Table of contents:

1.  Copyright
2.  Version History
3.  Disclaimer
4.  Introduction
5.  Characer Development
6.  Vehicles
7.  Drugs
8.  Weapons
9.  Totally fictional section that does not exist
10. Walkthrough
     Brahim Wood
     Rock Falls
     St. Louis
     Kansas City
     Junction City
     Great Bend
     Canyon City
     Buena Vista
     Scott City
     Cheyanne Mountain
     Vault 0
11. Challanges
12. About the author


Of course, now is the time to say that this guide is copywritten, and i own 
exclusive rights and all that.  You can reproduce this guide for personal, 
non-profit uses (ie downloading it to your computer to read).  So far GameFaqs,
and neoseeker, are the websites authorized to post this. if you want to put it
on your website, just write me at and most likely i'll write
you back and say its cool, along with invited you out for a drink and possibly 
some light petting.  Violating any copywrite laws can result in legal action 
and probable cannibalism.

2. Version History

Added a small Drugs and Weapons section.  Yeah, i'm sure there's better faqs
about them out there, but they dont have my irresistable charm and sexuality
do they?  I also threw in a "challanges" section, for those of us with chronic
boredom, and lack of socialization skills.

01/18/06, Version 1.1
Made spelling corrections, and clarified more in depth on some topics which i
was obviously drunk while trying to explain.  Also added the true meaning of 
life into the walkthrough through use of a cryptic code.  Key: Read walkthrough
backwards, the first letter of the second word of every third sentance (ninth
sentance if a line break is involved), when all letters are arranged reorganize
them backwards, then use only every third letter.  Enjoy total bliss and
spiritual happiness, it's on the house.

01/07/06, Version 1.0
Completed walkthrough in only two weeks, fueled by boredom, and malt liquor.  

12/20/05, Version .852
After several more failed thesis, and several civil lawsuits, research funding
was withdrawn.  Moved back home with Mother and began playing video games to 
kill the pain of a failed existance.  Fallout Tactics a favorite, as its the 
only place where i can make them all pay.  Might as well just write some
half-assed thing about that.

07/04/05, Version .7
Made astounding research breakthroughs in Awesomeology, the new experimental
science, in the past year.  Became extremely intoxicated, details not clear but
woke up inside my dresser, computer case was filled with what appeared to be
vomit and glitter, all data lost.  A sad day for science.

06/05/04, Version .3
Project scrapped, after three years of intensive research it became apparent
that there was no supporting evidence whatsoever.  Made a vow to stop doing so
much Psycho.  Project re-evaluated and began anew with the more sensible thesis
"The Chuck Norris Factor:  Effects of Awesomeness on the Global Market".

12/15/01, Version .1
Project initially began, titled "Brittany Spears Music Parallels in Edo Japan
Era Fighting Styles: A Progressive Approach."

3. Obligatory P.C. based Disclaimer

Fallout tactics is rated "M" for mature, meaning there is quite a bit of 
"adult" content in it.  One may argue that many of the content in the game is 
actually quite "juvinille", but the government labels it as "adult", so eat 
that.  Seeing how the game has quite a bit of mature (or immature) content, so 
does my walkthrough.

4.  Introduction

This walkthrough is going to focus on using only ONE character.  Yes, i'm fully
aware that this is a SQUAD based game, but the funny thing is a single 
character seems to work just as well.

Why use a single character?

Well...why not?  This game has been out for a while now, and maybe you're a 
little adventurous and want to try something new with it.  It definitely peaked
my interest in the game again after not even thinking about it for about a 
year.  I guess i got the idea from playing Fallout 2 a lot.  In that game, you 
can get a few buddies to follow you on your adventures, but i always found them
to be fairly useless, and actually kind of a burden.  After playing tactics i 
thought the same thing, i'd just use one guy mainly, with only minor uses for 
any other squad members; so it was natural to just try it with one guy.

Is there any disadvantage to using a single character?  Personally i find it easier to use just one character, as 
you dont have to always worry about manuvering other squad memebers, and 
supplying them.  The only real downside i've found is in the Preoria mission, 
you wont be able to complete one objective, which isnt a huge deal as it just 
costs you a little xp.

Is there any advantage to using a single character?

I'd say that the simplicity of it is the biggest advantage.  Initially i 
thought that with one character, he would soak up tons and tons of xp.  
However, it seems that your other squad members (even though you never use 
them) still gain the xp even when they're just sitting back in the base playing
monopoly.  I'm not sure the specifics, but it does seem that the one character
still gains slighty more xp than the ones not doing anything.

Character Creation:  

The only way this seems possible, is to make a "jack of all trades" in the 
firearm area.  Here's what i recomend for a character in brief.

St: 8
Pe: 10
En: 2
Ch: 2
In: 9
Ag: 10
Lk: 6

Traits are gifted and fast shot.  Tag skills are small guns, big guns, and 
energy weapons (or doctor).  Let me explain every last bit in boring detail.
 Please note i'll probably bash some traits and skills that some people love,
but keep in mind i'm not saying they're bad, i'm just saying in this single
character environment they may or may not be useful to you.

Strength:  I like a high strength purely for the carry weight early on, and
later you can handle some heavy weapons with a high strength.  A strength of 9
would be ideal, as you can use the M-2 machine gun without drugs, but i like to 
allocate points elsewhere as you can always just do a few buffout to raise 

Perception:  This is your biggest asset to a ranged based character, obviously
it should be as high as possible.  Basically it affects your range modifiers,
and to a MUCH lesser extent, your reaction time.

Endurance:  I know it seems a little crazy to set this so low...but hear me 
out.  For one, damage resistances are based solely off the armor that you wear.
Endurance only affects rad and poison resistance, both of which can be easily 
boosted with non-addictive drugs.  Your hit points will suffer yes, but the 
wonderful thing about using only one character is you will ALWAYS have an 
almost infinite supply of healing drugs, so i dont sweat the low hit points so

Charisma:  This is set pretty low as the only thing it affects is the barter 
skill.  With just one character though, you wont have to buy a whole lot, and 
you'll have an abundance of goods to trade.

Intelligence:  I set this pretty high as it offsets the negative effects of 

Agility:  You'll need lots of action points to shoot out all that lead.  Plus 
the added ac bonus is nice.

Luck: I usually only set this to 6.  It dosnt seem to affect anything besides 
your critical hit chance, but really what is the difference between a 6% chance
and a 5% chance?  You can adjust this however you want.


Gifted: this boosts all your statistics by one, which is about freakin' 
awesome, the only downside is that you get a 10% penalty to every skill, and 
the percentage points you gain per level is reduced by 5.  The upside is much 
greater than the downside though, as a high intelligence can take care of the 
points, and later the Loner skill can take care of that penalty.

Fast shot:  This reduces the action point cost of each shot you make by one, 
but disabling you from making aimed shots.  In fallout 2, aimed shots seemed to
be the king of the battlefield.  In tactics they seem to be much less 
effective, they can cause status effects yes, but their damage isnt anything 
spectacular.  The winner in Tactics seems to be whoever can sling the most 
shells out in the least amount of time, quite the opposite of fallout 2.


Small Guns:  You'll need this in the early missions of the game, using 
shotguns, rifles, and assualt weapons and such.  Tagging this should make the
early missions extremely easy.

Big Guns:  The middle game missions are ruled by big guns.  In fact, if you 
want you could easily get by the rest of the game using only big guns, however
ammunition becomes a problem.  Towards the end game, big guns make another 
comeback, as an abundance of amunition becomes available.  This is a no brainer
to tag this.

Energy weapons:  Towards the endgame, energy weapons become available.  I only
use them personally as a way to save ammunition for the big guns.  They really
arent that great of weapons, but like i said it'll help save some of your 
precious .50cal ammo if you use them.

Unarmed:  Totally useless to you, if something gets this close, use a shotgun.

Melee weapons:  Same as unarmed.

Throwing:  Not really useful.  Grenades have good damage yes, but they weigh a
lot, and have a very short range.  They can also be pretty dangerous, if you 
miss the grenade can go off right in front of you, and good luck if your enemy
gets up close.  A big gun can do the same amount of damage over a much greater
range, and shoot things at close range without killing yourself.

First Aid:  A fairly useful skill, but dont spend any points at all on it.  You
can gain a whole lot of skill in it just by reading manuals you come across.  
Healing with it isnt recomended, as you'll have tons of healing meds at your 
disposal, and using first aid to much can cause the "Bandaged" status.

Doctor:  I'd tag either this or energy (they're actually both only marginally
useful skills).  It can heal status effects, but so can the "Load" button.  If
you really want to be a purist, then go ahead and spend points on it, otherwise
it isnt necessary as you'll have tons and tons of healing meds available.

Sneak:  Not useful.  It's use is sneaking up on people and blasting them.  
However if you do it my way, you can much more effectivly shoot people from 
long distances, minimizing risk to yourself.

Lockpick:  You may want to spend a few points on this skill from time to time,
usually getting it up to about 50% is all you'll need, as lockpicks can greatly
boost the skill.

Steal:  You may or may not want to bother with it.  At first i thought this 
skill wasnt really all that useful.  I did make a character where i used steal
as my third tag skill, and it really does come in handy.  After mission 1 i 
went out into the wastes and gained one level, then set my steal skill to about
80%, and i was able to loot a LOT of high powered stuff off the merchant 
encounters.  I walked into mission two sporting environmental armor, a pancor
jackhammer, and an FN Fal, all of them stolen.  So yeah it definitely has it's
uses.  Personally, i think it makes the game a little TOO easy, but if you're
the kind of guy who likes to make those uber characters, maybe its the skill 
for you.

Traps:  A highly useful skill for using traps, and disarming them.  Dont ever 
spend any points on it though, as you can learn everything you need to know 
about it by just reading manuals you find in the game.

Science:  This is only really used in the last few missions, and just by 
reading manuals you should have well over 100% in this skill by then, dont 
waste the points.

Repair:  Yet another good skill that can be learned soley from manuals.

Pilot:  This isnt a very good skill.  Suposidly all it affects are the driving
speed of your vehicle, but i've never really noticed any difference at all in 
the speed.  In any case, you can learn all you need just from manuals.

Barter:  If you do things my way, you should start with a barter skill of -2%.
This really isnt such a drawback, as you'll still have tons and tons of loot 
to barter for anything you need.  Maybe get it up to about 20-30% over time, 
but dont worry about it much.  You'll be getting most of your supplies from the
battlefield anyways, and barter wont be a huge part of the game.

Gambling:  Same as barter, dont worry about it.

Outdoorsman:  This is a good skill, but once again its totally attainable to 
raise it just by reading manuals.

5. Character developement

There's no real secrets here.  Pointwise, from the start you'll want to raise 
your small guns skill.  Get small guns to about 130-140% and then dont bother 
with it anymore.  Once small guns is up, start raising big guns (even though 
you'll be far away from using them).  Once big guns is up to 150% start raising
energy to about 150%, or if you chose doctor just get it to 100%.  After that
just keep pumping everything you got back into big guns.  In between all that
you might want to spend a FEW points on lockpick, but thats about all you have
to worry about.


The perks that will serve you best are:

Bonus rate of fire:  On top of fast shot, every shot will cost you two less AP. 

More criticals:  I'd get all 3 levels of this, not only will every shot you 
fire cost few action points, but they'll all have a high chance of blowing the
snot out of anything you hit.

Dodger:  Makes you a little harder to hit, not the most spectacular perk, but 
there's a point in the game where thats about all you can pick for the time 

Pack rat:  This will boost your carry weight, which will really help you out in
the big guns portion of the game, enabling you to carry more ammo.

Loner:  This is a pretty great skill to have as it boosts all your skills by 
10% when you're away from other squad members (which will be all the time).  
Basically it totally negates the negative effects of the gifted trait.

Those are must haves i'd say, the rest is up to you.

6. Vehicles

Starting in Macomb, you get a vehicle to travel around in the wastes.  Whats 
different from fallout 2 is that you dont need to charge your vehicles up at 
all, they apparently have an infinite amount of fuel.  I guess we got ONE thing
right in the future...even if it did take a few genocides and a nuclear 
holocaust...i still think infinite fuel is worth it.  Vehicles of course travel
a lot faster than you could on foot (well most of them do).  Whats really nice
about them is they're great for storing things.  A lot of people don't even 
know that, but if you get into a vehicle and press "I" or just push the 
inventory button on the toolbar, that opens up yours and the vehicles 
inventory.  You can throw whatever you want into the vehicle inventory, all of
them have unlimited space.  I actually played this game for about 2 years 
before I figured this out.

In missions and special encounters, supposidly the speed of your vehicle is 
based off your piloting skill, but i really havnt seen anything to support that
theory.  The vehicles handle and manuever the same regardless of what your 
piloting skill is though.  The heavier vehicles seem to have more damage 
resistances, but this really shouldnt matter as you should never fight from 
inside your vehicle (unless you're up against all melee units).  If you do 
fight from them be prepared to possibly loose the vehicle very quick, or at 
best having to constantly repair it.  The best tactic in any encounter is to 
find a safe place to park it (behind a big boulder is nice) and the go face 
your enemies on foot.

The vehicles are:

Hummer:  You get this in the Macomb Mission.  Pretty much an all around average
vehicle, medium speed, medium armor.  If you had an actual squad, this would be
pretty much the only vehicle you could use effectivly, however, you can find 
better ones than this with just one character.

Buggy:  This is in the bonus Springfield mission.  Just a dune buggy with lots
of spikes and skulls decorating it.  It's faster than the humvee, almost no hit
points and armor, and only holds two characters.  This, of course dosnt matter
because you only have 1, so just put a six pack and some pork rinds in that 
passanger seat and keep on trucking!  I like it better than the hummer because
you can outrun enemies in random encounters faster if you dont want to fight 

APC:  You find this in St. Louis.  It's heavily armored, and slow as those 
retarted dudes from "There's something about Mary".  Frankly...even if i have a
squad i dont choose this vehicle, its just WAY too slow.  You cant outrun 
anything in it, so if you get into a special encounter you're basically forced
to fight it out.

Scouter:  You find this in Canyon City.  It's probably my favorite vehicle, as
it seems to be even faster than the buggy, with more hit points.

Tank:  Found in Newton, its just what you expect a tank to be, heavily armored
and the slowest of all the vehicles.  This is the only vehicle to have an 
actual weapon mounted on it, which the driver controls.  Of course, you need to
get hard to find tank shells for it, which also weigh quite a bit.  Plus...the
gun itself does nowhere near as much damage as you'd think it does, i've shot
regular humanoid bots with it and only wounded them.  Its nice to look at, but
just pass it up.

7. Drugs

In this enlightened future world abusing mind-bending, body altering substances
are not only tolerated, but considered to be an invaluable professional asset.
There's lots of drugs out there to use, and you should use them pretty
regularly.  But remember kids, only take what you can handle, and always know
your dealer!

The downside of some drugs are that they cause addictions, which can last for
weeks and negativly affect your stats.  You can get around this by saving your
game before you shoot up, then if you get addicted just reload.  If only real
life were so simple.  You should ALWAYS loot drugs when you find them, as all
but two (healing powder and super-stimpack) weigh absolutly nothing.  Plus
they're one of the more extremely valuable trading commodities available.  Heh,
some things never change.

Healing Meds:

Healing Powder:
Heals 8-18 hp
Lowers PE by one
Never bother with this junk, it's heavy for a drug, only heals a little bit,
and has a huge penalty of one PE per dose, way too pricey.  You'll have plenty
of regular stimpacks throughout the whole game to use.

Heals 0-15 hp
This is the basic healing med.  It heals a little bit of damage with no
penalties.  You'll find yourself using these more than anything else, as
they're common as dirt.  I recall at one point with a single character i had
around 200 of them, and i never even bothered to buy any!

Heals 70-75 hp
damages 3 hp after a few minutes
Better than the stimpack in terms of healing, the only downside is each one
weighs 1 pound, which limits the amount you can carry.

Ultra Stimpack
Heals 120-125 hp
damages 25% of max hit points after an hour
Even better than the super stimpack, plus it weighs nothing at all, so carry
as many as you want.  Yes it does some damage after time, but the battle will
be over by then!

Trauma Pack
Heals 145-150 hp
Loose 50% of max hp, -3 PE, -1 St, -1 EN after a day
I never use these, you get only a little better healing than an ultra stimpack,
but insanely high penalties.

Poison Antidote
Heals poison status
This isnt a really useful med.  For one it weighs one pound per dose, which is
kind of annoying.  Plus poison isnt really all that bad of a status.  You loose
some hit points VERY slowly, you can always just use a few stimpacks, which 
you'll have lots of.

lowers rad count by 25-50
I usually go the whole game without ever using one of these, mainly because i
just take rad-x before i go anywhere radiactive.  Safty FIRST kiddies.  I
believe that they heal only a few rad points initially, but over time they heal
more, so dont just keep pumping them into you until you're healed.  These are
also addictive for some reason, so watch out.

Raises rad resistance by 50%
Very handy to have, pop one or two of them and you're safe from radiation.
Plus they're non- addictive so do all you want.

Perforamnce Drugs:
These drugs increase your stats for a little while, after they wear off though
they REDUCE your stats as a side effect.  Plus there's a high chance of
addiction with them.

Afterburner gum
+1 St, +1 PE, +2 AP for two days
-2 St, -2 PE for two days
Mediumly addictive
This is good mainly for the extra AP, i never use it regularly though.
Cherry flavored.

+2 St, +3 EN, +2 AG for six hours
-2 ST, -1 EN, -2 AG for 18 hours
Highly Addictive
This is the only drug i like to use regularly, as the strength bonus really
helps you out in the big guns portion of the game.

+2 Pe, +1 Ch, +2 IN for a day
-2 Pe, -2 Ch, -2 IN  for 3 days
Highly addictive
I doubt you'll really need this ever, as your PE and IN should be really high
if you followed my suggestions.

+4 St, +4 EN, -4 Ch, -4 In
+25% max Hp
+25% Damage resistance
+25% Rad resistance
-25 rad count
-2 St, -2 EN, -50% max HP, -50% damage resistance for four hours.
Highly Addictive
This is kind of an overkill drug, +4 ST sounds nice but the max for a human
character is 10, so unless you have 6 or less ST it wont help you out as much.
In any case the side effects are incredible, so its not really worth using.

-3 IN, +3 AG, +50% damage resistance for four hours
-2 In, -25% damage resistance for eight hours
Highly addictive
The damage resistance is about all thats nice about this drug, but i dont
really think it's worth the price.  Plus it doesnt look like its pleasant to
administer it from it's picture.

+2 AG, +3 LK, +20% damage resistance and critical chance for 1 minute
-1 AG, -3 Lk, -20% damage resistance for an hour
Mediumly addictive
The stats seem great until you figure out it only lasts for a measily minute.
This does seem to be the most valuable drug of them all for some reason.

8. Weapons

This wont be a complete weapons FAQ, as i only cover the ones that will be of
use to a single character.  Melee weapons, pistols, and SMGs really dont have
anything to offer.  It's fairly obvious why not to use melee weapons, if you're
that close to an enemy then a shotgun will be MUCH more effective.  Pistols
arent very impressive, i'm really not even sure why they're in the game.
They're all short ranged, low power, and usually use harder to find ammunition.
SMGs are similer, they're just watered down version of assault rifles, there
really is no reason to choose and SMG over a bigger and better assault weapon.


Shotguns are great close range weapons, for those situations where a bunch of
lightly armored enemies come rushing you, its always a good laugh to see 4 or
5 of them get their heads blown off.  You should have one long range weapon
equipped in one hand, and a shotgun in the other.  That is of course, until big
guns become available.  There's a few different shells available, the normal
"red" shell that has no modifiers, the green Flechette shell that does +80%
damage but -20% penetration, the purple slug shell: -11% damage +31%
penetration, and the yellow EMP shell that dosnt have offer any hard
statistics but is devestating against robots.

Beretta 470 Silverhawk:
Damage: 12-22, 10-19 double
Range: 14
Ammo: 12 gauge shell
Ammo Capacity: 2
Min Strenth: 4
Weight: 5
AP: 4
This is your standard, double barrel bird hunting gun.  You actually start the
game off with a better shotgun, so i wouldnt really bother with this.  The
double barrel blast does a little more damage than the Ithica, however it eats
up ammo pretty fast (12 gauge shells are pretty expensive early on), as well as
wasting a lot of AP.  Just pick these up to trade with.

Ithica Model 37
Damage: 14-24
Range: 14
Ammo: 12 gauge shell
Ammo Capacity: 5
Min Strenth: 4
Weight: 5
AP: 4
This is actually one of the oldest shotguns still in use today, originally
produced in 1937.  There's tons and tons of variations on this shotgun, but the
game seems to use the standard hunting setup, with wood stock and grips.  You
start out with it, and it serves you well until you find a combat shotgun
(which you should work on pretty early), the only downside is its low ammo

Neostead Combat Shotgun
Damage: 15-25, 13-22 burst
Range: 22, 17 burst
Ammo: 12 gauge shell
Ammo Capacity: 12
Min Strenth: 6
Weight: 10
AP: 4, 5 burst

This is kind of an innovative, south african designed combat shotgun that has
yet to really catch on in the world market.  In real life this is just a pump
action shotgun, and dosnt offer any burst capability, unless you can rack her
pretty darn fast.   You find one in Quincy at first, but i'd suggest finding
something with even more kick before this.  Even if you dont find something
better, this is still a huge improvement over the Ithica.

Damage: 18-28, 16-25 burst
Range: 30 single, 24 burst
Ammo: 12 guage shell
Ammo Capacity: 10
Min Strenth: 6
Weight: 10
AP: 4, 5 burst
This was actually just failed prototype project by H&K to produce a
dramatically new combat shotgun.  The design was functional, however its
unknown if any working models were ever produced.  One of the biggest mistakes
the game makes is saying that a regular 12 gauge shell will work in this
weapon, it was actually designed to fire a special brass cased 12 gauge shell,
which looked like a really big standard round.  In any case, it's a pretty boss
weapon in the game, it has a dramatic range advantage over the Neostead.

Pancor Jackhammer
Damage: 20-32, 17-18 burst
Range: 30, 24 burst
Ammo: 12 guage shell
Ammo Capacity: 10
Min Strenth: 5
Weight: 12
AP: 4, 5 burst
Like the CAWS, this was just another failed protypical design.  Unlike the CAWS
though, there still is speculation as to whether the design would actually
work.  It's widely believed that there were no working prototypes even
produced.  In the fantasy world of fallout tactics this is the best shotgun
available, even though it only offers minor improvements over the CAWs.  The
biggest advantage is it has a less strict strength requirement.

Rifles/Assault Rifles

It's kind of unclear what the difference is between an assault rifle, and a
regular old rifle, as there's plenty of weapons out there that blur the line.
The old Brady Bill was a laughable attempt to define "Assault Rifle".  In any
case, these are going to be your main long-medium range weapons well into the

Hunting Rifle:
Damage: 8-20
Range: 40
Ammo: 7.62mm
Ammo Capacity: 10
Min Strenth: 5
Weight: 9
AP: 4
I'm still unsure as to what kind of rifle this is, the game refers to it as a
colt "rangemaster" rifle, which of course are non-existant.  Rangemaster is
actually a type of scope that colt makes.  In any case, it's just an old rifle,
held together with twine, scrap wood, and possible vodoo enchantments which
account for its lethality.  Whats a little odd is in fallout 2 this rifle was
chambered to use .223 amunition, and in tactics it uses 7.62mm.  Even though
it's been upped to a significantly more powerful round, the statistics are
still the same as in fallout 2...whatever.  This is basically the ONLY sniper
rifle weapon you'll have for a long time.  It has an odd feature where it
actually becomes MORE accurate over range, which is very useful in the early
game.  It also uses the most plentiful ammo in the game, 7.62mm.  You'll find
though, once your small guns skills get higher you'll just start using your
assault rifles to snipe.

M-1 Garand
Damage: 12-24
Ammo: .3006
Ammo Capacity: 8
Min Strenth: 5
Weight: 9
AP: 4
This is the legendary thirty ought six M-1 Garand, the rifle you see most gi's
carrying in old WW2 clips.  Essentially this is a hand held cannon, dating back
to an age where range and overwhelming power was thought to be king of
battlefield rifles.  Unfortunatly the game doesnt think too much of this rifle,
it's actually outshot by the lowly hunting rifle.  On paper it seems like a
better choice, but the M-1 does not posess the same range multiplier the
hunting rifle, and the .3006 ammo is extrodinarliy expensive and hard to find
(you'll maybe come across 400 rounds in the whole game).  Sadly, it's only use
is as a valuable trading item.

Sniper Rifle
Damage: 14-36
Range: 50
Ammo: 7.62mm
Ammo Capacity: 6
Min Strenth: 5
Weight: 10
AP: 4
This is a nameless, fantasy sniper rifle.  The stats look neat, but
unfortunatly you dont get this rifle until the St.Louis mission, where you
learn rather violently that small guns are no longer useful.  This would be
pretty useful in the earlier missions, but i havnt found a source for it
anywhere.  Like i said before, the aimed shot feature in this game is nowhere
near as effective as it was in the previous fallout games.  Against mutants
and robots, you'll just put a tiny dent in them, and draw a whole lot of
attention to yourself.  It's not cool to have only a sniper rifle when an
annoyed mutant with an M-2 is gunning you down.

M-72 Gauss Rifle
Damage: 60-80
Range: 50
Ammo: 2mm EC
Ammo Capacity: 20
Min Strenth: 6
Weight: 9
AP: 4
An awesome fictional gun that uses electromatic force or something to shoot
tiny little bullets out.  It's definitely the best sniper rifle in the game,
but you get it pretty late, plus ammo is hard to come by.

Damage: 8-18, 7-16 burst
Range: 40, 32 burst
Ammo: .303
Ammo Capacity: 20
Min Strenth: 5
Weight: 7
AP: 4, 5 burst
The m-14 was the military's attempt to improve on the M-1 Garand's downsides,
such as it being much to heavy, rifle dimensions were too large to handle, and
lacked selective fire.  While the M-14 was a SLIGHT improvement, it still didnt
cut it.  It could of been a legendary rifle, however it came about in the
vietnam era where its cumbursome frame, heavy weight, overkill firepower, and
range were not appriciated.  Soldiers werent crazy about lugging this beast
around a hot jungle, and only having a single shot capacity in a firefight.
M-14s did have select fire (automatic) function, but it was very hard to aim,
and usually disabled on gi rifles.  Vietnam needed a light, medium range rifle,
with burst capacity (hence the m-16).  Just like the military found out in
vietnam, you'll find out in this game that the m-14 just wont cut the mustard.
It's a very mediocre rifle, with rare ammunition.  Plus by the time you find
it, you'll have many better alternatives.

Damage: 12-25, 10-22 burst
Range: 35, 28 burst
Ammo: 7.62mm
Ammo Capacity: 24
Min Strenth: 5
Weight: 7
AP: 4, 5 burst
One of the more famous assault rifles in the world today, with a long history
that i wont even bother to get into.  The rifle in the game actually appears
to be an AKM rifle, as ak-47s are chambered to use 5.45mm ammunition.
It was a pretty revolutionary rifle, basically pioneering the military,
automatic, single soldier rifle, while still keeping the old ideas of overkill
firepower, and heavy weight, and total lack of ergonomics.  I always liked the 
quote that it was "Designed to be the best weapon in a war that was already
over".  In the game it's going to be the first real weapon you find (unless
you follow my walkthrough) with above average performance.

Damage: 10-22, 8-19 burst
Range: 42 single, 36 burst
Ammo: 5.56mm
Ammo Capacity: 24
Min Strenth: 5
Weight: 7
AP: 4, 5 burst
This is a vietnam-era M-16A1 (slightly different from the later A2).  One of
the first rifles to take into account ALL elements of a battlefield in its
design.  It's lightweight, and focuses more on controlability and accuracy
rather than firepower, which i personally have found to be much more useful.
Maybe i'm biased cause I lugged one (an A2) around for 4 years, but i'd take it
over an AK anyday.  I'm sure the Ak/M16 debate will keep going on internet
forums for years, but we can put it to rest in this case because the AK wins
in this game mainly because it uses the most common ammo in the game.  The
5.56mm the m-16 uses is a little hard to come by, and it becomes pretty
bothersome to carry more than one or two types of ammo on you.  The M16 SEEMS
like it would be a great replacement for the hunting rifle, but its nowhere 
near as accurate seeing how it doesnt have that valuable range multiplier.

Damage: 24-36, 21-32 burst
Range: 35, 28 burst
Ammo: 7.62mm
Ammo Capacity: 20
Min Strenth: 5
Weight: 10
AP: 4, 5 burst
What does FN FAL mean? Fabrique Nationale Fusil Automatique Leger (FN is a
Belgian firearm manufacturer, the second part means light automatic rifle).
See why they abbreviate it?  This is another assault rifle that came out right
after WW2, and it caught quite a market.  It's been boasted that it was used by
more militaries than any other rifle.  I'm sure in reality it's highly
questionable whether this old rifle has drastically better performance than the
m-16 or ak-47, but in this game it beats them both hands down.  If you can find
one right off the bat, please do so.

Damage: 18-32, 18-32 burst
Range: 35, 28 burst
Ammo: .3006
Ammo Capacity: 20
Min Strenth: 5
Weight: 9
AP: 4, 5 burst
Another famous gun from WW2.  This was what was used as a squad type weapon
(light machine gun).  A fully automatic thirty ought six is definitly a thing
to fear...but in this game its pretty worthless.  By the time you get
it you already have many superior big guns, and the ammo is very scarce.

Big Guns

Big guns are commonly what people call "Machine Guns", you'll be spending quite
a bit of time with them in the mid game.  Basically they're big heavy weapons
that shoot only in bursts, using up ammo at an alarming rate.

M-249 SAW
Damage: 20-30
Range: 35
Ammo: 7.76mm
Ammo Capacity: 30 (3 bursts)
Min Strenth: 6
Weight: 20
AP: 5
This is the standard squad automatic weapon for the US armed forces.  One
pretty big mistake though, the actual SAW uses a 5.56mm round, and is
considered to be a light machine gun.  The game seems to lump most other light
machine guns in the small guns catagory.  I'm thinking the designers confused
the SAW with the M240b medium machine gun, which fires the 7.76mm round.  That
would be my only guess as to why they didnt just put the 240 in instead of the
SAW, but oh well...its just a game.  It's a pretty respectable machine gun, and
should be superior to anything you handled before.  The only downside is it can
only be fired three times before reloading, they're using 30 round magazines in
the game instead of belts for some reason.  

Damage: 18-26
Range: 35
Ammo: 7.62mm
Ammo Capacity: 50 (10 bursts)
Min Strenth: 7
Weight: 23
AP: 5
The M-60 medium machine gun saw action in WW2, all the way up until 2002 or so,
when it was happily phased out.  It was a rather unpopular weapon, given the
nickname "The Pig", which wasnt an affectionate term.  It's internals were
pretty fragile, it was difficult to field strip, and most importantly changing
the barrel out was nearly impossible in battle.  It was replaced by the vastly
superior M240b, who's barrel could be changed in a matter of seconds, and a
novice could field strip it in a minute.  Just as well, it's not an entirely
impressive weapon in the game. By the time you find it you'll already have an
M-2 and a SAW, about the only advantage it has over the SAW is a bigger ammo
capacity, which i dont feel warrents using it.

Damage: 40-50
Range: 50
Ammo: .50 
Ammo Capacity: 90 (6 bursts)
Min Strenth: 9
Weight: 57 lbs
AP: 5
Probably the most famous heavy machine gun out there, it was originally
designed to be used as a main weapon for fighter planes in WW2, but it caught
on as a standard heavy weapon in just about every field.  Variations of the
machine gun are still widely used in the modern military.  The game really
underestimates just how heavy this beast is, the gun itself is actualy closer
to 85 pounds, not to mention the ammo.  I'd say this is the best weapon of the
game, it has incredible range and damage.  The downside to it, of course, is
the gun and the ammo weighs a hell of a lot, and it eats through ammunition
like you wouldnt believe.  The ammo weighs 2 pounds for every 10 shells (the
d.u. rounds weigh twice as much as that too!), and it fires 15 rounds for every
burst.  Basically you have to walk into every battle with about 1000 rounds on
you, and even that wont last you very long.

Vindicator Mini-Gun
Damage: 16-25
Range: 45
Ammo: 7.62mm
Ammo Capacity: 100 (4 bursts)
Min Strenth: 8
Weight: 30 
AP: 5
This is a fictional hand held gatling gun.  I wont bother covering the smaller
Avenger version as it's significantly inferior and fires harder to find ammo.
This gun wont be very useful in missions by the time you get it, but it is kind
of fun to drive around the wasteland shooting up reavers and raiders with.
Against mutants, robots, and more heavily armored opponents it doesnt seem to
be very effective at all, but against anything humanoid it's pretty
devestating.  It's a great way to get rid of all the 7.62mm ammo you have
laying around (i have about 8000 just laying around by the time i get this
usually).  One major downside is you cant fire it when in the prone position.

Gatling Gauss
Damage: 60-80
Range: 35
Ammo: 2mm EC
Ammo Capacity: 80 (4 Bursts)
Min Strenth: 6
Weight: 30
AP: 5
Another fictional gatling weapon.  The game claims that the chinese designed
this, and it fires over 90,000 RPM, which seems to be WAY overkill.  Leave it
to the commies i guess.  It does more damage than the M-2, but the ammo is
VERY scarce, and it's shorter ranged.  You're really only going to be able to
use it in the very last mission, and only on a limited basis.  It chews through
ammo just as fast as you'd expect a gatling would, 20 rounds per burst.

Energy Weapons

Energy weapons are all pretty mediocre, their stats look great but in practice
they're pretty lame.  You'll start finding them once you start fighting
robots.  Their biggest downside is all but one of them are single shot weapons,
so there's no suppression fire.  Fire once, wait a second, fire again, wait a
second, etc.  Thats how it goes with energy weapons, it usually takes 3 or so
shots to take down a robot (which gives them at least three shots on you).  You
really shouldnt let the high damage numbers fool you, because bots have a LOT
of hitpoint and their resistance to energy weapons seems to be pretty high.
Even though an M-2 has less damage on paper, it does WAY more damage to them in
practice.  The only reason i use them is because at some point in the game big
guns ammo gets pretty scarce, and you need something to pick up the slack.
While energy weapons arent nearly as impressive as an M-2, they are MUCH better
than small arms (except of course a shotgun with EMP shells).

Sunbeam Laser Rifle
Damage: 23-50
Range: 45
Ammo: Microfusion Cell
Ammo Capacity: 12
Min Strenth: 6
Weight: 12
AP: 4
This is basically an energy sniper rifle.  Its got great range, however it
really isnt as accurate as a hunting rifle.  The damage really isnt anything
special either when it comes to fighting robots, it's probably going to take 5
or so shots to nail one.

Plasma Rifle
Damage: 54-78
Range: 30
Ammo: Microfusion Cell
Ammo Capacity: 10
Min Strenth: 6
Weight: 12
AP: 5
Sort of the opposite of the Sunbeam, less range, but more damage.  Even still
it doesnt really put a lot of ass kick into Bots.

Pulse Rifle Prototype
Damage: 42-64
Range: 30
Ammo: Microfusion Cell
Ammo Capacity: 10
Min Strenth: 3
Weight: 10
AP: 4
You'll find this in the Coldwater mission.  It does SLIGHTLY more damage than
a plasma rifle, but the big advantage is it takes one less AP to fire.

Pulse Rifle
Damage: 54-78
Range: 30
Ammo: Microfusion Cell
Ammo Capacity: 12
Min Strenth: 6
Weight: 9
AP: 4
Much more powerful than the prototype, but still it's a fairly annoying weapon
seeing how it's only single shot.

Gatling Laser Gun
Damage: 20-40
Range: 30
Ammo: Microfusion Cell
Ammo Capacity: 30 (3 Bursts)
Min Strenth: 6
Weight: 24
AP: 5
Without a doubt this is the best energy weapon, its essentially a Big Gun that
just happens to be energy.  You can really pepper those annoying bots, and even
knock single ones down with one or two bursts.  The downside is that it only
has 3 bursts before reloading, it chews through energy cells pretty fast
(but cells are common as dirt in this game), and you cant fire it in the prone

9.  Totally fictional section that does not exist
As read.

10. Walkthrough

***** NOTE ON DIRECTIONS *******

I give a lot of my instructions by using north, south, east and west.  The 
game itself is kind of vague which direction is which, I only saw one map on 
the game where it was marked clearly.  However, I consider north to be the top
right corner of your monitor.  South would be bottom left, west top left, east
bottom right.  I rarely ever use southwest or northeast type directions because
that just complicates things, and generally it's pretty unnecessary.

You'll also note that as the missions go on, my instructions become a little 
less detailed.  This is because i assume you're getting the hang of things, and
i dont have to spell every single enemy and bookshelf out for you.

Brahmin Wood:

Objective: Kill the raider leader

You start out with yourself, Stitch, and Farsight.  This mission isn't very 
hard at all, even with just one character.  I actually find its just as easy 
using only your main guy, controlling the other two kind of complicates things.
You can use the other two if you want, but that kind of defeats the purpose of
a "single player" game, and it is hardly necessary.

Take all the medical supplies from Farsight & Stitch, as well as Stitch's 
shotgun and Farsight's hunting rifle, arm yourself with both of them, take all
their ammo as well.  The MP5 isnt a very good gun, so dont bother with it.

Start out by talking to the chief, then running across the bridge (remember to
set your character to "aggressive" mode), and sprint into the ruined building 
immediately to the right of the bridge.  Once there walk north until you can 
see the raider and his dog, blow their genitals off with the shotgun (well 
figurativly, i dont think you're capable of making that aimed shot).  I pretty
much exclusively use the shotgun for this mission, as your small guns skills 
should only be about 55%, and you'd be pretty useless if you try to get into a
sniping game, so brute force at close range seems to work best.  Try to make 
all your shots count though, get as close as you can because shotgun ammo is a
little scarce in this mission.  Just loot only the guns the raiders are 
carrying, don't bother with non-essential ammo and melee weapons.

To the left of the bridge is a small rock field with a sniper raider in it, and
one armed with a pistol in the bunker to the north.  Just run up on them and 
blast them, neither one of them are very good shots and even if they do hit it
doesn't cause a lot of damage.  There's a tent by the bunker, run in and blast
the raider in there and loot the shelf.  There's a locked door on the building
to the north but you should of got the key in the chest nextdoor to it, if you 
haven't keep looking as its kind of hard to pick at this point.  If you take 
any damage by the way, feel free to eat or stimpacks (I mean eat food, or 
use a stimpack, not eat a stimpack; what are you freakin' nuts??), you should 
have plenty of them.

Inside the building is a single raider who freaks out and starts running when 
you shoot at him.  make sure he doesn't leave the building as he becomes a pain
to track down.  There's another raider crouched down on the western end of the
building, by the window.  Just run up close and get him, there should be a dog
running around outside you can "get a angry letter from PETA" about.

Run outside the building, and up to the tent in the courtyard.  There's a pot 
in there with some drugs.  Stand in the northern opening of the tent and start
pounding away at the sleeping raider and her two dogs up ahead.  They'll all 
run towards you but the closer they get the more effective your shots are, so 
they wont last long.

Go through the gate north, and around to the large building there.  There's two
raiders holding a bunch of tribals hostage.  Just run in and blast the first
one point blank, the other will run around behind the hostages.  Try not to 
shoot at him in that position as it will hit the tribals and they could go red
on you, instead just run up to him point blank again and give the little 
tribals an anatomy lesson.  There's a toolbench in here with some lockpicks, 
get those.  Go through the north door, there's a tent there, and a large open 
pasture.  There's a sniper raider walking around the pasture, who's actually a
good shot.  With luck she'll be right by the door, if not you got to track her
down and teach her to stay put.  Inside the tent is a hidden raider with a 
harpoon gun in the lower right corner.  He'll pop out and hit you with a 
harpoon leaving you to say "Did you just shoot me with a HARPOON!? What the 
hell, man!?" Then let your shotgun do the talking.  There's a lootable shelf in

There's a bunker up west, with a shotgun raider inside the building.  Its 
probably best to just crawl up to the locked door to avoid his fire.  Unlock 
the door (with the same key you used on the last door), then rush inside and
shoot him point blank.  There's a crate in here with some good stuff, and the
northern door unlocks with the same key.

Outside this door it gets a little difficult.  There's a razor wired area with
two raiders patrolling it, and a bunker with two sniper raiders firing at you.
I like to just dash to the southern bunker entrance, and start blasting at the
two in there.  Then run up to the bunker's windows and pop the two in the 
courtyard (who should have ran up to the bunker when they heard the noise).  Go
east and there's a tower with a raider on it, climb the ladder and take care of
him, if you equip your hunting rifle you might be able to just snipe a few of 
the raiders to the east in the ruined buildings.  If not you need to get down 
and dirty and find them all.  There's quite a few in there, most of them 
patrolling around.  But all are bad shots, and they have some sort of weird 
allergy to shotgun shells, use that to your advantage.

To the south is another ruined building with a hidden raider in it.  He'll 
crack at you with a uzi burst, it might cause some damage, but he goes down 
quick.  In the courtyard to the south is a shotgun raider and a sniper.  Stay
back a little ways and fire at them, it probably wont hit, but the shotgunner
will come running to you and then hopefully stop after your shower of lead
drops him on his can.  The sniper isn't a very good shot and you can rush her.
There is a sniper on the southwestern corner of the large building, and she's
a pretty good shot.  The easiest way to get her is to just run around the back
side of the building and engage her point blank.

Inside the building there's 5 raiders.  There's one right by the northern 
entrance, just run in and pop him, then run right back out.  Heal if you have
to.  Two others will run closer to the entrance to see what happened, run back
in and grease the two of them, then run back out.  Once you have full action
points and health, rush the other two at the far side, they wont last long.
Loot everything, there's some drugs in the chests, go talk to the chief again
and exit the mission.


There really isn't much to buy from the quartermaster, some more shotgun 
shells, that's about all.  This is a pretty critical time in the game.  I like
to go out in the wasteland and gain some experience(you should have an 
abundance of 7.62mm ammo to pop off), and look for the "Merchant" special 
encounter (usually found far to the south), where you can find an FN FAL.  Save
all your salvage from the mission for the merchant, don't cash it in at the
quartermaster.  You don't have to obviously, but chances are if you're trying
a single character, that means you've beat the game a few times and you're
looking for a little something something to spice it up.  Plus the game still
is totally do-able with a single character even without it.  I like the FN FAL
because its the best assault rifle in the game, but in a normal game you don't
get it until assault rifles are obsolete; weak.  The merchant will also have
an H&K CAWS on him...but I highly doubt you'll have enough scratch to get it,
you'll probably break your bank with just the FN FAL.  Of course, you can
always come back later and grab it (which you should).  Finding the merchant is
a little hard, especially seeing how you wont have any landmarks in the area to
help you find it.  The best way i could tell you to find him would be to move
your map so bunker alpha is in the top right corner, then move directly south
(bottom left), once you get near the bottom of the map start moving southeast.
Near the bottom of the map, there's a mountain, with some sort of green 
outcropping northeast of it, a lake with three rivers feeding into it northwest
of that.  The merchant can be found usually two squares to the east of the 
mountain, just move around in the general area until you find him.  Note though
that these are "Random" encounters, and you wont ALWAYS find him in the exact
same place...but USUALLY you do.  If you find another encounter besides him in
the area, well you're on your own then on how to find him.  In any case, even
if you don't upgrade your firepower, you should still wander the wastes until
you gain at least 1 level.  Be sure to kick Stitch and Farsight out of your one
man masacre (this is a single player game remember?).


Objective:  Free the Chief.  NO!  Not THAT chief, geez, perv.

Shouldn't be very hard at all, especially if you took my advice and got
yourself an old Belgian assault rifle.  Right off the bat there's a raider with
a dog to the east of you. The mission's initial difficulty depends largely on
whether it's day or night.  Your small guns skill still isn't very high, if its
day you can really pick people off with the FAL in burst mode or even a hunting
rifle (it just takes a heck of a lot longer).  If its night you're better off
just pulling out the old shotgun again.

In any case, start by killing the raider and the and his best friend
...dying together...seems poetic I think, I'm sure its the way they wanted to
go.  If its day you can snipe people on the other side of the ravine, if its
dark you better just make a break for the bridge to the east.  There's two
melee raiders guarding the northern side of the bridge, they'll learn how
idiotic it is to rush a guy with a shotgun when they only have some brass
knuckles.  I imagine them down in hell smacking their forehands
"What the f#$k was I thinking!?  Totally dropped the that sucked".
Head west and Snipe/Blast the three raiders up there.  If any raider runs into
the western building...just let him go.  There's a real s#$tstorm waiting
inside of there, you can take care of them later much more easily.

Go east again, there's two raiders with pistols patrolling down there, they go
down easy.  There's a tent to the south with a melee raider in it, and a
lootable shelf.

In the east most ruined building is your informant, talk to him to get the
objective.  North is another melee raider by the lootable bookshelf(with a
scout's manual in it).  Further north is a small junk filled courtyard with two
spear wielding morons patrolling it.  In the eastern building is a lootable

Go around the northern end of the western building (the side with a big ass
hole blown in it).  There will be two sleeping raiders in there.  This can get
a little tricky if you don't have a CAWS, even if you got a lowly shotgun the
tactics are the same.  Run right up to the first sleeping one, kill him while
he's in his blissful state of dreaming about "Tammy" (its the humane thing to
do), the other one will jump up and start running away.  Kill her, don't let
her leave the building or she'll pull an alarm.

Go to the southern building, there's a locked door in there but don't bother
with it just yet. There's two shotgunners patrolling the building and the
western side of it.  Wait for them to come into the building before you blow 
their teeth out their ass.  Run into the large western tent, there's a raider
guarding the chief there, relieve him of duty.  Talk to the chief.

At this point, you don't really have to worry about an alarm being pulled
anymore, it's not a huge deal (especially if you have an FAL), however you can
delay it as much as possible.  Sneak around back to the next southern tent,
there's two melee guards at the southern side of it, and inside there's two
sleeping raiders (one with an AK-47).  You may get an alarm pulled on you by
now, in which case every raider in the area is going to come attack you.  If
not, go to the next southern tent and kill the raiders in there.  If there
still isn't an alarm going off, just start firing at the raiders in the bunker
on the street.

One the alarm goes off, equip your assault rifle (FAL or AK) put it on burst
mode, take some cover, and pop some caps.  It should be a fairly impressive
bloodbath.  Once all the raiders in the street are dead, move up to the middle
western tent where "O'Reily" is, it shouldn't take much to waste him, he also
holds a key on him so take that.  Loot all the stuff from the tents.  South of
his tent is a little wall mad of sandbags.  Stand back from it and shoot away
at all the raiders on the other side (there's quite a few of them), some of
them are just melee units and will just run right up to the wall, and stand
their waiting there chance to be executed.  Rather noble of them I think; 
"tip of the hat".  Still some will just hunker down in the moonshine still 
building, and you wont be able to reach out and touch them from that position,
just move on.

Loot the other two tents, then move north.  There's a building with a large
window there, get in LOS (line of sight) with the window and burst the sleeping
raider in there.  Use the key O'Riely had and open the door, loot everything
in there.  There's a raider patrolling the western building, take care of him,
and move south.  There's a fridge there with some drugs in it (are performance
enhancing, mind bending drugs any better if you refrigerate them? Maybe
Mythbusters can do a show on that).

There should be three or four raiders holed up in the southern building.  You
could try shooting the oil barrels to smoke them out, but they're pretty hard
to hit.  Hitting the giant moonshine still (as a moonshiner myself, I have to
say that's an absurd looking still, totally non-functional) is the best way to
get them in view but that's VERY hard to hit, usually by the time you get it
in your sights you've already wasted everyone in there.  In any case blow it up
just the same, its a cheap thrill.  Don't forget the chest next to it.  Go back
to the chief and tell him the coast is clear, he'll run to the exit grid.  Go
back to the building east of that with the locked door, unlock it and let
"Ripley the Prisoner" go free.  She's fairly useful as a corpse later in the
 game.  Hit the exit grid yourself, and that's that.


Still isn't much to buy from the quartermaster.  You should still be well
stocked with drugs and meds too.  Keep a hold of your loot and maybe go back
to the merchant to buy that nice H&k CAWS, along with any special shells they
have for it.  Light a stogie, and slowly take off your blood soaked armor as
you tell the idiot recruits in the barracks about how you just corked about 30
guys all by yourself.

Rock Falls:

Objective:  Kill raider leaders and obtain the robotic object.

Still nothing really hard yet.  Right off the bat there will be a fridge with
nothing but junk to your left.  Up north is a small ruined building with
about 4 poorly armed raiders in it, just crouch down and take them out.
Further north is a an empty ruined building, with two raiders patrolling north
of it.  The next building to the north has three heavily armed raiders (one of
them on an elevated platform).  The easiest way to take them out is to equip a
shotgun, and walk up to the small window on the western side (by the phone
booth).  They'll become visible, and all be in a straight line;
"Count the shells sucka-duck!"

There's a line of wrecked cars to the west, with a small bunker at the southern
edge right next to you.  Watch out because there's a raider with an AK-47
there, and she's got a good eye.  Luckily she just stays in the prone position,
so you can just walk up to the bunker and shoot her while she's down.  Hey,
they always said "You never hit MAN when he's down", tough luck honey.

Go past the cars, the only way into the compound (unless you want to brave the
front gates...which you probably could with an FAL and CAWS, but it spoils
some fun for later) is the small hole in the wall.  Just crouch down and crawl
through.  You'll soon discover the whole area is mined. Plus, there's a raider
far to the west with an AK-47 who's opening up on you, luckily he's not a very
good shot.  Start by just blowing up the mines directly around you that are
blocking the way between you and the small southern gate.  Then crawl forward
and snipe the jackass to the west.  Go south through the gate, there will be
about 3 raiders with cheap Scorpios waiting behind the building, they're easy.
Inside the building though is a grenadier, easiest thing to do is just stay a
ways back from the building, then walk around it until he's in sight.  He'll
start some dialog, and most likely be dead about 1 second after his little
speech, either he'll blow himself up with a grenade, or you'll fill him full of
lead with a burst.  Go in the building and loot the chest.  Watch out for the
building to the west, there's two raiders in there who can see you, its kind of
hard to hit them as you have to get the just right LOS from the windows to get
them.  There's also two raiders with Ak-47s in the courtyard to the south.

Inside the eastern building, there's a raider right next to the doorway, and
some lootable shelves.  Further in is Daisy the raider and her two goons.  I'm
not sure why you have to kill Daisy, she seems like my type of gal, whatever
though.  You should just stay as far back against the southern wall as you can,
then just walk up to the doorway until Daisy starts her dialog.  Your small
guns skill should be high enough now that you can easily hit them with a burst
from that distance, it should only take two or three bursts.

Let Nanuk sweat in his cage for the moment, and move to the western building.
There's 4 or 5 raiders inside of it, all hidden.  The biggest threat is the
shotgunner hiding behind some sandbags.  Just equip a shotgun and blast the
ones who rush at you, then run right up to the sandbags an finish off that
pesky bastard.

Outside to the west, around a campfire are two more raiders with Scorpios.  Up
north through the small gateway are three with AK-47s.  Go to the building to
the east, if you didn't snipe the two in there from the other side do it now.
Go through the gateway to the north, and open the prison door, the key is on
one of the raiders guarding the building.  Inside is your objective
"The Scientist".  Talk to him and he'll give you a robotic arm, completing one
objective.  DO NOT talk to him again, as he'll make a run for safety, and you
haven't secured the area yet.

Move west and pick the locked door, on the other side is a large gas field with
big gas tanks (Hmm...big gas tanks...I wonder if thems is blow-up-able?).
There will be one raider patrolling around the gateway, and another on an
elevated platform.  Kill both and climb the platform, go in prone position.
This is the second most fun part of the game I think.

Equip a hunting rifle and a FN FAL or AK-47.  Use the hunting rifle to shoot
the big gas tanks (they're hard to hit for some reason).  Once it blows up,
just wait a little bit.  After a few seconds EVERY SINGLE raider that's outside
the main gate will come rushing up to you.  Once they get in range, switch
over the your assault rifle and let her rip.  Once all the guys in the
immediate area are wasted, a few in the bunker to the south will stay there and
keep their heads down (its called "Demoralization" when you just kill about 10
of their buddies without taking a scratch).

Head down to the trench and do some shotgun work, WW1 style.  Once everything
is all clear, go to the main gate and open it up (the key was on one of the
raiders in the courtyard behind it).  Go back up to the scientist and let him
know its safe, you shouldn't need to escort him out now.  Go back to Nanuk and
open his cell, the key is on Daisy's sensual...tight...succulent body.  Take
pity on Nanuk, and let him go.  Be sure to let him know a little permethrin
cream will fix his rash right up (*sigh*...this is a joke folks, no more

Head back up to the stables by the minefield, open up the door and you'll
scare the brahmin into running into the minefield and blowing a few up.  Go up
to the gatehouse by the large gate (do I need to tell you to avoid the mines?).
Open the door, and pull the switch.  Go through the gate and down the south
side of the building, and up the stairs.  There will be one raider immediately
to your left, and one to your right.  I like to use an assault rifle here
because sometimes there will be guards on the upper wall around the building,
and its easiest to reach them with it.  Go a little east and there will be
another raider hiding behind some barrels.  Go north through the small opening
and there's yet another raider hiding there, and she has a wicked gun and knows
how to use it.  Inside the upper floor of the building are 5 raiders with cheap
pop guns, nothing to worry a lot about, just stand back from the doorway and
unload.  Down the stairs is the boss raider with two of his buddies.  Easiest
thing to do is just get a shotgun and blast them (a combat shotgun on burst
works wonders).  Inside there's a safe (the key is on the boss) with mildly
valuable things in it.  That's about it for this map, head to the exit grid,
maybe give daisy one last kiss before you go.


Don't bother buying anything in the bunker.  The general orders you to the
bunker beta.  Head out that way, interestingly enough two squares north of the
bunker there will be two separate merchant encounters (one is called "Trader"
the other "Hermit"), Between the both of them they have some books,
environmental armor (a must have!), and some specialty shotgun shells (the
flechette shells will come in handy soon!). There's also a "Gas station"
special encounter you can usually (but not always) find 1 square north, and
three west of bunker beta, where you can buy an "Elixir of Vitality" which ups
your endurance by one point (not that it really makes a difference though).
Some people have written me informing me that if you just drop this elixir on
the ground, exit the scenerio, then re-enter it, you can keep doing this and
get an infinite supply of them.  I was fully aware of this, however this only
seems to work in non-patched versions of the game, i know for certain it does
not work in version 1.27.  I never have any problem beating the game with 2 or
3 endurance anyways.

In the bunker itself, there still isn't much to buy, maybe some green
"flechette" shotgun shells.  You'll still be bursting at the seams with drugs
and meds as well.  You might notice that this new bunker seems a lot crappier
and more poorly thought out ergonomically than the last one.  Definitely write
a pissy memo to command.


Objective:  Find 3 fusion batteries.

This is actually a fun little mission, your going up against a bunch of bugs:
roaches, rad scorpions, big roaches, really big roaches, republicans, etc.

Bring your FN FAL (screw it, I'm just assuming you're using this from now on),
and some sort of shotgun (hopefully H&k CAWS).  You're not going to need very
many 7.62 rounds, maybe only fifty or a hundred, but bring a lot of shotgun
shells (just normal red shells, anything else is kind of overkill and a waste);
at least 140 or so.

Once you enter the mission, talk to Chief Chevron, he'll tell you all about the
lower vault.  Climb the ladder next to him.  Up on the rocky plains there's six
radscorpions wandering around, take them out at a distance with single shots
from your FAL.  There's also dead tribals that have valuable drugs on them
scattered around up there.

Climb back down, talk to Dhal the shamen if you want, he has tasty things to
say about "The Vomit Sickness", inside his hut is a chest of anti-rad meds.
Before you go down the large steps into the vault, pop a few rad-x.  Hopefully
you'll have bought that nice Environmental armor, so your rad resistance with
one rad-x will be more than 100%.

Arm your shotgun and go down the stairs, there's a rad-scorpion right by them,
and a bunch of corpses.  Once you kill him a few roaches will come to see
what's up.  The little roaches are no problem at all with a shotgun, you can
kill 3 or 4 of them with one shot if they're bunched tightly together.

Go south through what looks like some kind of giant food storage room, blow
little roaches away as you go along.  You'll eventually reach a small room with
some roaches and a large bookshelf, in it is a yellow passkey that will open
some important doors.

Head back to the stairs, and start moving north.  There's two rooms to the
east, that contain nothing besides a few roaches you can crunch.  The two rooms
to the west contain basically the same thing, and some food items.  Moving east
there's a few doors to the north that open into some kind of food vending area.
There's two big roaches in there, and some booze and food.

Going south there's a whole bunch of big 'uns (around 5) and a few little 'uns.
There's a presidential looking office with a yellow door.  GO up to that door,
the yellow passkey will open it.  Inside is a safe that you have to pick, and a
bunch of lockers, one of them containing 1 of the fusion batteries you need.
The table in the room south of it has a "Zen & The Art of Piloting" book, which
increases your pilot skill.  The room east of that has a few small roaches and
a "Guns & Ammo" magazine, which should be pretty useless to you now.

Keep going east, there's a room with a switch.  Hmm..."Name one thing you do
with a switch!"

"Flip it you say??  Good guess, good guess, Well lets look at the board,

Flipping it on activates the automatic doors...and the turrets.  In the next
corridor you should just go prone and crawl your way down to a computer desk.
There's a bunch of melted corpses on the way, all of them have useful meds.
The easiest way to get around the turrets is just wait until they go back into
the ground and then run past him.  They make different noises when they go up,
and go down, that's how you can tell.  You COULD just stay back and try to
snipe them, but that takes forever, and its much easier to just run by them.

Past them is a table with some booze on it.  There's a small door way, and on
each side of it are hidden rad-scorpions.  The second you see them run back
into the room, they'll follow in single file, making it nice and easy for you
to puncture their stupid little exoskeleton.  Stupid scorpions, thing their so
freaking bad cause their bones are outside, well how'd you like that one mister
softy innards!?

Go to the room right across you to the east.  Don't bother checking out the
room north of the turret, there's nothing in there, and all that's in the crate
near the turret is a bug-on-a-shell, you'll take a lot of damage just to get
it.  In the room there's two large windows, you can get your LOS set up so you
can shoot the big roaches on the other side of it, probably not killing them
all, but giving them something to cry to momma about.

Go south through a library or something, there will be a rad scorpion waiting
for you.  East into the corridor there will be a locker north, with a hidden
radscorpion.  The room to the east is has a few critters in it as well.  Going
north there's a bunch of roaches (big&small) and some scorpions, send them all
to bug heaven.  Wait for the turret to go into the ground, then go through the
north door.  If you're fast you can hit the power switch before the turret pops
back up, then just crouch down, when it goes back down head back into the south

Go west, into the room that you were sniping the roaches in earlier, there
shouldn't be many left.  To the north there's a medlab with the second fusion
battery, further east than that isn't anything critical just a bunch of roaches
and some items.  There is a trapped shelf with a book in it, and the locker
down by the turret has a M-16A1 in it.

Retrace your steps back to the room where you sprinted past the two turrets,
head south and west into the room with the switch.

Here's the only mildly sucky thing about just playing with one character.
Normally, what you would do would be to turn the switch on, and run all the way
past all the turrets then have a party member stay behind and switch it off.
What the switch does is deactivate the vault turrets, but activates the turrets
one the surface, which blow the wachutu away.

Unfortunately, you don't have a second party member do you?  Oh wait let me
check; NO YOU DONT!  So...just switch it on, and run past the turrets.  Does
this kill the wachutu up top?  Yes.  Does it really matter?  No.  You get a
little less experience at the end of the mission, which is no big deal, xp is
pretty easy to come by.  You also don't get to recruit some of the tribals, but
who cares?  You're just using one character anyway's.  Besides, they're just
dirty savages anyway's, not like they have souls or anything.  The chief will
take the complete blame for it, saying the spirits did it to his tribe because
of his treachery.  "Uh...yeah was the spirits, that's rough, hey got
to run!  Call me!  We'll have a iguana on a stick!"

Once you get into the last room with a turret, there's three lockers with some
more valuable guns.  The corridor east of it has a LOT of bugs in it, so be
ready to spray out some shells.  Keep going east fighting some bugs into a
large room with a trapped shelf.  Open the western door and there's about 4 big
roaches and "Roachor": a really big ass roach.  The funny thing about roachor
is every single time I fight him....he never really does anything.  I just kind
of stand there pounding lead into his ass and he just takes it until he's dead,
never really attacking.  Whatever dude, its your funeral.

In the locker past him is the last battery.  Once you get it run past the
turrets again and use the switch to turn the surface ones off (you don't want
to go up there and get smoked do you?).  Backtrack to the entrance, remember
the two turrets you had to run past are still active so you need to watch

Once you're up top loot the melted savages and get the bad news from Chevron.
End o' mission.


The bunker still wont have much that you haven't already found on outside


Objective:  Drive the hummer to the exit grid.

This mission gets a little tricky.  You're going to need a lot of medium to
long range firepower, the FN FAL was made just for this mission seeing how
there's an abundance of 7.62mm available.  You can bring a shotgun along, but
you wont be using it a whole lot.  One thing that's nice about this mission is
because you have a vehicle in it, that means you have unlimited storage space.
So feel free to bring whatever you want, and pick up whatever you want in the

Down to the dirty.  Go talk to the pissed off brotherhood member, he gives you
the keys to the hummer and takes off.  Don't bother moving the hummer just yet,
move south.  The second building on the west has some items in it.  The third
has some raiders in it, and a switch to open the gate.  Run around the gate and
climb up the roof of this building, there's a sniper up there, you know what to
do with snipers.  If your lucky you can take up a position where he was and hit
a few of these other jerks on the other buildings, but don't count on it.
Eventually you'll have to climb down and go south, there's a bunch of dogs
chewing on a civilian corpse, a burst or two should take care of them, run down
to where the corpse is and go into a prone position.  You'll start bursting
away at all the units on the bowling alley roof, like inbreds they all come
running over into range for you to waste.

Once they're all taken out, go to the southern building with a ladder and
climb it.  There's three rooftops connected by crude bridges.  There's also one
raider on each roof, once they're all gone be sure to loot the chest at the
first one, it contains the key to the gate.

Go back down, and go inside the bowling alley, there's three or so raiders in
there, and a cooler.  Don't bother with the other buildings, there isn't
anything inside them, run down to the gate control, there's a raider there who
isn't hostile, he says if you give him food he'll tell you where the key is.
You already have it, so just say to him "Ok, here's a tip, Duck!" then blow a
few hundred rounds through him. (Hold control and then right click him).
Afterwards comment to his dead body " said food huh? Not tip.
Geez...that's a hard one to make a joke for...maybe: 'Ok, Eat lead!', yeah
that's pretty good, what do you think?  Oh yeah...dead...k...later!"

Open the gate door and flip the switch.  There a raider with an assault rifle
and one with a rocket launcher behind the bunker.  Run to the south to the
side of the building there.  There's a grenadier inside in the northwestern
corner.  just stay back from the wall a bit, and move around until he comes
into LOS.  He's a good throw so he probably wont blow himself up, forcing you
to do it.  After he's gone just grab a shotgun and run right up to the bunker,
taking the two raiders out there.

*secret Door*  A lot of people talk about the secret door that's on the eastern
part of this part of the map.  There's an old building with a car sticking out
of a half open garage door.  Some characters can crouch down and creep through
there.  However many things seem to affect this.  If you're wearing heavy armor
you cant, you can take it off and do it though.  Also...I'm fairly sure
strength also affects it.  I remember playing the game with just two characters
before, both of them had similar statistics, the only difference was one had
about 1 more point of strength than the other.  Both of them were wearing no
armor, but only the weaker one could sneak through (can anyone confirm this?).
I guess the bulk of your muscle is too much to fit through the hole, there's a
phallic joke in there somewhere but I'm much too much of a gentleman to tell
it.  If you follow my stat recommendations though, you wont be able to fit
through it, not that its a big deal though.

A note about the librarian in this area, sometimes he's hostile to me.  I
usually play this mission exactly the same every time, and sometimes he is 
hostile to me, and sometimes he's not.  He's always friendly though when I come
back with glasses.

Back to business though, go back and grab the hummer and drive it up right past
the gate and park it there.  Flip the switch to open it up, go on foot north.
The building directly to your west has three raiders with machine guns in it.
The building just north of that has a shopkeeper with a nice pistol (and he's
a good shot) and a cooler.

Keep going north and you'll run into some hostile civilians on the rooftop.
I've read some reports that say you're actually not supposed to kill these
idiots, as it affects a few things later in the game.  Personally I don't see
how its possible to NOT kill them, there's quite a few of them throughout the
mission and they always walk into the line of fire and attack you.  You'd have
to go WAY out of your way to not kill any of them.  My philosophy is: if you
don't want to get killed...maybe you shouldn't throw rocks at a guy with an
assault rifle!  What do ya think?

Go through the door to the huge building on the west, there's two raiders in
there waiting for you, have a shotgun handy.  There's another door leading into
some kind of press room, just stay back in the doorway with your FAL and that
should take care of them.  Go up the stairs, there shouldn't be any raiders up
there and go flip the switch on the balcony.

Move the Hummer up to the gate, but don't go past it.  Get out of the hummer
and move west, there's quite a few raiders here, usually one or two in each
building and a few patrolling the street.  There isn't any items of importance
up here, but its best to clear all the raiders out because you don't want them
sneaking up on you later.

Go back east and you'll notice some prick has set up a minefield to block your
path.  What the heck is wrong with people these days?  That's just totally
uncalled for.  Undo all his hard work by firing bursts at every mine you see.
Once you get past the mines things get a little rough; the term
"Shooting gallery" comes to mind.  In the first northern building there's two
grenadiers waiting for you, just run in there and take them out, then run out
in front of the building and go prone.  Raiders from the roof of the building
across from you will open fire, there's quite a few of them.  Just stay low and
advance a few feet at a time and you should handle them easy, they tend to
walk right into your kill range.  Go inside that building and there's two
raiders in there, plus a chest that contains the librarians glasses.  Take them
back to him and he'll give you a book, some xp, and plenty of abuse.  I've yet
to shoot him for some reason...but I really think I ought to, anyone know what
happens if you do?

Going east there's a few more units in the northern building, a pack of dogs
on the road, and there's two cheese'd off civilians down in the eastern
buildings.  Once you take care of them, you'll see a large gate that's locked
and closed.  Run around the other side of the building that's there, and there
will be some raiders and civilians in the graveyard.  I'm pretty sure you're
supposed to shoot them.  Its either that or have tea and talk about how
delightful your Saint Christmas Day's pudding was.  Yeah, you should probably
shoot them.

Head inside the building there, and run up the stairs, from up here you can run
on the roofs to the western buildings and loot all the raiders you killed up
there earlier.  GO back down, and start shooting all the barricades set up.
I always find it laughable that these barricades literally explode, and usually
kill whoever is hiding behind it.  "Quick Captain Obvious, lets hide from this
scathing machine gun fire behind this nitroglycerin tank!"

There's about 4 raiders down in the street to kill, and two in the eastern
building.  Once they're gone go flip the switch.  Run as fast you can down to
the huge building by the exit grid, and climb the ladder.  There's a raider
with a rocket launcher up there, but he'll probably just blow himself to chunks
when he tries to shoot at you.

After that, get your hum on (as it go get in the hummer, get it?) and drive to
the exit grid.


There still really isn't much at the quartermaster, is there ever?  Well with
my patented method, you don't really need him until the end game, and then only
slightly.  Get some Green flechette shells if you don't have them already.


Objective:  Rescue the Mayor, her daughter, the ghouls, one of the ghouls
brother, a bunch of whores, Felix the war hero, disarm a bomb, and make sweet
sweet love to a bond girl.  (that last part is a little know seeing
how all those objectives sound like a bond mission or something?  It's amazing
the emails I get from people thinking they really can go at a bond girl in this

This is a pretty complicated mission, you'll need to make good use of both your
FAL and CAWS.  Be sure to bring ONLY flechette rounds for the shotgun.

Start by talking to Arlene, she'll fill you in on the situation, keep talking
to her until she doesn't have anything else to say.  Run up north, stay on the
east side of a little trail of rocks and boulders.  Don't really worry if any
of the beastlords see you, they'll run to set of the alarm...but it appears it
doesn't work for some reason, they wont pursue you either.  Climb up the ladder
on the east side of the large building, all the way to the roof.  Then climb
down the ladder that goes to the second floor, have your shotgun ready to rock.
Just walk up behind the commander there and give him a shower of metal into the
back of his head.  He has the key to the room where the mayor is, unlock it,
pick up the key in there and talk to her until she doesn't have anything left
to say.  Go down the stairs there's a few sleeping baby deathclaws there.  It
usually only takes one or two shotgun blasts (with flechette shells) to do them 
in.  There's another beastlord behind the bar, and two more on the porch, your
shotgun will make short work of them.  Once they're 6 feet under, head back up
to the roof, unlock the door there and flip the switch to deactivate the alarm.
For some reason no message pops up that says "You deactivated the alarm, you
da man!" but you can tell that you did it because you gain experience.

Move back down south to the "marketfront area", stay back a little ways.
There's two beastlords patrolling up and down the strip, and there's an adult
deathclaw and beastlord just staying stationary in the middle.  Wait until one
of the patrolling beastlords gets down towards the eastern edge and then pick
him off with an assault rifle, do the same with the other when he gets down
there.  If you fire on them when they're near the middle, than all 4 of them
will rush you.  When the patrols are taken care of just stroll up there with
your shotgun and open up.  Just fire single shots, after the second shot the
beastlord should be dead and the deathclaw should be heavily damaged.  If he
gets within fighting range to you, then open up with the bursts.

The next part depends on whether or not you have a combat shotgun (at least a
Neostead and preferable a CAWS).  If you don't have one, you're going to have
to skip ahead to storming the city hall, and then take the ladder downstairs,
taking the underground path to the prison, go upstairs and waste the one guard
then go passive, open the switch to the cells and snatch the neostead out of
the chest, then come back to ghoul town.  *Deep Breath*

To the southwest is ghoul town, you'll know it by the little camp where there's
a bunch of armed ghouls standing around.  Don't talk to the head ghoul yet.
Here's why:  if you do then you inevitably have to wait around for the forces
west of there to attack, AND you have to make sure the ghouls don't die.
Pretty difficult, seeing how your most effective weapon here will be the combat
shotgun and it has a high chance of hitting a ghoul and turning them aggressive
towards you.  Instead just ignore them and stroll up to the western building
where there's some dogs and raiders waiting outside.  Get just barely in range
with the shotgun and open up with some single rounds.  This is the coolest part
of the game I think.  Everything in that building will come rushing at you,
about 4 beastlords, 4 dogs, an adult deathclaw, and 4 baby deathclaws.  What's
funny is they all run at you in a straight line pretty much, once they're
nicely organized single file, start shooting some bursts off.  In two bursts
they should all be dead, while you're laughing you hiney off after seeing all
those idiots get massacred.

Go back and talk to Elliot the ghoul, and he'll thank you for protecting his
band of weaklings, and ask you to go rescue his brother Gorgi.  Run back to the
building and shoot the two beastlords in there with single shotgun blasts, then
talk to Gorgi, he'll thank you and run back to the camp.

Head back up north to the marketplace, and head inside one of the buildings,
it doesn't matter which one.  Go out on the northern side to another porch
area, there's a beastlord with two dogs patrolling this road.  If you don't
see him, move up into the park area northwest, he'll be in there, its best to
get rid of him to avoid headaches.  Move to the eastern side of the city hall
building and kill the 3 beastlords patrolling there, one of them has a m-1
garand, not terribly useful to you but it's valuable.  Go inside the front
entrance of the city hall, there's a deathclaw and two raiders in the big open
room there.  Just walk into the doorway and start hitting them with the
shotgun, they wont last long.  Move north and into the west room, there's a
lootable cabinet there.  Open the door, there's three sleeping beastlords
inside, they can be easily taken care of.  Note that there's a rather difficult
to see ladder leading downstairs in the eastern part of the room.  Go talk to
the mayor's daughter, and then go down the stairs.

This is an underground passage that leads to prison in the west.  Open the
prison door and head up the passage.  Watch out for the first doorway, there's
two beastlords on each side of it.  If you just run through it, they'll
probably kill you.  You need to creep up to each side until they're in your LOS
to cap them.  Then move up to the ladder, there isn't anymore beastlords down
here.  Climb up.

There will be one beastlord patrolling inside the prison, you'll probably shoot
him in the back like the hero that you are.  Get ready for a rather intense
combat, and climb the stairs.  Immediately move north and get point blank with
felix and the beastlord holding him hostage, you should blow the beastlord away
and maybe wing Felix.  Tough break Felix, but maybe you should fight your own
battles.  Run around to the east where there's two beastlords firing from
behind a sand bag wall, you should kill both with one shot.  Climb the steps
to the tower in the northwest and kill the beastlord up there, then switch over
to your assault rifle and shoot the one in the southern tower.  Move back south
as there's one more beastlord on the southern roof.  Hopefully Felix survived
so you can get the experience, talk to him and you get some items.  Go back
downstairs and head for the west doorway, there's a beastlord just standing
right in the doorway with his back to you.  Am I the only one who always laughs
everytime I think of shooting someone in the back of the head with a high
powered shotgun?  Must be something I picked up in the Marines.  Anyway's,
once he's dead there's two beastlords and two baby deathclaws that will come
rushing in...once again single file through the doorway, the shotgun will do
its work.  Flip the switch to open the cells, there's a Neostead combat shotgun
in the chest, but I'm hoping you already have a CAWS so it wont be needed.

Head back down through the tunnel to the city hall.  Go east to the generator
building, don't worry there isn't any beastlords on the top floor, there's a
locker there but it has junk in it.  Go downstairs, you can flip the switch to
kill the lights, but I find it unnecessary.  The bombs are triggered by the
lead beastlord, who walks around the generators in a counter-clockwise motion.
The second she sees you she'll try to trigger the explosion, so she's first on
our hit list.  I like to just wait for her to move to the 11:00 position, when
she's right in line with the two beastlords behind the sandbags there.  Then,
you just run up behind her and get her with the shotgun, you might even kill
both beastlords there if you're lucky.  In any case they'll go down fast.
There's two others behind the southern sandbags, but they both stay crouched
down mostly, just run up and blow the tops of both their heads off.  You can
disarm the bombs if you want, but it probably doesn't matter.  High five every
civilian in the room.

Run back outside and northwest, there's a large whore-house with three
beastlords guarding outside.  Take care of them and run inside, this part of
the game seems unfinished or something, as you don't really get any reward if
you actually save the whores, so don't beat yourself up over it if you don't.
I mean they're not really "do-able" anyway's, there was only one that I'd hit.
There's two beastlords inside to take care of, but there really isn't any
notable items.

Move west, but watch out, there's a hidden beastlord and two adult deathclaws
hiding behind a wrecked car.  If you know they're coming it isn't very hard,
one burst from a shotgun should do it.  Move up to the window of the church up
ahead and you can just fire away at the deathclaws inside.  Show them the
benefits of living in a "tool-centric" society, stupid beasts.  They don't
really think to run outside and get you, but even if they did they'd still die
anyways.  They eventually hide out of sight of the window you're at, but there's
tons of windows, just keep moving around and shooting them until they're
deathclaw hamburger.  There's a chest inside the church that has some Metal
Armor mkII, and a field medic kit.

That's about all there is to do.  Go talk to the mayor's daughter, the mayor,
and Arlene until they don't have anything left to say, then grab some exit


Still isn't anything the quartermaster has that you shouldn't have already
found.  If you don't have an FN FAL by now, you seriously need to go get one.


Objective:  Kill the beastlord leader, and rescue the deathclaw matriarch.

This is actually a pretty hard mission, be prepared to take a lot of damage,
there's lots of people shooting at you and they're all pretty good shots.
You should still have an almost unlimited supply of meds though, so this
shouldn't be a problem.  The first half of the mission require lots of long
range firepower, so grease your FAL up.  The second half is mostly close range
combat, so bring along your CAWS loaded with flechette rounds.

When you start the mission, immediately to the west is a large group
of 4 beast lords, a swarm of wasps, lots of radscorpions and big roaches.
The easiest thing to do is run up north to where there's a wrecked car with a
stop sign against it.  You think that stop sign is there because its a message
of peace from the developers?  As if they're saying "Don't do it man!
Please...Hasn't there been enough blood?  Look into your heart!".  With that
said, start by firing some bursts with an assault rifle into the crowd.
They'll come rushing over, when they're in range open up with some single
shotgun shots, you probably wont need bursts.  One of the Beastlords has a
H&K CAWS on him, if you don't have one already.

Move directly north, there's two small piles of rocks, take some cover in
there.  There's two snipers up by the building to the north, and a few
beastlords northwest.  You'll probably start shooting at the northwesterners
with your FAL and make easy work of them.  The ones to the north are kind of
tricky, frankly there's no easy way to take them out.  They also have a baby
deathclaw with them.  I just hang back and snipe them with burst, eventually
you'll get them all, if the deathclaw comes out, give him the shotgun.
You'll notice there's "puffers" in the ruined building to the west, take one
guess if you should step on them or not.  Just shoot them, The fridge doesn't
have anything of value in it.  There's another minefield to the north with a
dead ghoul in it, but don't be tricked, he doesn't have anything useful either.

Heading west, there's a small shed with a bunch of wasps and beastlords in it,
just snipe them with bursts.  Keep moving west and take cover behind the
barrels right next to the old truck.  There's going to be TONS of beastlords
here, just keep firing off bursts until they're all dead.  After they're dead,
lots more are going to come in the area and take potshots at you, making you
throw your carbonated beverage at the monitor shouting "Where in the f#$k are
they coming from!?  God I hate my life!".  Move up to the junked car, and you
should be able to snipe all of the beastlords in the Graveyard.

Move west around the radiation pool.  Be sure NOT to forget all your rad meds
back at the base, and then go take a 45 minute sauna in the stuff.  There will
be two or three pushover beastlords defending it.  Move around to the steps,
where a few roaches wait for you.  Get your shotgun handy and move down the
steps, crack off a few rounds and then move back up.  Some beastlords and
baby deathclaws will chase you, single file up the steps making it a nice,
easy, orderly execution.  Move back down, there will be a few more waiting for
you, watch out behind the barrels to the north, there's usually a shotgunner
crouched down there.  I should note that you'll be using your shotgun almost
exclusively from here on out.

Move into the southern room and take cover by the pots.  You'll start shooting
at the beastlords in the room, and several more will come running in from the
hallway.  Move west into the room and there will be a few more hiding, waiting
to get a cheapshot off.  Move over to the room by the stairs, there's two
really annoying beastlords in there (one with a needler) hiding.  

Move back up the steps, clear the graveyard out of any beastlords that are
left.  The stairs to the west just lead to a small crypt, where there's a few
roaches chewing on a dead ghoul, he has a lot of stimpacks on him.  Move out
of the graveyard, there might be some beastlords in the bunker to the east of
the entrance.  Move south and there's a few poorly armed beastlords with a
swarm of wasps.  After they're all cleared out, move back down the stairs into
the bunker.  

Move around the eastern room down into the southern doorway (if you move right
down the hallway you might get sniped).  This next part is pretty gruesome, be
prepared to take a lot of damage.  In the next room There's a beastlord with a
shotgun hiding behind some chests (you should see him), then further east are
two with M-1s hiding behind a table, then there's another one off to the side.
First charge right next to the one behind the chests with a shotgun, you'll get
him and the one to the side. The next part is up to you, you can either charge
the snipers with shotguns, or stay back and get them with assault rifle fire.
Its about the same either way, neither better or worse.

Moving onward, watch out for the puffer right in front of the stairs.  Down the
stairs there's a ton of deathclaws, roaches, beastlords, whatever they got to
throw at you, its down there.  Shoot a couple rounds off with an assault rifle
to "pull" them in to you, then when they get close enough give them shotgun
bursts.  Even after that, there will still be some waiting for you down there.
There's a lot of beastlords hiding in the stalls and junk along the north and
south walls, mostly they just keep their heads down, the only way to get them
all out is to just check every spot.  The emperor is kind of a puss, one or two
shotgun shells usually takes care of him.  Don't miss his chest behind the
throne, its got a lot of tabs in it.  One of the beastlords on the north side
has an FN P90c on him, even though its pretty useless at this point, but she
sure is purty.

Go up the stairs to the north, there's a room with a huge cage that has the
deathclaw matriarch in it.  The key to the prison is on one of the 4 beastlords
patrolling the room.  You can either free her or waste her beastly hide.
Personally I always just free her because its a little more xp.  The room north
is a good old fashion human slaughter house, if that turns you on or anything
you can linger there all you want, I know I did.

The stairs to the east is a prison with a bunch of baby deathclaws in the
cells, there's only two beastlords guarding this, just go south and flip the
switch to let them all out.  To the west is another prison with four beastlords
patrolling the walk.  You can pick all the locks and let the prisoners go, or
you could just laugh at them, moon them, make long speeches about how cool it
is to not be in a cage, then leave them.  It doesn't really seem to matter,
you don't get any xp for freeing them.  Anyone know any benefits to do it?
Any downside to just putting them out of their misery?

Head to the exit grid and mission finale.


You do another bunker switch after this, so no need to buy anything at the
bunker.  The Springfield mission is after this, and you have a vehicle during
it, hence unlimited storage space.  So you can just go directly to Springfield
afterwards if you want to.


Rescue the mayor.  Naturally, just to save this one guy you have to savagely
kill dozens of better men than him, such is politics.

This is the bonus mission, you can attain it if you got the bonus content cd.
I'm not even really sure how you got the cd, I have one myself, but cant recall
what I did to get it.  In any case you don't really even need the cd, you can
actually just cheat and edit a file to get it.  There's a way to do it out
there if you look around, but I'm not going to post it here, as there may be
some legal issues, and the last thing I need is a few extra set of eyes paying
attention to my little moonshine/magic mushroom production/unlicensed S&M
torture dungeon operation.  Anyway, the mission is fairly straight forward, you
use mostly assault rifles, a little bit of shotgun.  You get a buggy in this
mission, which is a pretty good vehicle I think.  It's only two seater, but
that's one more than you need right?  Personally I like the scouter you get
later, just because the noise the buggy makes kind of annoys me (imagine a
cross between a poorly tuned weedwhacker, and an unmuffled lawnmower).  Be sure
to pick up whatever you want and deposit it in the buggy.

Start the mission by talking to the town guard, he professes his utter failure,
and blames it on someone else, typical public servant.  The street to the west
is chock full of raiders, and they all have good cover too.  I wont go into
every last detail...the best advice I can give is to run up the entire length
of the street, sweeping out every last one of them before you inspect all of
the buildings on each side of it.  

Once they're all laying in pools of their own blood, and desperately trying to
push their eyes back into their heads, head back to the eastern side of the
road, back where the buggy is, by "Joe's tavern".  Joe gives you a little
background, and you can trade for some booze and drugs.  I find it kind of odd
he serves booze, and drugs like psycho and buffout in his place, that's quite
a cocktail for the human body.  You can imagine a few wild nights in that
place, with people reduced to drug crazed, boozed up, rabid wolverines,
throwing people out windows and eating the bar stools.  

The building west of that contains the charmingly racist Presnell, who you can
trade for some food.   The graveyard building to the south has a bunch of
ghouls hunkered down, and a pot with some minor items.  The building just west
of that has nothing at all on the bottom floor, but the top floor has 4 or 5
raiders in a well fortified position.  If you kill the one hiding in the middle
room, you get an extra 1000xp for some reason.  There's a chest that contains
more minor items by him.

West of this, there's 4 raiders hiding behind the tire and junk pile.  The
building only has some food inside of it.  The "Planet Donut" building doesn't
have anything worth going out of your way for besides a really neat landmark
to look at.  Maybe you could talk one of the raiders into taking your picture
by it...oh just shot all their guts out, guess not.

Climb the large ladder to the top of the westernmost building.  There's three
raiders up there, but you can easily stand behind the convenient bunker by the
ladder and nab them.  Don't climb the ladder by the raiders down, there's a
shotgunner down there who will blow you off it, instead go down the ladder on
the catwalk and use the trapped door.  The raider is behind the sandbags, but
watch out because there's a mine right at the entrance of it. The bottom floor
has nothing to speak of.

North there's a gate, but prepare yourself before you open it because all hell
is going to break loose.   There's lots of raiders and dogs in there, it's best
to just stand back and hit the ones above ground with an assault rifle, and
then move in with the shotgun to take out the ones in the two trenches.  Be
Careful about the eastern trench because there's a few raiders with an assault
rifle past the gate.   

Once you clear them all out move east, there's some raiders hiding behind the
barricades.  After that there's some kind of junkyard bazaar, there's a few
food items just laying out on the tables (Food that's been laying around in a
junkyard for an unknown amount of time?  That's good eatin'!).

Move north by going around through the mud pond or whatever that thing is
supposed to be.  The path to the west is pretty rough, there's a lot of raiders
with good firepower and good cover ahead.  Stay back by the fencline and pick
off as many as you can before you move up.  Get up by the metal shelf, and you
should be able to clean out the trench up ahead, then get to the burning barrel
to clear out the bunker.  Once you move up by the trench, there's another
hidden raider up by the fence (don't get too excited and just run to the chest
before you get him), and a few more on the other side who cant seem to figure
out how to open it, making them easy game.

Run to the other side of the fence, but stay close to it, there's lots of
snipers on the roof of the building.  If you just hang back by the fence and
fire bursts up at them, you shouldn't have much problem.  Go inside the
building, but don't even bother to go into the jail cell with the dead ghoul,
his body is trapped and there's no items on him.  Go up on the roof and clear
out any snipers you might have missed.  The tower on top would make a nice
position to snipe the raiders in the hostage building, but don't try it with
just yourself, you wont be able to hit them all and some will just run inside
and kill the mayor.  It's not real hard just to storm them though, grab your
shotgun, there's lots of raiders in all kinds of different directions, and
it's the most powerful weapon you have for the least amount of action points.
Basically just charge up fairly close to them and start shooting, try to stay
by the wall of the building, between the two tree pots for cover. Once everyone
on the ground has passed away, move up the steps and grind them into reddish
dust.  Talk to the mayor, and the mission is all done.  You can stick around
and listen to the mayor's fairly funny speech if you want, afterwards hit the
exit grid (remember to grab the buggy!).  


Head outside Springfield, and then just click on your icon to enter an empty
map.  You'll see your hummer and buggy out there.  Pick whichever one you want,
I like the buggy just because its faster.  Transfer all your cargo to
whichever, then leave the old one out in the wastes, you wont need it anymore.  
Back at Beta they'll tell you that you're being reassigned, so head out to
Gamma.  At Gamma, be sure to buy the repair and piloting book off the mechanic.
The quartermaster has a bunch of expanded lockpicks, which come in handy, pick
them up too.  This is probably the first time the quartermaster has anything
that you haven't found already, or found a better supplier for.  

St. Louis

Objective:  Locate Paladin squad and evacuate them.  Well, actually I'd say
the main objective would be the violently kill every mutant on the map, then
you get on with the evacuation.

Well, the time has come for small guns to become useless.  Everyone in this
mission uses a big gun, and so will you pretty soon.  Bring a lot of 7.62mm
ammo.  You'll also get an APC to drive around for this mission, so you'll have
plenty of storage space.

You start out in a garage with the apc, the toolbench in front of you has some
useful knowledge that you should read.  Move west, there's some mutants in a
bunker there, but luckily they're horrible shots.  Its easiest to just snipe
them from a distance, and them move up and snatch the SAW the one used to wield
(you have been working your big guns skill right??).  There's a few more
mutants out in the open up north.

Go up near the trenches, where all the dead bodies are.  There's a mutant with
a machine gun a little bit north of the silvery body, and there's one with a
pipe in the trench to the south.  It always makes me laugh that these guys come
running at you, unarmored, with a pipe.  You'd think with all those muscles he
could scrape something better together than a pipe...I mean... a freakin' big
rock would work better than a pipe.  Anyway's, go into prone and crawl into the
trench and he to the area by the bridge.  Don't pop your head up, there's
super mutants with .50 cals on the hill and they're a hell of a good shot.
By the bridge is Burke, he's got a bomb strapped to him.  Talk to him and
disarm him, he'll then die.  Keep crawling in the trench until you get to the
next ramp up north of the bridge (don't go up it), you should be safe from fire
there so stand up, there's a mutant north of you that you should take by

The trench becomes very maze-like, and there's all kinds of mutants lingering
in it.  The best thing to do is just stay above ground, and run around the
raised section until you clean them all out, you should take them by surprise
doing this, and you get much greater vision of them all than in the trench.
They seem to be expecting you to crawl down into the trench and go after them.
Watch out for the one in the northern straight section of trench, he has a
M-2 heavy machine gun.  Try to stay away from the radiation moat to the south
as well, because there's a lot of mutants on the hill, and you'll catch fire
from them, but they're mostly too far away for you to retaliate.  When the
trench is clear, move up to the bunker up north, a mutant has a
rocket launcher, he'll probably fire one shot at you when you're in the trench,
then duck down and never come back up, forcing you to get pretty close to get

To the north there's a bunker with a crashed hummer by it, this is where
paladin squad is hiding out, but don't bother with them just yet.  Move east,
there's a raise plateau with a ladder going up to it.  Hang out by the ladder
for a little bit, firing rounds at the nearby mutants, them move up it and go
to the eastern edge and go prone.  You should be able to get every mutant on
this and the next eastern plateau.  

Move back down, and head for the bunker up near the bridge, there's two mutants
with rocket launchers there, you should probably just go prone and crawl along
the western cliff to snipe them, you'll find a sniper rifle on one of them.
Then head over to the eastern plateau and get any mutants you may have missed.
Now, you'll notice a massive minefield to the south, basically you just have to
clear it all out with your SAW.  Keep moving south until all the mines are
gone, you'll probably have to go back to the APC to deposit your loot anyway.
When you're done, move back up to the northern bridge (by where the two rocket
launcher mutants were).

East of the bridge are two guardhouses, the southern one has a visible
machinegun mutant.  He's a little tricky, you can try to get him with a sniper
rifle, but that takes forever.  By the way, I wouldn't put a whole lot of
faith in your new sniper rifle, yes its got great range but it barely even
makes a dent in the mutants, it just seems to really piss them off.  You can
move across the bridge (watch out for mines) and creep along the side of
the building and take him out.  Up north is a grenadier and a machine gunner,
they're a little tricky to get.  All you can do is just creep along until one
is in sight then open up.  Watch out when you move into the building to loot
them, there's a rocket launcher mutant up on the plateau, next to the big
northern rock.

Moving east, there will be two mutants down by the pile of dead fang squad
bodies, and a rocket launcher on the eastern plateau.  All you can do is go
prone, without cover, and engage them at long range.  By the way, why is it
 that the "weekly" tests of the emergency broadcast system seem to take place
every other day?  The two mutants have M-60 machine guns, but stick with your
SAW as it's vastly superior.  In the western bunker there's a trapped chest
with another sniper rifle in it.  It's best to take the western path down to
the southern broken bridge.  If you take the eastern path, you'll walk right in
to the field of fire of 3 machine gunners, with no cover.  The eastern path
down to their flank has lots of rocks to hide behind.  Be sure to get the
machine gunner in the little sandbag bunker in the eastern corner, I like to
just run right up to his bunker and fire at him.  He wont fire back, he just
stands up stupidly and runs south.

That's it, you've cleared out all the mutants, except for the ones on the hill.
If you'd like to tackle them, read on a ways.  Otherwise, now that the path is
clear, just drive the APC up to Paladin squad, fully heal them (a first aid
kit will do, stimpacks will even work, if you're wearing environmental armor be
sure to take it off because of the first aid penalty), and drive them back to
the garage.  The game doesn't really give you a definite green zone where to
take them, but it is the garage.

So you want to tackle the hill huh? sure as heck isn't easy.  The
only reward you get is some more salvage, and a little xp.  One thing that
helps is to go up by the northern radiation moat, and snipe the mutants there,
that will soften them up a LITTLE bit.  The only way to get on the hill is
through the southern bridge.  Unfortunately there's THREE mutants with M-2s
that have a great LOS on you, and they're excellent shots.  One big tip I have
is don't save your game right near the bridge, as enemies have a tendency to
pop up every time you save and load.  So you'll end up with a saved game where
every time you load it you'll just get blasted away in about 1 second.  Save it
way back away from their fire.  You'll probably have to save and reload several
times before you get across in one piece.  My best tip is to hang WAY back
with a sniper rifle and try to pick off one or two of the M-2 Mutants before
you try to run across the bridge.  Don't even bother going straight up the
path, it's heavily mined. You have to crawl north, hide behind the two sandbag
walls and stand up/crouch until you get all the mutants in the bunker west of
you.  Keep moving and there's a locked chest with a XL70E3 Enfield, a nice
small gun that is totally useless by now.  Keep moving west along the
radiation moat, there's actually a secret path that leads up by the bunker.
Move up the path a few steps at a time, stopping to fire at the mutants up top.
The path is way west, near the edge of the map, there's a small little round
hump sort of thing that's glowing green, move up that to the second level.
Just east of that is a little flat looking thing, you can just tell it doesn't
look anything like the rocky cliffs around it, move up that.  You're now on
the hill, god help you.  No real tips from here on you, you just have to move
to every bunker and trench and clean everything out.  You can exit the hill
via the path to the bridge, but watch out, there's a bunch of totally
undetectable mines on it.  Must be the secret "magic mine" project dreamt up
by the CIA and Wizards of the Coast.  Fire a bunch of rounds into the path to
clear them out.  When you're done go rescue Paladin squad and move to the exit
grid.  On the way out be sure to point out to them that one man did what 4 of
their sissy little girly behinds couldn't do.


Go out in the desert and ditch the APC.  It's just way to slow to make any use
of.  Transfer all the cargo over to your vehicle of choice.  Once back in the
bunker, sell all your loot for brotha bucks.  Save one M-2 and all of the
.50cal ammo you found, you don't have enough ammo to make it an effective
weapon yet, but it's going to be your main gun for the rest of the game


Objective:  Destroy the four power generators.

Bring along your SAW, that's about all you'll need for this mission.  You'll
get a scouter in this one, so don't worry about space.

You start next to the scouter, move north and engage the mutant in the guard
house, and the one in the building north of him, the bookshelf has some ammo
and buffout.  Move east and go up the stairs in the train station, there's two
mutants on the roof there, move across the bridge to the north and kill the
flamethrower mutant on the roof.  The fridge has some rad-x and ammo.

Move east down to the sandbag wall (by the wrecked truck) and clear the street
of mutants.  Move a little more east and kill the two weakling melee mutants
and destroy power generator 1.  Move back west, there's three mutants holed up
in a building by the courtyard there, look out for mines in the courtyard.
Make your way into bottom floor of the large building by using the trapped
western door (the southern door is bugged I think, it has an infinite amount
of booby traps on it).  The only thing of note on the bottom floor is a trapped
chest in one of the rooms with a mine in front of it, the chest has some
.50cal ammo in it, very useful!  Going up the northern stairs, there's a
machinegun mutant behind the bags.  Through the southern door there's a hiding
melee mutant, with his formidable galvanized threaded pipe.  There's nothing of
use in the rest of the second floor, go up the steps to the roof.  Up top
there's two mutants in the north bunker, and a shelf with a laser pistol in it,
not useful at all but valuable.  There's nothing else up here, except an old
chopper with mines all around it, you cant do anything with the chopper besides
look at it.

Go grab your scouter, and move down about to where the generator was.
On foot, go east to where the car is laying on its side, there's a
rocket launcher to your south, and several mutants guarding the gatehouse to
the north.  Once they're gone you can go engage the mutant in the gatehouse,
and a few of his guards.  Moving west on the road there's a few mutants hiding
behind the debris, clear them all out. The old white warehouse has a bookshelf
with some Mutie in it.  Go back east, all the way to the edge of the map and
move up the trapped path to the small gate.  There's a grenadier on the other
side of the gate, a chest in the building behind him has some .50cal ammo.
Get into the western building, there's a hidden mutant in there, stay behind
the counter until he's dead.  Then move in, there's two mutants with M-2s in
the next building, stay back away from the windows and show them what the
underdog can do.  

Don't go loot them just yet, run back to your scouter and move it up to the
street to the 90 degree bend.  Get out and head west to the junkyard, there's
a turret in there, but if you stay out of his range you can pound him away with
your SAW, do the same with the turret north of it.  There's a few mutants
guarding the generator, but just pick them off from a distance, then trash the
generator.  The chest by the generator has more .50cal ammo.  Move north,
through the bridge into the building.  You can snipe some of the mutants from
the hole in the east wall, but they'll wisen up and keep their heads down
eventually.  Take the stairs down and clean them all out of the storage area,
their positions are pretty easy to spot.  

Move your scouter over to the eastern barricade, there's isn't any units
guarding it.  The mutants in the buildings that you took out earlier were its
defense.  There's some environmental armor on a bookshelf in the building with
the M-2 mutants, but you should already have some.  Keep moving north, there's
an M-2 mutant in the waste field to the east, but nothing else there besides
him and his ammo.  Move west to the bunker like structure.  There's tons of
mutants swarming in here, but they're all pretty easy to knock out, you just
stay behind the sandbagged windows and shoot.  Keep moving west and there's
two mutants patrolling the area south of the building.  Destroy the power
generator and the gate to the factory will open up, with the commander there.
She'll initiate some dialog then you get to kill her, or you can just grease
her before she says anything, doesn't matter.  In the lab the scientist will
beg you not to destroy his research.  It's more xp if you don't, but do
whatever you want.  I don't want to come across as preachy, so far be it from
me to tell a guy NOT to blow away a helpless scientist begging for his life
and his life's work (which just happen to be screaming abominations begging
for the sweet release of death).  Move west in the lab and blow the generator
sky high, and that's all she wrote.


Out in the waste, choose the scouter or the buggy or hummer or whatever you're
driving. To me it seems like the scouter is faster than the buggy, and makes
a less annoying sound.  The quartermaster will have some
environmental armor mkII, but I never cared for the stuff.  If you think its
worthwhile, go right ahead.

Kansas City:

Objective:  Protect the Bishop and kill all the supermutant commanders.

This is your first defensive mission.  Basically, you have to stop waves of
supermutants from entering the compound and killing the bishop.  Bring along
your Browning M-2, and all the ammunition you have for it (well save the
D.U. rounds for later).  Bring a SAW along, but you don't need much ammo, you
can find plenty of it on the mutants.  Be sure to bring a little buffout if
you don't have the strength to wield the M-2.  Everytime I've told someone that
I beat this game with a single character, they always ask how in the world I
beat this particular mission, to be honest, it's pretty easy.

You'll start by the southern gate, if you're not strong enough to work the M-2,
then immediately pop some buffout (chop it up into dust with your 
drivers license, then snort it for the quickest effect).  Get your M-2 equipped
and ready to go.  Talk to the bishop and then the fun begins.

There's three gates, the west, east, and south gates.  You don't even have to
worry about the west gate, the ghouls there can handle themselves, as the
mutant attacks there are pretty light.  The south gate is going to get hit the
hardest, and the east gate will get hit fairly hard itself.
Basically...just hang out at the south gate until the first wave shows up,
then just cut them down with your M-2.  The ghouls will start yelling
"The xxx gate is under attack" whenever another gate is...well...under attack.
If they're bitching about the west gate, just ignore them, that never falls.
Fight off the first wave at the southern gate, then move to the eastern gate,
fight them off and move back south.  Basically...just keep doing that until
no more waves show up, each gate only gets about 3 waves.  That's all there is
to it really, sorry if I disappointed you with its simplicity.
I honestly feel the need to write something more in-depth...but thats all
there is too it.  Try it.  Go on, it's cool.  Hey are you still reading this?

After the waves have dried up, move up to the east gate.  There will be some
mutants lingering on the road to the east, just head down and chew them up.
Then, move back to the gate.  You'll see there's a lot of surrounding buildings
around the town (most of the buildings have lootable shelfs and corpses, the
only two really worth mentioning is the easternmost building with 3 chests, it
has a Pancor Jackhammer, it wont be useful against mutants, but hang on to it!
The fridge where the second commander is has an FN FAL, now don't you feel all
fuzzy that you finally get this great gun at a point when its totally
obsolete?).  Start by moving to the first building in the northwest, then
systematically visit each building in a clockwise motion, clearing them all
out.  I'd love to list every single building, and every mutant that's in them,
but it's not that difficult (especially if you have spare .50cal ammo).  You'll
probably run out of .50cal eventually and just have to switch over to the SAW.
Just treat each building as if there's a few heavily armed mutants inside that
are going to blow you away if you walk through the door, most likely there is
(plus most buildings have windows you can sneak a few high powered shells
into).  Just stay back, looking into the doorway and move around until your
LOS catches a mutant, then light him up.  Keep doing that until you make it
all the way to the two towers in by the south gate.  There's a mutant on each
that you have to climb up and waste.  Afterwards just talk to the bishop and
get out of Dodge...or Kansas, whatever.

That's about it, I'm sure someone is going to be mad about my lack of detail,
but this really is one of the simplest missions in the game, all the commanders
locations are even spelled out for you on the pipboy map.


Nothing worth noting on the quartermaster, actually nothing worth noting at


Objective:  Kill Gammorin.

This is going to be another slug-out big guns type mission.  Basically all you
need is your M-2 and some buffout, if you require it.  There's going to be LOTS
of extra .50cal ammo available in this mission, so don't bother being stingy
with it, let the mutants have their fare share!

You'll start south by some crates with mines and meds in them.  Run north by
the wrecked radio tower, and take cover behind the semi truck, snipe away at
the two mutants in the small building.  Move further north and go prone.
There's a lot of mutants up there, but you should have a significant range and
accuracy advantage over them.  Be sure to get the two guarding the eastern
gate.  Move east to the stairs, there's 3 heavily armed mutants guarding it,
so just stay way back and move around until you got a shot on them.  Head down
the stairs, do some rad-x because there's tons of radiation down there.  Head
to the west, and stay back from the open part there.  You'll notice that you'll
start firing, and you cant even see the enemy.  This is kind of fun, once you
stop firing creep forward until you start again.  There's about 6 mutants just
standing around above ground around this opening.  You may have to reload the
game a few times, if they get a shot on you there's a good chance you wont make
it.  When they're cleared out, you can climb up top.  From here, you can move
all the way north around the side of the base, through the minefield, and up
the tower to clear out the two mutants there....but you really don't have to
(there's also two mutants patrolling the western junkyard, but nothing of
value in there).  Otherwise, snipe off all the mutants around the fuel tanks,
then move up the stairs to it.  There's two machine gun mutants in the building
there, and 3 down on the small "island" with the "petrol" tank...freaking
commies, its called "Gas"!  You should be able to snipe the mutants at the
southern gate from up here, but go down there and make sure it's all cleared

Head down the western steps, by the island.  Going through a few rooms, you'll
see another room with a bunch of propane tanks in it.  Shoot them from a
distance back, if you don't, when you go in that room and shoot at the mutants
you'll just blow yourself up too.  In the next room is Toccamatta, who's
obviously mentally deficient, as he spills quite a bit of information thinking
you're Gammorin without finding it odd that you never even reply to him.
Good riddance, I wouldn't want a twerp like that under my command.  He has
Barneky's letter on him, be sure and grab that.  The next room south has
quite a few mutants in it, the toughest one is the one right next to the
entrance holding a flamethrower, luckily you'll get the drop on him, the rest
are easily picked off if you stay by the door.  The room Gammorin is in is
pretty simple, just stand by the door and pop everything that moves.  The chest
has a briefcase in it, you get more xp if you grab it.  Loot everything you
can carry and head for the exit.


You'll be reassigned to bunker Delta, the mechanic there has a repair manual,
that's about all that's worth buying.

Junction City:

Objective:  Retrieve robot parts, and kill everyone in the reaver camp.
Persuade Casey, the hot little mechanic to join the brotherhood.

Bring your .50 cal and a Pancor Jackhammer with some Flechette rounds if you
got any left (if not just use normal shells).  This mission is pretty brief
really, only about half of it is actual combat.

Right off the bat you start at the eastern gate.  Move in and go south to
Casey's house.  She's all upset cause her dad is dying or something,
women, sheesh.  You can use a first aid kit on him to heal him, heck even
jabbing a few stimpacks into him works.  She'll be satisfied (for the moment,
just wait until she starts in on how ugly the bunker is) and join the

Go back north, and climb the ladder on the building just north of the gate.
There's a pissed off brahmin up there, and he attacks you, break in your
Pancor Jackhammer on him.  If you loot his body, there's a cattle prod on
him...or in him...or something.  Now is a good time to note that just about
every building in this town has some kind of lootable shelf in it, none of it
is really worth mentioning as it's all just food and junk, but feel free to
loot everything you see.

Move into "The pit" where angry rick has a piece of the robot.  Just keep
talking to him until he wets himself and gives you the part.  If you shoot him
though, the whole town will become aggressive to you, but it sure feels good.
When you're done bursting into everyone's home, and taking whatever you
feel like, get to work on saving the town.  Go to "Juan's Emporium"
(on the north side), and barter for the second robot part, then run over and
talk to the mayor in the town hall building.  Immediately run out the
western gate, M-2 in hand, the fighting should have already started.  
Take cover behind the old pile of tractor tires and fight off the first wave.
Once they stop coming feel free to move up.  One big note is to always make
sure that none of the town militia are in your line of fire, if you kill one
of them accidentally the whole town will turn aggressive to you.  Just hang
around the general area of the gate until the reavers stop coming.

Start moving north, keep in mind there's reavers EVERYWHERE, and traps all
over the place.  Unfortunate for them, they're all lightly armored and your
M-2 will just chew them to pieces.  Move up to the house, dodging traps
and blowing reavers to pieces along the way.  There's a lot of snipers on the
roof of the house, but your M-2 has just as much range as they do.  Once the
porch is totally clear, move back down the western side of the map and clear
all the reavers out of there, then head back to the building.  You can snipe
the two reavers inside the building by standing by the pile of tires.
Switch over to your shotgun to conserve .50cal ammo, the door inside is
locked and trapped (the key is on a dead civilian in front of the house).
The robot torso is on the toolbench on this floor, go upstairs and clean out
the rest of the reavers, and that's all you have to worry from them.  Be sure
to loot them all, most of them are carrying energy weapons, highly valuable
meds, and a few of them have vindicator mini-guns.

Head directly south of the road that leads up to the house, you'll run into a
ladder going down into the ground.  Down below is a long passage with a bunch
of giant rats, your shotgun will work wonders on them. There's a lot of rooms
with weapons and ammunition in them, however most of them are useless to you
by this point.  The end of the passage leads to a ladder which goes back up
into the city.  Go talk to the mayor, he'll give you the last robot part,
end scene.


The quartermaster has some .50cal ammo for sale at a ridiculous price,
some EMP shells and a couple of tank rounds.  I wouldn't bother getting any
tank rounds, not worth it.  If you picked up a vindicator mini gun from
Junction city, now would be a good time to drive around the desert to blow
a few thousand rounds off.  This will get you a some experience, and
occasionally you can run into a group of mutants that have some .50cal rounds
to loot.


Objective: Recover the 3 suits of power armor.  

This is another mission that takes place in the middle of a town.
I chose to do this before great bend because you get a suit of power armor
after this mission, which makes great bend a whole lot easier.  Just pack up
your M-2, and head out here, there's going to be plenty of .50cal rounds for
you to use.  

You start by the Auditor General, talk to him, he's less than agreeable,
but I was taught that its a very large offense to kill a superior officer.
The civilian in the middle building has some things you can barter for.
Go through the western entrance to the cliff buildings, there's two guards in
the sandbags by the stairs.  Talk to Don Vinchenso to the west, he'll ask you
to kill Ma Barker for him, but don't bother doing it.  She's an undercover
brotherhood operative, and you get a lot of xp for letting her live.
To the east there's a chapel with a drunken priest, you can crawl under the
podium to a secret room in back.  There's a fridge in there with some weapons
and armor, but it isn't anything you haven't come across already.  Further
east is a bazaar where you can buy some food and manuals.  

Go up the stairs to the second floor, to the west there's a few raiders
patrolling the empty room. Keep moving, past the casino there's two raiders
waiting in another empty room to shoot anything that walks through the doorway.
Of course, you can just go one step in and take them by surprise.  To the south
there's a room with one raider and some crates that have .50cal ammo, there's
also another room with a locked door and a bookshelf with more .50cal.
Move out onto the cliff shelf, move slowly north, as you'll be able to snipe
some of the raiders on the higher levels.  Head back into the room with the
stairs, you might want to drop some of your .50cal ammo by the stairs,
as there's going to be LOTS of it in the upper levels, and you can come back
on your way out to grab this stuff.  In the bar to the east, Simon employs the
odd tactic of asking you for help by calling you an asshole.  Follow him to the
room his sister is in, open it up and kill the raider.  Please don't just start
shooting in there with the M-2 as you'll just kill her too, just pick up any
old single shot weapon laying around and teach him how to respect a woman.
Go back and talk to Simon, he thanks you.  You ever notice everyone in this
game totally hates you? That is until you blow someone's head off for them,
then you're cool in their book.  *Sigh* if only real life was as simple.

Open the door to the east and get the idiot standing right in the window.
Then move around the side to the front door and get the rest of them.
To the east there's a few raiders in some kind of dining room, to the west is
a rather large blockade of raiders with heavy weapons guarding the stairs up.
Don't bother going into the southern rooms, there isn't anything of interest

Head up the stairs, in the corridor to the north there's quite a few raiders,
including one with the set of power armor.  You might want to just take the
power armor off his body and set it aside on the ground, so you can come back
to it later, it weighs a whole lot, and you need space for your .50cal ammo.
Heading out the door, there's a crate with some mines, and naturally there's a
giant minefield ahead of you.  There's a sniper on the roof of the building
just east of you, make sure you're not standing near any mines before you light
him up.  Further east are two raiders behind sandbags, one burst should take
them both out.  

Inside the building is the second power armor raider, with two snipers on each
side of him.  You can flip the power switch on the wall to shut the lights off,
and give yourself a slight advantage.  Up ahead is a barricade with a few
raiders behind it, they don't last long against the M-2 at close range.
The room with the commander in it has a melee raider in the north corner,
a rocket launcher right between each doorway, the commander in the middle of
the room, and two snipers with laser rifles on each side of him.  Your biggest
worry is the two right by the doorway, you can get the melee one by just
creeping up to the north door from the south until you see him.  You have to
get the rocket launcher by just bursting in and hoping you catch him with his
metal pants down.  The three up front are pretty easy to outsnipe with your
M-2.  Grab the commanders power armor and you're all done.  You actually might
have to make a few trips to the ground level to grab all your ammo, loot and
power armor.  Be sure you give all three suits to the auditor at the same time,
otherwise he gets a little buggy.  Sometimes you have to actually give him the
armor through barter, sometimes just standing near him with the armor is
enough, its pretty confusing. 


For the first time in the game, the quartermaster actually has something you
haven't already found, and cant find anywhere else: Power Armor.  Definitely
pick up a set of this, it'll boost your strength too so you don't have to keep
popping those buffouts to work your M-2.  You girlfriend will be happy to be
free of your roid-raging sexual assaults as well.

Great Bend:

Objective:  Destroy all robots.

This mission marks the first time you go up against robots, and there's lots of
them.  Bring your M-2, along with a laser and plasma rifle.  You don't really
need that many energy cells, as they're both single shot weapons.  100 or so
should do.  You should try to use the M-2 Sparingly, and the energy weapons as
much as possible, as .50cal ammo gets a little scarce for a while.  

Start out by talking to Jake, he tells you about his cute little moronic
opinion on what's going on with the robots, take pity on his redneck soul and
don't kill him.  The street to the north is full of robots, politely introduce
yourself, and your M-2 to them.  Watch out for the sniper by the wrecked car
to the west.  Be sure to pay a visit to Ripley (remember her?) who's laying on
the side of the street, looking better everyday.  She's got a lot of books on

You can go east (don't step on the electrified wires!), unlock the door and
talk to Noelene, she has nothing at all useful to say, but she sure does try.
Her bookshelf has a lot of high end medical supplies though, makes you wonder
what kind of crowd she hangs with.  Flip the switch in the gatehouse, and try
out your new energy weapons on the two bots by the gate.  Moving up the street
there's two more by the next gateway.

Move up by the warehouse, there's some exceptionally annoying security bots,
its best to just go prone and snipe them.  Move up the stairs and you might be
able to snipe a few units in the next warehouse, then go through locked door.
Inside the locked building to the south is Mike, he's real pissy and just tells
you to get lost.  I've read that he might react differently if you don't kill
any civilians in Macomb.  Can anyone confirm this, and fill me on what he does
differently if you don't?  Any benefits?  Anyone?

Next is the huge warehouse, with a bunch of loader bots.  They're just huge
melee units with a lot of hitpoints, you'll probably want to use the M-2 on
them.  There's also more annoying security bots to deal with, you can hit the
oil barrels to deal with one of them.  At the top of the steps you can snipe
the three bots in the junkyard, but eventually they'll run up against the
fence where you cant see them, so be quick to kill them.  The dead body has a
first aid manual on it...obviously they didn't use it.  

Blow up the barricades to the north and head into the junkyard.  There's three
bots hanging out right in the middle by the broken fermenter looking thing
(the large blue things with two circles  drawn on it).  Move through the
western path and a machine gunner will open fire on you to your right, one
with a laser rifle to the north, one with a pistol to the east, and a sniper
way to the east.  You should take the first two out quick with the M-2, the
second you can get with and energy weapon, and the sniper is easy once you get
up close and personal.  Going back out onto the street you'll find Gloria to
the south.  Not only is she funny to talk to, but she reminds me a lot of my
Great-Grandma.  Ah...all the fun times we had at the methadone clinic.

Move north, across the bridge and into the stockpile.  There's four bots
hiding behind the scrap, waste one, move up, waste another, move up, etc.
Don't bother trying to shoot the propane tank, it's hard to hit for some
reason, and only does light damage to the robot next to it.  Moving south,
you'll encounter a lot of loader bots.  The easiest thing to do is lead one
back into the alley, and kill him, preferably do it close to the warehouse
entrance.  He'll cause a roadblock, which keeps the other ones from chasing
you, so you can stand behind the dead one and fire away.  Don't kill so many
that it totally blocks the path for you though.  You'll still have to chase
them around though, they tend to run away when they figure out they cant whoop
on you.  There's some environmental armor mkII in the steel mill, but nothing
else of interest.  

Down south there's a damaged pacification bot in a shed.  Now...maybe this is
just and acid flashback, but I remember something happened if you let the bot
live.  However, lately I cant beat the mission without killing him.
I'm thinking maybe this has something to do with the 1.27 patch.  Anyone got
any ideas?  In any case, see if you can beat the mission without killing him.

Flip the switch on the shed to open the gate, there's three bots just waiting
to shoot you a new one on the other side.  When they're gone move south and
there's a melee bot and a load lifter to kill.  There's a press you can lead
the loader into, then flip the switch to kill him, but that's just way more
work than its worth.  In any case you should be done with the mission, if not
go back and kill the pacification bot.


Back to the quartermaster having nothing at all.  He has an extra suit of
power armor, had you any squadmates, that would be useful.


Objective:  Rescue the four reaver leaders.  

Don't worry about space, as you get a tank in this level for storage.
Bring along a laser rifle, plasma rifle, and the M-2.  You wont be using the
M-2 a whole lot, as you shouldn't even have much ammo for it, but it makes
certain spots easier.

The tank is east of the bridge at your starting location, on the other side of
the fence.  Feel free to drive it around a little (it needs repaired first),
and notice how ungodly slow it is.  You'll only be using it as a footlocker.
Head into the building right north of you, through the hole in the wall,
there's two bots in there that need sorting out.  The first mini gun bot has a
lot of ammo, and a repair kit for the tank on him.  Move up the steps and out
the door onto the roof, there's 1 bot and a couple of scurry bots up there.
The scurry bots are pretty annoying, they hide a lot, and pop up right in front
of you, and start going for your man(or woman)hood with their sharpened metal

Move across the bridge into the building, there's a scurry bot hiding in the
eastern hallway.  Move immediately south into the conference room, where
Glenda Close, the first reaver leader is.  Just talk to her, then run her back
to the exit zone by going over the bridge and through the building, you don't
have to personally escort her, she should be safe.  If you haven't figured it
out, the exit zone is the piece of street just north of where you started.
The middle hallway in the building has nothing at all, except two bots.
One has a mini gun and another has a plasma rifle, if you walk in you'll get
attacked on both sides by them.  Personally I always just skip this, its
really tough to take them out, and they don't do anything at all if you just
leave them there.  Move out the eastern door, and down the steps, there will
be a tank bot and a bunch of hover bots in the factory. The hover bots really
bite, they fire rocket launcher rounds at you, and then when they run out the
fly to you and self destruct, doing a lot of damage.  Just take them all out
with an M-2 before they get a chance to get close.  If you're having trouble
with the tank bot, just stay up on the stairs when you can snipe him out of
his reach.

Move south, through the alleyway, around the fence in front of the building,
and in front of the sandbags by the entrance.  You can easily snipe the
turrets (who have a lot of .50cal ammo on them) from there with a
plasma rifle.  Up the stairs to the second floor there's a bunch of mines,
stay way back and just shoot them to set them all off.  You can go through
where the mines used to be, go up to the roof and flip the switch to disable
the turret if you want, doesn't really matter if you don't though.  You can
even destroy it for the .50cal ammo, the chest by it just has some emp grenades
and a scurry bot by it.  Talk to the second reaver leader, Albert Lamore, and
run him back to the exit grid.  DONT run him right out to the street and then
run to the zone, that street is packed full of scurry bots.  Instead run back
through the path you took; through the factory.  If you really want to, you
can go up that western road and path beside it clearing out all the bots,
but its pretty difficult, and there's no real reward in it besides XP.
If you do, its easiest to start on the southern end and work your way up.

In any case, get in the middle road, on the north end of it there will be a
security bot, and three hover bots hiding behind the top north sandbag wall,
go through the door and get them with the M-2.  Sometimes they're out
patrolling this middle road though, not sure what makes them do that.  In any
case, the M-2 will deal with them.  Move east into the trailer yard looking
thing, there will be two security bots in there, just take them out, that's
all you need from here for right now.  Move out of there and back east, there
will be a Nuka-Cola storefront, when you get near it about 6 scurry bots will
pop out.  It's important you kill them with the M-2 fairly fast, as they'll go
attack and kill the next reaver boss, waiting in the southern building.
Go into the floor level of the southern building and talk to Roger Gare, the
third reaver leader.  Take him and yourself back up to the trailer yard area.
Notice the large cluster of trailers in the middle.  Have Roger go up between
the vertical red one, and the horizontal blue one, they have another horizontal
blue one connecting eachother up top.  If he stands right against the wall of
the ground level blue one, you'll see a ladder leading down into it.  Have your
character go inside the easternmost blue trailer, and climb the ladder in the
connecting red trailer.  On the second floor, move up to the blue building
laying on top of the red and blue ground level ones.  Select BOTH of the
characters, and click on the ladder going into the blue one.  It might take a
few tries to get it right, but your character should climb down it.  Inside is
a fridge with advanced power armor in it, freakin' score!

Run back out onto the middle city street, run Roger to the exit zone while you
move south to the next eastern street.  There's three scurry bots and a
mini gun bot waiting for you on the one side.  Move east on the other side and
here's two sniper bots waiting for you.  Go into the building to the south,
don't bother with the first or second floors, there's nothing in them, go
right down the ladder into the basement.  Talk to Tobias Peste, the last reaver
leader, he'll give you the key to the safe by him with the prototype pulse
rifle in it.  Collect that and take him and yourself to the exit zone, be
sure to grab the tank first.  It doesn't look like the tank will fit through
the tiny slot in the fence to the exit grid but it does...not that that should
even matter seeing how it's a tank, but whatever.


Go out in the waste and ditch the tank, and transfer your cargo over to your
preferred vehicle.  You'll be reassigned to bunker epsilon, there the
quartermaster will have a few more EMP shotgun rounds, hang on to those.
The mechanic also has the Jet Bike key, which I'm told you can use somehow in
the Nuka-Cola kid special encounter, but I never figured out how to.
Anyone know?  Also note that the random encounters around this base are pretty
tough, they always consist of a bunch of robots swarming you.  Sometimes even
with a behemoth, two pacification bots, and various supporting bots!

Canyon City:

Objective:  Destroy all six power nodes simultaneously and retrieve information
about the calculator.

Bring along your M-2, as well as energy weapons.  There is going to be a TON of
energy cells for you to pick up in this mission.  

From the start, move a little west up the street, there's quite a few bots here
but opening up with the M-2 will give their circuits something to compute, two
of them have a lot of remote detonator traps on them..  In the shed up north is
another bot with a gauss pistol, and a detonator.

Move into the lumber mill, there's a lot of scurry bots running around.  When
they're taken care of, set your first trap (be sure to set the frequency and
keep it the same for each trap) by it.  Move west and take the ladder down to
the underground passage, follow it to the stairs up that leads behind the main
defense line to the installation.  You can flip the switch to deactivate the
turrets if you don't feel like destroying them.  Destroy all the bots guarding
the line, and go back down the stairs, back into the lumber mill.

Climb up the large tower in the south, where you can snipe the hover bots in
the street to the west, and the bots to the south of you.  Once they're gone
climb down to the street and go through the door to the south.  There's a few
more bots in the bunker and trenches to the south, when they're clear head east
to the building.  Go around the NORTH side of the building and flip the switch
to deactivate the turrets.  Head inside, watching out for the two scurry bots
in there, then set your next trap.  

Head west, to the building marked "3" on your map and set the next trap, then
head to the south road and start moving west again.  Ignore the buildings along
the southern border of the map, they look pretty but there's nothing in there.
There's three trenches up west that need to be cleaned out, along with some
ammo in them.  Head into the factory to the north of the trenches, there's a
pair of security bots patrolling inside.  The next power node is right next to
the door, set your trap.  Go out the large gate, by the big red tractor.
You'll notice a ladder leading down, but don't bother with it.  There's a few
bots down there, but nothing of value.  Head back over to the front line of the
compound.  Enter it through the southern door (not the southern stairs, the
southern door).  Inside past the next door is a tank bot patrolling, be
prepared for him.  The room to the west with the next power node is protected
by three exceptionally annoying security bots, smash them to pieces and set
your trap.  The eastern room has a bot armed with a gatling laser (which is
my favorite energy weapon) and two security bots.  The next room to the east
has a pacification bot, he's not very hard to kill, just angle yourself in the
doorway so you can see him and pound away with the gatling laser.  He might
stun you a few times, but that's no biggy.

Head back west, into the northern room and hop up the stairs.  The room to
the south has a bunch of security bots, the room to the east has a two humanoid
bots with heavy weaponry.  Pick your poison as to which to go first, you'll
have to take them both out anyways.  In the large eastern room, talk to the
terminal, then move to the southern room and talk to the terminal in there.
There's three hidden scurry bots in the power node room, after they're passed
on, talk to the terminal there and set your final trap.  Grab your detonator,
and blow all the traps up.  If you did it right the nodes will be reduced to
dust and you'll get a lot of experience.  If you did it wrong, then some arms
will start jumping out of the node, trying to repair itself.  Then you have to
visit each node again and figure out what you did wrong.  Once everything is
taken care of, head to the exit grid, be sure to grab some spare energy cells
on the way out.


The quartermaster will have some 2mm EC rounds (you wont need them for a
while but hang onto them) as well as some more EMP shotgun rounds.  He also
has some advanced power armor to buy, in case you were way too confused to find
the suit in Newton.

Buena Vista:

Objective:  Destroy the manufacturing plant and power source.

There's going to be a lot of close combat with the bots, so remember to take
your Pancor Jackhammer and EMP shells.  Take whatever energy weapons you want,
personally the laser gatling is all I need.

You arrive just as a couple of your less intelligent brothers run straight
into a robotic blender.  Move immediately east and try out your EMP shells on
the bots in the small corral there, then move south through the graveyard,
which is crawling with scurry bots.  Move west and sweep the trench, the bunker
to the east has four sniper bots in it.  Move through the eastern door, as you
would expect in any open space of land, there's scurry bots all over it, as
well as two bots in the northern trench and two snipers in the eastern bunker.
Further east are a few more scurry bots with some more snipers in a trench.
Use the terminal in the trench to shut down the energy fields, then move north,
this place is crawling with scurry bots as well.  Eventually when you move west
enough the energy field will shut down, revealing a behemoth.  It's best to
stay WAY back from this guy.  Run south through the doorway, only getting in
sight for just enough time to fire off some EMP bursts, then hide again from
him, heal up, and pop back out.

Go west, past the gate and get rid of the tank bot and scurrys hanging out in
that pasture, then go activate the gate using the science skill on the
terminal.  Kill the turrets by hanging back with the gatling laser, then move
in with the shotgun.  DONT just run straight up into the gateway, the security
bots will hit you so hard you wont have time to react, just go up to one corner
and kill two of them, then go to the other and do the same before you move in.
There's also two more security bots on the northern side of the room, when
they're annoying metallic asses are dead, destroy the node with your
gatling laser.  Go east, destroying the security bot, and click on the console.
You'll get some background about the hellion, and man's adorable little attempt
at nazism and genocide which lead to the holocaust.  North is initiate Percy,
he's dying apparently.  Most likely because he went up against a bunch of
robots with a m-60 machine gun.  It might be hard, but sometimes idiots
deserve to die.  Would you go attack a Kodiak bear with a hunting knife?  If
the answer even came close to yes, I suggest you go try it.

In the eastern hallway are two security bots and a loader bot, be sure NOT to
kill the loader bot in front of the doorway, as his corpse will block you.
In the next eastern room are two scurry bots and a laser sniper, use the
terminal to open the doorway to the stairs.  Once you head up the stairs,
there's going to be a ton of lifter bots to snipe, but make sure your character
kills the sniper security bots to the east first, otherwise the moron will keep
shooting away at loader bots while the security bots fry him.  West is a single
bot by an alarm console, as you may guess you have to kill him before he can
hit the alarm, otherwise a TON of security bots will attack you.  Head up the
stairs, and shoot all the security bots behind the fence, lined up nice and
neat just for you, then go snipe that turret.  Climb down the ladder, and back
up the ladder to the north.  You can snipe the units down below from up here,
then move down the steps to the north to destroy the generator.

Moving into the room with the giant ship, you can just use the terminal to
blow the thing up.  I wonder if they had a "Blow this thing up for no reason"
button on there, right next to the "Start" button?  Kind of a design flaw don't
you think?  Anyways, once you blow her up real good, the northern door will
open up, letting a flow of loader and hover bots to come down on you.  Take
them out as fast as possible with bursts from the shotgun, then move in and
finish off the rest, finally taking one shot at the reactor to destroy it.
The room to the east has 5 bots inside, but your shotgun should handle them,
then move north and destroy the last power node.  On your way out, a bunch of
scurry bots appear in the large middle room of the complex, not sure where
they come from.  Other than that, hit the exit grid.


The quartermaster stocked up while you were away.  He's got a pulse rifle,
gauss rifle, 2mm EC rounds, and some .50cal rounds.  If you like single shot
energy weapons, go for the pulse rifle, personally I prefer the gatling laser.
The gauss rifle is the best sniper weapon in the game, so don't miss out on it.

Scott City:

Objective:  Find Kerr, and stop him from squealing.

Bring everything you got basically, energy weapons, M-2, and your shotgun with
EMP rounds, you're going to need it all.  This mission has a little bit of
everything to throw at you.  

You start out with your mini-map being jammed.  Immediately move west into the
playground ahead and equip your M-2.  Start firing at the group of bots to the
west, you should finish off the humanoids easily but eventually a Behemoth will
show up.  The trick to beat him is to just hang back in the safety of the
plastic playground.  He wont fire at you until he's at almost point blank
range, and the playground blocks him to getting that close to you.  Apparently
there's some kind of programming inhibitor that keeps his multi-ton body from
just smashing playground equipment to get you.  Kind of sweet huh?  Keep
unloading on him, he'll eventually start running away, if he runs north...then
things get difficult.  Hopefully he'll run west and you just have to chase him
down.  If it's north...there's a bunch of hover and security bots up there to
take care of as well.  If he gets the bright idea of chasing you again, just
keep running back, firing a few rounds, run back again.  Keep some distance
between you!

After he's gone, move back down to the southern fence around the junkyard, go
east along it and you should encounter some hover bots.  You'll probably gain
the attention of some bots in the yard while you move along the fence, destroy
them but don't go in the junkyard just yet.  Move around to the eastern side,
where the Jamming tower is, where you'll find some mini gun bots.  They're easy
to take out at range, but when you fire on them a bunch of scurry bots will
attack you from the south, it's best to switch between a shotgun and some kind
of energy weapon to take them all down.  Most likely you'll destroy the jamming
tower with all the fire, if not be sure to blow her up.  

Move north where there's a pacification bot with hover bots guarding it.  For
some reason the pacification bots are immune to EMP shells, so you'll have to
use something else on him.  I wouldn't worry about range once the hover bots
are gone, the pacification bot doesn't really do much damage, the worst he can
do is stun you, which wont really matter because you'll be shooting at him from
a close range.

Go into the junkyard through the eastern gate, you'll see an alarm console with
a bunch of scurry bots hidden by it (in fact the whole junkyard is literally
crawling with scurry bots).  Don't bother to try to break the alarm, it seems
to have an infinite amount of traps on it.  Move up to the top floor of the
building there and pick off the two nearby humanoid bots.  The door is locked
and difficult to pick, plus there really isn't anything worthwhile in there.
Move west and destroy the jamming tower, and also take one run around the whole
junkyard, cleaning out any bots you see.  There's another behemoth in the road
to the north, you can snipe at him from the top room in the junkyard building,
or on the stacked trailers, each are kind of an equally mediocre position.
You'll most likely still catch fire from him from either, and still have to
move north to chase him once he starts running away.

Run over to the western prison area, there's 4 hiding humanoid bots by the
jamming tower.  Go into the southern building, with one security bot in it.
There's three cells in there, one with sebastian (a mutant who runs off and
kills himself if you let him go), Derry (who accosts you for not freeing him
sooner), and  elaine (who isnt very interesting).  Let all three of them go.
The security bot inside seems to execute one or several of them if you wait too
long to get to this part of the mission, but it isn't a big deal if it does
anyways. Grab the key in the pot by Elaine.  

Run back north, the easternmost building is locked, but it only has one
security bot inside of it, nothing else to note.  The western has another
security bot in the south part, with a bunch of civilians in the middle, if
you wait to long to get to this area they may be killed as well.  In the
southern room there's also a traps book just laying on the floor.  

Move north up the street, if you haven't already ran into the hover bots up
there, you will now.  There's a few humanoids guarding the jamming tower, take
them all out.  Keep heading north, up to the building complex.  Head up the
stairs, and into the western door.  Inside there will be a bunch of loaders and
humanoid bots you can snipe from the second floor.  Go east, there's a large
room with a bunch of windows on the north side, you can snipe some hover bots
and a behemoth from here with great cover.  Move up the stairs, there will be
security bots patrolling this second floor, you can snipe the two turrets below
you from this room, as well as assorted other bots down on the ground.

Go across the little bridge, there's a few security bots in the building next
to you.  Go in there and walk down the steps.  Downstairs things get a little
annoying.  There's security and hoverbots in the room north of you, which is
filled with oil barrels.  Of course you cant hit them from the first room for
some reason, so you have to move into the next to get them all.  Once you walk
onto the little platform with stairs, a hidden bot in the next room will start
sniping you.  There isn't anything valuable in the locker, so head back up to
the roof.  Moving on there's a bunch of security bots patrolling the next
section, plus there's an alarm for them to trigger.  Don't really worry about
the alarm, if they hit it then all the security bots will come to you, which
they probably will anyways.  Go into the building, and down there stairs,
there's about 8 humanoid bots downstairs.  A pancor jackhammer with EMP rounds
should take care of them, its actually kind of fun watching all the carnage.  

Move across the southern bridge to the next huge building complex.  Don't
bother with the locked building with the lockers, there's nothing interesting
in there.  Go into the large warehouse, there's yet another behemoth you have
to snipe from the upper floor.  You can run up the stairs to find the body of
General barneky, with a locket on him (be sure to grab that).  Go down the
stairs to the bottom floor, to the western locked room, head up the stairs
there all the way to the roof.  Up top there's going to be a bunch of
hover bots patrolling, and a building with turrets to the north, these are
easy to knock out from long distances.  The building right next to you is
packed with humanoid bots, its best to just find a window and start spraying
inside before moving in.  One of them has a gatling gauss, and there's a lot
of books inside.  In the north building is Kerr, he's laying on a table
bleeding all over the place, begging to be shot.  You're supposed to do him a
favor and deep six him.  You'd think you could just cram some stimpacks into
him, or use your doctor skill, but that would be too easy I guess.  

If you want to just leave the mission now, you can.  If you want to tackle
the northern warehouse, you can do that as well, but keep in mind there isn't
anything there besides a TON of bots you can kill for xp.  


This is going to be your last trip to the bunker, buy everything you ever had
your eye on, be especially sure to get the 2mm EC rounds.  The next mission is
end game, so if there's any special encounters you wanted to face, go out
looking for them.  

Cheyenne Mountain:

Objective:  Drive the warhead APC to the vault door.  

This is pretty tough, as you would expect from the next to the last mission.
Grab every weapon you got, you should find plenty of ammo for everything in
this mission so don't fret about it if you can carry it all.  Without a doubt,
I'd say bring along the M-2 (wont use it much in this mission, but in the next
one you will), Pancor jackhammer, Gauss rifle, gatling gauss, laser gatling,
and whatever else you can think of. 

From the starting position, run up into the robotic bunker, there's two
security bots in there.  You can talk to the terminals, but they just replay
what you learned in buena vista.  Don't even try picking the locked door, it
seems impossible.  Plus, you'll gain access to what is on the other side
(which is nothing) later.  

Moving west out the bunker, you'll be attacked by a bunch of scurries and two
snipers hiding behind two rocks.  The shotgun works best on the scurry bots.  

The area west is crawling with bots, I find its best to stay back a ways
(hmm...using distance to your advantage, imagine that!), and snipe at them with
the gauss rifle, if any get close switch over to something more powerful.

There's a ravine, with a chest visible in it north of here, I'd just avoid it
all together personally, there's a lot of bots guarding it, and the chest has
nothing of value.  The second you get near the entrance, some scurries and two
bots with heavy weapons up top will jump on you, if you survive them you have
to snipe the bots on the bridge ahead.

Move along the southern edge of the map, past the little gatehouse.  North of
here are a bunch of sniper bots centered around another ravine entrance, you
should be able to outsnipe them with the gauss rifle.  Don't even bother trying
for the crate in this ravine, there's nothing useful in it, and its pretty
close to impossible to reach it.  There's a ton of sniper security bots who
can easily pick you off from on top of the cliff.

Clear out the minefield on the southern road, then move up to the turret.
It'll only pop up when you get close to it, but it doesn't do a lot of damage
and is easily blown away by big guns.  There's a few snipers on the north side
of the hill, it's easiest to just equip the M-2, then hang back by the turret
and pick them off.  Move up the hill, but be prepared for a close fight where
you shotgun wont work.  Right on the south side of the hill is a pacification
bot (immune to EMP shells for some reason again), you can handle him easily
enough with a laser gatling though.  On the north side, creep along to the
bottom of the little ramp, there's a bunch of bots and turrets in the building
up there, they're not so bad if you snipe at them though.

The western road after that, packed with wrecked vehicles looks deserted, but
as you probably guessed there's a bunch of bots hiding by the cars.  The bridge
has a few bots on it, with security bots off to the north sniping at you, the
turret will open fire when you step onto the bridge, but its easily sniped.
Go north, you'll see a little ladder, with a larger one climbing up to the
cliff, head up both of them.  At the top there's a bot with a bazooka, you just
have to run right up to him and he wont even shoot at you.  Keep going east,
past the generator to the turret you just blew up, there will be some
hover bots patrolling, which can just be sniped.  If they get too close use a
shotgun.  Move a little bit at the time, along the edge of the cliff, there's
a lot of units below you can snipe from up here.  Towards the eastern edge is
a bunch of bots, you can take them out from up top without too much trouble.
You might want to use the shotgun when you get to the easternmost edge, there's
a ton of security bots down there, and a bunch of barricades to destroy.

Stay on the cliff, to the north there's a ton of bots, plus a behemoth to kill.
What really sucks about the behemoth is you have to be very picky about where
you kill him.  If you kill him on the eastern part of the road where its kind
of thin path, you might block the APC and kill your chances to complete the
mission (and possibly start all over again if you don't have multiple saves).
You should kill him in the western open area of the path.  You can lead him
around the path by moving around up to though, he'll follow your every
movement.  Be sure to destroy the turrets to the north as well, you probably
wont be able to hit the generator, so you just have to snipe each turret.

Head back down to the road, and go south to the little ladder by the building
there.  You'll notice a huge ladder, surrounded by a fence.  Go over there,
blast the obligatory two scurry bots hiding by it and go down the ladder.
You'll end up behind the locked door in the bunker, it will open automatically
when you walk up to it, go back to where the APC is and drive it all the way
to the bunker door.  You might encounter some leftover bots on the way, but it
shouldn't be anything terrible.  

Once you get the nuke to the gate, you have one minute to run back to the
ladder that leads down into the bunker, where you'll be safe only if you hide
under your particle board desk and cover your head with your arms.  Once the
nuke goes off you'll be teleported right into the bunker.


There really isn't an afterwards to this, the next mission starts immediately
after the bomb goes off.  You can pick up a few weapons on the bots laying
around to trade with the guys in the bunker if you want before you set off
the bomb. 

Vault 0:

Objective:  Destroy the Calculator.

You start off in a room with fellow brotherhood, immediatly notice the terminal
on the east side of the room, but DONT use it just yet.  Trade with the guys
in there, try to get as much 2mm EC rounds as you can.  When you're at full
health and have everything you need, use science on the the terminal, the
eastern door will open up and a wave pissed off bots will come at you.
Apparently the were quite fond of their front door.  Mow them all down with
your gatling gauss.  Pop some rad-x before you go on into the base, there's
tons of radiation emmited areas.  

Move south to the security area, the room past the gate, and the corridor west
is packed full of bots, its fairly easy work for a big gun though.  Move into
the hallway, clearing out the rest of the bots in the rooms.  Watch out for the
tank bot patrolling in the next section.  Use science on the terminal to open
the doors to the western rooms, there's a few bots in there and a lot of
useful things in the lockers.  

Keep going east, dont worry about the room with the turrets just yet.
Go through the door to the east with your gatling gauss handy, there's tons of
bots, and some loader bots in the room.  Blast the loader bots and anything
else you can away, then run back through the door to heal up and regenerate AP. 
You might have to do this a few times to clear the whole room out.  Now is a
good time to mention that you should be fairly judicial with your use of the
gatling gauss, you only have a limited amount of rounds for it, and it eats up
ammo at an extrodaniry rate, only use it when you have to.  Science the hell
out of the southern terminal to deactivate the turrets in the western room,
then go there to stock up, then go back through the eastern door to another
terminal room where you can unlock the cryogenics wing, head over there.

The first hallway in the wing is filled with security bots and scurry bots,
you'll probably have to use the gatling gauss.  The southern hallway and rooms
are appropriatly filled with security bots too.  The door to the north is
locked, but you'll want to stand to the side of it while you're picking it as
you have to use lockpicks on it, and when you unlock it will open up all by
itself, exposing you to a room full of bots and turrets.  Clear it out with
your gatling gauss.  The turrets each have about 5000 rounds of .50cal on them,
at this point i'd recomend just dropping every weapon you have besides
your M-2 and gatling gauss and ammo for them.  Now you'll have an infinite
supply of .50cal, so either use to the M-2 or the Gatling gauss for really hard
situations.  Moving east, there's more rooms with tons of bots, and vault-0
citizens.  I cant find any downside to just wasting the citizens.  When are
these citizens going to learn not to hang out in a battlfield do you think?  

Head back north to the power wing.  Inside are two more turrets with infinite
.50cal supplies and a few bots, use the terminal to shut down the neato energy
field.  In the radiation pool area theres a few more humanoid bots, opening the
western door reveals another objective.  Use the two terminals to deactive the
security generators.  Past the gateway is a tank bot, go up west and use the
door there, inside are a few security bots.  Keep moving east, fighting off
security bots, go through the door and head north, where you'll find a hallway
with a pacification bot with quite a few buddies guarding him.  Activate all
the termials with science, then head back to the room where you started the
mission to head on to the second part, stopping to grab more ammo on the way.
Use the terminal there and you're whisked away to a better place.

Go up to the big gate, as you probably guess all hell is going to break loose
when you open that door.  Have your gatling gauss ready, its largely a matter
of luck whether or not you get wasted the second you open the door.  If you
can, move to one side of it, firing away at the bots inside.  The new
General Barneky will attack you, but if you have his locket he'll do something
or other that makes him friendly to you.  To be honest i have no idea what it
is, because i cringe everytime i hear R. Lee Ermy having to say that rediculous
dialog, so i never listened to it in full.  Usually though, he's already dead
by the time this dialog starts with me, tough break devil dog.  

Open the door to the east, there's 4 turrets there but they're just fodder for
your M-2.  Go into the giant room with the calculater, and blow away all the
brains to open the western door.  Behind the next door is a bunch of bots and
turrets, just grease them all with the gatling gauss.  Use the terminal to open
the gate, then destroy the brain inside.  The next two rooms are handled
identically.  When all three brains are dead, go back and talk to the
calculator.  Keep talking to it, and eventually it will give you the options
of either joining with it, or destroying it.  You'll see a different ending
scene for each choice.  Of course you can just save before hand and chose both,
so you can watch both.

12.  Challanges

So you beat the game with just one character huh?  Wasnt really all that hard
was it?  Well...if you're still in the mood to play this game, there's all
sorts of other ways to be it. writes:

"Once you do it a couple times, you realize that the drugs and some of the
weapons are overpowered and will want to further restrict yourself.

I first tried the game without drugs (including stims), it's still not bad as
that with good weapon selection you can rape everything, DEAGLE-HP->SAW->M2

The next thing I tried was to be able to use drugs, but only small guns.   This
also turns out to be pretty easy because the pancor is also overpowered.  Only
small guns and no drugs is a bit harder, I'd recommend it to most as a
challenge, but it's still very doable.

The final challenge, the hardest one "reasonable" that I've done is the 
no-drugs (including stims), one hand tied behind your back challenge.  It 
requires picking one-hander and only using one handed weapons and only one 
weapon slot."

Get the idea?  I'm sure you can think of lots of ways to make it more and more 
challanging.  Only use shotguns, or pistols, or only playing the game while
you're wife is complaining about how fat you are and how much money you blew on
the gym membership.  Be creative.  I think the absolute ultimate challange
would be to beat the game with only a melee or hand to hand character. I have
tried this personally, and i've come to the conclusion that it's completly
impossible.  Or, at least, so difficult that it could never possibly be fun.
However, if any of you figure out how to do it, let me know!

11.  About the Author
Rusty Roberts is a skit-skat-skeeta wit chicken heads on the flip side and the
down low.  In his free time he enjoys driving semi trucks through fast food
resturants, impersonating a grief councelor, operating his part time
international aeronautics sabotauge home business, and dog grooming. Questions?
Comments?  Drug induced death threats?  Is it his baby?  He can be reached at, but be warned that he is regularly drunk, and a very crude