Question from RyujiAssassin

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I start Act 3, Quest 4?

I am at act 4, but Act 3 Quest 4 never started for me. Anyone know what I did wrong?

Accepted Answer

From: Matt_E_Lynch 5 years ago

Talk to Alkor after beating Act 3 Quest 2, he'll tell you to get a book for him.. It's in the Ruined Temple, the entrance is in 1 of 3 locations: lower kurast, kurast bazaar, upper kurast or kurast causeway. In the ruined temple you'll find a unique Flesh Hunter called Battlemaid Sarina. Obviously you should kill her, but it's not required as part of the quest. Near where you encounter her, you'll find a pedestal with a book. Pick it up, you'll be told to bring it to Alkor and he'll give you a potion for your work. The potion gives you 5 free attribute points to spend as you see fit. However, the quest is not required to clear the game.

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Talk to Alkor to start this quest. There are quests that you can skip and proceed with the story, and this is one of them.

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