Art DirectorHuang Ting
CG DesignerLi Dong
CG DesignerYang Jing
CG DesignerRen Zhaohuan
CG Director/CG DesignerLi Jianguo
CG Director/CG DesignerFan Wei
Game Designer/Level DesignerZhao Jianping
Game Designer/Level DesignerHao Yuli
Game Designer/ProgrammerWang Tao
Graphic ArtistLi Dong
Graphic ArtistGeng Hao
Graphic ArtistLi Shonghua
Graphic ArtistFan Wei
Graphic ArtistWu Yang
Graphic Artist/Map & Level DesignerHao Yuli
MusicZhu Lianjie
Producer/Game DesignerZhang Chun
Producer/Game DesignerLiu Yubin
ProgrammerMao Haibin
ProgrammerHuang Haiquan


Data and credits for this game contributed by odino, Mookiethebold, and Ubersuntzu.