Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel
			Recruit Guide v1.1
			Ancient Talisman

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  .01	Skills, Perks, and Stats
	* A recommended character.
  .01	Recommended
  .02	Develop your own specialists
  .01	Preparation
  .02	Recruit List
05.00	NOTE
  .01 	Race Note
  .02	Chemicals
00.00	OTHERS
  .04 	Legal Mumbo jumbo

Entertainment Corp)

Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel is one of my most awaited games. One
word of advice, don't expect much RPG elements of Fallout 1 and 2 in this game.
It's a combat game poor and simple, no reputation-affect towns and lengthy
quests. Actually, almost no quest's in this game. If you touch this just to play some
new combat game, you'll not regret. If you're a Fallout fan, expect a bunch of

01.01	Skills, Perks and Stats

The game revolves around combat. Skill points distribution will be concentrated
on combat skills. Stats points development and perk achievement will be
oriented toward combat and combat support as well. You may try to do
otherwise, but that's invitation to frustrate and disappointment.

These are the most important skills+

a. Small gun: 	for normal and common weapons, using mostly in first part of the
game, from mission 1 to mission 8, 9. In the later missions Sniper-style recruits
will take full advantage of Sniper rifle to kill from afar. We can snipe up to 50 hex
so we'll need at least 150 to 200%. Can learn by magazine, but Bullet and Gun is
not that common, I think there's about 3-4 mag per game. bonus = 2*IN

b. Big gun:	for heavy weapon specialists , using mostly in second part of the
game, from mission 7 to mission 11, later missions big guns're not effective any
more, with some exceptions of Browning M2 (ammo .50 cal) and Rocket
Launcher (most effective in vehicle and random encounters, not so great in
missions). As said above, the most important guns are: Browning M2... pause, i
guess RL worth it too. Try to hoard as much .50 cal as you can (in Random
encounters with mutants), even 10000 is not too much; or from Behemoths in
later part. HW specialists will play an important role in your squad: shock troop.
Nothing like one or three HWSs with browning m2 between the other teammates
and a horde of robots, super mutants and deathclaws running toward your team
screaming for blood. Or like one or two guys in a bunker full of Super Mutants.

c.Energy weapon: For laze, pulse and plasma weapons. Very much in demand in
dealing with robots as they can withstand most kind of SMG and BG weapons.
Sunbeam laze will replace sniper rifle in sniping robots. Two options for you: hire
EW specialists for these missions or develop EW skill yourself. There're some
interesting EW specialists later on in my game but they can vary depended on
your character and your game.

d.Sneak:	You need this to recon the battlefield and infiltrate enemy base if
needed. Snipers need it to get to good position, Slayers need it to get near to
theirs targets without wading through a rain of bullets, rockets and laze. Other
than leather armor (normal and advanved) any kinds of armor will lower sneak

e.First aid:	To regain the lost HP. Can only use consecutively 4 or 5 times
before gain bandaged status--> can  used FA skill on him/her/it no more. Cheap
and effective. Try to heal with FA kits while the other hand hold FA field
kit-->increase FA skill temporarily. Can learn by reading. about 4-6 books per

f.Doctor:	Mainly for cure bandaged and other serious status: cripple, blind,
concuss... Before patch 127 there's a big chance of fully healed even if the
patient is 1/187 HP. After patched, sighed... mostly 65---70 HP per use, fully
healed are pretty rare.

g. Trap+Pilot+Outdoor: Useful, but can be developed through books. Don't spend
skill on them. If too pressed, you can always hire specialists. Minefields can be
detected by high level, high perception, sneak crawl boy or girl. After that some
12 gauge shotgun shells with someone SMG 90+ is enough to clear them. dont
bother to disarm:  Mines are too heavy to carry around for use, expensive to buy
but not that expensive to bring home for sale.

h. Steal. Useful for acquiring expensive medical stuffs and equipments but don't
develop it. Almost every games has Babs (after mission 6, rank 5, save the
ghouls) as a thief. Use her then drop her back into recruit pools. best game have
her  6 or 7 perception so she could have pickpocket.

i.Throwing. Grenades of all kinds are very common. I don't find much use for them
except throwing pulse grens through walls toward bots. you may develop them,
but there're some recruits with throwing tagged. Gren is not very effective.

j. UNARM and MELEE: if you prefer to choose the way of Slayers, well, spent on
these two lavishly. If not, NOT a point.

I thinks that's all for skills.

These're Most Important General Perks:+

a. Bonus ROF: 	AG 7, PE 6, IN 6 lvel 15. less one AP for using weapons.

b. Mutate!	Give it to new recruits to get Gifted (+1 each stats, -5 Sp each
level, -10% of each skills) or Fear the Reaper (perk/2 lvels, loss HP suddenly and
when leveling up). But if you want to gifted, try to wait until level 12 or later to
reduce the total loss of SP.

c. Divine Favor: CHA 8, level 14. perk/2lvel and +1 to highest STAT (not exceed
racial restrictions).  If you wait till level 14 to choose it you will have perk in lvel 15,
17, 19, 21, 23... ghoul will be perk/3 level. (meaning a Fear Ripper, 8 Cha Ghoul
can get divine favor to have perk/2 level)

d. Leader: 	6 CHA. +1 AGI to other members of the team, not to leader. But
they must be near leader to get it. 2 leader stand beside each other will get +1
AGI each, others +2.

e. Loner: 	<5 CHA, outdoor 40. +10 to every skill when staying away from
teamates. But it's a bug. The bonus is on all the time even when you're standing
next to someone. This actually makes it pretty good as you get +10% to all skills
at all times. I think it's not that good with low CHA like that. I choose it for recruits.

f. Bonus Ranged Damage (2 levels)	AG 6, LK 6 . 	+15% to damage
caused by guns.

If you choose to play as Sniper, you should have traits Finesse and Kamikaze
and the following:

g. More Criticals (3 levels) :	LU 6.	 +5 to CRitical chance each MC level

h. Sharpshooter:	PE 7, IN 6	+2 to PE when shooting.

i. Tunnel Rat		AG 6		crawling at walk speed (depend on your

If you choose to play as Slayer (up close and personal, rough and tumble...)
choose these perks

j. Toughness(3 levels)	EN 6, LK 6	+15 to DMG resist. each levels.

k. *Bonus HTH Dam. (3lvl): ST 6, AG 6	obviously.

l. *Bonus HTH Att.	AGI 6:	-1 AP to kicks and fist

m. HtH Evade	:	Unarmed 75% 	add 1/6 Unarm skill to AC if both hand
empty or use unarm weapons.

n. *Silent Death       	AG 10, Sneak 80%  	ectasy.

o. *Slayer	ST 8, AG 8, Unarmed 80%	Must have for this type.

p. *Silent Running      AG 6, Sneak 50%

Obviously there're so many perks for this type, it made hard to choose. It depend
on your style though (shrug). I recommend k,l,n,o. Save perks if need be until you
can achieve them.

The problem with slayer-style is a slayer will need all his/her perks just for those *
perks above. Nothing left for other functions. So If your character is slayer, you will
need a Leader, or Doctor.


Gift is maybe the most useful for Character development. Penalties in  SP are
steep but acceptable. 7 points more in place of SP are so much yummies. So
this is my proposal for your consideration

---A recommended character---

5STR+6PER+1EN+7 Char+5LU+9INT+7AGI

so that Gift will give us 6STR+7PER+2EN+8 Char+6LU+10INT+8AGI . 6ST will
be enough for most gun except browning m2. 7 per 6 LUC for several perks. 8
CHA for Leader and DIvine favor. 8AGI=9AP. 10 IN will yield the most in Books,
mags and SP earn per level. I intend to use Elixir of Life to offset the dangerous
endurance and never get near where bullets fly thickest.

Concentrate on playing as Leader, Lockpicker (maybe), Doctor and Sniper. FA
can be learnt or hire a doc or nurse. playing as DOCTOR  to harvest XP in
 healing. yes, they're for doc only, not for other lowly grunts or gunslingers or even


Heavy weapon specialist : Fast shot (combine with Bonus ROF===> -2AP for
each shot--> 3AP for a burst of minigun --->9AP HWS can shoot 3 times a turn.)

(NINJA) maybe Night Person + Small Frame. later Mutate to Gifted in level 12.
remember to get Night Vision --> we have a Night op. specialist.

(Genius) Or we can save a perk by choose Gift with Finessee now.

Tag: 	Energy gun, SMG, Doctor. Spend points on SMG, sneak and doctor, left
EW till level 9 or more before you should start. (so you will save a perk, no need
to choose tag! later)

Perk: 	Comprehension(a must, we can learn about repair, scout, first aid and
SMG, science too); Wait till level 9 or 12 then Mutate (maybe Night
person-->Gifted); Leader or wait till level 14 to try Divine Favor; Sharpshooter,
More Criticals(3),Bonus Rate of Fire (or Gain AGI/Bonus Ranged Damage).

So, NINJA has Comprehension, Mutate, Leader, Divine Favor,  Sharpshooter,
More Criticals(3), Bonus Rate of Fire as soon as you can

Genius will have Comprehension, Leader, Sharpshooter, Divine Favor, More
Criticals(3), Bonus Range Damage or Sniper if you like. NINJA has 45-60 Sp
more than Genius. Your choice.

Now go out and get them. If your fingers itch for some juicy bits of drugs and
money and Rp and weapons... be patient. Wait till after Quincy (mission 6) and
gain rank 5. Babs will be for rent at Recruit pools. Develop her a bit, then wander
through various place to take and take and take (save and save and save). For
gambling, maybe Stumpy? If not him then choose any rcruits with Gambling
tagged. Until your repair skill (learn by book) get to desired level (around 80 and
upwards) choose specialist in game to repair the vehicles. I used Ed for quite a

Read more in RECRUIT POOL sections.


Rank and CHA are important if you want to have access to good recruits,
excellent equipment and big vanity. We shall look at them a little carefully

Ranks in BOS: from 1 to 13*

 {Senior Initiate}
 {Senior Squire}
 {Junior Knight}
 {Senior Knight}
 {Knight Commander}
 {Junior Paladin}
 {Paladin Commander}
 {Paladin Lord}

Ranks can be affected by 3 element:

a. Successful operations with all objectives completed and hidden obj completed
(an example is BUENA VISTA mission, other than 2 official obj, one hidden is
eliminating most of the robots) Hidden obj is shown in the brief of that mission.

b. CHA: higher CHA, faster the rate you climb upwards. ANd maybe, just maybe,
higher CHA will affect quality of the recruits too. I suspect it because recruits in
my game is pretty different in other people's games. the number of total stats
points each of them have, some small anomalies, tag skills, traits. A fear the
reaper ghoul is definitely better than a normal ghoul. save mutate! And a
sniper-material recruit with initial EW tag will be super duper yummy. one more
perk for more criticals

c. Brown Noser: 1 brown noser = +1 rank. Good for your low CHA recruits. for
high CHA, I'm not sure. I don't find it neccessy other than recruits Grimm brothers

About 	CHARISMA	hmmm. There are 3 uses for it:

a. Rank: as said above.

b. Perks: Leader and Divine Favor. DF is most fun but it requires 8 CHA. Low
CHA give us Loner. Good but in my book it can't hold candle to DF.

c. Shopping: if you don't like to steal and gamble and even if you like both, you
still need bartering. Buying and selling to save and earn the hard cold cash of RP
and $.

In recruit pool there's some known specialist

  .01	Recommended specialists
(meaning they play this role almost every games)

	Thief:		 Babs
	gambler:	 Stumpy
	Sniper/Leader: 	 Clarisse,
	Mechanic: 	 Ed
	HWS:		 Joe grimm. Brian (in my game he's Big gun tagged
from beginning and I built it up to 200. Nothing so satisfy as sniping with Rocket
	HtH specialist	Riddick, Deathclaws

  .02	Develop your own specialists

	2 ways to do: use them to let them earn EXP (actively) or just left them in
Recruit Pool to receive Xp passively. I will discuss the second way

	It seem in prior version to 127, recruits in Pool will be actomatically
leveled up, distributed SP and chosen Perks. It suck and this second way is not
possible. I play version 127 and find that: after a long period of fighting and
earning a significant amount of XP, when the squad returns to Bunker, the
recruits in Pool will receive a portion of those XP and still not level up. There are
some exceptions to this : Recruits with higher XP and levels than my character;
and some just plain weird recuits. Those weird recruits are (in my game) Stevie
and Sharon. If I save before talking to Recruit master, talk and view the status of
them, quit and load+talk, their skill point spending and perks will be different.
there are some ways to use this to choose perks for them but I didnot want to try.

	When you talk to RM the first time, some recruits has additional Xp, right.
Kick your squad out, pick any great potential recruits, quit. In game screen go to
chracter screen and level up them as you wish. If you want to shelve them for later
developing (I left Brian until level 15 then develop him into a 200% HW specialist)
remember to spend at least 1 skill points before send them back to RM. After
that the game consider them the reserve of my squad and left them alone (not
change their Xp to default). Now you must earn a large chunk of Xp before you
can repeat this. Each time you can only mod 5 recruits, so choose carefully.

	This is great as you can have a number of good reserve for your squad,
built specifically toward their roles in future. In later mission when your initial
soldiers didnot work as well as before (Sniper rifle can't penetrate heavy armor
Super mutants, or robots; a burst of AK47, Neostead didnot cause good
damage to the grinning SM) you can call them out. their levels may be a bit lower
(1 or 3) but they will meet your needs. The initial squad of mine (farsight, stitch,
stoma, ice, core_pipboy) become obsolete and (clarisse+dos-sniper SMG and
EW, rage-scout, brian-HWS) replaced them.


  .01	Preparation
	Before meet the Recruit Master (or Recruit Yeoman) of the bunker we'll
need to do a certain measures of preparations. they are to ensure we have good

	First, level up your current teammates, left equipment in lockers or
vehicles if need be.
	Second, get HIGH. yes, rright, get high. not just any kind of drugs, no sir.
Only one kind for you: Mentats. It's the only drug raise CHA. using one or two,
three if need be (avoid addiction if possible) notice the change in your rank. Yes,
that's right. Rank can change with CHA temporarily affected like that. Then go

	For a normal recruits to be available in the Pool, two conditions must be
satisfied: One- After certain mission (see below); Two- After Certain rank (ranks
stated below is rank of recruits, your character must have the same or higher
rank). For special recruits, condition One will be changed with Three- your
character must encounter a specific encounter. for example if you are paladin
lord in mission 5 you can have Grimm brothers (but how to do that other than

  .02	Recruit List

I didn't add their stats here because it seem their stats change randomly each
game and CHA of the main character. I know my recruits and Guiler's recruits
are different from each other, especially in Tag! skill and Stats Points.
Recruits we used will be promoted, but very slowly.

e.g:	After QUINCY:			(Ghoul) 		Babs(4*)
	only available after mission Quincy
	Ghoul:	Race
	Babs: 	Name
	4*: 	rank stated  is rank of recruits, your character must have the
same or higher rank


	(5BOS)		Robin, Jax, Stitch, Farsight, Torn,

		Note: Must recruit him in Pipboy Encounter with party <6 (me
with a party of 5 was not able to do that, must reduce to 4-->succeed)--> he
became CORE_Pipboy (has 10 luck). Or we can let him wander off the map and
he will be available in Recruit pool as Pipboy (4luck)(Never tried this option.
Anyone want to comment on this?)


	(8BOS)		Trevor, Kevin(2*), Brian, Rage(2*), Rebecca(2*), Ice(2*),
Jo, Mandy(2*)


	(5Tribal) 	(target(3*), sharon, keith(4*)) +(?)(Fleetfoot, Slicer)

		Note: 1-If Charisma > 8 can we have Fleetfoot, Slicer? 2-If we
have zero tribal casualties will we have those two?

	(5BOS)		Stein(3*), Stumpy(4*), Stoma(4*), Stevie, Beth(3*)


	(3Ghoul) 	Babs(4*), billy bob(4*), (?)Frank

		Note: 	1-Must save the Ghouls in Quincy,
			2-If  Charisma > 8 can we have Frank?


	(4Deathclaw) 	Shaav(4*), Shriek(4*), Krldraav(5*), Mother(5*),

		Note: Must save Matriarch and ally with them.

	(5Raider) 	Creeper, Pain(5*), Hurt(5*), Malice(5*), Boomer(6*)

	(3ghoul)	Dillon(5*), Harold(5*), Martin(5*),

	(3BOS)		Max(6*), Alice(6*), Ed(6*)

	Riddick(5*) (?)

		Note:	Must survive Black Pitch with him.


	(5SuperMutant)	 Chuck(6*), Toni(6*), Bob(7*), Pump(7*), Cookie(9*)

	(5BOS) 	John(9*), vector(8*), kaisa(8*), Fran(7*), Karl(6*)


	(4Reaver) 	Mac(1*), Dos(10*), (Hardrive ?), (Seedee ?)

		Note:  	If Charisma > 8 can we have Hardrive and Seedee?
			when Mac appear she's quite developed

	(6BOS) 	Slim(12*), Shaky(12*), Clarisee(12*), debbie(11*),
			Peta(10*), Box(10*)
	Joe and Jim Grimm (10*)

		Note: 1-Must heal his injured leg in Brother Grimm Encounter.

After (?)Canyon City

	(1Robot) HR1205

NOTE: it seems the recruits' stat, perks, tag skill, traits may vary between each
game. I notice a big different between recruits described in Guiler's Walthrough
and my game so I dont list them up there. you may save before talking to RM first
time in the interlude after crucial missions  to see if the stats is predetermined
each game or just at the current first time state of your char. What I mean is: save
before go to the exit grid of crucial missions, save before talking to RM after that,
then load back to see if any stats of recruit change...

05.00	NOTE*

  .01 	Race Note

	1- BOS, Raider, Reaver: recruits came from BOS-Raider-Reaver
recruits, independent from events

	2- Tribal: Recruits from barbarian tribes, dependent on events,
especially in mission1,when we have to keep the number of tribal casualties
down to minimum.

	3-Ghoul: Recruits from Ghoul clans, dependent on events, especially in
Quincy, must help those ghouls (minimum ghoul casualties) and rescue Georgi
(Elliot's brother); and in KANSAS CITY(minimum Ghoul casualties, me with 3
ghouls dead but the bishop still praised me); not sure about Kansas recruits
though, the bishop said some about that but it seems noone new.... (shrug).

	4-Deathclaw: Recruits from a Deathclaw clan, dependent on events, in
mission Mardin, must save Matriarch and ally with her. Only four of them.

	5-SuperMutant: Recruits from SuperMutant remnant army, independent
on events, but maybe in KANSAS CITY, we should save the lab (but nothing to
indicate that destroy it will affect the number of recruits though)

	6-Free Recruit: There are 4 independent recruits in FT BOS: Pipboy, 2
Grimm brothers and Riddick. To hire them, first we have to go to specific

  .02	Chemicals

	You should use chemicals in game. It raise your stats in many ways,
temporary of course.But not just any drug, only two kinds. First, Afterburnergum:
duration: 2 days of +1STR +1 PE, after that must endure 2 days of lowered stats.
Second, Mentats: 1 day of +2PE +1 CHA +2IN; 4 days of lowered stats. You
better not get addicted. Any other drugs got shorter durations---> not worth it. But
it's your choice.

00.00	OTHERS*


	a. Does naked moose magazine and Cat Paw has any use?
	b. Jet Bike Key is for what?
	c.  Are they obtainable ? If yes, how?
		Fleetfoot (Tribal)
		Slicer (Tribal)
		Frank (Ghoul)
		Hardrive (Reaver)
		Seedee (Reaver)


7/Sep/2004:	v1.0, 	suddenly had patience to dig through BOS file on my
hard disk to check data and type it out
19/Sep/2004: 	v1.2	retype the mess I made, adding more details


	1. Interplay for making a great game
	2. Guiler (J Novakouski). His FAQ helps me great deal. if you want a
thorough walthrough , check his on Gamefaqs.
	3. Folks at No Mutant Allowed Forum http://www.nma-fallout.com/forum/ .
	4. A great website: http://www.freelancer.ag.ru/fallout/
	5. Omkar Namjoshi for his disclaimer.

  .04 	Legal Mumbo jumbo

	Feel free to post this guide on any webpage or distribute it on CD, floppy,
etc. Just don't modify the guide and don't sell or barter for the guide.
It should be available for free. Also, people who want to post this guide
on their respective web page should contact me before doing so. Although
it isn't a necessity, it is something that I would like to know.

	If you have anything to add, that would be great! Fallout Tactics is a good
game, and even the most detailed FAQs cannot show everything. I don't want any
ASCII art; it just makes the walkthrough seem somewhat bigger. If you have
some info, go ahead and send it to me...I'll appreciate it!

 I imitate this LEGAL DISCLAIMER from Fallout: A Post  Nuclear Adventure
Complete Game Guide Written by Omkar Namjoshi FAQ version 1.81
It's short and to the point and I don't wanna be bother too much about it.
Thanks Omkar Namjoshi! >_<'';