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Faloout Tacticts: Brotherhood of Steel
Custom Character's Guide
By Glopp (F.García:

This guide is property from me glopp, you can use it
for you personal benefits, but you cannot sell, make it
as it was your own guide in any other site. Any contributions,
suggestions and requesitites can be sen to me at my e-mail
Have a little pacience since its my first guide.

Table of Contents
2.Needed programs.
3.Steps for your prefab custom character.
4.Steps for editing your recruits.
5.Known issues

This guide was made because it's easy to understand, it's
simple and it has tasty information unlike other guides. 
You may find other guides at the web that are a little 
complicated to understand if you're not an expert hacker,
just like me :P.
With this guide you can change the description for the recruits,
for your character, their stats, traits, etc... with your own images.
Nothing like having the picture of the girl you like in your character
portrait :D. Or having the image of Bret Hart.
This is a big help if you're trying to beat the tough mod with insane
Also this guide short, REALLY short.

-Photoshop, Image Ready, Paintshop Pro, or anything like it. I used a little
the program that comes with Windows -Paint-.
-Fallout Tactics 1.27 with editor and working properly.
-A zip-rar-7z extractor.
-A little pacience.
-FOT full instalation. (not proved with small instalation's)

If you're wondering why it's prefab, its because that the name 
of you're character file.
Needed Paths:
C:\Fallout Tactics\core\gui\char\ (Creat it if needed)
C:\Fallout Tactics\core\gui\char\big\ (Creat it if needed)
C:\Fallout Tactics\core\user\char (same as above)
C:\Fallout Tactics\core\user\char\big (same as above)
C:\Fallout Tactics\core\entities
C:\Fallout Tactics\core\locale\game
Your images (YEAH)
-Step 1 Creating your image:
You need to make 2 images from your image, one for 
the face that is about 75x100and another one about 
300x300 (this last one is not used for recruits). 
Note thatthe 75x100 is the character face os dont
make it to big or you wont see it. 

Windows program paint it's usefull here since you 
can see the size if the cropping tool in the 
right-downcorner bar.

OK now cut the face of your image so its around 
75x100 and paste it on an image size of 75x100 
now work with it until you like the way it looks.

Once you have the first image 75x100, use the 
paintshop pro, photoshop, etc... to change the
colors to grayscale, once is on black and gray 
reverse it back to rgb colors. Do the same
with the second image the on 300x300 and 
save then both as png files named small and big
respectly or else it wont work.

Now open the fallout editor, use the png to zar 
convertor to convert these files named 
small and the other big, the editor works 
even if it doesn't appears so. Once the small.zar
and the big.zar are created copy them to:

Small image:
C:\(You're path)\Fallout Tactics\core\gui\char\ 
C:\(You're path)\Fallout Tactics\core\user\char

Big image:
C:\(You're path)\Fallout Tactics\core\gui\char\big\
C:\(You're path)\Fallout Tactics\core\user\char\big

Once you do that rename them bot to CORE_prefab1.zar 
if it is female name it CORE_prefab4.zar.
If you dont name them both the same it wont work, 
that what the folder named big is for.

-2 png images named big and small
-4 zar files named CORE_prefab1.zar (or 4) in their 
respectives folder.

STEP 2: Editing you're character description
Once the images are done lets proceed with the next step. 
Open the character.txt file located in 
C:\Fallout Tactics\core\locale\game.

Mode down until you locate name_CORE_prefab1 or prefab4 
if female. Once here edit the name for you character: 
example {Mick} changes to {X-Pac}
NOTE: if you edit anyting out of the brackets 
the game may not function.

Now move to desc_CORE_prefab1 and put the description 
of your character (prefab 4 iffemale):
example {Mick......} changes to {X-pac......}.

And done you edited your character description.

-Edited character.txt as said before.

FINAL STEP 3: Editing you´re character entitie
First of all rename entities_0.bof to entities_0.rar. 
Open it with your extract program and look for 
entities\special\prefab and extract it on your: 
C:\(You're path)\Fallout Tactics\core\entities\Special\Prefab

You need to create the folder prefab. With that done open 
the editor and enter the entity editor. Here open your 
CORE_prefab1.zar or 4.zar and edit it your way. 
You shouldn't over cheat you stats, traits, etc because that 
can make the game crash a LOT. Save the prefab. 
(the prefab is in core\entities\special\prefab)
NOTE: The display name should be the one for the file.
The tag name, custom name and broken must be left in blank.
The player index must be 0.
If you dont do these their respective descriptions dont
show up.

Done, now you´re made character should take the first 
place or the fourth if female if the premade characters 
that come with the game when you start playing single

-Followed the unzip entities_0.rar
-Used the entitie editor
-Played FOT with you custom character.

You can have up to 5 premade characters done 
by you you just got to follow all the steps
except the name for the file.

You can have up to 3 male image-portraits for 
your custom character and 2 females. Names for them: 
(This portraits doesn't have use for recruits)
MALE:                          FEMALE:
CORE_prefab1.zar             CORE_prefab4.zar
CORE_prefab2.zar             CORE_prefab5.zar
These portraits apper when you are creating you´re 
own character on single player.
Well done now you should have you're own 
characters right, congratulations.

Yes you can edit your recruits just 
like you did with your character. You
can edit recruits.

STEP 1: Creating the image
For the recruits you only need the small image 75x100. 
Open your image and cut the part you want for the portait, 
it must be close to 75x100 or it wont show up, now open your
image editing program and greyscale your image. Once you do that 
change it back to RGB colors. Now save the 
image with any name under the png format.

Now open the FOT editor and use the png convertor and convert 
the image. Now you should have a .zar file. 
Name it CORE_rac_hm## or CORE_rac_hf##, ## 
being the number of the recruit you want. The recruit 
list can be seen on the character.txt file on locale\game.

Now copy and paste your image to:
C:\(You're path)\Fallout Tactics\core\gui\char\ 
C:\(You're path)\Fallout Tactics\core\user\char

Once you do that the image should appear for the recruit
you choosed.

-Created 1 .png image
-Created 2 .zar files
-Copy paste them a said before.

STEP 2: Editing your character description.
Now open the character.txt file in locale/game and 
scroll down until you see name_CORE_rec_hm01 here 
search the name of you character and replace it, 
and change their description, 
do not alter anything else outside those brackest:
name_CORE_rec_hm01 = {Robin}  changes to {Bret Hart}
desc_CORE_rec_hm01= {Robin....} changes to 
{Hart was screweded at montre....}

Done now you edited the recruit you wanted.

-Edited character.txt as said below.

FINAL STEP 3: Editing their entitie
Open the FOT editor and enter the entitie editor. 
NOTE: you may need to unzip entitie_0.bos for 
their recruit folder. (change entitie_0.rar)

Now open the file name_CORE_rec_hm## and edit 
you´re recruit. Dont play over cheat here
since it can make the game crash a lot, a LOT, 
man do I know.

Important: The display name should be the one 
from the image.zar file. The custom name, tag name 
and broken must be in blank or their description wont 
show up. The player index should be 0.

These way you can edit every recruit in the 
game from deathclaws to brothers grimms.

-Used FOT entitie editor
-Edited the recruits.

You can change as many recruits as you want, 
just by following the steps above.

1.The description for the character or recruit doesn't 
shows up!! What the Hell?:
EDIT THE character.txt FILE!!!.

2.Only the description show up!!! SHIT!:
These happened to me, what you must do is to 
check that the recruits folder is directly
placed in the entitie folder and not any other sub folder.
C:\Fallout Tactics\core\entities\recruits

Or the characters:
C:\Fallout Tactics\core\entities\Special\Prefab

3.The image isnt displayed correctly, hey:
You must assure that their respective sizes are the 
ones needed:
small 75x100
big 300x300

4. The game crashes a lot, you hacked my game!!:
DONT overuse cheats, this is the result.

Hope you like editing youre characters, thanks for 
reading this guide since its my first guide. 
Any problems report to me.

This guide is property of mine, its free but is cannot be sold
without my permission, or posted on another site without giving
me credit.

(c)GLOPP 3:16 

I have two words for ya: SUCK IT!!