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Asked: 5 years ago

How do you Save your Game as a 'File'?

How do I save my game as a 'file'? Someone please explain... so I (computer moron) can understand!!!

Please and thankyou!

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From: bullbass07 5 years ago

How do i designate a skill to a hotkey ?

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The save game "file" should be within your Diablo 2 folder. If that is what you are looking for the default is C:\Program Files\Diablo 2\Save I believe. does not allow that, it saves some files, although I am not completely sure what they are, they are not your complete character. Your single player characters will be in that folder if I am correct.

If you are trying to use a hero editor just browse to that folder using the "Open Character" option you have and you should be able to pull it up just fine. I recommend having your character's corpse first though if you are doing that, or them not being dead in the first place.

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If you are playing Single Player, and you want to "save" your game, copy the .d2s file onto your desktop. For example, you want to gamble. Copy the .d2s file onto your desktop, then load your character and gamble away. If you don't get anything good, copy the .d2s file from your desktop to your Save folder. It'll say, 'replace?' Say yes. You should have all your money back.

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