof is the symbol and increments 
repeat. Eventually the helpless hanger ends up in the waiting maw of the fish 
thing, looks an awful lot like the maypole yeah. This game gives you some 
valuable info; you'll need to play it a couple 3 to a bunch of times to 
acquire all the equivalents.

For those lacking knowledge of the D'ni number system it behooves you to take 
note. Be aware the symbols in the game range from #1 to 10 only but will be 
sufficient for the puzzles later on in the game. Also, the appearance of #s 1 
and 10 are rare, I had to play the game way too many times to see #1 and #10. 
Another discovery is that the #1 and 5 and 2 and 10 appear to be the same but 

Return to the bell when done, the only place of interest left in the caldera 
is the maypole, so turn that puppy around and head to the maypole. When there 
climb out and have a look around. Pull the cable and a 2nd cable with a 
larger T Bar lowers from above; grab on for a ride to the top. Once there 
explore, you'll find the large metal door that looks like it belongs to a 
prison cell and it  happens to hold at least one prisoner. With a bit more 
exploration you'll find the lock, unlock it and yell out, "Fly and be free my 
lowly and subjugated Rivenese friend!" only to discover the guy is missing 
from the cell when you make your way to the door.

There's no magic here folks, thoroughly inspect the room to find his method 
of escape. Don't fret as you make your way along the long and dark passageway 
there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Other than that there ain't no mo 
to do there so take your time on the way back to the area behind the cell, 
you don't want to miss anything, it can be enlightening. If you do miss 
anything head back once you get to the trick cell door to the tunnel. Again 
take your time and inspect everything.

This new place looks like a mini stone henge temple thingy.  Each one of the 
stones has an image of one of Riven's fauna. It looks like there's an altar 
at the back of the temple but you can't get by the stones to access it. 

OK folks it's time to don your pointed aluminum foil alien influence 
prevention caps, this is going to require some brainwork.

What do we want to do?
1. Figure out what the stones and temple are for.
2. Find out if anything in the temple can further our goals.

What do we know?
1. This place is hidden from the people and or from Gehn.
2. The stones have animal symbols on them
3. After looking at all the images, we can say we've seen representations of 
some of them on the island.
4. Up to this point in the story we can say we've heard the sounds some of 
the seen animals make.
5. We've taken note of 5 of the different species on Riven.
6. We've found numbered objects on Forest and Volcano Islands.
7. The stones can be lowered in place possibly for a selection process

What do we need to do?
1. Figure out how to use the information we've collected so far in the game 
to solve this puzzle.

Once the stone puzzle has been solved move to the altar and proceed with the 
story. Yeesh! That's a big tree ... ball ... thing. Located in the center of 
yet another lake, it has lights emanating from openings or windows or 
something. If and when you turn around you see that you've linked to the 
outside of another temple, effigy or maybe altar, maybe not. Take a step into 
the room to see what there is to see.

At the back of the room there's a truly weird statue wearing a stately robe 
and holding a linking book. It appears to have what may be feathers ... nope 
they're daggers surrounding it, I don't know. The head is covered with what 
reminds me of a cartoon mosquito head. Get a close up on the statue to see if 
there's anything to examine closer. Suddenly the game takes over as I 
approach the statue. Something hits me from behind; I 180 to face unknown 
adversaries then black out and am taken to the big tree.

Eventually regaining control, I move about the room, over to the door I can 
see ball like structures that are I guess inside the tree, they remind me of 
wasp nests. Move to the back of the room and look out the opening; in the 
distance I see the walkway I landed on when linking into this age or another 
part of the Riven age I'm not sure which. Once you move back to the center of 
the room near the table and bowl a beautiful young woman enters. She speaks 
Rivenese? She places the prison book and a ledger written by Catherine on the 
table and then leaves the room. I'm thinking I'm supposed to read the ledger, 
it's pretty long but it needs to be done.

So the yummy honey is Nelah and when I'm done reading the entire ledger or 
pretend to read the ledger Nelah returns with another linking book but this 
one has a sort of plate sitting over the linking window, I think this is the 
healing window mentioned in the journal. The link site is back at the stone 
henge temple, so start with the linking! Return to the cell then return to 
the walkway. Follow the walkway to the ladder and then down to lake level. 

I've gained info and detail on Gehn and Catherine in relation to their 
actions and dilemmas on Riven. I've visited 4 of the 5 islands and as far as 
I can tell done all there is to do on 3 of them. We still have some 
unfinished business on Temple/Dome Island.
So let's head back to the GD Isle shuttle station and ride back. If you 
didn't make the discovery when you 1st landed on Forest isle, you're in for a 
treat as you approach the opening of the cave at the shuttle station. The 
opening of the cave is in the shape of a frog which goes nicely with the 
sound made by the eyeball there. Enter the shuttle and ride back to 
GD/Temples Island.

Lead with the hand and inspect everything

GD/Temples Island

Exit the shuttle and head for the lower temple. As the door rises you see 
that the big cage thing is glowing and the image of the elderly man seen from 
the village school room/meeting house imager cage is looking out over the 
temple. He stares out into the temple for a bit then blinks out as the door 
rises. Maybe he sees me this time? Head back to and through the upper temple 
and into GD.

Golden Dome

Once inside the dome, it's ponder time.

What do we want to do?
1. Decipher the rotating domes key code symbols with the hangman game.
2. Use the linking book inside the dome.
3. Use the giant press on top of the Golden dome.

What do we know?
1. The Golden Dome is a power manifold for the rotating domes. 
2. The rotating domes are linking points for the islands of Riven. 
3. The RD symbols can be seen and its rotation stopped with the dome lens.
4. The RDs are locked and can only be opened with a key code.
5. The key code symbols for the RDs found in Gehn's journal are numeric.
6. The hangman game in the Village meeting house helps decode the key code 
symbols under the number 10. Some extrapolation will be required to solve 
some of the key code symbols.
7. The colored fire marbles are a power source and likely represent 5 of 6 
possible islands of Riven.
8. The giant press on top of the Golden Dome harnesses Fire Marble energy and 
acts as a power source conduit for the linking books in the rotating domes.

What do we need to do?
1. Test the RD key code on GS/Temples Isle.
2. Verify the linking book in the dome is inactive or inactive.
3. Complete the organization of all pertinent data regarding the RD, symbols, 
colors and coordinates.
4. Gain access to the giant press at the top of the Golden Dome.
5. Place the Fire marbles accordingly and then engage the giant press.

Turn back to the entrance of GD to ensure the bridge is up. Once complete 
head left and down into the dome and then outside to the lift then ride it 
down. Make your way to the RD and stop its rotation then begin deciphering 
the code if you haven't already done so. Ghen's journal and the game in the 
school room will help you solve the code.

In this culture the number 5 and multiples of it is a given.
Test the key code, once inside the dome the book is blank, sort of expected. 
When satisfied with the results restart the dome or not and return to the 
original entry point at upper level of the Golden Dome. From there continue 
around the walkway to the exterior elevated walkway leading to the side entry 
to Temple #1.

Zip to and enter the back side of temple #1, proceed to the anteroom and push 
the button enough times to gain entry to the Temple to the dome bridge. Head 
for the top of the dome, locate a large device that looks like a giant press. 
Again, before the press and to the right is a button that probably operates 
the press.

The press has a large square grid that is sectioned off into the same grid 
patterns of the 5 islands on Grid Island. To the right of the grid are the, 
(pretty sure) 6 colored Fire Marbles. Now for the nitty gritty, we have to 
figure out what to do with the press.

What do we want to do?
1. Figure out where the colored beads are placed. 
2. Operate the giant press to power up the rotating domes.
3. Find Gehn.
4. Find Catherine.

What do we know?
1. The grid on the press is broken up into shapes representing the 5 islands
2. 5 of the 6 lights, (one light is out), as seen from the viewing throne on 
Grid Island can be matched to 5 of the 6 eye symbols. 
3. Each of the 4 visited islands known as Dome, Forest, Volcano and Grid 
islands have rotating domes, the 5th island and dome is shown in 
representation on an island we haven't been able visit to yet.
4. The domes are linking points from the islands to Gehn's hidden island/age, 
(Gehn's ledger).
5. 4 of the 5 domes can be matched to 4 of the 6 eye symbols, (forest, grid, 
dome and volcano domes). The 5th dome is either of the 2 remaining symbols.
6. 3 of the 5 domes can be matched to 3 of the 6 colored lights.
7. The 6 colored Fire marbles are considered a power source, (Gehn's ledger)
8. We have visual representations of 5 islands and grid coordinates of 5 
island domes.

What do we suspect?
1. The eye symbols possibly represent 6 islands and at least known 5 rotating 
2. For sure the colored lights represent 5 of 6 possible islands and their 
fire marble power sources. 

What do we need to do?
1. Organize all the data collected from the 4 islands related to rotating 
dome lens symbols, dome locations, grid locations, and eye symbol/color.
2. Use the organized data to operate the press. The 5th isle/dome/color 
requires some experimentation but is limited to the remaining fire bead 

Whether you have correctly positioned the beads or not you'll discover, to 
your dismay, once you pull the lever that nothing happens. Pay attention to 
the process from the pull of the lever to nothing happening and maybe a tiny 
light bulb will pop up and answer the question for you.
Once you have successfully engaged the press all 5 of the linking books in 
the RDs will now be powered. There're 3 entries, (pgs 7, 10 and 12) from 
Gehn's ledger that corroborate regarding the previous statement. The GD's 
rotating dome is closest so head for it. 

Use the dome lens to stop the RD if it's still rotating, then use the dome 
key code to open it up. Once in, touch the linking window and link to Gehn's 

Has it sunk in yet that the symbol on the linking book in the RD is the same 
as Gehn's functional age?

Lead with the hand and inspect everything

Gehn's Island

Crap! I linked into another metal cage at the center of a round room. There 
are linking books on pedestals just outside the cage but they don't work. 
There is also a button on the cage that I can click and it does work. Push 
the button and in short time Gehn will show up. Gehn will speak for some time 
giving you his version of his time on Riven and his interactions with the 
Rivenese and Catherine since her return. Gehn takes the prison book from moi 
but hesitates in using it then offers it to me 1st as a test. 

You have a decision to make, if you thoroughly read Atrus journal and took 
notes you have the tools to make the decision and cut 10 or more minutes off 
the game. If not, as I believe the game expects it continues as normal.

If I hold back he then offers to give me time to think about the offer and to 
use the linking books around the cage to explore before taking him up on the 
offer. Gehn turns on a furnace/boiler thing that lights up the pedestals 
holding the linking books then exits the room. As you looked about the room 
after linking in you may have noticed a linking book to the one island you 
haven't been to yet. You may also remember Gehn requesting me not to assist 
Catherine in any way. I'd say easy guess is the last island is Catherine's 
prison island. Lastly Gehn said the call button would reset as MF linked out. 

So I check the other linking books for S&Gs 1st, all appear to be operating. 
OK, link somewhere and back then call Gehn into the building. I link out to 
the only island I haven't been to yet to see what I can see.

Lead with the hand and inspect everything

Catherine's Prison age

Once in the 5th rotating dome tap the floor button to open the thing up. Have 
a look about. It appears to be a small rocky tor, maybe it was the remnants 
of a solidified magma chamber and Gehn sliced the top off to use as a bed for 
the building. Make your way up and into the building to a circle on the floor 
and some metal bars. On the wall behind the bars is a device with 3 buttons 
and a sliding lever, try the buttons, they produce sounds for whatever 
reason. Just above and to the right there's a lever, pull it and ride to the 
upper level of the building.

Just after arriving Catherine appears in the doorway and speaks to you giving 
a bit of info as aid and warning then walks away. Pull the lever and return 
to the dome for your link back to Gehn's place. 

Lead with the hand and inspect everything

Gehn's Island

Once you're back in the cage you have some thinking to do. If you've kept 
clear notes on your finds and conversations you'll be good to go in a shot. 
If you haven't and can't find or remember you'll need to do some reading, 
there are 2 instances where you're given the information you need to make a 
clear decision on your course of action. Once you have it right go ahead and 
call Gehn. 

Exploring Gehn's place

Gehn fell for the deception, explore the room, the entry door is locked, 
there's a lever on the knee wall that opens the linking cage and a ladder 
leading down into the lower level of Gehn's living quarters. Climb down and 
explore find the ledger and read it. Look into everything. A curious small 
globe looking thing on the table that makes noise like something we've 
recently heard. Over to the window there's a viewer that may be of Gehn's 
late wife. You now have all you need to free Catherine; return to the upper 
level, locate the linking book to Catherine and link out.

Lead with the hand and inspect everything

Prison Island

Once there beat feet to the elevator and use what you learned at Gehn's place 
to free Catherine. The bars will spin away and the elevator will rise without 
using the pull bar. Catherine gives MF instructions and a short explanation 
of her intentions then she leaves. When free return to the RD and link to 

The sequence of sounds produced by the globe change each new game just like 
the telescope and rotating dome solutions.

Lead with the hand and inspect everything

Gehn's Island

Crap, back in the cage. Not to worry, search the books and learn that 
Catherine has torn the link pages out of all but GD Island, link to it. 

GD Island
Exit the RD, you'll have to adjust a bit Catherine has used the lift; it 
needs to be lowered to use. Head for the cage at Riven's link in point and 
locate the telescope. You've acquired all the info you need to open it and do 
the only thing possible that Atrus might see with his linking window. 

Once you do this the fissure opens and chaos begins. Atrus will link into the 
cage and question you. Catherine will arrive shortly, they'll link out and MF 
will jump into the fissure ending the game.


Solutions are in order of discovery if one follows the guide as written.

Temple Isle

Temple puzzle
1. Push anteroom button 4 times, exit, down 2nd set of stairs, enter cave.
2. Enter temple room, pull pipe lever to metallic cone.
3. Pull left lever up to raise a gate, push button twice, enter temple.
4. Enter next room, pull lever up to raise dome gate, push button twice.
5. Enter anteroom, push button twice head for Gold Dome.

Volcano/Boiler Island

Boiler Puzzle
1. Click manifold lever at end of pier to boiler pipe, return to boiler.
2. At boiler pull right pipe lever to kill flame.
3. Click wheel to empty boiler of water.
4. Click left pipe lever to divert power to tank platform wall lever.
5. Pull wall lever up to raise tank platform.
6. Access pipe at bottom of boiler.

Frog Trap

About 30 to 40 seconds after the trap sets down it springs shut trapping a 
frog. If you haul the trap back up and open it the frog will chirp and hop 
off the trap.

Entry to Gehn's Workshop

Listen for the hum on the way to Gehn's workshop, a power switch right side 
of walkway between balcony and Gehn's Workshop.

Gehn's Workshop

Journal, pg. 10 eye symbols/ Fire Marbles as power source pg. 14/ RD code, 
pg. 18/ water life form.

Grid Island 

Dome Search Puzzle

1. Press one of the push pad island representations on the balcony railing. 
2. Return to the lake dome and press one of the 1 to 11 island grid blocks 
for a 3D grid representation of that section of the island. 
3. Each island block is broken down into a 5X5 grid, 5 rows and 5 columns.  
4. Search the grid for a rotating linking dome, if no dome is found access 
each block in the island grid until one is found.
4. Once a dome is found log the row and column coordinates for the island 
grid block and the coordinates for the dome within the grid block.
5. Repeat items 1 through 4 for a different island representation.

Throne Viewer

Island Eye symbol/color Match

On this device all but one eye symbol is matched with a color, eventually the 
eye symbols and colors will be a valuable aspect in the solving of a major 

Throne symbols

Once in the throne push the button on the right side of the chair, it'll 
swing the chair 180 to face the water. Pull the right side lever to lower the 
viewer. The viewer has a series of eye symbols and each symbol can be 
accessed by the viewer. When a symbol is accessed the viewer shows an 
underwater area of Riven. At least 5 of the 6 eye symbols represent an RD on 
one of the islands on Riven. Each symbol has a colored light although one of 
the lights is not working. Each color is a representation of a fire marble.

Forest = Red, Volcano = Purple, Grid = Orange, Dome = Green, Prison = Blue 
and I'm guessing Gehn's written age = Yellow.

Forest = circle, 1/2 open horizontal eye, vertical pupil, Volcano = circle, 
vertical pupil, Grid = circle, horizontal pupil, Dome = circle, dot pupil, 
Prison = circle, 1/2 open vertical eye, dot pupil, Gehn's = circle, 1/2 open 
horizontal eye, dot pupil.

Forest Island Village

Village Cell and tunnel Puzzle

There is a drain in the cell floor click it to raise the handle. You must 
walk to the ocean end of the tunnel, on the way back locate the wall lights 
and click them.

Hidden Temple Stone Puzzle

The 5 eyeballs found on Forest Island and in Gehn's Workshop on Volcano 
Island have the numbers 1 through 5 on them. Each eyeball minus the one found 
at the workshop also makes a sound when the eyeball is rolled in the wall 
depression it sits in. Each sound is associated with an animal found on or 
around the Riven Islands. 3 of the 5 eyeballs have a representation of the 
animal in question at or near the eyeball, the remaining 2 must be found at 
other locations.

The number on each ball represents the order it must be applied to the temple 
stones to activate the altar area and expose the linking book.

#1 Triangle fish, from Village Lake 
#2 Beetle village pool
#3 Frog, Forest Island shuttle station
#4 Pinniped forest paths
#5 Tusked Whale Forest Island beach   

Locate each animal in order on the stones and click. If you err, click the 
stones again to raise them up and start again.

Dome Island

Rotating Dome Code

The code changes with every new game but the DN'I number system remains the 
same. The DN'I symbols from 1 to 10 are obvious if you played the game in the 
village, but any number above 10 will take a bit of thought. The symbols for 
1 and 5 are the same but the 1 is rotated 90 degrees, the same for symbols 2 
and 10. You will also notice the same for the symbols for 3 and 4. Each 
symbol rotation is a multiple of 5.

Golden Dome Puzzle

The data will be organized thusly, Island, Fire marble color, block 
coordinates, (row/column), grid coordinates, (row/column) eye profile.

Volcano Island was the only symbol out of the 6 without a color; therefore 
its fire marble is Purple.

The one island I haven't been to yet, is the single square unit, therefore it 
must be where Catherine is being kept and it has a blue fire marble. It can 
not be Gehn's new refuge, that is, (not sure how to calculate the symbols) 
but the .rd at the end of it means it must end with a 3; that said it is 
either the 53rd, 143rd or 233rd "age" and not of Riven. The only color and 
symbol I can't verify belonging to an island/RD is yellow.

Forest Island, Red, 2/1, 2/4, half open horizontal vertical iris
Volcano Island, Purple, 1/1, 4/2, full open vertical iris
Grid Island, Orange, 3/2, 2/1, full open horizontal iris
Dome Island, Green, 1/2, 1/1, full open dot iris
Prison Island, Blue, 1/2, 1/2 open vertical dot iris

Set the colored beads the in their proper coordinates then pull the lever on 
the right down. The press will contact and engage the grid. Push the bright 
white button that appears above the lever, if you have correctly placed all 5 
beads the press will shake violently along with a loud boom. If you see and 
hear nothing raise the press and recheck all bead positions.

Gehn's Island

Trapping Gehn

Look in the book Atrus gave you at the beginning of the adventure, locate the 
date 87.6.20 and read.

Prison Island

Freeing Catherine

The solution is different for every new game.

The globe in Gehn's sleeping quarters produces a series of sounds, Write the 
sounds and their order down then use them on the device at the bottom of the  
elevator before rising up to Catherine's the prison room.

GD Island

Activating the Rift telescope

Open Catherine's journal and locate the pages with the drawings of the scope, 
everything you need to solve the puzzle is there.


You don't have to keep the domes spinning to complete the game.

You can't sneak up on the stranger below Grid Island by taking the secret 
access to the sub surface shuttle via Tusky the Misunderstood Whale. There's 
no call button at the sub station.

Notice all the RDs linking books have Gehn's 1st viable written age symbol, 
I9I8I on the covers.

Never noticed before this revision, I always went straight to the GD Island 
RD, on this write I checked the other books for shits and giggles and 
discovered Catherine tears the links out of all the other books but GD.

If you are clever enough to remember the location and date info given in 
Atrus' journal regarding the prison linking book before Gehn offers you to 
use the link you can trap Gehn much sooner, bypass the initial meeting with 
Catherine and avert the linking in and out twice.