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How do you kill crow in helicopter from boat?

I am on the boat level set off explosion but when helicopter comes with crow.
I have fired alson all my weapons,rocket launcher,gradade launcher and all my rounds still i get killed.?????

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MikeFeury answered:

Place bomb, sprint and jump off front of ship in direction of the 2-3 trees on the small beach. Swim fast, the trick is to be nearly out of the water by the time the bomb explodes.

Then get behind the thicker tree, ready the Rocket Launcher, and use the A&D keys to always keep the tree between you and the chopper's gun. You'll have plenty of time to get enough rockets into the chopper to make it flee.
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Woody1007 answered:

Stay on the ship. After setting off the explosive, run to the bridge and use that as your shelter whilst to take shots at Crow and the helicopter. The bridge has all your weapon reload before you set off the explosive. You won't kill Crow, but you damage the helicopter causing it to flee and then crash into the sea. Missles and grenade launchers work wonders.
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Trspike answered:

OK Hi Everyone Once More: I finally got past the Boat Level--Was sure it would never get over with: Took a very long time and many, many attempts! The way i did get by it was interesting--there is an alternative strategy mentioned in the main 1st walk through--so i used a unique variation of this--the alternate way says grab the hummer and place it as close to the Ship as possible--did this over and over--got wasted again and again! Finally clued in that the Rocket Launcher on the Hummer was the way to go! Man what a relief to find out it actually worked like it said--The chopper does kinda hover and stay in one place quite a bit, so if you are patient take careful aim and score pretty direct hits with the rockets indeed after about 6-7 direct or as close as possible to the main body of the chopper--Crow gives a huge Grunt--the Chopper peels away and he bails, as the chopper sorta collapses into the Sea--then Doyle arrives and you are outta there--I was sure i would never get thru it---Man it was so frustrating trying over and over to finally be rewarded--felt like winning a Prize!

Very cool but after so many tries at the Cooler Level figured this would be kinda difficult as well--Had no idea

Cheers TRSPK
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Songspk answered:

Yes !! Finaly I Did it. Thanks to MikeFeury.
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