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                   |                                    |
                   |               FarCry               |
                   |         Developer: Crytek          |
                   |         Publisher: Ubisoft         |
                   |    Genre: First Person Shooter     |
                   |             ESRB: 16V              |
                   |                                    |
                   |           Strategy Guide           |
                   |                                    |
                   |       Guide Version: 1.0           |
                   | Date Started: 18/09/08 (DD/MM/YY)  |
                   |                                    |
                   |     Created By: Obi Two Kenobi     |
                   |     E-mail: sirmalan@gmail.com     |
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              / This guide is copyright 2008 by Malan Cronje \
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                    /  See the Copyright for more info  \
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               |             Table Of Contents               |

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A. Introduction..........................................[INTR]
B. Copyright.............................................[COPY]
C. Version History.......................................[VERS]
D. Gameplay Tips.........................................[GTIP]
E. Weapon Tips...........................................[WTIP]
F. Contact Details.......................................[DETA]
G. Conclusion............................................[CONC]

(Might add more in future updates)

|                                                                            |
|A.                               Introduction                         [INTR]|

Hi everyone and welcome to my Strategy guide for the awesome game that is 
FarCry. Everytime I play this game, I find a new strategy or something that 
makes is easier to go through the game. I've been going on like this for 
about a two years now and after thinking about it, I decided to go ahead and 
start writing this document.

As you all might know, FarCry is a huge game with some of the largest outdoor 
areas ever seen in a game. Because of this, FarCry is somewhat graphics and 
RAM hungry and can make your game stutter alot, but don't worry to much as 
Crytek even made the gamee beautiful even at low deatil.

As far as contribution goes, you can send me any of your own tips, tricks and 
hints for the game. Just be sure to check out my contact details at the bottom 
of this document for the info on that. Well then, I guess thats that then. On 
we go.

                                             - Obi Two Kenobi

|                                                                            |
|B.                                Copyright                           [COPY]|

If you don't know already, it's just as good as stealing when you copy this 
guide and put it in a magazine, on a website or any other thing that I was not 
personally contacted about. If I see this guide on any other site than 
those I listed below, any magazine, or any other publication, I will contact 
law enforcement authorities. Believe me, I am very serious.

If you want to use some of the information in this guide, please contact me 
first and ask my permission. I probaly will say yes. The sites I listed below 
are the sites that are hosting this guide now, however some sites will not be 
given permision to host this guide, but I will not place them here for 
everyone to see, as it is not nice to see your favorite site there. If you 
find this guide on any other site than those I listed, please let me know 

The sites that are hosting my guide now are:
|     GameFaqs     | - www.gamefaqs.com    

|                                                                            |
|C.                             Version History                        [VERS]|

[NOTE: The newest version description is always at the bottom of this section]

1.0- 18/09/08 |
The first version. I started the guide. Done the ASCII art at the top, wrote 
up a few tips and designed the document a little. Completed the table of 
contents and everyting else before the Gameplay Tips section. Almost complete 
with the Gameplay Tips section. 

|                                                                            |
|D.                             Gameplay Tips                          [GTIP]|

1. When you're indoors and in tight coridors, use the shotgun (JackHammer) for 
shooting. It does lots of damage and can take out small trigens in 1-2 shots.

2. When you're indoors and to scared to look whats behind a door, take out the 
shotgun, crouch and throw a rock against the door, then wait for the door to 
open and fire. About 90% of the time, mercs and trigens will not see you 
before you see them, thats because your stealth-o-meter must fill up tot the 
top before they attack you.

3. The longer you shoot without stopping, the more inaccurate your shots 
become. This is a basic princible of First Person Shooter games and in real 
life too.

4. Whenever you see an enemy before he sees you, or when you're standing 
behind one, aim for the head. Although this is obvious because shooting 
something in the head deals alot of damage, new players tend to freak out the 
moment they see someone and just open fire. 

5. The only real silent weapon in the game is the MP5. Other people say the 
P90 is also silent but actually its more loud than the M4.

6. The enemies in the game, especially mercs are very good at flanking you. 
This means that while you're concentrating your firepower on the mercs infront 
of you, some of them might run around and attack you from your left, right or 
even from behind. To counter this, take out your binoculars and check for all 
the enemies you can (or cannot) see. 

7. Prone while sniping, it improves your accuracy alot.

8. When you're in the water and you want to come up to the surface fast, hold 
in your jump key. This is way faster than swimming up.

9. Trigens can't swim BUT they can walk on water in shallow places.

10. A small skinny tree can give you lots of cover than it might seem. Bullets 
can't go through it so its actually just like a shield. Use this when fighting 

11. One of the things you must never ever ever do is rush a trigen especially 
rocket trigens. All of them do more damage than the weapon they're shooting 

12. All enemies can be killed by running them over with a vehicle. Rocket 
trigens can also be killed this way, but you need some speed!

13. When you're attacking a merc camp, take out the mercs on the hills and 
high places first. They could be holding snipers and rocket launchers. After 
that, quickly find a new hiding spot a little further away as the mercs would 
have guessed more or less where the shots came from. You'll need to tag all 
the mercs on your radar (if you haven't already) and then observe how they 
move. A few of them will head directly towards where the sound came from, a 
few other will stay behind and the rest will flank. Be very aware of this 
especially or higher difficulty levels.

14. When you're ambushed by a humvee or buggy, try to take out the gunner 
first, as the driver can't shoot while driving. Also, sometimes the driver 
will stay in the vehicle. An easy shot.

15. Flashbang and smoke grenades don't do any damage at all, they just blind 
the enemies and make you harder to see. Great for running away, if you need 
armor/health and to reload.

16. On some levels where there are different islands through which you must 
go, the sniper rifle is your friend. This because, mercs are so dumb that when 
they are being attacked they don't use a boat to go to you if there is water 
between you and them.(if you will, prove me wrong) You can just about take out 
all the suckers on an island and then go in and complete your objectives. This 
evil strategy works great on levels such as Boat and partly on Rebellion.

17. When a chopper appears, only shoot the gunner. It will then turn back and 
fly away. Sometimes there is another merc in the chopper or it may land and 
pick up another one. Though this happens rarely, you should keep your eyes 
open for this.

18. Falling directly into water wont kill you, even from high places such as 
on the start of Pier. Note this only works if you touch nothing while falling 
down. If you hit the rock face or something else than water, you'll lose some 
health or die.

19. Buggies and Humvies go boom if they stay under water for about 5 seconds. 
This creates a shockwave under water that can damage you quite a bit.

20. On most levels where there are rocket trigens, there is a 50-50 chance 
you'll have to battle them or find an escape. If you don't know what I mean, 
check at the start of Cooler. There is one on each side if you, there is 
almost no chance you will be able to kill them both so you run past the one on 
the right and jump in the vent. At the end of the level you'll come across a 
flooded room with also a rocket trigen in, this time you'll have to battle it 
because if you run past it, you'll find yourself in room with some of it's 
little brothers.

21. If you're in a heavy battle and you find you have to reload, switch to 
another gun instead. When you can't do this anymore, throw a few grenades or 
smoke grenades towards the enemy and then reload.

22. On levels where there are mercs and trigens, such as Rebelion, you can 
sometimes wait out a battle between the two before heading in. The mercs might 
injuire or even kill a few trigens and it then makes your job a lot easier.

|                                                                            |
|E.                             Weapon Tips                           [WTIP] |

All the weapons in the game are good in one thing but no so good at another. 
Finding out what these things actually are is not that dificult, but to make 
things easier for everyone, I typed them up here. Dont forget to add your own 
weapon tips you've written. See my contact details at the bottom of this 

| Machette |

A yes, the humble machette. The machette is basicly a really big knife for 
hacking your way through thick jungle and branches. But as everyone knows, 
this is not what it is used for in the game. The machette actually deals a lot 
of damage when you hit someone on the head with it, it's almost an instant 
kill. But to get kills like this, you'll have to get up close to your enemy. 

If you want to save ammo, this is the way to go (if you're courageous enough). 
If you somehow manage to get up close to a merc without him seeing it or hide 
in bush and he looking for you, the machette can be pretty good for a quick 
kill. But carrying this huge knife around will take up one of your precious 
weapon slots which is not something you really want. It's not a great weapon, 
except for when you're low on ammo or want to hit a merc in the face with a 
knife. Here's a challenge: See how far you can progress through the game with 
only the machette. You might not get further than the Treehouse level.

| Falcon |

The falcon pistol is the first weapon you get in the game. It deals a lot of 
damage, seeing it shoots massive caliber rounds. If you practice this trick 
you can make the gun shoot pretty fast, with two shots fired after one another 
without even a minor pause in between. Here's how to do it: First make sure 
you have more than one round in the magazine before trying it and then shoot 
one round and then wait for half a seccond and fire another round. I don't 
know why this actually works but it does. You can use this trick for whatever 
reason you want, seeing it it is pretty lethal.

The falcon also isn't very loud. I once shot three shots past a merc without 
him knowing it, and it's not a bug, since I done it many times. In fact, if 
you shoot with many other guns past an enemy, he may not notice it, that is of 
course after a patch fixes it.

| M4 |

The M4 is one of the few weapons that stays popwerful enough to battle with 
till the end of the game. It's very powerfull but gets very inacurate after a 
few continous shots. The zoom on the M4 is pretty far too and very helpful. 
When firing this gun, just like most others, crouch or prone and then zoom. 

The single shot fire mode is very accurate too. Just make sure you reload it a 
lot as the magazine doesn't hold many bullets. To get the most out of each 
magazine, fire in 4 or 5 round bursts. The M4 is good at taking out small 
trigens, but the real job for that is actually the shotgun.

| P90 | 

The P90 is also one of the best weapons to use throughout the game as it fires 
accurately and fast. The shots aren't that powerfull at the lower body, but 
headshots are very easy. Trigens also fall quickly with this gun. Because of 
all this, the P90 eats the rounds extremely fast and unfortunately it doesn't 
have a single shot firing mode.

The P90 also works extremely well in indoor areas but it tends to get 
inaccurate over long distances. The best levels to use this gun are:

Research (partly)

| MP5 |

The MP5 is also a SMG (sub machine gun) just like the P90 and also is pretty 
accurate. The only thing this gun lacks, is power. Although it can take out a 
merc with one hit to the head (just like other guns) it will do very little 
damage when shot to torso, chest or lower body parts. Although its not very 
powerful, it makes up for being totally silent. Also the MP5 is accurate over 
long distances unlike the P90. I suggest using this gun when you want to 
remain undetected and/or when you are on small jungle maps like Pier. 

| Shotgun (Jackhammer) |

The shotgun is my favorite weapon in the game and I bet it will also be yours 
if you use it correctly. Being a shotgun, it's only accurate and powerful at 
close range. Because of this, you should only fight with this gun indoors and 
small areas. To use the shotgun effectivly indoors, crouch infront of a door 
and throw a few rocks against the door. When the mercs or trigens come out, 
you will be the first to react since the enemy has to spot you. The best 
levels to use the shotgun are:

Bunker (The best)

| AG36 |

The AG36 is basicly an assault rifle with a scope on. It a does more than a 
moderate amount of damage (not high) and its scope can zoom in pretty far. The 
other great feature of this gun is of course the built in grenade launcher. 
Now to use the AG36 effectively isn't really that simple. It doesn't handle 
like the M4 and gets very inaccurate very soon. With this gun, you should 
always fire in 3 to 4 or 5 round bursts. 

Now the grenade launcher deals a lot of damage as anyone would know. The 
grenade launcher ammo does not come with assault rifle rounds or grenades, 
there are special grenade launcher rounds that should be used (they are the 
same rounds the OICW uses). Although I only used the grenade launcher on the 
AG36 about 5% of the time I had the gun (until near the end of the Boat level) 
because I forgot about it, it didn't really bother me that I needed more 
firepower. You can also activate your Cryvision while you're in zoomed mode.

| OICW |

The OICW is one of the best weapons in the game. It has a tremendous ammount 
of firepower and also comes with a grenade launcher that acts more like a 
rocket launcher. It also has a nice scope but can't zoom in as far as the 
AG36. Although the gun's main attack is very powerful, the most valuable 
assest is the grenade launcher that gets very usefull in the last three levels 
of the game. 

The launcher on the OICW acts more like a rocket launcher and can hurl the 
grenades a huge distance and they are more accurate. With the AG36, you'll 
have to guess the location the grenade is going to fall, witch isn't something 
everyone is good at. You can also activate your Cryvision while you're in 
zoomed mode.

|                                                                            |
|F.                            Contact Details                         [DETA]|

To contact me about anything about his guide, here is my address:


|When sending an e-mail, place "Far Cry Guide" in the subject line.          |
|You can also use "FC guide", "Farcry guide" or "Your FAQs/guides" without   |
|qoutes of course This is pretty important so check this if you don't know   |
|what to put in the subject line. An exact duplicate of this note is also at |
|the beginning of the guide.                                                 |

|Do e-mail me with|

* Mistakes and spelling errors I made
* Tips and Tactics
* Asking if you can put this guide on your site
* Suggestions for future versions
* A multiplayer section to write for this guide
* Questions

|Don't e-mail me with|

* Telling me how bad the game is
* A question that I awnerserd in this guide
* Telling me how bad this guide is (why don't you write your own?)
* Where you can get the game
* And don't spam me, infect me with virusses and bugs and worms and anything
  else that says 'I hate you'
* And no 1337 talk

|                                                                            |
|G.                              Conclusion                            [CONC]|

Well I want to first thank the developers and publishers for making such a 
great game in the first place. 

I also want to thank:

*) God- For giving me the ability to walk on this planet
*) CJayC- For hosting my guide on GameFaqs
*) You- For reading this guide
*) Dad- For helping me with my PC
*) My PC- For letting me type on it!

O yes, let's not forget. The stuff and programs I used to create this guide:

|_______| (Main writing of the guide)                                 |
|Metapad 3.5 (C) Copyright Alexander Davidson, 1999-2005. Yeah I know |
|there is a fat chance he won't be seeing this but also thanks to him.|
|Here is his site-                                                    |
|                                                                     |
|http://liquidninja.com/metapad/                                      |

|__________| (Spell checking)                                 |
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|Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies |
|of this license document, but changing it is not allowed.    |
|                                                             |
|http://www.openoffice.org                                    |

       This guide is copyright 2008 by Malan Cronje aka Obi Two Kenobi