Question from brz0

Character freezing?

So im running through the game and a mob hits me now my characters frozen but everything else works fine

seems to happen once in awhile
anyone know how to stop this?

brz0 provided additional details:

Oh and i dont mean the actual frozen effect incase someone tries to give me that....

brz0 provided additional details:

Again more of a glitch frozen as in to the point where i never unfreeze
its a pain tp have to keep restarting the game everytime it happens

Accepted Answer

the_dracolich answered:

It's a bug. Just switch weapon sets with W (don't forget to switch back to your main setup when you can move again) or unequip and equip your armor again and you'll be able to move again.
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Maniac2005 answered:

Sure. Put on a piece of equipment with the modifier, "Cannot Be Frozen".
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