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This is a walkthrough which was started in late 2005. I've since decided to
update it. As well as getting you through the game, I will also give simple
tips to beat almost any mission with ease, or with not as much frustration.

In order to make it easier to find what you're looking for, I put codes next
to all of the missions so you can use ctrl+F to easily find what mission 
you're looking for. Example: if you're looking for help on Coffee Break, look
at the code next to it that's inside of these:( ) Now just hold down ctrl
then hit F, typing in the code next to the mission list below, then hit enter. 

Mission List: 

1.0 An Offer You Can't Refuse (A0S)
2.0 The Running Man: Taxi Rank (A02)
2.1 The Running Man: Passenger Two (A03)
2.2 The Running Man: Passenger Three (A04)
2.3 The Running Man: Passenger Four (A05)
2.4 The Running Man: Passenger Five (A06)
2.5 The Running Man: Coffee Break (A07)
3.0 Molotov Party: City (A08)
3.1 Molotov Party: Morello's Bar (A09)
4.0 Ordinary Routine: Salieri Bar (B10)
4.1 Ordinary Routine: After the Briefing (B20)
4.2 Ordinary Routine: Clark's Motel (B30)
4.3 Ordinary Routine: Get Him! (B40)
5.0 Fairplay: Salieri Bar (B50)
5.1 Fairplay: City (B60)
5.2 Fairplay: The Racing Circuit (B70)
5.3 Fairplay: Lucas Bertone (B80)
5.4 Fairplay: Return to Salieri's Bar (B90)
5.5 Fairplay: Salieri Bar (C01)
5.6 Fairplay: City (C02)
5.7 Fairplay: Before the Race (C03)
5.8 Fairplay: Victory (C04)
5.9 Fairplay: Lucas Bertone (C05)
6.0 Sarah: Salieri Bar (C06)
6.1 Sarah: Moonlight Stroll (C07)
6.2 Sarah: Surprise (C08)
7.0 Better Get Used To It: Salieri Bar (C09)
7.1 Better Get Used To It: City (D10)
7.2 Better Get Used To It: Service Station (D20)
7.3 Better Get Used To It: Chase (D30)
8.0 The Whore: Talk With Frank (D40)
8.1 The Whore: Hotel Corleone (D50)
8.2 The Whore: Rooftops (D60)
8.3 The Priest: Surprise (D70)
8.4 The Priest: Escape (D80)
9.0 A Trip To The Country: Salieri Bar (D90)
9.1 A Trip To The Country: City (E01)
9.2 A Trip To The Country: The Farm (E02)
9.3 A Trip To The Country: Saving Sam (E03)
9.4 A Trip To The Country: Return Journey (E04)
9.5 A Trip To The Country: The Warehouse (E05)
9.6 A Trip To The Country: Lucas Bertone (E06)
9.7 A Trip To The Country: Lucas Bertone 2 (E07)
10.0 Omerta: Salieri Bar (E08)
10.1 Omerta: City (E09)
10.2 Omerta: City 2 (F10)
10.3 Omerta: The Airport (F20)
10.4 Omerta: Frank (F30)
10.5 Omerta: An Act of Grace (F40)
10.6 Omerta: Lucas Bertone (F50)
10.7 Omerta: Lucas Bertone 2 (F60)
11.0 Visiting Rich People: Salieri Bar (F70)
11.1 Visiting Rich People: City (F80)
11.2 Visiting Rich People: The Villa (F90)
11.3 Visiting Rich People: The Safe (G01)
11.4 Visiting Rich People: Escape (G02)
12.0 A Great Deal! Salieri Bar (G03)
12.1 A Great Deal! The Parking Lot (G04)
12.2 A Great Deal! Car Chase (G05)
12.3 A Great Deal! Back At The Bar (G06)
13.0 Bon Appetit! City (G07)
13.1 Bon Appetit! Pepe's Restaraunt (G08)
13.2 Bon Appetit! After The Attack (G09)
13.3 Bon Appetit! Carlo (H10)
14.0 Happy Birthday! Vincenzo's Workshop (H20)
14.1 Happy Birthday! City (H30)
14.2 Happy Birthday! At The Party (H40)
15.0 You Lucky Bastard! Salieri Bar (H50)
15.1 You Lucky Bastard! The Phone Booth (H60)
15.2 You Lucky Bastard! Vincenzo (H70)
15.3 You Lucky Bastard! Fireworks (H80)
15.4 You Lucky Bastard! Rainbow Garden (H90)
15.5 You Lucky Bastard! Escape (I01)
15.6 You Lucky Bastard! Railway Crossing (I02)
15.7 You Lucky Bastard! The Harbor (I03)
15.8 You Lucky Bastard! Sergio (I04)
15.9 You Lucky Bastard! Return to the Bar (I05)
15.10 You Lucky Bastard! Lucas Bertone (I06)
15.11 You Lucky Bastard! Lucas Bertone 2 (I07)
16.0 Creme De La Creme: Salieri Bar (I08)
16.1 Creme De La Creme: City (I09)
16.2 Creme De La Creme: Manhunt (J10)
16.3 Creme De La Creme: Airport (J20)
16.4 Creme De La Creme: Back to the Bar (J30)
16.5 Creme De La Creme: Lucas Bertone (J40)
16.6 Creme De La Creme: Lucas Bertone 2 (J50)
17.0 Election Campaign: Salieri Bar (J60)
17.1 Election Campaign: City (J70)
17.2 Election Campaign: Old Prison (J80)
17.3 Election Campaign: Prison Tower (J90)
17.4 Election Campaign: Return to the Bar (K01)
17.5 Election Campaign: Lucas Bertone (K02)
17.5 Election Campaign: Lucas Bertone 2 (K03)
18.0 Just for Relaxtion: Salieri Bar (K04)
18.1 Just for Relaxtion: City (K05)
18.2 Just for Relaxtion: Transport Required (K06)
18.3 Just for Relaxtion: The Harbor (K07)
18.4 Just for Relaxtion: The Trap (K08)
19.0 Moonlighting: Paulie's Flat (K09)
19.1 Moonlighting: On the Way to the Bank (L10)
19.2 Moonlighting: Reconnaissance (L20)
19.3 Moonlighting: Going Shopping (L30)
19.4 Moonlighting: Lucas Bertone (L40)
19.5 Moonlighting: Lucas Bertone 2 (L50)
19.6 Moonlighting: The Bank Heist (L60)
19.7 Moonlighting: Escape (L70)
20.0 The Death of Art: Paulie's Flat (L80)
20.1 The Death of Art: City (L90)
20.2 The Death of Art: Lucas Bertone (M01)
20.3 The Death of Art: Lucas Bertone (M02)
20.4 The Death of Art: The Grand Finale (M03)
20.5 The Death of Art: Sam (M0E) 

An Offer You Can't Refuse (A0S)
Not really a great tip, but when you very first start the mission and you 
keep driving up the road, you'll see on your right, there's this sidewalk
with a bunch of obstacles (like benches and lightpoles) Drive onto the 
sidewalk and dodge these and the car chasing you MIGHT hit the obstacles
and either flip over their car or seriously injure themselves. There's no
way to make sure that they'll hit anything, though. You can continue
driving on the sidewalk and dodging lightpoles and trees and they should
hit something. This really does seem to be the easiest way to beat this
level because it's nearly impossible this early in the game losing them,
since you aren't used to driving yet. So I just found it easier doing it this

After you either lose them, or they killed themselves with their reckless
driving, head to Salieri's bar by looking for it on your map by holding 
down Tab and locating the red X on your map.

The Running Man: Taxi Rank (A02)
No real tips here, find the location of where your customer wants to go 
(hold down tab, remember?) and drive there. Just don't go too fast 
(if you go over 80 MPH they always seem to want out of the car) watch 
for cops (they're a blue dot on your radar) and you should do fine. 
Especially since you just beat the last mission, this really shouldn't
be too difficult as this is much easier. You're just learning to drive
legally as opposed to get-away driving. Keep that in mind. When you see the
cops and you're going above 40 MPH, slam on your breaks so they won't give you
a ticket. They'll pull you over even if you're going 1 MPH above the speed
limit. If you're finding it too much of a hassle to slow down all of the time,
hit F5. It's the speed limiter and it won't let you go above 40 MPH. 

Oh, and don't hit people crossing the street or walking on the sidewalk. 
Your customer's frown upon it for some reason. And you know, you'll fail
the mission and have to start over if you run anyone over.

The Running Man: Passenger Two (A03)
Just do everything the same as before and you'll be fine. Remember if 
you're driving fast to try to not hit anything because otherwise you'll 
injure your passenger... then you'll have to start over.

The Running Man: Passenger Three (A04)
Take a good look at your newest passenger before she get's into the 
car and memorize what she looks like. Why? No reason really. You'll 
probably care later. 

Drive her to where she wants to go and pick up your next passenger.

The Running Man: Passenger Four (A05)
Now here's a good tip.I call this my "Hoboken Exit". Go across the 
bridge that's nearest to where you are (the big ass red one) and
cross it. Keep going straight ahead after you're off the bridge and
follow the road to the end WITHOUT turning. You'll see an alley
that's blocked off by rails STRAIGHT ahead of you. If you followed
the road to the end you really can't miss it. Just drive straight on
through the rails. It's a great shortcut I found. It won't have a use
now really, besides it's just cutting time off your drive and it's really
kinda fun crashing down the alley. You'll like this exit later when you
need to get to Hoboken, and fast or you're just getting a little tired
of driving (it happens eventually).

Your passenger will complain about your driving, but don't worry about it.
Also, make sure you don't go through it too fast or you'll flip your cab
over. I've found that 40MPH is a pretty good speed despite what vehicle
you're driving. Experiment and see what works best for you. Once out of the 
"Hoboken Exit", keep going straight ahead through the alley and past the red
fence on your left, and through the next alley straight ahead. You'll be
very close to the "Pompeii Bar". Look at the map for your own refference.
Drop him off in front of the bar and pick up your next passenger.

The Running Man: Passenger Five (A06)
This is the last passenger... drive him to where he wants to go. Once it seems
that you're close, drive to the little parking lot (it barely looks like one)
right in front of the building, or he won't get out.

The Running Man: Coffee Break (A07)
Two men will be chasing you. One with a bat, one with a gun. The guy with the
bat will not even be an issue unless you're standing still for like 30 seconds
or something. The guy with the gun on the other hand, he's a problem. If you
weave left and right constantly (jerk your mouse left and right) while running
you'll rarely, if ever, get hit. I've gotten through the level unscathed doing
this. As for directions, it's pretty straight forward. Follow the arrow into
the alley and just keep running.Whenever you see an alley to go into, just go.
You'll get killed if you don't use the alley's. As soon as you're about to
exit the last alley, you'll see a girl on your right talking to herself.
You might remember passing a man doing this very thing a few alley's before 
this. You can talk to the woman as you run past (action button) and tell her
where the man is. They were apparently supposed to meet, but got the wrong
alley. That Tommy, such a helper. Or you could just keep running for your 
life towards the bar.

Molotov Party: City (A08) 
Drive to the location on your map, park outside of the bar NOT in front of
the open red gate where a guard is. You might not even know what gate I'm
talking about if you took a different route here. Don't worry about it.
Doesn't matter how you get here as long as you get here... and don't park in
front of the open red gate.

Molotov Party: Morello's Bar (A09)
Go through the alley that should be very close to where you parked. Probably
slightly behind you, and open the little gate and walk in. This alley is a
small little opening to the right of the bar, if you don't see it.
Once you go through the gate, you should see straight ahead of you, a guard.
Take out your bat and hold down the left mouse button until your hit is
fully charged. Walk up behind him and hit him. This was the red gate I was 
talking about, in case you were wondering what the hell I was talking about.

Okay, there's two ways to do this. You can either use the cocktails or not.
Using them brings out the gangsters, but the enjoyment of watching the cars
blow up is well worth it. So if you're having a hard time with this level
and don't mind depriving yourself of the fun, don't use the cocktails and
just smash all of the cars in the back up with the bat then drive back to
Saileri's. If you want to use the cocktails, read on.

So, walk up to the green car in the front and smash it with your bat until it
says you've done enough damage. Now, take out your Molotov Cocktail and aim
for the car in the back left corner. Make sure you're not very close to it or
you'll miss and set yourself on fire. Next, quickly change to your last 
cocktail and hit the car on the right with it. Also make sure you're not very
close when they explode. Depending on how you hit them, one or more cars will
blow up. You can stay and watch atleast one blow up if you want. It's possible
to blow up all three, but I've only been able to do this once.

Now, run away like a scared little school girl because as soon as they hear
the cars blow up, they'll come out. Hurry up, and get into your car and
drive back to Salieri's bar. Do try to hurry because you know that car you
hit with the bat? That thing most likely did NOT blow up. So unless you 
actually saw it blow up with your own two eyes, hurry because they all piled 
into that last car when you drove off and they're looking for you right
now. The only way that they can catch up to you is if you fuck up your car to
the point where it can't even be driven, which is very easy to do with this
type of car. It's VERY fragile. One time I did this and me and Paulie had to
walk home. This happened on Central Island. Yeah. Walking home is not fun.
While we were on our way home, I discovered that they can follow you. 
We didn't make it back to the bar ;_;

Ordinary Routine: Salieri Bar (B10)
Go see Vincenzo and get your weapons.Then go see Ralphie and get into your car
Ordinary Routine: After The Briefing (B20)
Just keep driving to the locations as indicated on the map. 

Ordinary Routine: Clark's Motel (B30)
Keep going right until you see yellow containers. 
Climb onto the one nearest to the little white picket fence by hitting 0 on
your number pad. Then quickly hit forward and hit 0 on your number pad again
and you should have jumped over the fence. Otherwise, if you go around the
other way the dog always bites you and takes a good chunk of your health
away. Now, you COULD kill the dog, but you don't exactly have a lot of ammo
to spare and, well it's just plain mean. Don't be a bastard =|

Run straight ahead and you should see a table with a bunch of boxes and
containers stacked up on it to the left of you. It's right next to the
building. You really can't miss it. Climb the table, then climb on to the
box, etc. Now you should be on the second floor. Go to the room straight
ahead of you after you enter the building and grab the Tommy Gun on the bed.
Wait until you hear a toilet flush and get ready to shoot the dude walking by
to your left. I suggest NOT using the Tommy Gun for this, but I'm always
very cheap with ammo and since it just gets harder from here, be frugal,
save it for later.

The other guy's downstairs might run upto you, but that's a good thing.
It's much easier to shoot them up here than it is trying to shoot them
on the stairs. There's still probably one guy lurking at the foot of the
stairs.But before you go down, do you see to your right there's a hallway
leading to a door? Note this location or go there now if your health is low.
It leads to a bathroom which contains a first aid kit. It'll restore some of
your health. Now, go downstairs and stay close to the wall in the hallway
because there's three guy's in that room and one has a Tommy gun. Now, to 
make things easier for yourself later, save atleast 20 shots in the Tommy gun.
Peak around the corner and take out the guy at the pooltable then the guy to
the left of him. Now, hiding behind the bar is a guy with a Tommy Gun.
Take him out and wait a minute for a guy to come running out of a
room in the bar area and shoot him. Now you should go upstairs and use
the first aid kit if you haven't already. Go into the room that you saw
the guy come out of and walk over to Sam. Now, pull out your Tommy gun
and kill the guy you thought was dead. Go back over to Sam once you kill him. 

Ordinary Routine: Get Him! (B40)
Now, quickly run to your car and go after him. I've noticed that
99.9% of the time if you follow him for about 4 minutes, he'll drive 
his car over a ledge and flip his car over. (The reason I say 99.9% of
the time is because when I did this mission on my fifth play through,
he didn't do it) When he does flip over (which he should) just hit 
him with your car. However, if for some reason he doesn't, you can 
just keep following him until all of his collisions catch up with him
and he ends up killing himself.

Fairplay: Salieri Bar (B50)
As you're watching the cutscene, pay attention to the girl behind the bar.
Look familiar? As soon as the cut scene's over, go talk to Ralphie and get
your car.

Fairplay: City (B60)
I can't really tell you anything useful here, just drive as fast as you 
can and don't worry about the cop's because everytime I've played this 
level, I've never seen a single cop.

Fairplay: The Racing Circuit  (B70)
Again, drive as fast as you can and don't worry about the cops. But,
slow down when you have to turn or you'll either flip over the car
or spin out.

Fairplay: Lucas Betone (B80)
Same thing as last time.

Fairplay: Return to Saleri Bar (B90)
After you're done, drive back to the bar.

Fairplay: Salieri Bar (C01)
Nothing to tell you here.

Fairplay: City (C02)
Drive as fast as you can again, BUT keep an eye out for cops this time.

Fairplay: Before the Race (C03)
This race is fucking hard. Seriously. I don't think it's worth
the ridiculous ammount of effort that it requires.You might,
after about 20 tries or so, manage to be in second place for
about a lap. And all seems well, right? No, not even close.
Because if you spin out, hit something, overturn, someone hits
you even once, you're completely and utterly fucked. Just re-
start the race, 'cause it's over. It literally requires PERFECT
driving with no mistakes at all. Not even one.This is the mission
that makes most people give up on Mafia and never play it again.
I can see why since it makes you hate the damn game. Anyways...

If you bought Mafia recently you may be lucky enough to have the
patched version that lets you choose the difficulty level of this
race. I got the game when it very first came out, so I don't have
this option and you might not either by default, but you can
apparently download it somewhere. Just google "Mafia Patch" and I'm
sure you'll find it. Keep in mind that I cannot guarantee that the
tips I give you work with the patched version, as I've never
bothered with it. So if you can indeed choose the difficulty,
choose easy. I'm unsure if you can choose the level of
difficulty or if it was just made easier. The below method
which yes, is cheating, works on the UNPATCHED VERSION OF THIS GAME ONLY.
I suggest you try it.

After you've been driving awhile and you've passed your first
check point, you should see a road blocked off by cement blocks 
on your left. Dodge the blocks and drive down the road. As 
you're doing this you should see on the screen "Wrong Way!" 
once you're about twenty feet away after that blocked off road
ended, hit 0 on your number pad. You'll be back at the finish 
line. Continue doing this until you've won the race.

Fairplay: Victory (C04)
Drive to Lucas Bertone's.

Fairplay: Lucas Bertone (C05)
Alright, there's gonna be a security guard by the car, so what
I usually do is run him over then I take the car. Then just 
drive back to the bar and you're done.

Sarah: Salieri Bar (C06)
Doesn't she look familiar? Remember that girl I told you to 
memorize in the beginning? That's her. 

Sarah: Moonlight Stroll (C07)
Since Sarah is walking you'll have to keep slowing down and letting her
catch up with you... if you don't turn on caps lock. Turn it on so you'll
walk at the same pace as her. It's one of three times in the game you'll ever
use it, so why not, right? When the conversation turns to the race, take off
caps lock.

Sarah: Surprise (C08)
A good tip for when the three guy's attack you is to punch and back up. You
hit them, but they can rarely hit you that way. Make sure you watch out for
that little bitch with the knife. If the knuckle duster thing isn't working
for you, over on the right wall you'll see a plank of wood. Grab it and use
it as a weapon. I usually kill the guy with the knife so I can use it later.
Go find Sarah. There's two ways to get there. There's an alley and there's an
open door where a guy shuld be lurking. I suggest you use the knife on anyone
that attacks you. After that, walk her home then... Bow Chika Bow Wow.... >_> 

Better Get Used To It: Salieri Bar (C09)
You know the drill, go talk to Vincenzo and get your weapons,
then choose a car.I would suggest the yellow one that you just got from
Lucas, it's the fastest one you got right now and you'll be  needing a
fast car later in this mission.

Better Get Used To It: City (D10)
Drive to China Town, I usually cut through the park because it's faster.
and I'm a very impatient person. Talk to Big Biff and then drive to 
the service station.

Better Get Used To It: Service Station (D20)
Help out Paulie by knocking that guy out with your bat. And 
remember; DON'T USE YOUR GUN YET. Try to help out Paulie as 
much as you can since he's really the one you should worry
about. After that, climb up onto the stairs you'll see if you
keep going awhile, then you just jump down from them onto to
the conviently located pile of boxes. 

Take out your gun because you can use it now. Try to hide behind 
that shed thing on your left. Take out those guy's that jump the
wall, then there's gonna be three guy's in that little alley straight
ahead  and to the left. Take out the one who isn't hiding first, 
then crouch behind the crate and try to take some good shots at the guy
that's hiding behind the wall. There's another guy hiding behind the right 
wall. Take him out. 

Better Get Used To It: Chase (D30)
If you follow these guy's long enough they'll crash into a wall and end
up killing themselves. Guaranteed everytime. At first it might seem 
impossible to keep up, but you'll get it after awhile.

The Whore: Talk With Frank (D40)
Drive to the Hotel. Don't you find it funny that Tommy just now remembered
he can open this particular make of car?

The Whore: Hotel Corleone (D50)
Alright, there's a knife hidden in one of the rooms here. I'm 
gonna tell you how to get to it because it makes this level a 
whole lot easier. First, walk to the foot of the stairs but don't
go up them. Take the glass doors directly to your right. Now, go down
the hallway and take the first door you see on your left. You should be in
a stairway. Keep going up the stairs until you see a door on your left. 
Go through it. Now head into the room straight ahead of you. To your right,
on the table, there's a knife. Pick it up and equip it. The guard's don't
notice you're holding a knife. You can even kill people with the knife in
front of the guards and they won't do anything! But, make sure the knife hit
is fully charged and you hit the guards from behind, otherwise you'll just
injure them and then they'll shoot at you.

So go up and down the floors taking out the guards, it'll make
things much easier for you once you find the manager and kill him. To find
him, go back downstairs and talk to the guy at the main desk. He'll point
to the room on the left. Go there. Walk to the end of the room, and in a 
slightly more secluded area will be the manager. He's the guy in a white suit
If you stand there too long without killing him, Tommy will stupidly say
something and give you away. You can just knife him if you want. After you
kill him, every guard in the bullding will be after you. Well, atleast what's
left of them,assuming you did the kife thing. Which really, why wouldn't you?
It's funner to be all sneaky and shit on this level. Oh... and the guy behind
the reception desk will come bearing a sawed off shortly after all of the 
commotion. By the way, if the manager ran off before you could kill him,
all is not lost. He's in a room that you'll get to in just a bit and he won't
leave, so don't worry.

Before we move on to the girl, go behind the reception desk and grab the
keys. Also use the first aid kit if needed. If you don't really need it
just yet, save it. You'll still have an opportunity to get it. Because
there might still be a guard or two upstairs you missed. It's happened

Now, we find the girl you're supposed to kill. To find her, go to third
floor. Using either the fire escape stairs that led you to the knife or the
grand staircase. Using the grand staircase usually always leads into a run in
with a guy you may have missed. So I prefer the fire escape stairs. She's in
the fourth room to your right.

After all that, go back downstairs for the first aid kit if you haven't used
it yet, as this is your last chance. And you'll need the health for this next
part. If you used it earlier or not, head all the way upstairs, as far as you
can go. Look for a door labeled "Director" and enter it. There will be one
guy with a gun, and the manager if he got away before you could kill him. 
Use the action button on the desk and plant the explosives. Leave the room and
you'll automatically jump out the window.

The Whore: Rooftops (D60)
This level is a pain in the ass... Run up the stairs and go
left to the roof. Now, walk to the ledge and climb onto it (hit 0 on your
number pad) walk behind what I'm assuming is a vehntilation shaft.
Careful to not fall off, now. Crouch and wait for the cops to come to you.
They can barely hit you when you're behind that shaft thing. Try to get them
when they're on the stairs (it's easier to hit them there) Now, walk back
onto the roof and take the stairs to the other side and through the door.
Climb onto the ledge and jump over onto the next roof. Careful, because
there's a guy on the next building with a hunting rifle and that thing hurts.
Crouch and pop up every once in awhile and shoot him. Once he's dead,
climb down then go down those blocks/steps. Try to take out 
atleast two of the guards in the opening you have while you're on the
last step. 

Kill the rest of the guys then there's gonna be two guy's up
on top of the roof. Take them out. Now climb up onto the last roof and
look for the wooden staircase. If you're like me and you're health is
EXTREMELY low now, the fall down will kill you. So, what I found out is
if you jump (press 0 on number pad) towards the staircase, Tommy will 
miss it, but he'll sort of float down onto the platform. What I don't
understand is how in the fuck they expected you to get over here without 
killing yourself, since the way I tell you to get down is a glitch. Quite
an oversight. Either that or they were getting through this level with so
much extra health, they didn't think it mattered. Anyways...

Then just walk to the ladder that's laying on the ground straight ahead of
you and you'll get a scene. 

The Priest: Surprise (D70)
If you want to do something amusing, take out a gun and position Tommy so
that you can see the guy on the street below you. Shoot the bucket that's
right next to you and watch it fall. Next, go down the steps and use the
first aid kit. Walk all the way down the stairs for a scene.

What I do now is I take out the guy that's in front while I'm still in the
doorway then I roll (tap left arrow twice) so that I'm behind the coffin.
I then crouch and take out all of the guys from here. After you've killed
all the guys, two guys with shot guns will come out. Best tip for dealing
with guys with shotguns is stay as far away as you can and take them out
from a distance. But that should be obvious.

The Priest: Escape (D80)
What I do here is I make sure no cops are following me, then I hide in
an alley until my wanted level goes down. Then drive to Salieri's. If you
drive to Salieri's with the wanted level, you can't go in because Tommy
will bitch to you about having to lose it first.

A Trip to the Country: Salieri Bar (D90)
Get your car from Ralphie.

A Trip to the Country: City (E01)
Drive to the warehouse.

A Trip to the Country: The Farm (E02)
If you can't pull this first part off without dying, then just run back
to Paulie and most of the guys will vanish, but you'll still have to
deal with new guys when the both of you look for Sam together. So head
back to Paulie, talk to him then walk up the path until you see two barns
on either side of you. Go into the one on the right and take out all of
the guys in there. There's also a first aid kit in here if you need it.
Once eveyone's dead, Paulie should have ran to grab the crowbar which he
somehow knew where it was exactly *Raises eyebrow* and he'll head to the
red barn that's right next to this barn and wait for you. 

A Trip to the Country: Saving Sam (E04)
He'll pry the door open then you have to take out all of the guys in
here. Try to keep an eye on Paulie so he doesn't die and help him out as
much as you can. Head up all of the stairs and use the first aid kit 
that's around here if you need it. Then get Sam. Stay upstairs with Sam
until he says "Tom, that's not our truck...", head downstairs and
kill all of the guys. Then go find Paulie and talk to him.

A Trip to the Country: Return Journey (E05)
Okay, the best way to do this: Aim for the driver. After about 30 
shots you should have gotten him then the car will go driving off 
the road. Continue this system throughout the rest of this part and 
you'll be fine.

A Trip to the Country: The Warehouse (E06)
Remember, the Lucas Bertone missions are optional, so if you don't 
want a new fast car, you don't have to do them. I would highly suggest you
do though, since this is the only way to get the REALLY nice cars in the
game. Sometimes you just need a fast car, and you shouldn't be forced to
drive all those ghetto cars Ralphie hooks you up with. If you choose not to,
drive back to the bar.

A Trip to the Country: Lucas Bertone (E07)
Best way to beat this mission, take my Hoboken exit (after you go over
the Guilliano bridge, keep going straight down the road and crash through the
bars blocking it off, then go through the alley in front of you). It cuts
a fuckload of time off your drive, so I suggest you use it.

A Trip to the Country: Lucas Bertone 2 (E08)
This one's easy since there's no guards.

Omerta: Salieri Bar (E09)
Get your weapon from Vincenzo and get your car from Ralphie. 

Omerta: City (F10)
Drive to China town and talk to Big Biff.

Omerta: City 2 (F20)
A little past Lucas' place, you'll find the guy you're looking for. He won't
talk unless you rough him up a little bit. I usually just lightly hit him with
my car as I drive in, then you won't even have to talk to him. Win Win. After
he talks you can kill him if you want. Now, drive to where the map tells you
and park outside. Follow the car to the airport.

Omerta: The Airport (F30)
First of all, roll to your left so the car doesn't hit you since it'll
always go a little out of it's way to try. Stay in the 
doorway, but don't enter and take out as many guys as you can from the
doorway as it's the safest place to be. Try to take out the guy with
the Tommy gun fast because you'll want that gun to have as much ammo
left as possible. Now, quickly grab all the guns you can including the
tommy gun and use the first aid kit if your health is below 50. Now,
if you got out here fast enough you'll notice that there's a bunch of
guys running away. Try to hit a few of them once. They'll stop running
and they won't go into hiding this way so it's much easier. 

After you've dealt with these guys, use the first aid kit in the place
where you got the Tommy gun. Now, if you can't pull this off, take the
truck that the one worker guy drove up in and run all of the guys down.
It takes awhile but it works. Now, if they get in a car and try to follow
you. Stop moving and they'll get back out of the car and you can run them
over. Now, once everyone's dead, talk to Frank.

Omerta: Frank (F40)
Get into one of the newer cars over here (since your other one's probably
shot up and is driving like shit) and go over to the building to the right
and you'll find more guys. Use the same tactics as before. Go into the
building and quickly kill the guy at the phone booth. He's calling the cops
and it's a real bitch to get out of the airport if they come. Talk to 
Frank's family and use the first aid kit if needed. Go back to Frank and
talk to him. Now go to the place where you got the Tommy gun and the
first aid kit (pretty much where you started the level at), then go to the
counter Frank was hiding behind at the start and pick up the tickets.

Omerta: An Act of Grace (F50)
Leave the airport and drive to the bank. Remember that the Lucas Bertone
missions are completely optional.

Omerta: Lucas Bertone (F60)
Okay, drive to the place where the map tells you and under no circumstance
shoot the guy. Just fist fight him. Do the hit and back up method. And don't
chase him down after he runs away and continue to punch him. You'll kill him
and then Lucas won't give you the car.

Omerta: Lucas Bertone 2 (F70)
There's a guard there... liquidate him with one of the many guns I'm
sure you have left over from the airport and take the car. But watch
the street for cops because Oakwood and Oakhill are filled with them.

Visiting Rich People: Salieri Bar (F80)
Get your weapons from Vincenzo and your car from Ralphie.

Visiting Rich People: City (F90)
Take my patented Hoboken exit (After you drive over the Guilliano Bridge,
keep going straight down the road and drive through the bars blocking off the
alley, then head through the other alley once that one ends) and pick up 

Visiting Rich People: The Villa (G01)
I've done this mission so many damn times, I've found a foolproof way to get
to the safe. First, move up a little and look to your left. See the guard?
Wait for him to turn around and quickly run to your right and move into that
next pathway on your left that's lined with shrubs. Crouch and move forward.
Keep on eye on the windows directly in your line of vision. The SECOND you see
the maid pass and turn off the last light RUN up the ramp to the house. Equip
your bat, charge it up and hit the guard from behind, pick up his shotgun but
keep your bat, you'll still need it. Go inside. Try to close as many doors
behind you as possible. 

Also, crouching is VERY important here. So don't ignore when I say to crouch.
That means you're usually by a window and the guards will see you inside.
However, don't think that crouching throughout the whole length of the level
is better than selectively using it, 'cause it's not. You don't move fast
enough when you crouch, and if you get through here too slow, you'll most
likely run into the maid.

Quickly go left and open the door, close the door behind you. The maid always
will notice if you leave the doors open and she'll call for the guards.Take
the other door in here to go into the hallway, go right. take the door on
your left. You should be in the stairway. Go up the stairs, turn left in the
hallway, go through the door in front of you. CROUCH and open the other door
in here then go right and open the door in front of you in this hallway. 
Quickly, take out your bat, knock her out, close the door behind you and turn
off the light. CROUCH to the other door in the room and take the door in that
room into the other hallway. Go right, open the door in front of you and
CROUCH walk to the safe.  

Visiting Rich People: The Safe (G02)
Make sure to grab the documents from the safe. I'm going to tell you 
the 1337 way to end this mission. Go straight ahead, crouch walk down
the stairs and take the door in front of you. The maid will be very close,
but it doesn't really matter if she sees you now. Go to the end of the
hallway and go left then head out the glass door. There's a guard out here,
he's like feet away from the door, but I've literally never had him shoot
at me until I had started to drive away. He just stares stupidly at you.
If he's making you nervous, liquidate him. But the other guards inside will
hear the gunshots and come running. Thus, why I prefer just ignoring him.
Walk to the car and try to get in it. Salvatore will open it for you. 
Quickly get in since the guard usually notices you about now, and drive away.

Visiting Rich People: Escape (G03)
Drop him off at his place. Then drive back to Salieri's.

A Great Deal! Salieri Bar (G04)
No tips here.

A Great Deal! The Parking Lot (G05)
Hardest level in the game... As you walk in, note the first aid kit on the
back of the building that the guy is in. Walk up the stairs until you see a
bunch of guys meeting by some trucks. Just walk up to them to start a scene.
Duck behind the cars and take all of these guys out. Now, none of these
strategies are foolproof, but here's a couple of suggestions for beating this 

1. Get in a car and drive it down those stairs you used to come up here.
Now get out and jump over the car. You just blocked the stairs so Sam and
Paulie can't come down and "help" you and end up getting themselves killed.
They're not smart enough to go around the long way and use the ramp. Use
this suggestion if Sam and Paulie are your only problem with this level.

2. After you kill all the guys on this top level of the parking lot, take
the ramp down to the next level, and take out the three guys down here.
There's a car parked straight ahead of you close to the ramp down, there
MIGHT be a guy with a sawed off lurking behind it. He seems to randomly spawn.
Anyway, go behind the car and you should see a box at your feet. Those are
grenades. Pick all of them up and take out the rest of the guy's on the
next level down. When you reach the ramp on this level, you'll see
it's blocked off by cars. They're gonna throw some cocktails at you, so
make sure Paulie and Sam, and you for that matter, are no where near them.
Throw a grenade or two at the cars that are blocking your way and run 
away so the blast doesn't hurt you. There should still be a few guy's
lurking down here. Take them out then use the first aid kit.

Now, run back upstairs to where you had to go to trigger the cutscene. 
Get into the truck with boxes in it and drive down all of the levels until
you're out of the parking lot. There's probably gonna be some stray cars 
blocking your way. Just move them out of the way with your truck, or since
you don't want this truck to get damaged too badly, grab one of the millions
of cars here and use that to move them. Or you could go with the slow way of
getting in each individual car and moving them out of the way, one by one.

A Great Deal! Car Chase (G06)
Only one tip here, take the Hoboken exit.(Once you cross the Gulianno Bridge,
keep going straight down the road through the rails blocking off this alley,
then take the alley after this and you'll be close to the warehouse.) 
Because they might flip their cars over trying to follow you through the alley.
...Also, a tip for you so you don't end up flipping yourself over going
through here, is to make sure you're going about 40 MPH. It seems almost
impossible to flip over in here going that speed.

A Great Deal! Back at the Bar (G07)
No tips.

Bon Appetit! City (G08)
Drive to the restaraunt.

Bon Appetit! Pepe's Restaraunt (G09)
Best way to do this is to take all of the guys out in the apartment
building, then take the rest of the guys out from the windows or wait
for them to come to you. Also, there's a first aid kit RIGHT in the
restaraunt as you're about to exit through the back, just in case you didn't
see it. You'll need it for this next part, and since you automatically
go into a scene when you kill the last guy, save one guy then go use the first
aid kit then kill him. So you'll have pretty high health for this next part. 

Bon Appetit! After the Attack (H10)
Drive to where the map tells you.

Bon Appetit! Carlo (H20)
Bust down the door, then go out the window and head down the stairs. Walk
until you're at the last shed...Carlo is lurking by the side of the one across
from you. Try to take him out then watch out for the guys that come for you
after you kill Carlo. This particular mission is only difficult if you have 
REALLY low health, so you shouldn't have too much of a problem.

Happy Birthday! Vincenzo's Workshop (H30)
After you're done, go talk to Ralphie.

Happy Birthday! City (H40)
Drive to where the map tells you then park in the little lot by here and get
out. Go through this little...gate type thing, I guess. It's by the parking
lot. To your left you should see a building, go into it and take a right. 
Take the next door then get dressed in the new costume. Then go talk to the
guard by the docks. 

Happy Birthday! At The Party (H50)
If you want to do a meaningless, yet nonetheless, amusing thing, enter the
room directly in front of you. If you walk over to the far left corner of the
bar, you'll see a wine glass that no one seems to be drinking. You can pick it
up and take up to three gulps of it before Tommy will say "There's no time 
for that." After about 30 seconds your view will be getting weird.Tommy's such
a lightweight. But keep in mind that since this distorts your perception, it
makes it more difficult to see what you're doing, aim, etc. So if you're
having a hard time with this level you probably shouldn't do it.

Anyways, if you don't want to bother with this silliness, head up the ramp
then go left and keep going all the way to the end and take another left.
You should see a door next to a staircase that has a sign on it which says
"Skipper has key". Try to open the door, then go to the bottom level of the
boat and look for a guy in a striped shirt and talk to him a few times until
he gives you the key. Go back to the bathroom and open the door. Look for the
gun and then hide it (hit H).

You can clean the bathroom if you want, but I always just grab the gun 
and leave. Keep in mind that if you don't clean the bathroom and give the
key back to the Skipper he'll yell at you for not cleaning the bathroom and
push you, making you drop the gun in front of everyone.

So either take the gun, don't clean and don't return the key, or take
the gun, clean, and return the key. Your choice. Now, what I do is head
to the top floor now and just wait for the guy to show up to start his 
speech. Then when he comes out I stand directly behind him and pull out my
gun and kill him. This way you can't miss and he's sort-of shielding you
from the guards. Now, run back down to the bottom floor and look for Paulie
on the side waiting for you in his own little boat. There's a little gate
next to his boat that you have to open in order to get in.

You Lucky Bastard! Salieri Bar (H60)
No tips.

You Lucky Bastard! The Phone Booth (H70)
Drive to where the map says and park outside. Get out and wait for Paulie to
tell you what to do. Then walk into the phone booth and make the call. What I
do here instead of having them chase me is, I just take them out right here
then after they're all dead I drive back to the bar.

You Lucky Bastard! Vincenzo (H80)
No tips here.

You Lucky Bastard! Fireworks (H90)
Okay, park outside his place and wait in the phone booth by the house. The 
reason I'm having you wait in the phone booth is because if you're just 
waiting outside the house or by the car the guard will say "What the hell
do you think you're doing?" and start shooting at you. Wait for him to walk
into the house then walk over to the car and plant the bomb.

You Lucky Bastard! Rainbow Garden (I01)
No tips here.

You Lucky Bastard! Escape (I02)
Nothing really helpful I can point out.

You Lucky Bastard! Railway Crossing (I03)
Just follow Sergio's car.

You Lucky Bastard! The Harbor (I04)
How I freakin' hate this level. Alright, use the car as cover and take out
all of the guys here. Take that one dude's Tommy gun, then take out the
dudes in the truck that just drove up. Then, move over to the building with
a guy with a shotgun in the little window thing. Take him out then kill the
guy who comes running. Now, go into the building and take out the guy who
doesn't even notice you until you're 2 feet behind him. Exit the building
and head over to the train. Now, take out all of the guy's hiding behind
the train and use the first aid kit on the wall of the building by the
train if needed.Also, there's grenades here behind one of the trains, 
if you want to use them later for whatever reason... I've yet to see any
particularly useful thing to do with them since by now the only guys that
really remain are up in those red towers. So unless you have insane 'nade
throwin' skillz, I see no use. Besides, I have a cooler and really easy way
to kill those guys, as well as the ones hiding nearby with Thompsons.

Go back to where you started and take a car, any car,and drive over to
those red towers. There's two guys up there with hunting rifles, but they
can't hit you when you're in the truck, really. Alright, now. Look for this
white barrel looking thing next to the ship, sort of by the red tower. 
It should even have a symbol that warns you it could blow up painted on
it. It's pretty big, so you can't miss it. Now, stay in the car and pull out
a hand gun and position yourself FAR AWAY from the barrel. Now, shoot at the
barrel and it will blow up. You just killed four guys. The two guys in the red
towers and the two guys hiding behind the crates with Tommy guns. Now,
take out the other guy with a hunting rifle hiding in the building across from
here, sort of by the oil tankers by the tracks. Then go in. Look around inside
a little and you'll find a first aid kit. Save it for later unless your health
is very low.

Now, there's still some guys on the left outside of this building, take
them out. Walk over to those gas tankers I mentioned a bit ago, located on
the tracks. Now, pull that lever by them and then walk over to the left side
of the front oil tanker. Just keep clicking the action button until you find
the little brown piece of metal holding it in place. If you don't see it, it
really doesn't matter. Since even if you do, you'll just end up randomly
clicking the action button at it until it registers. When you finally get it, 
the tanker will go barelling down the tracks. Then walk over to the door that
it just hit. It'll trigger a scene.

You Lucky Bastard! Sergio (I05)
Take out all of these guys in here. What I do is I walk in for a second so 
they see me, then I exit. They'll come to you. However, a few of them will
still remain hidden, so make sure to take a good look around all of the
corners, they're sneaky little bastards. Now go back and use the first aid kit
if you haven't already. 

Now when they're all gone, use your Tommy gun, go right and sneak around
the crates. Look for Sergio then hide behind a crate so that you can still
see him, and he can see you enough that he'll want to keep shooting at you.
When he stops to reload, get him. There's also a first aid kit in the 
little building in here, if you need it.

You Lucky Bastard! Return to the Bar (I06)
Some more guys are gonna show up after all this, I usually just get in the
car, leave the harbor, and go to Lucas'. You can ignore them since they don't
follow you when you leave the harbor.

You Lucky Bastard! Lucas Bertone (I07)
This is the most difficult Lucas Bertone mission there is. However, I can't
say that I've found any easier way to do it. As obvious as it sounds, just 
drive fast, but be careful. You really can't hit a single thing or you won't
have enough time to get there. Also, as if this mission wasn't already trying,
you'll have to watch out for cops. There's not enough time to get out and pay
the ticket, nor is there time to ignore the cops and let them come after you
since they'll ram you. If you want to skip this mission, I don't blame you. 

You Lucky Bastard! Lucas Bertone 2 (I08)
There's a guy guarding here, take him out then take the car.

Creme De La Creme: Salieri Bar (I09)
No tips.

Creme De La Creme: City (J10)
Drive where the map says and then drive after Morello.

Creme De La Creme: Manhunt (J20)
Okay, if you can't do the airport part, and chances are if you're reading this
guide, you are, there's an alternate way to beat this mission. Now, SOMEtimes
Morello's car won't turn into the airport, but he'll keep going straight down
the road. It seems you can encourage him to do this by driving on the left
side of the road at about the same speed as him. As soon as he missies the
turn for the airport, folloow him. When you get to this road where there's
this huge grassy area, cut through it. This way you'll be in front of Morrello
and you won't have to worry about losing him. And since the chances are pretty
slim that he won't go into the airport, you REALLY don't want to lose him and
be forced to try at triggering this again. If you cut through the grassy field
you'll have to occasionally slow down so he doesn't lose YOU. Just keep going
up the road (if you get lost, let him pass you so you'll know where you're
going) until you get to the bridge. After the scene, carefully walk away from
the bridge if you moved closer to admire the view. The reason is Sam will
usualy fall off the bridge if you're too close to it. If he dies, you'll have 
to go through this all over again. God, I hate Sam.

Creme De La Creme: The Airport (J30)
Best tip I can give you, as SOON as the car breaks down, get out and
go after Morrello. Kill the two guys then Paulie will drive up. Get
in the car and aim at the little propellor things on the plane, it'll
crash shortly after.

Creme De La Creme: Back to the Bar (J40)
Now, if you choose to do this Lucas Bertone mission, drive back to the
bar first. Because if you drive to Lucas' before you drop off Paulie, he'll
say "Tom, I'm really tired and just want to get back now." So make sure to
drop them off first, just so you don't your waste time. I had hopes that they
would be joining me on the Lucas mission, imagine how disapointed I was.

Creme De La Creme: Lucas Bertone (J50)
Alright, drive to the lighthouse (it shows you where that is on the map)
and park the car as close to the edge as you can. Or not if the cops followed
you here. They'll usually ram you off the edge along with the car. Kill the
cops, then use one of their cars to push yours off the edge. If no cops 
followed you here, you'll have to walk back to the main road by here and steal
a car so you can use that.

Creme De La Creme: Lucas Bertone 2 (J60)
The owner of the car will be leaving the diner as soon as you get there,
kill him then steal his car.

Election Campaign: Salieri Bar (J70)
Nothing to tell you here.

Election Campaign: City (J80)
Kill the guy guarding the manhole, then if you use the action button you 
should see an option to like hide the body or something. Do it and then go
down into the sewer and climb up the other ladder. You don't have to kill the
man, but if you don't he calls the cops on you later. Also, if you don't hide
the body after you kill him, the cops will still show up.

Election Campaign: Old Prison (J90)
Turn around, head into the building and climb over the junk in your way (press
0 on your number pad) go through the door with bars here and head up the
stairs. Take out the guys up here and make sure you don't let them get too
close to you since they all have knives as well as guns. Go through this door
up here that leads out onto a walkway that you can see the street from. Head
up the stairs here and go through the door. Bust it open and take out all of
the guys in here. And just when you think they're all dead, one with a 
bat comes out from one of the cells behind you. Then there's two MORE guy's
behind you after that. One has a pump action shotgun, so watch out. Go through
where the two guys you just killed came from and use the first aid if you
need it. There's two guys in this hallway, get them. Go up these huge stairs
slowly, as there's a few guys with shotguns lurking. Really, take your time

Election Campaign: Prison Tower (K01)
Okay, take out your Mosin Nagat and go into Sniper mode (hit S on your
keyboard) Kill the guy speaking at the podium, then leave by going back down
the huge staircase. Since it's really dark right here, you probably didn't see
there's even MORE stairs than you orignially thought. Go down them and there's
usually a guy there. Alright, do you have a shot or two left in your Mosin
Nagat? Do you see that door once you go down the little stairs that lead
outside? Did you notice the lock on it? Use you rifle and snipe the lock off.
Now, there's a LOT of dogs here. I usually just make a run for the door. It's
actually possible to get by all of them unscathed, as I've done it numerous
times before. BUT before you go, MAKE SURE you dropped every last 
one of your weapons if you either: A. didn't kill the man outside the prison
or B. You did kill him, but didn't dispose of the body. Once you leave there's
gonna be cops outside and they'll frisk you for weapons. However, if you did
it right, then there will be no cops, thus feel free to keep your weapons.

Election Campaign: Return to the Bar (K02)
Slowly drive away in your car (if there were cops) and go to Lucas', if you

Election Campaign: Lucas Bertone (K03)
Just drive fast.

Election Campaign: Lucas Bertone 2 (K04)
Alright, there's gonna be two guys looking at the car and if they see
you trying to steal it, they'll call for the guards. You can kill them with a
gun you have left over, or if you were forced to drop all your weapons, run
them over. Steal the car and take off before the guards can get to you.

Just for Relaxation: Salieri Bar (K05)
No tips.

Just for Relaxation: City (K06)
No tips here.

Just for Relaxation: Transport Required (K07)
Wait in the parking lot for the truck to come and follow it. Once you're
well passed where the truck came from, drive in front of the truck and it
should stop him for a few seconds. Pull him out of the car then kill him. You
can punch him and he'll give the papers up...once in a blue fucking moon. I've
beaten this game 11 times at this point and have only had him do this once. 
Either way, get the papers. Get in the truck he was driving and pull over to
the side of the road and unload all of the boxes. Just walk over to the sides
of the truck and grab the boxes. Use the action button to grab them
and set them somewhere. Hit backspace to let go of them... you'll be doing a
lot of this through the remainder of the level, so I hope you enjoy it.
Continue unloading until all of the boxes are gone. Then drive back to where
the truck came from. 

Just for Relaxation: The Harbor (K08)
Alright, now go straight ahead until you see warehouses on your left. 
Then back your truck up against the building that has the Scorcese boxes in it.
Make it so that the BACK of the truck is close to the building, but not
actually touching it. This is very important for later when every moment will
count. Now get out, go into the building and walk to the boxes. The guy will
start talking to you. The second he turns his back, pick up the boxes and
start throwing them on the ground near your truck. You should have gotten
to eight boxes by the time he starts coming back. The SECOND you see him,
drop the boxes and walk away to where he wanted you to go and talk to the
guys there. They'll help you carry the shipment right by them into the 
warehouse that's within feet of you. You can help them or be a lazy
bastard and watch them do it. Once that's done, the guy from the Scorcese
warehouse will come running. He'll always tell you that the boxes "were thrown
there like trash" whether you helped or not. Run back over to where the boxes
you care about are and wait for the dude to come back, but under no
circumstance do you touch any of the boxes while you wait. Talk to him once he
comes back then start throwing the rest of the boxes back down by the truck.
Now, quickly jump down and pick them up. Use the action button to put them in
the truck. You might have to switch which side of the truck you load
occasionally. Now, drive away as fast as you can.
Just for Relaxation: The Trap (K09)
Just go, go, go! Once you get to the spot, put the truck in a safe place
so it doesn't get blown up after all of your hard work. Sometimes the guys
following must get lost or something, because I've had them not show up at
all before.

Moonlighting: Paulie's Flat (L10)
No tips.

Moonlighting: On the way to the Bank (L20)
Put on caps lock so that you'll walk at Paulie's speed. It's one of the three
times that it has a use in the entire game.

Moonlighting: Reconnaissance (L30)
No tips here.

Moonlighting: Going Shopping (L40)
Alright, you don't have to take the train, you can just steal some random
car if you want. It's much faster to drive, but if you want to do something
different or you're just sick of driving, feel free to take the train.
Once you find Yellow Pete's (it's on the left street, by the "H" in Hoboken)
go around to the side where there's a door. Knock on it and a guy will answer,
Tommy and him will talk for a sec, then he'll let you in. Follow him down the
stairs and walk up to the counter. I suggest you buy atleast a Colt 911 and
a Thompson. These are the best weapons in the game, so you really shouldn't
need much else, but feel free to buy a ridiculous assortment if you just
feel like it or don't trust my advice.

Moonlighting: Lucas Bertone (L50)
Meet up with the guy. Oh silly innuendo, how uneeded you are. Anyays, a couple
of guys will show up, liquidate them. The man who will remain nameless should
help you out. After that, just head back to Lucas' as usual.

Moonlighting: Lucas Bertone 2 (L60)
Something to always remember: Lucas has a first aid kit at his place. Sadly,
it took me 11 playthroughs to notice this. Don't ask how I consecutively 
missed it so many times. Right as you enter, you'll see it on the left wall.
Anyways, drive where Luca tells you to. The guy will probably have already
driven away by the time you get there but follow him, then just park right
in his way and jack his car. He has a gun and he'll fight back so be careful.

Moonlighting: The Bank Heist (L70)
As soon as you get in, take the wooden door and take out the guard
that comes through the other door, then take the key next to that door. 
Next, walk through door that the guard came from and take a left. 
Take out the guard hassling Paulie. Once he's dead, check on Paulie. 
Run back to the door that the guard came through in the start, then go up
the staircase and watch out for guards. Go into the manager's office and
take the key that's in the cabinet. There will be a few guys hiding around
corners as soon as you leave the office. Be careful. Now you should just
go back downstairs, then take a left to go down to the vault. Watch out for
the guards, then go into the vault. Now, run back upstairs to Paulie
and exit.

Moonlighting: Escape (L80)
Only advice I can give you is to take my Hoboken exit (Drive across the 
Guilanno bridge and follow the road straight to the end, just before you'll be
forced to take a left turn. You'll see an alley blocked off by bars. Drive
through the bars going around 40MPH, then take the next alley after that.)
The cops shouldn't have spotted you if you went into the alley in time. Look
for the club's location on your map, then drive into the open gate. Walk into
the warehouse and you and Paulie will have a chat.

The Death of Art: Paulie's Flat (L90)
=( Leave as fast as you can. Otherwise the cops will come, see you there and
think you killed Paulie!

The Death of Art: City (M01)
Take a car and go to Yellow Pete's gun shop. It's on the left street
next to the H in Hoboken. The building says "Twister". Trust me, makes
the end so much easier. Buy a few small guns, I would suggest you atleast
get a Colt 911 and a Tommy Gun. Then you can go to Lucas' if you want. Also,
if you're like me and you were wondering what would happen if you went to
Salieri's Bar right now. You'd could drive there, but I'll save you the time
because it's not even worth the effort it takes getting there. If you try to
go inside Tommy will say "This ain't such a good idea." You can't even access
any of your cars, doesn't that suck? You have to wonder why Tommy doesn't keep
his cars at HOME, for god's sake.

The Death of Art: Lucas Bertone (M02)
Follow the girl, but stay pretty far away. Put on caps lock so you'll walk
slowly. It's the last time you'll ever use it. Caps lock, the unsung hero of
Mafia. Well... maybe that's taking it too far, but it's very useful when the
rare situation arises, damn it.

The Death of Art: Lucas Bertone 2 (M03)
Fire at the locks on the gates a few times then open the gate. There's a
number of dogs in there. If you want to make it challenging, try to pick the
lock on the car while the dogs bite at you! I've done it before and gotten out
completely unscathed. If you want to have a headstart on the dogs, you can
lead them out into the street and they'll frolic out there for a minute
while you work on opening the car. However, the last time I did this... one
got hit by a car ;_; I felt awful. And yes, I always go to ridiculous lengths
to not kill a dog that isn't even real. I know, I'm weird. But you can argue
not killing them just adds a bit of strategy to normally mundane tasks! 
...Atleast that's what I tell myself >_> 

The Death of Art: The Grand Finale (M04)
Make SURE you save atleast 30 shots in your Tommy Gun and try to save atleast
14 shots in your Colt 1911. Trust me, you'll need it later and it'll make 
the end extremely easy. Once the scene ends, take out the two guy's by you
then kill the guy's that come busting through the double doors by the stairs
in front of you. There's one guy to your left hiding on the staircase, take
him out. Now, go by where the guy's come out of the doors by the stairs and
climb up the railing (it's easier, trust me) and there's gonna be a guy with
a shotgun. Probably (it's random where he spawns) right next to you on the
other side of the door. Take him out and there's one more guy hiding behind
stuff in this room. There's also a guy with a Thompson firing at you from
across the opposite side of where you are. Okay, walk down those little stairs
then quickly run BACK UP the stairs, because they threw a grenade. Wait for it
to explode then take the guys out that come from that room down there. Once
they're dead, go into that room and you'll get a scene.

This is hard...There's a BUNCH of guy's here hiding in tricky places because
they can shoot you from where they're from, but you can't really shoot them.
My best advice is to hide behind things and figure out EXACTLY where they are
And once again, save ATLEAST 30 shots in your Tommy gun and 14 shots in 
preferably, a Colt 1911. Again, it'll make the end SO easy, I promise. Once
everyone's dead, go upstairs. To your left there's usually two guys. Kill
them then head into the only door you can open here. Walk around inside it
for a bit. There's no one in here, but sometimes it helps to trigger a door
you need to go through to open. 

Head to the opposite side of where you are and you'll see a first aid kit
around here, BUT someone's gonna throw a grenade when you're heading towards
it. So run towards it then quickly run back. Once it blows up, head back for
it if needed. Head up either set of stairs that are nearby and go through the
rather grand looking opened door. If this door didn't open, try looking
through that room I was talking aboutlast paragraph. At this point, you're
just going to work your way through the gallery. There's going to be a number
of guys with shotguns, so go slowly. After what seems like quite awhile, 
you'll finally reach your destination and a scene will trigger. 
The Death of Art: Sam (M0E) 
Alright, turn around and go left and hide in the left corner of the little
window and crouch.  What we're trying to do here is make it so
that you can see Sam and he can see you enough to keep  wanting to waste his
ammo shooting at you. So try to position yourself accordingly. This method
requires very little health, so you really shouldn't have to worry. However,
this really won't work that well if you didn't heed my warning about saving
some ammo in your Thompson.

He's gonna shoot at you and he might barely hit you a few times, but that's
okay even if your health is low. All you have to survive is this part until
you see him stop to reload twice. This is all it should take. Anyways, here's
the method in greater detail: 

Let him shoot at you. Wait for him to reload, this is your chance. Pop up and
hit him with a full clip of your Colt 911, or any other handgun you have on
you. However the Colt 911 has Banned's (mine) 100% ass-kicking approval. 
Quickly, move back to the left corner you've been crouching in and repeat this
process one more time. If it takes more than twice, you didn't do enough
damage, so just start this part over. How you can tell if you did enough 
damage is as follows. Go right and head down the hallway. If you see trails of
blood, you did this correctly. If not, restart now. Because otherwise you'll
have to play this stupid hide and seek type thing with Sam. If you did hit him
enough times though and there IS a trail of blood, take out your Tommy gun
and follow it. Once you're about, I don't know, twenty feet away from the end
of the hall where the trails leads, keep moving and start firing. Fire at the
left side and you'll get Sam. Otherwise you would have to have Ninja-like 
reflexes to shoot him before he gets you. 

Yay, you beat the game. Good job. Enjoy the awesome ending. And before you
wonder, the end song is "Gravesend" by Lordz of Brooklyn


Thank you so much for reading my guide to Mafia. I hope it was somewhat useful
to you. If you would like to host this guide on your site, please e-mail me
and ask my permission first. My e-mail address is: johnsonjeana@gmail.com

Copyright (c) 2007 by Jeana Johnson