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Can I play Red Faction on Windows 7? If so how? I have tried and I get a clip effect everytime I run the game.

Windows 7 Pro, Nvidia 8600GT when I run the game and try to move in a level even the training levels I get a clipping effect where the graphics disapeear as if I turned on the noclip cheat code, but of course it is not on. Computer has 4 Gig of RAM and is a brand name system (HP 9610n)

ZaphodM2 asked for clarification:

Same problem, but running Vista 64 Untiment.
In my case when the trying to run the program I get a message that 8 MB of available video memory is required to run. I am running a NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT with 4G of V-RAM


BluesKamikame answered:

Have you tried installing Pure Faction? It's an unoffical, community-made patch that fixes issues with modern hardware and removes some multiplayer cheats/exploits. Red Faction won't run on my hardware without this patch because of the 8MB video memory error. Find the patch here: <>.

My system:
Win 7 Pro
Nvidia 8600M GS
4gig RAM
0 0

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