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Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find stone of jordan?

For a horadric cube recipe i need an item, "stone of jordan" and i dont even know what it is?

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From: Skeletal_King 6 years ago

The 'Stone of Jordan' is a very good Unique Ring that features +1 All Skills, and +25% bonus mana.

It most commonly found on Andariel in Nightmare difficulty, however Diablo and Baal in Normal are able to drop it as well, but it's rare. Any monster in Act 4 and above are capable of dropping it. Just more rare.

I assume you're trying to add a socket to a Rare item? Don't bother. That recipe is a waste of a Stone of Jordan. Just use the Socket Quest.

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Yep, don't waste it on cube recipes, keep it or trade it, and it can be found on Mephisto and Andariel on Nightmare and Hell.

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